2011 Schedules: Bishop Amat Lancers …

Week 0 — Garfield
Week 1 — at Servite
Week 2 — La mirada
week 3 — at Damien
Week 4 — Cathedral
Week 5 — Venice
Week 6 — Alemany
Week 7 — at Crespi
Week 8 — Loyola
Week 9 — at Notre dame
Week 10 — BYE

Aram’s take: I was particularly hard on Amat coach Steve Hagerty and last year’s schedule because all it did was get Robledo and Lancer Nation artificially excited before the fall. Well, this year’s is slightly better because of one name: SERVITE. The fact that game comes in Week 1 should do wonders and tell Amat where it is and where it needs to go long before we get to a point so late that nothing can be done. The rest of the nonleague schedule is pretty soft. I thought we were going to see four more quarters vs. Muir, but I guess not. Not that it would’ve made me feel different. Anyway, I still don’t see why Amat can’t play teams from the Inland Empire. There is life past the 57 Freeway beside Damien. The league schedule is tough as always with Alemany cycling from the final game of the regular season to the first game of league. Last year’s major issue was Amat did not have PAC-5 championship-caliber defense. I’m not sure how that gets better with a guy like Julian Gener not around. But the offense should be special with Nine back under center and Jalen Moore running wild. A healthy Zach Shay will also do wonders. Only Servite looks the lone threat in the nonleague, so I think 8-2 looks about right for an early record projection.

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  • Aaron

    The non-league schedule is a lot of up and down. The game to look at on the schedule the Servite one…The Valley will get to see how close Bishop Amat is to taking the next step.

    Not sure what to make of keeping Venice and Cathedral and not trying to get some bigger teams. I understand Cathedral being a battle of Parochial schools, but you if this is about trying to get some kids to come to La Puente we’re talking a lot of gas money. Cathedral should be much improved though. Venice…idk.

    The Damien match-up though looks like it may become as one sided as the match-up with St Paul and therefore it should probably be dumped.

    The game I’d like to see in the next few years is Amat Vs. St Francis.

    With the criticism…the schedule is solid overall but I would have liked to see another big opponent. My idea about scheduling is for five non-league games:
    2 Tough ones
    2 Easy wins
    1 Maybe

    But like I said, solid schedule, we won’t know how tough it was until about mid-season when the calpreps strength ratings are pretty much set.

  • Lance Bishop

    Really, REALLY, REEAAALLLLLLYYYY hate that week 10 BYE.

  • Area Fan

    The St Paul game needs to be put back on the schedule. With Amat on top they will probably win but SP is resurrecting and should make it competitive for the next 3 years. This game is good for the community…

  • Area Fan

    The St Paul game needs to be put back on the schedule. With Amat on top they will probably win but SP is resurrecting and should make it competitive for the next 3 years. This game is good for the community…

  • need 1 more tough one

    amat needs to get rid of garfield and add something like a corona centennial, oaks christian, st boneventure, oceanside, or an out-of-state top opponent. if amat wants to be an elite program they will need to step up their non-league schedule the way servite has over the last couple of years.

  • Love It

    Aram, this is the old Aram we were expecting when you came back. I have to say I agree with you for the second time in a row.

    “Amat NATION” I love it.

    They pound their chest every year “WE ARE AMAT”. but at the end of the year what did they really prove, they can beat the teams they are suppose to beat. Its like their the La Puente High in the Mountview of the Pac 5.

  • Are you implying I haven’t been the old Aram until now? And what is the old Aram or the new Aram.

  • Aram and the Fools

    You guys are clowns.

    Do you even have a clue as to how a high school football schedule is made?

    Tell you what – get on the phone and call every school in the CIF – tell them you are from Amat and want to schedule a Home&Home series with Bishop Amat football for the next two years. 99% of the time the answer is NO. Often – Heck No! Never.

    Week 10 bye – you try and fill it and see how far you get. Garfield, Venice, Cathedral – back end of a 2 year contracts. La Mirada – last minute after another PAC-5 school backed out of a contract.

    Not ot mention the fact that even if a school does have any opening – does that match with what you are trying to fill? i.e. Amat was looking for a Week 10 this year due to a bye – how many week 10 byes are there? Week 2 – same deal – the school’s must be lookinfg for the same thing BEFORE you can even begin the process of working out a deal.

    You all can sit here and rant and rave about any school’s schedule. None of you have ever been there and tried to get a schedule made so you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Find something better with your time than to complain about something you know nothing about.

    Clowns – with AT as the leader and biggest.

