Arroyo goes 1-3 in Bobby Hauck Passing Jamboree at UNLV …

Arroyo was unable to defend its title in the Bobby Hauck Passing Jamboree at UNLV on Saturday.

The Knights went 1-3 on the day, losing two games in OT and getting beat bad in another.

Aram’s take: Call me crazy, but my new passing tournament strategy is to only put stock in good results and very little in bad. If a team does well, it probably means they have some skill guys and with some sort of line play they’ll have a solid season. If they do poorly, well, they could be entirely different with some sort of line play. Oh hell, I give up …

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  • SDSU Tourny

    SDSU 7 0n 7 Tourny. Bishop Amat went 2-1 on Friday and 4-1 on Saturday. They lost in the Championship game to Hamilton HS(AZ. State Champs.)

  • Zackly

    like ranking baseball teams after playing over-the-line or a basketball team playing 3 on 3

  • Aaron

    Always put stock in good results. However, when a spread team that won the tournament the year before has this poor of a showing I’d be a bit concerned for them this next season…however it’s very early in the passing league circuit so they still have plenty of time to work.

  • WCovina97

    I was in San Diego for my sister’s bday party, and I heard Amat was in the SDSU passing tourney so I went to take a look. I don’t call myself an Amat hater, but I can’t say I have any love for them either. Yet I will give credit and props where it is due. Amat looked fast, solid, and impressed me overall. I think from what I saw Saturday, that they will be strong again this coming season……Way to represent the SGV. Wish WC was playing Amat, because I think it would be one hell of a game…..Go WCHS !!!!!

  • covcolt

    West cochina cant stop the pass thats why they wont play Anat