UPDATED: Bonita Air Assault … Charter Oak IN, Damien OUT …

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of Charter Oak’s arrival and Damien’s defection, tournament organizers expect the pools to change a bit because some are more overloaded with top-notch teams than others.

Friday: 3 p.m., pool play begins
Saturday: 3 p.m., bracketed play begins

Pool A: Upland, Valencia of Valencia, Villa Park, Charter Oak, Jurupa Hills, Pasadena

Pool B: Arroyo, Citrus Valley, Corona Santiago, Glendora, Jurupa Valley, Northview

Pool C: Hart, Canyon of Anaheim, Kaiser, Glendale, La Serna, Riverside Poly

Pool D: Loyola, Walnut, Chino Hills, Eisenhower, San Gabriel, Webb

Pool E: Crescenta Valley, Bonita, Corona, Culvery City, South El Monte, Whittier

  • The U

    Looks like Pools “B” and “E” need some reconstructing.

  • Observantcat

    Hey Fred, are you going to cover the BA vs. Monrovia 707 today? This could give a lot of East West fans something to gage their skill players on. I wish it was 11 on 110 with pads.

  • just sayin’

    OC – uummm – no you don’t

  • AMAT 73

    We will have a few slots open next September for that 11 on 11 you are wishuing for .

  • Jhykron

    Wait a minute, I wasn’t even aware that Damien was ever -in- the Bonita Tourney. Aren’t they going to some passing league event in San Diego that day?

  • Obnoxiouscat

    Bishop Amat 63
    Monrovia 0

    If you guys were as good as you thought you were it would be:

    Bishop Amat 64
    Monrovia 0

  • Amat = OVERATED!

    Tesoro 31 – Amat 21 ……if you Amat folks could make it past the second round of the playoffs, you’d have reason to brag. You guys have done nothing but beat up on lower division opponents. That’s like USC bragging about beating up on New Mexico State and San Jose State and then losing in the Charmin Toilet Bowl. With the caliber of athletes Amata has, they should beat up on opponents like Monrovia. Whenever they meet an evenly matched team, they choke!!! Hell, even Chino Hills beat Tesoro …… a team in a higher division. So Amat fans, make your noise in the playoffs where it counts, not on some silly high school football blogs…..HAHAHAHAHA!

  • AMAT 73

    Man you guys are touchy real early this season towards AMAT . Ocat wrote he wished the contest was 11 on 11 and I mention we would have some openings next Sept. and down comes the hate. Monrovia has an excellent program (CIF CHAMPS ) as you know so I also think it would be a good match up . If Ocat thinks it would be and he is the biggest Monrovia supporter on here then it should be ok with you people or are you just haters getting your daily dose of blasting on AMAT .

  • just sayin’

    The last 3 years:
    Amat over Orange Lutheran
    Amat over Crespi (twice)
    Amat over St Francis
    Amat over St Bonaventure
    Amat over Alemany
    Amat over Mater Dei
    Amat over Dominguez (twice)
    Amat over Damien (twice)
    Amat over Loyola (twice)
    Amat over Muir
    Amat over Diamond Ranch (twice)
    Amat over West Covina (twice)

  • Observantcat

    Thanks Amat 73, I think it would be the best match up in the Valley, You guys always field an excellent team year after year, I just feel that my team has great teams here and there that could compete on some of those years. Last season would have been an excellent match up because of your Defense going against your offense. This year is going to be interesting as well. But I like the fact that you come on here to talk about football not just to bash other teams and talk trash that cannont be proven unless the pads are put on. I was fortunate enough to play against Amat back in the Day and although we did win that game I had the upmost of respect for the Amat system.

  • AMAT 73

    Too bad more bloggers don’t think like you as far as the talking football instead of trash . I also see it as a good match up and I think it would be good for both programs to meet up , like you said east meets west. I saw some crazy 63-0 post on the passing contest but if you were there what is your take . Anyhow good luck to the Cats this coming season because filling Bueno’s shoes will be a tough task and as defending champs you know everyone you will face has that game circled on their schedule.

  • Overrated

    This is not news worthy football. Name the last State Champion that one their passing league crap. This football at it worst. Passing League S?cks

  • Jhykron

    Ummm… can we stop spamming a blog post about the Bonita Tournament with this Amat vs. the world BS? 14 posts so far and only 3 are remotely on topic.

