What’s the word on the street? Robledo went to the source: M-Town/Duarte area legend Big Bob …

Aram’s take: I’ve only heard of the legend of Big Bob, who if it’s happening in Monrovia or Duarte, he knows it. Fred knows more about him as do most of you just west of the 605. Anyway, Fred tracked him down at the Hall of Fame All-Star Game. Big Bob gave Fred his word on the street about SGV football.

  • Kennedy Bryant
  • D-Mo

    Did he say CO was done? Done with what? That man just lost all credibility with that statement.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Yeah, he said CO was done. I don’t know if he meant because of the Inland Division or what, but I was taken aback by that.

    I also don’t see Monrovia as No. 2 behind Amat and Covina over West Covina. But Big Bob has his opinions and I like hearing them.

  • Anonymous

    I took it as Charter oaks would not beat Monrovia this season. Not as in DONE with a fork in it.

  • Amat Bully

    No disrespect to that dude but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about does he know that this year C.O team is just as strong if not stronger than the 08-09 C.O championship team and he cant be serious thinking that Monrovia would beat C.O what a joke.

  • just sayin’

    Bully boy – 1st , there’s no way this years group at ChOak is as good as the 08-10 teams. A few good flag football types, but not enough big boys or imports from the West side. And how do you know those teams were any good anyway? They didn’t play anybody any good to find out how good they really were. In 09 the only team they beat in the regular season with a winning record was Etwianda and in 08 the only team with a winning record was Bonita. ChOak’s regular season wins in 09 came against teams with a COMBINED record of 33-65. In 08 it was 29-67! Atta girl – way to step up! Turrible!

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’:
    Dang lady you stay following me im starting to think your stalking me. But get out of here with your stats we won it all who cares we have two rings Amat has none in the last 15+ years. And this year team is stronger than you think this year we gone upset some big name teams you watch and see dont worry Amat will be at home again so you’ll have plenty of time to check out them CHARGERS in the later rounds of the playoffs.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy aka amat gnat,
    I would like nothing more than to see a team from the Sierra league make a huge move in the Inland division playoffs. But let me ask you this. You are all over the blog bragging on how good CO is this year even to the effect of being just as or stronger than your CIF teams. If so why are you crowing that you will ” upset ” some big name Inland teams. I would think that someone harping as loud as you about how great your team will be this year would not put it as upsets if you do happen to knock off an Upland , Norco or your team you seem to base all power and greatness on CC . Why would those wins be upsets to you ?? If your going to walk the walk you better start talking the talk. Or do you have some doubts ???

  • reality

    bully – beat SOMEBODY good – then pop off. All four “Step-up: games last season = losses. Plus 1 to Claremont!

  • Jefe

    CO done??

    Covina over WestCo?

    So much for credibility.

  • BigBob

    What I mean when I said Charter Oak was finished is that they’re finished winning with Monrovia and Pasadena guys, those days are happening anymore, they got to do it on their own now

  • Kenendy Bryant

    BigBob, please let the bloggers know that Monrovia High has come full circle and the offspring of some of Monrovia’s former greatest are now running up and down football field at MHS, and the current kids are throw backs from the old days of MHS greatness. Even though MHS is playing in Mid Valley they have the talent to compete with anyone right now. Ellis Mccarthy = Willie Griffin, George Frazier = Kim Ainsworth, Deshawn Rameriz = Paul Hewitt, just to name a few. THE COMPARISONS are there and I dare any blogger to disagree.

  • Dan

    Monrovia over West Covina? Maybe in passing league.
    In pads I wouldn’t be so sure, good game though.

  • Jefe

    Kennedy Bryant,


    Define anyone, please.

  • I agree

    In regards to Monrovia playing with anyone this season, I do agree. I even see where you are going with the Covina & West Covina match-up. Soloman will have to be the work horse for his team this season otherwise it will be a long night for the ex-champs. Monrovia vs. Biship Amat? I have total faith in Monrovia playing Bishop Amat with the pads on. I read that article that Kennedy Bryant put up here and it bought back a lot of good memories. You guys were all studs on that team back then and I do see the comparisons of that team to teams of today. Writers can write all they want about how much better a team should be but until they both go head to head one never knows. Sure you can have a tougher schedule but when you play a team that is just as good and competitive as you are, only the final score would be adequate enough to tell the truth. Monrovia has more skilled position atheletes than any school in the valley and with great coaching would put a whoopin on anyone on any given Friday espcially those who think they are better just because of their name. Amat was much, much better back in those days and words like greatness were used to describe Amats football teams as opposed to today’s language with words like Competitive, Skilled, not afraid to challenge. Most area teams are maybe 2-3 skilled players away from competing with a Amats program and their respective recruting processl, Monrovia has plenty of those types of skill players who could easily take on that task. Amat/Monrovia be a good match-up for next season and perhaps seasons to come.

