All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 … heading into passing/linemen circuit …

Note: This is the second Top 25 of the 2011 season. The previous one was for spring. This one is post spring … and it reacts to what we learned/saw/heard. Another one will be out AFTER the summer passing/linemen circuit.

1. Bishop Amat — Don’t know what will happen prior to getting pads on that will make me feel more comfy about the defense. But we all know the offense should be dazzling.
2. West Covina — Athletes abound, but QB and line positions are a concern. Back seven on defense and skill players outside of QB should be special.
3. La Habra — Haven’t seen the Highlanders, but have heard quite a bit. Reloading and not rebuilding is evidently the theme.
4. St. Francis — Speaking of heard, I’ve heard nothing but very good things about the Knights … specifically about QB Jared Lebowitz. If Travis Talianko has someone to get the ball to him, and it sounds like he does, look out!
5. St. Paul — One of the most veteran teams around, the Swordsmen should be even better this year, but they have some ground to make up on certain teams that spanked them last year.
6. Monrovia — Southeast Division talent on a Mid-Valley Division team. And the wildcard that is De’Shawn Ramirez’s hopeful return makes this team even more enticing.
7. Charter Oak — I’m a little worried about the Chargers along both lines, but the skill talent is very impressive. Very impressive. But you need Clydesdales and not just Thoroughbreds to keep company in the Inland. Still my early Sierra League favorite, though.
8. Covina — In theory, you would think that C-Town would be in line to pick up some serious hardware this summer, but Coach DT doesn’t seem to overly sweat that. Despite the nonchalance toward passing tourney results, if the Colts do somehow run roughshod this summer that could be a scary indicator.
9. Chino Hills — From the what I’ve heard file: Nothing to worry about along both lines. But then again, that’s always the case at Chino Hills.
10. Arcadia — Yes, I’m worried about how the Apaches will hold up in the trenches. But then again, who is really THAT daunting at the line of scrimmage this year in the Southeast?
11. Santa Fe — Yet another team I will be very interest in seeing this summer, although the Chiefs’ brand of football isn’t really conducive to impressive passing tourney results.
12. South Hills — Would love to see a healthy Jamie Canada trotting around the field this summer. If I do, then I’ll feel even better about the Huskies bouncing back from last year’s 3-7.
13. Muir — D-1 prospects are nice, but the Mustangs need to limit mistakes, improve overall depth and avoid injuries. This team remains the biggest X-factor in the Valley.
14. Maranatha — We all know about the QB and skill players, but the Minutemen have improvements to make along the lines and on defense to be championship-worthy. They have the right coach for the latter.
15. Bonita — Coach Podley’s near exit highlighted the spring. With one of the top staff’s still in place, the Bearcats should be able to cultivate all that young talent. Here’s a team that can really use all the reps it can get this spring.
16. Damien — I’m hearing whispers about a WR/DB named Josh Savage. He could be one of the best around and we all know Damien could really use some skill upgrades and more overall speed. Hoping Coach Gano doesn’t keep such a low profile as last summer.
17. Glendora — New head coach Todd Quinsey’s style of offense really fits the strength of what’s returning. The RB combo of Victoria and Holmes should pile up the numbers, but the summer will be all about finding a QB to manage the show.
18. Diamond Bar — I will truly look like an ass if the Brahmas don’t live up to this billing this season. But, I love the skill talent that’s back combined with a Hacienda League that from top to bottom won’t be as strong as last year … especially in the trenches.
19. Diamond Ranch — Interested in seeing what Roddy’s got. Haven’t heard much buzz … or really anything yet about the Panthers. That could be good or bad news.
20. Arroyo — Very crucial summer for the Knights to groom all the skill guys to be ready for what should be an epic senior year for senior QB Rivera.
21. San Gabriel — Have the Mats won a step-up game since 2003? Are graveyards littered with sportswriters who bought in only to see the line play not match the skill? I can’t help it. The last two wins of last season stick in my mind. I have a lot riding on SG and D-Bar.
22. Rosemead — Not much to see hear in most summers. The Panthers are not a passing tourney team, but they make the rounds. With a QB and RB to replace, it will be interesting to see what Rosemead has. But outside of RB, skill isn’t where Rosemead’s bread is buttered.
23. La Serna — Have to hope that momentum from last year carries over and the few key returning players are a good enough nucleus to make another run at double-digit wins.
24. San Dimas — Very curious to see what this team has in the skill spots, but I’m only talking about looks because most summers SD makes you cringe when they drop back to pass. But then most falls SD makes opponents cringe when they hand the ball off.
25. Azusa — Is the cupboard half empty or half full? I really need to see this team as well.

  • Yes


    “I will truly look like an ass if the Brahmas don’t live up to this billing this season.” Trust me when I say you already are one!!

  • Aram

    That’s the best you can come up with?


  • Mike the Clone


    Mike the Clone

  • Aaron

    When there’s nothing you can always make a list.

    I’m going to be cautious and say…South Hills is too high, the same with Damien.

    Oh and just about my alma mater, a lot of youth at some very important positions and as always they seem to have to replace 3 linemen to graduation, last years was one of the best in recent memory. So yes the Bearcats are too high for right now, but in the end they are still a playoff team and possible the second place team in the Hacienda. I think there may not be enough west side of the SGVN teams.

