DENIED: CIF denies Ben Kane eligibility at South Hills after transfer from Amat …

So much for that.

CIF has denied Ben Kane eligibility at South Hills after he transferred recently from Bishop Amat. Kane, a junior defensive end, who transferred to South Hills from Amat under a hardship, stood a good chance to be a starter on defense and possibly offense for the Huskies.

According to CIF’s website, Kane has limited eligibility (meaning he cannot play on a varsity team) in both football and basketball until 4-28-12. The reason for the denial is because Kane opted to go to South Hills rather than his home school, which would be Northview.

Kane very likely would have had his hardship approved if he had chose to attend the school in his home district, which is Northview, a CIF official said. He can still appeal the decision, but given the circumstances it looks like a longshot that he’ll win.

This is all very interesting considering that last season South Hills lost three players to Amat — QB/TE Brock Booth, LB Randall Varela and DB Ajee Montes — and all three played last season despite South Hills protesting their transfers to CIF.

Aram’s take: On the surface, it looks like South Hills cannot win with CIF. When they lose guys like Booth, Varela, Montes, Vaughns and Gilchrist, they end up playing right away at their new schools. When they gain guys like the Canadas or in this case Kane, they end up being denied. I’m sure that’s how they’re feeling today, but Kane can and will appeal (from what I hear) and maybe he’ll get his eligibility restored.

  • Amat Bully

    Dang if Amat protested the transfer thats sad i think they did though Amat is a selfish school and seem like they would hate for a kid to excel outside of their program especially now not knowing if they’re going to have rio back next year.

    Old Amat look like they can’t hold on to their players first Jay Anderson now the Kane kid and possibly Rio wow i must say though yall bounce back pretty quick but if the Rio kid stiff arm the football program like Jay did, Amat will not lose in the first round of the playoffs this year they won’t even make it.

  • Revisionist History

    Remember not all of those who left South Hills played right away because their AD publicly challenged the transfers and brought some ire upon themselves. Booth missed half a season and essentially lost a chance to even compete for the QB spot. What goes around comes around – but I doubt there was a formal challenge. Remember Amat handed South Hills a Player of the Year and VERY easily could have prevented his eligibility ANYWHERE.

  • Big Dog


  • AMAT 73

    valley guy aka amat bully,
    Man you need to study up on SGV football before you start foaming at the mouth on AMAT . Your hate is so deep it is clouding that pea brain of yours. Go back a couple of years when Wells , McBride , and I think a couple of others transffered out of AMAT . Nothing out of AMAT as far as protesting . Not AMAT’s style to put a damper on a athlete if they choose to look for greener pastures at another school . AMAT is not for all and especially those ( parents also ) who feel they are being slighted by not being picked as the starter. As for JA he chose to concentrate soley on baseball ( thankfully we had Jalen in the wings ) in the hopes of receiving a scholarship in baseball and to focus on his grades to qualify for said scholarship . I believe it panned out for him as he had an excellent season, CIF Champs and I believe headed to the University of Nevada-Reno on a scholarship . Nobody has said we are losing Rio but if he chooses to play baseball great , we will survive . Maybe it will work out for all because he can always switch to the WR and DB positions and in case he is needed he will be available as the back up QB . But that is just speculation on my part , so don’t quite yet send out those invitations to your downfall of AMAT party just yet . What you should be thinking ( worrying ) about are all those checks you’re writing on CO making big noise in the Sierra and Inland .

  • CIF is too harsh…

    If Amat Losses Rio, they are done, lets not kid ourselves here. Since private schools Recruit and also charge money, Cif should Allow people to transfer Freely From them. The Economy is messed up and peoples financial situations change. Whose to say this kids parents could afford Amat tuition this year? If a parent has lost a job etc…why should the kid be punished. Anyone from anywhere can go to private school, but that is not the same for public schools. If Amat could only recruit out of the La Puente School District, how good would they be? Nevertheless, Cif should treat private back to public Transfers different than Public to Public or Public to Private. I think they should let the kid play.

  • living legend

    Aram, missed you at CO today you should have been there.

  • Colt74

    I’m by no means an Amat expert…but off of the top of my head I can not recall a single instance where Amat has challenged or hindered a transfer.

