Aram’s reaction to Monrovia, West Covina, Claremont, La Puente and Ganesha passing game on Tuesday …

First off, I would like to apologize to anybody who was expecting me at Charter Oak on Tuesday to see CO, Azusa, Covina and Bonita throw it around. I got a call from Claremont coach Mike Collins WHILE I WAS DRIVING TO CO and he told me they were at WestCo … and when I heard that M-Town was also there, I had to go. The reasoning is simple: I’ve seen CO, Azusa and Bonita already. The reason I was going to CO was to see Covina. But I have not seen WestCo, Monrovia (with all its guns), La Puente or Claremont yet. So I killed more birds with one stone at WestCo. OK enough …

But first some news …

Sydney Jones: This kid was Diamond Ranch’s freshman team’s star receiver last year. He has transferred to West Covina and will be a sophomore this season. Coach Mike Maggiore says he’s going to be up on varsity. Big blow for D-Ranch right there.

De’Shawn Ramirez: He was not there. I was very bummed. Very bummed. Anyway, CIF needs some clarification supposedly into Ramirez’s whole summer situation. Ramirez’s fall eligibility is not in question (from what I hear), so rest easy M-Town fans. His summer situation is in question.

Claremont: I was expecting Claremont to be in a bit of trouble this season after losing QB Kessler and WRs Dockery and Kuramata to graduation. So much for that. I would not go so far as to say that the ‘Pack has reloaded, because you can’t really reload after losing the guys I just mentioned. But this team, however, is VERY TALENTED. I mean VERY TALENTED. New QB Matt Simko is a big kid with a very nice arm. He’s going to be a junior and has all the tools. With some seasoning, watch out. I was also impressed with receiver DeAndre Mannis, who Coach Collins is headed toward a D-1 scholly. Then there’s sophomore running back Cecil Flemming. Wow. This kid averaged 3 TDs a game as a frosh. He’s got a nice frame already with good height. Claremont looks very good skill-wise. Defensively, I thought that the ‘Pack was a tad slow. Especially for what type of skill they will be up against in the Sierra League and Inland Division. This team is not going to be in as much trouble as I thought.

West Covina: What can you say? I wasn’t impressed at all by the passing game. But when am I ever when it comes to WestCo in the summer? Remember, this team didn’t stick around long last year in the SGV Shootout and all they did was win 13 games and a CIF title. So I’m not sweating it. Anyway, Chris Solomon remains a specimen. As does Justin Meaders. Let’s end the competition now, Chris Caballero will be the QB next season. It’s still technically a race, but it’s really not. Caballero throws a nice ball, but WestCo’s routes were nothing special and most of the throws were very short. Long-range accuracy was lacking. But again, that’s not WestCo’s thing … during the summer or fall.

This team is just ridiculously talented for being in the Mid-Valley Division. Super recruit Ellis McCarthy was out there and he’s simply the kind of talent you NEVER see around these parts. He’s an SEC defensive lineman in the SGV. It’s just unreal. And G5 (George Frazier) is also a D-1 body. He will very likely be playing LB on Saturdays. Anyway, enough fawning about M-Town’s looks. As far as the offense, it needs a lot of work. G5 was the QB and he throws a nice ball, but accuracy is an issue. He truly is an LB playing QB. And a D-1 LB at that. The receivers, led by Luke Williams, look fantastic. If you put M-Town in the Southeast Division, I would call them one of the top-three teams on talent. If you like to do a look test at passing games, which is all they are, then M-Town is a sight to behold.

Monrovia and West Covina: I was pretty disappointed in the fact that despite the amazing collection of athletes I did not see ONE play that made me say WOW. But, that really doesn’t mean anything. Both teams have two of the best staffs around and both staffs have rings. So I’m just not going to worry about the fact that I wasn’t wowed. I’m just simply saying that if you go to a Charter Oak passing game, you are pretty much assured of seeing two to three plays that make you say WOW.

La Puente:
I’ve got to say, LP’s coaching staff does a fantastic job. You can just tell by watching that these guys are schemed very well. The players are coached up pretty well and they’re running good schemes. Get it? Schemes. Is LP as talented as Azusa? No way. But they do a lot of things right in terms of schemes. Get it? Schemes. I was impressed that by what I saw of LP against Claremont. The Warriors had a nice, deep pass for a touchdown. The defense had a nice pick inside its own 10 because the player was in the right spot in the right defensive call. What was funny, though, was a sequence in which an LP defender leveled a Claremont receiver on a play. The very next play, Claremont threw deep for a 40-yard (that’s all they play in passing games) for a TD. That was a good example of an upper-division team cutting a lower-division team back down to size. But still, I really liked what I saw from the Warriors.

Walter Thurmond III:
WT3? OK, maybe not. Anyway, one of my favorite SGV athletes of all time, Walter Thurmond III, is back in town. He’s going to bid for a starting a cornerback role for the Seahawks when the NFL gets back to work, but for now, he was helping the WestCo DBs during Tuesday’s throw. Great to see Walter. Please watch the video above for a very entertaining video with Walter with some GREAT MEMORIES of his local playing days.

Dan: WestCo fan/blogger was out there. Always great to see Dan. He’s O.G. blogger and great fan of the Dawgs. I urged Dan to blog his takes on Tuesday’s games in this thread. Hopefully, he obliges.

  • Ctown

    you missed covina for sure! covina exposed bonita azusa and Charter Oak. Billy and Vinny are looking to be one of the best combos in the valley.

  • SaintsR4real

    So Monrovia has ridiculous talent, but G5 has passing inaccuracies and the offense needs alot of work. There also was not one “wow” play?? Please explain?

    Monrovia will be a team to reckon with, as well as Covina and Arroyo in the Mid-Valley.

  • Colt74

    Poohi will be a footnote in the VVL this season. Sept 30th at approx 9pm all you will hear from you guys will be the sound of crickets. You just received inside info from Covina.

    Please…don’t reply…just be at the game. I’ll bring a camcorder so I can record the exact moment that your heart breaks….

  • Living Legend

    Coach or David Duvall…cause you are the same person, you really have no clue what you are talking about. At the Bonita 11 on 11 Covina’s d-line was in the backfield the entire day. As for yesterday, Covina went up against CO who ran through everyone at the Air Assualt an they went toe to toe with them, while also smashing everyone else during the day. You are nothing more then a blowhard that has very little football knowledge, but it is okay cause there are always guys like you around that just like to run their mouths. You talk about Covina’s line, are you kidding me all cif linemen Nick Haynes is back as is the other d-end who looks fantastic, on the offensive line they are much bigger and much improved from last season. Keep reaching for straws.


    COACH??? your throwing AZUSA underneath the BUS. Can you please elaborate on your comment,”I really believe Covina is the Azusa of 2012″.

    June 29, 2011 1:44 AM
    Coach said: Coach I was on your side until that comment… LOL…

    COME ON ARAM,YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!! Now we have all these Covina FANS stating how great they are.



  • G Unit

    How did Ganesha look under their new coach?

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Impressive or not, M-Town and WestCo will be ready come the fall. Passing league is not something you can read too much into for a power running team like the Bulldogs.

    And what a great asset for the kids at West Covina to Have Walter Thurmond III working out with them all spring and into the summer. It’s like playing army man as a kid with an active navy seal showing them how to play.

    Keep working hard all summer SGV! I can’t wait to see quite a few teams this fall and not just the Bulldogs!

    But of course, go Bulldogs always!

  • @azusa

    yeah azusa does cause covina did not! Did Not! play their starters against you guys! The only pass throwing or caught by a starting reciever was on the sidelines and still put a handle on you guys!

  • Dan

    It was good and suprising to see you out there.
    Thought for sure you would be at the passing game at CO instead.
    Overall I thought Monrovia, West Co and Claremont number 1’s all faired pretty evenly against each other, like you said nothing really stood out, from all the talk on the westside I came here expecting to see Monrovia passing all over our defense like I heard they did a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t happen this time, I think having Chris Solomon roaming around at safety instead of outside linebacker made a bit of a difference. I like the idea of him at safety, I think it gives him more opportunity for big plays on defense than does outside linebacker.
    I agree with you on Claremont, they once again look Inland division athletic. Don’t know how much they lost on the lines but if they have a decent one they have the athletes to be tough again in the Sierra. Last season they were huge on the line, wonder if they are the same this year. Interesting sidenote… and this will probably open a can of worms here but thats part of the fun on these blogs, for those Sierra/Inland fans who have no respect for the Southeast division, the West Covina starters had the Claremont starters 24 to 3 before they started subing after two quarters. Bonita beat them a couple weeks later 41 to 21, this was the second place team of the Sierra who at the time had their best offensive threat in Kuramata who the Sierra league didn’t have to face. That gives a little clue on how good these two teams were last season when they were on their game, I’m convinced both teams would have had a nice battle with Chino Hills for the Sierra title.
    Back too Monrovia, I did not see anything yesterday that would convince me that they will be better than WC next season, [sorry Big Bob] not saying WC will be better cause we have a new line, but I’ll make that judgement when the pads come on. Now who would have won last season? Anything can happen in a game, but the evidence we have suggest that WC would have won by 2 or 3 scores. [another can of worms]
    La Puente looked scrappy tough and should compete in the league they play in, I think Azusa will take it but La Puente could give them a run for their money, both teams are coached up nicely.
    Ganeshia looks to have it rough over there, not trying to be harsh, but it didn’t seem like they had a lot to work with, maybe they were missing some kids, good luck to them.
    Good to see Walter Thurmond out there yesterday helping out.

  • GHigh

    What about Ganesha??? No word on how they are doing or the new coach or anthing? Come on Fred. They actually made it to passing league. That alone is an accomplishment.

  • WC 4 Whittier Christian

    Sorry Dan, Last year Monrovia would have handed you guys your Butts in a barrel. Their defense would have been way to overwhelming for your offense to handle and their offense would have been way to much for your defense to handle. This season much of the same. I saw them dismantle our Whittier Christian team at will and I feel the score could have been much worse had they not pulled the guys our in the fourth quarter. I witnessed your team play against Mayfair in the semi’s and was not impressed at all. Way to many mistakes which would have burried you guys against good defensive teams and from what I wittnesed Monrovia had the best defensive squad in this area period.

  • Colt74

    Now there’s a scary thought…. You get thru the line, the LB’s are tied up so you think you have smooth sailing….then you see Solo running at you full force…..

  • Dan

    WC 4 Whittier Christian,
    You need to get out and see more, Mayfair would have made many teams look unimpressive last year, just ask Lakewood, Los Alamitos, and Chino Hills. Mayfair also had some key line injuries against those teams, but were healthy against West Co. What you also did not notice was that game was kept close by the refs in the first half. The pass interferance flag on 3rd & 10 was terrible, we earned a stop on that play but the refs kept their drive alive, our db clearly had the better positioning and went up for the ball. Drive should have ended on that play but instead They end up scoring on a long pass the next play. On another defensive stop we had, it was 4th and 1, we clearly stopped the runner short, it’s on film, but the line jude on the west side gave them an extra yard on the spot, he did that two other times to us but this one hurt the most cause it was on 4th down and it turned into another scoring drive. Without the extra help from the refs, its a 28 to 7 game instead of 28 to 19, and thats if we don’t come back with a score after those two defensive stops.
    As for Monrovia handing it to us, since the two teams did not meet the only evidence we have is common opponents, I don’t put a whole lot in that theory but thats all we have to go by.
    Glendora 21 Monrovia 7
    West Covina beat Glendora.
    The Monrovia vs South Hills game came down to the wire, if I remember correctly South Hills almost came back in end of that game. A week earlier with West Covina vs South Hills the game was over by the end of the third quarter, it was 41 to 14 when West Covina pulled the starters, if not for that, WC would have kept on scoring, not sure how you come up with you view that Monrovia would have handed it too us.

  • SaintsR4real


    Don’t waste your breath on WC4, he’s obviously an irritated Monrovia fan. Notice he didn’t post until you mentioned your comparison to Monrovia.

    Good Luck this year to W. Covina and Monrovia.

  • onthefarm

    Hey Co,

    We handled everyone at CO yeaterday hands down. Seemed as if even Big Lou was in shock!! Go Colts!!


    Dan, that was a great reply back to WC 4 WC.

    Your new moniker should be (DAN THE MAN).

  • Daily News Group Bowl. by Mtown Lives

    Its so hard to speculate on who is the top team in the SGV. Passing league is no way to gauge anything, Some say west co, but with a new QB, and new line is it? Some say Bishop, but with {Rumours} that Rio is not coming back, and losses on oline, are they? Some Say, Monrovia, but with a new QB, and a losses on Dfense are they? Some say Arcadia, but with no establish Running Game or Dfense Are they? What about Charter oak, and their Line issues, or Muir with QB Issues and Dfensive questions….I just can’t say. Even when Teams win Titles, There is always this Argument, well they are not upper division or they are not in PAC 5 like Bishop….or this team killed this team in passing league… or this school won the Lineman challenge…all of those are valid points, but until games are played no one can say. Covina proved that when they beat west co, Monrovia proved that when they beat South hills, Village Christian proved that when they beat #1 Azusa. Bonita Prove that when they dismantled defending Champs San Dimas and went on to nearly beat west co in the Southeast…my point is that The Daily group can solve this by having “The Daily News Group Bowl”.

    WestSide top teams

    1. Monrovia
    2. Arcadia
    3. Muir
    4. St Francis
    5. Maranatha

    East Side top Teams
    1. West Covina
    2. Bishop Amat
    3. Charter Oak
    4. Bonita
    5. Covina

    I am just reaching here, but it would be awesome if Fred, Aram, Miguel at the end of the year, have a bowl game with top team from the West and East 1 Week after the CIF Finals week. The two teams that qualify would be the two teams who…
    1. Winning a CIF Title, would be a automatic bid.
    2. If a team was chosen for a State Bowl, then the next team in line would play.
    3. If you had 3 or 4 teams win titles or exited in the same round of the playoffs, then you would factor in Wins and Losses and strength of schedule.

    Home team would be decided by a coin flip, and then a stadium would be chosen.

    Each School would receive a portion of the proceeds, and percentage of the proceeds would go to charity.

    For Example last year Monrovia and West Covina would have been the automatic bids. Lets say Monrovia wins the toss, the game would be played at Citrus, and If West Co wins the toss then it would be played at Mount Sac. Tickets would be $10 for Adults, $5 for students and $3 for kids. $5 for parking. I am sure there would be a huge turnout. We would also have no arguments about who the top team would be. It would be decided in the game….

    What do you think SGV???

  • Perspective is everything.

    Good Post Dan,

    In Monrovia’s Defense, Monrovia played both of those teams early in the season. I think what you saw of Monrovia Mid season, and throughout the playoffs was a better representation of Wild Cat football . I my humble opinion, Monrovia gave the glendora game away with Turnovers and Fumbles, and kept the South hills game close with turnovers and fumbles. However, Glendora was better than Monrovia that night and Covina was better than west co on that night period, so no excuse can suffice. Once Maddox solidified his staff and Offense, Monrovia was better than those teams. Once Maggoire, fixed his secondary scheme and fine tuned his running game, they rolled, and were better than Covina.

    I understand that common Opponents theory is all that you can use, but that never works. For example,

    Monrovia Dismantled Whittier Christian, who beat Covina, which beat West Covina. Now by this theory that gives Monrovia just as much right away as West covina. But that is nonsense. if Covina played West Covina in Week 5 or 6…I think West Covina beats them by 2-3 TDS. So I think we should leave commons opponents and speculation Alone. When dealing with top teams and great Coaching staffs, Like West Co, Monrovia, Bishop, CO, and Covina you must consider when the game was played, and what the teams looked like at their best. When dealing with top teams in SGV, anyone can beat anyone on a given friday night.

  • Fantastic, maybe not

    @Mtown lives
    Only thing which that matchup last year would have proven is who is the best of the worst. The Mid Valley and the Southeast Divisions are the 2 worst 11 man divisions in the CIFSS. Using your idea would mean that 99% of the time the best teams in the valley would never play in this game because all of the best schools in the SGV play in either the Pac-5 or Inland Divisions. Last year the true matchup for best in the valley would have been Chino Hills VS. Amat. Period end of story.

  • Mtown lives


    First of all if the teams did not play, there is no way you can just say Bishop can beat them. You can say bishop is the Favorite(Which they are) but thats it. Your statement is so untrue, if that was the case then you would have to say that St Francis was the best because neither, Bishop amat Nor Chino hills could beat Gardena Serra, so you are going to have to come better than that. Techinally Chino Hills is not a SGV team, Last time I checked, claremont and Chino hills were in the inland empire. I give chino much more props, bc they are winning with kids in school district…Bishop is a melting pot of SGV talent, not La puente talent. They are A inland team. Moreover Bishop should drop out of the pac 5. They will never win that division. Why do you think bishop is in div 4 baseball, and 4AA in basketball??? Soon Bishop will drop down in Football because they are tired of losing. There is a swing in SGV powers. Kids are starting to stay local. Just Look around. Lets see where they should be at. …Last time I checked, Bishop is not pulling Stars from the La Puente youth Football team or School Districts, I think most of their players are coming from other school districts. Whenever Bishop plays a SGV team, the players on the opposing team have to line up and look at kids they played with in pop warner JAA and maybe as a freshman a few years back. How good would those teams be if their was no bishop. West Co and Covina teams would be better. temple city would be better…. would be even better. Monrovia would be better, etc…I have no problems with bishop but the fact that bishop is drawing from the talent rich SGV public schools, they should be winning titles…why is bishop not winning? No one would want to see a tire bishop team under achieving with everyone elses players. So no they would not be in Bowl Game unless they fit the criteria period…..Stop Crying anyway this is a fictional idea any way. For example bishop beat Muir handily, but got beat by Alemany. Now its no secret that alemany is full of Pasadena Area kids. if those kids went to Muir…Do you think Bishop beats Muir? I don’t think so. Just bc bishop is pac five does not mean you can just count out everyone else. There are lower division teams that bishop would not have beat last year. so The Reality is… last year bishop could not win division 1-3 for sure, and Maybe 4. Like I said, I have nothing against Bishop or players going there…bishop is a great team, but I call them like I see it and with a good honest perspective. For Bishop to have 70 players of varsity, 2 jvs, 2 freshman teams etc….they should be winning more games, and should not be losing in the first round…stop claiming big boy status, bc you have not proved you are a big boy…you beat SGV teams with their own players…keep it real.
    Corona Cent
    Gardena Serra
    La Habra(maybe)

  • Jefe

    Damn Mtown lives just laid the smack down on Amat fan.

    That was a thing of beauty.

    Oh and I agree 100%

  • Dan

    Perspective is everything,
    I agree with your post, thats why I said that I don’t put a whole lot into common opponents, Monrovia improved over the season and so did WC, personally I don’t think any team could stop the WC run game last year, because nobody did, but the truth is it’s all speculation and each season is different, the only way to know is when the teams meet on the field, and even then it’s not 100%, for example in 2004 West Covina lost to both South Hills and Walnut during the season, only to come back and beat the same teams in the semi finals and the finals.

    Fantastic maybe not,
    Get a clue, the Southeast division may be weaker than the Inland or Pac 5, but the two teams in the finals, West Co and Bonita, could have lined up with any team in the SGV and had a legit chance to win.
    Also the Southeast was not among the two worst divisions in CIF, they were middle of the pack as far as divisions go.

  • Dan

    Colt 74,
    You painted a pretty nice picture, I’m liking that idea more and more.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I would have to agree that MTown lives:
    Did put the ole school yard blogger BEAT DOWN on FANTASTIC. In other words come correct or DONT COME AT ALL. Let me retort. FANTASIC in the words of the great lyrical SHAQ O. How does Mtownlives &*& taste LOL

  • Perspective is everything

    Also due to the economy and politics, my prediction is that the private schools are going to become less of a factor in the next 3-5 years. People have less money to pay, and drive their kids to schools outside their district, especially when these kids are going to these schools for Athletic purpose. I know I know you are going to say they go there for education as well, but that is bs, bc every time you look up Bishop or Damien is in the headline for transfer issues. You must also factor in that parents are now pushing for the local, state and federal government to improve their public schools so parents don’t feel the need to send their kids there. Public schools are getting better fields, more facilities, better young coaches etc…also if you look at the numbers the Majority of players going to colleges to play are not coming from these private schools. Kids are starting to wake up over the “Private school Myth” Just look around…if you think I am blowing hot air…Now that is not to say that the private schools like bishop and Damien are not producing college athletes bc that is not true. However there is a certain myth that if I send my kid to bishop he somehow has a better chance of going to the next level. I did not hear about any Bishop players going D1,D1AA or D2 or D3 in football…I could be wrong but I did not hear about it. The Next 3 years you are going to see the majority of the players going D1 from public schools. See its fair to say OH Bishop Is the best, but then when we break down who is going on the the next level in football, Bishop is not represented well in that area… For Example the Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy, George Frazier, Anthony Craft or West Covina’s Solomon or Meaders, Muirs kevon Seymor and Tarien Owens. All of the players were sought after by private schools, but they decided to stay home and are doing well and will play on the next level. Believe me the kids from these talent rich areas like Pasadena, Monrovia, and west covina are watching, and they now want to play at home. if you add that plus the failing economy, things are going back to the old days when every local school had talent, and the leagues and division once restructured will be balanced again. I say watch out for the Rise of the public schools and Local talent.

