West Covina hits freshman lottery!!! It’s my pleasure to introduce the SGV to Antonio “Noodles” Hull …

Bishop Amat, Cathedral, Loyola and others all reportedly tried, but West Covina ended up hitting the jackpot by landing Antonio “Noodles” Hull as part of its freshman class. Hull, who you’ll see in this video as a member of the Compton Vikings JAA team, has moved to West Covina with his family and will likely land himself a spot on the Bulldogs varsity team this fall.

Aram’s take: Could West Covina’s program be doing any better? It’s on fire right now with talent. Anyway, I had heard buzz about West Covina’s freshman class (90-something players with some goodies in the group), not that Noodles will be a part of it anyway. He’ll be playing under the lights. Look at the kid’s highlight film! It’s not like he’s running away from slow kids. It looks like he’s out there against other athletes and HE’S ON ANOTHER LEVEL. Looks like the Valley could have a VERY SPECIAL PLAYER to watch for the next four years. Can’t wait to see what Noodles can do!

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  • Coach Slayer

    After being intimatly involved with JAA for 7 years it is my humble opinion that allstar running backs of JAA have the least chance of translating to allstar backs in highschool. It’s about how you take a hit from men bigger than you. Rotsa ruck though.

  • Coach Slayer,

    He wasn’t just playing RB in that film. He was also at QB, WR and DB. Also returning kicks. I think at some point in the film they say “Mr. Versatility”.

  • david duvall

    this kid aint ready for varsity,better stay on freshman

  • Tooter the Recruiter

    Well, hopefully he will keep his eyes open and see what’s around him. And just because he is moving to WC doesn’t mean he has to stay there!!!!! Open enrollment and all….Bit o advice Mr. Noodle, take a look around the area and see where you measure up.

  • Compton vikings are from the Snoop Dogg League, i talked to some of their coaches and they get players from everywhere, theres 1 kid who comes in from Lancaster, i think i seen this kid play, if its the same kid, i was like, Damn, this guy is a Jr Midget?

  • Aaron

    Have fun playing Frosh ball kid. I’m not a fan of Freshmen playing a lot on the Varsity level. Let them play on the frosh level and bring them up to practice with the Varsity in the second half of the season. Kids like Scooby are few and far between…but a spring in the weight room these “prodigies” can contribute amazingly as Sophomores.

    My favorite highlight tapes is Jaden Casey from 2009…he was his team’s offense…and he will be good just like his dad was. Westlake or Alemany are watching right now:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8xKQncnFSk



    Are you kidding me. He is not varisty material. He needs to prove himself first, wait until he gets hit and caught from behind from a kid that was too big to play JAA. You are a joke!

  • Dan

    Tooter the recruiter,
    Could you take a hike please, no need for your snake oil advice here, apparently Mr. Hull looked around and liked what he saw here in Bulldog country. That would be a very good looking incoming freshman class coming in for an already great program over here at West Covina. Whats not to like? Young Mr Hull should make a nice fit, he measures up just fine, now go wipe that saliva off your face and try recruiting somewhere else tootie pie.

  • Just another good 8th grader.

    Lol, Aram If you think this kid is going to play varsity as a freshman at west Co you should just shut down this blog. No 8th grader deserves this hype or needs this pressure. This kid is a athlete, and should develop into a star. Let me tell you a secret…this kid no better than Deshawn Ramirez, Anthony Craft, or Kurt Scooby coming out of duarte hawks a few years ago. Kurt was so much better than this kid… Matter of Fact, bj lee, Adam Muema, Holmes from Glendora, just about all the top running backs in the SGV look like this coming out, I mean we are not talking about mark keppel or Gabrelino here. We are talking about a established Southeast championship team with Solomon and company. One hit from meaders in hell week is going to send this kind back to the freshman team. I hope the head coach did not promise this kid a spot. “Noodles” Lmao come on this is so Busch league. Noodles lol.

  • The Star news hype machine is full effect!

    Aram you must understand their are 6ft 200 lb freshman, who are fast and hit hard. The lineman in JAA would be running backs on the freshman team. He looks good, but not that good. West co is a great school. But to say this kid is the best thing since sliced bread is going to far. you have to factor in the complexity and maturity it takes to play varsity. You have to factor in that he would be competing for carries with Soloman and would be going up against 18 year old men. Even when you have a kid physically ready to play, you don’t want to crush his mojo in hell week, when coach calls a 32 blast and Meaders gives this kid a concusion. He will have a challenge getting transitioning to high school freshman ball let alone Varsity. Let the kid come up in Cif…then write this article. I am sure they will be grooming him to take over for soloman, but they don’t want hurt him or ruin his psyche. It would be a bad move to bring this kid up so early.

  • Dan

    More than happy to see this kid at West Covina, but I agree with the other posters, too much pressure hyping the kid up like this, lets see him play out his freshman year then maybe bring him up to varsity at playoff time. As for this kid being groomed to be the next in line, eventually he will, but there is a kid from last years freshman team who was very good and reminded me a lot of Solomon when Solomon was a freshman.

