Robledo reporting that Podley stays put at Bonita …

After careful consideration about whether to join new Glendora coach Todd Quinsey’s staff, Bonita coach Eric Podley is staying a Bearcat, according to Fred Robledo, who spoke to Quinsey Friday morning.

As reported here earlier this week, Podley was strongly considering making the move but ultimately decided against it.

This is a big blow to Quinsey, who would have been putting something special together staff-wise had Podley and other Bonita assistants come over. We’ll have to wait and see what Plan B is for Quinsey, who is expected to start naming a staff soon.

Aram’s take: Back to the drawing board. Almost a huge coup for Glendora. Now Tartans players and fans have to hope that whoever makes up their staff will inspire as much excitement as Podley et al would have.

  • Coach Slayer

    Has Podley commented on any of this baloney. I think this is a fabricated story until I hear a quote from Podley and I don’t care what Quincy texted. I would guess a lack of Podley’s statements reflect his displeasure with this fantasy. No how no way does this type of action this late in the season seem like Podley. I assume that the trib has asked him for comment on this story and he just hung up or laughed at you guys. There is nothing here that shows he was mulling over anything. Heck did Quincy text that Knute Rockne turned him down too? Why is the main guy in this entire piece of gossip not being quoted? So I will ask for the Trib. Podley was any piece of this story accurate?

  • jokes on you

    In talking with some staff members this isn’t the first time Podley has considered moving. The BHS booster need to consider this a warning and start raising some real money to pump back into the football program.

  • Aaron

    Aram what was there to deny…no I’m not in the head of Coach Podley knowing how he thinks and such. I’m just me a devoted fan and sometimes overzealous homer.

    But where in the world would it have made sense to make such a move when there is a lot of talent at Glenn Davis?

  • and furthermore

    Robledo said “Quincy wants to have his staff in place by Friday”. Well there goes his offensive and defensive coordinators in one fell swoop. Now what??? Bad start coach, best you don’t announce your “dream staff” to team trib(Fredigian) to quick. And for god’s sake quit texting, you’ve been a H.C. at Glendora for what 5 minutes and your Chad Ocho Cinco?

  • Aram


    I think there are many reasons it made sense and most of them are well known. Can you blame the guy for wanting to take some workload off? Especially with his health last season.

    The bottom line is this, my wording of “mulling” was much softer than what I wanted to originally use because several people told me it was a done deal. But like many of you, I just couldn’t see it happening.

    Anyway, those of you who doubt me and think I was merely speculating are surely welcome to your opinion. Those of you who either go to Glendora, are parents of Glendora players, are on staff at Glendora and relayed to me that Podley was on campus checking things out, I thank you. And from those of you on the Bonita end speculating about what the admin did to keep Podley and Crew, I would sure love to know that myself. Podley is one of the best around and I would love to see him get his ring. Maybe last year’s frosh are the class to make it happen.

  • This just in

    Breaking News:

    Just as good as any coulmn Aram writes and I did not have to make up some reliable source.

    AT you are a hack.

  • Jokes on you

    Aron I thought you knew what was going on over at BHS. Well you clearly don’t know Podely or any staff members if you think this was report was off the mark.
    HE DID CONSIDER and will consider other in the future if you guys don’t start raising the steaks.
    His stipen doesn’t come close to comparing to the money the head coach at ghs has acesses to. He gets paid for his AD job but gets standard $3500 for coaching. The GHS boosters raise serious money. The uniform budget coaches is more than than what he makes. The BHS staff has long been regarded as the hardest working staff in the valley and they should be much more appreciated. And for your coments on all the talent over at BHS sit down and talk to coach Podely because he doesn’t feel the same. They coach their asses off just o compete that doesn’t equal a boat load of talent. As usually you are un informed and blogging with your heart rather than facts.

  • Aaron

    In the division Bonita is in, it has a good amount of talent right versus a lot of other seasons under Podley at the helm. If you really believe I don’t know him, then I will readily admit that I don’t know him as much as a lot of others do. However, I do get a chance to talk to him and it’s usually not about this wonderful game we all love. I know he and the staff coach their butts off, it’s a fact, they do a lot of coaching up. Do you really think I don’t know how good we have it to have a coach like him at Bonita tenured so long, and have a community where he would choose to make it his home so long ago? I know we have it nice and cushy…

    Do you really think Todd Quinsey is making so much bank…you’re talking about money right…then why does GHS not have its own field when I know it has the space for a stadium on campus? Get serious about it and build a state of the art facility like I know the Glendora boosters have the money to raise. Do you really think the Coach’s stipend at Glendora is really that much more because I flippin’ doubt it.

