All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 10 RBs heading into the summer passing circuit …

Jamel Hart is poised for another big year as South Hills tries to bounce back

Note: Obviously, a lot more will be learned over the summer about the guys on this list and how their teams will use them. And I will do another list after that. But for now, this is a pretty guideline as to who the top ball carriers in the “area” are. As always, let me know where I’ve screwed up, if I’ve screwed up, point out some nuggets I may not have heard of, and I will pay extra-close attention to them this summer.

1. Chris Solomon, Sr., West Covina — The reigning Tribune Player of the Year simply has it all — he can run with power and also run away from defenders once in the open. Solomon’s junior year came behind a veteran line that was a lot different than what he’ll have to work with this year. Will that hurt his overall numbers? It’s hard to tell right now. If there’s a weakness in his abilities as a ball carrier, I haven’t seen it.

2. Jalen Moore, Sr., Bishop Amat — Remember when everyone (me) was worried about Jay Anderson’s defection from the team last offseason? Well, Moore quelled those concerns with a monstrous junior season. Like Solomon, Moore uses a nice combo of power running and speed. But like Solomon, Moore will have some new linemen in front of him this season. That’s a concern, but he’s talented enough to rattle off another big season.

3. Tairen Owens, Sr., Muir — Owens has already given a verbal commitment to Washington. I think that like Muir teammate Kevon Seymour, most people will see Owens’ stats and shake their head as to all the college interest. Well, both are athletes and they project as the type of talents that big-time programs want. Owens worked behind an offensive line last season that lacked depth and had injury issues. He ran for 822 yards and 10 TDs. Muir’s line play and depth will determine just how big of a senior season he will have.

4. Jamel Hart, Sr., South Hills — Hart has lived up to the hype at South Hills, doing his part despite inconsistency of teammates or injuries to other key players around him. Like the top two on this list, Hart can run with power or run away from defenders. He rushed for 1,318 yards and 17 scores last season despite everybody knowing what was coming. The return of receiver Jamie Canada would take a lot of pressure off. When South Hills’ line was interested last year, they were a solid unit. With some key names gone to graduation, you have to wonder how Hart will be affected.

5. Michael Ortega, Sr., St. Paul — Ortega combines with fullback David Cabral to form a potent tandem. He will see a ton of action as its no secret what St. Paul wants to do. The Swordsmen have enough talent returning all over the field to make it obvious that every facet of the game should be even better this season … and that includes the running game where Ortega (and Cabral) should shine.

6. Corey Victoria, Sr., Glendora — Victoria figures to see his stats inflate in new coach Todd Quinsey’s run-friendly system. The senior was excellent in short-yardage situations and was a nice a compliment to QB Chad Jeffries last season. But this year Victoria will have to be the show instead of the supporting cast. Should be no problem and that’s for one major reason — the kid knows how to RUN NORTH/SOUTH (it’s a lost art these days).

7. De’Shawn Ramirez, Sr., Monrovia — I’m going on the assumption that Ramirez will be cleared to play. As a sophomore, Ramirez flashed signs of greatness and it’s pretty well known throughout the west SGV that Ramirez will be one of the top, if not the top, backs in the area. Remember, he had 851 yards as a soph and has now matured more physically.

8. Kurt Scoby, So., Charter Oak — None of CO’s stable of backs last year really distinguished themselves last year. Expect that to change this year with Scoby becoming one of the top rushers around for the next three years. Scoby has gotten more physically mature and has added quite a bit of muscle this offseason. I expect him to easily pass 1,000 yards and that’s saying something given CO’s new league/division surroundings.

9. Tony Botello, Sr., Pioneer — Nobody does more with less than Botello. The pint-sized speedster is listed at 5-foot-5, 155 pounds, but that didn’t stop him from rushing for 1,189 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. Pioneer went 5-5 last season and lost to La Serna and Santa Fe by a combined 105-7. Does that drive home just how impressive of a one-man show Botello is?

10. O.J. Medina, Sr., La Serna — Medina was the compliment to Richard Alvarez last year, but still managed 765 yards on 96 carries. He also had eight touchdowns. Those are pretty good numbers considering Alvarez tallied 1,100 yards and 25 touchdowns. Medina will be the main man this year and shouldn’t disappoint considering La Serna’s commitment to the run.

Covina’s Gevontray Ainsworth just missed the cut here, but I truly believe that with last year under his belt, he could easily find his way onto this list. If you wanted to put him there now, no argument. Same with Whittier Christian’s Grant Escobar, who had a 1,000-yard season last year. Diamond Bar’s Jamaal Clayton also looks poised for a big season. Rosemead always has a 1,000-yard back and this year it might be Matt Eddy. There are several teams that have more than one good running back. West Covina comes to mind. If Aaron Salgado was the feature back on his team, he’d probably be on the list. Same with Cabral at St. Paul or Michael Harris at Monrovia, who will be running the show if Ramirez isn’t reinstated.