  • You seem to have intimate knowledge of the situation. Almost too intimate. Did we just get a coach posting on here?

    Anyway, if we’re such clowns, then what the hell are you doing here reading what we say?

  • Clueless

    You guys are clowns,

    Do you really believe that crap you are posting “99% of the time the answer is NO. Often – Heck No! Never.” Are we talking about the same Bishop Amat that went one and out in the playoffs last season. You really think all those other PAC5 schools are going to say “Heck No”, your not no Long Beach Poly or Corona Centennial. Now they may say “Heck No” because they want to play up not down.

  • p.t. Barnum

    Aram – Are you saying that CLOWNS don’t enjoy going to the Circus?
    “Anyway, if we’re such clowns, then what the hell are you doing here reading what we say?”
    I don’t get it?
    -If I’m not a clown I shouldn’t be here reading this
    – Only IF I am a clown I should be here reading this?
    -Only clowns would enjoy what you write?

    Did you and nine other sports writers just climb out of that car?

  • loveshsfootball

    Amat wont be playing St. Paul anytime soon- last year SP chickened out of a game at the last minute-its too bad cause this has been- or used to be- a great rivalry but SP is afraid to play them- they should be in the same league like the old Angeleus League- but AMat hasmuch better teams to play while SOP shys away from playing amnyone decent-thats why SP football is nothing like it used to be.

  • need 1 more tough one

    the serra league doesn’t need st paul. st paul would only bring the league down a step or two in strength. the league could use a team like serra high of gardena which would bolster the league up a notch, make the league 6 teams strong, and cure the problem of late season byes.

  • TeachDGame

    Way too funny…. Aram go get em’ man. Although, do agree too many parents get on here ranting and raving about what they do not know. Putting together a “good” schedule has got to be brutal with the pluggin of holes, getting home / home contracts and hey, filling a schedule with teams that will be good quality match ups year after year that might continue is important. Who wants to keep flipping out teams every other year.

    Love the Servite match up…. should be a great game this year as Amat is “seasoned” with returners. Next year, hmmm only time will tell.

    Damien game, wow, been hashed out before, those of you who are not part of the parochial school scene just do not understand the importance of this game for the continued flow of athletes into each school for about a 20 square mile radius. It is a difinitive choice between the 2 schools for the upper athletes and don’t for a minute think those coaches both don’t know it. Yah Yah, has been little ugly the last few years and whatever gonna get blasted for “next year” talk or whatever, but think this year could be interesting with Amat being “seasoned” and Damien being alot of new guys. But lower level games (yah know JV is irrelevant as most of Amat’s young guy’s suited up and Played on Varsity last year) but Frosh game was 2 plays away from being a draw…. so the talent gap is narrowing. We’ll see if it narrows again with incoming class. Good long Term game, needs to stay. Ya maybe St Paul is similar situation going the other direction so who knows.

    Amat vs St Francis —- oh man do I love this one. I played in 3 of them and it was ALWAYS a big game. Again, the battle of the parochial schools but not as big an issue on enrollment. The old SF vs Amat games back in the day were battles. Would love to see this one come back on a consistent basis.

    Personally, would LOVE to see Damien schedule St Francis. That would be fun. The Battle of almost identical demographic schools. Spartans vs Golden Knights.. mano y mano as both schools sport the no girls allowed mantra.Dont even know if the 2 have ever even played. I would love to see this game instead of a J Serra (ok, so a long drive to the south OC sucks)..

    Feel you need to have a mix in pre-season. Ya ya your Ego can say we need to get ready for League, we need to play Div I schools and be challenged every week. There is something to that, but you also need to see some diversity in opponents to help you work on things and get ready and build on the season. Also dont downplay the affects if your players are being pounded every game. Not saying that is case here, but when it comes to the playoffs , while you do need to get ready for the long haul, it also doesnt do you any good to go 1-4 or 0-5 going into League. How is your playoff seeding going to look even if you are a #1 or #2 with a bunch of front end losses.. You can pound your chest all you want with the “look who we played” yada yada yada, but a W looks a lot better than an L any day of the week. As long as you get something out of it.

    I dunno, but think it should be left up to the guys who get paid to do it..hahaha, who am I kidding, they are HS coaches which other threads have lamented on how they dont get paid enough to do it..