  • Can’t Win When it Matters

    Just sayin’…..those wins look impressive. But one playoff win in the lst 5+ years says a whole lot more…..Amat just can win when it matters


    Just goes to show that the Amat Haters are just as fanatical as the Amat Backers when it comes to Amat. They attack and we support. Whats that tell you? AMAT IS ON THEIR MIND ALL THE TIME TOO!!!! GO AMAT! GO BIG BLUE! GO LANCERS!

  • Norco

    Amat73….Norco will also have a few Sept dates open since we will being going from a 8 team league to a 6…This year Norco will be a top team in the SS once again, we have a Soph QB, Jr. RB, very young O-line with one junior & three Soph…defense has some bright spots, but has some questions as well…

    …in 2012 and 2013 I have VERY VERY high expectations for Norco…we better have ourselves in the running for a state title game or two…

  • AMAT 73

    It just might be that we will see at least 1 IE team on our schedule and Norco would be an excellent choice.Good solid program. But I am sure everyone wants the AMAT vs CC game and if we do anything less it will be that we are dodging them . You know the mentality of the haters. What is with the losing 2 teams in your league ? I am not that in tune with the going ons of the IE so who’s being dropped and where are they going. One piece of advise. You better schedule top Inland teams or line up all PAC-5 teams for those preleague games because the bloggers will expect nothing less. Good luck to Norco this coming season and do you have Crenshaw again this year because that was one hell of a game last year.

  • Norco

    Amat 73…

    Amat vs CC would be a great game…I also think Amat vs Norco would be a great game. Also people are going to say what they want, but you have to respect a team like BA. The Big VIII will be losing JW North & Riverside Poly both AD`s wanted out. As for Norco we open up with Crenshaw, then Upland, followed by Etiwanda…I know Norco had talks with BA and BA was receptive to a game…problem was neither school had an opening that would work…Hopefully they can work something out in the next few years…I will say this we have huge freshmen class coming in and right now have a 140 plus kids on the freshmen roster… And theres alot of good old school norco roots on that fros roster…

    Here is the enrollments of Corona/Norco Schools


    It`s amazing how large of a school Santiago is, almost twice the size of Norco and yet Norco is still a top team in the Southern Section and Inland every year. Could you imagine if Norco had another 600-700 boys to choose from and to mold in to Norco footballers. I have always thought that Norco was/is just a few more top athletes away from being a state-champ contender on a year-to-year basis.

  • Amat Bully

    lol (LNCR BKR) you should be on that show “KIDS SAYS THE DARNDEST THINGS”…..the best and truest post of the year so far was posted by (Can’t Win When it Matters)

    Can’t Win When it Matters said:
    Just sayin’…..those wins look impressive. But one playoff win in the lst 5+ years says a whole lot more…..Amat just cant win when it matters…..

    I AGREE……………

  • big mike

    Observantcat and Amat 73

    Get that soft stuff out of here this is a blog. not a place for two little softies who feelings got hurt over people bashing teams. its sports its competitive this is a blog where trash talking is a first language everything is opinionated and its gets a little rough due to the rankings and games being played in the past. who wants to sit up and flatter each other over and over thats a little weird don’t you think.

    oh wait i apologize if i offended you guys in any way maybe i should had said hey O’Cat nice way of wording that i wish everyone could just get along. Or hey Amat 73 man you guys are the best and really put a beating to my sons team WOW man what a game you guys really taught us a lesson i would tell you good luck on the rest of the season but you guys won’t need it we will though so would you please say a prayer for our team Thank you.

  • jhykron

    Damien “Head Football Coach Job 2012” :

    “You don’t have to read the comments”

    No, I don’t, but it would be nice if this tired Amat argument would stop seeping into every thread.

    BTW, if you want to take cheap shots at my father try doing so to his face instead of making sniveling, cowardly anonymous snipes toward his son on a blog. Pathetic.

    “By the way what happen to you supporting LA”

    Same thing that happened to me supporting Wilson, San Dimas, and Northview, obviously. Good luck to all those programs, but my reason for following them has moved on.

    “Gano, your dad and that whole coaching staff talked about loyality and when the going got tuff, they stuck their tails between their legs and ran.”

    Ummm… the coaches followed Gano, and Gano followed a better job opening. I’m sorry if your own squalid miserable life makes you envious of this.

    “Where’s next, the talk around town is one more year and your dad and Gano are out.”

    That sounds more like your own bitter fantasy than anything with substance, but neither one has seemed particularly worried about that possible eventuality.