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  • Ben Franklin

    Perfect example of your bias… you put a kid like De’shawn Ramriez at #6 when he hasn’t played in over a year… Seriously ARAM… How Big IS Your HARD ON for Mtown

  • Honest Abe

    Well Ben, if you had’nt let that bolt of electricity hit you in the head causing you to become a bit dissolusional you would have put him even higher. Everyone that has seem him touch the football knows he is the real deal and in truth would have easily gained at least 2500 plus yards last season and probably even more this season. Special teams has him with 5 returns on the kickoff 2 went for TD’s (99yrds – 97 yrds… do the math.

  • Moore #1

    Jalen Moore rushed for:

    157 against Compton Dominguez (who beat Crespi)

    262 yards versus Crespi (who beat Inland Runner Up Vista Murrieta)

    280 yards versus Loyola (who destroyed Upland)

    126 yards and 4 TDs versus Alemany (Pac-5 runner up)

    Someone explain to me how Moore is ranked #2 when the toughest team Solomon faced was Bonita??? Does strength of schedule mean nothing?

  • Anonymous

    Moore #1, try switching personel and see who the better runner is….those teams you are speaking of had more yards ran off of their defenses than teams in West Covs league.

  • Moore #1

    I’m not taking anything away from Solomon. I know he has mad talent and I’m sure that if he was in Moore’s position at Amat, he would have done just as well. But when ranking returning RBs, the fact remains that it was Moore that faced this level of competition and excelled…not Solomon. Now you can spend all day speculating on how good Solomon would do versus the same competition but again…there is speculation and then there is actual and completed history. Moore proved to be one of the top RBs in the Pac-5 (he actually made the front page of last season)…and I just don’t understand how that amounts to a #2 ranking in the San Gabriel Valley.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Good choice for #1. Mad respect for the Amat peeps, but just know when to stop honking the “level of competition horn” everytime to prove a hypothetical point. Solomon is every bit as good an athelete as ANYBODY on Amat’s team period. I would say he is even a step or two faster than Moore. Let’s not forget to mention that Solomon had gained almost 2000 yards when every defense he played against expected a running play every down. Almost 10 yards a carry is insane at any level!That’s pretty much a first down per carry.Solo is generating plenty of D1 interest because of his athleticism and hard work.

    Amat peeps should be happy that Moore is #2 on the list Geez, I know some of the more heady Amat posters on here are fine with this list.

  • Aaron

    Solid list…but could we get some grammar check…seems like it was written right after the Mavericks won last night and was just scheduled for submission.

  • SGV spectator

    BY FAR Ramirez: I watched this kid grow up and play in the past years, i think if he plays this year nobody will look better than him. He was born a natural talented football player and he runs hard!! Hopefully he can get his act together and give his school some help….Good Luck Ramirez!!

  • Coach Slayer

    A sleeper could be RT over at Bonita. If he decides to work hard and stop fumbling he could be one of the best in the SGV.

  • the pacific

    Solid list great placing but Owens rushed for more yards than that and had more touchdowns but other than that i say you nailed it Aram good job. and to whatever numb skull that think moore should be over solomon should do us all a favor and throw yourself off suicide bridge in pasadena. moore is exactly where he belongs number 2 dang do you want Amat to be ranked number 1 at Qb and Rb come on dude they wasn’t that good if they were then where’s the hardware.

  • keepin it real

    Solomon is a great athlete, he does not have the shake and bake to be a pac 12 RB. He is a great high school RB. That’s where it stops. he should focus on free safety. This is about high school backs, so i would rank them in this order.

    1. Jamel Hart
    2. Jalen Moore
    3. Deshawn Ramirez
    4. Chris Solomon
    5. Tarian Owens
    6. Kurt Scooby
    7. Holmes Glendora
    8. Givontray Ainsworth
    9. Corey Victoria
    10. ???

  • Colt74

    If De’Shawn Ramirez, who has not played a down in over a year can make the list at #7 I want to know why my grandaughter is not listed…

    She’s not yet 5 but you should see her speed and moves as she runs from the back yard…thru the house…leaping over the cats and dog after she hears the Ice Cream truck…getting to the front door.

    D-1 prospect I tell ya……


  • Out of nowhere

    The sleeper of the year will be a Soph. named Salgaro from Diamond Ranch. The kid tore it up on the Freshman team last year and will difinitely be the man at Dranch for the next 3 years.

  • Aaron

    Coach Slayer has it right about Reggie Turner, plenty of talent, now it’s time for him to work hard and earn it. Cameron Griffin should also be really good as well.

  • Amat Bully

    keepin it real:
    your list is by far the worst list i’ve seen and you contradict yourself by putting ramirez in the top 5 who haven’t played a down in over a year but you bash solomon ability saying he’s just a hs back and then you put a rb that has already committed to a d1 to play rb below jamel hart and ramirez when aram had the list quite right. now i cant stand Amat fans but jalen is an awesome back and does deserve the #2 ranking behind a proven and well respected back in solomon with mr. owens right behind them.