  • Top Recruiter

    Perspective is everything said:

    Said Very Well. Public vs Private is nice angle and I have to agree

  • just sayin’

    Mtown lives – maybe the Wildcats should worry about staying close to Glendora before speculating about beating Amat. Look at the record over the past decade. even during Amat’s bad years – who from the valley has defeated Amat. THAT tells you all you need to know. You can specualte all you want – but he facts don’t lie.

  • AMAT 73

    In the famous words of Dick Endberg MY OH MY . Mtwn lives get a grip man. One football title does not make a dynasty. We are in those divisions in baseball and if you hear the crys by all we don’t belong there either because we play in Catholic school leagues.We in the Serra just as in the Trinity are in Catholic ( with the exception of O Lu who is private ) school leagues. We need to be moved to D-1 in baseball as many baseball bloggers write but there are not that many Catholic or private school teams to form a D-1 league other than the OC boys and they say the travel to AMAT is too far. As far as your St Francis thinking look up the past games against them . They do not fair well against us . By the way we will never drop out of the PAC-5 if it’s up to us . It’s where we belong. How many times did Monrovia knock on that (what division 7 or 8 ) championship door before it finally opened last season . The only one doing all the crying is you by your harping AMAT gets all the players and we would be better if they didn’t get them and so on and so on. Buy a program and you will see the majority of our player come from the SGV parocial and private jr high schools who want to continue with their private school education . Yes we get public school kids but those schools have been sending kids to AMAT for years . Wise up because if those Alemany kids you speak of from Pasadena stopped going there , they would return to CO not Muir like they had in the past. You sound like some crying little baby who doesn’t know shiat about SGV football but only knows to complain about AMAT and it’s not fair they get kids from all over the SGV. And for my money fantastic is a CH fan because any AMAT fan worht their salt puts AMAT first in any post .
    You remind me of one those weak azz followers who stands behind the bully cheering him on because you know you would get squashed in any fight you were in . I have never seen you post anything related to a team you stand for at any time.

  • Goldenarm

    While G5 is a talented kid, you have to remember Bueno played 4 years of varsity qb, and by year 4 was a tremendous decision maker, reader of defenses and overall quick, sneaky dude. Against TC his sophomore year, Bueno was not the threat to be worried about, that threat came from Marquise Williams, Bueno had less than 40 yds rushing and completed two passes when the Rams faced Monrovia that year.
    My point is G5 does not bring that level of game experience at this stage, nothing against the kid, just a fact. I think his arm is ready for the job, but M-town’s rep now means every week is a big game. Of course the RHL likely will not challenge the Cats much in league play, so this may be good grooming time for Frazier to prep for post season play.
    Big shoes to replace on defense are those of MLB Johnson, who had a tremendous nose for the football and was a sure tackler, a TD saving tackler and the D’ best hitter. Of course, nobody reloads like M-town does,their receiver and running back corp again will be incredible.

  • Jefe

    AMAT 73,

    Keep flappin’ your gums, big-talker.

    You’re gonna get throttled by Servite and you’ll be one & done in the playoffs once again.

    Get used to it.


    Amat 73, I doesnt matter if that is the number you wore or the year you graduated. Last I time I checked lil ol MHS Beat Bishop Amat. And from what I hear Amat has been running every since. And that AW took place over 30 years ago, guess that Bishop Amat adminstration never forgets lil ol MHS showing the so called big dog whos bite is bigger. And for those of you who arent in the know AW stands for AssWhipping

  • Colt74

    I punched all the data into BIG BLUE and this is what I came up with……

    Monrovia beating West Covina ? ……Oh HELL NO!

    Monrovia beating Bishop Amat ? ……I’ll let you know when BIG BLUE stops laughing…….

  • Mhs
  • AMAT 73

    . Who’s your team jefer or are you just afraid to admit it . You are the biggest bandwagon fan the blog has ever seen.I see your latching on to Servite now . Is that because your team has no chance and you just have to be on the winning side at all costs. Easy for you to come on here with your predictions but like the chump you are you refuse to take a stand and say who you root for , as if you would be truthful in that aspect anyway . Now go back to hiding behind the next blogger you latch on to leech.
    robbie bartlett??????,
    Geez and they say we are bad for not winning since 95 . You have to go back 30 years to thump your chest over beating AMAT .I guess that win was so great you still relish it . Where you been hiding the past 30 years .Like I mentioned to O’cat , AMAT will have some openings next season . I will let Manzo know to expect a call from you and keep a date open . Until the 2012 season good luck this year.

  • Colt74

    And 30 years ago….

    Aram and I could both see our feet……….

    Bottled water cost less than gas ……….

    Disco was still alive ………………….


    And any of that has NOTHING to do with today…..

    To say that Bishop Amat would run away from Monrovia sounds almost as stupid as saying that because Monrovia won a championship last year that they now would have beaten Amat. Enjoy the much earned championship from last year but come back to reality instead of the drug/spirit induced visions of grandiose..

    You have your opinions…and the rest of us sane folks have ours…..

  • Anonymous

    Colt74 take the glue off your lips and the asses of Amat and WC and deal with your losing squae Covina. You should try out for the biggest loser, I would for 1 vote for you.

  • Colt 74

    I’ll make you a deal…I’ll take the glue off of my lips the second you take the mayonnaise off of yours. That IS mayonnaise…right?

  • had enough



  • Colt74

    Also, I have made it pretty clear over the years that I have a preference for Covina, West Covina, Amat, and San Dimas. So either you are:

    1. New
    2. Just finished “hooked on phonics” and have not yet looked back over the blog

    In either case my concerns of what you think of me, how much you like me, or who or what you vote for are non existent.

    But don’t let that stop you ….

  • Robbie Bartlett

    Been 30 years bc Amat won’t play us. Father left in his last will and testament… Please don’t ever play Monrovia again.

  • @Anonymous

    wait his “deal with your losing squae Covina.” #1 what does that even mean?? and last i checked he has been with covina all the way!
    so biggest idiot i would vote for you 1!







  • just sayin’

    that’s right – Amat is afraid of Monrovia but they’ll schedule teams recently like St Bonaventure, Orange Lu, St Francis, Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, Glendora (who kicked your ass), Damien, Charter Oak, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Muir, Hart, Carson, Valencia … but not Monrovia. How stupid are you?

  • Amat Bully

    HOLD UP HOLD UP YOU AMAT FANS ARE SOUNDING REAL HYPOCRITICAL NOW, you Amat fans always bring up the nearly a decade ago when you beat my Chargers now that the Monrovia fans are bringing up when they beat you guys you wanna say don’t bring up old stuff bottle of water was cheaper than gas and etc…well the last time Amat beat us we had a different president and there was no recession and i was able to still dunk a ball and aram probably just figured out that he couldn’t see his feet. Don’t play this is the future games now that your arguing with people who owns bragging rights against Amat and you tell them to win another championship then talk, im wondering how many championships does Amat have?

  • just sayin’

    Coach (and I use the term loosely) – in the past 6 years they’ve played 20+ games vs West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Damien, Charter Oak, Glendora, Muir, St Francis, Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, St Paul – and woulda played Los Altos or South Hills if the two didn;t admittedly duck them.
    You can’t play everyone every year. What are you looking for?

  • just sayin’

    Bully boy – 5. The last 4 at THE highest level of competition in the country. You?

  • Mtown Lives

    @ just saying….i am going to bust your @$$ on here once for all…The Question or statement is not…”Coach (and I use the term loosely) – in the past 6 years they’ve played 20+ games vs “West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Damien, Charter Oak, Glendora, Muir,” etc… The question-statement regarding Bishop is how many players on your squad are from the West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Charter Oak, Glendora, Muir School districts? What would Bishop Be without these players from “West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Charter Oak, Glendora, Muir School districts”. How games, titles and etc have you won with the kids from “West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Charter Oak, Glendora, Muir School districts”. Isn’t Bishop on the top of this blog for a kid transfering? What do you think Bishop would be without the kids from “West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Charter Oak, Glendora, Muir School districts”? See is disgusting to hear you all brag, when your very life blood, is the players of the schools you belittle, and Feed upon. I am sure that all of these teams could beat you handily if the could keep or have their players back. Vampires! What are you going to do when you run out of blood? Basically what I am saying is that the image you project which motivates kids to come there is fading. I still have not heard one Bishop fan break down why Bishop is losing? They have everyone elses players.. you have a all star coaching staff, Money, a huge loyal Fan Base …Why Does Bishops name continually make the news with and from South hills, to and From CO. Are these kids finally seeing that Its not what its all cracked up to be a Lancer? All this pub is going to make parents think long and hard about whats going on there. See Being happy with being #1 in the SGV is your goal, but winning the Pac 5 should be your goal…..I Have not heard one prediction about winning your division or league…Monrovia is midvally and West Co is Southeast, but we are talking about winning our level of competition, and we plan on building and moving up…That to me is far more meaningful. With Coaches like Maddox and Maggoire, who are capable of building a programs that can could be like Bishop. Im just curious since Bishop is the next best thing since sliced bread, where do you see yourself this year and next 5 years? Pac 5 title or maybe moving down a few divisions like the Baseball team and basketball teams in Division 4 or things of that nature.

  • SaintsR4real

    This is getting great, good post Aram!!

    Bully Boy…. They’re not all Amat fans, but definitely Monrovia B*llSh*t talker haters!!

    Colt 74, you meeting up with Aztec Pride and I at Acapulcos, for a Smudgepot tailgate??

  • SaintsR4real

    Hey Coach… you mean Glendora as well as San Dimas would of been a threat last year to Amat, because they beat Monrovia??????

    See how stupid that sounds and crumbles the rest of your reply.

    MTown, with all due respect, because you have class, I believe Monrovia has kids from Duarte and other areas as well. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Colt74

    Thursday night against Bonita at Citrus???
    If so COUNT ME IN!

  • just sayin’

    MRTown Dies – THAT was bustin’ @$$? You said NOTHING! “Where would Amat be without kids form other districts?” Everyone has players form other districts! ChOak would have ZERO titles without players from other districts. Los Altos wouldn’t have had as many and now South Hills is paying for their string of imports. “Amat has transfers in & out” MTown has been transfer central with a mass exodus over the past decade – and yes you get your share of kids that should go to Duarte as well. Kids leave schools all the time and you wonder what happens to Amat when that happens? Amat lost a slew of players 4 yrs ago, some their choice some Amats, including an SGV Player of the Year – and what happened? Two years later Amat won the Serra League! That’s where they are and intend to stay – competing for League titles and in the hunt for CIF Division 1 Championships (not Division 11) – just like right now. And you lack of knowledge about how Divisions work blows your own @$$ outta the water. Amat has fought to stay in the Pac 5 every time re-leaguing creates the question – to the point that it was Amat that FORCED Notre Dame and Crespi to finally move up! Teams go where their league goes – so Amat is in other divisions in baseball because of where their league was placed – not because they chose to move down. In fact – Amat would not have chosen to move down because the last year in the Division 1 league with Mater Dei, Servite etc in 06 – they WON LEAGUE! Yeah – they’d ask to get out after that!
    You’re a complete fool – first you say “See is disgusting to hear you all brag” (MTown grammar)
    then you write:
    “I Have not heard one prediction about winning your division or league”
    Which is it do we brag – or do we say nothing. In fact -here’s a project for you. Find a post where you think Amat starts the conversation by “bragging” that we’re the best. We might come on and prove fools like you wrong when YOU bake the claim – but I want you to find a time when someone form Amat has STARTED the conversation
    MTown Dies!

  • just sayin’

    Coach – Amat just got finished kickin West Covinas @$$ in two consecutive years – I’m not sure WC wanted to continue the contract. Is Amat just supposed to keep there schedule open until summer football when some valley team thinks there going to be good that year. Amat has played EV-ER-Y-BODY!
    And the reverse of your scenario is what South Hills and Los Altos were always afraid of and what Amat disproved with ChOak. The locals can play with smoke and mirrors with local families and try to convince then they win “championships” and Amat struggles in the Pac 5 – so they can get some players because they’re “better”. If THEY lose the trick is exposed for the sham that it is. The truth is they’re winning in Divisions Amat would run the table in too and those schools would fall flat on their face in the Pac 5. There is NO comparison. NONE. And everyone talks about Amat’s struggles in the Pac 5. Servite went 25 yrs between championships and no one in the SGV would think of talking smack about them. Edison hasn’t won in 30+ yrs and there are plenty that have NEVER won. Why? Because it is the best Division IN THE NATION!

  • just sayin’

    Coach – that “killer team” LOST to Glendora and San Dimas. Are you SERIOUS? “Circles”? That little guy couldn’t see over a Pac 5 line to get a pass off and there are no little Rio Hondo/Mid Valley guys to run around. Your as big a joke as “MTown lives” – or maybe your the same guy?

  • Aram

    Listen, here’s a real simple way to end this argument.

    Ask yourself, would your team win Amat’s division?

    Ask yourself, would Amat win your team’s division?

    I have seen M-Town, CO, WestCo and Amat this spring summer. I have to say, I would rank Amat fourth in terms of guys who pass the look test … it’s close, though. And for whatever reason, when they actually get on the field with the SGV teams Amat wins. You can’t argue with history.

    As I’ve said MILLIONS of times, you have to judge Amat by the company it keeps, WestCo by the company it keeps, and M-Town by the company it keeps.

    I’ve said many times that Amat won’t be all the way back until it either A. wins CIF or B. starts churning out the type of college players it did back in the Royster, Fields, Sermons, McCutcheon, Verti, Minor, Russell, days. Something tells me those two things will go hand in hand.

  • AMAT 73

    I have a question for you if you care to be realistic on this scheduling of top teams . You mention this coveted # 1 ranking in the SGV. How else would that ranking be valid ( let me go record as I have always said the only ranking that matters is at the end of the year in the PAC-5 to me ) if AMAT dodged the top teams in the valley. Also how would this ” recruiting ” be if it was known AMAT ducks the top teams . Not very good looking like your scared of top valley teams and trying to get players to go to AMAT. Do you know how scheduling is done for games ? . WC Don and I had a conversation on how he and I wished WC would have scheduled those games a year or 2 later to face the very very good 2 recent WC teams. How is Hags to or any one coach to know how good of a team they will have in 2-3 years to schedule any team . Sure they can speculate on how good a team will be by looking at the freshman class but in this day and age of transfers and what not nothing is a sure thing. So please explain how Hags would have know that Monrovia would have fielded such a good team last year because the jury is still out on this year although they will be good but repalcing Bueno will be a task to put them on the schedule for this year instead of Servite who I think you will agree with that they are just a taste better then Monrovia . Maybe not according to Mtwn lives but to every other person who knows just a little about high school football. But really coach do think AMAT really would duck any team going by the history of our scheduling. I challenge you to name any one SGV team that puts up a schedule coming close to the strength of ours overall and keep in mind that the St Bonnie’s situation has much to do with the current schedule which will be over with I believe 3 of those teams after this season. You really don’t know Hags if you think he is only think about not getting blown out by Servite. I will bet he is only think about beating them and nothing else. Beating them would be a hell of a ” recruiting” tool don’t you think .

  • slimshady

    Aram, How has Ganisha looked this summer no write up on them?

  • Amat Bully

    Now that Alemany is in the pac5 and have that pipe line from pasadena Amat doesn’t even have a chance. Amat scheduled Muir last year just to try to steal some of their players luckily Muir had injuries galore before that game or Amat might had been upset-ed. even Amat coach said he didnt have one player on his team that was more athletic then any one player on the Muir team, basically he was saying i was the better coach and had a much more disciplined team. yeah i know muir ended up losing 34-14. But my point is Amat did it to try and steal the pipe line and that i have to agree i think Amat only schedule teams in the sgv that they know they can out coach and possibly beat. if Amat dont get the kids from the Pasadena or Monrovia area they will not be able to compete with the new power house in Alemany in that division. before Amat stood on top beating up on dieing programs (N.D Loyola) and only having one real challenge (Crespi) now they have two challenges one team with a better coach then them and so far Alemany is the front runner yeah i know you beat them when they were in the mission but now they’re in the serra and they are the champs Amat will not win another serra league for years.

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Thank you for adding some thoughtfulness to this debate. I love the back and forth and the craziness of everyones point of view. I agree you cant argue History. I only speak for myself and from my experience against Amat. Im biased. But I think the team I played against was a GREAT AMAT team and yes it was 30 years ago, but as I said earlier there were 7 guys on that AMAT that received DIV 1 Scholarships. No AMAT team in 30 years can make that Claim. My MHS team beat that Amat team. Ill give Amat its due they play a tougher schedule more so then any team in the SGV. However its been 30 years since MHS has played Amat. Amat will not schedule MHS for a number of reasons. They know that it would never be easy to beat MHS. Regardless of what others are saying on this blog the history tells me the last time MHS played Amat 28-21 MHS in front of 6,000.

  • Dan

    Just saying,
    Easy with the “We kicked West Covina’s arse two years in a row” You been saying that a lot lately and it’s tough on my sensitive ears. Actually you kick our arse 1 year, the second year was a pretty good game,
    7 to 7 at half and 14 to 7 well into the 4th qtr. Not bad considering we had heavy injuries and were missing 4 or 5 key players.

  • AMAT 73

    Kennedy Bryant,
    You’re right we would rather schedule teams like St Bonnies, Servite, O Lu , Valencia , St Francis , Loyola ,Mater Dei , and on and on because we are afraid of Monrovia. Congratulations on that win 30 years ago but I kind of think the 15-0 1992 team (by the way which no team period , AMAT or not, can make that claim ) just might have been our best team . Not a lot of D-1’s but some but one heck of a talented ” team ” who together played at one high level.

    valley guy aka amat bully,
    Keep posting and leave no doubt of your ignorance on SGV football even when it concerns you own team . Check where that pipeline lead to before Alemany put the curve in it .

  • Homeboy

    Ganesha UPDATE:

    The kids can tie their cleats and put their pants on correctly. It’s a major success.

  • History Never Lies

    2010 Football Scores

    Bishop Amat 41, Loyola 31

    Loyola 35, Upland 10

    Upland 41, Glendora 14

    Glendora 21, Monrovia 7

    Despite Monrovia’s CIF Championship win, history proved that Bishop Amat would have annihlated Monrovia last year. Now I understand how tricky comparative scoring can be but the above scores create a nice ladder that goes in only one direction.

    That direction has the Wildcats at the bottom. Sorry Monrovia fans but history does not lie.

  • History Never Lies

    Calpreps 2010 Final Prediction:

    Bishop Amat 35, Monrovia 14

    Bishop Amat placed 2nd in the Serra and was one and done in the Pac-5 playoffs. And this is Monrovia’s CIF Championship team.

    Chalk and cheese, my friends…chalk and cheese. What more proof do you need?

  • Fantastic

    @ K Bryant
    Yes, your right Bishop Amat is afraid of a Division 11 team or should I say a Jr. All American Bantum Division team. the Mid Valley Division is hands down the worst division in the CIFSS, period, end of story. Monrovia couldn’t even beat a 5-5 Glendora team last year, and that was the worst team Glendora has had in the last 10+ years. The same Glendora team that only won 1 baseline league game against Alta Loma. Look at your schedule last year, who did you beat? Your bigest win was a narrow victory vs. a 3-7 South Hills team. wow! short of the 8 Man Football Division, what division in CIFSS is worst than the Mid Valley? I mean really, who did you beat in the championship game? Valley Christian? come on Amat’s JV team would have won the ship in that division. Again, who did you beat last year? Nobody, thats who. If your so sure that Amat is ducking you then give Crespi or Alemany, or Serra, or Centennial a call, I’m sure they’d all like to pad their schedule with a creampuff like Monrovia. after all, every team has 3rd and 4th stingers in dire need of play time. You Monrovia people remind alot of the Iraqi Official that was speaking to the reporter about how they where destroying the Americans while constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure an Abrams Tank wasn’t rolling around the corner.

  • just sayin’

    Dan – sorry, but I guess others have defined “ass kickin for us because all we hear is how “Alemany kicked our ass” – 38-30
    It’s gotta be one or the other – can’t judge games by different standards

  • just sayin’

    and I have to laugh at Monrovia’s confidence after lose over 60% of their total offense in Little Nicky.
    Yards are gonna be a little harder to come by this year fellas. LOL!

  • Let’s play fair

    Ok Amat fans, lets just play fair in terms of who the college scouts would fly out to see? Name those on your team that are even in the football radar. Now take a look at who Monrovia has on their roster and you tell me who coaches would rather have on their rosters. We dont have a roster of 70+ bench warmers, everyone on Monrovias team can be accounted for And if our best 5 were to transer over to Amat not only doesAmat escape out of the first round of the playoffs but you might even get an opportunity at a state title as well. But skipping into your league and div. as a patsy squad is’nt saying much at all. Like soneone said earlier along with all of your recruiting you still can[t field a great team. GOOD, but not GREAT! Most of the teams around you are just a few of their homegrown players away from competing at your level.

  • AMAT 73

    OK let settle this . Monrovia is the number one team in the SGV and their stands will be overflowing with D-1 scouts .AMAT is dodging you because we shake at the very mention of Monrovia. And don’t bother to schedule us because why play a patsy in the PAC-5 , what will you gain when you crush us . No bragging rights by doing that . The valley will expect to see LB Poly or Concord De La Salle or maybe Servite and throw in CC on your schedule just to make sure you guys prove you can take of the Inland teams also . Just remember with all this hot air you cats are blowing anythIng less than an undeafeted and CIF title this season will be considered a complete failure on Monrovia’s part. By the way let’s play fair, did you give up on the idea you could beat AMAT on the field because now you change it to the stands as who will have more scouts looking at your team . Is that fair enough for you.