    Valley Girl/Hillbill Boy – Never seen or heard of the show but it sounds like something a….man? of your stature would watch. And get off other bloggers nutz and make your own weak arguements, besides that’s the same lame azz argument you weak a$$ Amat Haters always come out with, AND AGAIN, it’s the Serra League Pac-5! Not your weak a$$ league, where teams like C.O. rule the sand box. The Pac 5 is where the Big Boys Play and at this point you guys aren’t even allowed on the playground. Stay in the sand box little boy.

  • Amat Bully

    HAHAHAHA LOL LNCR BKR are you upset over there i hope you didnt spit or punch your computer screen that was a lot of frustration thrown out there from such a little lady chill out little one don’t have a stroke on my behalf. and the little playground thing was cute but in the inland division 2 c.o dont rule quite yet but we will we got time unlike Amat who’s been there for so long and have yet to make any real noise or better yet get past the second round. Tosoro though come on dude serious oh wait they lost to chino hills the same team thats in our weak division according to you yeah we lost to chino hills to but we fought all game Tosoro just flat out beat yall up. but our league is weak look this year when Amat stinks up the place again and C.O beat a couple of the big name teams im coming directly after you i hope you dont try to change your name because if you do im still gone attack LNCR BKR and everytime you blog you gone know who im talking about………..

  • AMAT 73

    big mike ? ,
    Ocat and myself are long time bloggers on both blogs and if we feel the need to discuss a game or something related to football why should it bother you. Just pass it up and go on to your trash talking and bashing. I see you fail to mention who your team is but I would guess either Monrovia or AMAT put the beat down on you somewhere along the line. You want to trash talk great , bring it on ,but don’t knock others who want to have a halfway decent conversation about football only because it doesn’t fit your bill as to what you think sports are all about. You probably don’t shiat about the x’s and o’s of football so all you can do is talk trash .

  • big mike

    Amat 73:
    the last time my brother team played Bishop Amat they left the field crying with their heads down and monrovia couldn’t even line up and play 7on7 with them. guess who thats right ALEMANY………..the school i graduated from and played for. and as i remember you were one of those who last year was saying alemany has no class well im one of them who don’t and don’t care Amat sucked they did all that trash talking before the game and after Amat has no class either but in the world of blogging who gives a damn about class. take a note from the great Skip Bayless and say whats really on your mind and you’ll get all the answers you need when it comes to talking sports. forget class it just blogging.

  • AMAT 73

    big mike,
    Geez I would think someone from Alemany would let it be known the are an alum. Yes our team was very dissapointed in losing to Alemany but you had a very good team last year and the better team won that night. Either way can’t recall saying no class about Alemany but unless it was in a reply to someone talking trash about AMAT then most likely you are right . We do play again this year so let’s see where that goes and good luck in defending the Serra league crown. I hope the well wishes and saying you were the better team on that Friday night doesn’t go against your trash talking only on the blog, but I will give a team credit where credit is do. Now back to football , how do things look for this season . I believe you lost your QB to graduation so who is going to fill those shoes ? If you don’t mind talking football.

  • jhykron

    Anonymous Gutless Wonder 2012:

    Ah, so not only do you get your jollies anonymously backbiting Gano’s career decisions, but you want to take cheap shots at his parenting too. Really brave of you. And I’d really suggest you see a therapist about your psychotic Gano obsession, it’s really unhealthy.

    “What comes around goes around, because if your dad and Gano aren’t worried then why did they fire that whole ARAM ALL-STAR staff and hire a new young staff just like the boosters demanded. Those same boosters demanded results this year or their out. The message I’m getting is Gano is already looking; he doesn’t want to get fired. ”

    Wait, since when did my dad fire anyone? And I don’t know where you get this “booster demanded” BS- Merril, Merril, and Carol left for their own volitions, or they’d still be on the staff (along with the vast majority of coaches who are -still- there). You’re trying to tell me the -boosters- fired Garrison (so he could be replaced at line coach by a guy “in his 60s and smokes like there is no tomorrow”)? And these “younger” coaches the boosters supposedly forced on the staff happen to be the Browns who played for Gano during the championship years at LA. Sounds to me like your interpretation doesn’t hold water, but then we already knew that, didn’t we?

    I mean seriously, if you think they suck at coaching, fine. Whatever. I’m sure they cry about it every time they polish their rings. Opinions are like rectums and all that.

    Now about that Bonita tourney…

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    Pretty Impressive, you killed this guy with kindness and tact, no need to stoop low, stick to your guns and keep classy.
    Now where in the “H E double hockey sticks” did this Alamanite get the authority to establish blogging etiquette on here?

