Source: Bonita coach Eric Podley mulling whether to join new Glendora coach Todd Quinsey’s staff …

Bonita High School varsity football head coach Eric Podley is mulling whether to join new Glendora coach Todd Quinsey’s staff and a decision could be made soon, according to a source.

Podley would presumably be Quinsey’s offensive coordinator. Another prominent Bonita assistant would also be leaving for Glendora, presumably last year’s defensive coordinator (not sure of his name, but he’s been with Podley for a while).

If the move happens, Quinsey will have quickly assembled a dream staff. And of course, Bonita would be losing one of the best head coaches around.

Aram’s take: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So I got beat on the main story by Robledo. You didn’t think I was gonna let the ace kicker pass me by, did you? Anyway, we’ll know shortly whether this bombshell happens or whether Podley is staying put. But the fact that Podley is strongly considering it should make you Glendora fans who are walking around saying “Who’s Todd Quinsey?” a little more at ease.

  • tdrohan

    How does that make any sense at all? Podley is the Boys A.D. at Bonita, a teacher, and the Head Coach… What in the world would make a guy leave all that to be a coordinator? It’s not April 1st anymore.

  • FredJ

    Life moves pretty fast? That’s what happens when you spent most of it sleeping, lol. BTW, we work for the same team, you’re not scooping me, we’re scooping them. Didn’t you learn anything about team sports?

  • Aram is an idiot


    Why do still continue to spew out this kind of crap.

    A few simple questions. Did you actually talk to Podley? Probably not – another one of you unnamed sources I bet.

    What kind of areporter are you? “Another prominent Bonita assistant would also be leaving for Glendora, presumably last year’s defensive coordinator (not sure of his name, but he’s been with Podley for a while)” If you are supposed to be “Mr. Football” how is it you could put this ouit htere? It only makes you look more like a fool than we already know.

    Do us all a favor – stop with the childish rumors and little kid inuendo – we don’t care where you eat, who you think you know, or your personal opinions.

    Damn it man – you are supposed to be a reporter – one who REPORT ON NEWS…..try it for a while…..not one who acts like a 6 year old and makes up stories to make himself look impressive.

  • AMAT 73

    Don’t think this will happen .Podley has some unfinished business at Bonita . Needs to bring home a championship . Aram , why is it that every new staff that comes along is a “dream staff” ? I think you toss that phrase around quite often with not much merit behind it . The last staff you annointed that title has been disbanded . Let’s just keep it at a very good staff with potential to win .

  • Coach Slayer

    If this is a fact then Bonita has a terrible leak somewhere. Aside from the aformentioned reasons there me be a couple of others. It would not be to lessen his workload the staff can easily handle the team alone as they proved last year when he was suffering with back issues. He has finally reached stature and respect that coaches dream of, why not enjoy it? Reasons it might be true, he made his friend an agreement that if he got the Glendora job he would go help him never thinking he would get it. That might have been part of Quinsey’s plan he submitted to Glendora. Podley takes an administrative job at Glendora with a bump in pay and usually vice-principals are not head coaches in the valley. But if this is a total fabrication or just something someone thought they heard the Tribune’s credibility is shot, because the players and parents at Bonita must be upset about this one as Pods is much more than just another coach at Bonita.

  • Come on

    The Tribune just proved what a RAG it totally is.

  • Aaron

    Spring practice starts on the 10th of May, that’s in 11 days! That would be way to close to make this kind of decision especially with what is coming back and coming in to Bonita. He is the second longest tenured coach in school history…him leaving would a be a shock to our community.

    He’s wanted at Bonita and I’m confident at Bonita he will stay.

  • the jokes on you

    If this is tue Podely would be as dumb as he looks. For a few extra bucks you join a situation that is a complete joke. The GHS coaching saga is not over, its just beginning. With dad in charge RoHor will be at glendora in the next year or 2 max. Quinsiey is not qualified to run this program and it will show no matter who his staff is. There is a big reason why glendora had to hire a nobody like Quinsey. Also Podely was on the interview board for the ghs job and he is seeing the money in the program but he better look beyond that to see the issue that reside within this program.

  • Aram

    Jokes on you,

    Did you really just say that? Did you really just steal the angle of one of my future posts? You must be somebody I’ve spoken with in the past week, because that’s what I’ve been saying all along.

    Two-year plan. If people can’t see what’s going on here, they’re blind.

    Anyway, for those of you getting all sour, please note a couple of things: 1. Aaron didn’t deny it. 2. I said Podley is “mulling” … I didn’t say “he’s gone” although I do believe it’s a lot further along than “mulling” at this point. But he could decide to stay. We’ll see what happens …

  • the jokes on you

    Aram no we haven’t talked I’m just not blind :-). You can see this coming a mile away. The first clear sign was lewellen being back in the runing. They really wanted lewellen to help with the tranistion so they don’t have to fire Quinsey next year when they hire Rohor. Podely is actually going use this to his advantage because he was improvements over at BHS starting with more money for him and his staff.

  • Fred Olsen

    Any things going to be better than Mark, he is a major you no what!!!!!!! And this is coming from one of his past players.

  • Xs and Os

    I can see this one actually happening and it has been rumored for quite a while that Podley did not want to be a head coach again after hurting his back but now it’s been put on the back burner for a while. If anyone knew, Podley lets his assistants handle most off-season duties and from what I hear, it has been even more so this year. He doesn’t want the stress of being a head coach anymore but he also wants to make sure that his replacement is from his staff. He has waited so long so that Bonita would not look for outside replacement and so that his little “miho” would take his place

  • Aram

    Xs and Os,

    People I’ve spoken with today said the same thing and they said that Podley’s replacement would be “the young guy on his staff” and the only one I know who fits that description is Adrian Medrano. Is that who the little “miho” you’re referring is?

    What an opportunity that would be for MEDRANO! Trust me, that guy eats, drinks and sleeps football.

  • Aaron

    If anyone currently at Bonita has a really good shot at the job I would love to see the Freshman head coach Chuck Chastain take over.

  • david rivera

    why would podley leave bonita and go to glendora to be a OC. especially in a tough league that glendora is in. wake up people you really think podley leaving bonita. stupid if he does

  • X’s and O’s


    you hit the nail on the head. Medrano would have been moved to the head coach because there wouldn’t have been time to go through a long interview process which, from what I was told, was Podley’s plan all along, to take care of his little miho. Podley has big plans for him for some reason. The kid must be doing something right, but I think that could have been a real bad situation for Bonita.