  • Joe Amat


    I’d go back and take a look at what was written on these blogs after defensive losses in each of the past 3 yrs – then extrapolate the same results.

    “…We have no intention of taking a step back, we’re moving forward.” – Steve Hagerty
    That’s a lot of confidence for a coach that loses defensive standouts Sheldon Price, Isaiah Bowens, Brent Seals, running back Deshawn Gaisie and depth on both sides of the ball.
    The Lancers do not have a weak opponent on the schedule, starting with Dominguez followed by West Covina, Damien, St. Bonaventure, Diamond Ranch, St. Paul, Alemany and the unforgiving trio of Loyola, Crespi and Sherman Oaks Notre Dame in the Serra League.
    September 2, 2009

    4. Bishop Amat (7-4)
    With the departures of so many talented players and the unforgiving schedule, this could be the Lancers’ highest ranking of the season. Face it, coach Steve Hagerty over-achieved in his first season, leading the Lancers to the playoffs and a near monumental first-round upset over Long Beach Poly before falling in the final minutes.
    Gone are defensive gems Sheldon Price, Brent Seals, Isaiah Bowens and running back Deshawn Gaisie….But will the Lancers have enough depth and strength to butt heads with the likes of St. Bonaventure, Loyola, Notre Dame?
    September 2, 2009
    Result=02-2 and won the Serra League Champion on last day of season

    The next year was more of the same:
    Must overcome the loss of Davis Cazares, Daniel Kane and Darien Johnson on a bend-but-don’t-break defense that allowed 19 points a game last season.
    September 1, 2010
    Result= 9-2 and played for league title last day of the season

    I just have to be confident that the same thing will happen. Some guys will get better, some guys will step in , others will step up and we could see more of the same progression.

  • Joe Amat

    AT – the blog monster ate a post “for your approval” – probably because their was a link. Give it a look if you could.

    …and is anyone else have to punch in the Captcha code multiple times? It’s killing me. Can the SGVNG techies get registration like the other blog? Or link them?

  • Hacienda

    The Hacienda league is really two leagues within one,
    1) West Covina is going to run away from the pack. They have too much talent for the other teams to compete with.

    2) Bonita as reported very young and very talented, they need another year to compete for a league title. Dont get me wrong they have numbers and talent and you only play eleven. Everyone talks about West Covina losing their four year starting qb, but I see Bonita the team having qb issues. The senior to be is small and just an average qb with no real experience. The sophomore to be passes the eye test (big and good speed), problem is thats all hes good at, at least another year maybe two.

    3) Diamond Ranch they are starting to feel the effects of Rice over at Pomona. Their talent level is dropping and that is why they are at the #3 instead of the #2 spot. It may take a few years but the gap between Diamond Ranch and Diamond Bar will close but not enough this year. The interesting factor is as the gap closes Diamond Bar will start pulling more of the Diamond Bar (city) kids from Diamond Ranch, dont forget Diamond Ranch is in the Pomona School district, the parents don’t.

    4) Diamond Bar will be better this year, but not much. This team will compete but not win the big games. It takes more than a qb and wr to turn a program around. The game is played with eleven players not two good players. Diamond Bar will loss the big games in the trenches.

    5) Walnut, the only reason I have them at the 5 spot is I don’t know much about them. What I know is they do have some good young talent but they lost way too much to compete.

    6) & 7) You can flip a coin on these two. Rowland just doesn’t have any talent returning and I mean nothing. They do have coaching and that is their big edge over Los Altos. Now I didn’t think I would be saying this in the near future? Los Altos has the edge on talent over Rowland and they actually may be able to win this game, the only thing stopping them is coaching. Their new head coach has one year of varsity coaching experience and that was as the running back coach last year at Los Altos. He has the kids practicing hard but not good. For your amusement this is a video that the Los Altos Football program produced, this isnt a joke this is how they practice. Not even going to comment on the Spirit Pack.

    I am now a believer that Los Altos school administration is the major reason for this programs demise. Did You Know that Los Altos was offered the services of Coach Bert before he applied at Wilson. Los Altos school administration wouldnt even talk to him. This really does start to shed light on the firing of Coach Arellanes. Did the administration already have their new coach hired before they even fired Coach Arellanes? For a coach like Coach Bert to apply and not even give him a few minutes of your time, especially where the Los Altos program is today.

  • Aram

    Joe Amat,

    I saw it. Didn’t even read it, just approved it. Don’t know why I had to approve it because I never have to approve a comment, even if it has links.

    Yes, the captcha thing sucks. But so does spam. Most times even I have to enter my takes like 10 times and even then it may not take it and I just quit.

  • Warrior

    Why was LP left off this list? They are going to beat out Azusa for the league title this year. They have a good young team with boys who have been in the system couple years now and they have real good coaching.

  • Amat Bully

    why is it that in the past couple of years Amat has been super over rated in my opinion west co should be above them their more athletic and has been more successful, and in a head to head match up i think west co wins by a couple of touchdowns.

  • aram!

    aram when are you going to be out to visit covina!?

  • player

    No disrespect just a question.
    Wondering if either You or Fred have ever strapped on a chin strap or have ever played a down of football?

