All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 10 WRs heading into the summer passing circuit …

Chris Gilchrist has recruiters drooling over his size.

Note: Obviously, a lot more will be learned over the summer about the guys on this list and how their teams will use them. And I will do another list after that. But for now, this is a pretty guideline as to who the top receivers in the “area” are. As always, let me know where I’ve screwed up, if I’ve screwed up, point out some nuggets I may not have heard of, and I will pay extra-close attention to them this summer.

1. Brett Bartolone, Sr., La Habra — Bartolone has absolutely the most polished game around. He runs great routes, has speed and reliable hands. Hey, if Air Force wants him, then you know he must doing something right and that says what kind of kid he is both on and off the field. Will Bartolone’s numbers suffer with QB Cody Clements gone? That remains to be seen, but as of now, nobody is the total package that Bartolone is.

2. Taylor Lagace,Sr., Arcadia — Lagace already has an offer from Boise St., and like Bartolone, he brings exceptional polish to his position. Lagace caught 42 balls for 650 yards and 10 TDs last year and I expect those numbers to get even better with QB Miles Carr back. He also had 1,045 return yards. There’s not too many total packages like him around and that 4.5 40 time has recruiters very excited. Lagace will probably be a safety in college, but pity the DB who has to line up opposite him this season.

3. Travis Talianko, Sr., St. Francis — At 6-1 and a legit 200 pounds, it’s easy to see why Talianko is catching the eyes of recruiters. He had high expectations put on him heading into last year and didn’t disappoint, catching 59 balls for 946 yards and a whopping 17 TDs! With another good-looking quarterback under center at SF and Jim Bonds calling the offensive shots, Talianko is poised for another huge year.

4. Chris Gilchrist, Sr., Charter Oak — Gilchrist has recruiters from all over drooling due to his 6-foot-4 frame and good speed. With QB Travis Santiago back, expect Gilchrist’s numbers to possibly double from last year’s 704 yards and five TDs. With Dennis Rufus now playing on Saturdays, Gilchrist becomes unquestioned No. 1 target. He’s been working with former CO star Jason David and I expect more overall polish out of his game this season because of it.

5. Vinny Venegas, Sr., Covina
— Venegas was an All-SGV selection last year after hauling 60 receptions for 1,064 yards and 12 touchdowns. His numbers may get even better this season with QB Billy Livingston and RB Gevontray Ainsworth back. As fans saw last year against Baldwin Park, Venegas is capable of taking games over at any moments. He remains one of the most electric players in the area.

6. Adam Aguirre, Sr., Cantwell
— Aguirre was a force last year on a team that put most of its emphasis on the run. That didn’t stop the 6-foot-3 Aguirre from catching 50 balls for 981 yards and 11 touchdowns. His average yards-per-catch were a very nice 19.6! Cantwell has some returning experience in QB Jacob Alaniz, Aguirre’s numbers shouldn’t suffer.

7. George Katrib, Sr., Diamond Bar — Katrib is a nice package of speed and sure hands, and despite not having great size, he’s willing to go over the middle and make catches in traffic. Katrib was the Southeast Division’s No. 2 receiver behind Walnut’s Aubrey Coleman last season. He caught 63 balls for 984 yards and 11 TDs. No reason those numbers don’t get even better with QB Henry Omana back as well.

8. Alex Villalobos, Sr., San Gabriel — Being the No.1 receiver at San Gabriel usually leads to huge numbers. And while Villalobos’ 41 catches for 801 yards and 8 TDs were solid, seeing improve all those numbers by about 50 percent this season with more stability at QB is not out of the question. Villalobos projects as one of my top breakout players this year and the numbers should show that.

9. Jamie Canada, Sr., South Hills — I’ve been doing my research here since The Guru’s bold call of Canada being the top recruit in the area. Canada has been cleared to play and Huskies coach Steve Bogan assures me he’s going to be special. With a veteran QB back in Vince Hernandez and a RB like Jamel Hart to take the pressure off, Canada looks poised to deliver on all the promise we’ve been hearing about.

10. Garrett Horine, Sr. Bonita — Horine has the speed and hands to really move up this list. But what he doesn’t have is a veteran signal caller to throw to him. If Bonita can groom a QB, and we all know Coach Podley’s track record of doing this, Horine could be set for a smashing senior season. He tipped his hand last year by averaging over 17 yards per catch and hauling in 7 TD passes.

