De’Shawn Ramirez opts to remain a Monrovia Wildcat

After participating in a summer passing game last week as a member of Arcadia High School’s football team, De’Shawn Ramirez has decided to remain a Monrovia Wildcat after all.

Ramirez informed Monrovia of his decision during a meeting on Monday afternoon during which Monrovia principal Darvin Jackson decided to restore Ramirez’s eligibility to the Wildcats’ football program.

“We’re going to support the opportunity for him to represent Monrovia,” Jackson said. “As principal of the high school, because athletics are a privilege, I had to make the decision based on the facts that were before me.

“He (Ramirez) has met the terms of the agreement that were made last year and therefore we believe that young adults should be given another opportunity.”

Ramirez spent last week practicing with Arcadia and played running back, receiver and safety for the Apaches in a passing game while Monrovia was still in limbo about whether to restore his eligibility to play football. Ramirez spent last school year at Canyon Continuation High School after being expelled from Monrovia and kicked off the football team following an undisclosed disciplinary infraction at school.

Jackson issued a statement on Friday night saying that Ramirez and his family had the weekend to decide which school Ramirez wanted to attend this fall. Ramirez’s eligibility to return to the football program is effective immediately. Monrovia, like most other local teams, has just entered the busy summer passing circuit portion of its offseason schedule.

Ramirez rushed for 851 yards and 10 touchdowns at Monrovia as a sophomore in 2009. Even bigger things were expected of him entering his junior year, but he sat out while the Wildcats went 12-2 and won the CIF Mid-Valley Division championship.

Trouble found Ramirez again in May when he was stabbed in the neck during a fight at a house party in the 100 block of Montana Street, just west of Myrtle Avenue in Monrovia.

With Ramirez back and joining a team that returns several key starters, including heavily recruited defensive end Ellis McCarthy, the Wildcats figure to be favored to repeat as division champs. Based off his 2009 form, Ramirez is widely considered to be one of the top running backs in the area as well as a dangerous receiver and kick returner.

Since Monrovia was Ramirez’s last established school of athletic eligibility, the senior won’t have to sweat any eligibility issues with CIF.

Aram’s take: Absolutely the right decision by Jackson. Everybody makes mistakes as teenagers … some bigger than others. BUT, Ramirez would not be better off without football in his life. Much better for him to have the gridiron taking up most of his time than hanging with Baby Roc 3. Feel me? Anyway, for about a week it looked like Arcadia was building a case to be co-favored with West Covina in the Southeast Division. The Apaches were almost sitting up on a sick collection of skill players had Ramirez come over. They’re still darn good. As for Monrovia, well, bad news for the rest of the Mid-Valley. It seems to me that Covina is the only team in the division that can match the Wildcats in terms of skill players, and even that might be pushing it. If G5 is as good as they say at QB, then M-Town looks like a good bet to hoist another banner.

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  • Valley Guy

    Are all of you crybaby monrovia fans happy now? I am glad this is over.

  • Jefe

    Ridiculous that this was even a story.

    Ramirez was always going to end up back at Monrovia.

  • Aaron

    Wait…why was he practicing with Arcadia? Keeping feet in both doors…however, I can’t fault him.

    I’m not sure if I should fault Principal Jackson or not. However, by not making the decision earlier DeShawn obviously felt that no matter how hard he worked he was not going to see the field. Jackson is quoted as saying that Mr. Ramirez met all the academic and character development benchmarks that were set. Then the decision should have been made much sooner.

    However, a message to all:

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

  • Observantcat

    Well it looks like things can finally get back to normal over at Mtown. Having DeShawn back does mean great things to come for Coach Maddox and Staff. They have worked hard with this kid for quite some time and do expect great things from him both on and off the field. I think that a lot of the sensationlism from reading these blogs kind of makes us overlook other aspects of what Mtown will bring to this years team. We have some players that will be certainly accounted for along with DeShawns return. Aram, I promise you that G5 will not let you or any of his Monrovia fans down at QB, This kid is by far under estimated as a QB, If the tribune had the balls to put Rio Ruiz an unproven QB at that time on the front cover of last years Magazine then George Frazier would be a shoe-in for this years cover as QB along side of Andrew Elffers from Maranatha. I will not take any aim at the players over at Arcadia, but I will say you almost had the Pacific league MVP in your back pocket. I still hope that the Apaches come out to play this season and move further along in the playoffs. After reading some of the comments from their bloggers it seems as though they are lacking a real running game over there. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard from their most respected fan by now (Apache Joe) who’s inside info is always pretty fair and on point. Well Valley Guy (REALIST) the drama can now be put to rest.

  • mtown lives

    @ valley guy

    If you were a part of the wildcat family, you would understand how transfers have hurt our program over the years. We have lost so many good players. You can attribute Charter oaks success in the past years by them having several Monrovia players, and numerous other programs. In the past Mtown has not had a solid program from top to bottom, but now we do. You can see the results when everyone stays home.. we win titles. In Mtown we can honestly say we don’t go after peoples kids. We play with home grown talent. Deshawn Made the right choice, and now we are going back to finals for sure.