  • Norco

    Give Norco a call….We will have week #4 and #5 open in 2012…This year we had Tesoro, Los Alamitos & San Clemente confirm only to back out. Norco also contacted Mission Viejo who wanted both games played at MV…Norco said thanks …but no thanks…

  • State of the Program

    There are many factors that go into putting together a schedule, especially those non-league games. At this time Amat is considered the best of the SGV, and Hag wants to keep it that way. If he starts playing quality teams like Servite on those non-league games it becomes a high risk. Hag was 9-2 last season and highly ranked in Southern California during the season. The problem was with that weak non-league schedule you risk what exactly happen. A team that wasnt tested and players displayed that in key moments during critical games at the end of the season. Bishop Amat may have ended the season 9-2, but on a two game losing streak with both games winnable. You have to put a weighted average on all your goals, at this time wins are more important than preparedness to Bishop Amat.

    Bishop Amat plays in the PAC5 but who do they really play and beat. They do have those signature wins but they are years apart. They play in the Montview league of the PAC5. In so many ways you can compare them to La Puente High School, less talent players compared to the other teams in their division, coached up compared to the other teams in their league, soft preseason schedules, high seed in the playoffs, one and out in the playoffs.

  • State of the Program,

    Very, very strong take. Not sure I agree with all of it, but I do agree that the team had a false sense of security due to not being pressed by a class team until Week 10 and 11. You can say Crespi was a class team, but come on. They were talented but hadn’t put it together by that game … and they stunk on defense.

    Anyway, not sure the league is the Montview League of the PAC-5, but to each their own.

    The Servite game, win or lose, will WONDERS for Amat and its fans. I think you always need a little fear (reminder that you’re not unbeatable) in the back of your mind to have a truly hungry football team.

  • Different Angle

    State and Aram – Must disagree with both of you…The Serra league schedule week in and week out is tougher than most schools. It’s kind of like the old Angelus league. Even the schools in “Down” years are still tougher than the teams most schools play on a weekly basis. Say what you want about the Garfields and Cathedrals but when they come to play a school like AMAT, the come in with a mission. They are going to play tough and AMAT will has to play a game to foil the “win of the season” for SOME teams. Amat fell short last year and to say, “it was because they weren’t battle tested” is BS. Have either of you ever played the game? As a player, you are ready for every game regardless of who it is against. Players make mistakes and That oblong ball takes funny bounces out there. All reasons for coming up short. AMAT did not get “out played” last year they just made more mistakes then the eventual winners did. If you are saying that Amat was overmatched and not ready for the teams they faced you are, in my opinion….wrong. I saw every game last year and mistakes and mental breakdowns were the demise of that team. I really don’t believe it had anything to do with their “pre-season” schedule. You play the game, and sometimes………… the other guy just beats you.

  • State of the Program

    Different Angle,

    I think we are all saying the same thing, you are just sugar coating it.

    “mental breakdowns were the demise of that team.”, Kids not mentally prepared for the game, how do you get mentally prepared?

    As far as your comment,”Garfields and Cathedrals but when they come to play a school like AMAT, the come in with a mission.”

    Do you realize how stupid you sound?

    You beat Garfield 23-0 and you beat Cathedral 56-3 if you are calling that playing up then once again you are proving our point a soft non-league schedule. Did those type of games prepare Bishop Amat for Tesoro or Alemany?

  • Why people like clowns

    Hey AT the Clown
    People go to the circus for entertainment – clowns especially

    However, not one of the persons in the audience believes that the guy dressed as a fireman is a real fireman. Anyone pretending to be as such would be set straight.

    You, AT the Clown, pretend to know what you are talking about – you do not and have been set straight. You are the clown in the fireman suit we all see at the circus. No one takes either of you seriously, but when you act superior you are put in your rightful place.

  • I certainly appreciate the business.

  • Different Angle

    State-Yes they did prepare us to play Tesoro and Alemany. We ran our offense and played our defense. Repetition and practice get you ready and it is encumbent upon each player to play their best and execute their assigtnments regardless of the team in front of them. Were they the same type of player – No, not in all cases but that is what seperates the leagues/players/divisions. I hear what you are saying but Players are responsible for executing the coaches plan and when the player breaks down there in lies the problem. Amat has /had/does have the athletes to compete with the tesoros/alemany’s but mental breakdowns are not diminished by playing “a better team”. A mental breakdown is a mental breakdown whether it’s against Garfield or Servite. Do you really want to get into a strength of schedule conversation because at the end oif the year these “cupcake teams” that you are talking about turned out to do pretty well in their respective leagues (some not all). As for our “weak” Serra teams, I think they can argue their own merits being that they ARE IN the Serra. I think the onus is on the player to PLAY regardless of who’s in front of them. The AMAT players were prepared by the BEST COACHING STAFF AROUND (my opinion)and when they came up short it was lack of performance – not a lack of preparation. AGAIN- my opinion.

