2011 Schedules: Chino Hills Huskies …

Week 1 — Bear Creek (Lakewood, Colorado)
Week 2 — Santiago
Week 3 — at Tesoro
Week 4 — Pomona
Week 5 — Redlands East Valley
Week 6 — at Ayala
Week 7 — Claremont
Week 8 — at Damien
Week 9 — at South Hills
Week 10 — Charter Oak

Aram’s take:
Now that’s a schedule! Click on Bear Creek above for more info about them. I must say, the Huskies picked a good year to play four of their five nonleague games at home. With so much to replace, why play on the road (not that it’s that tough in HS)? Anyway, we all know the Huskies always have horses. This year’s studs will be inexperienced, but with that nonleague schedule, you get the feeling they’ll grow up quick and by the time league rolls around CH will be ready to defend its title. Love that trifecta at the end of Damien, South Hills and CO in consecutive weeks. Furthermore, love the Charter Oak game in Week 10. That one should have league title or playoff implications on the line. I think 7-3ish sounds about right for an early record prediction for this team of mystery.

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  • Aaron

    Before everyone starts drooling, I’m attempting to figure out what Bubb is doing with Pomona still on the schedule as it is more than a give me.

    That’s the only real weak spot in the schedule.

    Bear Creek was ranked 25th in Colorado, and made it to the second round of the 5A playoffs.

    Santiago, very big program with lots of booster support, and they are getting better. Last year was a rebuilding year, 4-6 overall. Started a Sophomore at QB that threw for 2000 yards.

    Tesoro, very young on defense last season and they went to the second round of PAC-5.

    Pomona…as I said I don’t get it, for a local game Diamond Ranch would make more sense. However, a lot of us would like to see Chino Hills and Bishop Amat play as they are the two big programs covered on the East side of the Valley.

    REV-Always tough, but the CBL wasn’t strong last year as all three playoff entrants got bounced in the first round of the Inland Division playoffs. They did not have a dominant back or QB like they had in 09 when AJ Fernandez ran for 1700 yard and when Tyler Shreve passed for 1900 and ran for 400 yds. So we’ll see.

    Maybe the second toughest schedule in the SGVN?

  • Sierra League Fan

    Chino Hills did play diamond Ranch up until a couple of years ago. Diamond Ranch did not want to continue the series and there were some major conflicts in scheduling with DR’s Female AD. Chino Hills tried to get Amat on their schedule in ’07 but Amat declined. I heard that Amat and Chino hills were trying to get a game scheduled this year but there were conflicts and their openings did not match. I agree Amat and Chino hills would be a great game that a lot of people would like to see.
    Tesoro will be very tough this year as they were a young team and beat Bishop Amat in the first round of the playoffs – chino hills squeeked out a 1 point victory.

    Pomona is a “breather” game. Each team needs one of these early on to get healthy and help evaluate talent. Coach Rice wanted to play the Huskies to continue the series he started with them when he was at Colony.

    Santiago will be much improved and have a stud QB returning. Chino hills will look for revenge in this game as they were “snakebit” by the Sharks last season while dealing with many injuries.

    REV is always tough and Bear Creek is a solid team from Colorado who returns most of their starters.

  • valley guy

    is it me or did anybody else see that bear creek went 7-4 last season yes i know they went to the second round of the playoffs last season but being in the top 25 with a 7-4 record doesnt speak to highly on colorado football…….just my opinion i know they have a lot of returners and yes they should be tough but i dont think bringing up their last season is a legitimate point lets just throw in the fact that they have a lot of veterans retuning….P.S GO CHARGERRRRSSSSSS

  • Norco

    Santiago is horrible, they have been rebuilding the last three years….at best they will finish behind CC, Norco, Roosevelt, Corona, North…no playoffs once again for Santiago this year…

  • Norco

    Cut with the Santiago crap…they are at best the #4 in the BIGVIII and will battle for that spot with Corona…Santiago will not make the playoffs AGAIN this year…hell they have been “rebuilding” for the last few years….

  • What?


    I read your comments and can come to only this conclusion: Either you post stupid comments just to solicit a response – or you are just plan stupid. Please enlighten us.

  • Get Real

    Sierra League Fan

    Are you seriously asking us to believe that Bishop Amat (who scheduled Los Osos, Orange Lutheran, Hart, Rancho Cucamonga, and Carson in 2007) declined to schedule Chino Hills?


  • Sierra League Fan

    Get real,
    Chino Hills tried to play Amat game one that season but they chose Los Osos instead, even though Chino Hills inquired about the game 2 months before Los Osos did. I don’t think Amat wanted to play Chino Hills because they had 5 D.1 kids returning ( Corey Harkey, Mike Harris, Wade O’neill, Tracy Pugh, etc). That should have been a kick a$$ team but they flopped in Terry Roche’s last season as head coach.

