UPDATED: De’Shawn Ramirez practicing with Arcadia … decision from Monrovia expected MONDAY …

Running back De’Shawn Ramirez, who last played with Monrovia High School during his sophomore season in 2009, has been practicing with Arcadia for the past week and participated in a passing game on Thursday.

Ramirez attended Canyon Continuation High School in Monrovia last year and did not play football after being expelled from Monrovia for an undisclosed incident.

Monrovia is expected to rule on Ramirez’s fate on Monday. If he’s allowed to return to the school, then Ramirez will presumably have a decision to make about whether he’ll play for the Wildcats or continue on at Arcadia.

“He’s been with us a week and has been a pleasure to be around,” Arcadia coach Jon Dimalante said. “He’s working out with us in the summer until he finds out about Monrovia.”

Dimalante said that should Ramirez choose to stay at Arcadia, he would be a welcomed addition to the team. Ramirez played running back, receiver and safety during yesterday’s competition.

“From what I’ve seen and how he’s fit in, that wouldn’t be a problem,” Dimalante said. “He’s a good player and has a lot potential. We just want what’s good for the kid.”

Aram’s take: I asked Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox at yesterday’s passing game at Bonita whether Ramirez would be with the team during yesterday’s games and he said “No” and didn’t elaborate. I just assumed that was because no decision has been made by the school, which it hasn’t. As for Ramirez being at Arcadia, well, I guess I understand. The kid can’t wait around. He needs to make plans for his senior year. But the odd thing is that from all accounts, if Monrovia clears Ramirez, most people I’ve talked to expect him to return to Monrovia. And Dimalante sounded fine with that.

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  • Aaron

    From what I understand, Ramirez completed all the requirements for him to return to Monrovia as a student. He’s cleared to be a student at Monrovia, however the decision about him playing football is separate from readmitting him as a student. Jackson may make the decision for him to return to the football field today, but I’m not sure if he will be. However, before this week a plethora of Mtown faithful thought it was just a matter of time. With the advent of him practicing with Arcadia I’m pretty sure he’s gone.

  • FredJ

    Aram will be checking on this, but I believe since he sat out his junior year, he can play football at Arcadia without penalty if he’s admitted to the school.

  • Leverage

    So sad that this kid would try and or the people in his camp try to make it appear that he has a home @ AHS if MUSD decides to disallow him to play. Well what I say to that is ” be gone ” as this may the fresh start you need. It’s probably best for all parties envolved to just part ways. Just hope that if he plays for AHS that they provide him with the proper support systems as he will need many to succeed in that WHITE enviroment oops I mean new enviroment.

  • I would have to agree with you, Aaron. I mean, why practice for a week with a team then jet? But Dimalante seemed to kinda know that Monrovia is Ramirez’s first choice and he’s probably going there if he’s allowed … which makes all this even more interesting.

    Think about this — Carr at QB, Ramirez at RB and Lagace at WR. WestCo, you listening?

    And then think about this — Week 2: Monrovia at Arcadia.

    Another good point you brought up is the Monrovia people acting like this is a certainty. I cringe each time I read one of them talking about how he’ll be back because all I’ve heard this spring was that Ramirez was knocking on doors at places like Charter Oak and Damien and others to try and play there. I would feel awful for the M-Town fans if they didn’t have Ramirez in green this year … especially because I know quite a few people on that campus have put in some serious time with this kid.

    This story is just getting good …

  • the pacific

    All man i hope ramirez goes to arcadia that would make a killer team now teams would not be able to double team Lagace because if they do that would leave a hole open for Ramirez and from what i hear he’s really talented and can change a game. Good Luck Deshawn and welcome to the pacific league where your really going to have to earn your money and ranking. Cant wait to see the Owens, Ramirez, Lagace and Seymour match up.

  • FB Fan

    I must be missing something? How and Why would this kid be eligible to play anywhere other than Monrovia?

  • just sayin’

    FB fan – he did not go to Monrovia last year and sat out an while he was at Canyon. He’d be eligible one year from when he last played

  • Interesting

    Once the kid meet the disciplinary action and was allowed to return to school he is free to play anywhere, weather Motown clears him to play football or not. Interesting since he sat out a year already the CIFSS approval maybe a no brained. Looks like a clean start would be the best the kid anyway. Not an expert but if he is practicing at Arcadia it maybe a done deal already, if not you are looking at CIF violations.