  • just sayin’

    Bully – West Covina had their chance in back-to back years and lost 21-7 in Ruiz 1st yr as a QB and 42-6 in the head coaches 1st yr. Amat is now better. Bulldogs will be lucky to keep it close with Loyola – the last place team in Amat’s league

  • Aram


    Can’t speak for Fred, but I have.

  • X’s and O’s


    I have been someone who has always been a skeptic when it comes to the credibility of sports writers as a whole because of the exact same question that you posted. However, Aram and the rest of the gang provide a very valuable service with very good intentions. Are they experts when it comes to the games they cover? Yes and no. Yes because they talk to the right people and are able to form their opinions based off credible information on top of the fact that they love sports. No because they can’t possibly know all of the ins and outs of ALL the sports they cover and neither do 90% of the bloggers on here. I respect the fact that Aram and Steve have admitted this before and have worked in an attempt to perfect their craft and learn the minute details that most don’t understand. The bottom line is that they do a good job in reporting the news and have every right to express their opinions because they have done the research. They are professionals in their field. Hey, if bloggers can come on here and make their constant biased remarks, the least the reporters can do is express their opinions based on their investigations. Chris Berman never played in the NFL, but people love to listen to his predictions.

  • Bullying is bad mmmkay?


    You should be careful what you wish for. Though it is true that West Covina had a good team last season, they lost to Covina and also had a VERY tough time against Glendora winning by only 5 pts. In comparison, Glendora was mauled by Upland 41-14. Upland was destroyed by Loyola 35-10 who came in last place in Bishop’s league. If West Covina had beat Covina and dominated Glendora, I would be more open to the idea that WC could hang with BA…But this did not happen. Regardless, WC will have their hands full w/ Loyola come this season so you should focus more on that.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy aka bully,
    I think you need to stop worrying about AMAT and who can beat them. Maybe you have lost hope in your Chargers being able to do it so now you are putting your hopes in WC.Altough I have much respect for WC and what they have accomplished , they did try and had the same results as your team 0-2 . I would think you should be a little more concerned on your 7th place ranking. You are ranked below the Slime and we all know the story on them . To me that is a major concern . You better make sure you get your own house in order before you come chasing after the Lancers again. Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time when you tried to take us on .

  • Observantcat

    Being an unbiased fan, I tend to believe that you have Monrovia too far down your list. Particularly since you claim to base your thoughts on last years post performances and this years returnee’s. I attended the West Covina/Monrovia shootout the other day and I was pretty impressed by the amount of atheletes on the Monrovia side. Not only did they put on a complete clinic they really played the other side of the ball as well. Other teams that don’t quite fit the billing of top 5 would be St. Francis, what have they proven to you? A nice sized QB and a top tier reciever? that wont get the job done against a good defensive team, I believe St. Francis will have a very tough time getting by even Arcadia in the pre-season especially because Arcadia has just as good a reciever as well as a more proven QB. If your’e just going on name recognition then I can certainly see how you put a St. Paul up your ladder, but LaHabra?…..dont get it, especially if you claim you dont know what they have (Bad guess). Another team that I predict will have a much better season than you seem to think is South Hills, they already tout one of the best running backs in the SGV and adding Canada is only going to make defensive coordinator’s work their over weight DL a lot harder this summer trying to lay hands on either one of these guys. Covina should surprise some of the nay/sayers about who is going to rule the Covina/West Covina through down this year. Covina has the weapons to perform even better this season against their cross town rivals than they did last season, Call that game what you want, but a loss is a loss. Avenging that type of loss could prove to be the difference of what people think about this West Covina squad. And if feel that Chino Hills has nothing to worry about then why would you put them so far down the ladder?….They have several seasoned players coming back this season and should be placed in the top 5 of any list in the SGV. Bishop Amat has always scheduled up and deserve to be #1 in the area but socio-economics plays a huge role in the private school sector in Southern Section Football. I predict this to be Amats best season yet if everyone stays healthy. The drop off of African American Athletes has come to an all time low at schools like Mater Dei, Notre Dame, Crespi, etc….That makes a significant difference in a lot of these schools winning winning football and basketball programs. Notre Dame in Sherman oaks is a great example of what I am talking about. They used to get the cream of the crop of kids bused in from the LA Unified school distirct who’s familys were offered support in getting most of the athletic kids to attend the private schools mainly because of their sports programs. But times have changed and now schools like Crenshaw and Dorsey have made a huge comeback in their schools athletic programs. Well Aram, as a sports writer I know that you do the best you can to make your predictions and we as sports fan try and follow what you say and think, but sometimes it’s wise to ask around town at whats really going on and the truth will make what you write more believable. However controversial I may sound, I at least do my homework.

  • week 10

    St.paul will go 9-1
    you heard it here!

  • Jefe

    No Whittier Christian?

    I have a feeling you’ll eventually regret that omission.

  • Mark this down

    Aram, Muir will have its worse season in decades this year and will go 2-8, or 3-7 at best. They will miss the playoffs for the first time since the Carter administration and will lose to PHS for the first time since 1995.