This is perhaps the most important section of this entire write up. At no other position can you hear about more sleeper than receivers … and a lot of times these sleepers hit at a much higher rate than other positions. Anyway, they’re raving at Damien about Josh Savage, who is 6-1 and can really run. He has no experience, so I had a hard time putting him in the top 10. Watch out for him, though. Whittier Christian’s Cody Bronkar is getting big ups from Daily News preps stalwart Andrew Campa. I personally saw Monrovia’s Luke Williams and immediately pictured him as M-Town’s top outside threat. No disrespect to Anthony Craft, who had a decent year last year and should be even better. And what about D-Ranch’s Andrew Fischer? He’s going to be Roddy’s top target and maybe his top offensive weapon. Amat’s Adam Sanchez finished 19th in the PAC-5 last year and that was with an ankle injury that might be lingering. If healthy, he’s a good one. And if Zach Shay catches as many balls as I’m hearing, he’s another stud to watch. Lastly, Charter Oak coaches think they have something very special in Bryce Bobo. And finally, there’s buzz out of Arroyo about an underclassmen named Brandon Jauregui. I will follow him this summer and see if I agree. As always, feel free to tell me WHERE I WENT WRONG!

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  • Observantcat

    This will be the coming out of Monrovias WR’s. The last few years has belonged to Nick Bueno and our run first offense, It never needed to be changed. Monrovia fans always knew that we had some of the best recievers in the valley in our arsenal but conceded to the fact that we had THE BEST running QB in probably all of the CIF as well. This year we know that we have those same WR’s and have a QB that will prove that it was well worth the wait. G5 and his crew will rack up air mileage like know other group this season. It’s a very fair assesment to not see any of our WR’s on this list because of our offensive setups last season. Although towards the end of last season JR Henderson became a spectacle of brilliance on the playing field which led Monrovia to it’s first CIF Championship game with 4 TD’s. This years crew will be led by all CIF Anthony Craft Jr, Luke Williams Sr, Brandon Wingenbauch Sr, Mason Bryant Jr.,. The crazy thing about this list is that each and every one of these guys could easily start anywhere in the valley and I will be watching and waiting for their stock to rise this season. These guys are preparing this season to show Monrovia fans just how promising they are this season and never got bitter about not being used in last seasons scheme.

  • jhykron

    “Anyway, they’re raving at Damien about Josh Savage, who is 6-1 and can really run. He has no experience, so I had a hard time putting him in the top 10.”

    He got called up up the last 3 games of the season last year. Had 4 catches against Claremont.

  • david duvall

    this kid from bonita is the real deal. he is tall and fast and has great size. i know for a fact colleges have been down at bonita the last month and there’s no doubt about it he is a division 1 athlete

  • the pacific

    in my opinion Taylor Legace is truly the #1 reciever then Talianko and then Bret Bartolone.

  • Damien Dad


    Wanted to add a few names to your list of sleeper at Damien, we are really excited about a great group of receivers.
    Jr’s to be : Andy and Nick Sherwood are going to have a great year, extremely gifted athlete’s and hard-wroking kids, they will also see time ar RB, and Sr. to be Andrew Aguirre, he averaged almost 24 yards per catch last year (7 td’s).

  • Aaron

    Canada hasn’t played in two years and is coming off a huge injury…if he can play like the ninth best WR in the area…then I’ll make myself crow tomales.

  • SaintsR4real


    Hint: Top Wide Receiver at San Dimas, has over a dozen D1 schools sending out letters his way.


  • mtown lives

    Once again, let me breaK this down from a D1 perspective.
    these are not rankings…

    1. Bret Bartolone Aram you missed this…why do you think this kid is going to air force? They Throw once a game. No real WR would ever go there. The fact that you have him #1 is suspect. No need to break his skillz down if he is going there. D1 prospect bc he is going to air force.