  • Y’all musta forgot 1987

    to Let’s play fair:

    You mean to tell me, the teams with the most college prospects make the best teams? Then why doesn’t MTown have more championships in their SOFT division? You are right, Amat would love to have talent like Monrovia’s. That makes me ask the quesiton, why don’t YOU schedule someone from the PAC5 if you are so talented?

    To all the Mtown fans:

    AMAT don’t run from NOBODY!!! Especially you. Why wait 30 years to talk all this sh*t? Is it because you finally won after a CENTURY of being runner up? You want a game with Amat now? Be carefull what you wish for. BTW, y’all talking alot about 1981 “Been 30 years bc Amat won’t play us. Father left in his last will and testament… Please don’t ever play Monrovia again (ROBBIE BARTLETT) You forgot about 1987. Mtown and Amat did play that year. Remember? We KICKED YOUR ASS!!!! Amat never had a reason to want to play you after that. Was the late 80’s around the time all the MTown peeps jumped OFF the badwagon? Is that why you forget to mention that game? I doubt the real Robbie Bartlett is on here talkin’ sh*t to Amat. He got more respect for Amat than that. He doesn’t need to talk. His game spoke for itself (especially against Amat). And to Kennedy Bryant, you were a great player on a great team. Amat has much respect for Monrovia but y’all need a reality check. You are still drunk off a DIVISION 11 Title that took you 100 years to win!! WAKE UP!!!!

  • Forgotabout1987huh?

    To Let’s play fair:

    You mean to tell me, the teams with the most college prospects make the best teams? Then why doesn’t MTown have more championships in their SOFT division? You are right, Amat would love to have talent like Monrovia’s. That makes me ask the quesiton, why don’t YOU schedule someone from the PAC5 if you are so talented?

    To all the Mtown fans:

    AMAT don’t run from NOBODY!!! Especially you. Why wait 30 years to talk all this sh*t? Is it because you finally won after a CENTURY of being runner up? You want a game with Amat now? Be carefull what you wish for. BTW, y’all talking alot about 1981 “Been 30 years bc Amat won’t play us. Father left in his last will and testament… Please don’t ever play Monrovia again (ROBBIE BARTLETT) You forgot about 1987. Mtown and Amat did play that year. Remember? We KICKED YOUR ASS!!!! Amat never had a reason to want to play you after that. Was the late 80’s around the time all the MTown peeps jumped OFF the badwagon? Is that why you forget to mention that game? I doubt the real Robbie Bartlett is on here talkin’ sh*t to Amat. He got more respect for Amat than that. He doesn’t need to talk. His game spoke for itself (especially against Amat). And to Kennedy Bryant, you were a great player on a great team. Amat has much respect for Monrovia but y’all need a reality check. You are still drunk off a DIVISION 11 Title that took you 100 years to win!! WAKE UP!!!!

  • New Season = New Ignorance


    2010 Bishop Amat 35, Monrovia 14

    2009 Bishop Amat 35, Monrovia 8

    2008 Bishop Amat 38, Monrovia 7

    2007 Bishop Amat 41, Monrovia 14

    Calpreps does not go back futher than 2007.

    Congratulations on your CIF Championship, Monrovia! Now kindly leave Big Boy football to the Big Boy schools. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

  • Back then

    Wow, you think some Cal Prep computer is going to be accurate in giving you a unproven chest thump? Forget about it. I’m sure in 82 BA was an even bigger favorite. It also had you guys losing to Dominguez this past season but you won! As kickings aren’t always predictable. IRON MIKE VS. BUSTER DOUGLAS

  • Joe Amat

    If you play this and close your eyes you can almost hear the voices of guys like MTown Lives, Back then, Let’s Play Fair, Jefer and Robbie Bartlett imposter along with the rest of the delusional Wildcat fanatics talk about their chances against Amat.

    But it’s nice for you guys to have happy thoughts

  • Kennedy Bryant

    To everyone, spitting hot vemon… Ill put it too you like this, If you didnt play for amat when I played against amat stop bumping your gums. I dont really give a flying flag what you could have done, what your gonna do, what you would have done. WHAT DID YOU DO. When I laced up my cleats at MHS my squad got in that BISHOP AMAT ASS. So what someone is projecting or wishing, I dont really giva you know what. So go back to wishing how great you could have been or would have been or think you are. PUT up or shut up put your name behind what your saying. So until then keep living by the HOPE creed. I know you hope and wish your were better than you were but you werent assclown and futhermore you sound like you were a yell leader for AMAT since you keep squawking like a man who wears a sweater and a skirt. I know the blogg is your megaphone that’s how I know you were yelling with the girls on the sideline wishing you could ball.

  • Joe Amat


    I’m not sure if you just got your internet access as I haven’t read your name around these parts or maybe you just cam out from under a rock now that MTown got the championship albatross off their back. I am glad you have that single 30 tear old accomplishment to hang your hat on because it really points out something I’ve been saying for years – when you beat Amat it’s an accomplishment and any time anyone laces them up against the Lancers it’s their championship game. You guys had some talent, Robbie was unconscious – and I remember seeing him a couple times playing for Citrus College. Were you on that team too?

    Now I’ve been around long enough that I remember the two beatings Amat has given monrovia to go along with your lonely win. So that makes it a 2-1 lifetime edge to the Lancers. But don’t feel too bad for your Wildcats. There’s not an area team with an all-time winning record vs Amat. As a matter of fact there are only TWO teams in all of CIF that has played the Lancers more than 3 times who have a winning record – Eisenhower (and where are they now?) and Servite (who went 25 yrs between titles). When we face the Friars in Sept it could force a tie, as they are up 16-15.

    So you just save your 82 memory over Tanner & Taylor and Brown (and I might dispute your 7 scholarship guys, and not close to one of our best teams. MAYbe in the Top 5) I’ve face Monrovia in a jersey and with a whistle – so yes big boy – I can talk – and with more wins than losses. So I’ll just sit here and look at my Championship memorabilia while you drum up the memories of your single pre-league victory.

    Enjoy them.

  • Joe Amat

    Sorry for the bad link. maybe this one works

    If you play this and close your eyes you can almost hear the voices of guys like MTown Lives, Back then, Let’s Play Fair, Jefer and Robbie Bartlett imposter along with the rest of the delusional Wildcat fanatics talk about their chances against Amat.

  • Amat Bully

    New Season = New Ignorance:
    Predictions are like A**holes everybody has one.
    I do side with Monrovia and i do believe that their team last year would had beaten Amat yeah they had some slip ups during the season but Amat had a big slip up in the playoffs and please stop using the Pac5 as an excuse for your lack of hard ware first win the serra which is probably the weakest pac5 division Amat your like washington state a bcs team of the pac12 in the pac5 your just there your not a threat in the pac5 your just a team in the division a door mat team for pac5 playoffs an easy victory as to where Monrovia is like Utah or Boise state every year making an argument that there better than some of the bcs teams and losing to an opponent they have no business losing to but when they finally got the chance to play one of the bcs teams they punished them and now is allowed in the bcs system i think its gone take Monrovia to really beat Amat “AGAIN” to get there respect.

  • Joe Amat

    Clearly, in an attempt to be clever, the internet nazis are thwarting me. I’ll have to stick to the video. Again – imagine a discussion about Monrovia’s chances vs Amat

  • New Season = New Ignorance:


    We all know you’re not the smartest blogger but I want you to read this again starting from the left to right and then one line after the other from top to bottom…and please, take your time so that your slow mind absorbs the following scores:

    2010 Football Scores

    Bishop Amat 41, Loyola 31

    Loyola 35, Upland 10

    Upland 41, Glendora 14

    Glendora 21, Monrovia 7

    Please educate the class on how you think that Monrovia would have beat Bishop Amat last season??? LOL!

    Futhermore, according to Calpreps, the Serra League was the #2 ranked League in the State of California and also #5 in the United States of America.

    The Pac-5 itself was the #1 Division in the State of California and the #6 in the United States of America.

    Please continue to represent Charter Oak fans…I’m sure the other CO fans are proud of you and your knowledge of SGV Football! LMAO!!!

  • Joe Amat

    Seor Bully,

    I suggest you put away your keyboard for a while or change your name again, because your foot is getting deeper and deeper in your mouth as you continue to highlight your high school football ignorance, thus losing more and more credibility.

    “Doormat teams” don’t win League and beat Mater Deo in the playoffs (as Amat did in 09), or enter playoffs as a #4 seed, as we did this season. Ask eventual champion and #1 team in the nation at the time , Long Beach Poly if Amat was a”doormat” in 08 when it took a great play in the final minute to beat the Lancers.

    Actually, the Serra Legue has been the #1 or #2 LEAGUE in the Pac5 DIVISION (take notes please to save yourself further embarrassment) for each of the last four seasons.
    10 Trinity, Serra, South Coast, Sunset,Moore
    9 Serra, Trinity, Sunset, South Coast, Moore
    8 Serra, Trinity, South Coast, Sunset, Moore
    7 Serra, Trinty, Sunset, Moore, South Coast

    and the Pac5 has been the top DIVISION in the STATE each of those years

    while the LEAGUE has been in the Top 5 in the country. EVERY year.
    10 Trinity #2, Serra #5
    9 Serra #4, Trinity #7
    8 Serra #3, Trinity #8
    7 Serra #5,

    So that means this “doormat” WON the FOUTH toughest league in the NATION a year ago. and played for the league championship on the final Friday of the season in the FIFTH toughest league IN THE COUNTRY this season (while your Chargers had to sneak by South Hills to squeeze into the playoffs in the ONE-HUNDRED & SECOND best league in the country. While that was happening Monrovia won the ONE THOUSAND and SIXTY-NINTH best league in the country on their way to winning the TWO HUNDRED and FORTY FIFTH best Division. Are you getting the drift?)

    Please – don’t let the facts get in the way of your feelings, opinions. or biases… and please come back with a new alias -or study up. You;re embarrasing the real Charger fans

  • Aram

    Man, the amount of research going on here is impressive.

    I think the M-Town are seeing the kind of talent they have on this year’s team and thinking they may be able to beat anyone, including Alabama.

  • Observantcat

    To Joe Amat, Amat73, you guys usually remain quit humble when reffering to most of the Amat opposers but latelty you guys have let this debate get under your skin. It is a good argument for fans to make about 2 very good programs. Yes Monrovia has its faults and have found a way to turn them into a winning formula (keeping its players at MHS) now I know that means nothing to Amat because you guys dont have what is considered a true hometown team its a mix of east valley allstars with a few selected atheletes from Chino, Pomona, Duarte and sometimes Monrovia. Having said this I see why as a Monrovia faithful the reasons for the outlash at always being told in the Amat Biased paper year after year that the Lancers are a better team than any team around. In fun most people would just shrugg this kind of commentary off but when you get the Amat blue & gold faithful filling up the blogs and trying to confirm everything written by way of computer calculations, Joe Amats algorithms, Just sayin’s Dreams of a perfect team it does get a bit annoying especially when some other team wants to have a share of that spotlight. Amats best defense should be silence because you already have Freds face painted Blue and Gold even in the off season. My reason for thinking that Monrovia vs. Amat would be that Monrovia is just the type of team that could silence the critics about explosive offenses vs. 3yrds and a cloud of dust style offenses such as Amats. I always here Amat fans yell about how great they are and how superior they are but they never seem to have the players to back up their claim. I for one would love to see Amat put Monrovia on its schedule and let all this talk end on the field. It would do Monrovia a lot of good in terms of showing doubters just how good a bunch of truly gifted atheletes could do under pressure. Amats a very stable team until you exploit their weakness which is defensive speed then they look like any team SGV.

    Now on to Saints4real: I thought we had a deal that after Monrovia vs. San Dimas (4) that you would refrain from using the Moniker of BillyCats? Coaching can only do so much for a team until their well runs dry and the last time I took a look at your well all I see is water spots. When Monrovia plays SD at MHS this season under the lights I want you to take heed to what you claim wer’e missing. Having George Frazier take over as QB gives Monrovia way more room to dissect your defense with four wideouts that cannot be contained 1 on 1 with your D and 3 running backs waiting for your D to take the bait and take it straight to the house. Your main running back is Corona who will meet up with the banginest D in the Mid-Valley and beyond and your QB will have a bullseye on his back for that rainy day typhoon fest. All in all I want this fued to continue to grow since you guys are really the only team that plays well above its talent in the Mid.

    Last but not least: Colt74, when do you plan on doing your stand-up act on stage and not the Blog? You seem to have gravitated towards any team on in or around Covina. Lets talk about Covina, I actually bought into all of your hype last season about how you guys got lowballed into the 3rd seed in the play offs but didn’t really give a reason why. This year you should be at minimum a #2 seed and will likely get your wish to play Mtown for a chance of that ever so elusive ring. Since I now how sinsitive you are I will quit now so that you can remember that this is a football blog not an obituary, win or loose I would love for you to live another day to reason why.

    And my man Kennedy Bryant, you are an amazing guy, not just a great player but an even greater scholar. Your sons will hopefully follow in your footsteps and keep the Bryant name where it belongs in community. Mason will surprise many people this season with his sheer football DNA that you have instilled in him. Stay positive and always keep it real to those that truly dont know.

  • Joe Amat

    New Season,

    Great minds think alike… but clearly you type faster!


    The “look test” and a little touch football doesn’t win games against good teams. Maybe in the Mid Valley – but not anywhere else. I want to know how MTown is going to replace Bueno’s 3300+ yds? Seems like they’re putting alotta trust in a kid that has “a D1 body” but had 53 yds rushing last season.

    We take it as a compliment when guys like “lets play fair” talk about all the “talent” at Monrovia and how they’re there instead of at Amat. And all we do is keep competing at the highest level with our “gutty little Lancers”

    But I do agree with what you said that when you compare any two teams you have to:
    Ask yourself, would your team win Amat’s division?
    Ask yourself, would Amat win your team’s division?

  • Observantcat

    Oh, Aram I forgot to chime in on your assertions. You are a closet fan of the Cats. Not that you will truly ever show it unless a game is finally scheduled between The best in the West vs. The best in the East. Right now it’s fair to say that Fred has hypnotized everyone at the tribune to believe that Amat could Beat Alabama and Auburn. Remember we have the SEC type of players on our team.

  • Joe Amat


    Here’s the run of show. Aram (or Fred) posts a thread, gives someone their props, Monrovia has a chance for their “moment in the sun”. It could have been great we all would have patted them on the back for being a champions and looking good for next year… but NO-O-O-O. Some knucklehead like MTown Lives comes in and screws it all up by popping off about now they’re world beaters.

    You never hear real Amat people popping off about being any better than we are. You rarely hear Championship predictions and even rarer are predictions on individual games on our schedule. We’re fairly comfortable in our own skin.

    Until someone else incessently pops off.

    Notice how long it took me to chime in. You laugh for a while then at some point on any playground when the little kid on thee block is talking smack after beating up kids on the 8 foot rims, the big boys point out what it’s like to play on the real courts.

    When you have a chance to step up you HAVE to take advantage of that and last season MHS just didn’t get it done against Glendora. I don’t know, you tell me why? But the bottom line of a team that can barely get it done in the Baseline can put you to sleep that doesn’t bode well for a potential matchup at an even higher level.

    The bottom line is the Lancers are 22-0 against all the top area teams since 2004. And that includes the Verti debacle. EVEN in our worst season ever – we beat the Division III Champions (St Paul) and the team that won Division V the next year (Rancho). I suppose you could pretend we were lucky enough to forecast the future and schedule them in their down years… or you could face the reality that 22-0 kinda speaks for itself.

    I expect people to keep hoping and trying (and it’s bound to happen sometime) but I’m not sure what other evidence really needs to be presented

  • Colt74

    I did stand-up years ago and don’t feel the need to do it anymore. Especially when I read the side splitting opinions from the Mtown crowd how now you guys are THE Power of the SGV. Don’t be mad with me because you guys make it so easy….But if I do ever return to stand-up it IS nice knowing that you’ll be buying a ticket.
    Last time I checked Covina had more championships than Monrovia so I can see why you went with the wording of “ever so elusive”….but don’t worry, the next 75 years for you guys will go fast!
    “You seem to have gravitated towards any team on in or around Covina.”
    Yeah…like starting back in in 1968…Friends, Pop Warner, etc….but hey…if it takes you that long to catch on..who’s fault is that? And why does that bother you so much? Oh I get it….Monrovia is not listed! Nor will it ever be…..
    “sincitive”..???? Did you mean sensitive ? I’m not sensitive by any stretch…but if someone wants to voice an opinion that is derogatory towards me or Covina I love going toe to toe with them.

    Sorry…the last part of your post towards me is incoherent…….
    But if it refers to me going anywhere..sorry….not happening.
    You have a wonderful Covina Colt day now!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Joe Amat/Fantasic:

    Listen, I am smart enough to see a slight dig and compliment wrapped into one as you opine about my singular achievement and existing from underneath rocks. Or even perhaps my ability to have access to the internet. Again I smile for a moment and then I reach for my writers gun to blast your ass, so please dont take this bloggers execution of your previous post regarding me personal. I’ll try to refrain from just spitting hate, nonsense or personal attacks to many of the assclowns who right on this blog. But for you my friend I love how you selectively omitted Don Hiti, Scott Fields, and Sermons to name a few. I know your added them would have diminished your point and only heighted mine nevertheless you sound like a guy who once played on the greatest AMAT team with Pat Haden and JK MCCAY or for that matter even may have coached at MHS. Perception is key and that my friend I learned garnering a number of accomplishments after kicking Bishop Amat ass. Preseason, post season Olympic trails, playoffs dont matter cuz where Im from in Monrovia an ass whipping is an ass whipping no matter when, what time or where it takes place.

    For the rest of the Mtown haters you should love MTOWNS greatest in the next few years it will give you plenty to BITCH about.
    I came to this blogg at the request of a friend because someone was talking about how great the back in forth about Almighty BA and MHS. I see that to be true and it has been fun. Good luck to BA and MHS I have love for Amat too as my cousin Stephon Pace played there and on at USC. You should never get it twisted if you talk crap about my alma mater and the crap isnt true I might just have to crawl out from the same rock I crawled out from the night MHS kicked amat ass. Please come correct or dont come at all. You MHS alum of several accomplish ments

    KB MHS CLASS of 1983, UOP CLASS of 1988

  • Observantcat

    Joe Amat, in defense of Mtown live, I think he makes some very valid points especially when it comes to the Monrovia players. I too noticed that things got ugly somewhere in the middle of this blog but for the most part the back and forth of machismo can cause ones sensitivity levels to go ballistic. I’ve learned to be patient and let the kids do the talking on the field of play. It’s funny how a lot of people think that losing Bueno is like loosing Kam Newton. Nick is that once in a lifetime player that could be you in a game of black jack and take a hit with a 20 showing and somehow get an ACE. He definatly controlled the offense to his liking most of the time. I think that his biggest gift to the guys on his team was his heart he allowed some of the guys that would normally fold to a bad play get up and play up to his best and that created a monster over at MHS. By the end of the season I personally would have bet the house that no one would have beaten that team. But thats part of high school football. With G5 taking over he has a totally different approach to how he will run his offense but I guarentee you that his athletiism and his heart will be on the same level as Nicks. He is just a more physical specimen who plays hard and is very smart both on and off the field. I will say that the name De’Shawn Ramirez keeps poping up on Arams blogs and people are wondering why, well you would really have to see him play to understand why all of the hype. Monrovia fans truly know what this kid is made of and what his potential is that is why most of the time when we here things like Pac 5 this Serra league that we know that we have kids that would be on that all CIF list at their postions no matter what div. they play in. Football is 11 men playing on the O and 11 on the D some are more physical than others and some are more coached up than others, I think Monrovia high is starting to see both at the same time and that is scary. The Glendora game last season can be broken down just like this, First and foremost they are a good team, Monrovia was in the clouds with their offensive scheme and made it out to be the Nick Bueno vs. Glendora show. We shuffled our defensive guys around all game long to see where they best fit, I kind of put that one on the coaches, but they turned it around the following week and stiffled Arcadia 34-7 which is the same score Arcadia beat their league rivals John Muir by. All in all its fun when you can get on these blogs and feel the pleasure or pain of some of the bloggers and still keep your perspctive of what real and what memorex. When its all said and done at the end of each season some of us give credit and respect to those of us that keep this blog thing intersting.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Joe Amat

    In addition, please let me add this to my previous rant. It doesnt matter if your get knocked out on the corner of MONROVISTA and California street or the TRUMP Towers a knock out is a knock out winners know this and loser make excuses about when where and how they got knocked straight smoothe the F#$% JOE AMAT you fall into the latter. Hope that made a few of you monrovia folks laugh

  • Joe Amat

    Kennedy my Friend,

    I will be nice too because any cousin of Steph is a friend of mine – however credibility begins to wane. Hiti was an 81 grad – gone by 82. Scott Field graduated in 91 and Sermons graduated in 92. Maybe you can come up with some other familiar names to boost your story?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Arnold Fields idiot an Don Hiti Played in the games and was in the class of 1982 and played at CSULB the game was played in the fall of 1981, You must be still wearing your sweater.

