2011 Schedules: St. Paul Swordsmen …

Week 0: La Mirada
Week 1: BYE
Week 2: at Norwalk
Week 3: at Garfield
Week 4: Ayala
Week 5: at Schurr
Week 6: at Chaminade
Week 7: Cathedral
Week 8: Serra
Week 9: St. Francis
Week 10: at Harvard-Westlake

Aram’s take:
Last August, we were talking about the demise of St. Paul. This August, we’ll be talking about how if this, that, those and these go right, this team may last a round or two in the playoffs. No, I’m not enamored with the nonleague schedule. It’s the same one as last year and it’s somewhat weak, but it will probably get the job done in terms of getting the Swordsmen full of confidence before starting Mission League play. Last year, St. Paul went 2-3 in league and wasn’t close in losses to Serra and St. Francis. I expect that gap to narrow this year and the Swordsmen did take two out of three in games against Chaminade, Cathedral and Harvard-Westlake. With eight starters back on each side of the ball, I think it’s reasonable to expect improvement from last year’s 6-4 finish. As of now, I will call for St. Paul to sweep its nonleague and win three games in league for an 8-2 finish. But that could change to 9-1 or 7-3 with bounces of the ball.

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  • loveshsfootball

    SP fooptball schedule is weak- they begged out of a game last year against Amat- they should be playing Amat every year- they will go 2-3 in league again and miss the playoffs- by the way I live in Whittier-could you please do a story on the CALHI schedule- and also maybe LA SERNA?

  • Area FB fan


    I guess you know what a weak schedule looks like especially if you are a Cal Hi or La Serna fan.

    Amat will be back on SP’s schedule next year.

  • valley guy

    Man that schedule is almost weaker then Amat’s. Its a shame how these private/so called power houses try to pick on the little schools. Im pulling for the under dogs this year but still will represent them CHARGERS……………

  • Fan

    valleyguy, you better be talking about the san diego chargers because the charter oak chargers are a JA team this year!!!

  • Go figure

    Re: St. Paul’s weak schedule

    This is the same schedule as last year. Guess everyone has forgotten that the Swordsmen were picked to go 0-10 against that schedule.

    And St. Paul picking on “little” schools? C’mon now! St. Paul has less than 600 students and the schools they play average over 3000 students? And don’t give me that recruiting/transfers excuse. The kids on this years team are homegrown.

  • Joe Amat

    valley guy,

    When you had your chance you proved to be one of “the little guys”

    I wish St Paul and us would both drop Garfield and revive what should be a yearly rivalry.

    Unfortunately the Slime don’t feel they’re up to it. Sad to see a “legend” like Ancich go out with his tail between his legs

  • get it right

    @Go Figure
    Only Garfield and Schurr have enrollments of 3000+ kids.
    Ayala = 2400, La Mirada = 2200 and Norwalk = 1700. Yes you have 600 kids, but they are all boys and most are there to participate in sports. If you had girls at your school you would have 1200 kids enrolled which is pretty much the same as Amat. If you took most of those public schools and considered only the numbers of boys you would have roughly 1100 or 1200 boys, with less then half of them there for sports. As far as sports go, I would certainly give the advantage to a school that has 600 boys that are very focused on football rather then a school with 1200 boys most of which have absolutely no interest in sports and are only there at school because the law demands that they attend.

  • JustSayin

    Valley Guy, when referring to St. Paul you must emphasize the “so called powerhouses” part because it has been years since St. Paul was considered a power house.

    And Go figure, of course the kids on this year’s St. Paul team are homegrown, the school has no juice to attract anyone else except for kids whose parents went to the school 20 – 25 years ago and feel an obligation to send their kids to the school now. If not for the St. Bruno kids on this years team, along with a few others from Pico, theyd stand no chance. That said, good luck St. Paul.

  • Joe Amat

    get it right,

    I love it when people try to correct someone to “get it right” … and then do’nt “get it right” either.

    St Paul is, and always has been, co-educational with boys AND girls! Pretty much shoots THAT whole post down the tubes – doesn’t it?!?