  • SGV Fan

    Sierra League Fan – I’m sure you guys have a pretty good little team out there in cow country but, you kinda sound A LOT like charter oak, damien, west covina et al before they actually stepped up to the plate and had their lunch eaten by Amat. Now I’m sure your local rag and the boys down at the feed & grain store spin a good yarn about Amat not wanting to play you and Amat avoiding a game with you BUT come on Goober, you gotta be out of Mayberry for more than a two years before you can be considered a city slicker. Keep working at it and maybe some day soon you will warrant a game with Amat.

  • If I’m not mistaken, Amat used to pull a lot of talent from the Chino Hills/Diamond Bar area back when Amat was really on top of its game.

    I’ve always suspected they don’t want to play out that way because it may hurt image if they lost the game. There has to be some reason why Amat doesn’t schedule east anymore — Upland, Rancho, Chino Hills?

    Last year would have been a very interesting game. Maybe Joe Amat or somebody else from Lancer Nation can “school me” on why this doesn’t happen.

  • Mike Smith

    Tesoro is going to be a beast this season…look for that one to be very one-sided.

  • Sierra League Fan

    SGV FAN,
    Hmmmm let’s take a look at last year’s common opponent shall we?

    Chino Hills – 14
    Tesoro – 13

    Amat – 21
    Tesoro – 31

    Chino Hills CIF Semi finals……Amat 1 and done!

    I tried to keep my mouth shut , but you brought it on yourself.
    Amat spent 9 weeks as the # 1 ranked team in the San Gabriel Valley and you couldn’t even win a playoff game….. Really?
    I don’t get all of the Amat Fans being so cocky. Really, what have they done in the last 10 years to brag about? At least those of us from other schools are supportive of our schools but not arrogant. Warrant a game with Amat? you act like they are some football superpower. Amat has won “2” playoff games in the last 7 YEARS!!!!!! WOW!
    Also, before you start bagging on the city of Chino Hills….do some research. The dairies/feed & grain store you are speaking of are in the city of “CHINO” . So before you go spouting off about the fine city of Chino Hills…take a look at Amat’s home….can you say La Puente??? Want to compare socio economic & demographic data brainiac?? or are those 2 terms to hard to comprehend?

  • Lance Bishop

    Gotta love the implied conspiracy theory Aram. Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t you pick up the phone and call coach Hagerty yourself and ask him. Oh, wait, that wouldn’t be as good for Blog Hits.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Mike Smith,
    I agree with you. …Tesoro is going to be the real deal this year. They were very good last year and they were young. They had something like 7-8 sophomores starting. With Chino hills rebuilding this year, I would say they’ve got it tough in that game.

  • AMAT 73

    If you really knew anything about the AMAT FAMILY you would basically know the reasons behind not playing Upland. Maybe because you continue with this nation bull crap , that just might have something to do with it . I suggest as Lance Bishop does , in your visit to AMAT please ask Coach Hags on why no games out east instead of all this inuendo flying on the blog. I know it brings the hits but the answer does lie in little old La Puente and is as simple as asking.

  • SGV Fan

    sierra league fan – STHU! You know why we are cocky farmboy? Because we play in the Serra League/Pac-5 Division 1….That’s why. Your league is a joke and your run to the semi’s in the playoffs is a joke! I wish you could play our regular season schedule and then face the opponents we do in ROUND ONE! Your big claim to fame is beating Tesoro by 1 pt. Shut up! Play Crespi, Loyola, S.O. Notre Dame, Alemany AND Bishop Amat before playing Tesoro and come out with a record good enough to qualify for the playoff’s and then, and only then, will you have some credability tractor pilot!


    Dear SGV Fun.. all i have to say is where have you guys been the past 8 years?? yeah thought so! and from what is sounds like , you are making excuses that your schedule is too hard maybe you should call Bassett and ask to be put on their schedule so you can be the powerhouse team your supposed to be. If you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen and stop crying and try to win a playoff game for once!! Give your fans something to actually brag about intstead of your high homicide ,drug and violence ratings in your HOOD!

  • X SGV fan

    to SGV Fun.. RULE OF THUMB= W=WIN L= LOSS at the end of the season if you take the Ws and you take the Ls and you use this special math formula you call it a STAT , now Stat = is a common word used to define your record for the year. That usually determins if your a better team that the other that you are talking nonsense of. If you need help with this math problem give me a call and ill see if theres some public assistance plan you can apply for.

  • Norco

    Man I want to get in on this…lol

  • SGV Fan

    Sierra fan and X – You boys are too easy. FOCUS GUYS…You can throw up demographics and clever (not!) STAT analogies and TRY to pump yourself up over winning in a weak “sierra league season” but re-read the previous posts because despite all your deflections, smoke screens and “Varrio” (there I said it so you don’t have to try and look witty in your next post) references, the truth remains the same….YOU DO NOT COMPETE AT THE LEVEL THAT AMAT DOES! No matter how hard you try to it sound like you do, YOU DO NOT! Plain and Simple.