  • david rivera

    this bonita team is going to surprise people this year. they have a sophmore qb to be that has a good arm but can run like a deer. this kid is going to be something in 2 years. also the have a wide receiver who is as big and talented as i have seen all year. there running back is legit actually both there running backs are legit. this team is going to surprise people this year even though they graduated 20 seniors

  • the pacific

    mark this down: you sound ridiculous Muir will be still a threat to every team they play yeah they lost a few players but they still have oh the #1 recruit in probably the whole sgv in Kevon Seymour and they do still have washington commit tairen owens and smu verbal commit in denzel t…. 3 D1 prospects on one team will always be tough to beat no matter how inexperienced their team maybe

  • Coach Slayer

    Muir will be in the playoffs. San Dimas will be stronger with leadership type guys on the offence. Either West Co. rated to high or Bonita to low when you remember that Bonita had the championship won but bumbled it away with three huge mistakes in the last minutes. Covina could be the most fun team to watch this year. Mayfair who also gave the bulldogs fits in the playoffs will be stronger this year. Have no idea why Santa Fe and Diamond Ranch are ranked other than believing the local hype. No one other than Muir in the Pacific is scary ditto the Del Rio. Would love to seee Azusa, Arroyo, La Puente, San Gabriel win a game it the playoffs. Dark horses, Pioneer, Wilson, So. Pas.,Rosemead.

  • Damien Alum

    Jimmy the Greek

    Hey Observantcat, I agree with you whole heartedly!

    “The drop off of African American Athletes has come to an all time low at schools like Mater Dei, Notre Dame, Crespi, etc….That makes a significant difference in a lot of these schools winning football and basketball programs”.

  • new year

    Next Tuesday is Amat, Upland and JW North at CO from 4 to 6. Hope to see u there Joe and 73.

  • david rivera

    thats because all the african american athletes are in corona now. corona is loaded with them

  • david rivera

    thats because all the african american athletes are in corona now. corona is loaded with them

  • Observantcat

    I didn’t mean for any of you to take my statements out of its original content, The true breakdown of the school systems are and have been failing for quite some time now. Busing is almost a thing of the past. There are more charter schools in the city areas than ever before. You will start seeing more schools like West Adams Prep making headlines in a minute which a lot of those student athelets would have been more inclined to attend schools like Notre Dame, Crespi, Alemany, Loyola etc……and yes Mr. Rivera is right also, there has been a mass exodus of people of color heading east these days. The demographics have changed so much that some teams in suburbia find it hard just to field a decent amount of atheletes now days… (Arcadia, San Marino, even some of the pasadena schools have felt the swing of this shifting of atheletes and the cost of going private. I personally know of a couple of gifted athelets who have chosen to go to charter schools than to lessen their potential for a better education by staying in the LA Unified. I’ve spoken to coaches who tell me how difficult it is fielding a good team year after year with the lack of skill players now to choose from. Its just a sign of the times. In past generations schools like Temple City were known for some of the most discipline players in southern california but those days have slowly washed away bringing about a so-so outcome to their football teams these days. Monrovia has always had a strong African American presence for generations and therefore have stayed pretty consistant through out the years. Pasadena schools such as Muir had probably one of the most consistant program in the San Gabriel Valley over the past 40 or so years but even that has come to a crawl. Not that the atheletes dont live in the area, most of the parents of these gifted atheletes have made it a point to get their children into a better situation than to face the undermaned, under budgeted failing PUSD. As for Damien Alumni Jimmy the Greeks statement took things to a whole other level buy saying that African Americans were Bred to become better athelets. That was the insult to our entire nation and that is why he was fired. I’m saying that the school systems are failing everyone in different ways making it harder and harder for a lot of gifted athleletes to take part as a student/Athelete.

  • player

    x and o
    Not a bad list at all.
    All I asked was a simple question and Aram answered. thanks for getting back to me Aram. I’m a leather head and enjoy reading Aram’s Blogs throughout the year. I wish football was played year round like they do with baseball. Didn’t mean to get anybodies undies in a bunch. There was never any disrespect intended. Hope its all good pals…