    Now we’ve really come full circle when I’m sticking up for the Slime in any way, shape, or form!

  • Steve

    @get it right

    St Paul isn’t just a boy’s school. It has 600 boys & girls combined. Come on man…….get it right!!!

  • JustSayin

    get it right, you need a fact checker bud. I hate to blow your entire thread out of the water because it appears you put a lot of time into it researchin student body numbers at a few schools, but you are the one who needs to “get it right.” St. Paul has been a co-ed school since it opened in the 1950’s.

  • Steve


    Gotta love the haters that talk crap, then ask for a schedule of a team that went 4-6, MADE THE PLAYOFFS, and was DESTROYED in the first round. Remind me the last time Cal-Hi or La Serna won anything in football.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    I see you’re back for more.For someone who has no idea why they go back and forth with AMAT fans you sure do continue the fight.Do you want to know why , 62-7 in the previous 2 games between our teams that’s why. Now show me where your team has played a tough pre-league schedule, ever, and don’t count the years you faced us . Didn’t want to go there because contrary to your beliefs I do respect CO and the titles they won just not some of their fans and due to your idiotic posting you left me no choice.If indeed you are such a big CO fan at least go on the CO thread and give it more than the 2 hits since May 10th it has gotten so far. Also still waiting for a reply as to where I spoke down on CO and if you are related to bulldog1 (you know your ring comment).

  • valley guy

    The Bitter Joe Amat: ok you posted up some very old games when Amat beat my CHARGERS i applaud that you did some real deep digging to pull that out congrats now would you please post up our two championships and post Bishop Amat’s championships…..oh wait you can’t maybe Amat is playing in a league where they dont belong….And to the so called FAN who claims we’re going to be JA truthfully st. paul couldn’t last four quarters against this JA team that most likely will win atleast 8 games this year more than st. paul has won in the last 3 years get real st. paul wouldn’t last in our league.

  • valley guy

    Amat 73: what are you talking about every year we schedule at least two very tough teams on our non-league schedule with Rancho, Etiwanda and Upland all very good teams not to mention one year we had both rancho and etiwanda on the schedule so your home work….GET REAL Amat have yet to place a good team on there non-league schedule besides the declining Servite team this year. And i dont recall saying you spoke down on CO besides if you did we have rings to show what we accomplished.

  • Joe Amat

    valley guy,

    I didn’t have to do much digging… I saw those butt-whuppins up close and personal. Probably not even as close as the score indicated. And to be truthful, since you used Rancgo Cucamonga as your feeble attempt at “playing up”… after Amat put your Chargers to sleep we turned around and swept Rancho the next two years… right before you went winless vs them the during the next two.

    And the Chargers wouldn’t even THINK to call Orange Lutheran, St Bonaventure, Dominguez, Alemany, St Francis, or yes – even St Paul, who would ALL hand you your lunch even in your best years. CO’s regular season schedule was laughable, at best, during the two-championship years. I’m certain you don’t want that one broken down for you. When you put a 5 win/6 loss Etiwanda team as evidence of tough scheduling we know your stretching.

    Upland is good (coached by a Lancer) but even they got beat up last year by Loyola, the last place team in our league the past couple years. It even took a missed 2pt conversion (gutsy call & much respect) to beat Muir in the playoffs – who Amat handled easily the following preseason. Listen, all you have to do is read Big Lou’s quotes in the paper during the re-leaguing process and when he found out his 1st round draw to know how y’all feel about competition…. just as soon avoid it.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    How soon we forget. Go back on the AMAT schedule thread and lo and behold you posted on May 12th @ 9:21 PM in one of your famous P.S’ in capital letters ( yelling ) about speaking down and you used that ring point also, hence the question of your relation to bullfrog1 .Unless you were part of those championship teams I don’t think you wear a CIF ring from those years do you?? My regards to scheduling top teams are in the neighborhood of a MD , Loyola , St John Bosco , O Lu something along those lines . If you don’t mind give me your take on why you feel Servite is in a decline other than because we scheduled them . Also I think that St Slime would give you a heck of a game and just might beat you. We defintely belong in the Serra ( our league) and defintely belong in the PAC-5 ( our division ) but like I said what would you know about the PAC-5 or anything outside the confines of the fishbowl. Oh, I forgot you do know about football in Colorado.