  • Well Maybe

    Well maybe Amat might beat Monroiva with their ALLSATR roster. Play with the kids in your area and you would get your A$$ kicked by Bassett, Duarte, Ganesha, Azusa and all the Montview league teams.

    Amat fans run their mouth how good they are but they go and recurit kids from all over. I hope you are the best team in the valley when you have kids from South Hills, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, and yes you even steal kids from Monrovia! Play with the kids in your area, you fools believe your area is the whole valley I mean play with kids from La Puente!

    AMAT you are a joke!

  • just askin’

    KB – you drop Sermons name who graduated a decade later then you type Scott Fields, get called on it and change it to Arno Fields – and who’d the idiot?

  • just askin’

    Maybe – you should be worrying about why those players families choose to send their kids to Amat instead of staying at their home schools. Says something – don’t you think

  • AMAT 73

    Kennedy Bryant,
    I agree with your statement of an ass whipping is an ass whipping no matter when it happened. As we can see that ass whipping you guys laid on us is still a great memory for you. A medal on your chest so to speak. I don’t see you talking about another victory ,because your team did have many, as such a great accomplishment. In a nutshell YOU GET IT . If you’ve beaten the LANCERS you beaten the best in the valley. Now the shiat will fly because I wrote that , but in the argument every year about who is the best in the SGV , AMAT is always in the mix. Other teams come and go but AMAT is the constant.For an example , last year the toast of the town was Chino Hills , where are they now in the conversation.CO who were thought of as world beaters 2-3 years ago are not in the conversation . I think they may make some noise this year but the Inland is one tough division so they must show something first by topping the Sierra , you know one step at a time.Now Monrovia, which is a little suprising to me because West Covina has been one tough team also and they also have the CIF title and I think they would have beaten Monrovia last season. If you whip AMAT’S ass, I and every other true Lancer will shake your hand and say good game and we gave it our all and you beat us no excuses and that is in any sport we play period. It’s called RESPECT and I know you have it. The banter is great and I am sure that is what your friend spoke to you about when telling you to come on to the blog. But when you get people coming on here ignoring absolutely cold hard facts, not on AMAT but on national rankings of the PAC-5 or the Serra League of which AMAT is a part of only because they are feeling the effects of coming off a championship year and standing bravely on that only , well they look like fools. Well enough rambling but I truely hope you stick around for the season . It’s good to have old school stars come on here and talk football. Good realistic high school football. On that Haden and McKAY team you mentioned about our greatest. Which one , the one that won it all or the one that lost to Blair ( gee imagine that , Blair playing for the 4-A title ) with McCallister & Johnson ( maybe wrong name , you know 1969 was along time ago ) because that was one great team . Speaking of Scott Fields , I had the pleasure of coaching him with Bassett JAA . Great kid with a great eye for the defensive side of the game. Joe , if I am not mistaken I believe Rodney graduated in 94 because I recall my son lead blocking for him at fullback their freshman year . I could be wrong though , you know old manitist. Kennedy, much luck to your Cats this coming season and looking forward to seeing your name on here .

  • Coach Slayer

    Your “my dad can beat up your dad” posts are getting oh so nauseating. Maybe you clowns could take your caca over to the Whittier Daily News sports blogs, they could use the hits. Absolutly BORING!!!!!!!!

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73
    C.O is always in the conversation and the only reason why Amat is in the convo every year is because Aram and Robledo LOVE Amat even though they never win anything Amat is the most talked about team in the sgv and the most disappointing team in the sgv i hate that Amat is the team that represents the sgv on the highest level and they choke every year the sgv is known for choking all because of Amat thanks for nothing chokers……….its time for CHANGE maybe C.O should be allowed to recruit and move up and dominate the serra and the pac5 and represent the SGV right.

  • SaintsR4real


    My apologies on calling Monrovia, Billycats. I lost reasoning when I got floded with all the trash talking going on 🙂

    Once again, my apologies, and good luck. Must be hard to keep your folks in line. True Fan.

  • Mtown Lives

    So Amat Fans and Parents, please elaborate on why you sent your kids to Amat instead of the home town local school? Was your kid recruited? I am just curious on what makes Amat so special. Are you happy with Amat? Do you think Amat is getting better or worse? Is Alemany going to win league? Does Bishop Have a shot to win the Pac 5? Its true all the little guys like Monrovia want to challenge you. Maybe some one could upset you. Honestly if the OG Monrovia team upset Bishop in the past, what makes it so hard to believe that Monrovia can not do it again? Especially since this years team would not be considered as one of bishops better teams. Especially bc this years Monrovia would be considered one of Monrovias Better teams. Now this is a valid prediction. I predict In the next 3-5 years Bishop will drop down from the Pac 5. Just as the baseball program and basketball program at bishop play in Div 4, so will the football team. Losing sucks no matter what Div you are in. This blog is full of Local Parents and Fans, and It looks like the SGV parents are slowly pulling kids from your program. Yeah, Monrovia’s midvalley, and West Covina’s southest titles seem like nothing to you, But you have to build somewhere. And we are getting better whil you are getting worse. That is something you can not deny. You should be #1 in the SGV. Its going to be harder and harder for the papers to place you in that position, if you don’t get out the first round, Pac 5 or not.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Amat 73

    First and foremost I owe you an apology for calling you an idiot. It’s not my style to stoop to the insult level. This is all banter and fun and games and you dont deserve to called out of you name so I hope you accept my sincere apology. Now having said that you have never heard me like many of the other none knowing no playing the game blow hards on here say BA wasnt any good and dont deserve to get all the accolades they rightfully deserve im here just defending MHS. And to your point that beating AMAT is a big deal, IT IS you know and I know it and anyone that has been around as long as we have KNOW’s IT too. I went on to play DIV 1 football and play in front of over 100k multiple times, but that fall night in 1981 had more electricity and excitement than any game I ever played in my life. Not just because it was BA it was that no one thought lil ole MHS could beat the beast of the SGV and all it’s history. Im just keeping it real or as the kids say keeping it 100.

    My son was able to accomplish something I couldnt in 1982 against Verbum Dei and thats win a CIF championship and the only reason I bring him into this conversation is that the TALENT at MHS today reminds me of the type of talent we had when I played 30 years ago and yes they play in the MID VALLEY and its smaller if fact if the teams I played on played in the MID VALLEY hell we have had 10 Championship by now. With all of that talent you still have to play the game talent alone isnt going to win anything. But to compare WC CO SD Covina Arroyo Glendora or any of the other schools mention on this blog to MHS when I played is like GIVING A TIC TAC to a blue Whale its not worth it. Time and situations equal relevancy and there no reason for me to comment on anything that isnt relevant. Amat is relevant and the others teams here sadly arent. Please let it be known if you come at come correct or dont come at all.

    ARAM when is the last time you had this many comments on your blog?

    BTW Observantcat appreciate your thoughts and respect what you have to say your perspective is insightful much love.

  • MTownLancer

    To: Kennedy Bryant

    Well said!

  • Dan

    “But to compare WC CO SD Covina Arroyo Glendora or any of the other schools mention on this blog to MHS when I played is like GIVING A TIC TAC to a blue Whale its not worth it”
    Mr. Kennedy, Not exactly sure about 81 or 82 but 60’s thru the late 70’s West Covina was beating the best big programs with regularity, Teams like St.Paul, Loyola, Edison, Los Altos, Fontana etc. They could be compared with the best teams in the state, so in comparing to Monrovia maybe instead of giving a tic tac, it would be more like giving a couple of killer whales to a blue whale, no?

  • Amat Bully

    Look plain and simple Amat is the head of the sgv who’s suppose to represent the sgv on the highest level so they’re allowed to get kids from all over the sgv. So the little guys under Amat was looking up to them until they all noticed that Amat is taking the kids away and not doing anything to gain respect for the sgv. even with Amat taking athletes the little schools under them is still putting in work putting it down winning championships for the sgv, but the little guys aren’t getting the recognition like they should because Amat is the head. so the little guys are fed up with it now and no longer wants to be under a head honcho who cant take care of business. No one wants to be under a weak leader and Amat is the weakest representer for the SGV. its time for them to past the torch that they held on to for years but come to find out the torch wasn’t and still isn’t lit. Amat doesnt stand a chance and its time for them to accept that they shouldn’t be in the spot light of the sgv anymore pretty soon Amat will drop out of the pac5 and then the sgv will all be little guys with no big fish.

  • Kennedy Bryant


    You may have a point, on Wes CO, I think I listed them simple due to the fact that WC now includes the old Edgewood highschool folks. But I do respect for WC as my younger brother Leland Adams, and first cousin Gordon Bugg went there. And Leland was a transfer from MHS. back in 1985-86. Yes I come from a family of great athletes. As I mentioned earlier my cousin Stephon Pace played at BA.

  • just sayin’

    Bully boy – if you wanna become the toughest kid on the block you gotta knock out the toughest kid. The SGV has failed times over and over and over again during this entire millenium. keep flappin your gums cuz you sound more foolish each time you type!

  • Bishop Amat Stud

    Who in the hell is Kennedy Bryant, he probably was a scrubb and never played a down or saw the field.

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    what makes amat the toughest kid on the block when the last time they fought monrovia they didnt want to fight again. And normally the toughest kid on the block would continue to prove he’s the toughest not just claim he is.

    And if Amat is the toughest in the SGV then the SGV is in major trouble because outside the SGV or around the block Amat isn’t the toughest and not even considered a threat to the other kids(schools). after seeing the other schools or kids in your neighborhood get a little tougher why not challenge them why fight schools or kids you know you can beat up why not schedule Monrovia, West Co, C.O, and etc year after year when those are the toughest kids (schools) in the sgv or in your term on the block.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Bishop Amat Studd said, who is Kennedy Bryant?

    Well allow me to retort

    A husband of 23 years
    A loving Father
    A College Graduate
    A man of Principle
    A man that knows there is life after life
    A former all CIF Baseball and Football Player
    A member of the 4/100 meter relay team that was 7th in the state of CA in 1982 (41.29)
    A man that will slice your ass thin as salami and cut you into a disease in you pose another dumb ass question about me. (Blogger Speak)

    And as for never playing down or seeing the field ask Roger Murray or Doug Spoon im sure they can verify everything I just listed.

    Moreover I should have just given you a TIC TAC

  • AMAT 73

    Kennedy Bryant,
    First off I believe it was Joe AMAT you called the idiot but I made the same mistake in listing Scott as it was Arnold Fields I coached in JAA . Anyhow I like your style and don’t worry if you find yourself caught up the banter to the extreme because sometimes some of these bloggers who don’t know shiat about football and talk out of their azz just force it out of you . Case in point the idiot who goes by the name of amat bully aka valley guy .

    valley guy aka amat gnat,
    You want the torch , come on and take it from us , plain and simple because looking for us to hand it to you is not going to happen. What are you doing on here anyway . You have no horse in this race. You speak on here of AMAT being weak and not standing a chance. We have only won the Serra in 09 and played for the league title in 10 . Yes I know we didn’t win CIF and got knocked out in the first round last season ( hum, remind you of something close to home ) but that’s what playing in the PAC -5 is about . ALL STRONG TEAMS IN THE PLAYOFFS . Now if that torch was to be passed it surely would not go to CO if that is what you’re thinking. You barely finished 3rd in the Sierra and bowed out also in the first round of the palyoffs. You will now see what it is like playing ball in a division that when it comes playoff time you will meet up with all strong teams . Before you come back on here with your stupid azz ingnorant posting you should get your own house in order because the days of the D-7 titles are over my little fly. Now go bug someone else before I take a flyswatter to your ignorant azz.

  • Icewater in your Face

    Mtown Lives & Bully

    You both should really do some research before you pop off those mouths of yours. Only a moron (like Bully) would doubt the greatness and eliteness of SERVITE football but before the year before last, it took SERVITE over 25 years to win the PAC-5 (10 More years than Bishop Amat). So I guess by your logic, Servite should have dropped down right? LOL!

    Or how about MATER DEI? Wanna challenge the awesomeness of MD Football? Of course not! Well Mater Dei open it’s doors in 1950 but check this out…

    SINCE 1950 (60 YEARS AGO), MATER DEI HAS ONLY WON 9 CIF TITLES IN FOOTBALL. And…they have not won the Pac-5 since 1999 (11 years!). I guess MATER DEI should move down some divisions too right? LMAO!

    2010 Scores:

    Servite 28, Alemany 21 (This is a ONE TD difference)

    Alemany 38, Amat 30 (This is a ONE TD difference)

    Servite 41, Mission Viejo 27 (This is a TWO TD difference)


    Bishop Amat was right up competing with the best of the best and they performed well…especially with QB Rio Ruiz who had never played before under the lights.

    AMAT beat MATER DEI and ST. BONAVENTURE in 2009 and ORANGE LUTHERAN the year prior…Amat placed 2nd in Serra last season and won the Serra the year prior.

    Monrovia beat who?
    Charter Oak beat who?

    LOL @ you two…absolutely ignorant and ridiculous.

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73:
    Lol do i sense some frustration from your end man those are some harsh words dont get mad at me. and dude to play for a league title in 10′ is nothing and to win league in 09′ is good and then you faced a 6-5 mater dei team and beat them ok thats good then the next week is as far as Amat has made it in who knows how long 2nd round blasted. when you play for a cif championship then you have an argument. Oh and besides in 09 we won it all and it doesn’t matter what division we were in thats where we were placed and we owned it unlike Amat in the division they were placed in. just continue your argument with the monrvia dudes who do own yall in head to head battles.

    Kennedy Bryant: you cant say that tic tac whale thing as i recall in 1985 C.O went undefeated a perfect 13-0.

    Icewater in your Face:
    any team can score late to make the game look tighter than what it really was like the 38-24 score Alemany lead the entire 4th quarter. And im not talking about mater dei im talking about Amat what did they accomplish in the pac5.

    Amat won what?
    Amat made it how far?

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73:
    maybe Amat should drop down a few division then maybe they’ll win something. as for C.O just wait and see this year what we’ll do i can guarantee you that C.O will make it further than Amat.

  • Icewater in your Face

    Bully!!! LOL!

    First of all, that was a pretty weak response. You made it obvious that you have no answer for SERVITE’s and MATER DEI’s lack of PAC-5 titles. But anyways..

    The last TWO touchdowns scored in the Alemany vs. Amat game were by Amat!

    The last TD was scored by BA….with well over NINE MINUTES to go in the game!. That’s not “last minute” dude. Furthermore, Bishop Amat was driving DEEP on Alemany with time winding down but lost the game on a turnover and some bonehead ref calls.

    Why is it so difficult for you stop making an ass of yourself and just stick to Charter Oak football?

    Actually, I take that back…you’re quite entertaining!..Kinda like one of those old penny grabbing circus monkeys! hahahaaa!

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy aka amat gnat,
    Frustation yes, but not for the reasons your ignorant azz thinks. I just get tired of seeing your ignorant posts on a subject you know nothing about . Just as all say AMAT can’t keep going back to our past titles you should do the same on the back to back years for CO. That is history you will never see the likes of again unless you crys are heard to drop you back down by CIF. At least we played for the league title last year instead of backing into the playoffs like CO did. Face facts as you tell us, your glory days are gone and if you get past the first round by chance what will you do when you face your hero in CC or Upland or even Norco in the second round . As far as dropping down that is up to CIF and in their eyes they feel we are fine where we are at . If they do feel we should be dropped you would see a big fight out of us much in the manner that we heard all the crying out of CO when they were forced to move up and out of their friendly little D-7 world and face reality of playing equally talented football teams . Better yet you wait to see what CO does because I just don’t have that much time on my hands to be waiting around for your predictions .

  • for real?

    Dumb Bully,
    Man you don’t stop. Of course Charter Oak has a better chance of going further in the playoffs than Bishop Amat. Charter Oak is not in the PAC5! Ur such a tool.

  • Amat Bully

    Icewater in your Face:
    WTF are you talking about i dont care about mater dei or servite im talking trash about your lancers and don’t blame it on the ref’s Alemany was too good for yall at one point it was 38-17 in that game Lil vernon adams was running like crazy all over yall your new at this so i wont respond to you anymore.

    Amat 73:
    Shut up C.O never cried about moving up and i dont care about your frustration or what you think is an ignorant response you Amat fans live off the fact your in the pac5 it doesn’t mean anything if your not competing in the pac5 yeah we were moved up based on our constant pounding of the teams in the southeast, and this year we’re going to prove that the sierra division is our to. and when the inland playoffs start we are going to upset alot of teams we’re definitely going to do better in the inland division then Amat is doing in the pac5 division. Believe this we will not miss making the playoffs like Amat did a few times.

    for real? the inland division is just as strong as the pac5 SHUT UP…..

  • Icewater in your Face

    Bully, Bully, Bully,


    The MATER DEI team that BISHOP AMAT beat in 2009 was, indeed 6-5. GREAT JOB AGAIN!

    Besides AMAT (2009 Serra Champs), these are the other teams that Mater Dei lost to in 2009

    CARSON (Who split games w/ the CIF City Section Runner up, NARBONNE)
    PAC-5 EDISON (2009 PAC-5 Runner Up)
    Pac-5 ORANGE LUTHERAN (2009 Trinity League 2nd Place)
    Pac-5 SERVITE (2009 PAC-5 Champion)

    What’s amazing is that MATER DEI’s largest defeat was only by TWELVE POINTS. They lost their FIVE games by a combined 36 POINTS! That’s an average of only 7.2 POINTS per loss.


    Now is the time you come back with total disregard of the quality of the opponents MATER DEI faced in 2009 and how weak their football program was because they went 6-5. LOL!

    Here’s a penny little cute monkey!

  • Reality check

    Kennedy Bryant
    You are so full of yourself, not to mention delusional. In 1982 Monrovia was playing in something like D9 out 9 Divisions. LMFAO. You talk like you were the best in the SGV, that same year Los Altos (Southern Conf. D2 I believe, with Mike Smith & company) Blewout Esparanza at Anaheim stadium and Damien (Eastern Conf. D3) won a CIF Championship the same night at Anaheim Stadium. Big deal, once-upon-a-time you beat an over-confident Amat team that was looking past you, just like Covina beat an over-confident WC team last year. Still LMFAO. You guys got beat by one of the all-time worst CIF Championship teams (Verbum Dai)at Citrus that night, a team that was running a 1940’s single wing offense. If my memory serves me right, you guys had something like 3 or maybe 4 1st downs the entire night and lost 7-0. So please, stop thinking you were anything special in the SGV in 1982, if anything you were more like a non-factor or after thought. There were several much better teams then Monrovia in the SGV in the early 80’s most of whom played in much tougher leagues and conferences then that which Monrovia played. Your the kind of guy that once caught a 12 inch fish and now tells the story about the day you caught a 10 foot fish.
    FYI – When exactly did UOP ever play in front of 100K people??
    Just like you said, “if your going to come, come with the real facts” not urban myths

  • Amat Bully

    Icewater in your Face
    dude i dont think you understand let me write it in bold letters I DONT CARE ABOUT MATER DEI!!!!!@@##$$%$%^^&&*&*

  • for real?

    Dumb Bully,
    The Inland has Centennial, Vista Murrieta, Redlands East Valley, and Chapparal as their top schools.
    The PAC5 has Long Beach Poly, Lakewood, Mater Dei, Servite, San Clemente, Los Alamitos, Edison, Mission Viejo, Crespi, Orange Lutheran, Notre Dame, Alemany, Santa Margarita, Tesoro, and Loyola as their top schools. Do the math u tool.

    You just graduated from Dumb Bully to Stupid Bully.

  • just sayin’

    Icewater in your Face – NO-O-O-O !!! The 6-5 Monarchs could not have beaten Corona Centennial the same year Amat beat Mater Day. Corona Centennial is form the mighty Inland Division who is just as good as Bishop Amat’s lowly Pac 5. After all the Inland is as good or better than the Pac 5. Ask Bully Boy – he’ll tell you. And we KNOW he cares about Centennial – because that’s ALL the Inland can hang their hat on. Dang! The Serra Leagues THIRD PLACE TEAM, Crespi, beat the Inland runner-up last year. And Loyola smacked down perrennial power Upland – so CC is all they got – that shoots that theory down!

  • Amat Bully

    for real?
    your about as dumb as they get. but i did notice that you didnt mention Bishop Amat as one of the pac5 top schools. and what idiot talks about the inland division and leaves out Norco, Charter oak, Upland, Los Osos, Etiwanda, Rancho and etc… just went from for real to just real dumb.

    redo your list and try not to leave Amat off if it or is it that you feel like me and know that Amat isn’t a top school in the pac5.

    just sayin’: LOL i still stand by and say that the inland division is as strong or stronger than the pac5.

  • blueBack

    Amat Bully..Charter Oak has never seen a school like Mater Dei or Servite, or Long Beach Poly. You guys can barely handle Glendora and Damien. Why are you discussing Pac5 schools? The toughest team by far that Charter Oak has scheduled since back to back losses to BA has been Rancho Cucamonga. Has Charter Oak beat Rancho Cucamonga yet? No.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy aka amat gnat ,
    Hey ignorant one , have you happen to notice none of your fellow Charger backers have once come on here to support any of shiat coming out of your mouth . Wise up fool you are standing alone in the quagmire you are spreading. Go back to the archives and see where the tears were flowing when the anouncement was made that CO was being moved up . As usual though you are blind to true facts and continue to live in your made up charger fantasy world . Let me say this , I respect many of the long time CO bloggers and do have the upmost respect for their program and Big Lou and staff. But you are just an idiot giving the CO people a bad name and making it look like they educate people to go on to become brain dead jerks later in life. Or were you this stupid when you were student at CO and a victum of being passed on because it just wasn’t worth the time or effort to educate you and they wanted to be spared the embarrassment of having a 25 year old walk across the stage at graduation time.