  • FB Fan

    Good point….is he in any type of violation or is Arcadia in any type of violation for “letting” a kid work out with their team in a School/team function? Is there any rule that says a C.O. player cannot go workout with San Dimas or Bonita if the coach allows it?

  • the pacific

    FB Fan:
    it sounds like your trying to either tell on a player or have a son thats doing those things………if you telling thats bad but if your doing that then dont worry about it from my experience kids use to always practice with john muir but then by the time of the season to start or a few weeks before the season they would be at a different school with no consequence.

  • MoneyTalk

    Arcadia already has junior Sheldon McKinley at Rb and having Deshawn will make this the most dangerous backfield in CIF.

    Opposite of Lagace are two very good Junior WRs.

    Will be a interesting year….

  • Apache

    I guess it could be the football team’s time to say “we don’t share championships” if we could get him over here.

  • Todd Golper

    Hello all,

    I had a chance to meet De’Shawn and speak with him a few days ago. I expected a personality that was very different and shocked me as to what I observed. He is soft-spoken, never complaining, showing no signs arrogance whatsoever and a yes-sir, no-sir type of person.

    For those reasons above, and what I observed at practice and in the short five to 10 minutes I was able to speak with him, is why Coach D sounded fine. He is a good kid, and everyone around him recognizes that. Sometimes everyone just needs a fresh slate and I hope we can all come together to root for a come-back story for De’Shawn. It appeared to me that the last year or two has been life-changing in terms of maturity and growth for him.

    I wish him the best of luck and hope you all share the same sentiments as I in seeing him play this year whether it be at Monrovia or Arcadia, and find a way onto a college team.

    Good luck De’Shawn, we’re all rooting for you.

  • Another

    Don’t forget Arcadia got Muir’s best JV player from last year, Darius Elliot, remember that name because he will be electrifying!!

  • FB Fan

    Checking – because “we” have worked out with other schools in the past and do not want it to be an issue.

  • Real TALK

    deshawn goin to arcadia would be a positive move for him as an individual. a new start is what this kid needs and i hope for the best for deshawn.
    arcadia is loaded with talent, taylor lagace (wr) robbie haines (te) darius elliott (wr) Alex McElwee (wr) sheldon mckinley (rb) two great jrs in joey willm and jake mendel (wr) and now DESHAWN RAMIREZ look out teams in the pacific league!

    fyi i had the chance to shoot over to san gabriel to see the 7 on 7, arcadia WITH OUT taylor their star wr and myles their star qb the team used their 3rd qb and still was the class of the three teams and that was the feeling with all the coaches and teams.
    TOO MANY WEAPONS! hope the OL can give myles time

  • Alum

    3rd qb wow.
    Arcadias coming to play

  • Common Sense Football Man

    Arcadia…. wow… “lets get their best back when he returns so we can beat them in the second game and they won’t shut down Taylor and Myles… AGAIN!!!

    Let the kid make his own decision without having him at your practice AWAY from his team while MUSD makes a decision… what a cheap shot knowing he is wanting to play and then have him at the “Monrovia CIF championship field” to help you beat us…. incredible…. and disappointing to say the least. I have no respect for a coach to move forward like this with a kid before he concludes getting back into school. Are you guys that desperate? Everybody is watching this crazy stuff and yep… if it was me… I would penalize you for A LACK OF INTEGRITY. Shame on yall man… he is just a kid that YOU ARE trying to take advantage from. Now his teamates sit watching their friend play at the enemy field because of a lack of class. No excuses!

  • that’s funny!!!

    Several Arcadia parents were calling him a criminal just a few months ago.( You know who you are!!!) Now, he is a welcome addition?

  • Alum

    Nobody’s making deshawn come to practice at all it’s his choice if he gets cleared by Monrovia he will play there. Arcadia didn’t go after him at all he had nowhere to go and he wants somewhere to practice and Arcadia has no problem giving him a second chance which he deserves

  • Todd Golper

    Common Sense,

    Why should Dimalante have to speak with anyone if Maddox didn’t and won’t let DeShawn play. We all want what’s best for him and graduating with a diploma from Arcadia while being granted the opportunity to play football is better than getting a Monrovia diploma and not playing football. Arcadia’s diploma goes much further in the eyes of any college/university than a Monrovia degree just based purely on the prestige of academics and test scores in at the high school level.

