2011 Schedules: Santa Fe Chiefs …

Week 0 — at Hamilton High School (Chandler, Ariz) State Champs
Week 1– at Warren High School
Week 2 — at St. John Bosco
Week 3 — Esperanza
Week 4 — Charter Oak
Week 5 — Bye
Week 6 — at El Rancho
Week 7 — Cal High
Week 8 — Whittier
Week 9 — La Serna
Week 10 — at Pioneer

Aram’s take: Wow, look at that nonleague schedule! A state champ from Arizona, St. John Bosco, Esperanza and Charter Oak! Just playing one or two of those would have made this tougher than most, but the Chiefs are going for the gusto. The good news is there’s a BYE in between the end of the nonleague and the start of Del Rio aciones. Here’s the thing: Coaches I spoke to last season who banged heads with SF came away very impressed by the defense and physical style of play. With La Serna suffering heavy graduation losses, I would certainly believe anybody who says the Chiefs are the favorites in the Del Rio, but they’ll need to survive that nonleague without too much wear and tear (tall order). Santa Fe will probably be somewhere around 6-4 entering the postseason, but they could prove very dangerous once the tourney begins.

2011 Schedules: Pomona Red Devils

Week 0 — at Garey (Pomona District Stadium)
Week 1 — at Chino
Week 2 — Bloomington
Week 3 — at Chino Hills
Week 4 — Covina
Week 5 — at Northview (Covina District Field)
Week 6 — Baldwin Park
Week 7 — Nogales
Week 8 — BYE
Week 9 — at Wilson
Week 10 — at San Dimas

Aram’s take: P-Town is a mystery team for me. I hear good things in various circles and I know that a lot of Valle Vista League coaches are quietly worried about this team. READERS: Tell me what you know about this team. The nonleague looks rough with visits to Chino and Chino Hills. If you see the Devils banging hard in those games, then it means watch out come league time. Opening league play with Covina is also a tall order. The Colts are overwhelming favorites to repeat as league champs and if Pomona loses that game, they immediately give themselves work to do in the standings. But if they win …. wow. We may look back in late November and realize that the Covina game in Week 4 was really the league championship game. The Week 9 trip to Wilson ought to be interesting for new Pomona QB Schreiman.

2011 Schedule: Glendora Tartans …

Week 0 — at Charter Oak
Week 1 — at Monrovia
Week 2 — Colony
Week 3 — at West Covina
Week 4 — Lynwood
Week 5 — BYE
Week 6 — Los Osos
Week 7 — at Alta Loma
Week 8 — Upland
Week 9 — at Rancho Cucamonga
Week 10 — Etiwanda

Aram’s take:
I’ve said it before, the new staff will have its work cut out immediately with back-to-back road games against Charter Oak and Monrovia teams that will be looking for revenge from last year’s losses to the Tartans. Then a trip to West Covina awaits in the middle of it all. I’m not sure how good/bad Colony and Lynwood will be, but one would assume that Glendora needs to take care of business there. The Baseline slate will be tough as usual. Can anybody right now say with any confidence that Glendora will be able to get through closing with Upland, Ranch and Etiwanda (assuming I have the league part of the schedule right) in consecutive weeks to close the season? If the new coaching staff equals last year’s 5-5, it will be a major accomplishment.


Boom! Check it! Starting this season, if any football game has a margin of 35 points or higher after halftime, the coaches and referees can agree to go to a running clock. But they must agree to this option BEFORE the start of the game. (They can’t wait and see the score is 42-0 at half, then decide to do it.)

If ENTERING the fourth quarter, or at any point in the fourth quarter, there is a lead of 35 points or more, the game will MANDATORILY go to a running clock and that WILL NOT change no matter what the score becomes. So, if Team A is leading Team B 35-0 and Team B score to make it 35-7, the clock will keep running.

Aram’s take: I like it! This will effectively end the angry conversation I’ve had with myself (and many reporters have had with themselves) when a game gets out of reach and the clock can’t move quick enough … and I’m wondering “How did I pick this dud?” or … “How did Fred convince me to cover this dud?”

2011 Schedule: West Covina Bulldogs …

Week 0 — at Covina (District Field)
Week 1 — at Loyola (at L.A. Valley College)
Week 2 — South Hills
Week 3 — Glendora
Week 4 — at Diamond Bar
Week 5 — Walnut
Week 6 — BYE
Week 7 — Rowland
Week 8 — at Los Altos
Week 9 — at Bonita
Week 10 — Diamond Ranch

Aram’s take: If the Bulldogs want to be in the mix for a regional semifinal bowl game, they had better not slip up anywhere other than the Loyola game. OK, I’m sorry I said that. Who the hell cares about the state bowl games? Anyway, playing Covina with its best team since McDonough Era, traditional power Loyola, neighborhood foe South Hills and Glendora won’t be easy. League actually looks easier for the Bulldogs and that’s probably by design. With some luck, WestCo could be 10-0. With a new QB and several new linemen, 8-2 looks like the safest bet. Your thoughts?

