2011 Schedules: Santa Fe Chiefs …

Week 0 — at Hamilton High School (Chandler, Ariz) State Champs
Week 1– at Warren High School
Week 2 — at St. John Bosco
Week 3 — Esperanza
Week 4 — Charter Oak
Week 5 — Bye
Week 6 — at El Rancho
Week 7 — Cal High
Week 8 — Whittier
Week 9 — La Serna
Week 10 — at Pioneer

Aram’s take: Wow, look at that nonleague schedule! A state champ from Arizona, St. John Bosco, Esperanza and Charter Oak! Just playing one or two of those would have made this tougher than most, but the Chiefs are going for the gusto. The good news is there’s a BYE in between the end of the nonleague and the start of Del Rio aciones. Here’s the thing: Coaches I spoke to last season who banged heads with SF came away very impressed by the defense and physical style of play. With La Serna suffering heavy graduation losses, I would certainly believe anybody who says the Chiefs are the favorites in the Del Rio, but they’ll need to survive that nonleague without too much wear and tear (tall order). Santa Fe will probably be somewhere around 6-4 entering the postseason, but they could prove very dangerous once the tourney begins.

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  • Aaron

    Comparatively I believe this to be the toughest schedule by far of any team in the SGVN coverage area. I’m kind of surprised at the addition of the Arizona 4A state champs to Santa Fe’s schedule. This looks very much like a murderers row.

  • Dan

    What a tough non league schedule, not sure who they have coming back but their defense was one of the best in the sgv last year, I wasn’t aware till recently that in the quarterfinal game with West Covina last season, the WC coaches had to switch to a totally different blocking scheme to finally open up the run game late in the first half. Before that Santa Fe had shut the Bulldogs down for most of the 1st & 2nd quarters. They had their trademark swarming defense with a 6’4″ linebacker who was a beast in the middle, lets see how healthy they will be come league with that schedule they have.

  • Big Dog

    What a schedule they have ahead of them! I remember back in the days when Santa Fe only had Mexicans and whites on their team. Just for your info They are not part of the SGV, but they can play with the big boys!!!

  • Coach slayer

    Stupid to schedule up to this extent by a mediocre team at best last year. Remember they lost to Bonita on their home turf with Bonita having 5 or 6 key players out which included their starting Qb, rb, 2 lineman and 2 lbs. What are you trying to prove? That you can play even up with bigger programs for a half? It’s like Apollo Creed scheduling Rocky for a easy win. Sure Rocky almost won but he still ended up in the hospital and Rocky was’nt the sharpest pencil in the drawer. And even he did not schedule another ass beating for himself the very next week. Mahlstede should be put in stocks for doing this to his team.

  • BraveDad

    Given the football world we live in, Trinity League, Pac5 Division, this schedule does not impress me, other than weeks 0 and 2 – sorry. I am impressed with the admirable attempt, but this schedule would be cake for a D1 school. Santa Fe will get lit up Week 2!

  • Dan

    I grew up in west Whittier along the riverbed, maybe a mile & a half to two miles from Santa Fe. I’m not sure where the SGV stops but from what I understood, we were considered part of it, south SGV I suppose, with Santa Fe Springs being next door, I assumed Santa Fe high was too, but maybe not, how about it Aram, where does the SGV end.

  • BraveDad

    @ Dan, why are you asking the Tool, he does not know. The City of Whittier is not and has never been in the SGV. Thye southern border cities of the SGV are Rowland Hieght, Hacienda Heights, and Montebello. To confirm go to sgvcog.org. I am a 25 year resident of northeast Whittier resident and for one I’m insulted by claims that Whittier is in the SGV. further, I thnik it’s a joke that the “Whittier” Daily News primarily covers the SGV. These kuckleheads don’t even know what region their City is in – geez.

  • There are three papers in our group — San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star-News and Whittier Daily News. I cover all three zones, although the bulk of my work is in the Trib. But we wanted to do something that is all-encompassing to Pasadena and Whittier-area teams are totally fair game for this blog.

    And if you guys have a problem with Santa Fe, wait ’til you see the one I’ll post in the next day or so.

  • Joe the cop

    I once broke up a deadly fight between two idiots arguing about where East L.A. was and was not. You geniuses must be relatives of theirs. What are you doing protecting your turf? Vatos locos.