    If De’Shawn is allowed to play at Monrovia and graduates, that is awesome! I hope he does if his heart still lies with his beloved or once beloved wildcats. It’s his hometown. He also should be granted the choice or opportunity as most people deserve a second chance. If Maddox will not give that to him (I do not fault him if he does or does not), then why should Ramirez not be granted the opportunity to play elsewhere and try to have an opportunity to take his playing career to the next level?

    I hope you all consider his well being beyond anything else, that is what we are looking at, not wins and losses. Only he knows where he will be best at.

  • WhiteMamba

    Common Sense-

    You are a disgrace. What makes you think that Coach D went out and “recruited” DeShawn? You don’t know anything about the situation. It would be greatly appreciated if you bit your tongue and do the research to find out what is really going on. And personally if I was in DeShawn’s shoes, I would get out of Monrovia ASAP. Afterall, he did just get stabbed in the neck IN MONROVIA. This is about more than football. Its about quality of life. And I hate to say it, but people don’t get stabbed in Arcadia. But I do like the effort all of you Monrovians are doing to try to make Arcadia the bad guys. When in reality, Monrovia is the bad guy. The poor kid has done nothing but get into trouble at Monrovia.. Clearly, the best fit for him is at Arcadia.

    Do not put this on the Arcadia coaching staff at all. And fyi, Arcadia is not desperate. They only have the best skill players in the area. Now with the addition of DeShawn, they are head and shoulders above the field.

    It sounds like Monrovians are just a little jealous. Without Bueno and DeShawn, your best player is a D Lineman. All I can say is good luck Wildcats.

  • Aaron


    From what I understand about the situation. It is not really Coach Maddox’s decision, it is Mr. Jackson’s decision whether he plays or not as it is his school to run.

    I honestly think he’s already gone, because if he really wanted to be with Monrovia he wouldn’t be starting practice with the Apaches if the ship had not already sailed. I hope he does get to succeed, I hope that he has made progress with his character and will not do the things in the classroom and discipline wise that got him sent to Canyon Continuation School. If he has not, which may be why Mr. Jackson is weighing this decision for so long.

  • local cop
  • hahaha

    I don’t recall Bueno nor Ramirez playing defense against Arcadia last season. There are more athletes on Mtown squad this season. It’s gonna be another long night for your qb and the same corner, who pretty much locked down Legace is back. So good luck to you guys!!! By the way, jealous? I don’t think so!!!

  • local cop

    Monrovia residents? Guess again!!! I handled many of those reports.

  • Real TALK

    to hahah:

    as a matter of fact i went to the game last year and i know the game… and for you to say oh lagace was shut down is correct 100% but get your facts straight they were double teaming him all night yes that corner did a great job but its easy to man someone up when you have help from your STAFEY UP TOP…. get a clue buddy.
    myles carr had prob his worst game that game but that was coming off a disappointing loss to ST FRANCIS where he had i believe his best game stats wise.
    i guess only time will tell who and what will happen

    i know coach d and he loves his running back mckinley and is highly on board with him. so there was no need to pursue deshawn but like any smart a great coach, he isnt gonna deny him from attending or participating in drills with them.

  • hahaha

    Then, he’ll be double teamed again. The fact is, he was shut down. Carr will be running for his life once again.

    He may be switching schools, but he still lives in Monrovia. DUMMIES!!!

    White Mamba: Remember what happened after all your trash talking last season??? 34 – 7!!!

  • the pacific

    Not hating and love to see monrovia win games and win big but this year against Arcadia with the addition of Ramirez will get ugly mccarthy will get double teamed and Legace is going to be unstoppable he’ll show up to that game with vengeance in mind not taking anything away from the Champs but no Bueno no title its only so much a proven D-linemen can do and with unproven side kicks and a new Qb i say Arcadia wins by 14 this time and im not an arcadia fan but Monrovia lost the heart of the team in bueno but still have the soul in mccarthy. “again not hating” but for that game ima ride with arcadia.

  • Valley guy

    Dear Hahaha,

    Lagace and Carr have D1 offers and what do you have… PCC, Citrus, or Mt. Sierra college? Well, just like your name hahaha.

  • Red Leader

    white mamba, you’re an IGNORANT MORON. Google stabbed in Arcadia and see what pops up. Idiot.

