Aram’s reactions to Amat, CO, Upland and JW North …

As I told Freddie at the game site, I will not be writing game stories off of passing games that feature four or six teams with no score being kept. But I will write gamers off of passing tournaments where they keep score and there are winners and placings announced.

So, Tuesday’s tilt between Amat, CO, Upland and JW North was more a workout than a game. The teams ran a set amount of plays against each other and no score was kept, but you could kinda keep one in your mind. Here are my impressions about anything and everything from Tuesday.

Bishop Amat:
Nine’s arm on sideline patterns is just ridiculous. The guy is throwing ropes. He’s also become pinpoint to a fault. I was very impressed by Nine. Jalen Moore has grown into a beast in the offseason, I couldn’t believe it. He’s gotten taller and bigger (muscle-wise) and looks like a legit college prospect, which is something I didn’t think last year because of his size (I’m very rigid on what I think a major college running back should look like physically (and no, I’m not a recruiting expert)). Anyway, Moore looks very impressive. Amat had some bodies at receiver, but they all need some polish. Defensivlely, Amat looked smallish in the back seven, which is all you really see passing league. But there are some athletes there and even Nine was playing some DB. I overheard Coach Hagerty tell Freddie that he’s really focusing on improving the defense this year, so it makes sense that some guys are going two ways.

Charter Oak: CO started rusty and it makes sense because this was its first passing game of the season. Once warmed up, I thought CO’s offense looked great, but the back seven looked shaky at times and not too sure of what to do. Travis Santiago looked solid at QB and him thrown to Chris Gilchrist looks like something special. But the rest of CO’s receivers need some polish. No shame in that as it’s only June. Without pads on and a running game, it’s hard for me to really say much about CO other than that they have a nice group of athletes. When Kurt Scoby starts running in pads with a line in front of him, that’s when we’ll know.

Upland: I haven’t seen Corona Centennial, and I know they’re loaded, but Upland HAS TO BE either the Inland Division favorite or the second choice. By far, Upland had the best group of athletes out there. By far. And what’s crazy is that their top WR, Kenny Lawler, wasn’t even there on Tuesday. He’s at Nebraska on a visit, where they offered him. Also, Upland’s running back got an offer from Colorado during Tuesday’s games. They’re going to be special.

JW North: I have to be totally honest, JW North had the second-best collection of the four teams on Tuesday. I’m not going to venture to guess what that means once the pads come on. But, I was blown away by some of the bodies they had. I still have no clue what CO is doing in a division with Upland and JW North.

Dick Salter: Great to see the legend. There is/will be a shot on Fred’s blog of Coach Salter surrounded by Big Lou, Tim Salter, Steve Hagerty and Mark Paredes. Awesome. That’s 14 CIF titles and countless more runner-ups and titles won as assistants. Awesome! I asked Coach Salter after the games who impressed him most and he said “They all did.” He still hasn’t forgotten how to BS the media.

The Scouting Guru: It was easily the hottest day of June and the Guru was sporting his Crespi SWEATSHIRT … and cracking his full compliment of fat jokes on me.

Reg Miller: The hardest working man in local sports media, Reg Miller made an appearance and was doing his thing with the camera. When Reg shows up, you know it’s big.

CO ballboys visit with Nine: Great moment after the games when CO ballboys Little Lou, the son of CO offensive coordinator Dom Farrar, and Coach Dom’s other son Vincent and Trevor Sheets got to visit with Nine. And Nine then gave the boys a talk about what it takes to be good athletes AND students. It was like they just met Jordan.

Jason David: My main man JD was so involved in the games, that on one play he was inexplicably in between the defender and the receiver as the ball was coming down. Love JD’s intensity. He gets right on the field and starts offering advice. I yelled to him “JD, if you’re gonna be that close, make a play on the ball!” To which he replied “I almost did.”

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  • Red Leader

    Rio looks uncomfortable when you call him Nine, cause even he knows how stupid it sounds.

  • Oscar Interiano

    The “Nine” thing is awkward in print, I can only imagine how cringe worthy it is in person. To each their own though.