    Oh and there’s some unfinished business that needs tending too…

  • Damien Alum

    Hey Aar-head,

    Pull your head out of Podley’s butt enough to catch a breath of air and think. Is Citrus Stadium not “state of the art” enough for you?

  • SaintsR4real

    Jokes on you…. you hit it on the nail.

    As I said in the pass, Aaron is just a bunch of useless hot air. His post never have anything of value. You can tell he is a distant fan, but a loyal one.

    Aaron, if you want respect as a True Bearcat Fan… your homework.

  • off the subject onto a new

    Boys met the coach, cant wait until Tuesday booster meeting lets bring it parents. “No one player will start both ways” you have no idea coach those words you will eat. This coach is here to fill the spot for 1 year which is not fair to our program! Keeping the old coaches, come on, finding a new staff well that says a lot. Mark my word Roher will be the head coach next year when they open the teaching spot up for him, BS! This is a joke and I was trying to keep a positive outlook. So disappointed

  • david rivera

    what did i tell everybody, nobody in there right mind would leave a head coaching job to become a offensive cordinator at a school were there going to get destroyed in league and then if they make playoffs get destroyed in the inland division. the person that started this rumor should be banned from these blogs.podley has it made at bonita and the cupboard is not empty by no means. just like gano going to damien and struggling in his own league.cant even get into the playoffs the great gano that is

  • Coach Slayer

    This story at first seemed impossible to me. But today I finally got to digging around and lo and behold some of you are right and I was wrong. Podley was offered a stipend that was hard to believe. Lets just say it was enough to buy a nice new car, cash. The money while important was also very flattering to Podley because he is very under-appreciated by many of his peers at Bonita. Any coach would have seriously mulled this offer. My take now is that there maybe some unrest at Bonita because of this, and Ketterling the principal at Bonita, a big Podley supporter, may now feel he was left out of this process and that Podley may not be entirely happy at Bonita. It may be time for Bonita boosters and administration to step up and let Podley know how valued and important he is to not just football but all of Bonita’s activies for I understand he is a tireless worker that works for quite literally for pennies. If they don,t they could stll lose him. The drama ain’t over. I did not personally speak to Podley but developed this opinion from my many sources.

  • Aram

    Coach Slayer,

    One minute you’re calling this a “fabricated story” and “baloney” and the next minute you’re saying your sources are basically confirming what I said.

    Apology accepted, not that I care.

    I really wish more readers/wannabes/fans did what you did and talked to their “sources”. In this case, they’d probably come back asking why I didn’t delve deeper into all that happened here.

    Anyway, as always, most people can’t handle the news. Or they like to shoot the messenger. But I hate to tell you, when one of the top coaches around and some members of his staff are THIS close to leaving for another well-known program THIS close to spring practice, it IS news.

    Like I said before, “mulling” wasn’t even close to a strong enough word to describe this situation, but I knew that even “mulling” was something very few of you could handle. And guess what, I was right.

  • Coach Slayer

    AH!! C’mon big guy YOU CARE. I hurt your little feelings. I’am so glad you feel better now. Sleep tight.

  • Aaron

    I’d be kidding myself if there was not a possibility for any of our fine coaches leaving even Coach Podley who has been at Bonita half my life? Really I can’t believe it’s been that long. Especially since we’re dealing with what people want, success and championships, and I’m sure some of the Glendora Boosters are willing to pay for it.

    Are some of the Bonita Boosters ready to start the campaign? I do not know but I’d like to see Glenn Davis modernized…rather than continue using the original grandstands.

    As far as distance is concerned…yes I am far away.

  • Mike the Clone

    In responce to Aram’s post to Coach Slayer, two words.

    RACK EM’


  • AMAT 73

    Been seeing a little more of you lately. Now that Pasqys gone will you be back on the blog giving us insight on the Tarts as only the great Clone can do .