    As far as DeShawn, I like the kid, think the world of him. He’s had a rough past, and I’m not just talking about the last 2 years. All I want is what’s best for him, and my opinion is that what’s best for him is to move away from this area completely. It’s amazing how everyone all of a sudden becomes an expert on this matter. How exactly is attending Arcadia(or Monrovia) better for DeShawn? Is the class president going to hang out with him after school and prevent him from hanging out with all his “friends”? Is the coaching staff going to chill at the mall with him and go to all the parties to watch his back? Going to Arcadia will probably look better on a college app, but what about when he’s not at school? You guys talk like once he’s enrolled in Arcadia all his troubles will go away. It’s 1 freakin’ mile away! It won’t solve any problems!

    DeShawn, go wherever you want. But please use your head. Don’t squander opportunities you are given. Make a better life for yourself. Play football, but take it out of the equation. Work hard in class and focus on being a good person and whatever opportunities football may present will be an extra.

  • Red Leader

    real talk, go back to the tape, he wasn’t double teamed all night. Watch the tape.

    Pacific, if you think Arcadia is going to beat Monrovia by 14, then they better score like 8 touchdowns cause that Arcadia defense isn’t stopping anyone. Their LBs back pedal, the DBs can’t tackle. I’ll admit, they have good skill players on offense, but the defensive side of the ball needs a lot of help. Don’t get me started on their O-Line and D-Line. Their QB is going to have to get rid of the ball under 2 seconds with that O-Line. Anyone that tells you different is lying thru their teeth.

    I heard Arcadia Boosters threw Bueno a graduation party. Is there any truth to this? I guess if he passed and rushed for over 400 yards against me I would throw him a party too when he leaves.

  • WhiteMamba

    Red Leader-

    Hmmm… What to say. First off, what about my comment was “ignorant?” Its true. Just because people have been stabbed before in Arcadia means nothing. Are you really trying to compare Monrovia to Arcadia? Theres no comparison. People get stabbed all over. My point was, DeShawn has a better chance of staying out of trouble in Arcadia. Thats a fact. Secondly, the coaching staff at Arcadia is not going to follow him around. Thats childish for you even to say that. But I know coach D and I have played under him. DeShawn will be kept in check. Coach D ALWAYS makes sure his players are good young men. Thats first on his list, yes, even before winning. He is concentrates on forming young men out of kids. And lastly, Taylor was double team almost all of the night. Sometimes Monrovia bumped out a linebacker to help. Which means he was being triple teamed at times. And I can promise you one thing my friend, Taylor will not be shut down once this season. Arcadia has too many threats to put a legitmate double team on Lagace.

    Oh, and one more thing. Arcadias D-Line is not bad at all. They may not have a player of Ellis’ caliber. But they are made up of solid guys who all played last year. This d-line is going to bring it every game. Dont worry.

  • Goldenarm

    In terms of losing talent, this pales to year’s past when each season a mini-bus was staged to transport all the speed burners and studs away from Monrovia to “greener” pastures where less bullets filled the air, less bangers loitered outside the campus and supposedly a better opportunity for recognition existed. This time a player is leaving a solid, possibly dynasty bound program for another very well coached, team on the rise program at Arcadia. Unique circumstance is the key here and something tells me more is behind the move. It may seem Arcadia is blessed yes, but in fact it may be Ramirez who reaps the benefits long after the season is over.

    Arcadia is fortunate to have a coaching staff with a couple true leaders of the type most influential to young men. Growing a bond and having a Diamante or a Backus in your corner and catching the same train they are riding…can sometimes be all it takes for a young man to see clearly where he needs to go and triple his focus to get there. Backus also has the skills and experience to fine tune and coach away the little things that can hurt a running back.
    In the short time there, Ramirez may have already found comfort and a home on Apache grass.