    2. Taylor Lagace- He is clearly the best WR in the Valley.
    He is 6-2 215, with above average speed, good hands. He is going to boise who throws a ton. He may be a #2-3 WR there D1 Prospect. However Monrovia DB’s held him to 1 catch for 15 yrds I think that kids name is Craft and he’s back…mmmm

    3. Travis Tailanko- Big Physical WR, decent speed, good hands. He may need to get faster to get a offer. If he improves in this area he will. D1AA prospect

    4. Chris Gilchrist- Big, good speed, biggest problems is Heart. College scouts are going to want to see a guy his size out jump and out physical smaller DBs. If he can get tough, he will be a great pick up. He is no rufus. Sorry CO fans, now the rufus is gone, teams will double down on this kid…hope he is as good as advertised.

    5. Vinny Venegas- Great quickness, Decent speed, great hands, Lacks size but has big heart. I doubt the big time schools will offer him, he would be a great pick up for APU, Laverne or a D2 School.

    6. Jamie Canada- Now I agree with his selection. Alot of these guys on this list are on here because they have to pick someone to complete the list. Even coming off a injury, he will be better than most of these guys. D1AA or D1 if that knee is better.

    7. Alex Villabos- This kid is just ok.. Against good DBs he is not very good. He is not better than any of the Monrovia WRs….take your pick, Craft, Williams, Bryant are all fast More athletic and bigger. Their numbers were affected by Bueno, make not mistake, they would be starting on any of the team in the SGV at one of the Wr spots. Time will tell

  • socalfan

    @mtown lives

    Obviosuly you have never seen Bartalone play. He’s a stud. And he has more than an offer from Air Force which is a D1 school contrary to your thinking. You might of heard of BYU, Utah and San Diego State. Last I heard those schools throw the ball a bit.

    The kid also plays running back.

    Some of your other comments are just as ludicrous.

  • I’ve embedded Bartolone’s junior season highlight tape on this blog. Those of you (one of you) arguing (for argument’s sake) that he’s not all that, need to watch it.

    And by the way, I brought up the Air Force thing to show what kind of character he is.

  • Team effort?

    The first play of the tape shows Bartolone all by himself getting behind the defense and then finding another gear on his way to the paint. Did you see the first DB giving chase then exiting the freeway around the 15-yard line?

  • TEAM

    Not knocking the kid at all, giving a compliment to the team. The kid looks like a very good multi purpose WR.


    George Katrib of Diamond Bar is a terrific kid on and off the field along with his teammate QB Henry Omana. Down to earth kids with confidence and personality. These kids walk around campus with smiles from ear to ear. Happy for Head Coach Maine to have nice kids with the swagger like Katrib and Omana on his team. It seem like Diamond Bar gets these quiet but dangerous kids. Good luck to the Brahma’s and all the boys working hard this summer.

  • hey motown

    Taylor Lagacy will be playing safety in college, and have you ever stood next to him and talked to him? you sure are stretching if you think he is 215, good kid and great parents though

  • The Facts


    I guess Reggie Bush, Alex Smith and Colin Kapernuck (sp)(Nevada’s Qb who just got drafted) struggled to get recruited out of high school because of the Wing t????? Here’s the secret – They don’t recruit you because of the offense you play in, they recruit you because you can play the game of football well. Btw, those are only a few names off the top of my head.

  • Mtown lives

    Bartelone. I’ve seen his tape here. He has some skillz, however i see alot of reverses and alot of hand offs. I see him matched up in the slot against LB. Just as I suspected, he may be transition into a wing rb for the air force offense. He will be a guy who can take hand offs and Reverses, and catch balls out the backfield. That’s why Air Forced picked him up. He looks a RB who can catch to me. Like I think he should have been 2-3 based upon pure WR skills. That’s just what i see.

  • Mtown lives

    Moreover, college coaches and scouts look deeper into a person’s skill set. Regular fans just see a kid catching a few slants, or out running high school dbs, and think “oh this kid is a pure WR”. It does not work like that. You have to factor in the talent he will be going up against on Saturdays. In college he will be seeing better DB’s, LB’s etc… Bartolone was very wise in choosing Airforce. The kind of skill set he has fits their system perfectly. This is why he selected that school. His running skills are far more superior that his route running and catching skills. They will utilize him that fashion. I never said this kid shouldn’t be on the list, I think that Gilchrest and Lagace are better WR. Remember La Habra has alot more talent than Lagace and Gilchrest, and they had a super QB.
    I just don’t see alot of one on one route running and precise routes. being 5’11 175…is more of a running back stature in College… at passing schools guys tend to be 6’1- 6’3. Just keeping it real.

