All-Encompassing Top 10 SGV(N) QBs heading into the summer passing circuit …

Just how good is Arcadia’s Myles Carr?

Note: Obviously, a lot more will be learned over the summer about the guys on this list and how their teams will use them. And I will do another list after that. But for now, this is a pretty guideline as to who the top signal callers in the “area” are. As always, let me know where I’ve screwed up, if I’ve screwed up, point out some nuggets I may not have heard of, and I will pay extra-close attention to them this summer.

1. Nine, Sr., Bishop Amat
— It’s hard to gauge just how good Nine was or wasn’t last season. To see him play in person, you’d be hard pressed to find a better combo of raw arm strength and athleticism. But in the biggest games of the year — Alemany and Tesoro — Nine threw for 384 yards with a 2-3 TD/INT ratio (both losses). The early part of the season is also difficult to read because Amat’s strength of sked wasn’t so hot. For as great as we’ve hyped him (and no, it’s not fair to do that to anyone), it was his first season under center, under the lights. That would be a learning experience for anybody and Nine is human after all. Last year’s 2,000 yards passing and 19-7 TD/INT ratio was a nice IPO. I just think when you combine Nine’s leadership skills with his athletic ability with a year of experience with a few games against big-time opponents under his belt, he has to get the nod atop this list.

2. Andrew Elfers, Jr., Maranatha — All Elfers did as a sophomore was lead the Mid-Valley Division in yards with 3,328 and a whopping 37 touchdowns. He is obviously the darling of many recruiters already eyeing the Class of 2013 and justifiably so. It’s reasonable to expect Elfers to be even better this year as some of their young skill players also got some valuable time under the lights last year. Not sure the Minutemen can stop the class teams of the division, but they’ll certainly be able to put up numbers of their own.

3. Travis Santiago, Sr., Charter Oak
— Santiago was blessed with an amazing cast of receivers last year. He will have some good talent to throw to this season, but probably not to last year’s levels. Santiago braved injury and an entirely different class of competition than he saw as a sophomore, yet the numbers were quite strong — 2,418 yards and 21 TDs (good for No. 4 in the Inland Division). Maybe the numbers don’t get better without Thropay and Rufus to throw to, but is there any doubt that Santiago would be on any coach’s short list of QBs he’d like to build a team around.

4. Steven Rivera, Sr., Arroyo — Rivera is good enough to start and perform well on just about any team in the Valley. His numbers at Arroyo have been simply dazzling. He got hurt last year and missed time, but still threw for 1,963 yards and a savvy 21-4 TD/INT ratio. Rivera will have some new faces to work with this year, but I just don’t see many teams on Arroyo’s schedule that should keep him from flirting with a 2,000-yard/20-TD season. But a playoff win may be how everyone judges his success.

5. Billy Livingston, Sr., Covina
— The experience gained in his sophomore season coupled with an offseason of being mentored by some pretty big names helped Livingston really take a big step forward as a junior. 2,838 yards and 25 TDs are nothing to sneeze at. With a veteran team around him this season, Livingston’s numbers could be even better and that’s scary. You could be looking at the Mid-Valley Division MVP if the numbers and postseason wins are there.

6. Henry Omana, Sr., Diamond Bar
— Omana has the tools and college recruiters are taking notice. He also has the weapons in WR Katrib and RB Clayton to put up some major numbers. Not only that, the rest of the league and division seem to line up nicely as several teams won’t be as good as last year whereas D-Bar should be as good or better. Omana has the raw tools to come away with a scholarship, but does he have what it takes to get D-Bar back in the postseason?

7. Jared Leibowitz, Jr., St. Francis
— The Vermont transfer is 6-3, nearly 200 lbs. and going to be junior. He gets to work with St. Francis coach Jim Bonds, who knows a thing or two about grooming top-notch QBs. Leibowitz threw for five TDs in a game last fall while in Vermont. The more I think about it … he’s got the frame, he’s got the arm strength, he’s got Bonds and he’s got Travis Talianko to throw to. He’s got to move up on this list, no? I will see him in two weeks and let you know.