  • Red Leader

    white mamba, this doesn’t sound ignorant to you? “And I hate to say it, but people don’t get stabbed in Arcadia”. Tell me exactly how DeShawn has a better chance of staying out of trouble in Arcadia. Tell me how exactly is this a fact. Are you “Realist” from last year’s blogs? Cause he too always thought his opinion was “fact”. It’s not man, it’s just your opinion. So you think Arcadia coaching staff can keep him in check better than Monrovia coaching staff? I like coach D, he’s an honorable man. And so is coach Maddox. But at the end of the day, they are both football coaches who cares a lot about winning. Don’t kid yourself. And please don’t make the kids at Arcadia sound like angels. Are you freakin’ serious?! Those kids in Arcadia get in the same kind of trouble as the kids in Monrovia. So don’t even start with that. And again, go back to the tape. Monrovia NEVER cheated out a linebacker to help with Lagace, they didn’t need to. Watch the tape, seriously. Don’t make stuff up. Arcadia’s problem last year was that the O-Line never gave your QB time to get set. When he did get the ball to the receivers, they couldn’t catch. Their play calling became predictable. The defense over pursued. DB’s couldn’t tackle in the open field. LBs couldn’t shed their blocks. Overall lack of defensive speed. I’m curious, can you name these “many threats” that you speak of? And are you talking about the same D-Line that gave up an average of 200 yards rushing last year?

    Again, know what it means when you say “it’s a fact”. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it a fact. All your comments are drenched with emotion.

  • Royal Flush

    This is an awesome position for Deshawn R. He has a chance to redeem himself under a new program and staff. Coach Jon Dimalante has connections in the football world and he can get this kid playing somewhere after high school. I promise you Monrovia Fans if he decides to go to arcadia he will be in good hands. Playing for arcadia is a life long experience. After you graduate, Coach Dimalante still treats you like one of his players and will go of his way to help out anyone out.

    Sometimes people need fresh starts whether it is in sports are the workplace. I wish him the very best.

  • Idiots

    Way to go

    Doesn’t anyone realize this kid has already made himself ineligible to play at Arcadia. If he is not enrolled at Arcadia – he cannot practice with them. IS now ineleigible to play there- EVNE IF HE MOVES!! Look it up – educate yourself.

    AT the tool strikes again – your ignorance and stupidity is shining brightly again.

  • Know the story


    Coach D is not the one recuriting Deshawn it is his asst. Coach M. Coach M has been trying to get Deshawn since he was a Freshman.

    So now how does that make Coach D look? He is going to say he doesn’t know that is happeneing but behind closed doors you know he is on his Asst. Coach to get it done!

    And Aarm you are a fool, you are not helping this kid out at all by posting his name on your blog! Now I see why you didn’t last at Fox sports! You are a dirty reporter and you know nothing about ethics!

  • Observantcat

    This blog is just becoming a pie throwing contest where everyone and everything gets messy but in the end their isn’t really a winner. My guess is the DeShawn will return to Monrovia high and continue to play for the Wildcats this season. So White Mamba please refrain from your last years obessions with Taylor Legace, He is a good 2 star player who will have an opportunity to play on Saturdays, we get that. Furthermore you often refer to Class as though Arcadia is somehow more classy in regards to its communuty and social scene, again wrong. Monrovia is a real middle class community where there are pockets of extreme wealth and pockets of lower income families. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and a old town feel and if there were any jealousy it would’nt be found here in our town. The inter-cultural & social factors are what make up such a great combination of things that make a City and community great. And speaking of Money?….Why would someone go to Arcadia to commit a crime when are neighbors to the east have the wealthiest zip code in the Country (Bradbury) again wake up. Now back to football, Monrovia will have a stellar team regardless of the outcome of DeShawns decision, but having DeShawn on the team will only make us better overall. George Frazier is going to be a much better QB than anyone could even fathom and take over from where Nick Bueno left off. We already know how good our D is going to be and the new generation of recievers are all at least 2 star compatible atheletes. Monday will tell the tale of the Tailback sagas in the West San Gabriel Valley. If, and I do mean If DeShawn somehow ends up at Arcadia, I will wish him nothing but good. I would like for nothing else for him to get on the right life path and realize how truly lucky he is.

  • Valley guy

    Observant cat,

    Lagace is a 3 star kid and will play like a 5 star vs Monrovia. He is pretty good compared to your negative 4 star status in high school.

  • Observantcat

    Ok. Valley BOY! that would be a big improvment from last year. See you soon Realist.

  • Amat Bully

    LoL at the realist using my old alias i knew you wanted to be like me im flattered but you setting a bad example for the bloggers of the future.

  • Amat Bully

    For all the real bloggers that knows who’s who know that Amat Bully use to be Valley Guy which i laid to rest this year so the new Valley Guy is a fraud.

  • hahaha

    valley dude:

    Carr has DI offers? Name them!!!

    As for Lagace, you wanna compare his offers to McCarthy’s?

    Enjoy your Pacific title, since that’s all your getting. Maybe you’ll get out of the 1st Rd this season.