  • Joe Amat

    State of the Program,

    “Montview League of the Pac5”? Has there been a more ludicrous sentence ever written? Over the past 4 years the Serra League

    State Power Rankings
    Serra League
    2010 – 2nd (behind the Trinity)
    2009 – 1st
    2008 – 1st
    2007 – 2nd (tops in Pac5)
    So that means in ’09 they were League Champs in the best league in the STATE
    and last season played for the same title on the last game of the season in the 2nd best league in the State

    As for wins over the past three seasons we can start with Orange Lutheran(08), St Bonaventure (09), Dominguez (twice) Notre Dame (twice) Alemany (09), Mater Dei (09), St Francis (09-who someone below was clamoring to play), and Crespi (twice).

    AT – Crespi “didn’t have it together yet… but averaged 45+ppg over the previous four weeks and were coming off wins over Taft, 12-1 Clovis West (Central Section Champs – that means Crespi was their ONLY loss) and 12-2 Vista Murrietta! Ask Charter Oak, Rancho Cucamonga and Norco about them!?!

    Holy Moley Aram… think before you write something! You’re better than that.

    Even the “soft spots” in last years schedule looked tougher when they were scheduled or even better of looked at closer. Garfield turned out to be pretty good as the year went on (played Orange Lutheran even tougher the next week), Cathedral was coming off a 1 pt semifinal loss to Oaks Christian and played them tough, Venice has been a City power, and Muir scared the hell outta our San Gabriel Valley juggernaught, Charter Oak, in the playoffs by the skin of a failed last second 2 pt conversion. And no one can complain about Damien – a game that has to be played. As time goes on they may make the necessary progress to compete.\

    The only thing I’m disappointed in is the decline of St Paul to the extent they no longer want to be a part of what Sports Illustrated once called one of the best rivalries in the nation, But alas, even in the year we’d all like to forget (07) St Paul was one of our wins… and they won the Division THREE Championship!

  • valley guy

    WOW once again Bishop Amat non-league schedule stinks way to try and throw in Servite who only graduated 38 seniors last year including malik felton yes we know cody is back in my opinion this might be a game Bishop Amat will steal and Servite suffer probably one of their worst records in the past few years GOOD JOB COACH HAGERTY….as for the rest of the schedule lets get real Cathedral quit in the first quarter last year La Mirada entire team is gone Garfield well its just Garfield, Damien if im not mistaking their first touchdown of the game came against Amat 3rd string or J.v squad in the final quarter and lets not forget Venice who was in the game the whole first half but ran out of luck and gas in the third quarter alone.
    So Amat fans you have another season of boasting how good you guys are until you actually run into a descent team again unfortunately Alemany is a little above average this year and possibly beat you guys again……projection 8-2 first round eliminated though….

  • Joe Amat

    In regards to scheduling… I have this debate often. I am NOT in favor of playoff rematches in a any way shape or form. In any sport. If it is “close” in talent (and last year West Covina/Bonita was not) it can pose serious problems, as has been discussed here before.

    For that reason, I am not a big fan of anyone scheduling other Divisional teams in any Pre-League games. Everyone that wants to “schedule up” … guess what… impossible for Amat. They’re already in the highest division. So as a Pac5 team there is no where to go but down.

    I would much rather find a quality D2 or lower team to “prepare you” for league. The Serra league will prepare you for the playoffs. Amat’s always played the Harts, Canyons, or Valencias and it wouldn’t be bad to give Norco a call as mentioned below, or a Vista Murrietta (if they want to continue with a Pac5 team after Crespi’s through with them)

    Chino Hills is due for a turn as well. They are in that same cycle of their existence that Ayala was when Amat used to play them during the Bulldogs heyday. But we’ve seen how that evolution occurs – so maybe we better do that fast.

    And the other thing that hasn’t been mentioned about last years schedule was Amat was set to travel to St Bonaventure – before the re-leaguing fiasco that created a 10 team Marmonte League with room for only 1 non-league game (expect that to change soon to 2 divisions). Once that happens a Marmnonte matchup would be good too.

  • Lance Bishop

    Valley Girl – you should have waited a tic before posting that drivel. I hope you hit submit slightly after Joe Amat posted because that would be the only reason that you would post such an assinine post after Joe handed Aram his a$$.

  • About As Weak As They Get ……

    Joe Amat,

    “I am NOT in favor of playoff rematches in a any way shape or form”

    That is a comment I expect to hear from a JAA coach. The rematch is always an advantage to the better coached team.

    It’s called adjustments.