  • just sayin’

    Bully boy, how can they be “as strong” if last season the Serra leagues 3rd place team beat their runner-up and lowly Loyola knocked off Upland- all the while the year before 6-5 Mater Dei (who you aren’t talking about) beats Centtenial (who you ARE talking about) and then Amat (who you REALLY are talking about) beats Mater Dei in the playoffs (even though we’re not a factor in the Pac 5).
    You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

  • for real?

    Stupid Bully,
    Charter Oak and the rest of the Sierra are new to the Inland. How can they be considered a top program yet, idiot? Norco has never scheduled a top PAC5 school or someone just as good. Los Osos beat BA 2x a few years back but other than this has never scheduled another top PAC5 school or equal. Rancho Cucamonga lost 2x to BA a few years back and has also failed to schedule another great school. Upland got the crap kicked out of them by PAC5 Loyola last year and before that was swept by PAC5 San Clemente a few years back. This is Upland’s only experience playing the best of the PAC5. Who else? Etiwanda? lol. Etiwanda has never scheduled any PAC5 team period. Is this the best you have to offer? Again, the only consistant and proven Inland schools are Centennial, Chaparral, REV, and Vista Murrieta. Everyone else is pretty much garbage in comparison with the best of the PAC5.

    You graduated from Stupid Bully to Lobotomized Bully.

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73: just SHUT UP DUDE im a man i dont look for anybody to have my back i can stand on my own two feet so Shut yo soft a$$ up im done responding to internet tough guys thats all you are you sometimes make good points but your idiotic insults and fake tough guy internet ways shows me that your just some little punk with a smart a$$ key board that barely knows what he’s talking about again i stand on my own “pu$$y”.

    Just sayin’: upland had a bad game i guess im not fighting for the inland im just saying that division is as tough as the pac5 we can go back in history and see some loses that pac5 power teams lost to teams they shouldn’t had as in upland case. but you made a good point unlike the other two idiots in Amat73 and the new Tail pipe sucker “for real”.

    for real: im gonna let you go back and check out your history again and this time don’t leave out the wins that the inland has and just like i told just sayin’ im not fighting for the inland respect but i do give them respect because they are just as strong as the pac5. now take yo mouth off from around the Amat band wagon tail pipe and next time mention Amat when you talk about top teams in the pac5.

  • Jefe

    AMAT 73 comes off so foolish on these boards.

  • Joe Amat

    Seor Bully,

    You failed to answer my reply to your “doormat” post

    I was wondering if that was because you didn’t have anything to say, realized you were wrong, or didn’t have time to get someone to read it to you?

    Now to your statement of Charter Oak not complaining about moving up – here’s a link to the article about them appealing the move. When you appeal… that means you;re trying to get out of it – right?

    In fact, Big Lou was quoted in this paper as saying, “It’s like a left and right hook, then maybe a little punch to the gut because if you get into the playoffs you get to go two hours to get your butt kicked and go home. But they think it will be good for CIF.” — That’s what Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said last spring after it was announced the Chargers were moving to the Sierra League and Inland Division.”

    Then Lou was so happy to make the Inland playoffs he said, “Their team kinda looks a little bit like Auburn. They have a big quarterback who runs well and throws well. He’s an excellent athlete and they surround him with 98 other kids handpicked out of the 400 they have in the program.

    “It gets better. They have 25 coaches, 23 of them on campus and nine of them are former head coaches. The principal is a former Pac-10 offensive lineman. But the band won’t be there because they’re away for the week competing for the national championship.”

    That sounds a little like crying about the move – don’tcha think?

    Now that is a whole lot different than in the ’90s when Amat & Loyola merged with St Paul, Notre Dame, and Crespi and they wanted to put the League in Division 2 because of the 3 lower division teams. Amat, Loyola, and St John Boscosquwaked, Notre Dame, Crespi and others balked and the League ultimately forced Notre Dame and Crespi to move up stayed in Division 1.

    Or in the same battle when Alemany complained that their kids would “get hurt” playing Loyola and Amat (not making that up )

    So while Charter Oak, South Hills a couple times, and others fight to stay in lower divisions – Amat has made it clear they wish to always remain in the highest level of competition.

  • Joe Amat


    I have a post in the hopper that was snagged by your blog monster again “for approval”. I understand it happens when I include links, so a necessary evil – but when you get to it, please let it loose. I’m sure our friend Seor Bully is waiting for it

  • AMAT 73

    jefer,jefa, or milk cow,
    Nobody cares what you think. With the bully it’s basically for fun because the idiot has no idea of what he speaks of anyway, so how can you really take him serious . As for you, fess up who’s your team . Of course you will not respond perhaps due to embarrassment.

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73:
    your by far the most dumbest blogger on here everything you say is what either just sayin’ or Joe Amat already had said and argued about like i told you before this is a man’s blog, little dudes that look for backup dont make it on here on they own so just quit dude get another name and come new. And when you do that make sure you use your own research and not others, Pu$$y do me a favor and find a place where nobody can find you and choke yoself no don’t do that just find a place and hide forever. LOSER…..

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Who’s got who riled now idiot .

    To all the sane bloggers out there have a great 4th of July and be safe.


    AMAT BULLY, your way out of line and out of control my man. Think a little before you hit submit! No need to be using the HEAVY LANGUAGE.

    AMAT73 has been on the blog for a long time, he’s always respectful and very knowledgable about the game of FOOTBALL.

    AMAT BULLY, why don’t you try that UFC blog, because it’S more your style, like to many knocks to the head.


    AMAT 73 you have a good 4TH!

  • Icewater in your Face

    Dear Bully the Monkey,

    By far, the best Inland football program hands down is Corona Centennial. No other Inland school comes close. And as dominating as everyone knows Centennial is, they are neck and neck with Mater Dei, who has not won a PAC-5 championship in ELEVEN years. LOLLL! And while they beat Crespi 2x, Centennial was slammed by Long Beach Poly two years in a row.

    2010 Centennial 44, Mater Dei 14
    2009 Mater Dei 31, Centennial 13
    2008 Centennial 47, Mater Dei 35
    2007 Mater Dei 51, Centennial 37
    2007 Centennial 41, Crespi 20
    2006 Centennial 29, Crespi 27
    2005 Long Beach Poly 49, Centennial 27
    2004 Long Beach Poly 46, Centennial 20

    Now take ur penny lil monkey and run along.

    LOL @ Just Saying! This bully guy is really clueless! How does one live in an alternate reality like he does?

  • Amat Bully

    Man SHUT UP did you just read his post about the other dude taking sides so you decide to put your 2cents in get off his lap for a Minute and stand on your own 2 feet. And if you know who’s been on the blogs for some time now you wouldn’t had made that dumb statement as if i hasn’t i use to be valley guy. WORRY ABOUT AZUSA everyone knows Amat owns the sgv but recently haven’t proven it yeah they proved it in the past we know that but when Azusa finally get over the hump and get bumped up then blog. if your not Monrovia then any team thats in division 8, 9, or 10 shouldn’t be allowed to blog.

  • Amat Bully

    Icewater in your Face:
    Dude i dont know how many times i have to explain to you that im not with the inland my team just so happen to be moved in the inland division…..and to correct your dumb statement CC is better than every team in the pac5 according to max preps and i think they know a little more than you dumb A$$ with a state title and a state lost more visits to state then any one team in the pac5. yeah they had a tough fight with mater dei splitting 4 games with CC advancing to 3 state games winning 1 mater dei to none by the way since you keep bringing them up. just leave it alone dude you still haven’t said who your team is and im starting to think its Mater dei which my team haven’t played so your irrelevant to me.

  • Amat Bully

    Icewater in your Face;
    dude reading your dumb statement again made me realize that so far all you have is max prep stats and that it all pans out CC is an even 4-4 with the pac5 according to your research so my question is are you trying to tell me that the pac5 and CC are even if so blow your finger off with a fire cracker. you did not help your argument at all……WHAT A F*CKING IDIOT. WHAT IS YOUR POINT

  • Damien Alum

    Amat Bully,

    Instead of sitting in the back of English class shooting spitwads through a straw up at the ceiling, you should have sat in the front of the class and have paid attention. Adjectives have different degrees known as comparative and superlative. Comparative is used when comparing two things and the superlative is used when comparing three or more things. When the adjective you are using is a one syllable word, you can usually just add the suffixes -er and -est to the adjective to form the comparative and superlative degrees. If the adjective has more than one syllable, then we use the words more and most. You should have called AMAT 73 the dumbest(dumb being a one syllable word) blogger and you are the most ignorant(ignorant has three syllables) blogger. This is still fresh in my mind as I just explained this to my eight year old just last week.


    ARAM, why don’t you do something about this CYBER BULLY,aka valley guy,now going by AMAT BULLY and send him to cyber space. My man you are so arrogant that actually it’s funny. Here’s a little suggestion action jackson,Pdiddy i mean that’s what he’s going by now isn’t he? It’s a little confusing when you keep changing your moniker BULLY.

    My man when you tell sombody to (STFU),you better be able to stand on your two feet, and have the credit to back it up. I consider AMAT 73 a friend of mine on this board, and he’s supported me several times.

    You said, “if your not Monrovia then any team thats in division 8, 9, or 10 shouldn’t be allowed to blog”. Are you serious. and I could see why 73 came to a conclusion and didn’t reply anymore to you BULLY.

    Bully you should watch what you say to your fellow blogger,because basicaly were within arms reach of each other.


  • Amat Bully

    Damien Alum
    go back and read what i said again and keep your 8 year old out of it.

    just like i thought a cry baby and a liar go back and tell me when i told you or anyone else to (STFU) dude you came on here with your insults and when some are returned back to you, you cry for Aram to get rid of me LOL if you pay attention to what Aram told me and the last dude when we tried to set up a street brawl he threaten to delete us. now if im not mistaken i take it as your trying to set something up by saying we’re all in arms reach. (if thats not what you were saying then ok) but i dont back down to no one my opinions are just what they are opinions and if you get a little but hurt over something i say then STOP READING MY COMMENTS. and dude really running to the deans office telling on someone because you feel i hurt your feelings is cowardly dont you think.

    And dude Amat 73 did reply go and read it but again thats female stuff who cares about who reply’s to who grow up. Man you must of gotten pushed around a lot in high school

  • Colt74

    Amat Bully,
    But – and I am only saying this because I care – there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing. …

  • Amat Bully

    are you saying i should be removed and if so why?

  • Damien Alum

    Amat Bully,

    It’s Ok, I didn’t expect you to understand what I wrote. Since Colt74 is in such a caring mood, maybe he’ll explain it to you. Here’s what I was referring to:

    Amat Bully said:

    Amat 73:
    your by far the most dumbest blogger…

  • Dan

    I took it that 74’s just saying you should lighten up on the coffee, cause you’ve been going ballistic on here, by the way since the two divisions were created in 2006, the Pac five is 32 and 13 verses the Inland division. Tough to buy into the theory that the Inland
    is as good as the Pac 5 with those kind of stats.

  • Joe Amat

    Seor Bully, You failed to answer my reply to your “doormat” post I was wondering if that was because you didn’t have anything to say, realized you were wrong, or didn’t have time to get someone to read it to you? Now to your statement of Charter Oak not complaining about moving up – here’s a link to the article about them appealing the move. When you appeal… that means you;re trying to get out of it – right? In fact, Big Lou was quoted in this paper as saying, “It’s like a left and right hook, then maybe a little punch to the gut because if you get into the playoffs you get to go two hours to get your butt kicked and go home. But they think it will be good for CIF.” — That’s what Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said last spring after it was announced the Chargers were moving to the Sierra League and Inland Division.” Then Lou was so happy to make the Inland playoffs he said, “Their team kinda looks a little bit like Auburn. They have a big quarterback who runs well and throws well. He’s an excellent athlete and they surround him with 98 other kids handpicked out of the 400 they have in the program. “It gets better. They have 25 coaches, 23 of them on campus and nine of them are former head coaches. The principal is a former Pac-10 offensive lineman. But the band won’t be there because they’re away for the week competing for the national championship.” That sounds a little like crying about the move – don’tcha think? Now that is a whole lot different than in the ’90s when Amat & Loyola merged with St Paul, Notre Dame, and Crespi and they wanted to put the League in Division 2 because of the 3 lower division teams. Amat, Loyola, and St John Boscosquwaked, Notre Dame, Crespi and others balked and the League ultimately forced Notre Dame and Crespi to move up stayed in Division 1. Or in the same battle when Alemany complained that their kids would “get hurt” playing Loyola and Amat (not making that up ) So while Charter Oak, South Hills a couple times, and others fight to stay in lower divisions – Amat has made it clear they wish to always remain in the highest level of competition.

  • Amat Bully

    i can respect that i thought he was siding with his buddy aztec pride thats why i took it as being removed, “caffeine removed from the coffee bean”.

    But you right i was just reading and seeing how many times i posted today it is a ridiculous amount but thats what happen when you go against Bishop Amat. everyone even non-amat fans acts as if its blaspheme to say something negative about Amat.
    But thanks Dan you right……… Have a good 4th

  • Amat Bully

    Joe Amat:
    see dude i didn’t respond to you only because you were the only Amat fan i have a little respect for. you by all means knows your Sh*t but then you go and throw a stone and degrade yourself, but what coach lou was saying is that its a far drive for playoffs games and why it had to be us to cross the line that separates the sgv and the inland. not that he doesn’t think C.O can compete we all know C.O can compete with the best of them. And yeah the size of the team was a little over whelming C.O wasn’t use to playing against a team with over 100 kids on the roster and a field of coaches yeah they had like a college type program. Amat doesn’t even have that many or nearly as many fans as they do. And i dont think we were trying to stay in a lower division we should had been able to move up at least to the western division and played closer instead of having to jump on the 57 to the 10 and possibly the 15 just to play a game hours away from home. And like i always said i think Amat is in over there head why stay up in a division where your chances of winning are very slim why not move down a division or two where your chances of winning becomes more realistic.

  • Colt74

    Dan hit it on the head. I was just trying to inject some humor along with a “step back and take a breath message”. You seemed to be getting a bit wound up.
    I would NEVER recommend removing anyone from a board. That’s not my job to be the blog police. EVERYONE has a right to their opinions and a right here IMHO to express those opinions. And besides…everyone here knows that Aram is LOVING the hit count! opinions.
    For as long as I can remember Bishop Amat has been the top dog of the SGV. For many reasons. Does that wear on my short hairs sometimes too? Hell yes! But it is what it is. Last year I view West Covina and Monrovia as the elite of the SGV. It’s all about the rings. In the past it has been C.O., South Hills, Los Altos….hell, even Royal Oak when they were around. It cycles. But for SUSTAINABLE excellence…you have to go with Amat. Do they recruit and get kids from the areas…yes. But they can. Public vs Private. Again, it is what it is and nothing will change.You CAN’T argue with the dangling carrot that BA offers. Do I feel that the coverage in the Trib has a favored Blue and Gold tinge to it at times? Who doesn’t? But again, it is what it is.I just made up my mind to chill and enjoy any bones they want to throw to us others when they do. In fairness.. I think spreading the wealth is getting better than in past years. And just because I don’t want to read what The River had for breakfast doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t hanging on baited breath.
    There will always be private schools and along with them a certain elitist mentality from some parents and alumni. The vast majority of BA bloggers here IMHO are not that type. Proud and ready to defend their school yes. EXTREMELY knowledgeable of all things sports in the SGV and especially football..yes. But our humble little blog ( again IMHO ) is better off with them here.I have learned a lot from them and for that I am grateful.
    Besides…if they were gone who would we have to argue with ? and the blog hit counts would be in the crapper!

    To all :Enjoy the blog. Support your team and have a great 4th of July…(and to AZTEC PRIDE that’s a cuatro de Julyo)

  • Dan

    All this back and forth on Pac 5 vs Inland div. got me digging into a little research last night and this morning, not complaining cause I like this kind of stuff.
    Since the Pac five was formed in 2006, it has clearly been the superior division over the Inland when it came to head to head matches. Heres the breakdown.
    Pac 5 7 wins
    Inland 3 wins
    Pac 5 8 wins
    Inland 4 wins
    Pac 5 3 wins
    Inland 2 wins
    Pac 5 5 wins
    Inland 2 wins
    Pac 5 9 wins
    Inland 2 wins
    Total for 2006 thru 2010;
    Pac 5 32 wins
    Inland 13 wins
    Now the Interesting part, from 2002 to 2005 when the divisions were called Div.1 & Div.2, the argument could be made that Div. 2 was the stronger of the two Divisions. The reason? In 2002 CIF inserted the the South Coast, and Foothill leagues into division 2, thats when Hart and Valencia and canyon Country were still going strong, on top of that you had some of the strongest Mission Viejo and San Clemente teams in their schools history. Here’s the breakdown.
    Div 1 8 wins
    Div 2 15 wins
    with 1 tie
    Div 1 11 wins
    Div 2 13 wins
    Div 1 9 wins
    Div 2 13 wins
    with 1 tie
    Div 1 7 wins
    Div 2 15 wins
    with 2 ties.

    In 2001 before they put the South Coast and Foothill into D2 it was back to normal with division 1 winning
    21 games and division 2 winning 11 and 2 ties.
    Happy 4th of July to all.

  • Dan

    In my post below I forgot to tally up the second breakdown, from 2002 to 2005 when d2 had the Foothill and South Coast leagues it was;
    Div 1 35 wins,
    Div 2 56 wins,
    with 2 ties.
    The argument can definately be made that D2 was stronger than D1 in those years.

  • AMAT 73

    First off thanks for the words AZTEC PRIDE . You think we’ll get a chance to root Bradford and company on this year. Just our luck when things are looking good they might pull the season out from under us . How’s your boy doing ? Haven’t seen an update on him by you this season. Anyways thanks again. No matter what division our teams toil in we all have a voice on here because we all belong to the SGV. Looks like things have cooled off a bit so maybe after Joe’s and Dan’s fact based posts our new found friend will realize a couple of things.
    valley guy,
    I am going to drop the gnat and bully when addressing your from now on and just go back to your original handle which you just should have kept. It’s not that bloggers come on here when anyone says anything negative about AMAT because believe me we have few defenders out there when someone wants to knock AMAT for the heck of it. I think what it boiled down to was your hate for AMAT ( and that is ok by me ) turn into a bashing of the PAC-5 and your statements of superiority of the Inland over the PAC-5 . In this group who do know the game of football and follow it at the high school level , that did not sit well with them. Go back and read the replies of the non AMAT bloggers and that was their point , not defending AMAT but trying to show you where you were wrong with that thinking. They did put their 2 cents in on AMAT being the top over the long run or being near the top every year but not straight out defending us . Either way as I pointed out earlier I have much respect for your Chargers and do hope they fare well in the Inland as they do rep the SGV along with the other Sierra members and a win for the Sierra is a win for the SGV in the Inland. Give something to throw at old Norco and rub it in his face ( just kidding Norco ). In closing I wish your Chargers good luck this season and now that I hope you have gotten all that hate on AMAT off your chest maybe you can become a solid contributor to the blog because we need more of them. And please lay off the high octane Starbucks triple dip expresso . Peace .

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73:
    you were slick with your words yesterday and turned the tables on me and frustrated me i take my hat off to you for that. but i just recently gained hate for Amat the past couple of years only because i’ve attended numerous of Amat games and was not impressed but C.O is my home and when others throw hatred toward them because they ran the table in their division it gets annoying because there is more hate from the Amat fans then respect. and like i stated plenty of times yes Amat is the top dogs of the sgv but in my opinion C.O has a more exciting and better style of play then Amat. do i think Amat can beat C.O nowadays NO, but thats my opinion. and im all for beating up on the inland teams but all everyone says is that C.O isn’t going to win anything now that they’re in the inland, we represent the sgv in the inland where is our love at. Dude i use to brag to so many of my boys from back home about Amat when they had little Mike Wagner going crazy on the field telling them how much more talented the sgv is then our strongest division out there. the bottom line is i cant stand the fact that everyone puts Amat so high up and they haven’t played the tough squads of the sgv in years. IM NOT WITH THE INLAND IM WITH THE SGV but now that C.O is there and when we win it all i would hate to hear that we’re in a weak division as to where the pac5 has been taking a share of there losses to the inland that was my reason for bringing up the inland crap. why is it that C.O and other teams in the sgv have to prove themselves year in and out as to where Amat really doesn’t they just keep their crown as the Sgv top dog?

  • Joe Amat

    Seor Bully,

    So you didn’t answer because I’m one Amat guy you “respect”? Then you answer the guys “you don’t respect” by spewing a bunch of BS that was just proven wrong a post or two below you. Then they get you backpedaling, suggest you get off the caffiene, you have to defend yourself, end up like Ali doing the “rope-a-dope” and you are Just. Getting. Your. Ass. Kicked!