  • SGV Fan

    Norco – I’m just rattling some cages, way too easy. I know you got some good input but this is way beneath your thread appearance level. šŸ™‚ Football season is almost here, huh? BTW CC is doing a lot of talking on the blog ways. What do you think about them this year? Is the new QB gonna be able to step in and not miss a beat?

  • Joe Amat


    You know the deal regarding scheduling. open weeks, balancing # of home & away for both teams, etc. You also can’t play everyone every year.

    There are a whole lotta people that everyone wants to be on the schedule that have been suggested for years. Amat has played Home & Home with locals like Charter Oak, Damien, Glendora, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Ayala, Rancho Cucamonga (played them-again AT…fact checking is key!), Los Osos, Muir, and St Francis. That’s 20+ local games in the past 10 years, still leaving room for all those “top level teams” everyone wants the Lancers to play like Orange Lutheran, Hart, Valencia, Canyon, Carson, St Bonaventure, etc, etc

    That said, I don’t think anyone is choosing to duck anyone. Now if you’re playing along at home you already read my comments on the Amat schedule thread that addresses it might be time to play a Chino Hills anyway

    Amat did and does do Ok in Chino Hills & Diamond Bar. The opening of new schools like Diamond Ranch and Chino Hills obviously impacts that a bit – as we saw when Ayala opened…and before that Diamond Bar… and Royal Oak and South Hills before that. Then it runs it’s cycle as the novelty wears off. We’ll see history repeat itself… it always has.

    Since you’re talking about playing teams to make an impact in the area. I would think you would have noticed and commented in the Muir game in that regards a bit more. The West SGV is an important spot – if for no other reason than to impact the recruiting pipleline that Charter Oak has developed and now Alemany as well. Oops – didn’t mean to say “recruiting” … errr… well – what exactly is Charter oak calling it these days?

    As private schools learn more in these economic times we’re finding that private high schools will typically get a greater % of students that attended their private elementary feeder schools (whose parents are already used to and are committed to paying tuition) than “converting” public school families into a tuition paying part of the student body. For this reason the Damien and Cathedral games are crucial and strategic (as are La Salle and St Paul in other sports)

  • off topic

    question for aram??

    1. how is this new regional game going to work out in the d1/open division? (lets face it, only the pac5, nothern, & inland sections will ever be considered for the open division)
    2. will there be a separate open division regional game? and a separate d1 game?
    3. will the winner of the open division regional game play in the state open championship with the looser playing in the d1 state championship game?
    4. will teams have to declare for either the open division or d1 prior to the start of the season? or prior to the start of the playoffs? or at anytime?
    5. is the looser of a regional game automatically out of state championship contention (ala, non cif section champions)
    can we get all of the details regarding this new regional game?

  • Joe Amat,

    I’m not saying Amat is ducking anyone. I’m just saying it would be great for both Amat and whichever Inland Division team it decided to play to have a big game. Chino Hills seems obvious. Amat would be favored to beat them in most years, but the Huskies are good enough to throw them a scare.

    I remember the year Amat played Damien, Charter Oak and Glendora in the same season and it wasn’t pretty for any of those schools. That Amat was very, very good. Better than their record and the best team of the mid-2000s by far. Anyway, it just always seems Amat plays those types of teams in the worst possible years for the other team. Yes, Charter Oak was ranked No. 1 in the Valley when they played that season and had Will Harris, but that was back when the Chargers had no QB whatsoever. Run was stuffed, Charter Oak tried to pass and the rest was history. In that game and some others, DiFiori took his foot off the pedal when he really could’ve done some rubbing it in.

    Anyway, I don’t understand the logic the whole East L.A. plan. I know the Cathedral and Garfield areas are heavily Hispanic/Catholic, but I just cant’ see too many kids willing to make the trek to LP. Although I’ve seen in other sports that Amat has some Monterey Park kids. As for Pasadena, forget it. None of that talent is going to Amat. It’s either going to CO or St. Francis or all the way to Alemany. What I don’t get is why Amat doesn’t get its fair pull from the Duarte Pop-Warner dynasty. Those kids all go to Monrovia or CO. If the Myricks live in Duarte and Amat was good enough for them, then why not anybody else.

    I truly believe that Amat needs to start pulling more kids from the aforementioned Chino Hills/Diamond Bar area. They get some, but not enough.

    However, my whole reason for wanting Amat to play teams from the Inland Division is just what an outstanding event it would be. Imagine if Corona Centennial played Amat in September. Awesome!