    That is either a weak a@@ excuse for not playing up or you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • valley guy

    Joe Amat: we hear your excuses but they’re not making any sense. the pac5 is strong yes we agree on that but you also have teams like westlake, oak christian, st. bonaventure and a number of city section teams like crenshaw and taft that are not in the pac5 and im not even mentioning the teams in the inland empire like corona cent, norco, vista murrieta, chapparral, and etc…or how about a st. francis team or a gardena serra or maybe even a rio hondo team like monrovia there is a number of teams i left out but those are a few that Bishop can schedule……..so please stop with the pac5 is so strong junk that anyone else we schedule would be beneath us…..in my own words….THERE IS NO EXCUSES

  • valley guy

    Lance Bishop; how about those teams are they beneath Bishop Amat and the excuses Joe Amat had for your precious first round exiting Bishop Amat Lancers….Lets have a little fun if this was Bishop Amat non-league schedule what would there record be
    week 0:Oak Christian
    week 1:Servite
    week 2:Norco
    week 3:taft
    week 4:cathedral
    week 5:chino hills

    Now that would be a much respected schedule for Bishop Amat oh and by the way non of those teams are in the pac5.

  • valley guy


  • jcaz

    Yup, the juices are starting to flow once again.

    Nice to see some of the old names starting to pop up once again on these bloggs

  • Hey Valley Guy

    Try reading all the posts

    Start from the beginning

    Maybe then you will understand that scheduling is not as simple as you may think.

    Get a clue

  • Lance Bishop

    Valleygirl – I don’t recall reading “anywhere” in Joe’s post, an excuse for exiting in the first round? Stay on point young lady….and by the way, that is a very nice “hypothetical” schedule. Now IF you were the A.D. at all of those schools and you had open dates to match all of ours then maybe we could get that done; BUT, since your not and apparently you still need schooling, please read the thread and get some knowledge on schedule making and the inherent problems therein.

  • Joe Amat

    valley dude,

    I’m glad you took some notes anbd realized I suggested Norco and Chino Hills in my post when the scheduling weeks could work out

    some realities about your “proposed” schedule:

    Venice and Taft are a essentially a push. In fact … they split a series a couple years back. No difference over the long haul. Both good City Section teams.

    Dominguez, who was swept by Amat the last two years, beat Crespi, Notre Dame, and St Francis – who you think would be such a great game for Amat – even though Lancers routinely have beat the Knights. No offense to Norco – but by comparative scores this might be as good a matchup. (Crespi did defeat Vista Murrieta who beeat up on Norco)

    St Bonnies (who Amat beat) was on Amats schedule til CIF made a change (sort of like playing Oaks. Alemany beat Oaks last year and Herrington is on the record as saying Amat was better than them in 09) And I’m sure you read the Marmaonte played NINE league games – allowing their teams to play only ONE pre-league contest. Definitely a hurdle.

    So you can switch teams around because you’ve got a hair across your butt about the schedule – but the reality is your suggestion isn’t much(if any) tougher

    BTW – Servite, the CIF Champion, only had ONE other Pac5 team on their schedule last year.

    …and as to your question… 5-2…6-1?

  • Aaron

    Servite’s schedule last season was by no means “easy.” Saying they only had one PAC-5 team is misleading…as you say you can’t go up.

    Oceanside-defending Division I state champ and perennial champion in the San Diego section.

    Kennedy-LA Division I team. (Garfield?)

    La Habra-Six division titles in ten years.

    Edison-Perennial PAC-5 power…even if the title is elusive.

    Chaparral-defending Inland Division champion.

  • valley guy

    LANCE BISHOP: AND JOE AMAT: Lance maybe you should read over my comments before you try to insult someone but i like it thats blogging no crying here. Joe Amat comparing wins and losses of other teams does’t actually give you the upper hand lets recap the crespi, vista game Stenhouse did awesome by dropping back and throwing up a few hail mary’s that lucien caught no complaining there good game crespi. Amat had absolutely no deep threat at all last year and we all know running against vista is a no no we seen what happen to norco. also you say harrington says Amat was better than Oak well according to your theory of game comparisons Alaemany needed every second in that game to beat Oak when it only took Alemany the ending of the first half to determine the game against Amat, by scoring 3 touchdowns in the second quarter alone. So judging by your comparison Oaks would had beat you guys by couple of touchdowns. And Lance i didnt say he had an excuse for exiting the first round i was simply saying there is no excuse for scheduling a weak schedule……P.S I dont get why im going back and forth talking about Bishop Amat when they only made it to the second round once in the last 5 years all the rest have been first round exits or not making playoffs at all…..SMH good luck Amat i get why you schedule so softly, to pile up wins so the record could look good.