    Not good strategy my boy. When Dan comes out and says the Pac5 is 32-13 vs the Inland and you come back with ” the pac5 has been taking a share of there losses to the inland”… it does not help your credibility. Although Dan had some interesting stats regarding the D1 days – but some advice… don’t go trying to use those – that was the era Amat destroyed your Chargers in back-to-back years… so best not to bring that time period up again if you want to support your claims.( I’m just trying to help)

    When you say Big Lou was just “concerned about the drive and size of the opponents rosters” … welcome to the adult table. How far do you think it would be from Amat to Mission Viejo or a trip to Mission Hills, Encino, or Sherman Oaks on a Fraiday through LA traffic… for a LEAGUE GAME? Can’t say you’re ready for the big time if you complain about how the big time is. Your not going to get that if you stay here in the Fish Bowl and play against the same kids you faced in JAA. Just saying.

    You say you’re not “with the Inland” and you’re just propping them up so when (if ?) CO wins, it was in the best division? Seor – it’s not the best just because you say so. When you come here and write “they haven’t played the tough squads of the sgv in years”… We’ve. Played. Everybody. To the tune of 22-0 or more. As in Zer-O. No wins in 22+ tries! So now is when you say -“But you didn’t play those teams in their best years” – right? Well, they weren’t all our best years either. Amat beat CO in two years we were .500 and didn’t make the playoffs.

    Now I have rooted for CO to win every game this decade, except the two they played against Amat and a couple vs Los Altos in the Cody era – when I had to spend a half on each sidelines because of people I knew on each side. But I’m realistic too.IN fact at the beginning of each season and before almost every game, I’ve said there are games Amat could lose. You see – why put them on the schedule if that’s not at least a possibility.

    That’s what separates you from me. CO appeals their move up, and you say Amat should “drop down a few division then maybe they’ll win something”. I always say here, if you don’t play the best you have no idea how good you are. Amat knows we have a little work to do to be near the top on a yearly basis at the highest of competition. We know that because we face great competition in league, and in the playoffs.

    That’s also why we have no idea how good those CO teams really were. Great talent squandered on undefeated seasons against nobody of consequence. Great memories and Champions to be proud of for sure. Maybe they were great – but we’ll never really know. Will we?

    So, if you’re making the claim that in other teams *best* years they could beat Amat in their “worst” years … then how good are you, really?

  • Icewater in your Face


    AWESOME RESEARCH! I completely agree with you about the old Division 2. Mission Viejo, Hart, Valencia, CC Canyon and even San Clemente were monster schools and they held their own against the very best. I’ve always felt that all of these schools should have been sent to the Pac-5. And it wasn’t even 5 years ago that CC Canyon beat Concord De la Salle for the state championship. I also remember that in 2005, the Division 1 Champ Loyola lost to Division 2 Runner-up Hart in the preseason.

    With the recent additions of Orange Lutheran, Tesoro, Alemany, Notre Dame, and Crespi the Pac-5 is an absolute beast now and no other division will come close to it (in the near future anyways).

    As far as the Inland Division, it can only get weaker because eventually, more public schools will need to be built which will split the student populations. This is exactly what happened to the Citrus Belt’s Fontana and Eisenhower who used to be awesome Division 1 football schools, which I’m sure you remember. I guess at the same time, the same thing could happen to Los Alamitos or Edison. But what will save the Pac-5 in general are the parochials. I truly believe that St. Bonaventure, Serra, and Oak’s Christian will eventually end up in the Pac-5. Can you imagine that?

    And look what happened to Esperanza! It was only in 2005 that they were playing for the Pac-5 title and then a couple of years later, Yorba Linda High was built, Esperanza lost 1/2 of their players and boom!…They had to leave the PAC-5. Since 2006, Esperanza has not placed higher than 4th and last season, they placed 6th. So sad for the Aztecs but that’s what happens and I’m afraid we will be seeing more of this stuff happening.

    Anyways, Happy 4th of July to you and everyone else.

  • Amat Bully

    Joe Amat:
    Shut up dude no one backed me in a corner your fellow blogger friends wanted aram to get rid of me, in other words calling the police. And i said the pac5 took their SHARE of losses as in some losses. and none of them proved me wrong Dan said some real facts i seen them before but again im not with the inland i can care less about the inland. and Amat has more than a little work to do, and i do believe Amat dances around the sgv teams that pose a threat to them. and the whole respect thing i only give respect where its due you do have good resource but your a class a$$ really dude i tried being respectful to bloggers but when they (and you) start throwing little cheap shots i throw them back and when Ali used the rope-a-dope it was a planned strategy and eventually won the fight just like i will eventually win these arguments when Amat finally losses its crown. and dont respond with the whole thing we cant win them all but we do hold a whatever record and start going back in the past. im going to be around for a very long time irritating Amat fans until dooms day approach and i will be there screaming DOWN GOES AMAT DOWN GOES AMAT. And i did like when mike wagner was there and i do remember the times when john muir ruled the sgv as well as Monrovia when they ruled it also. im just against Amat nobody else just Bishop Amat……

  • Anonymous

    I guess what everyone is saying here on this blog is that Amat uses the terms little guys when describing teams outside of themselves when it comes to the game of high school football but when teams ftom other areas such as Crespi which up until 2005-2006 was in the Del Rey league Div. 10 along with the Rio Hondo league then stepped into the Serra league where they dominated Amat in their first season as the newcomer 34-14 wheas they played Monrovia in what I think had to be the worst season on record for the 2000’s 2006-2007 and Crespi played as staggering into the playoff Monrovia team and won 32-12, so I guess my point is if Crespi could get it accomplished so can serveral other teams in the San Gabriel Valley. Divisions are only done to seperate school by size or by private vs. public, but when it’s all said and done anybody can be considered a threat if you have the right players ie. Oaks Christian former Div. 10 team gone pro!

  • Dr. Phil

    Amat Bully, ” I’m just against Amat, nobody else just Bishop Amat”,that is your last quote. Please reread it to yourself several times and think about all time the time you have spent on this subject and then run don’t walk to the nearest mental health facility.

  • Joe Amat

    Seor Bully,

    Amat’s All-Time record vs Mpnrovia = 2 wins 1 loss
    Amat’s All-Time record vs Muir = 9 wins 1 loss

    Monrovia – 1 CIF CIF titles in school history
    Muir – 2 CIF titles in school history
    Amat – 5 CIF titles in school history

    So, when was it exactly that either of them ruled the SGV?

    You see the key with Ali after the Rope-a-Dope is

    A) It was a plan of attack
    You, on the other hand, are flailing aimlessly and throwing as much crap against this blog that you’re hoping something sticks.

    B) He was fighting a dope
    The crowd here is not falling for any sucker punches and have been throwing some counter punches & pummeling you on a regular basis


    C) Ali came out of the Rope-a-Dope and threw some serious combination.
    That post, Cassius, was not a very effective way to get off the ropes. Maybe you could try again with some substance – and this time bring it!

  • Joe Amat


    With the way you know your facts you must be Bully’s brother.

    To say “Crespi which up until 2005-2006 was in the Del Rey league Div. 10” is a bit of a fallacy. As a matter of fact, they won a Big Five title in the ’80s and were again put in D1 until they moaned that they couldn’t win ( ) and fought to drop to a lower division… but that only lasted for one-releaguing cycle…. and they never belonged there at all.

    Then you said ” Divisions are only done to seperate school by size or by private vs. public” could not be farther than the truth. That powerhouse Monrovia beat to finally win the first CIF title in their 118 year history had 658 students… compared to Monrovia’s 1,737 students. Recently Bishop Amat and their 1,385 student enrollment have been eliminated form the playoffs by 4,700+ Long Beach Poly and 4,200+ Lakewood. You might have also noted that both Monrovia and Amat examples were matchups of Public vs Private.

    So you and Bully need to do a little leg-work and come back with something that is somewhat accurate to support your point … whatever that might have been

  • Amat Bully

    HERE’S A FACT since the new century C.O has more championships then Amat do. and thats all what really counts. now comment on those facts JOE AMAT and please dont use the we’re playing on a higher level junk again. HE’S HIT HIM WITH A LEFT AMAT LOOKS A LITTLE WOBBLY

  • Anonymous

    No Mr. Amat, no relations to Amat Bully but the facts are the facts Did little old Crespi go from Div.10 which they did not dominiate at all and come up to Div. 1 and Score the same amount of points a year later on Amat as they did on Monrovia? and like I said that was when Monrovia had a mass of players playing on the Eastside of the Valley. All of the around the bush answers aren’t necessary just the fact of the matter. I just using all of the hype to say that there is no such thing as the Big Boys you guys play some of the same teams that everyone else play over the years and simililar results are the outcome. Not a put down just a fact. Now if you want to put down everyone else and continue inflating the Amat bubble then go right ahead we are all listning.

  • Anonymous

    By the way I attended Crespi which in the 80’s had a total of 360 students, Russell White bought us back to prominance 1986 a great transfer from San Fernando high school in 1986, He came from one of those little guys schools just over the 805 fwy to come and play at the great and overwhelmingly large 360 student campus of nice jewish kids and have a ridiculous 3 seasons with a big 5 Div. team at that time who were practically left for dead. Maybe you guys should go and grab on of those LITTLE guys like Russell White and help your BIG team to A CIF berth before this decace ends. It feels great.

  • Icewater in your Face

    Bully the Monkey

    The reason why I bring up Centennial is because everyone knows that they are dominating the Inland division. Corona Centennial has won the Inland Division in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008 (State Champs too), and 2010. Im sure you will agree that this is an amazing feat.

    Over past 4 years, Centennial has split 4 games with Mater Dei. To me, this pretty much means that Centennial football and Mater Dei football are pretty much on par (Right now anyways). Here’s more proof

    In 2007, MD beat Centennial who ended up winning the Inland and only lost the State Championship by a TD to De La Salle. MD lost to Orange Lutheran and would lose to Crespi in 2nd round of the Pac-5 playoffs…wow.

    In 2008, Centennial went undefeated and beat a MD team that also lost to Edison, Orange Lutheran, and Tesoro in 2nd round of the Pac-5 playoffs.

    In 2009, MD beat Centennial (Shutting Centennial’s offense down in the 2nd half). Centennial would go on to be Inland Runner Up. Mater Dei on the other hand was one and done in the Pac-5 playoffs losing to Bishop Amat.

    Last season, Centennial routed Mater Dei for the first time as well as everyone else on their schedule (besides Palo Alto). I truly believe that Centennial would have won the Pac-5 last season. Mater Dei was also routed by Mission Viejo in the semifinals who in turn was routed by Servite.

    So yes…MD = CC but….As I’ve said before, it’s been 11 years since Mater Dei has won the Pac-5! This is a true testament to the strength of the Pac-5 and how incredibly difficult it is to win this nationally ranked division. It’s no wonder why the Pac-5 has been #1 in California since it’s creation.

    So while Centennial has proven that they should be in the Pac-5, this does not mean that the Inland is better than the Pac-5 (which you have claimed many times and then claimed that you are not “for the Inland). You are the only person that is not getting this fact despite some brilliant statistics and history that have been offered to you.

    And this is why you continue to be a monkey and an embarrassment to other CO fans. Here, have another shiny penny!

  • Icewater in your Face

    Correction…Bully the Monkey has actually claimed that the Inland is just as good as the Pac-5, not necessarily better. Regardless, both claims are completely false when you compare the divisions team for team.

  • joe Amat


    “…C.O has more championships then Amat do…” That was classic and I really should just let that one simmer for a while to further highlight your intelligence… but I won’t. Wobbly? Not in the least. Buckled over with laughter.. maybe.

    You’ve changed your argument now haven’t you. You came off the ropes with Muir and Monrovia got knocked down for an 8-count and decided to change it up. Couldn’t hang with backing that one up – or are you still throwing stuff against the wall and hoping something sticks? “We won… you didn’t… Na-Na-Na.” Good strategy? That is the best you got? I’ll leave head-to-head 34-7 and 28-ZERO drubbings from this century alone for your benefit. And no, they both weren’t your “down-years” – in fact one time you were pre-season #1 in the Valley. You want to take the gloves off – here’s the reality. My friends at CO – forgive me…

    You know what CO won this century? They won the **CIF Sanctioned San Gabriel Valley News Group Area Post Season Tournament** – that’s what they won. They never left the SGV and in a rematch – both times, beat a team with a .500 record that Amat also beat those very same years. They never played against anyone those kids probably didn’t also face in little Junior All-American football and the same kids that they run into in the mall. They faced the same kids that were on their youth baseball teams and who they shared AYSO orange slices with as a kid. Real special.

    You see CO won this decade because CIF FINALLY moved out the OC leagues that kept kicking their ass in the playoffs ever, single time you tried to leave the safe little Fish Bowl. “OH NO – not the drop off!!!” (ask someone’s kids – since I’m sure you don’t have any). CIF stripped the division of any power and isolated our little SGV to the point where we are GUARANTEED a CIF champion… because they play NO ONE ELSE! Someone in the valley Has.To. Win. Those two years it happened to be you.

    CO was left with a schedule where the first year they didn’t beat a SINGLE team in the regular season that finished with a winning record and the second year duplicated that until they faced powerhouse Bonita in the final game of the regular season! And you had ALL those great athletes. It would have been a great time to have some balls and test yourself against someone… anyone – just to see if all those imports were really as good as they looked against the Pioneers, Diamond Bars, Wilsons, and Los Altos’s of the Fish Bowl.

    Imports?!? Did I say imports? I keep hearing how Amat “should” be the best because they can get players form outside La Puente. I’ve got a secret for you that may have transpire while you were soaking up the Coors getting your Rocky Mountain High. Public Schools have imports too. Ask around and find out how many of CO’s all league players were from the Charter Oak School District? Royal Oak Intermediate sure didn’t look like that.

    Those are the rules now brutha – you can get players from anywhere and CO has been getting players from the Westside since the days of Michael Graham (look that one up too) We’re on equal ground on that one and CO happened to hit paydirt from that end of town in a couple consecutive graduating classes -thanks in large part to the failings of schools in Duarte, Monrovia, and Pasadena. So I’ll turn the tables on that one – how many titles would CO have won without those imports? Wait, I’ll answer for you Z.E.R.O!

    Here’s what I want you to do for me. Please, name ONE Charet Oak win during or since the back-to-back “CIF Sanctioned San Gabriel Valley News Group Area Post Season Tournament Championships” over any team better than St Bonaventire, Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, St Francis, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, or Alemany… all teams Amat has defeated during that span. And I’m only asking you for ONE.

    And make sure you can back it up and it’s not someone that will bring as much laughter as some of your previous posts!

  • Aram

    Joe Amat,

    All good points. Sounds like we’re back to the old argument of would you rather win the Holiday Bowl or lose the Fiesta Bowl? Would you rather win the WAC or be an also-ran in the SEC?

    Good points can be made from both sides.

  • Mtown Lives

    Like I have stated, Amat is a compilation of Everyone players in the SGV. If you give Amat the players in the Bassett/La Puente School District they are terrible. You bring in the kids, from the Pasadena, Monrovia, west covina, covina, Glendora Area, they are #1 In the SGV. But that is where Amat tops out. The fact that there are so many transfers in and out of Amat, the lancers will never have the continuity to win the PAC 5. As the SGV begins awaking again, you will see a decline, in Bishop success. We are watching this unfold right in front of us. Bishop fans are frustrated, and they do feel the pressure to produce. With out a doubt, the quality of Lancer Football is deteriorating. A few More years without a deep run in the playoffs, and people are going to stop sending their kids there. You can make fun of, belittle, and disrespect the little guys like Monrovia and West Covina, but these programs are on the rise and Bishop is on the Decline. Instead of talking about what bishop has done in the past or who bishop can beat in the SGV…I would really like to hear a strong case for what Bishop Is going to do in Future? Starting with this season? Is Bishop going to win league? Go to the Playoffs? Win the Pac 5? I am just curious, Bishop is dodging these questions and continue to talk about how they pound on smallers school with their own players and bragg about it. Then when they lose, the say so what we are in the pac 5. If thats your attitude then you will never win. I honestly think the Lancer nation is happy with Being SGV#1 team. I sure as hell don’t hear anyone talking about winning future titles. As for schools like Mtown we are going to slowly grow and Move up slowly but surely. I’ll say this too, there have been more scouts at Monrovia, Muir, and West Covina the last two years then at Bishop and that trend will continue in the future. Now all the players that go D1 from Bishop, is it bc Bishop made them or would they have gone D1 at their local school anyways? I say instead dissing local SGV schools, you should be sending every coach in the valley gift baskets and thank you cards for their best players.

  • Colt74

    The arguments being put forth to Amat leave them in a no win situation. If Amat stays in PAC5 and does not win a championship some call them overrated, but if they were to drop down and run the boards it would be the excuse that they beat up on lesser loaded teams. Amat can’t please everyone…nor should they have to. Amat only needs to please Amat.
    Maybe things have changed since the days when we played with leather helmets but I would rather eat at the grown-up table than eat at the kids table. I would rather play at the highest, most respected level of competition and sometimes take my lumps than play at a level that does not fully test me or my teammates. Somewhere I picked up a line that I truly believe…” Winning without sacrifice is just as satisfying as losing ”
    Given the choice..I’d take 10-1 in the PAC5 over 11-0 in any other division. But that’s just me.

    Wishing all bloggers and their teams much success in the coming season and hoping everyone is enjoying the weekend, a cold beverage, the smell of the BBQ, and quality time with their families.

  • Wildkittens

    Mtown Lives

    You say that Bishop Amat football is on the decline and other teams like Monrovia are on the rise so prove it.

    Please give us an example of a San Gabriel Valley school that has better victories than Orange Lutheran, St. Bonvaventure, Crespi, Notre Dame, Loyola, and Mater Dei.

    Who has Monrovia or West Covina or Charter Oak or South Hills actually beat that could compare with the above mentioned schools??? Who represents the San Gabriel Valley in the highest level of high school football in California?

    When was the last time Monrovia actually scheduled a Pac-5 or equivalent powerhouse? This should be good! lol. And if you say Bishop Amat, I’m gonna fall on the floor laughing.

    If you have been following SGV Football for as long as some of us on here you would know that when Bishop Amat football is doing good, the entire San Gabriel Valley does good. It’s always been this way.

  • Amat Bully

    Joe Amat:
    Shut up dude all you do is talk gibberish and that statement that C.O is equal as to getting in transfer year in and out you know thats B.S the difference is that Amat can recruit C.O can’t and im not about to keep going down your list of questions and answering them the fact is C.O has more championships then Amat does in the century were living in today. You Amat fans are just like the dallas cowboys fans all you can speak on is things that happen in the 20th century but when you jump up to present day you have no argument or hard ware to talk about ok maybe one league championship. but since you been in the serra league since 2001 or 2002 you have been successful one year thats it. And if im not mistaken the foothill league teams owns Amat (yeah im reaching on this one) but Amat has not been successful against those teams since the new century.

    Colt74: really you would rather continue to get your but whipped in a league you dont belong in instead of dropping down to your competition level and contend not automatically win but at least contend.

  • AMAT 73

    Mtown lives,
    First let me say as being bascially 1 of 2 Catholic high schools in the area we go up against Damien for students.That’s another point nobody ever brings up. Why is AMAT as good as they are and Damien isn’t. We can basically recruit as you all say from whatever area we want , but that’s another subject but just think if AMAT was in the Sierra league. All the Catholic middle schools have 2 choices if they continue to carry on their education via the Catholic school way . So you are wrong in that Bassett or La Puente are the only school district we should get players from. Are we frustrated because we haven’t won a title NO WE ARE NOT because we know what it takes to win in the PAC-5 . It is not an abundace of future D-1 college level players as many feel give their team the automatic dynasty branding. Go back and look at some of our best teams if you care and you will find the rosters full of GREAT HIGH SCHOOL football players. Not GREAT COLLEGE, BUT HIGH SCHOOL players. I am sure everyone in the SGV remembers lights out players from their teams whose last game was maybe playing for the CIF title or playoff game or maybe just the last league game in their senior year and never to be heard of again as a football player or maybe a year at the JC level but that’s it . I do not and will not put down a SGV team for the sake of them being in lower division and what not but if you come at AMAT as you have recently , yes we will give you facts and figures as to why your sudden demise theory of AMAT is wrong.Just look at Joe AMAT’s post on AMAT being 22-0 in the last games against SGV teams. I will also say that any team in the SGV can beat us and maybe this year it will happen who knows. It has happened in the past and I will bet you the farm it will happen again. I do hope Monrovia is on the rise because it will be good for the SGV. Hell I wish we had more teams in the upper divisions but for the time being it’s AMAT and the Sierra teams in D-2 period. When you really look at it we don’t go aroung talking about who we beat in the valley unless some blogger feeling their oats because of a title or a good run in league and playoffs feel they can know knock us off. Why do they start with that, simply put we are or have been one of the best in the SGV overall and if you beat AMAT you’ve beaten the best otherwise you would not be on here posting what you have been posting. Not bragging but just stating facts you have seen on this thread. Now to answer those questions, Yes , we have a very good shot at winning league , I defintely say we will make the playoffs , and if we escape injury and some other variables we do have a shot at the PAC-5 title because this is a seasoned team with many returning starters. As for me I really could care less about the SGV ratings because I have always said the end of the season PAC-5 ratings matter the most to me . What is funny is that since the inception of this blog all you have read about in posts by bloggers is the downfall of AMAT which maybe because of the Verti years when the blogs started lead them to believe that but we have improved and are getting close to the goal . Hopefully Monrovia does move up to maybe D-4 or D-3 and face St Bonnies or Oaks Christian and a few of the other top teams in the playoffs and then maybe just maybe it will shed some light as to what we mean about playing in the PAC-5 . Mtown, just look at all the non AMAT posts , they are about we can beat AMAT now so evidently beating AMAT is a great deal on any SGV team’s resume otherwise you would not be so passionate about it. And if scouts in the stands instead of titles are what you are looking for great you have reached your goal. Good luck tho the Cats next season and have a safe 4th.