Coaches, parents, boosters or fans, EMAIL ME your teams schedule and I will post it for discussion. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE. YOU EMAIL ME, AND I WILL POST IT. aram.tolegian@sgvn.com

Hall of Fame All-Star coaches announced: Covina’s Darryl Thomas to coach the East and Monrovia’s Ryan Maddox to coach the West …

Coaches were announced on Tuesday for the Hall of Fame Game All-Star Game on June 24 at West Covina High.

Covina’s Darryl Thomas
will coach the East and Monrovia’s Ryan Maddox will coach the West. Thomas led Covina to a 10-2 record this past season and the Valle Vista League championship. Maddox led Monrovia to a 13-1 record, Rio Hondo League championship and CIF Mid-Valley Division championship.

The “Guru”, as Robledo has named him, has released his list of the Top 10 college prospects in the East SGV … and wow, it’s bad …

You can see it here and then if you’re still breathing comment either here or there.

I saw it and I’m astonished. I’m sure you might be also.

In summary, here it is:

1. Jamie Canada, South Hills WR/DB
2. Rio Ruiz, Amat QB
3. Chris Solomon, West Covina RB/DB
4. Jalen Moore, Amat RB
5. Jamel Hart, South Hills RB
6. Corey Victoria, Glendora RB
7. Ajee Montes, Amat DB
8. Lonzell Barnett, West Covina DB
t-9. Travis Santiago, Charter Oak QB and Vince Hernandez, South Hills QB

Aram’s take: The list is awful and needs more work and effort. The guy (Chris Solomon) with the offers from Arizona St. and Colorado is ranked No. 3 behind two guys with no offers. Is Rio Ruiz a D-1 QB? Jury is still out, but does it matter? He’s gonna be trying to hit major-league curveballs in two years anyway. Jamie Canada is ranked No. 1 without having played for the past three years. And keep in mind the Guru claims next week is his “sleeper list”. Well, if ever there was a sleeper, it’s Canada. That’s where he belong after not having been seen under the lights in three years. And the last time I spoke with Coach Bogan, he said they were hoping to have Canada for league play. Sorry, but with all these question marks, Canada is THE DEFINITION OF A SLEEPER (right now). CAN I MAKE THAT MORE CLEAR? He may very well be the best player in the area, and hopefully the kid finally gets a little luck and plays and does his thing. Remember, the key is junior season game films. Anyway, the problems run deeper than just Solomon being slighted and the No. 1 guy not having played in three years. The bigger issue is the GLARING OMISSIONS of West Covina DE Justin Meaders, who unlike about 80-90 percent of the guys on this list, ALREADY has a D-1 OFFER from Arizona St. and another one is expected shortly from Washington St. So why is he off the list? Is he a sleeper? And then what about Charter Oak WR Chris Gilchrist, who is going to have plenty of offers when it’s all said done, considering he’s one of PRECIOUS FEW players (if we’re being totally honest) in our area who has the actual SIZE needed to play the position he’s being recruited for. But I think most of you can figure out for yourself why Gilchrist isn’t on the list. And finally, when ranking RBs as college prospects, it generally helps if they weigh more than 200 lbs. Let’s be honest, unless a kid has blazing speed and amazing moves, he isn’t going to be a RB at a major D-1 school if he’s under 200 lbs. (or not 190 at least).

Quinsey names coaching staff at Glendora …

New Glendora head coach Todd Quinsey has filled out most of his staff. Here it is:

Roger Armijo — Coached RB/LB and special teams at Charter Oak
Jerry Lewallen — Was on former Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella’s staff
Frankie Salazar — South Hills WR/DB coach
Ryan Lawrence — Glendora assistant
Marcus Bryan — Played at o-line at UNLV (not sure what his coaching experience is).

The frosh team will be coached by A.D. Lee Spengler and Rod Tilton.

Aram’s take: Lewallen and Lawrence are holdovers, so that should help the transition. Armijo and Salazar were part of some excellent staffs and coached under the Valley’s best. I don’t know who will call the offense or defense yet, but I think it’s a good bet that Quinsey will call the offense, because that’s what he did at Northview. Looks like a strong group and they had better have their thinking caps on because they’ll be going up against Maggiore and staff, Farrar and staff, and Maddox and staff (all have won CIF titles). That’s just the nonleague. Then you gotta deal with Salter and the boys in the Baseline.