  • DHS Booster Parent ~ MARTY

    I am a Damien Booster Parent; who says my name. Just to clear things up. We are very happy with Gano and his staff. The Booster’s are not in the practice of recommending hiring or firing of staff, that would come from the Athletic Director. Gano, just like any area football coach knows they have to produce; and he said so at the parent football meeting at the beginning of the month. Maybe your school isn’t as supportive of your staff, but here at Damien we give support to the coaches who are responsible for the growth of our kids. Gano is highly respected and has the backing of our Boosters.

    Faith, Family and Football!

  • just sayin’

    lil mikey –
    2009 – Amat 36 Alemany 14 ; Amat = Serra League Champs
    2010 – Alemany : Amat 30 Alemany 38 ; Alemany = Serra League Champs
    2011 – will break the tie

    don’t see much of a difference over the past 2 seasons

  • RJ

    Is the schedule out yet for Friday and Saturday? I want to see what time Upland and Loyola play

  • david duvall

    can gano deliverlike he did at los altos, the inland division tells me no. im surprised hes still there at damien

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks for the words , opps there I go again with kind compliments , but you know we old timers have a few years blogging on here and a little decent football talk between us is ok every now and then to break the monotony of all the trash talking and putting down of teams, players, and coaches .

  • AMAT 73

    About that Bonita tourney , why did Damien back out or defected as Aram put it . Maybe you can give us some insight as to what happened.
    david duvall,
    I think it has more to do with not having the players he was able to get at LA . I think Damien is pleased with Gano and as long as they field decent teams and maybe a Sierra league title , which is within reach, with Damien kids he will be ok . Really don’t think that Damien will have the transfers that LA was used to getting in Gano’s days and that will be the difference. The man is a good coach because even with talent they must still be led in the right direction and he did do that at LA .

  • big mike

    just talking
    Alemany was in the mission league that year so we went to where you held the crown and we took it easily.

    Amat 73: you a cool funny dude i hate to admit that when talking sports and being on opposite sides. But as far as Alemany goes we did lose the best Qb in the serra league arguably the best Qb in the pac5 replacing him is going to be difficult but our defense is the best defense we had in years with a lot of vets back and our receiver core is probably the best in the pac5 this year we did take a page out of the Amat book and scheduled weak non-league opponents but thats just to break in our new Qb but we’ll definitely defend our crown truthfully i feel as if there is no real competition in the serra league this year.

  • Spartans on the Rise

    If anyone has any doubt about the support the Coach Gano and Damien Football program has come on out to one of the practices. The stands are full with anywhere from 20-30 families who are all pulling on the same end of the rope and having fun doing it. If you do come out what youll see is something that has been void at Damien for many years. The talent pool and football IQ is on a serious upward turn. The primary reason for that is parents want their kids playing for Coach Gano. The Jr, soph and freshman classes who are all classes that were a direct result of the Coach Gano hiring are absolutely loaded. And yes throw in the nasty T word you have a very different Damien team than the one you have seen in the past 10 years.
    As for the transfers just remember people who live in glass houses. Show me a SGV top 10 team without a transfer. You cant! The next point that always follows the transfer is he can only win with talent. My answer to that is name a championship team with not talent. You cant!

  • math teacher

    michael – 38-30 doesn’t look easy and much less “easy” than 36-14 the year before

  • AMAT 73

    big mike,
    See that didn’t hurt so much did it. Yes replacing your QB will be a big challenge .The kid was great in his ability to scramble until his receivers became open or just take off if the pass wasn’t there. Don’t know if a talent like that can be replaced so easily , but we will see. Don’t be so sure about so sure about the no real competition in the Serra . I hear some rumbling out of Crespi with a run based offense with just a taste of passing to keep defenses honest and believe me Loyola and ND will come blazing this season. As far as that weak schedule page from AMAT’S book it is more of a reflection of the wrench thrown at us by the move of the league St Bonnies is in. As you can see we have Servite this season and many of the last minute fill ins are gone after this year.We usually have at least 2 strong teams in our pre-league because you don’t really want to get too banged up before the season starts. Too bad we open up the season with each other instead of closing like last season , deciding the league champ. Good luck to you guys this season in all but one game .

  • jhykron

    Amat 73:

    I wasn’t aware Damien was ever signed up for the Bonita tourney. As far back as Winter Ball in February, my understanding was they were going to a one day passing league event down in San Diego (supposedly including likes of Oceanside, etc.) on the same Saturday. Perhaps they signed up before that, then saw the scheduling conflict? Beats me.

  • Webb, yikes

    WEBB, YIKES? Why?

  • Brackets?

    Game times? Where is Montclair?