  • Joe Amat,

    That was strong. Very strong.

    I disagree with the overall premise, but still a strong take.

  • Area FB fan

    @Joe Amat-now I have it in writing you saying 2 positive things about my Swordsmen. You know, you ain’t so bad for a Dog. LOL!

    Rumors I’m hearing are that SP-Amat starts back up in 2012. Based on that most non league games are 2 year contracts and this is the second year of all of SP’s non league games don’t be surprised to see Amat or even La Habra on the schedule in 2012.

  • Swordsmens 83

    Well Said AMAT 73,

    With all do respect, valley girl…Just by reading your comments, tells me u have no clue or respect of high school football history! I would love to strap my helmet on and give u a taste of BIG 5 football. Amat 73, we don’t need your sympathy,” we’re big boys”.
    Soon enough, we’ll meet again, and let the games begin.

    By the way… Amat owns Serra’s league.

  • valley guy

    LOL i love getting you die hard (like your team does every year) Amat fans blood pressure up, look im not going to respond to Amat 73 or Joe Amat comments anymore on this blog but believe me on the next one ill be back……and to the so called blogger that wanna put on a helmet for the first time in his or her life you talk a good one over the blog you probably was a push over in high school let your so called glory days continue to rest just like your swordsmen team your finish just like they are…….

  • Joe Amat


    Thanks. What precisely was incorrect that you disagree with? We can joust a little.

    Speaking of jousting – did you see this college baseball rain delay?


    I hate to admit it, and I almost didn’t write this, but let’s face it…..St. Paul football is in disarray. The administration is at odds, and the coaching staff is steering our boys down the wrong path.

    My boy just graduated last year. He played four years, and started his last two. His four years were both memorable and frustrating.

    When I played we were a proud team, a proud school, a fearless program. I don’t see that today. We have great boys, but we are not offering them what they deserve, what the SP alumni deserve.

    Aram, thanks for the prediction, but we will be lucky to go 6-4. I’ll still be at every game, as I am a true SP fan 4 life…….

  • See You Later SP

    Continuing on what SP4life wrote, I know exactly what you are saying. My son is a sophomore and shines on the football field. He carries a 3.7 gpa. I have given up on both the administration and especially the coaching staff. Just look at last season and the incident that embarrassed the SP community. My son tells me that we have added a few boys on the team that were kicked out of AMAT. Apparently for things I won’t mention, because I can’t confirm the actual reason. These boys are terrible students to add to their behavior. That is what SP has gone down to. We are so desperate to put a better team on the field that we take other school’s rejects.

    We are out of SP after this school year, and making a home elsewhere. In HS, academics and integrity need to be the keystone to what the school represents. SP is lost right now, and it will take a good cleaning to fix this very broken school and program.

    Good Luck

  • AMAT 73

    It is sad to hear these reports coming out of the St Paul football program . We still have the fire of the rivalry but without the football game it’s just not the same nor as intense. You know you can always come over the hill and attend AMAT if you like. Remember what they say, all swordsman want to grow up to be Lancers. Just kidding , but I do hope they get it together over there because getting an annual game between the our 2 schools should be a staple. Good luck this season and in turning your program around. By the way, do any of you have any info on a freshman running back named Garcia . I saw the kid during his Pop Warner days and he had some talent and just wondering how he did this past season and if Varsity is in the cards for him this coming season .

    valley guy,
    That last post was spoken like a true champion . See you at that supposed later date .Like they say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen and I would rather have my BP up and stand my ground then to be seen running away with my tail between my legs.

