Villa Park wins West Covina line competition … West Covina finishes 2nd and Azusa 3rd …

Villa Park won the 18-team West Covina line competition on Saturday with West Covina finishing second and Azusa taking third.

The top six were:

1st – Villa Park
2nd – West Covina
3rd – Azusa
4th – JW North
5th – Monrovia
6th – Sante Fe

Santa Fe won the bench press with West Covina second.
Azusa won the power cleam with West Covina second.

Top power clean of the day was Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy at 305 pounds.

Aram’s take: It’s kinda nice to talk about something other than passing. Good sign that West Covina was able to place so well considering all it lost to graduation. It’s kinda scary hearing that Azusa took third when combined with what I saw of the Aztecs skill guys at Arroyo last Thursday. If throws and tire rolls are any indicator, Azusa looks poised to keep the roll going. What else can you say about Ellis McCarthy?

  • wildcats 98

    Sorry to here about coach estrada from wilson has passed away..


    When it’s time to get it done call on the HOGS to win the game. Everyone thinks the good looking QB, the elusive running backs and the men with the hands score touchdowns. It’s THE HOGS THAT WIN THE GAMES BABY!!! Good job HOGS…JO


    Outstanding Coach Scherf and staff! AZUSA keep doing what your doing, and the results will add up!

    AZUSA AZTECS KEEP ROLLING ON! Also good job Jose Nunez, in the Hall of Fame game, and should do well for Citrus College!



    Good job Coach Scherf and staff! Continued much success and the results will pay off!



  • Being a HATER

    To Aztec Pride
    You guys are pretty good during the summer. Were going to call you guys.
    The “Passing and Lineman Comp.Summer Stars”. Great Jog guys. Now lets win a First Round game.
    Go Gladiatorswrqscd

  • FBFan

    That is absolutely horrible news about Coach Estrada. Keep his family and friends in all of your prayers.


    Go Gladiatorswrqscd???? Is that the best you can do? Come on, when your team starts doing something, maybe ARAM might throw you a bone on the BLOG! LOL…

    IT IS, WHAT IS! By the way do some research and you’ll see AZUSA has gotten by the first round of the playoffs!


    Go Gladiatorswrqscd, your begining to sound like the fans of LA PUENTE!

  • All Business

    being a hater, there is always someone on here dumping on high school kids!! i hope you sleep well at night ripping a kids! no matter what school it is, at least all the boys are competing, which is what it is really all about! who cares who wins c.i.f. as long as the boys learn great memories and learn to become men in life in the end thats what really matters! so good job all the boys at the linemen competition, iam sure all your coachs and parents are proud!!!! and being a hate, grow up!

  • Aztecs All The Way!

    honestly you Gladiator fans are little kids! lol what has gladstone accomplished in the past three years?

  • Really

    Why are you listening to Aram he does not know anything about football, you believe him when he says Azusa looks good? He had them picked for the finals last year in their division as did Fred Retard (I meant Robledo) and what did they do 1 and done?

    WOW Azusa fans 3 league Championships in the weakest league in the world! How many CIF Championships in the weakest division in CIF?

    Lets talk about the real football and CO! They just won the Bonita tournmnet where was Azusa at in this tournmnet? Oh that is right they can not play with anybody outside their league, so they stayed on the porch exactly where they belong!

  • SaintsR4real

    Really?? Did Azusa fan pull your collar??

    Support your team with words, info and praise and maybe we’ll support too. Don’t bash any other team, cuz there will always be a team better than yours!!

    Are you going to be a helper or hater in life??

    Good luck to C.O. this year.

  • AMAT 73

    Are you really valley guy aka amat bully in disguise ? I find it amazine how you are putting so much stock in a PT that really dosen’t amount to squat when the season starts. Azusa fields a fine team each year and one day they just might come up and win that CIF title. I could see if you were rippping up the Sierra or making deep runs in the Inland playoffs but that hasn’t happened for a 2 time CIF champion which you lean heavily on . Sometimes it is better to just read and keep quiet then to come on here and bash a team just because they have not won a CIF title in a division you feel is weaker. After all those titles did come in D-7. Not much higher than Azusa’s division.


    REALLY: Hey superstar, check out ARAMS ARTICLE regaring IMPORTANT DATES:TODAY, JUNE 28: Azusa, Bonita, Covina and Charter Oak throw at Charter Oak, 5 p.m.

    How’s that line-up for you! REALLY!

    Good Job Coach Scherf, and show them what AZUSA can do with a GOOD COACH running the program!


  • AMAT 73

    How’s that crow tasting about now. All that talk about how bad Azusa is and the real football talk on CO , well what you got to say now. I have a lot of respect for CO and their true bloggers but you bandwagon jumpers are giving them a bad name.