  • OJ Sermons

    speaking of awkward, what’s going on with Hagerty’s blue shoes? Who is dressing these guys?

  • Lance Bishop

    If I were Rio….I would change my number. Stop with the Nine stuff Aram. Please.

  • I’m gonna take advice from a guy who posts the same thing under different names? I think not.

    The Nine stays, but you certainly don’t have to if you don’t like it.

    And special thanks to all those who yesterday kept referring to him as Nine.

  • Lance Bishop

    You should take “good advice” from where ever you can get it. I asked the kid and “he” thiks it’s kind of wierd. And if I’m the only blogger who puts posts under a different name than the next time I see you, I’ll give you $50 bucks and you can buy lunch on me!

  • FredJ

    I still like The Big River

  • Lance Bishop

    Aram, sorry, probably jumped the gun on you there but I have had my screen name “jacked” in the past and had to use a different handle. Anyway, “IF” it matters (I’m sure it probably doesn’t), “Big River” gets my vote for a Rio Ruiz alternative name. Maybe there’s a pole question in there? Ha, Ha.

  • Huge Rio fan

    I love the kid and know him well BUT the 9 thing is just stupid. He doesn’t care for it and it is not needed.
    Rio is one of the once in decade athletes and there are much more complentart ways to recgonize that.

  • So I spoke to Nine’s dad, Rudy, and he said I can absolutely use his comments here to quiet you guys once and for all.

    He said that Nine has no problems with the nickname Nine and that EVEN HIS COACHES CALL HIM THAT.

    OK, so find other things about me to complain about.


  • Up for it.

    Um, okay, uh, you’re breath stinks. Ha!

  • Jefe

    Aram, you gotta drop that Nine.

    It’s driving me insane.

  • Norco

    Aram..come on its only passing league…but you do know Norco hammered Upland last year….it was 35-7 with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd when Norco`s JV team finished the game…And of course you do know that Norco also hammered JW North 38-7 last year….

    And FYI we were the youngest team in the Inland Division last year…

  • Aaron

    Just call him Rio…it just sounds bad when I hear it on video: Hey, nine and Travis what’d you guys think of today. Refer to him as nine, fine, but when you’re talking to him use his name please. His identity is his name and not the number he wears.

  • Joe Amat

    Norco – more perspective. The Serra Leagues last place team hammered Upland last year too…. and most teams hammered North. I think you and I can agree that with Parades back this North team will be different than the previous rendition.

  • Norco

    Joe Amat …Agreed for the most part…my buddy is Uplands DC and after the Norco game he told me we were just bigger and more physical then any team thy had played in the last few years. Now the game against Loyola… Upland was without six starters due to injury in the Norco game…. whether or not that would have made a difference I don’t know…But Loyola clearly dominated them…Also I do think Parades will bring back North to respectability this year, North has the athletes…problem is they just don’t match up on in the trenches with the top BigVIII schools…Also this will be North’s last year in the Inland Division…they couldn’t compete with the big boys…

  • Fred Couples

    Aram, you are validated per the Ruiz’ comments. However, it is still creepy. Just to let you know.

  • Red Leader

    The boy’s got such a cool name already. Why do you want to make it irrelevant by calling him Nine? And use all the CAPS you want, it’s still pretty lame. When I use to coach, I too called my players by their numbers,.. when I forgot their names.

    Aram, what was your number when you played? I want to refer to you as a number the next time I want to comment to you directly… Sounds stupid right?

  • I’m loving Nine even more with all these responses.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Lebron James


    Don’t let these haters influence you. I like you, you stick to your guns even when you’re wrong (kinda like me).
    Stay strong my friend.


  • Cougar

    OOOOOh Aram. I must meat this 9 you talk about. What part of the bod does the 9 stand for? Where can I find him. OOOOOOOH Aram you are such a cool writer. Can you give me a name to? TaTa.