  • MHS Alum

    Having been around MHS football for over 40 years its is my opinion that MHS has never assembled a group of 4 receivers on the field at the same time like they have with Anthony Craft Jr, Luke Williams Sr, Brandon Wingenbauch Sr, Mason Bryant Jr. It is going to be fun to watch.

    And for all you non-informed clowns, if you check your history the last time MHS played Bishop Amat in 1981-82 MHS put a BEAT down on Amat 28-21 and yes little ol MHS beat the number 1 rated Amat Lancer @ Bishop Amat. Amat was rated number 1 in what was called then the Big 5 conference (Now DIV I) MHS was rated Number 1 in the Northwestern. The point I’m making here is that now 30 years later MHS has the Talent compete with ANYBODY. Aram you check your history that 1981-82 Amat team was one of the greatest teams in AMAT storied history the only team that may have been better was the Pat Haden JK Mckay Jr team. That team consisted of AMAT greats Randy Tanner, Pernell Taylor, Ron Brown, Don Hiati, Scott Fields,

  • Taylor

    Taylor Lagacy isn’t 215, GREAT kid 185 maybe 190. I just saw him a few weeks ago.

  • Amat Bully

    Not hating but i do see a lot of free releases out of the slot and being mainly guarded by LB’s his speed looks ok he only out ran a few LB’s and a corner who had a behind angle but i do believe he belongs in the top 3 behind Legace who lines up against corners and is always the focus on the field and still finds a way to destroy teams except Monrovia they had a nice game plan for him. And talianko who is a beast with no speed but yet finds a way to get open due to his precise route running and body control and even though his speed isnt all that he still out runs a lot of corners not LB’s.

  • Amat Bully

    My apologies that wasn’t even a corner he out ran on the first play that was #58. then #2 who tried to come from behind came into the film late.

  • Taylor Lagace

    No disrespect to Luke Williams but he will not be MHSs outside threat. Aram/Miguel you guys must been there when Anthony Craft was winning the 100 meter sprint title for the Rio Hondo League. Luke may be their possession receiver since he has the best hands on the team however he is the slowest of the 4 elite receivers. Craft, Bryant, Wingenbauch. But top outside threat. NAH dont think so. In fact I know so.

  • Pacman

    Amat Bully,

    You are forgetting one VERY important factor…that is the level of competition Brett Bartolone was facing in those videos. I saw Servite, Orange Lutheran, and St. John Bosco…ALL PAC-5.

    Level of competition means everything and the fact that you did not recognize these teams in the videos proves that you are no Amat fan.

    Please give respect where respect is due and STOP trying to downplay Bartolone and do us real Lancers a favor and change your name.

  • Amat Bully

    are you slow or something i hate Amat fans i would never go for Amat and if you talking about level of competition like all little minded Amat fans does everyone tired of hearing that, but he played against 3 pac5 teams and lost all three with the closest game (21-17) coming against a 5-5 orange luthern team a (23-0) shut out to servite and a (35-17) beating by a 5-5 st john bosco oh and by the way only one of those teams made the playoffs (Servite).

    Lets put a close on this level of competition junk the pac5 schools are good yes we know that but they also enroll more students than most schools and majority if not all of them can recruit. now if you take a taylor legace and put him in a mater dei or any pac5 school he’ll perform just the same as he does playing for arcadia probably even better because in that league you hardly have teams that focus on one player so taylor one on one against a st john bosco corner records will fall thats almost a guaranteed think about it these lower level athletes has more hunger they all dont get the chance to play with big recruited o-linemen and d-linemen. BY THE WAY PUBLIC BE SMASHING PRIVATE IN THE PUBLIC VERSUS PRIVATE ALL STAR GAME AND THEY HAVE PAC5 PLAYERS PLAYING.