  • Know the story

    Valley Guy
    Monrovia killed Arcadia last season 34 to 7 and your boy Lagace according to maxpreps had a whopping 3 catches for an out of this world 12 yards last year. Was he hurt did he play the whole game how can he be 5 star wr with those stats?

  • Realist

    Awwww how precious. People are talking about me and I haven’t even posted anything. Look at these Monrovians on here throwin out daggers. Not surprised. Anyhow, the fact that McCarthy is getting compared to Lagace is a joke. You cant compare a D Lineman to a Safety/Wideout. Its just not possible.

    Red Leader-

    Every single post on here is an opinion. Dont make it seem like one persons post is more valuable than anothers because its all opinion. And by the way, a football coach is not just a football coach. He is also a mentor. A role model to all of his players. Maddox is not doing the job. I mean one of his players just recently got arrested in Fontana for a shooting/robbery. Then DeShawn got in to trouble at a party. Is that coach Maddox’s fault. No. But could he have done something in the past to discipline these kids. I can’t remember the last time an Arcadia football player was arrested. I don’t know what it is, but Coach D is doing something right. And to answer your question about Arcadia’s d line. Yes it is the same d line as last year. Except there is one thing thats different. Last year that whole d line was young. Most of them being juniors and sophmores. Now, you don’t thing that a years experience is going to help out a young d line, you dont know football.

    On the subject of DeShawn R. He is a good ball player. I have been to Arcadia practices to see what hes all about. Hes a very quick kid with good vision. No matter where he ends up, he will make a big impact. To win football games you need to be able to run the rock. Thats the main reason Arcadia lost to Monrovia last year. They had no run game. With DeShawn in the backfield i dont see that happening again. It should be a good one this year. Arcadia has the best skill players in the area, and Monrovia has the best D Lineman in the state.

    And by the way, Taylor is more than a 2 star athlete. If the recievers at Monrovia are “2 star guys,” then Lagace is a 4 star atleast. There is no receiver or safety on Monrovia that is even close to Lagace. Be real. Most of these guys hating on Lagace have only seen him play in the game that he played his worst in. (the monrovia game). You cant judge a player off of one game. In sports, your not always going to play your best game. Its about how you respond the next game that truly makes a great athlete. For example, when Nick Bueno lost in the CIF Championship game to SD, that didnt make him a bad player. That game made him stronger. And he came back his senior year and played with a chip on his shoulder and pretty much dominated every team he played. I expect Lagace to do the same.

  • Red Leader

    realist, this year try sticking to one name. Not everything posted here is an opinion. Some are facts. You STILL don’t know the difference between opinions and facts? Here’s a quick lesson. If I said “Monrovia kicked Arcadia’s butt last year in football”, that’s a FACT. It’s something I can substantiate(provide evidence to support or prove the truth) because the score last year was 34-7 in Monrovia’s favor. If I said “a touchdown is worth 6 points”, that would be another FACT. Now if I was to say, “I think Realist really stinks”, that would be an OPINION since that would be subjective and not everyone would think you stink. Most, but not everyone. If you said “Lagace is the coolest kid in Arcadia”, that would be another OPINION. It’s an opinion because not everyone would think he’s the coolest kid in Arcadia. Do you follow? So, some things posted here ARE OPINIONS and some ARE FACTS. Most of the jibberish you post here are opinions. Most of what I post are facts.

    I know the last time an Arcadia player was arrested. You ready for this? Last year. Look into it realist. If you don’t know, then you really don’t know Arcadia football. They were able to keep it hush hush because it wasn’t one of the star players.

    Don’t make this a battle of character between coach D and Maddox. Both are outstanding coaches. Maddox DID do something when DeShawn got in trouble, remember, he kicked him off the team. And this goes out to all parents out there, it is NOT the coaches responsibility to police their players. They can tell their players to keep their noses clean and be good citizens, but beyond the field these coaches have no control of what their players do. Yes, I will admit that SOME coaches do their best to mentor and be role models to these kids. SOME coaches. But I’ve been around the coaching community for close to ten years now and I can honestly say that some of these coaches are straight out do#che bags that have no business coaching. Again, let me reiterate, there are coaches out there, like coach D and Maddox, that do an outstanding job with these kids and are all around good human beings, when they’re in the football and teaching environment. Outside of that, I have nothing to form an opinion on.

