Need your 2011 schedules …

If you want your team’s 2011 schedule posted and analyzed by the world and for all the world to see, then please email me at

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  • SaintsR4real
  • SaintsR4real
  • loveshsfootball

    Aram- I live in Whittier-could you please post the CALHI and LA SERNA schedules?? and how about St. Paul?

  • just sayin’

    loveshsfootball – If you want your team’s 2011 schedule posted and analyzed by the world and for all the world to see, then please email

  • Got St. Paul. Will post soon.

  • Bill Zernickow

    Looks like the ‘cats chances of repeating have been cut short by the stabbing of talented running back Deshaun Ramirez friday night in Monrovia.

  • Observantcat

    It wasn’t life threatning and he will cover very soon. He will be fine. If he were the only player to help the Cats make a repeat run for the crown than we would be in serious trouble. NOT!

  • Bill Zernickow

    Week 0 Bonita
    Week 1 Azusa
    Week 2 San Gabriel
    Week 3 Monrovia
    Week 4 Bye
    Week 5 Nogales
    Week 6 Wilson
    Week 7 Covina
    Week 8 Baldwin Park
    Week 9 Northview
    Week 10 Pomona
    Week 11 CIF
    Week 12 CIF
    Week 13 CIF Semifinals
    Week 14 CIF Finals

  • just sayin’

    Observantcat – a bigger issue is dealing with violence in and around the Monrovia program again. When does the exodus from the Wildcats start again. Charter Oak and Bishop Amat here they come!

  • Observantcat

    Just sayin, this is an isolated incident that had absolutly nothing to do with De’Shawn other than him being a victim of racial gang issues and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been anyone standing where he was at that time and place. The Monrovia program did suffer 3 years ago with the negetive impact coming from racial violence and tensions between Black and Hispanic gangs. But the majority of Monrovia residents know that issue has been somwhat squached. This was purely a random act of violence from a West Covina youth who obviously felt he had something to prove and went on a stabbing spree. Although this is always highlighted in the Monrovia area it is and has been happening all over the SGV and hopefully it will stop before it becomes a more main stream issue. Monrovia is in full support of its students and community and will not let this become another 2008 situation. The football team is in gear to go for another championship season and with the team that has shown up this spring that could very likely happen. The biggest surprise is all of the kids who did not transfer and are going to be arguably even better in the next few years if all goes well. So as far as running to the eastside, dont think so. Thats were most of the shooters are coming from.

  • SaintsR4real


    C’mon man, you know Coach Z didn’t post the below statements!! Whywould you allow these to go through??
    Are you desperate for some DRAMA!!??

    I posted 3 links twice to football schedules, why didn’t those go through??

  • getrdone

    cover rowlands schedule