8. Kevon Seymour, Sr., Muir — Seymour’s offers from Florida, USC, et al aren’t to play QB. He’ll be a DB or WR in college. But as for his senior season, he’s involved in a serious three-way battle to be Muir’s QB this season. Seymour got ample time under center last year when starter Jeff Davis was hurt. Even if he doesn’t win the job, which is something I can’t see happening, Muir coach Ken Howard said Seymour will be at QB 30 percent of the time. Again, that’s if he doesn’t out and out win the job. He’ll win it. I firmly believe it and you’ll see one of the best all-purpose QBs around. I’ll get my first look at just how things are going in a couple of weeks.

9. Myles Carr, Sr., Arcadia — You know what stands out to me about Carr’s junior season? 26 TDs and only 4 picks. Very nice ratio. Carr has some outstanding skill talent to work with this season, led by the heavily recruited Taylor Lagace. I can’t remember Arcadia having this much skill talent. Anyway, Carr looks like a good bet to improve on last year’s numbers and now you might be seeing why I like this team as much as I do in the Top 25.

10. Vince Hernandez, Sr., South Hills — Hernandez has a legit gripe in that his top target — Jaime Canada — hasn’t been there for him due to injury. With Canada, Hernandez’s numbers should shoot up. Hernandez also has RB Jamel Hart to take the pressure off. South Hills lost a lot along the O-line this year, so that might be a concern because protection will be key in the Sierra League. Hernandez has the natural skills to put up a solid season if all the offense’s working parts are healthy.

What struck me in doing my research is that there’s a lot of questions at QB in the Whittier area. Last year there were guys like Clements and Cantu, but this year it seems to be quite a bit down. I have heard that Cantwell got a transfer from St. John Bosco, a junior-to-be named Walsh (first name?) and coaches think he’ll be special. Also, I can’t get a read on St. Paul’s Paul Telles. Can somebody tell me if they think he truly belongs on this list. Give me some stats and whatnot. There are some guys with strong numbers from last season who didn’t make the list like El Monte’s Manuel Santa Cruz. He could get some consideration later this summer once I see how everything goes. Same with San Gabriel’s Andy Guerrero. Chino Hills has a strong candidate in Andrew Chavez, who was solid as a junior but lost a lot from his supporting cast. Monrovia’s George Frazier is lacking experience, but could join the list later on. Again, I’m not trying to be a genius here. I’m doing this off what I saw last year and what I’ve heard so far this year. So if I’ve missed someone glaring, PLEASE TELL ME. I just want to have it all right going into all the passing games I’m going to be seeing.

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  • Jefe

    My son, Bosco sophomore, informed me that Cantwell qb (transfer from Bosco) was last on the depth chart at Bosco.

    I guess the coaches at Cantwell are seeing something in him the folks at Bosco didn’t.

  • Fotball Fan

    Where is Christian Mahlstede? He’s athletic. Couple of schools in the WAC have shown some intrest. The kid is 6’2 175.

  • Aaron

    1. Elfers (Maranatha)D1 size and arm…with the production, needs to keep it up.
    2. Santiago (CO) Two year starter and a gamer, gonna have a great year with a solid backfield.
    3. Ruiz (Bishop Amat) When you’ve got Jalen Moore in the backfield you will look good, solid QB.
    4. Rivera (Arroyo) Without him they have a losing season, four year starter.
    5. Livingston (Covina) About the same as Rivera except he’s bigger, hope he’s grown a little.
    6. Carr (Arcadia) Nothing like getting seen on Lagace’s film, but he is solid.
    7. Lebowitz (St Francis) Don’t know the competition level he faced in Vermont.
    8. Andrew Chavez (Chino Hills) Gamer for sure.
    9. Omana (Diamond Bar) Can he get them to the playoffs?
    10. Frazier (Monrovia) Not sure if he’s even a sleeper, saw his arm last summer, now he has the keys.

    Aram did you do this last year…I don’t remember if you did…but I need to see the list to remember.