  • Dan

    Bullying is bad,
    Covina was a week zero game where weird things can happen and it sure did with six West Co turnovers and a three minute meltdown at the end of the game, who wouldn’t lose a game like that, despite all that, WC was still only a dropped pass in the end zone from pulling it out in the last minute. Upland and the rest of the Baseline beat a Glendora team that didn’t have Chad Jeffries, if WC had played Glendora without Jeffries, in my opinion they would have won in similar fashion as the Baseline schools. Glendora could not stop the WC offense, WC would have had more defensive stops on Glendora if not for the scrambling ability and throwing arm of Jefferies. When we seemed to have him trapped in the back field, he managed to slip away for a big run or find an open receiver. He was the reason Glendora kept close in that game. The Tartans were a much different team without Jefferies and WC was the only team to beat Glendora with Jefferies. If Glendora had Him for the Baseline league they could have been contenders in that league.
    As for hanging with Amat, each year is different, Most years Amat is going to beat any team in the SGV as history has proven, Every so often a certain school comes up with a special team that I think could play with the average Lancer team. In 2003 Los Altos had one of those teams, beating O-Lu in the title game who earlier that year had beaten Mater Dei, in 2005 South Hills also may have had one of those teams, they were a last minute field goal away from beating the Div.1 finalist [Esperanza]that year. In 2008 Charter Oak with their two bookend monsters on the line [Evan Williams and Tyler Perry] might have been good enough to beat the lancers. That same year Diamond Ranch had a very good team that gave Amat quite a battle. Charter Oak seemed to have an easier time with that Diamond Ranch team. The 2009 Charter Oak team was ridiculous with D1 skill players, but in my opinion they didn’t have the line to match up with Amat. Last season I really think WC had the offensive and defensive line plus the skill players to play with Bishop Amat, it would have been a good game and I give WC a decent chance in that game. For the people saying they wouldn’t even consider WC hanging with Amat and using the comparative score theory against West Covina, such as Glendora being close in the WC game and then getting blown out by Upland and Upland losing to last place Loyola of the Serra league, remember that Loyola did not have their QB during the Serra league, they were down to their third string qb when they played Amat so you gotta keep things in perspective. As I mentioned above, Glendora was missing Jefferies for the Baseline. I don’t think comparative scores mean much but if you go in that direction maybe a better comparison would have been the WC, vs Venice and Amat vs Venice games, from what I remember Venice was giving Amat a battle for a good part of that game, and they were one dimensional cause their stud running back was still hurt and made an unsuccessful attempt to comeback in that game, he had maybe one or two series vs Amat. Against West Co this running back was healthy, and during the previous
    week he had scored 7 touchdowns and ran for 297 yards, plus they had their passing game to go with it. I wasn’t sure if WC could hang with this team,
    turns out, with the exception of Venice returning two consecutive kickoffs for touchdowns against WC in the openning part of the game, WC pretty much dominated that night, the Venice offense only scored once in that game, your looking at a 35 to 7 game without the two opening kickoff returns. You also could have pulled out the Bonita beating Muir by a score similar to Amats game with Muir, in fact I think Bonita beat them by a little more. Do I think all this translates into a West Covina victory over Amat? No, not really, it’s all about matchups gameplans and who shows up that night. We had two chances in 08 and 09 and came up wanting in both of those games, but I will say that last 2010 West Covina was a better team than the previous years. Wow, what a windbag I’ve been tonight.

  • real deal

    This list ok, but it is a little off.

    1.La Habra
    2.West Covina
    3.Bishop Amat
    5.St Paul
    7.St Francis
    8.Charter Oak
    9.Chino Hills
    10. Arcadia
    11. Muir
    12. South Hills
    13. Maranatha
    14. Bonita
    15. Santa Fe
    16. Damien
    17. Glendora
    18. Diamond Ranch
    19. Diamond Bar
    20. Arroyo
    21. San Dimas
    22. Rosemead
    23. La Serna
    24.San Gabriel
    25. La puente

  • the man

    Bishop Amat- they lost alot of talent on both sides of the ball. The Pac 5 is unforgiving. Expect the Lancers to finish 2nd in league and a early 2nd Round exit.

    West Covina-They too lost alot of talent. It will be different with Bj lee gone. Solomon will have to carry the load alone. No rest, no Breaks, and going both ways? I had a chance to see the new QB and he is no George Johnson and well he was not that impressive. They will sneak out of league in first, but they will not win the Southeast this year.

    La Habra-They are a good team, but how long is Cif going to let them dominate that Div. They will have won it like five or six times. Maybe they should move up to Pac 5.

    Monrovia- looks to be the favorite in the Mid valley. They have the best player in California returning. They have tons of talent, and big line. The cats need to win the Midvalley again, and maybe they too can go up a division.

    Covina-They seem to be the team that can match up with Monrovia in the mid valley. The question is can they get a stop. Their defense is a big question mark. They will not be able to outscore Monrovia. It will come down to who gets the big stop.

    South Hills- They do have some skill players, but the line has graduate. Who is going to block for Canada and hart? it will be a long year if they can not put together a line.

    San Dimas- They are always in the hunt for the midvalley. They are going to surprise some people. Their issue is going to be on Defense. I just don’t see them having a dominating line.

    Charter Oak- They have the skills but just like others, line play is going to be huge.

    Arcadia-They Have Lagace, but Carr has yet to prove he can lead them to the promise land. if they can get things together, they may be able to do some damage. Only time will tell

    Bonita, I know the lost alot of skill guys, I don’t know too much else..

    Azusa- They had their ten minutes of fame. La puente is going to win that league…all I can say is Next!

    Muir- They have some players, one the best in California in Seymour. They will alway have the tools. The coach has to figure out how to put it together. If they can, they will be good.

  • Wow

    All you people rating Covina so high, are just setting yourselves up for a huge disappointment. What makes you think they could beat the likes of: (Aram picks)

    Chino Hills
    South Hills

    Not even mentioning (well I just did) the previous Chucklehead that thinks they could beat Charter Oak, and St. Francis.

    This is Covina we’re talking about. This is no Oaks Christian making their move up from Division 11 to D3. Covina’s D11 for a reason.

  • player

    Can’t wait! I’m excited to see who will be the Sleeper team in the SGV. WHO will it be?


    “Is the cupboard half empty or half full? I really need to see this team as well”??? ARAM’S comment! Well i’ll say this and it’s been awhile since i’ve commented on here. Aram and a couple of bloggers from La Puente seem to be the only ones that care about AZUSA’S status, so I figure that since nobody else from the canyon city (AZUSA) cares, I would throw in my two cents!