    In last year’s game against Monrovia, Arcadia didn’t have a passing(86 yards) and a running(32 yards) game. Actually, the main reason Arcadia lost to Monrovia last year was because Bueno rushed for 200 yards and then passed for another 200. The other main reason is that Monrovia’s defense manhandled Arcadia’s offense. Arcadia had two decent running backs last year in Arnett and Mckinley, but Arcadia’s O-Line was ineffective against Monrovia’s Defense. In a way you are correct in saying that Arcadia had no running game last year. But that’s only because Monrovia’s run(and pass) defense was stifling.

    Do you want to know more facts?

  • realistic

    Will Arcadia have the Oline to keep McCarthy, Casas, Helm, Gooden and others from teeing off on Carr???

  • Realist

    There is no point in even blogging. We got people like red leader that believes he is the only one that states “fact.” Well I got news for you bud, your not changing anyones mind. Your a Monrovia fan. Im an Arcadia alum. We both love our teams and schools. Thats it. You don’t need to come at me foul. This is a blog, theres no point to internet fights. Stop the hating.

  • Red Leader

    realist, you missed the whole point of my comment again didn’t you?

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    No. I didn’t miss anything. You were rambling on about how you, “the almighty,” state facts and everyone else just states opinions. For example, “Most of the jibberish you post here are opinions. Most of what I post are facts.” LOL. There you go. So so Mr. Red Leader the greatest football mind in the United States, I didn’t miss anything.

  • Red Leader

    realist, well you missed something. I never said “everyone else”, all I said was YOU. The jibberish YOU post. There’s actually quite a few people here that know what they’re talking about. But YOU(along with a few others), all YOU do is talk smack. Thanks for the compliment, but I’m not quite the greatest football mind in the U.S., maybe in the SGV… That last part was a joke, I don’t want you thinking I’m being serious:)

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    You sure do talk like you know the most. Im curious, have you played ball before? Perhaps a past coach? What is your backround in the game?

  • MoneyTalks

    Wow, can’t believe some of the monrovia fan comments about arcadia. Did you all know that arcadia did charge monrovia a dime for the use of the field for the CIF championship game?

  • Red Leader

    realist, I played high school football years ago. Coached at the high school level for about 8 years as a DC, also years ago. Now I just watch and complain from the bleachers like everyone else.

  • Realist

    Oh, so you have about the same level of football education as I do. Now, what makes you more knowledgeable? Im just trying to get a feel for where your coming from.

    Money Talks-
    That is true. But not a single Monrovia fan would ever recognize the fact that Arcadia did Monrovia a favor. Monrovia would have had to travel to Citrus if it werent for Arcadia. Which would have drawn more visiting fans. Thank God for Arcadia and their BEAUTIFUL Stadium.

  • Red Leader

    realist, Wow. First, I NEVER said I was more knowledgeable. YOU just assumed it. Second, just because YOU think we have about the same level of football education doesn’t mean anything. It’s the same reason why not everyone graduating from Arcadia this year has a 4.0 GPA. There will be some with a 2.0 GPAs, some even lower, some higher. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself “how can this be, they have the same level of education?” It’s called comprehension. Some people just do a better job comprehending things than others. I can tell by the way YOU respond to my comments that YOU yourself have a hard time comprehending certain things. For instance, I never said “I’m the only one that states fact” nor did I ever say that “everyone else just states opinions”. But as YOU read my comments, something in your head twisted my words around and made it seem like I was attacking everyone. When in reality my comments were clearly directed solely at YOU.

    As a Monrovia fan, I would like to take this moment to thank the Arcadia Stadium Committee for letting Monrovia use their field for the CIF Championship game… Are you happy now? Come to think of it, Arcadia should be the ones thanking Monrovia. God knows if that field will ever see another CIF football championship game. Just kidding. Actually, Realist, were you part of the committee that allowed Monrovia to use Arcadia’s field?… No? OK then, well shut the hell up.

  • Realist

    Red Leader-

    You clearly have a Monrovia education. It’s ok, not everyone can make it through the Arcadias out there. Your just not very smart. But it’s ok, I’m not one to judge. The fact that you are comparing school education to football education is ridiculous. School work requires hours of studying to be a great student. To be a great football mind is a completely different thing. It requires logic. Not studying. Dummy. Wake up. And if Arcadia was in Monrovia’s pathetic excuse for a division, Arcadia would have 5 times the CIF titles Monrovia does. Your almost as pathetic as the Rio Hondo League. What a joke.