  • BraveDad

    @ Joe the cop, first I probably have more education in my pinkie finger than your entire brain, so watch who you call geniuses in that deragatory manner. So ELA, does that mean you work out of the ELA Station, or do you just call yourself a cop for fun. Oh yeah, and what is a vatos locos? Don’t know that term in my part of town. It is not a matter of turf, it’s a matter of a news paper that has a city name in it’s title and then covers news in a differnt region of the County. If you’re a cop, you know about coverage area right? Or maybe you are an ex-gang banger that can’t get over the turf war mentality – which is it?

  • just askin’?

    Brave Dad – kind of like the “Pasadena Star News” – that covers Arcadia, Sierra Madre, La Canada, Monrovia, etc, etc.???

    What does the papers name have to do with anything? Papers have areas that overlap (like the Trib including Chino Hills? How is that any part of the SGV.

    Geographic area and coverage area are different things


    Vato loco = crazy dude. I know you understand that. Do you happen to live in Avocado Heights = northeast Whittier or up on the hill in Spy Glass. Some of northeast Whitter is SGV .

  • 1987 Rose Bowl

    Santa Fe – Hamilton connection?
    Yes, HHS Coach, Anthony Parker played with SFHS Coach Jeff Mahlstede @ ASU in the 80’s.

    Anthony Parker has been the cornerbacks coach at Hamilton High School for a total of six seasons including four championship teams. Born in Alabama in 1966, Coach Parker played in the NFL for nine seasons, mainly for the Minnesota Vikings. He attended McClintock High School in Tempe, AZ before attending Arizona State University. He was a member of one of best teams to ever play at ASU. His son, Colin is currently playing linebacker at ASU. He also has a son, Cedric Parker, who was a starting cornerback for the Hamilton Huskies varsity football team last season and has since moved on to play at the Air Force Academy.

  • BraveDad

    @ WHERE THE HECK IS NORTHEAST WHITTIER, are you serious or are you just playing dumb? First of all, Spyglass is in the northwest part of town. Second, northeast Whittier is east of Colima Rd and above the Blvd. Friendly Hills and the east hills east of Santa Gratrudis just below La Habra Heights. No part of Whittier is in the SGV moran, but whatever. Let me try to educate you if that’s possible: The County is sectioned off into areas that are colloborative goverment oversight entities known as Council’s of Government (COG). The SGV COG consists of 31 cities and Whittier is not one of them; Whittier is in the Gateway Cities COG, which is bordered by Downey on the northwest, Long Beach on the south all the way to the County line, and Whittier on the northeast all the way to the County line – is that easy enough to understand? check your facts before you put your foot in your big mouth again. This is the area a “Whittier” paper should cover, not the SGV. Why do I waste my time with you nimrods? In closing, all I know is Bosco will destroy Santa Fe week 2. I’m out!

  • Football Fan

    Wow !!! BraveDad has issues!! when was the last time Bosco made playoffs? Or even finished in the top three in the leauge. Get over it!!

  • Joe the cop

    Brave Genius Dad. The finger where you keep your brains, is it the same one you use to pick your nose? You are very much like those pendejos fighting. You are undoubtedly the type that says while handcuffed “Hey homes don’t disrespect me. I gots more money in my pocket than you ese and I don’t even works hard. I don’t pay for food or nada cause I live in my old lady’s garage ese. You don’t even no where avocado heights is at.” Please, before you make a claim of brain power learn to spell and compose a little better than a 6 year old and quit humiliating your team.

  • BraveDad

    Hey Joe the Cop, because of the work I do I know many high ranking Sheriff’s personnel, including the Sheriff himself, and other high ranknig officers from other departments around the County and none of them would ever mock arrestees the way you do – I guess that’s why they’ve moved up the ranks. I am nor have I ever been in a gang, nor have I ever been arested; but, it seems you know a lot about that stuff. If you are a copper, and in my mind that’s a big if right now, you are probobly like those a-holes that got into that fight at the Whittwood last year because that is exactly what your words say you are, i.e., a low life. Or you’re like those guys that are causing Baca all the problems right now, i.e., fighting at QC’s and/or beating up inmates with a “gang like culture” at Men’s Central. As far as my team, how am I humiliating them? We’re not even talking about them we’re talking about your low life gang style mentality. You want to talk smack let’s go baby, I’m up for it. Oh and about my brain, I garuntee you I have more brans and education than you – garunteed. Don’t let missplellings fool you, that’s what spell checkers are for jack hole, this is not 1950. Oh and I also have dyslexia, but that has not stopped me from success. So you wnat to keep going, let’s keep going. LMAO!

  • You know the Pope too?


    What a wanker.