  • valley guy

    Amat 73: That was a good one its about time you placed something in your own words instead of being the little boy standing behind Joe Amat yelling over his shoulder yeah to the bully….stop waiting for Joe to respond to some of my post and reflex off his sayings, they’re his words not yours….Now do me a favor and stand up to the Amat bully yourself…………AMAT BULLY that will be my new blog name..

  • just sayin’

    “look im not going to respond to Amat 73 or Joe Amat comments anymore on this blog but believe me on the next one ill be back…..” – – valley guy

    Way to stick to your guns. That was a good thing to say after being ripped a new one – and I didn’t really see a response?

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    What happened . Going back on your word of not replying to any of my posts. It doesn’t take much to pull your strings does it . Joe and I may sometimes think alike, afterall we are part of the AMAT FAMILY and we both go back a long way at AMAT, but we have an entirely diferrent way of presenting our points of view . What you will soon learn is that AMAT fans stick together thru think and thin and when you bad mouth AMAT you will catch the rath of all of us . So now go back and rattle that pea brain of your’s for a better comeback then that because you are no bully , idiot maybe , but bully no . More like a bothersome knat on a hot summer day.

  • Area Fan

    People at SP are always complaining. As paying parents I am sure you have a say, do something about it. The football team will be fine. Once Marijon leaves they will be better off but the hiring of a new coach will be crucial. Does anyone know who candidates are or who they are interested in? the Amat SP game should be renewed even if Amat has been dominating it’s a great rivalry and good for the players, parents and alumni.

  • Area Fan

    People at SP are always complaining. As paying parents I am sure you have a say, do something about it. The football team will be fine. Once Marijon leaves they will be better off but the hiring of a new coach will be crucial. Does anyone know who candidates are or who they are interested in? the Amat SP game should be renewed even if Amat has been dominating it’s a great rivalry and good for the players, parents and alumni.

  • Amat Bully

    Just saying: Do me a favor and just stop saying things that really dont make any sense.

    Amat 73: i thought it was going to be a different subject to respond to, yes you and Joe got that round but throwing jabs after the bell is cowardly its only in a mans nature to throw back. this is far from over the season haven’t even begun yet and your already saying i should give up, never a CHARGER never quit we always find ways to victory unlike the quarter horses of Amat we’re thoroughbreds im here to go the distance.

  • just sayin’

    valley girl – the bell didn’t ring – you threw in the towel – so who’s a coward? that’s what I thought – just the way the Chargers schedule!

  • Amat Bully

    just saying: who is your team and our schedule is not that soft with an 11-2 rancho team still on there and a santa fe team who returns a lot of starters and a possibly rebirth esperanza program please go do your home work before you step in the ring with grown men……IM JUST SAYING…..

  • just sayin’

    valley girl – first I’m an Amat supporter – so you’re starting off behind the eight-ball & can’t play the tough schedule card here. 2nd, since you like to brag about your rings – go take a look at the records of the teams you played when you won those rings – back when you thought you mattered. Now you;re just Inland Division fodder & I’m pretty certain of one thing – Amat is closer to a Pac5 championship than ChOak is to an Inland one.

  • just askin’

    Bully Boy – is that the same Santa Fe that got destroyed by West Covina, lost to Bonita – and the Esperanza that was kicked out of the Pac5 because they couldn’t compete? Boy – that is tough. LOL!

  • Amat Bully

    Just asking and Just saying:Its kind of weird that you both have similar names but hey your business is your business no discrimination on my part at all but you two combine aren’t making any valid points its just back and forth insults so im going to let you guys or ladies have at each other, im in a relationship where as its just me and my women and were not interested in exploring new things……I dont get how im a valley girl or bully boy or where the other party came from oh and our non-league schedule is by far tougher than yours and come on a championship is a championship and just to prove that it wasn’t luck the first time we did it twice……P.S the funniest part was you said Bishop Amat was closer to a pac5 championship then us in the inland division hahaha i doubt that but how about a c.i.f championship. oh, and the teams in the inland will smash on Amat thats why their afraid of trying to schedule any team out that way.

    just saying: why is it that you always need backup……….