    Mahlstede’s stats are…well there’s nothing 6 completions.

  • Yes


    “I’m not trying to be a genius here.” Don’t worry, we wouldn’t mistake you for that in any way!!! In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

  • BraveDad

    Jefe, if it’s the kid Im thinking of, his name is not Walsh and he is going to be a junior. That said, I don’t think Negro and the staff missed anything, they got it right; with all due respect to the kid, he’s not a QB material and was removed from the JV QB depth chart like after week 3 or 4 last season. Medina’s our guy for the upcoming season and from what I hear there is a sophomore tranferring in that is a really good QB, but he will back-up Ray Medina.

  • Aaron,

    Solid list. I was close with Frazier, but it’s hard to give him the edge over guys with experience. But at the end of the year, he could easily be on there. I think I’m too low with Leibowitz, but we’ll see.

  • the pacific

    wow how do you leave out brandon cox from pasadena and to clear things up kevon seymour is not the qb the qb for muir this year will be josh muema brother of former running back from c.o adam muema. and why is andrew elfers 2nd i believe he should be #1 above rio ruiz who you now call nine and also myles carr should be at least in the top 5 come on aram straighten the list out even Amat fans know nine shouldn’t be #1………

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – your deciding criteria is funny – and suspect. Also pretty easy to look good at Qb with receivers like Rufus, Gilchrest, Thropay and Powell and Backs like Muema, Scoby, Vaughns, and Golden – don’t you think it works both ways?

  • The Pacific,

    I spoke to Coach Howard this a.m. and he said it’s three-way battle that they’re trying to figure out. He said that even if Seymour doesn’t win the job, he will get 30 percent of the snaps. I think he’s going to win the job but will know a lot more about how I feel in two weeks after I’ve seen Muir a couple times.

    Yours is the kind of post I want people to make. Tell me where I’m wrong and why.

  • Colt74

    Kennedy…..San Dimas. Gut feeling says this kid is going to have a good year.

  • Aaron

    As far as my Frazier pick is concerned…I think Aram had Ruiz his pre-season number two(?) last year when he’d had a list of QBs…I know he was on the cover of TribXtra…which I didn’t really agree with but it’s ok.

    At that point he had spent his sophomore season as a WR and db…not really backing up McClanahan.

    Frazier however was in several packages through the year and as an athlete hands down a solid kid. That’s the reason why I put him on the outside at ten.

    JS, if your only qualification of being number one is having an A with a spear through it on your helmet then I guess he is. However if we’re going to talk about who is the real number one it is Elfers, you don’t think so…ok. But if you’re debating on why I have Ruiz behind Santiago, it’s pretty clear the edge is about 400 yds and another year as a starter. Yes his sophomore season Santiago had great backs to keep the pressure off and let him learn.

    Last year’s run game was nothing to sneeze at…it was really bad, 22nd in the Inland Division (276th in section). Kurt Scoby had 470 yds and as a Freshman that is awesome…but he couldn’t do what Muema did as a senior. Khari Garcia had 370 yds and he was a sophomore. I think this year Santiago will benefit from having experienced young ball carriers…and Scoby will probably have a 1000yd season as a soph.

    Santiago really didn’t have any pad stats games looking at his…but Ruiz definitely did with Notre Dame. Ruiz had the fourth best rushing offense in the PAC-5 to take the pressure off of him.

    If those are your only gripes…then ok I’ll call my two and three picks a push.

  • Aaron,

    Something to keep in mind: Nine didn’t have Wallace G. for the entire season.

    Also, Nine was playing with a cast that was pretty much also in its first year starting under the lights, i.e. Moore, A. Sanchez, Shay.