  • BraveDad

    Wanker, see now that’s funny. Wanna be cop Joe’s cholo speak, not so much. But wanker, that’s classic. And about the pope I do know him, we had dinner last week at the Vatican. LMAO!

  • Coach Slayer

    Brave Dad. To funny. You fit the old adage perfectly.”Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”, but you probably don’t get the insult. BTW you mentioned spell-check in your last post, USE IT !!!!

  • BraveDad

    Coach slayer, what is that? Do you coach a rock band? Are you really a coach? If so, I apologize for not knowing that because in Pac5 ball there is no coach slayer. And by the way, I know the cliche; I’m not a hick from the SGV. Keep the insults and low brow, unintelligent comments coming. I love it. As far as spell check, I don’t have time for that on the weekend; or, if it’s not business related or important – this is a game to me. Maybe to you and your pals spell ceck matters on the blog, but not to me – NEXT!


    Why don’t you just stick to football and let us know what St Joan’s will be looking like this coming season. No big deal you coming on here and bragging on beating up on Santa Fe, although that just might wind up being your signature win next season . What are you going to do against MD,Servite and the rest of the real Trinity league.

  • BraveDad

    @ STICK TO FOOTBALL, point well taken however, if you read my first post it was about football. Then the thread went another direction and I kind of went with it my bad. Of course, shortly thereafter the immature insults and attempts at humor began and I had a little fun with that; you of course start up the immature insults again: St. Joans? Really, thats all you have. Man, with an insult like that perhaps we should close the school down! Weve been dissed so hard we cant go on! Oh wait a minute, Bosco has existed under the Salesian Brotherhood curriculum for 70-years so I think well survive. LMAO!

    As far as football Bosco will do fine in 2011 and we will make the playoffs. As far as Servite, Mater Dei and the rest of the Trinity League (what league is your school in by the way?) we will compete and come to win every Friday night. As far as skill players we are second to none: we have a QB that has been starting since halfway through the 2009 season, his sophomore season, and he can throw and run the ball. We have a projected starting RB who, although ineligible last season, ran for over 1,500 yards as a freshman at Irvine HS. And we have a receiver who already has multiple scholarship offers and will end up in the top five in the SS this coming season before its all said and done. We have depth at the receiver position but a question will be the OL, we lost 4 starters from last years team; the D will be solid and keep us ni games as they did last season.

    The team grew tremendously under Coach Negro last season and I guarantee you we fear no team. We lost four games last year by a total of 30 points and we could have won all four if not for bone head mistakes. We were down by 6 against Lakewood and we muffed a punt at the end of the 3rd quarter inside our own 10 that led to a quick score and our ultimate demise; we were driving against MD picking up 8 yards per play with 5 minutes to go down by 4 and a muffed snap killed us Coach Rollinson was quoted in the OCvarsity the next day saying he thought they were done; we lost to Servite by 11 after being ahead in the 3rd but a blocked punt and bad PI call did us in that night; finally, we lost to SM 42 41 in OT and as written in the LA Times the next day it was one of the best HS football games ever. This coming seasons schedule will be just as tough and we will avenge all four loses (the OLu loss was a fluke; it took place the week after the SM loss knocked us out of playoff contention and our guys were still thinking about that game; we were a better team than OLu all season). Throw in a win at OLu and JSerra this coming season and we will make the playoffs, possibly even Trinity champs! Not to mention we will again dominate La Habra and we will add Santa Fe to that list for 2011.

    What league does your team play in? Is their schedule as tough as Boscos? Unless your answer to my first question is Amat, then the answer to my second question is no right? When SGV schools start playing D1 ball then we can compare programs. Otherwise you can enjoy another cute season of SGV football and watch Pac5-D1 games on PrimeTicket and stop commenting on things you know nothing about or ever experienced (you want to question how we will do against Servite and Mater Dei, heck those schools dont even know your kids school exists). How do you know how well a Mercedes handles when youve driven Prism all your life?


    You did mention my school in your post which to me sounds like a buch of what if’s, shoulda , woulda, coulda . Man up and just take the losses like the teams you face when they lose. Muffed snaps , blocked punts, bad calls, are all part of the game. The trick is to rebound and dig in . Yes were better than Olu all season accept when it counted. You being from a PAC 5school should know there is no glory in beating the Santa Fe’s and La Habra’s of the world because that is what you should do and not hang your hat on those wins. Beat MD , Servite then you’re talking . Until then you’re just another team on the schedule in the Trinity . No one to fear. No SGV for me either.