    To Aram, i’ll try to stop by on way home and get some info for you, and talk to coach Scher, Bettle,Bubba who put there HEART IN SOUL into that team! What i’ve notice on the field is, AZUSA has a pretty decent group out there and yes I know this is the Montview league, and yes AZUSA could definitely is in need of some African American players out there, but the city is predominantly hispanic,and Oh yes we could also use some BIG CORNFEED boy’s from Glendora and…

    Well you all know that’s not going to happen. But i’ll say this, Coach Scherf has done wonders with what he has. Yes I know AZUSA was ranked pretty high last year with CIF and the Tribune, but they’ve been doing these last three seasons has been remarkable.

    Coach Scherf is just not a coach, but also helps the players to continue there dreams after they graduate. Per example Nunez, Blount, Arceo, Zaragoza all playing for Citrus College and please don’t say it’s only Citrus, because RAULEY ZARGOZA has been picked up and going to Delware State on a full ride. Arceo will start this year playing Linebacker, Nunez and Blount have made a statement coming from AZUSA!

    So i’ll say this, somebody is doing something right in AZUSA and the Coaching is doing outstanding! Now back to La Puente, it never seems to amaze me how you guys are always saying that LP will beat AZUSA. Well LP, it’s been three years in a row and AZUSA has won you guys out right!

    And two my Covina friends, too bad AZUSA didn’t play Covina last year. Both teams lost to PRIVATE school’s.My opinion AZUSA would have won Covina! Why look at the game between Whitter Christian and Village Christian??? Both Covina and AZUSA lost to these teams. AZUSA should have won Village but let the game slip away.

    La Puente, you are not placed 25th and I BELIEVE ARAM has placed AZUSA rightly so!



  • Aaron

    Should La Habra be moved? Yes, but to the Western (IV) and not the PAC-5 (I).

    Monrovia will be moved soon I’m sure…probably two teams from the RHL to the Pacific and two teams from the Pacific out…but we have three years for that to happen.

  • Lancer Pride

    The Man- Yeah but your statement has been said before, MANY TIMES!!! And Amat always manages to reload. I will give you one thing, the Pac-5 is VERY unforgiving and Amat will, as always, have it’s work cut out for them. That being said…We return several quality players on the defensive side of the ball and on the offensive side of the ball. Ruiz, Moore, Shay, A.Sanchez, Velasquez, Andrews on Offense and I.Sanchez, Varela, Alcantera, Daniels, Blue, Montes on Defense, all skill players to be joined by a new crop of JV kids who were patiently waiting their turns last season and are ready to contribute this year. I think the Lancers are gonna be just fine. They’re gonna have to work hard but then again, they always do!!!

  • Norco

    Yawn…Only team that has room to talk is Amt

  • the pacific

    alemany will win their league easily again this year with a sophmore qb by the name of alif g out of pasadena. sorry Amat fans but Alemany is still getting the kids from pasadena to go there.

  • Coach Slayer

    Often when I drive by a highschool that is mainly hispanic, ER,LP, etc.( I guess all the schools in the SGV,) I see packs of bald headed guys that are 6’2″ and 260 cholo-walking there way home while their team is practicing. Lack of size and ethnicity is not the problem, its lack of motivation for these sluggards. To bad. They have no idea what their missing. It is easier I guess to hangout and drink than to practice football but huge ups to the men that do commit.

  • BraveDad

    @ the man, I’m not sure how much attention you pay to PAC-5 football, but your statement that LH should be moved to the PAC-5 says, not much. LH would get smoked in a PAC-5 league and would be lucky to win 2 games a season. Their most recent head-to-head results against PAC-5 schools was a whopping 0-3 last season when they got beat by O-Lu and then got routed by Servite and St. John Bosco. Before that, Los Al tore them a new one every season. I give LH props for stepping it up from one team to three last season, but I bet you my next paycheck that Coach M will be searching for three other opponents for their non-league schedule when they get done with the home-and-home agreement with the Trinity schools in 2011 because they will get more of what they got last season and it will be totally confirmed that LH cant hang with the big boys! Research before you submit a comment my friend, research!

  • North OC Fan

    Brave Dad, it goes both ways. These Trinity schools also want to play La Habra. Instead of bashing on a program that is trying to play “the best”, all you are doing is bashing a consistent program. Hey, you’re not playing? When LH played against Servite last year, there were seven, count um’, seven starters out and all LH could do was run a “wildcat.” It was a pretty easy guess for Servite what was coming. Definitely not a pass! I bet the SJB/LH game draws a good crowd again this year. Hey, if you think it’s such a boring game against LH then don’t show up since you think they’re not worthy. And no, I don’t think they should move up, but play against the “best”, yes!

  • X’s and O’s

    Coach Slayer,

    I haven’t heard a better assessment about the Latino talent in Socal that was better than that. It’s not only true in athletics, but in all aspects of the real world. This day and age needs leaders in all capacities that are Chicano. We often hear about the small, tough Latino, but there are a whole lot of big fast ones that aren’t playing unfortunately. And before I sound like I’m being racist, I’m a Hispanic who saw this all around him.