  • Our Bitch is Back

    Welcome back Realist. Haven’t seen your bitch ass in a minute. I see that you are back again to try and insult the Arcadia community with your trailor park paragraphs. Dont worry you’re doing good. When the season ends so do you. You always have little to say about the subject of football, your social issues always take front and center stage except when you speak of your love of a couple of your favorite players. Please dig deeper this season and tell us something you haven’t already tried to.

  • Red Leader

    realist, Oh my god! Are you serious?! LOGIC?! HERE’S YOUR QUOTE “To be a great football mind is a completely different thing. It requires logic. Not studying. Dummy.” Do yourself a favor and buy a dictionary, look up logic, and then tell me if YOU used it properly in that sentence. LOGIC?! AND NO STUDYING?! Is that what coach D and the rest of the coaching staff at Arcadia spend all those hours in their office working on? Their LOGIC?! Are YOU sure they’re not spending all those hours STUDYING tapes on their opponents? Or coming up with a strategy on how to defend against a certain offense? What are you 10 years old? Again your comprehension has failed YOU MISERABLY. YOU should really have a friend, your dad, an uncle, a teacher proofread what you write on here OR explain to you what YOU are reading so YOU can understand better. Every time YOU write a comment the only thing you succeed in is making YOURSELF look dumber and dumber. You didn’t like my analogy between learning in school and learning to be a good coach? Before I go further I want to make sure you know the definition of ‘analogy’. Analogy, noun, a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification. If you’re not 10 years old, you should really go get checked out, cause you might have a learning disorder. If you do, I sincerely apologize. YOU”RE giving Arcadia eduction a bad name. God I really hope you are not coaching anymore. Cause if you are, I’m definitely sure you are screwing up some kids out there. FYI, I graduated from San Marino and then SLO before I moved to Monrovia 10 years ago.

  • Realist

    This is so funny. Im literally laughing out loud right now. Watch out everybody, we have an internet bad ass. Your a real hard ass behind your computer screen. Pathetic.

    Red Leader-

    Im done arguing with “YOU.” “YOU” are just some aggravated old person with nothing to do except blog because you were a loser in your heyday. And stop capitalized so many words..

  • Red Leader

    realist, the only thing I’m aggravated at is your stupidity. What, did you run out of football things to say? Or did you finally realize you don’t really know anything about football at all? Really, your only come back is how I capitalize? And stop trying to get everybody on your side. Everybody knows you’re a moron. Now go wash out your retainer, put the Proactive on your face and go cry to your mom and tell her how an old man hurt your feelings. I may have been a loser in my heyday, but YOU’RE A LOSER RIGHT NOW… I WIN… AND YOU’RE STILL STUPID.

    Now I know why Anne Onimus went off on your ass last year. Moron.

  • Red Leader

    I have a confession to make guys. I was picked on growing up. So if you guys would please take it easy on me I would really appreciate it. I grew up a nerd and I paid for it. There were bullies everywhere I looked. I tried to be nice but it was just too hard. These blogs are the best way for me to vent. So don’t take it personally. O yea, one more thing, Arcadia sucks because they recruited a player from Monrovia that was kicked off the team.. What kind of a loser school does that. And I just want to say thanks to Arcadia for letting us use their field. Our field at Monrovia inst good enough to hold a CIF game. By the way, Arcadia will never play in a CIF championship game.


    YOU are a loser. Get a life. Remember I know more than you because I played football in HS and then I coached.. OH yea, and I post facts. So your all wrong. Losers.

  • Red Leader


    I am still WINNING REALIST! You need to pipe it down. Arcadia is not all that. Monrovia has all of the talent and surrounding schools get our LEFTOVERS baby!

    You must understand these blogs are very important because I am able to dominate them, rant and express my true feelings about life in general. Coming out of San Marino High, I was an average football kid. We did absolutely horrible my senior season and I touched the field once on the kick off cover team vs Blair. Till this day, I remember that play. It was a great feeling but I had to leave San Marino to be with the top dogs of the league Monrovia High.

    This is my STANCE, Mr. Realist. I have tigerblood and you cannot do anything about it. Being part of San Marino and now Monrovia, I am bi-winning. I will always know more that you because I played a play and coached the kickers at Monrovia and that is a FACT!

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