  • Anonymous

    Amat Bully, If you really knew how good Ramirez is you wouldn’t even think twice about who he should be in front of. If he were playing for Amat or West Covina right now he would be the hands down starter. So he got into a little troube this past season, does’nt mean that he got stripped of his talents. He has put on a few good pounds and I would be willing to bet that he is the fastest kid on this list and the most atheletic as well. Just enjoy your front runner if you dont agree with this kid being this good. You will soon find out. He makes up the difference of an already stacked Monrovia Backfield.

  • Moore #1


    I did not mean to offend you. In regards to stupid comments, did Solomon rush those yards or was it a team effect? lol I’m sure you will agree that the same applies to either team.

    West Covina had a one dimensional offense…it was all run. Lets compare run and pass averages!

    West Covina: Avg Pass: 70 yrds / Avg Run: 341 yrds
    Bishop Amat: AVg Pass: 182 yrds/ Avg Run: 204 yrds

    As you can see, Bishop Amat was a much more balanced team and Moore actually had to share the spotlight with several other key players (especially the 1st 5 games when BA still had their OTHER starting RB Zach Shay). This still did not stop him from racking up awesome run statistics.

    The fact that Soloman (who again, I do hold in the highest regard) was the Tribune’s player of the year is irrelevant…and so is BA having the #1 QB and RB this preseason.

    My thoughts are not greed based but simply, historically based. Jalen Moore proved to be the best by competing and doing well against the best. And as talented as Solomon is, the toughest team he had to run against (by far) was Bonita.

  • just sayin’

    yes, there is such a drastic drop in the level of competition it’s not funny. Dorian Wells was just another good player in the Serra League, did not even put up All-Valley numbers as a junior – but got kicked out – errr – transferred to South Hills and was Player of the Year. Blake McBride was Amat’s 3rd option and transferred to Los Altos to put up All World numbers. When you’re running against those defenses – you;re gonna rack up some stats

  • Aaron

    The talent that Ramirez had…doesn’t mean he has it now…yes it can be lost. The rational for putting Ramirez up there is almost as bad as putting South Hills high up in the rankings because they just may have a healthy Canada…who hasn’t seen the field in two years

  • Moore #1,

    You’re leaving out some important points. Solomon’s numbers on maxpreps do not include all of the playoffs, but he had 181 carries. Moore had 236. So, Moore had more attempts. And to say that Moore had to share the spotlight is ridiculous. Shay got hurt. And even if he didn’t, NOBODY shared the spotlight more than Solomon. West Covina was like FIVE-DEEP at RB last year. Solomon shared the spotlight with Frazier, Tucker, Lee and Salgado.

    They’re both two outstanding backs and there isn’t much separating them, but let’s not skew the argument for argument’s sake.

    Just Sayin,

    McBride WAS NOT third option at Amat. I covered his junior season at Amat and he led the team in rushing and had by far more carries than anybody else. He was going to be the starter again as a senior … and the main kick returner, where he was also awesome.


    You’re going to that place again, buddy. You didn’t like the Ramirez column and you don’t like the Ramirez ranking. You’re going to that place again, buddy. You know the spot … somewherez around El Monte where opinions don’t go much further than what flavor of ice cream a person prefers. Remember, we speak our minds here and have a take on pretty much anything and everything and aren’t afraid to speak it (or confined to keep it quiet).

  • Amat Bully

    LOL i normally dont side with anyone but DANG ARAM JUST SHUT DOWN 3 NON-SPORTS EDUCATED BLOGGERS IN MOORE #1, JUST SAYIN AND AARON: sorry little guys but do your homework before you get on the blogs and start throwing out lies jalen moore actually had more carries than every running back in the pac 5 not just the serra league but the whole pac 5 and was in the top 25 out of the entire southern section. but AARON i sort of agree with you ramirez is ranked to high for a player that lost an entire year so your argument is more opinionated than facts. Moore #1 just disappear for a little while and do yo homework lies dont get to far on the blogs. just sayin trying to down grade mcbride for your personal blog gain is ridiculous and Aram just made you get that sour beer face look when you read his remark.

  • just askin

    Aram, speaking of Shay…why isn’t he on your list?????

  • Aaron

    I understand your point of the Ramirez column, it was an opinion/editorial. I’d love to see the kid succeed, however my opinion about the ranking is that he hasn’t seen the field in a year…and hasn’t been on the same weight training program as the rest of the Monrovia backs…so like with Canada. He’s an unknown commodity right now. Although, the first two games will tell us all we need to know about Mr. Ramirez.

    Like I said the list is solid.

  • Amat Bully

    Stats said:
    Now that man/women does their homework i would like to see what the Amat fans has to say about these facts.

  • Stats and Amat Bully,

    That was some serious homework. No doubt, Nine’s junior was more of a work-in-progress than the next coming of The Natural. We (me and Fred) put too much hype on him. And don’t forget, he didn’t have Wallace G. for half the year. His raw talent is outstanding and his leadership is second to none. He learned quite a bit last year and being the fantastic athlete/leader that he is, I would expect a monster season and have no hesitation to call him the top QB in the area.