  • swordsmens 83

    Valley girl…Really! cmon mang!
    ur smoking crack now.

    Go play w/ ur marbles and have ur mom make you a peanut butter sandwhich, its time for ur nappy.

  • just sayin’ and askin’

    Hey Bully Girl – it’s me – sometimes I’m sayin’ and sometimes I’m askin. What I was sayin’ is you should go look up the records of the opponents you played during your coveted championships and report back. I’m askin’ if you honestly think that Santa Fe and Esperanza qualify as tough opponents.
    Now you’re sayin’ ChOak’s schedule is tougher than Amat’s?
    Roosevelt (lost to Santiago who lost to Vista Murrietta who got beat by Crespi)
    Esperanza-who got dropped form Pac5(lost to Palos Verdes who lost to Mira Costa who lost to Loyola)
    Rancho Cucamonga-who Amat swept last series(lost to Los Osos who lost to Upland who got destroyed by last place Loyola)
    Santa Fe (Lost to Bonita, West Covina and ChOak-and Esperanza.Nuff said)
    How tough are those teams really?
    and yes – Amat is way closer to a Pac5 championship than CO is to an Inland title. When you have to squeak by South Hills just to get in the playoffs that’s all you need to know.

  • BAHS Fan

    valley girl – You’re really just embarrassing yourself, c.o. and c.o. fans now…Leave well enough alone and the Blog Nation will let bygones be bygones. Nobody wants another round of BAHS vs c.o. posts. It is what it is and the sooner you accept it the better off we will all be.

  • BAHS

    Correction – We’ll be, not “will be”. Some guys on here get up for spelling errors.

  • Kingcredo

    I am just a bit curious as to what defines Amat as a football powerhouse? Does anyone know exactly what Amats record is vs. the Pac 5 since 04? 16 wins and 20 losses that is hardly a powerhouse record. Their playoff record is 2-4 within the same time span. I do understand the ambition of a resurrected program but since Hagerty arrived 3 years ago his Pac 5 record is 9 wins 5 losses in Pac 5 and 2 wins 2 losses in the playoffs, maybe in La Puente that is considered a powerhouse. Amat was a once proud football school in the 90s but has deteriorated into a competitive middle of the road team. Amat fans are proud better yet arrogant when it comes to their team but what are they really achieving? Amat is truely the long lost hope in the Valley and they will never again compete with the powers in the Trinity League. I can’t wait until we get to show Amat how real football is played, Credo…

  • AMAT 73

    First off I don’t believe I have seen anyone from AMAT stating we are a so called football powerhouse . We are very proud of our Lancers as many of our SGV partners are of their teams. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Yes we know we have not won a championship since 95 and remember up until recently your last was in 83 and you did drop out of top tier of football for a while. As far as us not being able to compete with the Trinity league team just look at the last 2 outtings against Trinity teams . AMAT 2 wins 0 losses .By the way how many years did it take you to finally beat MD. So that shoots that theory. We will face Servite (Credo ) this coming season so we will see how we fair against a declining team ( they said we didn’t and that alone should show you what we face on these blogs ) as it has been written on the blog.Do not confuse our pride for arrogance because we know better than anyone (as did you ) what it will take to get to the top of the PAC-5 and contrary to popular belief it is attainable for us . But it is nice for you to visit our blogs and believe you me we are just as ready about showing you our brand of football to you, in case you have forgotten because it was not that long ago we were facing each other in the Serra. Good luck to you brother on a suceesful season except for one game in particular. Monstra Matrem

  • loveshsfootball

    hey Seteve and Areafb- yes I do follow the local Whittier teams no matter what their record is- I try to supprt the community so dont make fun of someone that supports local kids- you must be one of those arrogant SP fans and thats the attitude hat makes most of the Whittier area hate SP- no class- typical- and what has your beloved SP done lately? not much- hope you guys play LH so they can kick your butts.

  • Bob

    I think St Paul will have a great year this season. They have all their starters coming back and they have a great running back Michael Ortega. Who can run inside and move the way he does hes a lot stronger and bigger this year and the scary part is that he is built for speed. Go St Paul good luck and have a great season.