  • just sayin’

    it’s hilarious and says something about Amat’s schedule when a “pad your stats” game is against Notre Dame Sherman Oaks!! (Santiago had 43 attempts vs Claremont to “pad his stats”) You say Ruiz had the fourth best rushing offense, that also accounted for 90 more rushing attempts than CO . Do you think Rio would come up with an additional 40 yds per game there? If they’re both on the line and every SGV coach had a pick – without a doubt EACH of them pick Ruiz – even Farrar (although he’d never say that publicly)

  • Observantcat

    Lets try using a different approach? If you were to trade Elfers to Bishop Amat and bring Ruiz over to Maranatha, who do you suppose would have the better season? You could mix and match a few names in your top ten bunch but at the top of the list would be Andrew Elfers (He is the best QB in the entire SGV) Now breaking down athletic ability you have several different factors that make for a great QB #1 Vision
    #2 Accuracy #3 adjustment factors(meaning can they read the defense and make split second decisions on the fly #5 Running ability (Can they scramble out of trouble or do they get sacked in the backfield) These are areas you should look at before making a decision as to who is the better QB. Seems like you see BA as having the best team so Ruiz is a shoein for being the best QB (Not true) I think QB’s such as Santiago, Elfers, even Rivera from Arroyo could have provided BA with the same or better results this season. But taking a look at what each team has to work with and putting up numbers that catch my eye, I give the edge to
    1 Elfers
    3 Rivera
    4 Ruiz
    5 Livingston
    6 Carr
    8 Seymour
    9. & 10 We can only speculate until we see them have a full game under center but George Frazier & Lebowitz could be the best of this bunch, but to put them in front of the pack would be very foolish at this stage of the season.
    If we were to go by pure atleticism this list would look completly different with maybe having Seymour at the very top along with Frazier, Elfers, Ruiz, and so on.

  • david duvall

    what about schreiman at pomona, all you people are under estimating this kid but when you surround a qb with alot of skilled african american atletes the sky is the limit. i predict this kid will throw for 2,500 yards this season and not anybody is mentioning him but me. just watch people you will see what im talking about

  • Aaron

    I understand what you said Aram. Did I say Ruiz was rancid…no, I just put him at three which is pretty high considering there’s 100+ schools in the coverage area.

    Yes, Santiago had Dennis Rufus, Chris Gilchrist, and Josiah Thropay to throw the ball to. However teams didn’t have to respect COs run game…yes Santiago had 43 attempts…but he only completed 22, so no that’s not a pad your stats game…notice they lost 35-32. Also Claremont wasn’t the same team after Tanner Kuramuta went down, had he not been injured for the season we’re talking about a ridiculous passing offense that would have gotten Claremont more than a three game skid to end the season.

    Ruiz had Jalen Moore to hand the ball off to. Teams had to respect the Amat running game which is a credit to how Jalen Moore played. Adam Sanchez was not that bad of a receiver to have, and Aram you’re right he didn’t have Gonzalez for the entire season, but there was another big target on the field…and yes he also wasn’t available until game four…fact remains the same that Brock Booth is listed at 6’2″ and he caught two passes. You can give me the explanation for not targeting him more.

    Either way both Ruiz(62%) and Santiago(57%) need to become more efficient and reduce interceptions whilst increasing touchdowns at the same time if they expect to lead their teams beyond the first round of the playoffs.

    As far as SO Notre Dame is concerned, they were horrible. The two teams they beat were Loyola (3-7) and Birmingham (2-8). For the expectations of the DI football…that’s a crow feather not a Bald Eagle’s.

    Stat leaders:
    Top Five QBs in the PAC-5
    Stenhouse-g:12 Cp:221 At:330 Pct:67 Yd:3131 TD:37 IN:7
    Adams-g:13 Cp:166 At:254 Pct:64.5 Yd:2901 TD:27 IN:9
    Wittek-g:13 Cp:153 At:282 Pct:54.3 Yd:2252 TD:24 IN:15
    Shultz-g:12 Cp:136 At:234 Pct:62.4 Yd:2250 TD:33 IN:4
    Wilson-g:11 Cp:136 At:235 Pct:57.9 Yd:2031 TD:12 IN:7

    Ruiz was sixth and Cody Pittman 20th
    Maxpreps computer Rankings has Ruiz 9th:

    Inland Division
    Kessler (Claremont)- g:11 Cp:234 At:377 Pct:62 Yd:3490 TD:37 IN:13
    Cutbirth (Etiwanda)- g:12 Cp:234 At:350 Pct:66.9 Yd:2996 TD:32 IN:15
    Eubank (Cor. Cent)- g:15 Cp:165 At:245 Pct:67.3 Yd: 2831 TD:22 IN:3
    Santiago (CO)-g:10 Cp:146 At:255 Pct:57.3 Yd:2418 TD:21 IN:10
    Crone (Roosevelt)-g:12 Cp:130 At:209 Pct:62.2 Yd:2379 TD:23 IN:6

    Santiago Computer ranking was fifth.

    Remember this is all just my opinion…so JS, go ahead and put out your list.

  • Big Mike

    Myles Carr already has a scholarship to play at the college level. He should definatley be in the top 5 QBs of the San Gabriel Valley when he’s already listed as one of the top prospects in the state. Numerous Division 1 teams are recruiting him hard and he is going to be a great player next year leading the apaches. He can throw the ball and run. Watch out for him, he’s going to have a huge year.

  • Carr D-1??

    carr has a offer really from where? i have not seen it! and the kid isnt getting hard looks by any D-1 schools maybe d2 at best kids not that good overhyped!
    Carr parents stay off the blog boosting your kid!

  • Aaron

    I heard about it on Tuesday. It’s not on scout…they show a bunch of schools, on Rivals they list two UCLA and Sac State. The offer is from SAC State…and being listed to the SemperFi bowl watch list is not like being watch listed to the UA or Army All American Bowls.

    Still, good for him. It pays dividends to be the guy delivering the ball to Taylor Lagace.

  • Captain Obvious

    Can’t put an unseen rising junior from a lacrosse-and-field-hockey state above two proven rising senior starters from California with D1 football offers. Comparisons and rankings of him at this point are premature.

    And Carr D-1?? be embarrassed by your ignorance.

  • Garcia

    I understand why Schreiman wouldnt be in the top ten based on last year, but I have also notice Aram very supportive of last years coaching staff on this issue, in my opinion to supportive especially based on the results. Almost like you guys and MV have taken opposite sides on that issue. To date they make it very clear that the coaching staff screwed up a great situation. All the current talk around Wilson with the new staff is finding a replacement for last years team MVP; they have a transfer in that they are currently working with. Shocking coach Zavalas team MVP isnt even starting the next season?

  • Bishop needs a QB

    Aram, your post on Ruiz was so funny. No… he does not get the nod for any reason. Just when you get the benefit of the doubt, you go do something like this. Do yourself a favor and stop writing stuff for laughs.

    If Elfers transfered to Bishop Amat today, Ruiz would be back and WR. You know this.

    So Ruiz is being called “9” as is he is some kind of legend lol…He is not the best QB in the valley, his league nor Pac 5. Stop Making excuses for why he did not do this or that. The kid is a great athlete, I loved him when he played WR. What are going to say when BA is one and done in the playoffs? This is the reason why Bishop has not went further in the playoffs. They have yet to recruit a true QB. They have been turning baseball players, WR’s, rb’s…the starting forward on the soccer team etc…once again Bishop will be having a kid who is not a natural qb running the helm. The Pac 5 is unforgiving on teams with suedo qb’s.

    Bishop Amat Ruiz should be catching TD’s instead of throwing them. He is a d-1 WR, but not QB. Whey don’t any real qb’s want to go to bishop?

  • Chris Carr

    I put my name up here because I have nothing to hide. I have no reason to hide behind any pseudo name or moniker. For all of those people who are interested or concerned, we (Carr’s parents) have no need or desire to get on a blog and boast or brag about our son’s recruitment or accomplishments. We will continue to leave that to all you experts and haters who talk to coaches on the regular, attend combines,camps and college campuses on the regular. In the future if I choose to blog I will use my god given name. I am sure my son will read this. Carr D-1??, thanks for the motivation!!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    FYI the logo on our helmets does have the A and it is a lance going thru it not a spear , which is why we are known as LANCERS .