    Now, if somebody wants to bring up that Nine may spend more time this summer doing baseball than football and that’s a concern, then I’m all ears.

  • Yup

    sleeper : Ronell Lone, El Rancho
    best back in the del rio league

  • Red Leader

    colt74, I’ll tell you why. Because your granddaughter didn’t run for 800+ yards when she was 3, averaging 8+ yards a carry, and scoring a touchdown every 10 times she touched the ball. That’s why. That’s what Ramirez did his sophomore year in limited time.

  • facts

    just sayin’

    Bryce McBride

  • Colt74

    Red Leader,
    1. Obviously you have never had to keep up with a 3 year old.
    2. What Ramirez did his sophomore years counts for his sophomore year. Has ZERO weight for why he is ranked where he is.Z-E-R-O.
    3. He who makes the list uses his own biases and those biases may or may not be agreed on by others.
    4. I disagree.
    5. Make your own list and put him at number 1. Does that make him number 1? makes him number one on your list. Whoppie!
    6. Print out that list ( or any list ) and have the player who’s number 1 walk into the AD’s office at any college and demand a scholarship because he’s number one on someones list. The AD probably needs a good laugh. Results get scholarships …not lists. His results last year. Z-E-R-O.
    7. Lists on a blog get hits. They stir disagreement. All they are intended to do.
    8.I gave my grandaughter a football and told her to run to the kitchen and that scores a touchdown. She did. Now she already has 1 more touchdown in the last 2 years than he does. She wins!


  • just sayin’

    Aram – Wagner had passed Bryce, and the McBrides knew it. Had you been around the next year instead of locked in a Fox dungeon you would have seen it too. Marcus was twice the Pac5 back McBride was. How Wagner only got a dozen carries during “the year you covered them” is only dwarfed on the Verti ignorance scale by the fact the next year Gaise got the same treatment and blossomed after Hagerty’s arrival. Wells also blew up at the end of that season, even playing some emergency QB, so he was going to get a bunch of touches too. Those developments would have relegated McBride to #3 and far less action than as a Junior. Do some homework and report back while the Bully gets socked in the mouth.

    and Stats – while you’re doing your homework you might want to take into consideration how Amat tends to play a bit more conservative in close games. In those games closer than 22 pts Amat averaged less than 15 passes per game. Not going to rack up many passing yards there are you?

  • Dan

    Keeping it real,
    Solomon has plenty shake and bake but even more he has excellent vision as a running back and is tough to bring down. He also doesn’t get caught from behind much when he breaks a big run. If you think Moore had to share the spotlight, take another look at Solomons situation. He shared duties with a plethora of good running backs who were constantly platooning in and out of almost every series, He may have had almost 2000 yards last year but remember that West Covina as a team had well over 5000 yards rushing, so that means the rest of the team had over 3000+ yards rushing.
    Over the season Solomon averaged about 11 carries a game, I would say he shared the duties quite a bit.
    As for the defenses Solomon faced, you can dismiss Bonita all you want, but they were no slouch. They could play with the big boys. Most of you who judge Bonita, do so on their recent history and not by the team they had last season. Bonita was stacked with talent and had their best team this decade and maybe even longer, their only losses were to West Covina who also had their best team in recent memory. Bonita blew out Claremont who in turn beat Chino Hills, and that was before Claremont lost their best player, who did not play against Chino Hills or the rest of the Sierra league. Bonita’s only close games were to West Covina in the division title game, and to Santa Fe where they were missing Garet Pendelton, Cody Mckenzie, and I believe Taraz Lemmons, all were key players. Santa Fe was no slouch on defense either.
    Other good defenses Solomon faced were Mayfair who were a Pac 5 sized team on both sides and gave Lakewood, Los Alamitos, and Chino Hills tough games. there also was Venice who gave Amat some troubles for a good part of the game, Santa Fe had a very good swarming defense, but had no offense to help them out and Glendora was a good team until they lost their QB, I can only imagine without Chad Jefferies, there wasn’t much offense to give the defense a good rest, so the defense was probably on the field for most of the night once Jefferies was gone.

  • Observantcat

    Colt 74, maybe you should start recruiting your grandkids over at Covina, then maybe you will have an opportunity to see this kid play first hand. I’ve seen sit out with injuries and come out on fire after a complete season off. DeShawn is an athelete to the core. Maybe, just Maybe if your team makes it past the 1st or second round this season you may get a taste of his talents. Until then try and control your grandkids from destroying your plastic covers on your couches.

  • Red Leader

    colt74, what? You are insane. Your argument doesn’t make sense whatsoever, my dialogue with you ends here.

    stats, no it wouldn’t work. QB is a totally different skill set than a RB. If Ramirez played QB, I wouldn’t have him on list after he missed a whole year.

  • BYU


    If we all had players on our team that are (19) years old, We would have an opportunity to win championships!!! Nice to have kids that should be playing college football in high school and graduating at (20)!!!

  • Aram Lost For Words !!!!!!

