Glendora decision expected this week …

I spoke to Glendora principal Coach Paul Lopez on Friday afternoon and he said a decision regarding who will be the next Tartans varsity football head coach should be made this week.

Lopez would not confirm that the process is down to two — La Puente coach and Glendora alum Brandon Rohrer and Charter Oak assistant Todd Quinsey — but I stand by it.

Lopez did the say the school was dragging its feet due to the budget situation and the constraints it puts on a teaching position to go with the football job.

Stay tuned …

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  • Coach Slayer

    Who cares after all this time? To late to prepare for next season and be successful. Glendora’s program is going in the toilet just watch.

  • Just In

    Rohrer is staying at LP!

  • Frustrated parent

    This is sad, as a Glendora parent I am very disappointed in the way our school is handling this decision. They have waited way too long and have drug there feet into making a decision that won’t be good for the program.
    In my opinion, coach p, screwed those boys for waiting so long to resign.
    The two coaches (lewallen , and quinsey) are both not qualified for this position. I’m hearing a lot of buzz about transfer’s. It’s too bad that the boys are in limbo. I can guaranty, that who ever they appointe, it still won’t be good for the program. Glendora, get a pair, and make the wrong decision.

  • GHS

    A lot of bad rumors on this blog.. Don’t believe everything you read here. People love to steer things up.
    Don’t panic and let the dust settle.

  • david rivera

    they should take a look at coach zavala, i think he would make a great hire at glendora

  • PT

    Mr. Rivera,

    Come on now a joke at Glendora’s expense, I don’t think you wish that guy on anyone, do you?

    I was going to call you this morning but during the weekend I decided to wash my phone with my sheets, the phone didn’t survive. I have a new one coming in the mail today, hopefully I backed-up my numbers online.

  • FredJ

    I still think Steve Garrison, who lives in Glendora and took Monrovia to three CIF finals, would be a great walk-on hire.

  • haven’t we heard this before

    Is there some concern on how this process was managed? Really Glendora is a great city with a solid football program and the job can’t be filled by a good candidte threw due process. This is staring to feel a little like Hacienda Heights. If this process is a sign of the type of athletic leadership GHS has then it is time to panic.