  • AMAT 73

    You have to understand where valley guy alias AMAT bully comes from to see why he has no clue on playing a higher level of competition . His team always gets whacked when the try and move up which is not very often so he does not see teams of that caliber very often. The only PAC-5 team his team has face is AMAT and boy did they get it taken to them ( maybe the reason for his hate of AMAT ). Remember those 2 games valley guy ??? or maybe you were in Colorado at the time. As far as his comment that privates enroll more students then most public schools , that shows you how much he knows. The 2 of the 3 schools he mentioned are for sure all boys schools and have between 8-900 students and O Lu a total of 1300 or so boys and girls so where are these huge enrollment numbers.

  • Private vs Public

    Amat 73,

    Noticed you didn’t give the real reason why a private school has a huge advantage over a public school. Let me give a real example any kid that is playing football and the family is offered a free private education or a free public education what are they going to pick. Don’t start with the we don’t do that. I’m not going to put names on blasted but here is a great example. A in coming freshmen dad lost his job, couldn’t pay the tuition went to Hag. told him about the situation Hag told him I’m only given so many freebies a year and I used them all up already. Kid ended up transferring into a local public school. On top of that be both know if Hag thought the kid was good enough he would have got that kid in free also.

    I know another kid that is a incoming freshmen in the Wilson area, his older brother goes to Wilson. Parents stated they don’t know if the younger one is going to Wilson because Bishop Amat for the last two years has been offering this one a free education if he goes to Bishop Amat. O I forgot to mention the kid is one of the best running backs at his age in JAA.

  • Joe Amat

    Private vs Public,

    Nothing behind closed doors and sinister here. You can apply too. Here’s the link!

    You guys crack me up!

  • AMAT 73

    p vs p ,
    Noticed you didn’t address the issue I commented on but I imagine you are just looking for another reason to blast on AMAT which you turned this into . If I had a buck for every story like yours AMAT would have a new state of the art stadium called AMAT 73 FIELD. Now I am not saying that AMAT does not offer assitance because we do . If you knew Msgr like those of us who do you would know different. Maybe the kid’s Dad who unfortunately lost his job should have gone to Msgr and filled out the proper assitance paperwork instead of having his son talk to Hags about the situation. O really JAA , what team as I am familiar with them and some of the coaches if you don’t mind . But I forgot you don’t want to put anybody on blast except AMAT with your recruiting stories .

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73:
    dont you think an all boy school would definitely have an advantage in sports ummmmm i think so you kind of made my point and come on be serious trying to give Amat the clean slate title stop the noise a few of my buddies went to Amat and believe me they didnt have to pay. And when your able to recruit it does make a big difference. if recruiting wasn’t allowed then by far according to some bloggers Pasadena john Muir would be the top school and i say that because according to some bloggers Alemany who Beat so called mighty Amat had almost half of there roster from the city of pasadena due to recruiting so please shut up with the non-sense. Oh and by the way i was in california when your Amat beat my chargers but that was years ago let it go now since then we only won 2 championships what have Amat won or better yet when was the last time Amat won league or made it out the second round i bet it was before you beat my chargers………..

  • just sayin’

    Amat Bully – you’re showing your ignorance. Amat was Serra League Champs in 2009. Why would an all boy’s school automatically have an advantage in sports? Have you checked in on Bosco Tech lately? And how dare anyone remotely affiliate with ChOak dare talk about recruiting. You would have ZERO championship[s if you only played with kids form Charter Oak boundaries. Nearly ALL your skill players are form west of the 605 or transfers. And there was a pretty tough road to those championships beating your league runner-up in the Finals both years (in years Amat also beat them! Amt was up on tehm 28-0 on the last play of the first half – the next week ChOak beat them 12-0. LOL!) Sorry – not impressed in the least. Do this for me. List ONE impressive win during the two championship seasons. Then we can talk. I think their most impressive win was a tie to Rancho Cucamonga – LOL – again!

  • Amat Bully

    Just sayin:
    Please stop with the lies the first year we won it all Amat won 17-6 and the second year you lied again you were not leading 28-0 at the half it was more like 28-7 with a 41-13 win yeah we beat them 12-0 the next week but then in the championship we won 21-0 thats two shut outs and the year you guys beat them 17-6 we beat them the first time 23-7 then 34-14 so to me it kind of evens out besides the 2 shut outs we put on them. and lets not forget that year california came in with a 9-2-1 record and we destroyed them 38-10 and we beat a tough etiwanda team to that beat rancho who beat us that year. And the year we tied rancho Amat lost to a team that Rancho beat (using your comparison tactics) so that would make us better than Amat that year.