    Notice Aram didn’t respond to STATS, I guess STATS won that battle.

    Even more interesting no BA bloggers coming to Rio Ruiz defense.

  • Aram Lost For Words !!!!!!

    Notice Aram didn’t respond to STATS, I guess STATS won that battle.

    Even more interesting no BA bloggers coming to Rio Ruiz defense.

  • Mtown lives

    For all you Ramirez haters, he deserves to be on this list…Aram has seen all of these players. I go to 3 or 4 top area games every year. Ive seen Solomon, Moore, Scooby,Victoria, Hart.

    These are not rankings…
    1. Solomon-Runs a 4.5, good balance, strong kid. nice size, foot work decent, good vision. Lateral movement somewhat stiff. Runs to high! Doesn’t break defenders down. Will be a DB on the next level.Saw him play and high lights. D-1 prospect as a DB.

    2. Jamel Hart-4.5 strong kid, exceptional balance. great vision nice size, major speed, great shakes.Breaks people down…was very good in Wildcat formation. great lateral movement. will be a rb in college D-1, D-1AA as a rb.

    3. Jalen Moore- 4.7ish exceptional strength, great balance Durable. Good vision Not alot of moves. He would be a running target for d-1 defenders Will have to get faster to play RB in college.There are D-ends faster than him. D1AA D-2 RB.

    4. Cory Victoria- 4.7ish,small back/ runs hard, very stiff, not alot of moves. Does not have break away speed. It would be hard for him to be a running back on the next level D-2, D-3, or JC ball.

    5.Kurt Scooby- 4.6 small back, very strong, good vision. young, he has break away speed, shakes, will be a great back and years to come. if He continues on this path he will be a D*1 prospect

    6. Deshawn Ramirez 4.4-4.5 decent size, strong, very elusive. Break away speed. spin moves, balance. Has had off the field issues. He is a D-1 talent, but will play jc ball due to missing jr year.

    7.Tarien Owens- 4.5 average size, great speed, excellent footwork, very elusive exceptional vision, makes people miss, sets up defenders well…may be the best back in SGV. will need to hit the weights, verbal commit as RB to Washington. Actually the highest ranked RB on all scouting sites( look it up )

    8. Givontray Ainsworth- 4.7 great size, good speed,great hands, will need to work on lateral movement, He has two more years and bright future. If he continues to develop he will be a D-1 prospect.

    If you watch the highlights of these players, you will see why I broke them down like this. D1 coaches are not looking at just stats, they are looking at how their styles and abilities will translate to the next level. Alot of high school backs can run through kids, or around them. or Run through huge holes. But very few kids, make people miss, and or set up their own running lanes. On the d1 or college level, the defenders are bigger faster, smarter, and we better tacklers. Some of these backs skills don’t translate to getting yards on Saturday

    Here is my proof.. go to youtube. Watch Chris Solomon tape, and watch Tarien Owens tape. You will see the difference in ability. Owens makes guys miss. He cuts back. He sets up defenders. Not too many people touch him. His abilities transfer to running back on the Pac 12 level. Now if you watch Solomon, you will see he does have speed. but he gets trip up. Once hes going one way, he can’t cut back as well. He does break tackles, but in college those defenders are alot faster and will be in better position to make sure tackles. he would have to make them miss completely. I just don’t see that. You must also factor in Bj lee into solomons sucess. Teams would be so tired after chasing lee, the Bam you come back with solomon and vice versa. It will be interesting to see how he does getting all the carries. How durable will he be? Will he have the same juice late in the game? Solomon look ferocious at safety with his big hits and speed. I think that’s where he will be. There are just too many running backs with a much more complete game. You have to take out feelings and emotions….Right now Owens looks like the best back to me. Besides he is the Highest ranked running back in SGV on Rivals #43 and 65 on in the country…i think I know what I am talking about.

  • Observantcat

    Great Breakdown. You gave a more visual effect with your writing style than anyone on this blog. I agree with you on this breakdown. It’s amazing how some individuals on this blog remain clueless to the talents in their communities.

  • AMAT 73

    lost for words ? much more than that also,

    What needs to be defended. This is a thread on running backs not QBs. If stats had a problem with Rio being Aram’s number 1 choice he should have barked on that thread not this one. Either way his battle is with Aram not us . Rio is our number one and really that is all that matters to us . Also Jalen is our number one back and the same goes for that . If Aram puts his lists out and you feel he is wrong , then go after him .No need for all the bashing on any kid on the lists . Aram and Fred were the main ones building up Rio ( which to me for a first year varsity QB was a little premature ) as Aram totally admits so why take it out on Rio. Rio is the 9th rated QB in the Serra so he must be doing something right .

  • What’s Up

    Amateur 73.

    That was weaker than Aram’s take.

    We didn’t hype him up Fred and Aram did.

    The one thing everyone agreed on was that Ruiz was overrated last season.

    Being that Aram rated him #1 this year we would have to concluded once again Aram has him overrated again.

    Adam can’t use any stats to validate his point, just his opinion.