  • Observantcat

    Aram, you are funny man. Did you really think this alter-ego was going to fly with your crowd?.. I’m sure the BA fans are scratching their heads going 9? oh yea, thats Rio Ruiz’s number. I know the G5 Monrovia thing has gotten you excited, but (9) sounds like a low budget student film. Rio Ruiz is a great name dont ruin it with a number like 9. Try and think of something more creative or let your bloggers have the privelage to come up with something more suitiable. Bishop fans have names like JOE AMAT, Ama73, etc…. I couldnt imagine Monrovia fans calling G5 just 5 or Nick Bueno 4, or for that matter Ellis McCarthy pick a number…lol but 9? put something in front or behind that number then come over with the hip guys and have a drink.

  • saladays

    If ruiz has to go by “nine” the we need a number that represents Aram… Say “48” or maybe that’s up to “52” by now. Or we can forget about the numbers all together and just call him “XXX”.

    “52” Tolegian

  • Ten

    If his family is cool with it, I don’t see a problem w/ the “Nine” name. I think nicknames can only benefit the player as it gives them a more mystique feel or it can only help in separating them from the lot (not that Ruiz needs this but I don’t think it can harm him).

    “Yeah…that’s that really talented kid Rio Ruiz…some call him, the Nine.”

    Ya see?…It kinda has a ring to it. I don’t know exactly why but it does!

    But regardless of of Nine’s name or the size of Jalen Moore, what concerns me the most is going to be the OL and the DL for Amat. Without a strong OL and DL, Nine will not be able to complete passes and Moore will not be able to run against Servite and the Serra. Let’s hope for the best for our Lancers!

  • SaintsR4real

    AMAT: When I saw Rio playing DB I was kinda surprised. My first thought was they wanted to beef up their defense because the rest of the kids were substantially smaller than their opponents. I can’t see Rio playing defense full time unless the D is hurting. First time seeing Rio QB, guys has it going on!

    Charter Oak: Santiago was looking pretty good, keep it up. Other than that, a big Good Luck to Matt Cisneros, your hitting the weights is paying off.

    JW North: Big and fast kids!! Good Luck

  • Amat Fan

    I didn’t think Amat was all that small on defense? Maybe it’s because Amat was wearing t-shirts and not Cling fit passing uniforms? Not saying it’s good or bad to wear either, just saying it is apparently somewhat deceiving.

  • AMAT 73

    The way the blog has been blowing up lately it might be time to start the count down clock to the first game of the season.

  • Amat 73,

    You know, I wish I knew how. We’ve gone thru about three web guys at the Trib in the past year and I never put the original clock up there. I don’t think I even have access to my page beside being able to post. Believe me, I want no part of linking to ESPN. Anyway, I will check into it.

    Just out of practice, I hate having anything on my page that can expire.

    And you’re right, the blog is really exploding right now and should continue to do so with some excellent summer coverage coming up.

  • Jefe

    Early predictions…how many TDs will Servite beat Amat by?

    It’s early but I’ll go with three.

  • Hound of Lancerville

    Servite loses by 7pts. Jefe, is Amat really that engrained in your mind? Is this really what’s of vital importance to you today? How many points will Amat lose by? Pick up a newspaper and read anything but the comics or sports; or better yet, watch CNN and see whats going on in the world. How many points will Amat lose by? Really, dude? Let’s see how many rocks turn over off this one, then again, maybe that’s what you had in mind all along???

  • Jeff Disney

    I think Aram’s new nickname should be “315”. Too easy? Probably.

  • I wish it was 315. Passed that a looooooooooooooonggggggggggg time ago.

    But, 3+1+5=Nine.

  • Jefe


    I see I’ve struck a nerve.

    Amat by 7?

    Duly noted.

  • Nin Burns


  • Whittier blog RIP

    Is campa Dead???

    WTF is going on…

    pissed off FAN…

    Aram, keep up the good work…

  • Hound of Lancerville

    Amat is at USC this Saturday, anyone know who else is going to be there? What time does it start?


    Thanks Saints4real for the kind words about our son Matt Cisneros! Matt and Charter Oak defense are ready for the season!GO CHARGERS!!!

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