  • BraveDad

    @ NOT AT ALL WHAT YOU THINK, point taken. However I was asked about my opinion on the 2011 season and in providnig it I was making a point about how close we came last season, not making excuses. I do take the losses like a man just as I take the victories with class and pride. And you’re right about digging in and rebounding, but our screw ups were too close to the end of the games against Servite and MD to rebound. If you were at either the Servite or MD game, whichever is your school, you know those were good games played hard by both teams. We will get after it and “rebound” in 2011; as you said, fear no team.

    As far as LH those were good wins for all three Trinity schools, so I do take pride in that win; we’ll get after them again in 2011. As far as Santa Fe all I said was that we’d handle them and yes we will take glory because all wins deserve glory, but no way will it be a huge win for Bosco. At the risk of upseting Santa Fe folks I was disappointed when I heard they were on our 2011 schedule. That said, we have to show up and take care of business.

  • Norco

    When it comes to the Trinity League…The “Big Three” has always referred to Mater Dei, Olu and Servite. Seeing as Santa Margarita beat Mater Dei and returns more than them, I would include them in that discussion now. So, a reference to the big three and possibly the big four if Mater Dei can keep it together means they have a lot more question marks than the other top teams from last year. Top 4 being Servite, Santa Margarita, Mater Dei and Olu.

    Bosco, is nowhere in that discussion yet.

    Run along now son so we can hear the bells on your jester shoes.

  • BraveDad

    @ Norco, what the he** do you know? Does Norco play in the Trinity League? How many Trinity teams did Norco play last season? Did you see all the Trinity League schools play last year? I’m tired of all you fools submitting opinions without knowing what you say. For example, you put SM in a group you call the “top 4” and you say that Bosco is nowhere in that discussion yet? So a 1 point overtime win for SM over Bosco, 42 – 41, makes them a separate tier team? Bosco was up 21 – 0 on SM in the second quarter. My hats off to SM for coming back and making it a game by taking the lead in the 4th quarter their QB is a beast. You dont know this of course but Bosco then tied the game on their last possession (at the gun) and then lost on the second possession of OT when a DB came out of nowhere for SM and batted down what would have been a PAT to take the game into a 3rd OT possession. What logic are you using to say that Bosco is not in the same class as SM? What facts do you have? What did SM do before last season other than lose to Bosco almost every year and not make the playoffs? Sorry Dirtville knucklehead, but a 1-point victory in OT of a classic battle does not mean the teams that participated in said battle are on different levels; they seemed pretty even to the thousands in the stands that night and to ES of the LA Times! Either come up with some solid justification for your incorrect dribble other than hatred and jealousy, or go back to your hut in Dirtville where you belong.

  • BraveDad

    Oh and by the way Norco Knucklehead, have you asked CJ Dozier what he thinks about Bosco and their future? Wasn’t he one of players knocking guys around in your area for a while? Oh but that’s right you can’t ask him what he thinks because he left Dirtville and came over the hill to play for a Trinity League team; some school called St. John Bosco. See, so some people over on that side of the hill know what’s up and certainly you are living in the past and not one of them – LMAO!

  • Norco

    Wow…you don`t want to get in a pissing match with me about the damn Trinity League. My nephew plays for MD…so I watched MD, Servite, OL & Bosco against Lakewood last year. Now you say the Trinity League is all that, yet your semi finalist MD was down to Corona Centenial 37-0 at the half when CC put in their JV team to finish the game. You know the same MD team you lost to 31-20…the same MD team who Bosco is 2-22 liftime against. Every year it’s the same damn thing out of you guys…False hope…when are you going to learn your lesson and shut your hole and know your role? Sit in the stands and just STFU and hope that you guys make the playoffs this year. Bottom line is the program has to learn how to win and their fan base has to stop making excuses and pointing fingers.

    As far as Santa margarita is concerned, yes they were terrible from 2007 through 2009. And yet Bosco still couldn’t make the playoffs. Now that they are good again it only becomes just another excuse of why you will never win a league title, surely not a CIF title or a State title. CASE CLOSED

    Also no need for Norco to be jealous mediocrity….

  • BraveDad

    Struck a nerve didnt I dirt man. Stop living in the past. You’re nephew plays at MD, so what? How about your kid, can’t afford the tuition or what? We’ll see what happens this coming season. Where’s Dozier dirtman? Go back to your dirt pile and wait for the upcoming season to play out before you judge. Oh and by the way dirtman, no one is making excuses. Norco dirt HS has nothing on Bosco’s history; athletically, academically, or otherwise. Theres no comparison – now go play in the dirt!