  • Joe Amat


    My point exactly. Nowhere was it written that it was easy – you can play teams in lower divisions and still have a challenging schedule.

    …and I’ll remember to remind you, and others, that you called Edison a “Perennial PAC-5 power”…even if the elusive title has not been achieved outright since 1980.

  • Lance Bishop

    Valley girl- “I dont get why im going back and forth talking about Bishop Amat when they only made it to the second round once in the last 5 years all the rest have been first round exits or not making playoffs at all….”
    Good question? Probably because everybody loves to Hate Bishop Amat or maybe the thread regarding your team can only muster “two” or four hits/comments? You’re right dude, You don’t have to be here, but everybody has something to say when it comes to Bishop Amat, don’t they? If you’re not an Amat Fan then don’t worry about Amat or our “weak” schedule…That’s for “Us” Amat Fans to worry about.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Maybe the reason you are writting about AMAT has something to do with your P.S. on the Chino Hills thread ( go chargers )and you knock CH also for playing a team in Colorado you feel is not top notch but others do . How would you know anything on PAC -5 football or football in Colorado. Our schedule is what it is and the main reason was given to you earlier and if you don’t agree then take your fight somewhere else. And if they are so weak why doesn’t any other team except for WC have them on their schedule. Maybe because as weak as they are they are still too strong for the likes of some of the SGV teams other than West Covina . Probably in your eyes they only scheduled Loyola because they down also (HA HA HA ) . Many of the games scheduled because of the ST Bonnies situation will be gone after this year and I am sure you will see a different set of teams next season that live up to your expectations of AMAT. Your sly input that Servite is in a down year and that is why they wind up on our schedule is proof you have no idea what you are talking about. Afterall they are the defending PAC-5 champion . Up or down show me any other school with the exception of WC in the SGV that would even think of playing them .And truthfully after all that has been posted no you don’t get why we scheduled those teams and you do know why you are going back and forth on AMAT but just embarrassed to admit it . Do yourself a favor and look up our record against St Francis the last few times we have played tham . Are you sure you want us to schedule them again.

  • JustSaying

    This is good stuff, very entertaining. However, with regard to Servite, why do you guys say they only had one Pac5 team on their schedule last year? They play a minimum of5 Pac5 games every year despite whoever they have on thier non-league schedule. The Trinity is one of the Pac5 Division Leagues. Trinity schools live and breath Pac5 every day!

  • Dan

    I think one more big name on Amats preseason schedule would be just about right, no need to beat yourselves up playing behemoths week in and week out during the preseason when you already play in a league like the Serra, two big names and then a couple breather games would be smarter, no easy games in the Serra, each and every team in there can knock you off in any given week.
    Don’t get me wrong, I hate seeing good teams line up cupcakes in the preseason, but thats just from a fan perspective. Not saying Amat had a cupcake preseason schedule, it was lighter than most years for them but I don’t think their preseason schedule hurt Amat in the playoffs. If anything it gave them a little bit of confidence and momentum going into league, The Serra league itself is the reality check that will prepare a team for the playoffs. You could pretty much say that about any league in the Pac 5 except for the bottom 3/4 in the Moore league. After the likes of Crespi, Alemany, Loyola, & NotreDame, the Lancers were about as prepared as they could get for the post season. The hard fact is that the Pac 5 is a tough division to go deep in, the first round would be tough to get through for any team in the SGV, so getting to the second round for two years running is nothing to sneeze at.
    As for who would have won in an Amat vs Vist Murrieta game last year I take Amat by 2 scores, Vista M. may have stopped Norco’s run game but if I’m not mistaken Norco was pretty one dimensional and not up to par with the Norco teams of a couple years ago, don’t think they were in Amats caliber last year. Amat is a running team and may not have had much of a deep threat last season but I think their their short to medium passing game would have been good enough to loosen up the Vista “D” for the run game.

  • valley guy

    Amat 73: first get your facts right and two im from colorado but now resides in california so i do know a little something about colorado football and like i said before i dont klnow why im going back and forth with you Amat fans you guys havent won anything in a very very long time besides your non-league schedule and speaking of the sgv there are plenty of teams that would more than likely beat Amat……P.S DONT SPEAK DOWN ON THE CHARGERS EITHER WE’RE WEARING RINGS OVER HERE MORE THAN ONE TO…………..GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!