  • Aaron


    Roger, good copy.

  • there is a kid over at west covina that the offence of cord had no bond with!! there four he packet it up and transford over to too charter oaks he and the the staff have so much incommon he will be there leader [n years to come keep a eye on this kid he is only a frshmen this year he has size speed and most of all LEADERSHIP….Sorry West Covina we have your dream Qb now !!! Good Luck finding somebody too replace him.

  • Hound of Lancerville

    BA needs a QB – good question? I don’t know why QB’s from the area do not want to take the challenge of being the QB at AMAT? I guess no one else believes they can take the Helm of a high ecpectation, Pac-5 school like Bishop Amat. Your guess is as good as any other but with that being said….WE STILL COMPETE WITH WHAT WE HAVE (Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Track, etc, etc players). And IMHO, we do it very well. Mr. Carr, if you don’t feel the need to get on a blog or hide behind a name, THEN DON’T! But it looks like you do because YOU JUST DID!

  • Hound of Lancerville

    Hey BA needs QB, let’s ask OKAY, apparently there is a Dream QB that didn’t feel he had it in him to captain the Amat ship either? Now he is C.O.’s quarterback of the century! WHY? WHY? WHY?

  • Mr. Carr,

    Thanks for your comment. Nice to have you on the blog. But a word of advice, the blogs are typically not a good place for parents unless you’re extremely thick skinned. Some parents are and can handle and ultimately win the respect of the anonymous public, but it ends badly for most.

    As for Myles. Congrats on having a son with such a bright future. I’m sure we all look forward to seeing what great things he’ll do his senior season.

  • What?

    @ oaky

    WTF are you talking about? and WTF are you smoking?
    No bond with the OC? If he is only going to be Freshman, why would he be having any contact with the high school OC prior to the start of the summer football program? How does a Freshman transfer prior to ever attending the school or are you trying to say that he was a Freshman this year and wasn’t good enough to start at WC so he’s transfering to CO for his Sophmore year? and what exactly does a 14 year old kid have in common with an adult football coach? What, they both like football? Probably won’t be to difficult to figure out whos idiot dad you are.

  • Coach Slayer

    Carr reminds me of another pre-season highly promoted QB from last year. Mike Ball from Rowland. How did that work out? Pop or Mom please take Aram’s counsel and stay off the blogs not for you but for your son’s sake. Not just your son will read the posts but so will team mates and classmates and they can be mercilous. Let his play merit recognition, not some parent seeking attention because of his progeny. There are plenty of parents that have made life difficult for their kid by posting on these blogs even once like you have. And a pseudonym will not work either because bloggers can tell who are the parents are no matter what name they use. Have a great season young Mr. Carr.

  • BA QB

    I think the Bishop Amat supporters have it all wrong when it comes to the AB spot at Bishop Amat. At Bishop Amateur it isn’t what you know it is who you know, what Rio and daddy want they get. I am sure their are at least ten other qb’s out their better than Rio. Funny how Booth comes back from a competition that he took first place in and days latter he is no longer a AB at Bishop Amat. Now Booth at qb, and Rio at safety and wr doesn’t make the team better. That is the perfect example of why quality qb’s wont make their home at Bishop Amat.

  • AMAT 73

    I guess being the 9th ranked QB in the PAC-5 in your eyes is a bad QB .

  • wchs coach


    Good luck to the kid and see you later dad. Stop living the dream thru your son. He is a avg Qb that is too slow footed to be a Qb. Try TE. You left cuz he wasn’t going to start this year, stop coming to are passing games with that charter choke stuff. Don’t come crying back when we win another cif.

  • the pacific

    Mr. Carr: i think you should take Aram advice and stay off the blogs the blog is a lion’s den and if your a parent more than likely your more concerned about whats being said about your son and after reading your post your not that thick skinned but in my opinion Myles is an awesome qb and im sure he will play d1 somewhere i see him all the time and a kid with his size and ability some coach will be glad to take him. but in other words sheep’s should not wonder in or around a lion’s den keep you and your son away.