  • Norco

    I’m not mistaken BraveDad is the secret ingredient in paint that makes paint dry more slowly. What an amateurish display of sheit talking. If only your custard pudding insults were entertaining . Hell doesn’t yourdumbnessever embarrass you?

  • BraveDad

    @ Norco (aka, Dirtman) let me see if I can break it down for you: First, you inserted yourself into an exchange that was none of your business; it was a correspondence between me and NOT AT ALL WHAT YOU THINK. Then you insulted me and made an unsubstantiated remark that SMs football program is in a different class than Boscos. I provided facts that prove otherwise, i.e., the real story of the most recent head-to-head matchup and the fact that Bosco has handled SM in recent years. In my opinion, that indicates that these teams are pretty even. I then stated that if you can prove me wrong, and back up your unfounded claim, then go for it. You instead resorted to more immature insults, which are so cute by the way, and no substance; that too bad. We can continue if youd like. Or as I posted before, you can shut your dirt hole and let the 2011 season play out.

  • Norco

    This just in…


    carry on…

  • BraveDad

    Dirtman, that is an extremely intellegent post. As far as sucking, I’m sure you know a lot about that – you know what I’m saying mo? Must be rough being of your sexual orientation in right wing Dirtville. So I proved your dumb a** wrong and you once again resort to the immature insults rather than proving your point? No wonder you live in Dirtville; you are so uneducated that a dirt hut is all you can afford. You and your paw have a good night rolling in the dirt.

  • Jefe

    OLU is about to be taken out of the “Top 3” Trinity equation.

    That program is headed south.

    Mater Dei, Servite & Santa Margarita are the “Top 3” right now & might be for some time to come.

  • BraveDad

    @ Jefe,

    Come on man, weren’t you at the SM-Bosco game? I know you attend home games. If so, how can you say that there is any separation between those two teams? I don’t know if you do Bosco road games but the Servite and MD games were extremely close as well. I know close does not get it, but the gap between Servite and Bosco as well as Mater Dei and Bosco has been greatly reduced. When you consider the aforementioned and the newly arrived players at Bosco you have to add Bosco to the Trinity mix. Those of us on the inside know that we are coming upon what will be Bosco’s best showing in the Trinity to date and their best season in years. That said, Ill let the team’s play speak for itself starting week 0 against SD Mission Hills. Oh and by the way, you can ask ES at the LA Times what he thinks – he knows what’s up.

  • Jefe

    BraveDad, I respect your takes – have read your stuff on the other board(s).

    I love Bosco but until the Braves can get past this mental thing they with the top three & BELIEVE they can beat those teams, I can’t put them up there. So for now, yeah the separation remains.

    I was at the SM-Bosco game at Fr. Frank Ribotta Stadium & it was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen in my life. That being said, the team completely fell apart as per the norm in a huge game. I WAS at every game this past season (yes even made the trek out to Mission Hills High School). I seriously felt after that Mater Dei loss that this was going to be an entirely new Braves team. However, losses to Servite (a game the Braves could have won) and that meltdown against the Eagles have me thinking things aren’t all that different yet.

    I am optimistic but these guys have to start winning league game – there is no way around that fact.

    P.S. Good to see BNP/RR showing his ugly mug around these parts.

  • BraveDad

    Right on Jefe, You make a good point, we did blow the game against SM. And yes, it was a great game; one of the best HS football games I’ve ever witnessed/been a part of and I’ll never forget it. Bosco does need to win – period. After the MD loss I was bummed, but remained positive all the way through, until the tragedy against SM, which is when the team’s psyche was crushed along with many parents and fans in general.

    That being said, I guarantee you the 2011 team will be improved more so than last year’s team. Bosco will make the playoffs. I was talking to the coaches last week and I’ve been talking to players this week and everyone, players, staff, and parents, are excited and pumped up. The good thing is that Jason and the staff have these kids believing in themselves and talking “big picture” type outcomes for 2011. By the way Jefe, we get a tailgate party and burritos week 0 of 2011! Go Braves!

  • Jefe

    As good as the famed Bosco Burrito??

    If so, count me in.

  • BraveDad

    Right on, see you there.

  • Chuck Lanza

    Hamilton is actually 5A or Division 1 as it has changed in AZ. This team has won there last 41 straight games. Also Hamilton has not lost a home game since 2004. Good Luck vs Hamilton it looks like you may need it!

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