  • Ayala Bulldogs Not so lucky!

    Looks like Ayala head coach Tommy Inglima finally got the boot. I am surprised it took this long. The guy was a real piece of work….can you say EGOMANIAC??? THey have been trying to get rid of him for awhile now. He lost his teaching position @ Ayala and was transfered to Chino HS. I heard from an Ayala assistant that many coaches didn’t want to coach for him any longer.There were some real character issues that came to light the last couple of years. Look for players to flee the coup over to Chino Hills. Surprised you haven’t mentioned this Aram

  • the pacific

    Man all i hear is a lot of hating going on the kid look good and the snoop dog league is no push over regular jaa, that league is serious with major talent in it but i do agree that the pop warner level is more competitive than any “NORMAL” jaa but the snoop dog league is no regular jaa believe me. And come on the kid is an athlete getting hit is a part of football you really dont think he knows he’s going to be hit get real i think if he has the heart then he’s definitely ready for the varsity level it’s not like he’s just going to run right into the defender, as we see on film he knows how to shake and run around them. and to say kurt was better than him shut up kurt played in the softest jaa football conference in all of southern california and was older than everyone on the field and yes you could be older than everyone there is a loop hole in the jaa rules with the birthday thing so kill it haters Noodles is ready i think

  • Jefe


    Looking good in a YouTube video against subpar pee wee players doesn’t equate to high school football greatness.


    Cody Paul

  • david duvall

    i remember gilmore going into high school as a freshman. there is no way this kid is ready for varsity.gilmore was a lot more exsplosive than this kid and gilmore was rarely used his first year so please parents of this kid keep him at the freshman level

  • Getherall

    I will awkwardly call him “three”!

  • Norco

    Aram is a fricken joke…..

  • !!!!!
  • Norco

    Now this kid is nice….very physical

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I’m excited for Noodles joining the Bulldog family. Welcome Antonio! Just as a reminder to all who may not be in the know. NOTHING is handed to you in Bulldog country. If this kid makes it to the varsity level, it’s because he competed and earned it. Coach Maggiore does not play games at West Covina, I remember a game last season Solomon fumbled and did not see the rock for the rest of the half!

    Frosh football would probably be the best bet for this kid to see actual PT. As usual the Bulldog backfield is quite crowded with talented backs all ready for their chance.

    I did see in the highlight Noodles playing some QB…This actually would be his best bet at making the varsity squad! Don’t laugh me off the blogs just yet. He would probably platoon with another QB. Run a few wildcat or spread formations, and he could also be protected from passing mistakes in the wing-T offense because those are very simple passing routes. One or two reads and pass it, throw it away or take off with it. Not sure about arm strength judging from the video though, but he is just an 8th grader there.

    A backfield of Solomon, Hull and Salgado? Sounds pretty athletic if you ask me. Who knows, at QB Hull might just be the next Miguel Merriwether for WC. Hey! A guy could dream can’t he? And if you don’t know who Miguel Merriwether is, he was Tribune POY in 93, a true run/pass threat and also a solid safety. He was signed by Washing State and was used as a RB, stuck on the QB depth chart behind either Drew Bledsoe or Ryan Leaf. Can’t remember at the moment.

  • Mike the Clone


    There’s and old saying about so called “superstars” needing nicknames. Their game doesn’t bring attention the name does.
    Come on AT JAA stuff? Really?


    Mike the Clone

  • Wow!

    Aram are you high!!

  • Wow!

    Aram are you high ???

  • Just keep it real

    No one is hating on this kid…its very true that he is not ready for varsity. Kurt was not the first kid to come into high school being older than the other kids. Their are kids on the Freshman team who are older and not balling out. Kurt balled as a freshman and no one can take that away from him. No one is saying that Hull can’t play, I think it is more like he won’t play at WC as a running back. Muir, PHS, Monrovia and West Co have had players come in with this kind of talent. I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who started as a Freshman….Now the best thing for him would be to play freshman or jv and come up with varsity during CIF. It is not a sure thing that he will even rip up that Level. Follow the protocol , and see what happens. If Noodles is that good it will show and them bring him up. I think Aram is pumping him up. Pop warner and Junior all american tape doesn’t mean too much.

  • >>>

    the kid with the most talent i have ever seen come out of JAA is Demetrius Hicks. that kid had some troubles in high school but that kid has raw talent. he could play in a jc and if he gets his grades up could possibly play at D1 level. i have seen this kid run he had potential to be one of the greatest running backs in the SGV ever.

  • >>>

    the kid with the most talent i have ever seen come out of JAA is Demetrius Hicks. that kid had some troubles in high school but that kid has raw talent. he could play in a jc and if he gets his grades up could possibly play at D1 level. i have seen this kid run he had potential to be one of the greatest running backs in the SGV ever.