  • Proud Swordsman

    SP4LIFE and See You Later SP,

    Since you have so many issues with Sp then why don’t you pull your kid from SP? Obviously it is a choice to be there and if you aren’t bought in they why don’t you run? It’s like anything else in life you have choices. As an adult with the issues you bring up on a sports BLOG wouldn’t you have the armor down stairs to bring it up to the administration to get your issues clarified. I know several St.Paul parents that believe the program is rejuvenated and they have quality boys working toward a successful season. Where we come from SP was a great choice for my son and it has been nothing but a positive experience for us. My two younger boys will definitely be attending there in a couple of years. As someone that knows the boys that transferred in I will say they are good boys and we have benefited from having them at our school. My question to you is simple, what do you bring to the program that makes us better?

  • Joe Amat

    Area FB fan ,

    I said TWO good things about St Paul? NO?!?! Prove it!!

    Seriously I have a great colleague who was a former Swordsman standout and is one of my favorite people.

    (He obviously was able to overcome the St Paul experience! LOL!)

    Rooting for a St Paul comeback – we need to match up every year again

  • Bob

    Aram I wanted to know whats going on with St Paul’s Running Back Michael Ortega? I have not heard anything about him this season and wanted to know if you think hes the real deal. I know there’s quite a few colleges giving him hard looks.
    SP FAN

  • Bob

    Aram I wanted to know whats going on with St Paul’s Running Back Michael Ortega? I have not heard anything about him this season and wanted to know if you think hes the real deal. I know there’s quite a few colleges giving him hard looks.
    SP FAN


    See You Later SP said:” My son tells me that we have added a few boys on the team that were kicked out of AMAT”

    FYI, there are two boys that transferd from Amat that I’m aware of and they were not kicked out, they transfered on thier own. I don’t know why your son would say they were kicked out, or why he felt he had to bend the truth (lie) just don’t like when people start rumors before they lerned the facts……..

    People have to understand football of the past is just that THE PAST, as I was growing up you didn’t hear about these kids transfering to different schools, you went to the school that was in your area and if you were fortunate to go to a private school it was one in that area. In this era, parents are treating thier high school kids as if thier starting thier college careers, searching for the best school academicly and for the best sports programs, and being a “stage mom/dad”. Then you have these coaches recruiting with free rides and all the sing and dance too get you to thier school, and thats how you have a allstar team, look at Serra High, with a QB from Palos Verdes, then St frances who just picked up a quaterback from South Burlington Vermont and Oaks Christian QB comming in from Utal….. And it will only get worse!!!!!!!

    And for all you grown men bashing these high school kids, you should be ashamed of your self acting like you are still playing the game……. This is what we are teaching these kids????

  • just sayin’

    Loyalty Dude – and Dorian Wells Player of the Year too. Look it up. And I’ve got this swamp land for sale…

  • just sayin’

    Loyalty Dude – and Dorian Wells Player of the Year “transferred on his own” too. Look it up. And I’ve got this swamp land for sale…

  • dynasty

    Everyone knows what the problem at St. Pauls it’s no secret, it’s the administration, just sitting there collecting a paycheck instead of actually doing work. the principal is there by default and has no business being in charge. Many of the people I work at St. Paul alums and won’t send their own kids there. That is a pretty bad deal. That school could potentially be a powerhouse but by the people that are running the school they are running it into the ground. A school with so much pride and history has become a doormat. Unless some changes are made that school will continue to sink. For anyone that knows, St. Paul looks as if it my close is this true? they have 500 students that is pretty bad. A good coach might resurrect a once proud program a bad choice will definitely shut it down. Does anyone know any of the coaches interested or any candidates?

