Quinsey names coaching staff at Glendora …

New Glendora head coach Todd Quinsey has filled out most of his staff. Here it is:

Roger Armijo — Coached RB/LB and special teams at Charter Oak
Jerry Lewallen — Was on former Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella’s staff
Frankie Salazar — South Hills WR/DB coach
Ryan Lawrence — Glendora assistant
Marcus Bryan — Played at o-line at UNLV (not sure what his coaching experience is).

The frosh team will be coached by A.D. Lee Spengler and Rod Tilton.

Aram’s take: Lewallen and Lawrence are holdovers, so that should help the transition. Armijo and Salazar were part of some excellent staffs and coached under the Valley’s best. I don’t know who will call the offense or defense yet, but I think it’s a good bet that Quinsey will call the offense, because that’s what he did at Northview. Looks like a strong group and they had better have their thinking caps on because they’ll be going up against Maggiore and staff, Farrar and staff, and Maddox and staff (all have won CIF titles). That’s just the nonleague. Then you gotta deal with Salter and the boys in the Baseline.

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  • Well…..

    Well Aram, does this meet your criteria as a “Dream Staff?” If it doesn’t, then they may actually have a chance!

  • Mike the Clone


    With a Lawrence and Lewallen on staff your not in the same league as a Maggiore, Farrar, or Maddox staff.


    Mike the Clone

  • GHS

    Anybody missing Pasquarella yet? Talk about underappreciated.

  • Speaking of

    Aram, and anyone else in the know,

    Please rate the top 10 staffs in the valley, and where does Glendora rank in your opinion?

  • Speaking Of,

    If I did that, then I’d never be able to call certain places for info anymore.

    I think they’re pretty obvious, but a few staffs that I don’t think get enough credit are:

    Diamond Ranch (although I hear Roddy is losing assistants left and right)

  • Duck

    1. CO
    2. BA
    3. WC
    4. SD
    5. Bonita
    6. SH
    7. Damien
    8. COV
    9. Glendora
    10. DR

  • just sayin’

    Duck – THAT was hilarious
    1. BA

    2 – others (and not EVEN close)

  • Just My Opinion

    And Everyone Has One….

    1 BA

    And everyone else, and I really mean everyone else.

    No other staff in the SGV has done so much with so little talent.

    All these other Tribune great staffs need to have superior talent to compete or win.

  • New York

    Just My Opinion,

    Don’t be so quick to knock what Amat’s fine coaches have to work with.

    1) Self-selecting group of competitive student-athletes who have chosen to be part of a rigorous program that competes in one of the toughest divisions in the nation.

    2) Every week carries a sense of urgency for the players because they are matched up against such strong competition. This makes it easier to stay focused and prepare well.

    3) The advantage that comes when the other powerhouses on the schedule overlook your team because of a common (mis)perception of “so little talent”.

    This situation is Sun Tzu’s dream come true.

  • Just My Opinion

    New York,

    I’m confused where is the (mis)perception?

    Last season they beat the teams they should have beat and they lost to the teams that they should have competed with, their is no (mis)perception. A matter of fact both teams they lost to they could have beat. The coaching didn’t lose those games the talent lost those games, so please explain where the (mis)perception is?

    The facts of last season prove my point…….

  • Just My Opinion

    The second best coaching staff in the Valley,


    I got an interesting phone call today from a father of a coach on one of the top local teams. He told me the talk around that program is how did Wilson land Coach Bert? What I find so interesting about that comment, is the tribune staff (FRED & ARAM) have their head stuff so far into this fish bowl (we call the SGV) they have no clue what Wilson just pulled off.

    I know Fred it’s not the Wilson LANCERS?

  • New York

    I’m engaging only for argument’s sake, and I really can’t stand when people make back-handed compliments, especially at the expense of teenagers who bust their tails to compete at the highest level.

    You said that the teams Amat lost to they could have beaten. OK. What makes you say they could have beaten them? Did they have adequate talent to beat them? Did they have adequate coaching to beat them? It is very difficult to assess if a victory comes from “talent” or from “coaching”. I mean, what is “talent” anyway? Is it measurable: height, weight and 40 time? Or does talent also include the “intangibles”: the character that drives kids to work hard for three and half years so they can show up as seniors and beat Matre Dei or St Bonaventure; the composure to not crack when the big game is on the line; the discipline to stay at home and not fall for the reverse?

    The beauty of high school football is that the “immeasurables” can make a huge difference, and those should be considered “talent”.

  • Joe Amat

    New York,

    Both very good posts. I get the (mis)perception thing as it pertains to our “upsets” in the past 3 yrs vs OLu, Mater Dei, St Bonnies, etc. I think I said then I hope the day comes when that is no longer viewed as an “upset” but expected. We’re not quite there yet.

    Just my opinion,

    There is a BIG difference between “could have beat” a team and *should have beat* them. Just because you could have beat someone does not mean you should have. Otherwise there would be plenty of teams running around with (mis)perceptions

  • TeachDgame

    Tools = height, weight, 40 times, etc…..
    Talent = intangible ability to use those tools

    Tools without talent are not going to succeed. Talent without tools will fight until the end and many times suceed when they apparently shouldn’t. I think any coach would want to have guy’s with talent….

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