  • AMAT 73

    what’s up,
    Not your intelligence level that’s for sure. In your post you have Aram rated him 1 this year. Again Aram is hyping him not us . By the way who’s Adam ??? The one with no stats but just an opinion.

  • What’s Up

    Amat 73,

    Adam is Aram after my auto spell checker got to it. Dictionary doesn’t have Aram.

    So I guess we agree then that Rio isn’t the #1 QB in the SGV and once again Aram has him overrated.

  • AMAT 73

    what’s up,
    Where in my post did I write that I agree with you that Rio is not the number 1 QB in the SGV ? Don’t leave it up to guessing if I agree with you . Better to ask me the question first before you put me on your side.

  • AMAT 73

    OK you want my choice. Hands down Rio Ruiz. Based on last years learning experience and it was a very good year for a first year QB in the Serra ( we did play for the league championship didn’t we ) , I believe Rio is the top QB . Let me add that last year I thought Johnson from WC should have gotten a lot more props then he did and he was my #1 pick. This year Rio without a doubt in my book. So now you can scratch me off your list of your reading between the lines or conjuring up false beliefs and assumptions and remove all doubt on my tske.

  • MVL Insider

    Sleeper to watch is Ruben Jimenez of El Monte. He is the younger brother of Michael who just set the single season rushing mark and has the ability to rush for 2000 yards this season. Doesn’t deserve to be in top 10, but will lead the MidValley in rushing.

  • Joe Amat

    Stat Boy,

    You’re a bit infatuated with the interception stat and searching for something negative (games that were wins less than 22… wow – give me a break) It is apparent that in those close games Amat has traditionally run the ball and 15 passes isn’t quite enough to really get in a rhythm. You also can’t look at interceptions in a vaccum. A couple of those were taking deep shots at the end of the half, and with such a small sample that scews stats a bit.

    Since you’re really into your stats – here’s some for you. Matt Barkley had 23 TDs and 18 INTs his Senior year. Many of his, and Rio’s, interceptions are not from “playing scared” as you say, but rather from playing fearless. Too many of Rio’s are from trying to thread the needle and putting balls into tight spots. That comes with experience, as it has with Barkley. Sometimes the best play is to throw it away or take a sack – which Barkley learned and Rio will.

    All I know is if you took independent coaches (so they couldn’t vote for their own guy) and lined up everyone on the goal line. Ruiz would be the overwhelming consensus – and only fans that haven’t seen enough or Amat/Rio haters would think otherwise.

    Which category do you fall in?


    lil joe came out to play,

    So five games isn’t enough to validate the stats? But they you make a real weak attempt comparing him to Matt Barkley.

    “15 passes isn’t quite enough to really get in a rhythm.”

    So what youre trying to say is the more you pass the better your numbers will get.

    Love that logic especially since it is totally wrong. An average team has 45 to 60 plays a game. If you are only throwing the ball 25% of the time than your percentages will be higher but total yardage will be down, since the defense is playing the run which will open up the passing game. For a guy that says he knows a lot about football that was a pretty stupid comment.

    You stated some of those interceptions were at the end of the half, just taking a shot down field. Sorry but don’t all the rest of the quarterback take those same shots. I remember a few of those interceptions costing you guys a league title and a quick exit from the playoffs. Are you going to try and down play those also?

    This is really fun, you guys don’t want to come out and say it do you?

    Rio Ruiz really didn’t do a very good job last year especially under pressure.

    What those stats do prove is, Rio doesnt make very good decision under pressure, can you fix that maybe?

  • AMAT 73

    It is evident in the pea brain of yours you just can’t grasp the idea of WE WIN AND LOSE as a team at AMAT. Are interceptions part of losses yes but so are missed tackles or blocks or fumbles ,so in the end with enough missfires they usually all add up to a loss. A team loss. What I fail to understand is why you are on this vedetta against Rio’s choice by some to be number 1 . It is opinion of a few and your opinion is different so be it . But to come on here and label him a choke and playing scared and just tearing the kid up is beyond comprehension. If you come on here with the excuse of “I do it because I am trying to get at all the AMAT honks” as many use as a cop out, well to do it at the expense of this fine young man , which is all you here about him by many , then you are one sick individual . I respect the fact that you feel Rio is not number 1 but I do not respect the way you are going about it . You can attack me, Joe , justsayin , all you want because it is like my pal Jcaz says it’s all shitz and giggles but your attack of Rio is just plain stupid. Let it go man , he is not your choice , we get it . But this continued shiat as far as think you have us cornered or I am twisting your arm is a load of crap . Rio is my number 1 at that is it , my opinion . If you have a problem with my opinion then come after me but not Rio to the point of you wanting to label him a choke . Grow up , this a fine young man you are berating on here. Just for the hell of it let us know who you root for on Fridays and maybe that will add some light to your argument if you have the guts to do it . Be a man instead of the raging biatch you come across as on the blog. And for your information Rio did have the issues of missed blocks , dropped balls , but how would you know because I doubt you have ever taken a game at AMAT . Why would you go see a team you have so much hate for unless you are one of the teams we happen to beat along the way .