  • just askin’

    valley girl – do a little research and take a look. When was the last time an Amat team lost to a team in the SGV? Don’t think you want to open that can of wormshttp://www.insidesocal.com/mt/mt-comments.cgi/captcha/512/Vhh0C5eVfWaUNGFdIStQATjGu4AV4iOEfLP5oleR

  • SGV Forever!

    valley guy

    It’s great to get feedback from the newbies in the SGV. A lot of local schools have stepped up in the past few years and have represented our area to the best of their abilities and we are very proud of them. But there has been only one school in this little area of the planet of ours that has consistently competed and beat some of the best programs in California as well as the country. This school has been playing at this level for the past 30 years.

    Only one school from our area has ever made the front page of Maxpreps.com

    That school is Bishop Amat.

  • nce Bishop

    ValleyGirl – If ignorance is Bliss then you MUST BE one Happy Mo-Fo! Thanks for the ah, “contribution”. Go Chargers, right?

  • Joe Amat

    valley guy,

    I’m not sure when you were getting your Rocky Mountain High on, but since you think “plenty of teams that would more than likely beat Amat” – here are the Amat results vs the local schools lately (I’m sure you’ll like the first couple years listed – maybe you were sucking wind in that high altitude during that time)

    09/17/04 Glendora (Glendora, CA) 21 – 13 Win
    09/24/04 @ Charter Oak (Covina, CA) 28 – 0 Win
    10/01/04 Damien (La Verne, CA) 41 – 27 Win

    09/1605 Glendora (Glendora, CA) 31 – 6 Win
    09/23/05 Charter Oak (Covina, CA) 34 – 7 Win
    09/30/05 @ Damien (La Verne, CA) 31 – 3 Win

    09/01/06 @ St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs, CA) 26 – 23 Win
    09/22/06 Rancho Cucamonga (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) 27 – 17 Win
    10/13/06 St. Francis (La Canada, CA) 29 – 28 Win

    09/21/07 @ Rancho Cucamonga (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) 23 – 7 Win
    10/12/07 St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs, CA) 31 – 30 Win

    09/19/08 West Covina (West Covina, CA) 42 – 6 Win
    09/26/08 Damien (La Verne, CA) 47 – 24 Win
    10/10/08 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) 17 – 6 Win
    10/17/08 @ St. Francis (La Canada, CA) 28 – 13 Win

    09/18/09 @ West Covina (West Covina, CA) 21 – 7 Win
    09/25/09 @ Damien (La Verne, CA) 29 – 20 Win
    10/10/09 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) 41 – 13 Win
    10/16 @ St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs, CA) 38 – 6 Win

    09/17/10 Muir (Pasadena, CA) 34 – 14 Win
    09/24/10 Damien (La Verne, CA) 42 – 7 Win

    Many of those years would be during what the rest of the valley was calling “the down years” for Amat. Kind of on the upswing lately – not a good sign for the rest of the fish bowl. As for all time records vs the SGV take a look at this:

    ALHAMBRA 2-0
    ARCADIA 3-2
    AYALA 2-2
    BLAIR 1-1
    BONITA 2-0
    BOSCO-TECH 3-0
    CANTWELL 2-1
    DAMIEN 22-4-1
    EDGEWOOD 7-1-1
    EL MONTE 1-0
    EL RANCHO 2-0
    GLENDORA 3-0
    LA PUENTE 5-1
    LOS ALTOS 3-0
    MISSION 7-1
    MONROVIA 2-1
    MUIR 10-1
    PASADENA 6-3
    PIONEER 2-0
    ROSEMEAD 1-0
    ROWLAND 2-0
    ST. PAUL 26-14-2
    WILSON (HH) 1-0-1

    So I’m not really sure what “plenty of teams” you could be talking about and what indicates that could happen based on anything factual.

    Finally, an interesting fact is that out of ALL teams in CIF that Amat has played more than 3 times – only Servite has a winning record vs the Lancers.. at 16-15 (so with some good fortune the Lancers could even that score in the fall)

  • LP Dad

    Amat is no better a program than workman h.s. The only difference is that amat takes LP n Workmans tallentzz

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Looks like I struck a nerve with you. First off show me where I spoke down on CO as I do have respect for what they have accomplished in the past and what Coach Lou does with his kids. If you have insecure feelings because I wrote that West Covina would be the lone exception on scheduling Servite (if that is the speaking down you mention ) then show me some proof where CO would take on a team of that caliber other than AMAT and we know what happened there. No slight just fact. We have won plenty but not a PAC-5 title in quite some time. Like I said if you knew anything about PAC-5 football that is no great crime because you just need to look how long it took Servite to get another title before these past 2 years. But, it is ok for you to speak down on AMAT and expect no replies. Just how long have you been in California because if you are yelling about wearing rings ( are you related to Bulldog1 ) then you have at least been here 3-4 years so just how in touch are you with Colorado high school football ?