  • come on

    Baby roc 3 come on Aram you don’t even know that kid, don’t bring another kid into this. At least focus on story. Deshawn makes his own choices.

  • Observantcat

    Aram, on a side note. You seem to think that Arcadia, with the addition of Ramirez would have a good chance of contesting WC for the Southeastern Div. What does that tell you about Monroiva’s chances at that same Div? Monrovia’ Defense would prove to be a much bigger challenge for West Covina to overcome as opposed to Arcadia’s and I think our Offense will be much improved in all of the skill positions. Nicks departure adds a more dynamic offense setup which allows our recievers and running backs to be more explosive weapons as opposed to the past few seasons. Many of these guys played together as kids that is why the Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte teams are so fascinating. Imagine if Legace had decided to take refuge over at Monrovia, it would have benefited his offensive game style immensely. The kid I am most anxious to see grow this season is Bryan Jones aka (Whte Lightnig) who is going to be a sophomore this season and will become the air apparent to Ramirez next season. It justs shows the versitily of athetisism of the Monrovia team.

  • Counting chickens

    I would not be counting those championship chickens just yet MTown et al….There’s still a long road to be traveled and a lot of ground to be covered before the Cats are assured of ANYTHING.

  • Observantcat,

    I view last year’s Southeast Division very different compared to this year’s. Last year, you had several teams with what I would call better-than-usual line play for the level, i.e. WestCo, Bonita, La Serna, Mayfair. I can’t speak for the last two, but I don’t really think lines like last year were the norm for WestCo and Bonita. Anyway, this year, I think the Southeast really has a chance to be all about the skill guys because the lines appear to be rebuilding throughout the division. I’m not saying that somebody can’t develop a line comparable to what it took to be in last year’s semis, but I think the odds are low. So, with Ramirez and all its other returning skill talent, Arcadia would have been scary.

    About Monrovia. Listen, anytime you put a guy like Ellis McCarthy on your line, you can compete with just about anybody … as we saw last year when M-Town played South Hills, which had some good line play.

    I think Monrovia was easily one of the top teams around last year and they won their division. They would have banged hard in the Southeast last year, too. This year? Quite possibly so.

  • Deshawn Ramirez is Monrovia’s”Prodigal Son”…..

    There is no doubt that Monrovia is now a Southeast division caliber team. If Monrovia was in the Southeast this year, they would be top 5. In the past years Monrovia has had the talent to compete in upper divisions, we just did not have the Program in place, and we did not have the Alumni working hands on with the kids. Those Alumni’s along with Duart Alum Coach Davis, is the reason why Deshawn came back! Arcadia is going to have a tough time with Muir. I pick Muir to win the Pacific. Moreover, Monrovia is going to be the top team in the west for years to come and top five in SGV period. I am proud of Deshawn for doing the right thing and staying home. Him choosing Arcadia would have symbolized him having something against Monrovia and somewhat blaming Monrovia for his issues. This was the final step in his healing process, realizing that he was the problem and not the school. If revenge or vindictiveness was his motivation for having a great senior year, then he would have lost already. The younger Cats can now look up and respect him and see that you can bounce back. He did not go somewhere else to create a legacy for some foreign school, he is leaving his own legacy at his own school and community. He has younger relatives who can ball just like him. They will be at Monrovia soon. I just can’t applaud this kid enough…. Monrovia’s Prodigal Son.

  • Just glad he’s playing somewhere, needs a 2nd chance

  • 411

    7 on 7
    M-Town @ Bishop Amat tomorrow 5:00
    Don’t know who else is going to be there

  • Common Sense Football Man

    Aram… D Ramirez was not practicing with Arcadia to keep both feet in the door. The COACHES (Coach M) at Arcadia did some pushing and head clinic. How can you fault a Principle due to a kids actions and mistakes? DeShawn “obviously felt” is NOT FACT. “The decision could have been made sooner” is NOT FACT.

    Aram, lets move forward my friend to another story and PLEASE take the time to actually stay at the Bishop Amat passing game and introduce yourself to the OTHER PASSER (Sean Reilly) who threw several touchdown passes while you limited yourself…. I’m with you man…. but will BLOG to keep and help you stay on track of FACTS and not assumptions to MAKE THE NEWS. Yes, I’m ready to be slammed with condescending remarks for having an opinion different than yours….

  • Aaron

    Even if Arcadia did the asking…DeShawn still has a brain ergo it was his choice, let me repeat that, HIS CHOICE to practice with the Apaches.

  • damien lee

    Man all this talking and attention this kid is getting i hope his game is as good as the attention he’s getting.

  • Apache Joe

    Common Sense Football Man,

    There is no Coach “M” on the Arcadia Varsity coaching staff. Please stop making up this ghost of a coach. You’re tarnishing the image of a high-character coach in Jon Dimalante who deserves none of this libel you are writing of.

    Fork your tongue, please.

  • Curious

    How does this not violate any CIF rule…just curious?