  • mtown lives

    @ wildkitten…what does to Bishop Amats success, have to do with, the rest of the SGV Success? Actually when Bishop is doing well the SGV Suffers. When Bishop is doing its because they have everyone’s players. I am sure If Bishop Had Ellis McCarthy and Chris Solomon, They Just might have got out the first round last year. Don’t tell me if they showed up on BA campus they would not be the best players on campus. You tell me this, I still have not heard any Bishop Amat Fans address these questions?…

    Bishop Fans Please Answer the following…please do not use being in the Pac 5 as a disclaimer.

    1. Is Bishop Amat going to win its league this year?

    2. Is Bishop Amat going to go to playoffs this year?

    3. Is Bishop going to win a playoff game this year?

    4. Can Bishop win the Pac 5 this year or next year?

    5. Is Rio coming back? How did the first round lost effect his hunger to continue being the Lancer QB?

    6. Can Bishop even go .500 without Rio.

    We have heard enough about how good bishop was….how good is bishop now, and how good is bishop going to be in the future.

  • Colt74

    “Colt74: really you would rather continue to get your but whipped in a league you dont belong in instead of dropping down to your competition level and contend not automatically win but at least contend.”

    At what point does the word “continue” kick in? After a couple of off seasons ( since EVERY team has those) or at the 10 year mark?? Just when?
    Do I think that CIF needs to be adjusting leagues every year or two because a powerhouse team has had a down turn and now someone else is in the drivers seat? No.
    But if a schools numbers drop from around 3000 students to now 1500 and it is clearly evident that the league they are in is over their heads then I think that they should be adjusted….If that is what THEY want.
    Should have Tesoro been moved up before they were? Yes.
    Why weren’t they? Ask CIF.
    Should Bishop Amat be moved down? Why should they? They seem to be holding their own rather nicely in my opinion. And then some.
    I think at about the 5-6 year mark CIF should do adjustments. But only if needed. And ONLY if asked for by a school.
    I’m not a fan of tucking my tail between my legs and running because I got beat. I’m a fan of “wait till next year”.’s all about winning and self gratification. It’s all about the banner/ring. Now don’t get me wrong..those things count and they are the golden ring….but I’m from a day that we were just happy to compete with the so called elite. Maybe my mindset comes from not being from a powerhouse school and not tasting success year in and year out so that it is expected now.
    Back in my day we had to go against West Covina, Charter Oak, South Hills, Los Altos, Royal Oak, Edgewood, Azusa, Glendora, San Dimas, La Puente. Some we won and some we got our BUTTS KICKED…BAD. But I never heard on person say that we should be moved to an easier league. NEVER. We knew if we wanted to win we had to practice harder and get better. Pure and Simple.
    Now when a team has gotten so good that it’s clear they should be moved up to match their level of play..I’m all for it. But me personally..I’m not a fan of moving a team down. I’m also not a fan of the running clock or the mercy rule. Play hard and leave it all on the field.
    Wins are nice. Never get an argument from me there. But for whatever reason…at the end of the day I am a fan of the game not of the W .

    If given a chance to pick if the Colts could play 1 game against either Bishop Amat or La Habra ( or any other team..I just picked one )…I would choose Bishop Amat with no hesitation. It’s not about winning or the final score or any of that…it’s about the honor of being able to be on the same field as the Blue and Gold. It’s about being able to play against the best that our fishbowl has to offer. And yeah…I hold them as our best and with high regard.
    Could it be a slaughter? I don’t think so..we’d probably pull our starters out at the start of the 4th to keep the score close( Just having some fun and lighten the mood so don’t launch the nukes )
    My opinion.

  • Wildkittens


    Fair enough..I’ll answer your questions

    1. Is Bishop Amat going to win its league this year?
    2. Is Bishop Amat going to go to playoffs this year?
    3. Is Bishop going to win a playoff game this year?
    4. Can Bishop win the Pac 5 this year or next year?
    WHY NOT?
    5. Is Rio coming back? How did the first round lost effect his hunger to continue being the Lancer QB?
    6. Can Bishop even go .500 without Rio.

    lol! All of your questions are hypothetical. I can’t tell the future can you?

    And now it’s YOUR turn to answer my more concrete and meaty questions!

    Please give us an example of a San Gabriel Valley school that has better victories than Orange Lutheran, St. Bonvaventure, Crespi, Notre Dame, Loyola, and Mater Dei.

    Who has Monrovia or West Covina or Charter Oak or South Hills actually beat that could compare with the above mentioned schools???

    When was the last time Monrovia actually scheduled a Pac-5 or equivalent powerhouse?

    Please don’t dodge my questions this time either….

  • mtown lives


    Monrovia and West covina have not beaten any of those pac 5 teams. I am sure if the key players on the Bishop Amat team were at their respective schools, they would beat Bishop Amat. That is not hypothetical.

  • just askin’

    mtown – do all your players live in Monrovia – or do you get some from Duarte, and other locations? How many players from Charter Oak championship teams played in the Monrovia, Duarte, Pasadena area? Is it just Bishop Amat that benefits from school choice – or are others cleaning up too?

  • Wildkittens

    @ mtown lives

    “Monrovia and West covina have not beaten any of those pac 5 teams.”


    Monrovia has not played a top school like Long Beach Poly since they played Amat..ages ago! And they are on the rise? Against who? Whittier Christian? San Dimas? lol!

    Charter Oak? Since getting destroyed by Amat years ago, CO’s Lou Farrar has NEVER scheduled an elite football program like Mater Dei. And no…Rancho Cucamonga is not a Mater Dei and they have yet to beat RC anyways.

    South Hills lost to Esperanza when they were still Pac-5 and played them well. They have not scheduled ANYONE like this since then. They can’t even handle Diamond Ranch or Damien now.

    West Covina at least deserves respect for trying by scheduling Mater Dei, Amat, and now Loyola. But they have not won yet.

    Damien deserves respect too because they battle St. John Bosco and BA annually. They have yet to beat BA and have not beat SJB is 5 consecutive seasons.

    Diamond Ranch has tried too in the past and got severely killed.

    Bonita, like Charter Oak, has never played a top school like Edison. Bonita has not even played BA.

    Glendora? Since getting swept by BA, Glendora has not scheduled another good Pac-5 team.

    Chino Hills? They are not even IN the San Gabriel Valley and the Tribune just started covering them last season. No doubt they could have beat BA last season because they beat Tesoro but lost to Claremont who ended up losing to Damien. Talk about inconsistency! lol

    Ummm..Who else?

    So how is it that Bishop Amat is in a decline and these other schools are on the rise? How is it that a school that placed 2nd in the Serra last season, and shared the Serra title the year before in a decline?

    You’re living in a fantasy world, my friend. Enjoy it.

  • mtown lives

    just asking

    Duarte is Unincorporated. They can go anywhere they choose. LOL…..I don’t remember Monrovia’s name being in the starnews the past years for transfers and things of that nature….We are loyal …look at Ramirez….stayed true.

    Wildkitten… I live in the real world where Bishop hasn’t won a title in almost two decades, with the collection SGV talent they have. I am just saying if the only thing you are going to win is Fred’s #1 all encompassing title, then we want them back…that’s all…at the end of the year, you will be explaining what went wrong this year, then blame it on the fact that you are in the Pac 5, then boast and brag that you can beat up on much smaller programs…lol kind of sad… truly saying that Bishop Amat is the best team every year is speculation, even if they have beaten everyone in the past, you still can rank another team higher especially if they did not play. Hey just go to Jostens and have the put “#1 in the SGV on it”. BC you won’t be getting any PAC 5 hardware.

  • mtown lives

    just asking

    Duarte is Unincorporated. They can go anywhere they choose. LOL…..I don’t remember Monrovia’s name being in the starnews the past years for transfers and things of that nature….We are loyal …look at Ramirez….stayed true.

    Wildkitten… I live in the real world where Bishop hasn’t won a title in almost two decades, with the collection SGV talent they have. I am just saying if the only thing you are going to win is Fred’s #1 all encompassing title, then we want them back…that’s all…at the end of the year, you will be explaining what went wrong this year, then blame it on the fact that you are in the Pac 5, then boast and brag that you can beat up on much smaller programs…lol kind of sad… truly saying that Bishop Amat is the best team every year is speculation, even if they have beaten everyone in the past, you still can rank another team higher especially if they did not play. Hey just go to Jostens and have the put “#1 in the SGV on it”. BC you won’t be getting any PAC 5 hardware.

  • Joe Amat


    LOL! “Shut up dude …” is what comes right before :I know you are but what am I? LOL! “You’re back on the ropes buddy. And. You. Got. Nothing! You had ZERO answers. NO comebacks. I was waiting for that combination because you started to get cocky with your “Wobbly” comment. I was SO hoping for you to have some substance – instead … NOTHING.

    You notice I dropped the “Bully”. At least with a Bully there is some sort of threat – but that ship has sailed – now it’s all laughs! I’m telling you – you need a new name.

    No – we’re not talking about the 20th Century – I was talking about right NOW! The last three years. Since your back-to-back “CIF Sanctioned San Gabriel Valley News Group Area Post Season Tournament Championships” all I ask is for you to list just ONE win over ANY team better than St Bonaventire, Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, St Francis, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, or Alemany… all teams Amat has defeated during that very same time span. The last three years.

    And I’m only asking you for ONE. From the present. Recently. The last three years. From Back-to-Back until Back-to-Reality. From the Fish Bowl to Inland Division. Because you’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, Dorothy? Maybe THAT should be your new nickname! DOROTHY! So talk about the Right now. Kapish? Just. ONE. Win. Please?

    (Colt 74 – you’re welcome at Keifer anytime. Go to the snack bar and ask for the “Joe Amat Special” … they might charge you double! LOL!)

  • AMAT 73

    See you haven’t addressed my post where I did answer a few of your questions. It’s ok if you choose not to address my post . I do understand. Don’t mean to burst your bubble but in your eyes according to Mtown’s world isn’t it a sad fact that none of the teams in the SGV no matter how they think the’re moving up and I am going by your thoughts and beliefs and what you are writing , because they are definitely not mine , that not one team of the SGV has beaten AMAT, the scubs of the PAC-5, can’t win a game in the Serra ,dodging the top teams of the SGV, should be dropped to be able to compete , has no business where their at, and the deteriation of LANCER football is there for all to see , YOU GET WHERE I AM GOING , and not one team in the last what 4-5 years has done it . But I guess that’s been the luck of AMAT or the fact that GOD is a LANCER ( old inside joke so don’t go ape shiat on me, remember that one Joe ) that we caught them all in down years . By the way loved that unincorparated line because you know what , anyone can go where they want, including to AMAT right out the gate.Gate meaning freshman year just to clarify .
    Hey Aram where do they play the Holiday bowl , because I do know where the Fiesta bowl is played.

  • Joe Amat


    So what you’re saying is you benefit form getting some kids form outside Monrovia because: “Duarte is Unincorporated. They can go anywhere they choose”… just like anyone can *choose* to go to Amat? The reality is, as far as CIF eligibility is concerned , incoming 9th graders can go anywhere That’s why you lose some kids from Monrovia before they even need to transfer – like the CO’s imports – right? Isn’t Scoby at CO one of yours? How many of the studs from their Championship teams could/should have been at Monrovia or Duarte? You tell me?

    Does the name Thropay ring a bell? Was he a “high profile transfer” out of Monrovia? And there were others around the same time – at least enough for Miguel to post an entire thread on the topic :
    “How transfers have hurt or helped the West SGV”
    Now Miguel’s blog being what it is – no one really commented, but he writes,
    “With the recent rash of transfers out of Monrovia High School, my question to you is how can schools like Monrovia recover from losing so many top players? ”

    You see, Monrovia has a history this decade of very good players leaving like Herring (Fremont then USC), Martin (Muir then UofA) and O’Hara (Muir then UofA), Eddie Gilmore (Claremont) and Mike Adams (Duarte). Those are all players that would have made Monrovia better.

    What you see at Amat in the last 4 years are guys leaving because a) They can’t play b) can’t play as much c) can’t play the position they want d) not going to have as big a role as they’d like or e) they get “asked to leave instead of being expelled. (names withheld to protect the guilty). You hear of no “studs” like the Monrovia guys listed above.

    Now to me, that’s a pretty classy thing for Amat to do – because if they kick a kid out – he’s ineligible ANYWHERE. At least if they “ask them to withdraw” (like the most recent one) the kid can transfer to his home school. What it also shows is that Amat is serious about doing the right thing. Heck, we kicked ou…errr… asked a player to withdraw going into his senior year that ended up being a Player of the Year. If Amat was all about football and winning that never would have happened.

    So I’m not really sure where you’re getting all this “transfer out of Amat thing. However, any way you want to look at it the talk of Amat’s demise is a yearly thing… and we’re still here, alive and kickin’ knocking on the door at the top of the Pac5… and we’re not going anywhere.

  • Amat Bully

    Dang Aram thats how you feel about the teams of the sgv, so Monrovia, Charter oak and West Co championships was nothing but a mere weak division championship game and that if its not Amat then it means nothing. What exactly did you mean? im asking because it sounded like you were agreeing with the rest of the Amat fans when they say the other sgv teams plays nobody.

  • fits the same

    All I can say about the talk about Amat, West Covina, and Monrovia is that if Amat was in the Midvalley they MIGHT win the division but they are not and they need to compete in the division they are in. Monrovia won their division last season and they got a ring as did West Covina. If Amat wins their division this year then they will get a ring.

    It doesn’t matter what division the ring is won in it still fits the same and for all those involved in winning a ring they wear it with pride! I know West Co and Monrovia have to be very prod of their accomplishments last season.

    Amat is the best team in the valley with out a doubt but again like has been mentioned already it is because they are a collection of the best kids they can recurit. Amat takes their kids from all over the valley. Amat fans get off the blog and go find more talent to steal and maybe you too can get a ring.

    By the way Amat fans when was your last Football Title? 1994 maybe just guessing or has it been longer?

  • Pac 5 my you know what!!!

    Amat isn’t what it use to be. Schools like Monrovia, and West Covina, are a fews year behind Amat, but slowly but surely closing the gap. The Amat Program has always been strong and has been consistent. However Teams like Monrovia, West Covina, and Charter Oak, have great coaches who are capable of, coming in and beating Amat in the years to come. Amat does have a rep of being a “Team” and developing kids who want to go to catholic school etc… But it’s clearly true that without the studs they pull from SGV schools they would not be that good. Public schools are playing with their local players and Private schools are playing with players from everywhere. It’s not about fair, its about legal, and Bishop is totally following the rules. However it is about truth, and I can’t think of any studs coming out of the La puente/Bassett area. Please correct me if their are? How good would covina or Charter oak be if Rio Stayed in Covina? I remember when BA was really good. Pac 5 is the best football we have in our area, but its not the best in the state. Football in southern California overall has drop off considerable. As we all saw this year, Servite got spanked, by De La Salle, and Corona Cent got spanked By Palo alto, and Folsom spanked Serra. And Grant Sacramento beat LB poly last year. So claiming that the pac 5 is the end all be all can be questioned. What makes bishop better is the “system” they have year in and year out. You also have to “pay to play”. People usually work slightly harder when money is involved. If schools like West co and Monrovia can keep their staffs, and continue on the winning path, and KEEP THEIR PLAYERS, they will be able play with and possibly beat them. B/c Most of these schools, have just as much talent and sometimes more. The good thing about High school football, is that when good teams play anyone can win on any given friday night. To sit up here and say the Monrovia and West Covina are not good teams, is madness. To say that they do not have the players to beat Bishop Is madness. To Say they could never beat Bishop is Madness. Now you can say Bishop would be the Favorites, which they are. You can say that Bishop could win the midvalley, and Southeast, which they would. But that has nothing to do with one night, one game, one miracle victory. I watched both the West Covina, and Monrovia(without Deshawn Ramirez) championship games and Bishop would not just dog walk those teams. So Basically Bishop is #1 but their will always be speculation if Bishop doesn’t go to the Semis or win it.

  • Damien Alum


    Stop bringing West Covina into the mix. I have not heard one blogger from West Covina say they could have beaten Bishop Amat last year. It’s mostly the disillusioned Monrovia and Charter Oak fans doing all the talking. The fact of the matter is that Monrovia should be proud of the fact that they won CIF in their division and leave it at that. Sure, it’s possible that any team on any given night could beat anyone, but if Monrovia were to play Bishop Amat 10 times, Monrovia might be lucky to win one of those games. Believe me, no one dislikes Amat football more than me, but if Monrovia could hang with Amat, don’t you think they’d be in a tougher division? No non-league team has played Amat more than Damien. I was a sophomore when Damien won it’s last CIF title (Div III) back in ’82 and we had some great players on that team and Amat beat us that year 38-21. The following year we beat Edison (which was ranked number one in the state at the time) 21-7 only to get beat by Amat the following week twenty something to zero. Damien has only beaten Amat 4 times in 26 meetings. Just be content with the fact that Monrovia will be defending its CIF title this year and hopefully you can make it two years in a row but to say that you can compete with the likes of Amat is pretty silly.

  • Anonymous

    Well what makes you think that they couldn’t win in 2011,12 or even 13. If Amat beat you guys in 82 and Monrovia Beat Amat in 82 what does that really say about Damien?

  • Just the Facts

    Last season, Damien beat Claremont who beat Sierra Champ Chino Hills. I don’t know how they did it, but the Spartans pulled off this awesome upset.

    Damien also beat South Hills who lost by only 3pts. to CIF Champ Monrovia. Statistically, Damien performed better against South Hills than Monrovia did. One stat that sticks out is that the Damien run defense only allowed SH 77 yards rushing. Monrovia allowed 169 rush yrds!

    They also found a way to play Charter Oak pretty tough…losing only by 2 TDs to a team they should have been routed by. Damien is right where they should be and they are holding their own in the Sierra.

    Bishop Amat was a different animal. Bishop was up 35-0 at halftime when they played Damien enroute to a 42-7 final score. This very young Bishop team is returning their starting QB, both starting RBs, a starting WR, a starting TE as well as a host of starting defensive players.

  • Heart of a lion

    @ just facts and Damien Alum.

    Once Again using “this team beat that team, by this score” means absolutely nothing. That is why we play the game. Chino hills Lost Tesoro, on the road in a close game, and bishop lost to them at home. So was chino hills not last years best team? You have to factor in when teams play. If you want to talk about young…

    Monrovia played South hills in preseason on the road. With sophmores starting at corner, Free Safety, outside LB, Middle LB, and a host of juniors including Ellis McCarthy, Luke Williams. Bueno and Derrick Johnson were the senior leaders. They also did not have Deshawn Ramirez their star back who is a stud. If you don’t think that had a affect on the Glendora game and 1st San Dimas game you are crazy. As these youngsters got more experience, you saw what they did to the rio Hondo and Midvalley. They went on to win CIF with a really young team.

    If Monrovia and southills would have played later in the year, Monrovia would have really spanked them..

    Now the same can be said about west covina’s lost to covina. If they would have played later in the year….WC would have beat them really bad. But on the flip side, If Covina beat WC at any point in the year, the WildCats, which is a better team could have beat the Bulldogs too. Games like that Remind us that anyone can go down. No exceptions!

    Since Bishop Amat did not play Monrovia, or West Covina only a opinion can be made. My opinion is that these teams can compete with BA. Someone else may think otherwise. That’s fine they are entitled to their opinion. Since Monrovia did beat Bishop in 82′, that does mean that they could do it again. Especially when this years Bishop Amat squad is good, but not a great compared to Bishop’s standards. This years monrovia team is a great team for Monrovia standards. I am sure no one in 82′ gave us a chance. Just Like today, no one would give us a chance….Monrovia always has the ability to beat upper division teams. Just like in 99′ verses Diamond Bar with Dominique Robinson, who won D-2 that year. Monrovia beat that team. So Keep talking we are used to it. But when the lights come on, Win or lose, you are going to have to beat us. Win Or lose the Wildcat Family has pride. If Mtown goes back to back, and West covina goes back to back, Bishop should put both of them on the Schedule for 2013. Take off Venice and and LB Jordan. There is not one SGV team on their Schedule. I am not saying Bishop is Running from anyone, but if you have 2 back to back CIF champs in your area you got to play at least one of them or both. If it somehow happens in 2013 I think that Monrovia, with G5, Craft and Bryant could beat a bishop team replacing Moore, Ruiz, and others…and A West covina team lead by “Noodles” could give the lancers some problems. For the record, In a game of Damien vs Monrovia, I’d take Monrovia…this year.