  • Norco

    It took Servite three years from the inception of the Trinity League……not very long

  • AMAT 73

    Not the Trinity but to win the championship in the PAC-5 .It was 1983 to be exact when we were known as Division 1, I believe. But what league did they come from before that ? On a different note how does this coming season look for Norco. You think a deep run in the playoffs or possibly a championship will come to pass. Man you can tell football is near. The crowd is getting restles. Any how good luck to you this season and looking foward to input from the IE.

  • Pac-5 Madness


    Regardless of when the Trinity was created, Servite has always competeted at the D-1 level. When the Trinity was created is completely irrelevant. Before Orange Lutheran and Santa Margarita, Servite was in a league w/ Bishop Amat (who was a lot more dominating back then) as well as Loyola (who was also more dominating). They have ALWAYS been in a league w/ Mater Dei as well as St. John Bosco and they have always had to try to get past juggernaughts like Edison or Long Beach Poly in the playoffs.

    The Pac-5 is annually ranked in the top 5 toughest leagues in the U.S. and it is an entirely different beast. Recently, the Pac-5 has actually been made stronger with the addition of Crespi, Alemany, and SO Notre Dame. As such, the quality of each program cannot be measured according to the number of Pac-5 championships a school has won.

    No one in their right mind would doubt the greatness or the elite status of Servite Football….Yet it took Servite over 25 years to win a D-1 (Pac-5)championship. This speaks volumes about the division when you have the right set of ears on… =)

  • GameDayatUSC

    Hey Joe,

    Are you sure were not under .500 all time vs Mater Dei? Maybe we are one or two over, but I remember them getting us pretty good especially in the late 80’s.

    Going to miss that BIG game vs Servite, but my nephew straps em up for Roosevelt form the BIGV III that same night vs Charter Oak, and family comes first. The BIG VIII comes to the SGV~

    Hey Norco,

    Looking forward to the game Sept. 30 Norco @ Roosevelt. Should be a good one. How are the Cougars looking in year two of their passing “O”? Maybe we can meet before the game.

    Good luck~

  • Joe Amat


    AMAT – 19 MATER DEI -15

  • Joe Amat


    upon further review: Amat was 9-1 vs Mater Dei in the ’80s

  • Norco


    I’m cautiously optimistic this year about the team, we return 14 starters from a 9-3 team that played several freshmen and sophomores last year. Offensively we were good last year……but predictable, but Norco will be even better this year. Many more weapons on offense with WR Marcus Jones &Cameren Hemmmngs both kids are a threat every time to take it to the house. So putting points on the board will not be issue, QB Gerahrt who has grown to 6`1 215lbs and IMO is ready for a break out year. Imo the defense holds the key to a great season. Norco D-LINE looks very good we return three starters, the strong safety and free safety are very good, and of course we have another All American LB in Scott Starr 6`4 230lbs who is ranked by rivals as the #5 WLB prospect in the Nation, also our MLB Prescott 6`1 225lbs has impressed me, as our SLB 6`0 215lbs Toussaunt …The upside is the cornerbacks are looking better and better, and with the addition of ex Chaparral HC Tommy Leach coaching the Db`s I think we just might be alright… We also hired on ex Detroit Lions & Los Angles Rams David Hill to coach the WR…

  • Norco

    Pac-5 Madness…

    Sorry please get your facts straight. Servite was dropped/moved from the Sunset (D1) league to Golden West League (D6) for 8 or 9 years.The league was comprised of Tustin, Saddleback, Santa Ana, Ocean View, and Westminster which was considered D5 and that Division at the time consited of Century, Garden Grove, Sea View, GW, and Orange league. .

    so with that being said…

    Servite has always competeted at the D-1 level. WRONG

    They have ALWAYS been in a league w/ Mater Dei as well as St. John Bosco and they have always had to try to get past juggernaughts like Edison or Long Beach Poly in the playoffs. WRONG

  • Norco

    Pac-5 Madness…

    Correction from my previous post….GW league was D5 and Servite was in the GW from 94-98 (football seasons)and if I remember right, the Servite administration at the time determined that Servite could not compete adequately in the Sunset league and requested to be moved to a lower division when re-leaguing took effect.

  • Cantwell por vida

    Not sure what Haggerty could be thinking taking on Servite in week two. His boys are going to get worked over and humiliated.

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