2011 Schedules: La Puente Warriors …

Week 1 — El Monte
Week 2 — at Northview
Week 3 — Wilson
Week 4 — Workman
Week 5 — at Gladstone
Week 6 — at Ganesha
Week 7 — Sierra Vista
Week 8 — Bassett
Week 9 — at Duarte
Week 10 — at Azusa

Aram’s take:
The nonleague provides three winnable and loseable tests. I mean what I say, LP could go 3-0 just as easily as it could be 0-3 going into league. I would say 1-2 or 2-1 is probably the best bet. Anyway, once in league the Workman rivalry game is a nice way to start the Montview season. If the Lobos are improved in Year 2 under Scott Morrison, then that could be a good game. I truly believe this is the most wide open the Montview has been in a while. Azusa should still be favored, but I’ve heard interesting stories on just about every team this offseason, including Duarte, which one person in the know told me will win five or six games this year. La Puente looks to be right in the thick of it and it’s quite obvious that Week 10 at Azusa will have a heavy bearing on either the league title and who does/doesn’t make the postseason (remember, the league is only guaranteed two spots).

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  • Weak

    Sorry but calling this a soft schedule would be an under statement. This coaching staff is looking for a soft regular season schedule then one and out in the playoffs again. Looks like someone wants to pad their record for that Glendora job. Not a team on their non-league schedule that they THINK they can’t win.

  • Alex_Trebek

    Ummmm yea actually since no one else wants to say it. I will. The entire montview league schedule league and non league is crap so dont count out LP. Dude I coach in the mid valley div and no one considers anyone in that league a threat so don’t pop off at lp cause WSGV doenst care about anyone you and azusa may think they are all that but they gotten lucky against all sgv teams and ur league is a fn joke


  • Real Weak

    I agree the entire montview league is weak. I will give you one good example of that. LP lost to Wilson 36-20 and Wilson lost to San Dimas 49-9. Wilson ended the season 4-6 and in 6th place in the VVL.

  • Real Weak

    If Wilson was in the montview league they would have been 8-2 second place, and made the playoffs.

    People would think Zavala could coach?


    Let’s take that one step futher, La Puente lost in the first of the playoffs to Maranatha 41 to 28. Maranatha lost in the second round to San Dimas 56-20. Now we all realize Zavala is a weak head coach. What does that really say about Rohrer over at La Puente. He had a 8-3 record with losses to Wilson, Azusa, and Maranatha. I want to say not a single quality win, but that would be giving the guy to much credit. He lost to a weak 4-6 Wilson team 36 to 20. So I guess what I am really saying is Rohrer hasn’t proven a thing as a head coach. Until the guy has a single quality win he hasn’t proven anything.

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