  • just sayin’

    disagree. that was 1982 just as Amat was coming out of the same kind of doldrums as the middle of this decade. We had a couple great players, but no depth. it was early in the Jim Patricio regime after going thru a few sub par coaches. Look at it his way. Last year you couldn’t hang with Glendora and they didn’t fare too well against Amat even during our down years. Glendora lost to West Covina last season. Amat just put a whuppin’ on WC two years in a row. MHS has a nice little Div 11 team with a great player and a couple OK skill guys. Nothing more. Did you catch that – Division ELEVEN!

  • Monrovia vs… by Mtown Lives

    Big Bob is write on with his comments. 1st Monrovia can play with Bishop, West Co, etc… If Monrovia played….

    Bishop Amat- Still gets the nod on paper, due their strength of Schedule, and weight room program and more experienced QB. Even though Monrovia does have a lifting program now. Bishop is More established. However, Matching skill Players up head for Head, Monrovia is right there.

    West Covina-This game would be up in the air..First off is Covina can upset them, then Monrovia a far more superior team can flat out play with them. Solomon is a stud, but Ramirez is comparable. Meaders is a stud, But McCarthy is on a far better. The Core Of Monrovia wr are better. The QB situation is a push, but Monrovia’s QB is a athlete.

    Charter Oak- This game is similar to West Covina. Monrovia has the skills to play with CO. CO has the more experience QB. Monrovia has the advantage on the line. This would be a good one. But Charter is not better now or even close to being as good as they were, when they had all those Monrovia players. They have one in Kurt Scooby, with out him their backfield would be looking slim.

  • Rodney Sermons

    I love how giggy Fred gets when Big Bob says that Amat is the top team in all of the SGV.

  • SaintsR4real

    Monrovia better than Amat, C.O. and W. Covina???

    I agree with “just Sayin”, not any of the players you have mentioned have did anything superior the last season. These are all speculations!!

    Get through Glendora and Arcadia, then you may have something to bring to the table. San Dimas is 2-2 on you the last two years and you don’t see them making any crazy speculations.

    Do something first, then talk it up!!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Kennedy Bryant

    Saint4real and Just sayin:

    You must be sipping on some strong syrup. First and foremost that game was played in the fall of 1981, the players graduated in 1982 Bishop was not coming out of the bad cycle or a poor decade. THEY WERE RATED NUMBER 1 and 6 players on that team played DIV 1 and they were rated Number in the BIG 5 division in was the 4 game of pre-season. Ron Brown, USC, Pernell Taylor Norte Dame, Don Hiati CSLUB, … Fields, Alcantara, Mike Frecas Randy Tanner and Gary Brown all went DIV 1, Bishop hasn’t had more than 5 guys on the same team go DIV since then so simple put you dont know your facts and you dont know what the hell your talking about. They were loaded with more talent than they ever had. We respected Amat that night and they respected us but the best team in the entire SGV won that night. All im saying is that MHS has the same kind of talent now. They could compete with anyone. And the last time I say anyone in the dictionary it means ANYONE. There were over 6,000 people there for a preseason game. So you cannot cheaping MHS’s victory over BA with your clueless bantor.

  • Anonymous

    Do something first?…lol Keep San Dimas out of this conversation. They will be lucky to even make the playoffs this season. Monrovia fell asleep in the fist game against you guys and took it out on you in the playoffs. More of that to continue this season. Monrovia can hold its own with any team on Arams list and wouldn’t suprise anyone if they won handily. On the other hand if San Dimas wins I will call it an upset if they were to beat any team in the top 15 on that list. Settle Down Saints4real, looks like you will have a more formidable opponent in Azusa this coming season who thinks that they will take that saintly crown and smash it all over Citrus college.

  • SaintsR4real


    I never put S.D. in the mix, I was talking about Amat, W.Co. and C.O.

    Please give yourself a name where we can refer back to your inteligent or ridiculous predictions in the future.

    So Monrovia fell asleep then woke up, hmmm?

    I replied on this post to state that Monrovia fans have not accomplished anything this year, but they’re talking it up to be the best team by far.

    Please reply with a moniker and we’ll talk more in about 5 months.

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