  • Joe Amat

    Stat Boy,

    “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.”

    No one is going to say “didn’t do a very good job last year especially under pressure” because it simply isn’t true. in the Serra League the “pressure” starts with the first game in league and qualifying for the playoffs. In those games that got the Lancers an automatic berth Ruiz had 8 TDs and NO interceptions.

    None of us have seen every interception that every QB throws, but we’ve all seen some tipped balls, passes off receivers hands, wrong routes mixed in with bad reads, poor throws, and unnecessary gambles. Just like with every QB, not all interceptions are the same

    Rio is more of a gunslinger than a game manager, which has not been the prototypical style at Amat since the days of Haden (Though JR Phillips had a bit of tat in him too). In the past I think some QB’s that fit that MO sat or were moved to other positions. Rio is too good of a leader and an athlete not to have the ball in his hands every snap. I think he and the Lancers are meeting somewhere in the middle.

    Finally, as for interception rates they are found to be statistically random from year to year over the course of time. If a QB throws many one year it is not necessarily an indicator he will throw many the next – or vice-versa. The same is almost true for early and late season rates. Essentially random. And there have been some pretty great QBs that have higher than average interception rates. I’m sure you could name them too.

    The bottom line is this year the Lancers are hoping for a couple more

  • And The Winner Is …..

    I have to give the edge to lil Joe on that one, once again amat 73 that was weak. Generally speaking interceptions are directly related to the decision process. The gunslinger approach maybe very accurate to Ruiz’s style and that isn’t the Amat style. Rio doesn’t fit your style of offense but that is the best you got you got to go with it. I just had a conversation with another coach about that exact subject this morning, the best quarterback for your system. We both agreed Ruiz wasn’t the answer. I did agree with his answer, Omana from Diamond Bar would be a great fit for your offense. I guess your right Ruiz is the best you got not a great fit but you got to make it work.

  • Is it scientific?

    I’m a little be confounded by your last paragraph, in which you state that “interception rates are found to be statistically random from year to year over the course of time.”
    Is there a specific scientific study that you quoting from? Because that sounds like something you pulled out of your a**. I think that most people would believe that bad QB’s tend to throw interceptions at a higher rate then good QB’s and will continue to do so over any given period of time(1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs, etc). If what your are saying is true, then would’nt all NFL GM’s try to go out and sign the QB that threw the most intereceptions the previous year? Because, if it were true, statistically, the QB that threw the most interceptions the previous year would have a higher probability of throwing the least amount of interceptions the following year.

  • AMAT 73

    stats or whoever,
    Why is it you are dodging the question of when have you seen Rio in action . Or what team you root for . What’s the matter, afraid to let the cat out of the bag in fear of exposing why you are on the mission of blasting Rio . Really this is just a list by sportwriter and some of who agree and you seem to be taking it to the extreme by continually going after Rio. Let him play the season and you can come on here and give your analysis of his performance then. Are you sure you are not notsincewhenever because you are chasing AMAT all over both blogs. And how about you calling Rio a choke . Does that make you feel good or would you care to elaborate on that subject or just let it go by also ? Come big boy give us your answers because it looks like you are the one running scared.

  • Joe Amat

    Science Guy,

    In talking to coaches that have examined both college and pro stats regarding interception. Don’t have time to – but Google is your friend. I’m sure you can find something on Interception Rates. I’ll get back later of I can.

    And I think the fact the sophomore Rio wasn’t a “game manager” is an OK thing. It’s a lot easier to get a guy whose “…arm on sideline patterns is just ridiculous. The guy is throwing ropes…”(in Aram’s words) to ratchet it down than it is to develop a kid to do so.

    As i said, I like meeting somewhere in the middle. It is probably what Amat needs to get to the next level and Rio is the kid to take them there if anyone is going to.

  • Dan

    M-Town lives,
    Lets remember Solomon is 16 years old in his jr highlight film, its an otstanding highlight tape when you take that into consideration. He has matured much since last season. I saw the Tairen Owens tape a while back and he is a phenominal back, although he could use a little more size. A few months back I also thought Solomon needed to get faster in order to play offense in college. Now that I have seen him in spring I will put that thought on hold and see what happens in his senior year. You can see the noticeable increase in his size and speed since last season. As for his cutback ability, it may not match owens on the you tube video, but the difference wasn’t that big, also if you notice, with his excellent vision and first step to daylight he was gone most of the time and cutbacks usually weren’t necessary. Last year at this time Chris was running mid 4.7s in the 40, this year he’s running 4.5’s,electronic timed. He also runs a 3.9 in the shuttle, which could indicate his change of direction and acceleration is much faster than before. Now for his running to high, look at him in traffic, he gets low enough, remember he is a tall kid, Eric Dickerson ran high too. With that said, maybe before we cement his future position in college lets see what he does with his senior year, things just may change.

