Spring practice begins! Aram visits Monrovia …

Monrovia (12-2 in 2010)
Numbers: About 110
Aram’s impression: Well, all I have to say is good luck to the rest of the Rio Hondo League. But do you really care about that? Probably not and the ‘Cats, if we’re being honest, probably don’t either. After winning the Mid-Valley Division championship and being in the title game the past two years, we all know how M-Town is now judging success. Aram has now seen West Covina, Charter Oak and Monrovia. In terms of athletes, I would rank them exactly in that order, with not much separating CO and M-Town. Shocked? Don’t be. I’m gonna have to go see Covina soon because I have a hard time believing there’s another Mid-Valley Division team as talented as Monrovia. There were recruiters out on Monday from Miami and Utah, presumably to fawn over defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy. But he was busy prepping for this weekend’s CIF track finals where he’ll compete in the shot put. Same for running back Michael Harris, who is a sprinter on the school’s track team. The guy who really stood out was junior-to-be George Frazier, who I have video of (sorry about the sound). Frazier is the front runner to replace Nick Bueno at QB (my words, not head coach Ryan Maddox’s) and he also plays linebacker. This kid has a D-1 frame already and he’s still got two years of eligibility. Listen, spring practice, like passing tourneys, is pretty much a athlete-measuring contest. Based on what I saw, Monrovia may be overall more talented than last season. And the couple of coaches I put that notion by did not disagree.
Under the radar: WR/DB Luke Williams. The kid is 6-2, 180 and I didn’t catch just how fast he is because they weren’t running those kinds of drills. But if he is as fast as his frame suggests (and can catch) you’ve got what may be one of the top WRs in the area.

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  • Goldenarm

    It will be interesting to see how Maddox utilizes Frazier. My feeling is Frazier will eventually be 100% signalcaller, despite being a fine linebacker.

    As far as the RHL, Monrovia has a 3 year period of sheer dominance over the league and is widening the gap in competitiveness each year. In 2008, Temple City beat up Monrovia, but still lost the game 13-7,on two 80 yard Marquise Williams runs. San Marino got close in 2009(M-town’s most horrific game)but that is basically it. Sadly for the RHL, the Cats have upped their program under Maddox, while the balance of teams have either flat-lined or lost the proud leadership that once kept them competitive and dwindled into mediocrity or worse.
    For decades TC countered the Monrovia talent pool with discplined, hard nosed football under coaches like Mooney and Backus, continuing one of the West SG Valley’s most anticipated rivalry games. Clearly, Monrovia has stepped out and away from the rest of the RHL, and that trend is not likely to reverse any time soon.