  • Pac 5

    Brave Dave,

    It’s true that LH gets smashed by pac 5 teams, but they are still better than some of the last place teams in LB poly’s league, Los Als league etc. So their is room for them to grow. Everyone, has to start somewhere.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @ the man,

    Interesting assesment on West Covina. I would like to add that yes losing Beejay Lee is a big one. He was the definition of the word “speed back” for sure. Fastest kid in pads in the SGV and probably one of the fastest in the state. I disagree about Solomon having to do it all alone. If there was an athlete who could do it by himself it would definately be “Solo”. The human boulder Aaron Salgado will pick up the carries that Beejay had. We trade a speed back for a power back who also happens to be pretty fast himself. WC’s longest run from scrimmage last year was a blazing 88 yard carry by Salgado as a sophmore! We also have returning Jimmy Fraizer and some lower level talent comming in. WC always seems to have a healthy pool of talent carrying the ball.

    As far as QB goes, the last I heard the job will not be decided for a wile, perhaps hell week. And given the system the Bulldogs run on offense, you cannot really tell how effective our QB will be from “passing” league. Comparing any kid to 3 year starter Johnson is just unfair anyways. The new QB just needs to manage the game and hand the ball off to sgv player of the year Solomon and a bevy of other talented backs.

    Biggest concern is line play, we lost some great linemen to graduation.

  • Once a Swordsman…

    La Habra a Div. 1 program? Don’t think so. Div. 2, maybe. Certainly a Div. 3 program.


    To; X’S and O’S, Coach Slayer. You know I agree with you 100%! But you and I know it’s not just the kids fault and PARENTS have to take responsibilty also. If the Father and Mother do not get invovle in the kids life and take the time to sign the kid up for sports, then who will. You know most kids don’t want to go out and practice and excercise if the parent don’t tell them to get out their and sign up.

    It’s the Parents responsibllity to get’em started when there young and take them to practice and teach them the do’s and don’ts of LIFE. Coaches can only do so much.

    Here’s my opinion on KIDS,(BALD CHOLO’S), etc. When your kid wants to start wearing GANG ATTIRE and what not, well that doesn’t happen over night. Your kid will start doing it gradually and if you don’t nip that in the AZZ right away when he’s young, well you’ll have let the problem start. That goes for kids who start piercing their bodies everywhere, or African Americans letting there kids pants sag and wearing gang attire.

    So I believe this happens in all races, and that’s the sad part of LIFE! You know now a days kids are getting shot for any reason and especially if you look like a gang banger,and if you don’t believe me just read the LA TIMES HOMICIDE REPORT on Monday.



  • BraveDad

    Pac-5 & North OC Fan:

    If you guys reread my post, I did say that I give LH props for stepping it up and for the most part I do agree with both of you. My comments were aimed at the man who said that LH should be moved up to a Pac-5 league and I think several of us on this thread agree that they are not a Pac-5 school. Are they better than some as you’ve pointed out Pac-5, yes, perhaps; but, they are not good enough to do it week-in-week out – its brutal and recent head-to-head confirms my opinion.

    I dig LH’s program and was taking my sons to see them play ever since the Coach M era started so I know what they are about (I also saw Los Al pound them all those years. I pointed out to my oldest son the size differential alone between the D1 program on the field and LH.) I have many friends who have sons on the team and we banter back-and-forth all the time (guess who wins the playful arguments?). I also know they draw big crowds, etc and that’s all good, but its not what I was addressing on my prior post.

    North OC, I know I’m not playing dude, come on man! However, I do know what’s up with Pac-5 football. And by the way, where in my post did I say that they are not worthy – I think you’re exaggerating a bit. As far as my not attending the game at LH this coming season, that is not going to happen my friend. I’ve not missed one of my son’s games since his first Mighty Mite season, so I will be there; in fact, I was just talking to one of LH booster buddies last night about what we are going to do for a tailgate party? I took care of them all last year at Bosco but unfortunately we will need to go to a nearby house to tailgate this year (no tailgate parties at the publics I get it). And yes, we will talk a ton of smack before the game and yes, I will be the only one talking after the game (if you know what I mean). Good luck to all. Cant wait for week 0!

  • not likely

    if la habra were moved into d1, very rarely would they finish in the top half of the section. in addition, of the 5 leagues that make up the pac5 two of the leagues are private school leagues, the south coast league is all south orange co teams, the moore league is all long beach area teams and the sunset league is all coastal schools. none of those leagues are going to want to add a north oc school. D3 and d4 will never happen because all those leagues are either private, north la county or ventura county schools. the one and only logical move up would be to d2 and the sierra league, other then that, la habra stays right where they are. i for one would love to see them in the sierra league i think it would be a great fit.

  • Aaron

    Geographically you make little sense there.

    Western or Northern is the only place to move them as of right now. The Inland makes zero sense geographically…competitively moving the Sierra to the Inland was a joke. Putting La Habra into the San Gabriel Valley League (Western is the best fit geographically makes that league more competitive. So yes it works way better than putting them in the Sierra.

