Charter Oak wins Bonita Air Assault … WITH AN ARAM’S TAKE …

Charter Oak, a late entry into the 30-team Bonita Air Assault passing competition, beat Valencia in the championship game on Saturday night at Bonita High School.

Led by quarterback Travis Santiago, the Chargers went 9-0 in the two-day tournament. They went 5-0 in pool play on Friday, then returned on Saturday as the No. 1 seed.

“I blame it all on my son (offensive coordinator Dominic Farr),” Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said in reference to his team being a late entry into the tournament.

“On Wednesday, we threw at Oaks Christian, 65 miles away from campus, and it worked out real well for us. The next thing I know, Dominic and (defensive coordinator) Roger Lehigh called (Bonita coach and tournament organizer) Eric Podley and got us in this tournament.”

The Chargers were the only local team in the semifinals, which included traditional Southland stalwarts Loyola, Upland and Valencia. Charter Oak beat Loyola in the semis. The Chargers were one of 12 Valley or Whittier-area teams in the tournament.

“We don’t really look at the competition as much as we look our team and team’s growth,” Farrar said. “Coach Lehigh was really impressed with his kids. Coach Dom is really happy with Travis and the way he’s hooking up with his receivers.

“Something’s growing, I can feel it. After all these years, I just see something happening. We’ve got some kids who weren’t at the top of my Christmas list last winter and spring, but they’re starting to buy into the program. I’m happy to see this kind of growth with our kids.”

In addition to Santiago, Farrar also cited the play of receiver Chris Gilchrist, corner back Kurt Scoby and safety Khari Garcia as being key to Charter Oak’s success this weekend.

Two seasons ago, Charter Oak won the second of back-to-back CIF Southeast Division championship. Last season, the Chargers were moved into the Sierra League and Inland Division and finished 6-5 overall.

Aram’s take: This has become the Summer of Santiago. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Santiago and when I’ve seen him, he’s impressed. This was a nice win for CO. But I can’t help but ask myself “Didn’t we already know CO had skill guys?” Maybe these guys are going to be even better than we thought. But skill guys aren’t the X factor for CO, linemen are. Line, line, line. If CO has a line to go with these skill guys, then we may be looking at a Sierra League champ and the unthinkable — a first-round win in the Inland playoffs. Anyway, you can expect both Santiago and CO to move up my QB and team rankings, respectively. There were some good names in this tourney and CO wowed a lot of people. It’s only passing league, but for June 25 it doesn’t get any better.

  • Amat Bully

    Let me be the first to comment and say for all the Charger haters watch out we back and fully loaded this year….oh and by the way if you were planning to jump on the band wagon dont even this about it that wagon is full…

  • My2Cents

    Bully, it was a freekin’ passing league, 7 on 7, flag football game! Don’t get your panties all wet!

  • SaintsR4real


    Good Post! Looks like C.O. should be placed, at least ahead of W. Covina. Great Offense and Defense.

    Amat Bully,
    You guys haven’t play a game yet! C.O. looks promising, they don’t need your trash talking.

    Your 2 cents and my 1 sense… competiton is competition. All 30 or so teams, brought their GAME!
    Whether no pads or frisbee throwing, C.O. was the best out there because of their skilled players, no question. Sounds like your team didn’t fair so well.

  • Thor


    CO= 40 vs Hart 12

    CO= 36 vs Loyola 0 “semis”

    co= 32 Vs Valencia 20 “Championship”

  • Thor

    Bully is a PU$$y and not a part of the CO family, sorry for ahole amat family.

  • Real Charter Oak Pop

    Amat bully. You are an embarrassment to all us CO parents. You are the band wagoner. Because you make a few foolish posts like kh and bulldog1 and other tired posters, don’t even think you represent the real Co parents. You probably would put a jock on backwards you pathetic loser.

  • Balco

    I think Co is on the barry bonds work out plan!

  • Bonita

    How did Bonita look. How is the QB competition going?

  • david duvall

    i hate to say this and im not a charter oak fan but i think they can make a run this year in the inland division. and i do believe they can beat amat too. this team is really loaded but one question i do have is are all these skill players transfers or do they live in the charter oak district. i dont recall ever charter oak having this many african american athletes

  • david duvall

    as far as the bonita QB postion goes they have 2 sophmore QBs and 1 senior. if podley and his staff can find a solution to this problem they will be ok if not it could be a long year

  • C.O. You Know!

    Dearest Chumpo, Balco…… If the Barry Bonds work out plan is working out hard in the weight room, then YEAH They are on it…. Get a life looser and stop making up stories!

  • In other news

    I heard some kids form Gladstone won an over-the-line tournament and Workman is kicking butt in 3-on-3 basketball. Maybe we should rank them near the top in baseball and basketball. LOL!