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks for trying to head the thread back on the right track . Let me keep it going by giving my opinion . I say Jalen Moore is the number one back hands down . Come on now stats , let’s see what you got to shoot my opinion down . Shitzs and giggles folks !!!! If you want to blast at least keep it within the topic of the thread.
    Dan, I remember a story on J Robinson when he first saw Eric run in pads. He thought he wasn’t putting out because he was so upright and his pads were not making any noise when he ran . Eric told him he was running as hard as he could. Robinson put the clock on him and couldn’t believe someone could run that fast and be so quiet and upright .

  • Stats

    Sorry about that long lunch break.

    Man you guys chance your position on Rio ever comment. Just a few comments ago you stated Amat is not a Gun swing type team but Rio is that type of quarterback, I agreed with you. Now youre trying to say he is the best quarterback out there for Bishop Amat. Do you really think anyone believes that comment? Hag isn’t even stupid enough to make that comment. Obviously he is the best you got and really isn’t the best for the type of offense you run. If you were being honest, which you won’t he wouldn’t even be in your top ten quarterbacks for your offense. You guys don’t have the athletics to compensate for his poor decision making. I still question the coaching staffs decision to drop Booth out of the competition. Personally I think Booth at quarterback would have made Bishop Amat a better team.

  • AMAT 73

    Man still on the Booth at QB issue. If I was to make a guess I think you are somehow related to Booth. By the way personally it doesn’t matter what or who you think would have or would be better at QB . Just worry about your own team ???? Maybe you have no faith in them or are to embarrassed to admit who they are. Rio is our QB , learn to live with it because we are very happy to have him there.

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    I saw coach Hagarty’s comment on Jalen being bigger and quicker, the kid was a beast when I saw him against Crespi last year, I can imagine a bigger quicker version of him, downright scary. I like Rio Ruiz interviews, he seems like a humble kid with good wisdom for his age, and at the same time you can sense he is a leader. Good luck to all the sgv kids playing this year, I wish the injury bug would stay away from them all.

  • Joe Amat


    Thanks for the vote… didn’t know it was a contest, but I’ll take it.

    Science Guy,

    Have fun

    Stat Boy,

    No response? I expected more of you. I guess “Winner” was right. Some other QB’s that have had stretches of high interception rates: Elway, Favre, Rothsleberger, Tarkenton, Fouts, Moon…. should i go on?

  • Mtown lives

    @ Dan, I am aware Chris runs a 4.5 electric. You still always got to factor in game time speed and moves. Once again, this is not a Chris Solomon bashing thing. He is a very good back and a big hitting DB. There is a big difference between start and go speed, change of direction in regards to Owens and Solomon. When you compare either of these backs to other backs in Valley, they are elite. Now when you compare, these kids to running backs outside the valley, state and nationally, Owens is ranked Nationally. The scouts are seeing the same thing I see. I am almost certain, if Chris wants to play in the Pac 12 it will be on the Defensive side of the ball. Perfect comparison is Chris Solomon to Dietrich Riley. As good of a running back as Riley was, he had to play DB in Pac 12. Now if Chris wants to play in Wac, he may be able to go in as a RB. Even then his skill set leans towards Safety. Now Owens is being recruited as a RB. Will they make him a corner? Maybe…but as of now he is the best back in SGV. You are Correct, Chris may come out and change some peoples mind, but only time will tell. If he can, then my hat goes off to the kid. I saw him at a passing league game. he is bigger and faster, but he does need a lil more work in the change of direction area. Other than that, he will be a good player on Saturdays.

  • Joe Amat


    Blog monster ate another one with links. Take a look if it’s still there fro approval


  • Dan

    Mtown lives,
    Valid points in your post and Owens is pretty impressive in those video’s, reminds me of De Anthony Thomas from Crenshaw, here’s to both him and Solomon have excellent senior seasons.


    Mtown and any amat/moore lovers!

    first of all everyone and their mother that plays college or pro ball was a running back in high school!
    so everyone needs to stop acting like solomon’s gonna be a college RB(dont get me wrong he can be, but it’s all about playing on sundays, might as well make the transition now so your not making it coming out of college)!

    second of all Solomon is actually one of the few players built like a man already being 6’0″ 192 lbs.
    benches 285, squats 455, 3.97 shuttle

    every college he’s visited drools over his size and he seems to be bigger then all the DB’s they already have(no one wants to redshirt him)!

    Owens may be getting recruited as an RB, but Solomon’s still a better RB then him! Owens isnt gonna play or be all sick in college, he’ll just look pretty on the sidelines or return kicks!

    and Mtown its funny how you mention Solomon and the term “game speed”, thats the one thing everyone feels he has is game speed, in comparison to a 4.4 runner’s, that do not!

    Solomon and McCarthy are literally the only players in the valley that will be college standouts, meaning 2-3 year starters! Chris Solomon, do i dare compare him to Ed Reed? I think I just did! Just let everything materialize the next few years, and watch you guys will see!

  • Anonymous

    you guys rank these back just by what school they go to. Not their talent. Stats don’t lie

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