  • Norco

    boys…it is obvious we need a ranch slumber party…..
    pissin in the night air
    time for all of us to consider a retreat….men on men….mano y mano stuff…..
    no toilet paper…you drag that ass on dirt…and get back to beers

  • my2cents

    @ Dynasty, the problem with St. Paul is that too many alum spend too much time living in the past as opposed to helping to improve the school now. They have very little fundraising support from the more recent graduates (25 years ago to present) because the quality of education they received at SP did very little to help them become large money earners. Also, many of the graduates from that era are very indifferent about the school. Finally, those from said era who did make something great of themselves are sending their kids to other schools (Servite, St. John Bosco, and Amat to name a few). The admin is improved from what it used to be, but the lack of financial power of the alums leaves a huge gap for the current or any future admin.

    Another component is the fact that SP charges about $600 per month in tuition and you get what you pay for, as is the case with any purchased product. SP’s campus is old and the facilities are horrible compared to other privates. How can you pay for good staff and improve facilities if you charge so little for tuition. But, if they raise the tuition more people will leave because they can send their kids to public schools (La Serna, LH) and get just as good an education; or, they will pay the higher tuition at the other aforementioned privates that are far more established and prominent (the other mentioned privates have sustained the greatness the schools were established around). Bottom line, SP will never be what it once was; it was built as a feeder school for St. Bruno and aside from the SBS class of 2009, very few SBS parents send their kids to SP anymore, despite the fact that SP sends reps to Sunday mass once a year to beg SBS parents to send their children to the school. When you lose the support of those who’ve been there and those who you were created for, it’s over. SP needs to accept that it will never be what it once was and focus on what it has become: a lower end private school that can offer lower income families a private school education in a relatively safe space.

  • SP parent

    With Barr now gone and Aceves in, the school will surely close down. Some people have leadership qualities and some don’t. Aceves was an interim pity pick and has no skills to lead. She needs to quit so the school can get a real leader. Does she ever attend any of the school after school events? I have never seen her at any of them. they say she hates football so that right there is a red flag….ACEVES quit while the school is still open. Thanks SP parents


    Obviously some of the bloggers here do not really know the basics of H. S. football, perhaps due to the fact that they:

    A)Never really played, started on, or coached on a H.S. Varsity Football Team.
    B)Never participated at the College level in any of the above mentioned capacities. Or after that as a professional.
    C) Under achieved and need a platform.
    D) Disrespect other programs, time tested programs, while being cancerous to their current school / alma mater.

    History proves that to be a real contender and win a Championship in CIF SS or LACS requires much more than a capable staff, admin. support, and just the homegrow young men. Staff ON campus basically living there + FULL Admin. support + all the homegrow and best local WILLING and RECRUITED Players = Champions. Pay attention.

    So when was the last time CalHi or La Serna called St. Paul, Bishop Amat, St. John Bosco, Servite, Damien, Gahr, LA Garfield or LA Wilson,(All within a 25 minute drive) to play a non-league/non-conference/inter-sectional game?
    Or even nearby La Habra and La Mirada?
    How about some travel ball or at home with Orange Lutheran, LB Poly, LA Dorsey, Narbonne, Taft or Crenshaw?
    Seems almost unfair now huh?

    Most Head Coaches make the commitments to play non-league contests, one, two, or three game agreements, not always concurrent and with the CIF SS approval.
    And certainly all SP Swordsmen would enjoy giving joeamat a fistfull for his mouthy comments, but he’s probably having all his fun now. And did valleyguy play the 2007 Swordsmen at all?

    Be a strong supporter, encourage the staff, and get your program off the blocks. Even if it hurts a bit, do your time.
    Perhaps you all should’ve played Crespi when they moved down multiple Divisions and won two Titles there before going back to Div I. Maybe play them in ’13 or ’14, if they choose.
    Or go get Garfield, they face Amat, Edison, Dorsey and St. Paul this year, after losing to Carson in the 2010 4A play-offs.

    For those of you that must opinionate out of ignorance or worse, try getting the facts instead of hearsay. And do it without the slang.
    Judging a team, player or coach without ever lining up against them is weak. Maybe it’s not to late for you to do so.
    Respect this and be respected.

    When, Where, And How Long Did You Play And Coach?

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