  • football facts

    Only in passing league does a 120lb qb look like a polished diamond, but with the pads on after getting layed out by a 280+lb will he be exposed to be a cubic zirconia in a platinum setting…lol. its only 7 on 7 and the work horses were not even in show… this season is going to be great its also a good thing for the freedom of steroids policy in covina.

  • The U

    Congrats to Charter Oak, they looked good at were at full strength for the tourney…Loyola was cleared not at full strength and Upland was missing 5 of it’s 6 receivers, both tight ends, top 2 running backs and 3 of its 4 safeties so dont put tooooooo much stock into winning it…..But taking nothing away from them, they won it and were clearly the best team those two days.

  • X’s and O’s

    Charter Oak has absolute studs and Santiago is very polished. The tall receiver was practically unstoppable. I also really liked their two safeties. I didn’t like the fact that Lou was sitting in the bleachers for their games though.

    Chino Hills also passes the eye test and I heard that they were missing several players, but I think I’d lean towards Charter Oak.

    Glendora is big and that tight end can do some damage. If their line is okay, which is usually the case, then they’ll be able to run the ball on some people. The Baseline league is a tall order for them though

    Bonita’s offense has a lot of improving to do but I understand that they had a couple of players missing. Their defense played very physical against bigger opponents which sometimes led to P.I or holding though but I think they’ll be tough.

    South El Monte was small and fairly unathletic, but they competed with their much stronger opponents. They are being coached up and several of their receivers made catches that they shouldn’t have and showed some decent footwork at times too.

    Arroyo’s Steven Rivera is as good as advertised, but I don’t see them making any big time moves in the playoffs. I think they will win the MVL, but Rivera needs his supporting cast to really step up.

  • big mike

    Come on yall lets keep the trash talking about teams and not each other. Congrats to Charter Oak showing that their skill players are better than those who they played now if they have a decent o-line and d-line they can make some noise this year. keep up the good work co.

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!! don’t get it twisted.

  • Dan

    Travis Santiago and Steven Rivera were both very impressive, Steven Rivera is not your typical QB, the kid is a tough leader of his team on both sides of the ball, built like a brick wall, saw him checking people coming over the middle and putting them down, not being dirty but just being physical. On offense he was cool and calm and just looks like he knows what he is doing back there. Nice arm and he is as good as advertised.
    Travis Santiago could be the most polished qb in the area, very impressive all day, I don’t hate any team but I’m definately not a CO fan, but I must admit CO was the best looking team at the tournament this weekend, great athletes and they played smart and with great team intensity. With a good line they can make some noise in their division.
    Loyola did not have close to the same team they had at the Dana Hills tournament, missing several key players including their main offensive threat in Cody Whitfield and their best corner.
    Glendora looked good, not sure if their baseline good, but good for our area, nice athletes in Holms Victoria, and another kid and a big tightend with good hands.
    Bonita not as impressive as last year but still looked pretty good, so did Walnut, Arroyo, and La Serna.
    All in all a fun day to check out skill players for teams in the area, as you all know this is no indication as to how good these teams will be in pads,
    because the line play is where the games are usually won or loss, but its a nice way to spend a Saturday evening if you’re into the local highschool football scene.

  • X’s and O’s

    Anyone know anything about results of the Wesco linemen competition?

  • Aram

    This blog can be a lot of things, but not a network center for you to arrange street fights.

    If you two, Thor and Amat Bully, don’t stop I will be forced to delete your IP addresses.


  • Thor

    Im good, just sick of idiots making CO look bad.

  • Amat Bully

    Alright im cool Aram don’t do that

  • Amat Bully

    can i give an early prediction without any trouble.

    i see my Chargers going 9-1 with the worst they can do is 8-2

  • I.E

    Their is a reason why upland and loyola were part of dana hills air strike, one of the best or the best 7 on 7 tournament in socal . obviously they were missing many of their key players. dont know about charter oak having the best position players in the tournament. pretty much what i am saying is that if upland would of had 9 of their starters. and loyola 2 of their starters they would of smashed the competition. the old days of charter oak and glendora beating and smashing on mediocre teams is over. charter oak and glendora are gonna get a rude awakening. WELCOME TO THE INLAND DIVISION.

  • Amat Bully

    All im hearing is a lot of excuses why the Chargers beat up on everybody. But the statement you made about C.O smashing on mediocre teams is crazy C.O just made them look like mediocre teams and as far as the inland division go yeah thats a tuff scary division but the Chargers is a tuff scary team the inland let us in their division with a warning label attached to our chest that says “KNOWIN FOR MAKING TEAMS LOOK MEDIOCRE PLAY AGAINST AT YOUR OWN RISK”. so the inland has been warned.