  • Agree

    Demetrius Hicks was awesome in JAFF. If Pasgy would have given him any king of chance last year he would be at the next level this year.
    Last year 47 carries 9.3 yards per carry 4 TD’s…
    1 kick kick off return 99 yards TD.

  • Dan

    For those interested, here is an article I just found
    on Chris Solomons performance at the Big man on campus[BMOC]
    7 on 7 passing tournament last week at the Home Depot center. For the armchair experts that don’t think he has a chance to play offense in college pay particular attention to the last paragraph.

    Solomon impressive at 7-on-7
    By Adam Gorney, Recruiting Analyst Jun 17, 6:56 pm EDT


    CARSON, Calif. – One of the most productive prospects Thursday at the Big Man on Campus Under the Lights 7-on-7 Tournament was three-star safety Chris Solomon, who had two big interceptions during one game and made plays all night.

    More offers could be on the way for Solomon, a 6-foot, 188-pound prospect from West Covina who already has Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Nevada on his offer list. So far, the three Pac-10 schools are making the biggest impression on Solomon but its still early.

    I love the facilities at Arizona State, Solomon said. I like their coaches, too.

    At Colorado, I would like to see how this season goes and then well see from there. Im talking to USC right now and were communicating. They havent offered me anything but Im hoping I get one.

    Solomon, who was second on his West Covina team in tackles and also rushed for 1,958 yards and 23 touchdowns in his junior season, is going to Oregon States camp in a few weeks, hopes to go to Washington for a workout and just returned from USCs summer camp.

    Hes hoping those upcoming camp stops – plus more performances like he had at Thursdays 7-on-7 event – will garner him more offers. Solomon already has a few options but hes not close to a decision so hes looking for more.

    Im going to camps and looking for more offers, Solomon said. I want to get more experience with coaches, seeing some new faces and having a great time.

    According to his coach, Mike Maggiore, UCLA and Nevada prefer Solomon at running back while the other schools could play him at cornerback, safety or he could possibly grow to be an outside linebacker

  • Colt74

    From everything I have seen, read, and heard about this young man he truly deserves all the good things that fall his way. Thanks for sharing Dan!

  • Tough Call 2 Make

    I’ll admit, the kid looked good in the video, but the reality is that he looked good on video against not so good opponents, or players. He does show promise though, but he should play JV, if not Freshman football his 1st year, then hang out on the sidelines on Friday night for the experience factor. Yes, I’m aware he’s played under the night lights before, but Varsity FB isn’t exactly the same as Pop Warner now is it? There’s more speed, more strength, and more talented players in the high school game that can tackle him, hard. Also, that can match and even pass his speed. I think it’ll be best to give him time to bulk up, get quicker, and gain more game savvy, so that he can mature and become the player everyone thinks he’s gonna turn out to be (myself included.) Besides, West Co. isn’t exactly in a rush or currently in demand for a starting RB at this time. Then again, Football is a contact sport, so injuries are always just a play away from some young cub taking the Lion’s position on any given game. Giving any young cub a chance to show and prove to others what he can do when his number is called. Kind of reminds me of the story of Arroyo’s Steven Rivera, but without all the build up and hype surrounding him. But when Rivera’s time came to prove himself as a Freshman on a Varsity squad, he did just that, proved himself. Fast forward four years later, he turns out to be one of the Valley’s best QB’s. Hopefully the same will hold true for Antonio “Noodles” Hull. Good luck to him on whatever West Co. decides to do with him.

  • just askin’

    didn’t Fred put up a youth football video of Cody Paul from Los Alamitos who ended gaining all of 108 yds as a Senior

  • do reaseach askin

    cody paul actually gained around 750 yards on O and 500 plus returning as a Junior at Los Alimitos…. facts please.

  • do reaseach askin

    cody paul actually gained around 750 yards on O and 500 plus returning as a Junior at Los Alimitos…. facts please.

  • It was me who posted the Cody Paul video like four years ago on what was, at the time, my blog. Fred took over my blog when I left for FOX.

    Anyway, I think the difference is that Cody Paul was younger in those videos than Noodles is in these. And also, I hate to say this because it means I’m breaking down Pop Warner film, Noodles is running away from better athletes than Cody Paul was.

  • saladays


    You couldn’t be more wrong about that last statement. I am beginning to think you and David Rivera are the same guy.

  • just sayin’

    “Noodles is running away from better athletes than Cody Paul was. ”
    Look at that film. “Noodles” is the biggest and most athletic kid on the field. That won’t last long as a running back – then what.Not saying he won;t be good – but buyer beware

  • Wilson

    Here at w.c. Hall of game game. They post a 7:30pm start. but comw to find out that the first quarter was almost over by 7:30.. Pooooooor planning and sxheduling. Shame on you w.c. you suck. Hope to be back at bassett next year. W.C. You are a bunch of idiots.

  • Dan


  • The next level……….

    Check this kid out, on his way to Mater Dei High….
    Kid is the real deal, let’s see how he’ll at the next level……


  • None of Ya

    Who said he was a running back? He can play MANY positions.

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