  • just sayin’

    Bully – you’re not even allowed to talk anymore! That “tough” Etiwanda team was 5-6 and lost to Glendora and West Covina (who Amat beat 42-6) So that just shows how the ChOak folk feel about their schedule when a 5-6 team and a tie are something to brag about. I know you get excited about playing Rancho Cucamomga – but Amat swept them in a 2 game series recently two. This is getting old!
    I’m starting to get ot though – you are a ChOak graduate – because you dont read so well either. I wrote Amat was up “28-0 on the last play of the first half”. Dr scored on a long pass as time expired. They got their other score on the final drive of the game vs 3rd & 4th stringers. If you were at Ganesha at the time instead of getting your Rocky Mountain High you’d know it easily could have been a 60pt drubbing – and yes – you only won 12-0 the next week. Nice offense. The previous year when it was 17-6 Amat took a knee FOUR times inside the 10 with just under 2 minutes to go. They punch that in instead of showing some class and it’s 24-6 – with the 6 being on a lone drive to begin the half. I think they had about 50 yds offense outside of that. And ChOak beat them 23-7 with a late 4th quarter score to pad the final.
    Look-you played a weak schedule and won a weak division and obviously beat nobody any good along the way – because you just couldn;t come up with any. Cal High – LOL! They lost to frickin’ ROWLAND! Really? lmfao!

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    dang dude why so many lies the year Etiwanda went 5-6 they lost to Glendora 8-4 by one point Upland 11-3 Los Osos 10-3 Cajon 11-2 Rancho 13-0-1 and my Chagers 13-0-1 so where did you get west covina from in that year SHUT UP with lies. And to say Amat won 24-6 NO it was 17-6 and yeah we beat them 23-7 more than Amat beat them by and then 34-14 stop with the lies. And really how is 6 years ago recent.

  • Amat Bully

    And just sayin’
    Rowland went 8-3 that year and California avenged its lost to them the same year in the playoffs with a 55-27 beating. Do your homework before you start knocking schools like Rowland who is almost all the time tough.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy aka bully
    Please explain how an all boys school has an advantage over a co-ed school . I would really like to here this one.

  • Amat Bully

    No distractions at all complete focus on just school and sports where is it not an advantage. please explain to me

  • just sayin’

    Bully – like I said that ChOak education didn’t help your reading comprehension. Didn’t write Amat won 24-6. I can re do it for you to have someone read it to you. I wrote “Amat took a knee FOUR times inside the 10 with just under 2 minutes to go. They punch that in instead of showing some class and it’s 24-6” Unlike ChOak who punched in a late 4th quarter score in their game.
    And 5-6 is 5-6. it’s not “a lie”. You can’t start using the strength of schedule and who they lost to unless you want to compare the teams Amat faces in the playoffs with those ChOak does. Etiwanda lost to Glendora who lost to WC and Amat smashed them.
    Did Cal High lose to Rowland or not – no lie and no homework needed there either. Always tough? How’s the altidude?
    Amat can’t play everyone every year – Amat’s taken turns sweeping the locals. ChOak, Diamond Ranch, Glendora, Rancho, West Covina, Damien, St Francis, St Paul, Muir (who your ChOak-sters needed a missed 2 pt conversion to beat in eth FIRST round of the playoffs) If ANYBODY local would beat them you could talk. Until then go back to Colorado

  • Damien Alum

    Amat Bully,

    Get over it already. Just face it. Amat has an excellent football program, always have and always will. You trying to make Amat seem worse than they are and at the same time trying to make C.O. seem better than they are, just isn’t working and I probably dislike Amat more than you do! All the “nine” and Amat bashing is a waste of time and is pointless. You just sound as if you wish you had gone to Amat!

  • Nick Bueno


    Luke is easily thee best wide out that Monrovia has. He has gotten much faster and is easily better than ANY of the receivers over at Arcadia. i suggest you get off the blogs stop talkin bout luke and and get some work in or its going to be another long night for the apaches next year. Go get em luke! Wildcats 34 Apaches 7

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