  • North OC Fan

    Thanks for the clarification Brave Dad. Your statement was pretty strong how “LH will get more of what they got last year and it will be confirmed LH can’t hang with the big boys.” Well, thats pretty admirable that Trinity teams would even schedule them. I don’t think the Trinity is thinking “Oh good, La Habra this week-a cakewalk! This will get us ready for Pac 5 play.” The beauty of all this is that this is just your opinion as is my opinion is mine; and you know about opinions-they’re like you know what, everybody’s got one!!

  • Dan

    Bulldogs have bite,
    You have some great post on here, always some good insight and with good tact. I look forward to hopefully reading many more from you. B.Jay lee was lightning on the field, I would like to have seen him get a couple more carries a game but it was tough because there were so many other deserving backs at WC, I agree about Solomon, he looks bigger and two steps faster than last season, and I believe he is capable of carrying the full load, but he will have plenty of help to carry the rock this year, Salgado, Fraizier, and others will add their own running styles to the WC run game, I have a little concern for the lineplay but with Amaya, Huynh, & Castro seeing some extensive time on O-line, and Meaders, Castro, and Israel Munoz on D-line, things could be a lot worse, I would not be suprised if the line turns out be strong again.
    Too not likely,
    La Habra sure would be a nice fit in the Sierra league, although it would be a little bit of a drive on Friday nights but not too bad for the Sierra schools. As for the matchups, with the exception of Corona Centennial in most years, La Habra would match up well with many teams in the Inland Div., Chino Hills, Rancho C., Upland, Norco,Los Osos, Roosevelt, Charter Oak, just to name a few.

  • Colt74

    West Covina could have every kid on their team head to alaska overnight and become deck hands on the deadliest catch. Coach M. would have that team reloaded in a week and they would STILL be a threat. I think the untapped talent pool at that school is still better than some schools tapped talents.

  • They look like their parents

    Here’s my opinion on KIDS,(BALD CHOLO’S), etc. When your kid wants to start wearing GANG ATTIRE and what not, well that doesn’t happen over night. Your kid will start doing it gradually and if you don’t nip that in the AZZ right away when he’s young, well you’ll have let the problem start. That goes for kids who start piercing their bodies everywhere, or African Americans letting there kids pants sag and wearing gang attire.

    The Big Problem is that teenage gang-style of dress is ALSO the exact style of dress their parent(s) wear.

  • BraveDad

    @ North OC Fan, once agian we pretty much see eye-to-eye. I don’t think the Trinity schools consider LH a cakewalk. Trinty schools tend not to schedule cakewalks. That said, a lesser opponent (a gimmie) one out of the five non-league games is good for wound licking and to test team depth; but, LH is not that game (some fools like the cat from Norco will say ohterwise, but what the hell does he know). I do feel that LH is a good team to play before PaC-5 play; they are tough and they are proven winners, and they come to play every Friday.

    That said, I do stick by my stement that LH will “get more of what they got last year.” I have to thnik that way – you know what I mean?

  • Not to different

    LH is that much different than CO. Some of there championship teams could have competed with anyone. Would LH stuggle a little to transtion to D1 or D2, of course. Would they work through it, of course. Like CO theLH staff os solid and has the core has been together for some time.
    Both schools have a little Bosise in them. Could they gain some addtional crediablity by playing in a higer divion sure but it doesn’t mean they aren’t really good.
    fun thread!!

  • are you kidding?

    @ aaron
    get out your map book and take a 2nd look. the northern div. (III)? there’s only one league in the whole div. that is south of the san fernando valley and thats the bay league. (west torrance, peninsula, leuzinger, redondo, mira costa) have fun with those 3 hour bus rides – NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN
    as far as the western div (IV), that would be a lateral move at best and if cif moved LH into the san gabriel valley league (warren, dominguez, gahr, paramont, lynwood, downey) the people of LH would be running the streets with pitch forks and tourches. if were talking about moving LH up, it would have to be the sierra league and the inland div (II). fyi – south hills & charter oak are about 10 miles, the 2 chino hills schools are about 13 miles with damien and claremont less then 20 miles and you would only be on the freeway going to damien and claremont. (est. mileage on a straight line)

  • Aaron

    Being the nerd that I am, I went on google maps and went through all the schools. So what you’re saying is geographically the move to either of those leagues would be neutral…but moving them to the Sierra would be as bad as moving the Sierra to the Inland. If the Sierra were still in the Central I’be be like oh sure put them up there. Competition wise the Sierra does not belong in the Inland Division…and neither does Glendora belong in the Baseline.

    Yes I know where the majority of Northern Division schools are…but base on competitive equity…the Inland is a no go and the Western is the best fit.

  • are you kidding?

    your right, glendora should never have been moved from the sierra. it’s claremont that should been placed in the baseline. in fact my sierra league would look like this; glendora, damien, chino hills, south hills, west covina, charter oak, and la habra. i would move ayala to the hacienda to take the west co. spot. that sierra league would have to play in the inland div. because there would be no other logical div. (from a competitive stand point) to place it. with the exception of corona centennial all of these teams in the sierra would be competitive with the rest of the inland. in a perfect world cc would be moved to the pac5 div. however, the biggest problem with that would be, what league would they be placed in? the nearest league would be the trinity, but thats an all private school league. the other 4 leagues in the pac5 would be out of the question. maybe i’m wrong, but i don’t ever recall a public school playing in an otherwise, all private school league.

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