  • BraveDad

    @ aron, how did you come to your reranking of the Pac-5 QBs? When I go to the link, the top five are: Stenhouse (Crespi), Wittek (MD), Adams (Alemany), Young (SM), and Medina (Bosco). What am I missing?


    sometimes i cant believe the ignorance on these things and load of crap said…. any kid who plays in the pacific league vs teams like muir burbank burroughs cv and pasadena and goes 27 TDs to 4 INTs should not have to hear it. hes doesnt play in the leagues that have el monte south elmonte or other leagues which have san marino south pas temple city nor does he play vs any team in that olympic league. myles carr plays vs tough teams in his 8 team league and is OBVIOUSLY a great qb and should not have to see these types of comments…. we as coaches would be so lucky to have a kid and player like him

  • Let’s See

    Oh, about that league that has San Marino, South Pas, La Canada..How about Monrovia? Hmmmmm…..14 of 18 for 86 yrds….1td/1 int. 5 rushing attempts for 10 yrds. On the other hand little kid named Nick 11 of 18 for 201 yards 2Td’s/ 1 Int.
    12 attempts for 205 yrds 2Tds. Nothing against Carr but when you talk stats make sure you know where you get them. I can only imagine what Nick would have done in the Pacific league this past season. HS COACH you seem to be a victim of your own statements.

  • Coach Slayer

    High School Coach, You must be the Dad again. When was the last time a Pacific team did anything in the playoffs other than Muir? My gosh even lowly Pioneer gave your #1 team all they wanted in the first round last year. Don’t pump up the kid with false hopes until he actually achieves something. That means making a deep run in the playoffs. Sorry to say but right now Arcadia would have a tough time making the playoffs in the Del Rio league. He may have to get his scholarship the old fashioned way, earn it. Certainly not by glamour shots.

  • Aaron

    You have it straight. That’s how maxpreps ranks the QBs.

    The other is when you go to the stat leaders page…which isn’t the actual ranking of the player.

  • Red Leader

    hs coach, you’re funny. Rio Hondo champs destroyed Pacific champs. Just be thankful Arcadia caught the Pacific at the right time, last year was the weakest it’s ever been. As far as Carr, he’s a good qb. He needs to be a better leader on and off the field if he expects his teammates to get his back.

    Aram, you mentioned you can’t remember Arcadia having this much skill talent. Who exactly are you talking about? All I see is out there is Lagace. And I am out there.

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – stats as much a result of styles of play as they are QB skills. If the team runs the spread vs pro set or pounds the ball vs throwing it around that will change the stats – which change rankings. Still doesn’t say who thinks who is a better player. The “look test” is far more important as a MaxPreps page.

  • david duvall

    the qb of the future is this freshman from bonita, this kid can flat out run and has a really good arm. but the fact that he is going to be a sophmore with no exsperience at the varsity level could put him through some serious growing pains this year. but believe folks in 2 years everybody will be talking about this kid. he can flat out run

  • Carr??? R you stupid????

    Carr???? idk who you are but you must be a fan of losing or teams that play just for a good old time. wouldnt you want your quarterback to fight for your team??? You obviously dont like to compete. How could you sportscenter watching wanna be football analysts say Carr has no leadership skills? In case you forgot Carr took a 2-7-1 team the previous year to pacific league champs. Plus he threw 26 tds as a jr?? and to say they only have lagace?? he only had 9tds sooo that cant be right?? Also arcadia just won the CV passing league tournament the first ever in arcadia’s history. So check your facts or learn the game of football before you make stupid comments.

    p.s this list is the funniest thing ever seymour 8?? hes a great DB and if he does get 30% of the reps ur going to have him ahead of full time starters? and the sf kid seriously??? have you seen him in person, hes nowhere near 200 pounds and is nowhere near the qb’s youve had in the past.

  • Carr??

    Yeah Carr can ball… but its not him just being able to ball you got to have the right attitude and this kid has a nasty attitude! To me he seemed like a knuckle head but that might just be my opinion… But i think Aram should have him at #7 cause hes not better then any of the other kids ahead of that..