  • The U

    I.E. don’t worry Amat Bully is clearly dillsuional and must have already forgotten that just 2 weeks ago C.O. hosted a 4-way with Upland. Even without our top receiver the results weren’t pretty and the subs were in way ahead of schedule…Don’t worry Bully enjoy your success against mediocre teams and we will be waiting for you in CIF, that is if you get out of the 1st round….For what it’s worth, I do see you winning the Sierra though…Santiago and Scoby are legit but it’s going to take a whole lot more then that in the INLAND……

  • I.E

    Santiago and Scoby who… Scoby got good size but no technique. i would take Nate Romine and Alex Olivas(AO) any day over the other two. AO got way better technique. technique is crucial when it comes to a DB

  • sierra fan!

    Hey ceeeeh ohhhh! All I have to say is what the end of the article says: after moving out of their buttercup division which they dominated charter oak went 6-5. Welcome to the sierra division where football is played and stars are born and live like ( doesn’t your running back live out here too?) Haha Good luck!

  • Norco

    The game is won in the trenches not on the video machine which passing league is. Most of the guys that catch balls in PL, think twice about it in real game speed. Let me just say this if a defender was allowed to hammer one WR not one guy would want to catch a pass without pads. So cut with the PL stuff for now.

  • Norco

    The U…..why are you on here thumping your chest for? If I recall in a last years game against Norco ….Norco started subbing in their JV in the middle of the 3rd quarter against Upland….hell Norco even took a knee inside the 5 early in the 4th… You do remember that @ss kicking you guys took against us right? Also I wouldn`t be to quick to jump on CH when your league was removed from the Inland because they couldn`t compete a few years ag…lol

  • The U

    Norco, nothing like a little embellishing right…Yes you guys got us fair and square but it was 14-7 at half and we got stopped on the 20 just before half clown…What did all of that get you besides a 1st round cif loss (oops)….Matter of fact, I think I saw a couple of you clowns at Upland watching us play Centennial when your season was already over…FYI, last years Upland team was nowhere near as talented as this years….But go ahead and worry about last year and we will see you in week 3 at NORCO…..Once again typical NORCOW embellishing, nobody said anything about the Sierra league only that welcome to the inland..

  • The U

    My bad Norco, it was the second round when u got blasted 45-6…Hell Charter Oak only lost to the same team (Vista Murrieta) 28-7 in the 1st round (lol)…See ya in week 3

  • I.E

    All I have to say Norco good luck trying to stop Kenny Lawler, by far one of the best WR in so cal, so far i have not seen any one stop that young man. seen him go against some of the top talent in socal and arizona hes fearless. good luck this upcoming season with your 18 year old sophomore QB, lol that is just the Norco tradition.

  • Norco

    To both of your Upland nutt ryders…

    Lawler is good…so good he had one catch against Norco JV in the 4th quarter…ONE CATCH THE WHOLE DAMN GAME…and yes we got our asses handed to us by VM and CC last year…I guess that`s what happens when you start 16 underclassmen…five sophomores and three freshmen…But that still don`t change the fact we had our JV subbing in when it was 28-7 and sophomore playing when it was 35-7…

  • Norco

    The PU…

    Funny…last time I checked we beat Redlands in the first round and played VM in th e 2nd round…..please if your going to talk shit…come correct so I can hand your ass to you…And FYI Upland is not even on the same level as Norco…there is a reason why they were bumped from the Inland a few years ago..

  • The U

    NORCO….Obviously you cant read because I corrected myself and said you lost in the 2nd round…Nobody is talking about prior history here, we are talking about current and upcoming teams clown…Last year our QB was incapable of throwing more than 20 yds down the field, not the case this year and you will soon find that out…You will also soon discover that we have 3 receivers, 2 tight ends, 1 RB and 1 QB that are better then anyone at that position at Norco…..Typical NORCOW clown interjecting themselves into a conversation when nobody even mentioned them….Anymore 20 year olds in the pipelines, because history shows you guys don’t do crap without them..Oh wait you only have to wait 2 more years until Coltin is a 19yr old SR…Guess you can look forward to then.

  • Norco

    No I can read and that post was not there when I posted.

    Also prior history means everything…Norco has it …Upland does not…this years current Norco team is better then the one that handed your asses to you guys last year, problem is Upland can`t match up with Norco in the trenches…Norco is to physical and Upland found that out last year…After the game Uplands team looked like a mash unit…Norco is bigger,stronger and faster this year…As for your cracks at Coltin…you jealous? Also we match up very well with you guys at the skill postions and Rb spots….Norco is known for putting out D1 Rb`s…should I give you as list over the last 10yrs???? And remember these names….Hemmings 6`1 195 4.4 and Jones 5`9 185 4.55 both Wr transfers who had to sit out last year….both kids came to us as RB`s…

  • I.E

    whats up now norco. they got their ass wooped ahaa!!!!!! lets go Upland!!!!!

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