  • Goldenarm

    AMAT 73
    Your posts on M-town football are refreshing, both in respect and knowledge of the program.
    I hope some of the rabid and loyal fans of the Cats begin to see their motors are over-reved and step back from this “we can beat anybody” rhetoric. The fact is the program is building and is young under the guidance of Maddox, and though M-town could easily be in embryonic stages of a dynasty…there is still much to do and learn.
    The Cats have a tremendously hard working football staff and a bottomless bucket of talent that refreshes itself every spring. Most impressive last year were the wrinkles the staff kept rolling in, including a devastating 4 reciever set that is near impossible to defense, and a discplined player substitution pattern that keeps fresh bodies on the field. There is nothing old school about where Monrovia is going, and with the team speed that never flees, so many directions are possible.
    The truth is Monrovia has jumped quickly up the ladder and left a whole slew of other area schools, in a muddy wake of mediocrity behind them. This is not a one or two season flash in the pan team, this is a program bound for better and better things and highly unlikely to be taking any steps backward. A loss here or there or distractions amid comparisons to a storied program such a Amat won’t derail where Maddox and the Cats are bound.


    Every year around this time and up till week 0 we get into the mix about who was better last year. Who beat who, what division your in etc… I will say this, so cal football has slowly been closing the gap between all the divisions in CIF. I do believe that many of the top schools in the SGV can hang and some can even beat our only Pac 5 representative. With South Hill, Damien, Claremont, Glendora, Charter Oak now in the Inland division that automatically makes the SGV stronger inregards to football. The hard part will be staying in this division. IMO I really do hope that the Sierra and the Baseline get to stay in the Inland for the years to come. Overall this year the SGV will be strong in football from BA, CO, MTown to Covina with so many more teams that will be strong this year.

  • AMAT 73

    Last time I checked Damien is in the SGV and on our schedule. LB Jordan has been replaced by Servite and the Venice games are over after this season. Now I am sure if the 2 coaches or AD’s get together and series could be worked out between AMAT and Monrovia but you or I and everyone else on the blog have no control over that .As far as West Covina we have just recently finished a 2 game series and now they have Loyola. Don’t think they want both Loyola and AMAT in the same year for preleague games. As I said Venice , Cathedral, Garfield are gone after this season so let’s see what Hags comes with for the 2012 season but let’s get thru this year, your goal to repeat and our goal to get there, before we think about that . But along with you I would like to see the game against Wildcats.

  • just sayin’

    Heart of a lion – they just got finished playing those SGV champions, WC & CO and swept them soundly. Also played Glendora, Damien, and Diamond Ranch – all of who would spank Monrovia, as GHS proved. The thinking, I’m sure, is that isn’t preparing them for later games.

  • Wildkittens

    Get real, Wildcats! This Monrovia squad LOST to Glendora (who was mauled by Upland)and San Dimas (who lost to Baldwin Park lol). They also almost lost to South Hills (Who lost to Damien). Didn’t you guys see what happened to Damien when they played Amat? It wasn’t even a game!

    How could Monrovia been able to hang with a Bishop Amat squad that beat Dominguez (who beat Crespi), Loyola (who destroyed Upland lol), and Crespi (who beat Inland Division runner-up Vista Murrieta)??? Amat placed 2nd in the Serra and only lost by a TD to a team (Alemany) that gave Pac-5 Champion Servite one of it’s toughest game of the season. Alemany only lost by a TD to Servite, guys!

    Prove to me via stats, scores, etc. that Monrovia would have been able to play with Amat…Show me something more than the BS you guys are trying to push…

  • AMAT 73

    Come guys in defense of Monrovia that loss was early in the season I believe game 1. A lot of the games everyone is using for the they beat them who beat that team who stomped this team are all preleague games. Many coaches use those wins and losses to gauge what they need to change or build on come league. Let Monrovia play Glendora in maybe week 7 or so and you would have seen an entirely different outcome. If you can’t see that well you need to take off whatever glasses you are looking thru. Monrovia’s staff adjusted to whatever weaknesses they saw and went on to the title. Doesn’t matter if they lost to Glendora or could have or couldn’t have beaten AMAT last year because they beat who they needed to and won the championship .

  • just sayin’

    Amat 73 – it;s nice to be nice – but it’s better to be honest. Monrovia is one of the best 2 teams in the Mid-Valley, but that’s as far as that goes. They lost to GHS Week 1 but guess what – it was Week 1 for Glendora too. Maybe GHS gets better later in the season too. They lost because they don’t have the size or the depth to play at that level. You wanna know who Monrovia is about like – Cathedral. Honestly, that would be a helluva game. And we know what Amat did to Cathedral. Two chances vs Amat: slim and none – and slim left town!

  • #1 Bishop Amat Lancer Fan

    How could bishop Amat lose to anyone in the southland? We are the best team in the Pac 5 this year.La Times has us number 1 baby you watch. Rio is going to be the Best QB in the southland baby and one of the best Bishops had in a long time….. There is No way we are losing to servite in week one baby! They are going to eat our dust!!! Little SGV chumps like Monrovia and West Covina and Charter Oak can never be like Bishop Amat. We are invincible baby… You all are just mad bc we have all your players. You don’t have any real players…IF solomon is so good why isn’t he at Bishop…If McCarthy is so good, why isn’t he at bishop!Or kurt scooby… Huh,,Huh Huh Huh.. Don’t hate… Stop Crying, if you can’t beat us join us….Send your kid to Amat instead of their silly public local high school. BC nobody is going to beat us this year, we are going to win league then pac 5, then we are going to kill Concord De La Salle at the Home depot center….Whoop Whoop, Bishop Amat is in the House Baby…La Puente Rules!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Bishop Amat is looking like a Pac 5 champ like Caliber team…in Spring…I expect them to win the Pac 5 this year.

  • just sayin’

    #1 – nice try. We can also spot a phony from a mile away. go back to trying to convince others why your school is better – cuz this aint workin’

  • Observantcat

    Man, Just sayin, you really think that Amat is that much more superior of a team in this area. Have you been reading the nation wide blogs and seen what the deal is with Ellis McCarthy? Your coach would trade half of his offense to have this guy suit up in blue and yellow. But besides Ellis Monrovia man for Man just has a better selection of athlelets on the team. Sure Bishop Amat is good but being good doesn’t cut it now days you have to be great to recieve national attention. If you were to add our top 5 players to Amats roster you win State Div.1 not having these types of atheletes you remain mediocre at best. Like Amat 73 said, You cannot judge Monrovia from the preseason last year. At the end of the season they would have beaten anyone including several of the pac 5 schools. I dont hope Amat any bad luck but guys like you must make it hard for the rest of the Amat faithful to swallow those large pills that you are subscribing to.

  • Wildkittens

    #1 Bishop Amat Lancer Fan

    That was pretty weak. It’s unfortunate that you had to take this route rather give some cold hard stats or scores in support of your own school.

    True Bishop Amat fans acknowlege not only where they stand in relation to the San Gabriel Valley but also respect and understand the Pac-5 level of competition.

    The Pac-5 is a world that you and others like you know very little about. Enjoy your ignorance while Bishop Amat battles for the San Gabriel Valley against the best in California…especially againts Orange County…

  • just sayin’

    Cat – awesome dude – you guys should do great at the a combine. this isn’t track & field brutha it’s a football game. you can have your “athletes”. And it sure as hell takes more than 5 – this aint basketball. I’m sure they look pretty good against Whittier Christian with their 600 students to choose from. OOHH you got a player being recruited! Amat faces a couple of those guys every week in the Serra League. Devin Lucien, Lawrence Wilkerson , Reggie Coates & Jordan Simmons from Crespi are as good as they come – ask Vista Murrietta. And how did the Lancers do against Crespi? J.J. Sabatine at Notre Dame and even Dominguez on our preseason schedule had more depth than Monrovia in terms of “athletes”. You don’t think last year St Bonnies had athletes that’s run circles around Monrovia or OLu the year before? NATIONAL ATTENTION? How much “National” attention did Monrovia get last year? Google it. How many mentions in National MaxPreps articles vs how many times the “good” Amat team did? Shoot -let’s just go to the LA Times. How often was little Nicky and the Billycats mentioned there – and how many times were the Lancers? Jeez – you’re drunk with the cheap wine of the Mid Valley and not realistic at all. Several Pac-5 schools. Funny stuff. Delusional even. The Serra and Trinity LAST place teams would DEEstroy the Mildcats. Look at the spanking JSerra gave Damien-and they can’t win a Trinity game. Your QB was 5’6″! He’d be a nickel back in the Pac-5. 4/16 vs Glendora. What a stud. Boy – Amat’d be great if they had him. Really – you’re about like Cathedral. Or Cantwell. They beat Whittier Christian too. I think they would be nice matchups. Start there.

  • Saints Fan

    With all this hype, I’d like to to say we at SD have half a dozen (1 more than Monrovia) high profile kids that if they were on the Amat team, they WIN STATE (Uncle Rico)!!

    Hell, if Monrovia could give Amat a run for their money, can you imagine what San Dimas can do to them, yoo hoo!!

    So you guys finally won a ring in the Mid Valley and now you’re the tesm to beat? In all the years I have been reading these blogs (6 years) I have never seen so much ridiculous trash talking, NEVER!!

    San Dimas over Amat in 2011 (LMFAO, Monrovia, see how funny that sounds?)

  • Playing the little guy could be better than you think….

    This blog is great! Bishop Amat is a good program. However, they only have one team on their schedule that has won a section title. Servite on the other hand has 3 cif section champs on theirs. Now according to maxpreps, Below are the state rankings, going into last years season. It would be safe to say that the teams the Won their Division should be entering this years rankings the same or higher. Now the focus should not be on whether Bishop Amat would beat Monrovia or West Covina, the focus is on Making the strongest schedule. As of now Bishop has attempted with the Servite game, However they still can tighten up a little more. Whether the lower division teams would accept a game against BA is a different story. By Replacing Venice with Monrovia and Cathedral with West Covina, this would actually make BA’s Schedule even stronger. Scratch La Mirada and go to la Habra(3 time champ). Cif honors wins over CiF Section champs no matter the division. If Bishop was to win out, they would have beat 3 CIF sections champs. 2 top 5 SGV teams. Bishop should Also play one game out of state like the other top Pac 5 teams. Bishops league schedule is very tough. They need to find a way to get better seeding in the playoffs. Losing to Cathedral or Venice would be Far more of a upset then losing to West Covina and Monrovia. There are also Several other teams in the SGV better than Venice and Cathedral….Id say Glendora, Bonita, Chino Hills. All of these schools are going to be good for a while. garfield is good…but they too could be replaced with a SGV team. And Bishop would have 8,000 fans show up if they Played mtown or west co… much larger crowds than Venice and Cathedral. I am talking about filling up a Citrus stadium type crowd. Bishop should take a look at getting on the SGV train again. Especially if West Covina and Monrovia go back to back in their Respective divisions. 2013 would be Ideal for these teams to hook up. Especially if Bishop has a season similar to last year, they might need those games. You can say what you want but if bishop had this schedule with their league schedule and win out, No one could say anything about anything. They could get something like this 2013. There would not be a team who could claim to beat 6 out of the ll Cif Section champs in their preseason. 3 of them are already in your news paper coverage area, talk about a national headline, don’t be stupid…

    Week 1 Chino Hills( Inland Semifinalist) 6,000 fans Battle for top SGV spot outright
    Week 2 Servite(Pac 5 Champion) 10000 fans Cerritos College Pac 5 Battle for Pac 5 seeding
    Week 3 La Habra(South West Champion) 8,000 Great SGV Ranking Game( la Mirda got beat by Muir)
    Week 4 Gardena Serra (Western Champion) Standing room only At Bishop Amat high school
    Week 5 Monrovia(MidValey Champion) 8,000 fans Citrus SGV ranking Game
    Week 6 West Covina(South East Champion) 10,000 Fans Mt Sac College

    109 state ranking venice
    96 State ranking cathedral
    167 State ranking Damien

    Monrovia state ranking 92
    West Covina state ranking 29

  • AMAT 73

    little guy,
    And what would be left of us for the Serra league. Our goal is not to be the number one team in the SGV as I see you put emphasis on that in 4 of the 6 games on your list ( I think you forgot to put that on the WC ), but number one in the PAC-5 at the end of the season. Besides people will say what they want anyway and would find a reason to knock us. Playing that schedule would wear us down because that would be 10 weeks of top notch competion including our league . Not very realistic. We need a schedule of 2 semi tough , 2 tough , 2 very tough . Fill in the blanks accordingly .

    just sayin,
    In my opinion Monrovia was a much better team than Glendora towards the end of the season by far. Better coaching would have been the difference to me . Adjustments made by the staff going further into their season told the story . Also I think Monrovia would put the wood to Cathedral , again my opinion . And to add to your final line , slim left town but none stuck around because he knew anything can happen on any given Friday night . Remember Tesoro , well it happened that night because you and I both know that game was ours to win . But that’s just my opinion. One thing I do agree on is that supposed #1 fan is a total phoney or a super delusional idiot who doesn’t even know we won’t have Rio for the complete season at QB maybe DB and WR but not QB, but that’s Hag’s call not ours.

  • Damien Hater

    Everyone here should Know that Damien alum is the slowest receiver ever to play football Scottie Morrison and now a wannabe coach. The guy was slower than a runny nose and couldnt catch the clap. If it wasnt for the Henley boys he wouldnt even have played football.

  • just sayin’

    Amat 73 – don’t sell the Glendora coaching short. Pasquerella is the only coach to beat Amat at 2 SGV schools, Ayala & Damien – then had the balls to schedule us at GHS. Here’s the adjustments and why Monrovia looked better at the end of the season – Glendora was playing Baseline teams like Rancho, Upland, Etiwanda, Los Osos without one of the best QBs in the SGV after Jefferies broke his collarbone. At the same time Monrovia adjusted to South Pasadena, La Canada, Temple City, San Marino, and Blair’s 20 man roster only to open with Gladstone in the playoffs. Quite an adjustment

  • Little guy from Monrovia

    Thats the kind of schedule Servite is playing. They have Bishop, Edison, Oceanside, Bishop Gorman nevada state champ, and La Habra in preseason. This is how your competition is getting ready for their season, and Pac 5…Now do you think that BA is getting ready the same way? Servite truly have a “play anyone anywhere” attitude. Uniformed fanatics think that Bishop has this attitude but I have to disagree. Amat 73 However at least your realist…People saying that Bishop would just waltz through a preseason with Monrovia and West co added to their schedule instead of Damien, Venice, and Cathedral. I think what some fans were saying is yes Bishop is number one in SGV, and yes their record against SGV teams is flawless, but added one or two local teams is still always a challenge…the dangerous thing about playing teams in your area, is that it creates a Rivalry type atmosphere. People know that Rivalry always are tough games where remarkable things can happen. Maybe Playing the schedule I gave may be too tough for bishop, but that would be proving my point. You can not discredit the lower division teams in your area, and if you add them to your schedule, make not mistake you are making your schedule tougher. Amat 73 is a true Bishop fan and he is not in hurry to load the schedule up like that. I am not Dissing Bishop, however unlike you..most people on here don’t have a clue, that the coaches at your school know exactly where Bishop is and does chose their games carefully. Section champs are good teams no matter what. They are winners, and they can play ball. I just wanted to bring a different view. The Best way for Bishop to represent the SGV outside the SGV is …to play more SGV teams especially when their are section champs and Semifinalist left and right in your area…can I get a AMEN?

    Just saying…

    Rio is Bishop Amats best shot a winning anything. I can not believe this coach is going to not play him at QB…On the Flip Side Rio has to think about his future….If he gets injured in Football which is not his money sport, he could affect his chances at USC and draft status. Rio Is looking at being a 1st rounder…It might be to his benefit to sit football out. I hopes he plays, but if he is not in the QB spot, I don’t see bishop going far at all…and with out him I would ranked 4-5 teams in the SGV higher than Bishop.

    With Rio

    1.West Covina
    2.Bishop Amat
    3.Chino Hills
    4.La Habra

    Without Rio
    1. West Covina
    2. Chino Hills
    3. La Habra
    4. Bishop Amat
    5. Monrovia

  • haha

    yeah but Monrovia smoked the Midvalley…Where are all the Covina, and San Dimas Fans at…. basically this whole blog is saying that you are crap…. Id step up a little bit.

  • AMAT 73

    little guy,
    There is a lot more in it than what what you are reading into my post. Our style of football is a key factor . We like to pound the ball and wear you out which I am sure you will see more of this coming season . Do we pass yes as you saw last season because a few teams were keying on the run and we took advantage of what the D gave us. Now back to that schedule of yours. We could play it but what is the gain and really , no offense but how is playing WC,Monrovia, CH , helping us prepare for PAC-5 play and remember bloggers I did say no offense. Good for SGV rankings yes but PAC -5 seeding no . And really our play in the Serra is where we play for PAC-5 seeding. Not loading up is not out of fear by any means . We will play anyone anytime you can bet on that but maybe just all at one time . Servite plays their game we play ours nothing more nothing less. As far as rivalries, the slime is , was our rival but that has seemed to have fallen off lately but with the slime slightly on the rise look for a renewal hopefully because nothing gets our juices flowing like pounding on the slime. Do I see a rival in the SGV , not really because we have played Damien many times and no one really calls it a rivalry. Alemany is perhaps a rivalry in the making but we will see. I would have liked to see more I.E. in that schedule but that just me . It seemed you schedule was to please the SGV than AMAT . Try my formula and see what you come up without the trying to please the SGV. But if we were to knock off a couple of I.E teams I think that would please the SGV more than knocking off some locals. Don’t you think ?

  • Joe Amat

    Y’all do make me chuckle. Some of you act like you throw these schedules together in the summer, toss out the balls and pads and get rolling. These contracts are 2 (and sometimes 3) year deals. So here’s how it goes. Local SGV Champ has a nice little run, puffs there chest and gets enough courage to test the waters by giving Amat or call, or finally answering Amat’s call (still waiting for Bogan to pick up). When contracts run out and corresponding weeks are available a contract is drawn up.

    This is what happened when CO & Los Altos had some great teams in the early part of the decade. Of course late in the ’90s they wanted no part of Amat. So CO & LA get to the finals in 2 consecutive years, split Championships – and to be honest, both would have been a helluva game for Amat – in years Amat did not make the playoffs (read into what THAT says)

    So Gano never answers the call (now at Damien he has to) and the agreement with Charter Oak is formed to the tune of 28-0 and 34-7 beatings – again, in years Amat did not make teh playoffs and CO was the preseason #1 in the Valley.

    Of course, CO should not feel bad because the same years Amat swept Glendora and Damien with the cumalative SGV beatdown being ONE HUNDRED-EIGHT SIX to FIFTY-SIX. Then all we heard in and around CIF was how we beat up on the locals.

    You see, really, outside of our Fish Bowl (and Amat)… the SGV gets NO love. They didn’t even REPORT Charter Oaks back-to-back Championship. Was NOT even in the LA Times. A CHAMPIONSHIP! Thank goodness Matt Millen knew someone at Monrovia and mentioned it on TV otherwise the MidValley title woulda been like the proverbial tree falling in the woods too.

    So Amat goes out and schedules out of the area a bit. Rancho Cucamonga (sweep), St Francis (sweep) – yet at the same time had that…uuuummmm… coaching change and dropped games to Hart, Valencia, Carson and the thing spiraled ouuta control.

    Enter Hags and a return of Damien, as it should be. Damine is like cheese on a pizza – standard ingredient and should not be questioned. IMO St Paul should be there too – I just wish they’d get their stuff back together so it would be at least a matchup.

    The staff has a good relationship with the cocky, new kid on the block who was thinking big and scheduled Diamond Ranch. Hags also respects MAggiore and his willingness to step up against Mater Dei in the past. so WC it was. Dr was a sweep and the 2nd year not even a contest.

    Everyone now is saying – “boy the Bulldogs have Soloman hope would the Lancers stop Soloman…” Guess what? They were saying the same thing about Ricky johnson who was running wild on everyone else too. So that was a sweep as well.

    There is NO evidence that any of this is about to change soon. Why are we all ready to annoint Monrovia as the next bog thing when, really, they’ve split 4 games vs San Dimas and each has a title the last two years. I can’t say for sure who’s been better.

    Which brings me to my friend 73 and his newfound Wildcat love. I happen to be of the mindset that size, toughness (mental & physical), and depth wins over “athleticism”. That’s why GHS beat Monrovia – not “scheme”. That’s why the worst South Hills teams in memory was a sniff away from beating the Wildcats – and the Huskies were B.A.D.

    If there is ANY reason that Monrovia mighta had a chance in a rematch is because the loser always does. (se the two Monrovia/San Dimas matchup the last two years) It’s human nature and kids (and coaches) let down just a little bit. Fortunately for WC – Maggiore didn’t let that happen last year.

    And that’s also my reason for not liking preleague games vs other Pac5 schools. Schedule out of the Section, Great teams from D2,3,4 – but not a fan of the Servite game to be honest for that very reason. Rematches suck – they just didn’t ask my opinion. LOL!

  • Mr Monrovia
  • just askin’

    Mr. Monrovia – and?

  • AMAT 73

    Mr. Monrovia,
    Thanks for the tip . I entered a bid on that Burner driver.

  • The Pac-5 is Brutal

    Charter Oak wins back to back CIF Championships and gets ignored by the LA Times.

    Monrovia wins a CIF Championship and gets ignored by the LA Times.

    Bishop Amat beats Crespi in a league game and gets an article in the LA Times w/ photos and also makes the front page of showing RB Jalen Moore slicing through defenders.

    Level of competition is everything. Why is it that so few of you understand this?

  • Anonymous

    Pac 5 is Brutal?…..I’ll take Sports Center for $2000


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