  • QB

    7on7 bottom line the kids don’t want to cheat to win. Its called good sportsmanship. If you look at Carr’s poor sportsmanship as a quality then you have a lot to learn. Carr needs a lot of work from the neck up if he plans on playing at the next level.

  • Aaron


    The look test is only important for the mold…Guys like Todd Reesing don’t get a lot of shots because they’re 5’6 in cleats…but I’m pretty sure Todd Reesing was a great QB for Kansas.

    And passing the look test doesn’t matter if he can’t back it up…so you got it wrong. However, I’d put Ruiz on my team if I was picking.

    So you can stop your little attempt to say he should be number two, if you want to state your case you can actually put forth a grounded argument with your own list than beating the A on your chests with your fist.

  • Swordsmen Football Fan

    Regarding Paul Telles as QB at St Paul High School. Last year Telles was given the starting QB position. I attended every St Paul Football Game last season. It was very apparent that the position was too much for Telles. It seemed as if the stress of the position was too much and he was not mature enough to handle it. When the Swordsmen Offensive Line would give him time he was at best, average. When a pass rush was putting pressure on him he panicked. His decision making was made in fear. During three different games last year Telles did not want to continue playing and was pleading with St Paul Coaches to remain on the bench. No Telles does not belong on the top ten QB list.

  • just sayin’

    Aaron -touchy , touchy. Did I mention Ruiz at all? I simply said after you list of “rankings” that stats aren’t everything and are a function of styles. true – or not?
    Carson Palmer, Matt Shaub both threw for more yards than Tom Brady.

  • You are not a fan…

    @Swordsmen Football Fan

    You are not a fan. I can not believe you went and called out a kid anonymously on an Internet forum and them make up stuff about him? Not cool at all.

    So, why don’t you mention the games like La Mirada where he led them to victory and threw for over 200 yards in his first game as a Soph. How about the Cathedral game where he made several key runs and passes in pressure situations which resulted in another win.

    The kid threw for a 1000 yards in an offense that gained over 2000 yards on the ground.

    And no, I am not his Dad.

  • Swordsmen Football Fan

    Wow! What games did you see Dad. St Paul is a run first offense. What about J Serra?

  • just sayin’

    and then there is also this

  • football fan

    We all need to remember that quarterback Paul Telles was a sophomore last year,I think that’s pretty good!Its not everyday you see a sophomore start for hes varsity football team. I think he got the experience that he needed to get. And hes going to have a big year, Hes arm is very stronger and his quick if it wasn’t for him we would of lost a few games last year but that’s my opinion and only mind. We should all look forward to a great season next year. ADRIAN ORTEGA

  • Swordsmen Football Fan

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. A Sophomore QB is not that uncommon of an accomplishment. Bigger, stronger & quicker, a reality check may be needed. The team should be putting the best on the field.

  • adrian ortega

    Yes, you are right we should put the best out on the field, and that’s what we have out their a quarterback that will takes us deep into the playoff including with a Strong running game! Adrian Ortega

  • ha ha

    Funny how people use their real name when they are saying something positive. Now use you real name when your commenting about something the coach did that you didn’t like then I will be impressed:)

  • Swordsmen Football Fan


  • Parent

    Mr. Carr,

    “Blogging 101”

    “Don’t add fuel to the fire”

    You had to go through it to understand. I am speaking from experience, it will only get worse. I had the ultimate privilege of Aram talking trash about my son, so trust me they were playing nice this time.

  • real deal

    HS Coach why you banging on other leagues, Monrovia exposed this kid Carr. I mean he was throwing pics, getting sacked. He couldn’t throw a spiral to save his life. The kid does look the part, but QB is a big time position. He did not look like a baller. Be careful about banging on other leagues. Honestly the kids if you break down 27 tds in 12 games that’s a little over 2 per game. That does not qualify him as a elite. Look Elfers is the best Qb in the valley. Thats just the way it is.

  • Swordsmen Football Fan

    Ouch! It is what it is…

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