  • Joe Amat

    too harsh,

    Everyone has the same rules available to them and players from out of the area can legally enroll in public schools too and have immediate eligibility. How good do you think Charter Oak would be if they could only play with kids in their district? Not a lot of their studs have gone to Royal Oak Intermediate. Without the Westside they may have zero titles.

    Also, CIF specifically states that tuition cannot be a reason for hardship.

    In specific Hardship Questions it says:

    Financial Considerations
    Question: I can no longer afford to send my son to a private school. I want my son to return to the public school of attendance and compete at the varsity level. Is that allowed?

    Answer: Under certain circumstances a hardship waiver of the transfer penalty may be granted because of financial situations. However, there must be evidence of an ***unforeseeable, unavoidable, and uncorrectable*** circumstance that necessitated the transfer. The Section will need evidence to show that a hardship circumstance occurred. The Section will require evidence the family attempted to address the situation with the private school and that aid or assistance by the private school was insufficient to address the hardship. Increases in tuition or additional costs at the private school
    are considered foreseeable and, therefore, do not meet the criteria.

    IN other words – you shoulda thought of that when you enrolled. And notice – it says “return to the home school”… not the school of your choice. So it can be done – but financial hardship is not automatic

  • Parental Fail

    Don’t blame Bishop Amat, blame Ben Kane’s ignorant parents who tried to pull a fast one by sending their kid to South Hills rather than Northview for athletic reasons.

    The rules are so simple…if you are gonna transfer to another school, make sure that school is in your district. The appeal is going to fail and this kid will not be able to play and will miss out thanks to his bonehead parents.

  • SH Hustler

    South Hills messed up big time when they challenged all those transfers from the past 2 seasons. If I remember correctly, it was the new South Hills principal that made this decision…and now it’s blowing up in her face.

    This pissed a lot of people off because South Hills has been known in the past to get tons of transfers. They had this “revolving door” policy and then all of a sudden, they stopped without warning and started challenging transfers. Even the CIF joined in and publicly stated that they dissaproved of SH’s challenges. Because SH started challenging without warning after years of doing nothing, the CIF probably went easy on Bishop Amat and this is why those players were able to play at BA.

    Now, anyone transferring to South Hills will be challenged (even by Bishop Amat). What’s fair is fair. You cannot possibly think that you can challenge tranfer outs but then think that no one will do or say anything about your transfer ins.

    You did this to yourselves, South Hills.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    AWW GEEZZ here we go again with kids transfering. I don’t think CIF should ease up on denying these kids who are transfering just because there is someone better at their position where they are. If it is causing such a hardship to go to private school then go to your neighborhood school and save money. Aram, I don’t feel one ounce of simpathy for South Hills. They have tried to play the “We’re just a poor little school on the hill” routine for the last 20 years. Judy North was the Al Davis (before he went comatose) of the Valley, “Just Win Baby!”

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!!!!!

  • Someonewhoknows

    First off, let’s get something straight…Amat did not challenge the transfer. On the contrary, Amat wished the student here the best, when he was sent on his way for not abiding by the rules. This student just made a mistake, but one that forced his departure. It was a loss for Amat, and this student is a great kid, but one who made a grave mistake. If he plays at SH or anywhere else for that matter, the Amat family wish him only the best. Everyone deserves to learn from their mistakes and make amends, even if it has to be elsewhere.

    Don’t bash on a school without knowing the facts.

  • Let’s Get the Facts Straight

    Actually that is true. Apparently this student broke the rules ( we won’t mention what he did ) and he had to be let go. He is a very good football player, and from I hear, a good person. On the field this is a loss for Amat. His older brother was a stand out football player also when he was at Amat. But this goes to show that Amat is not about athletics first, rather it is about education and character. And no matter who you are, you have to obey the rules.

    Good luck to Kane wherever he ends up. These are sincere wishes from the Amat Nation.

  • Dan

    Good luck to the kid, tough life lesson, should have gone to Northview, playing there is better than not playing, maybe he would have made a difference for the Vikings. Could he still transfer into Northview and play this year? His brother was a beast at noseguard.

  • SGV Parent

    The CIF committee is as useless as the NCAA committee. Why stop a kid from transferring period? In the end they still do it. Some of you think that some schools will stack up on talent, but think about it. You can only get so many all star QB’s or RB’s, etc…, before you have other all stars on that same team wanting to leave so as to get playing time.

    The CIF should be more concerned with stricter rules towards academics and playing eligibility. Instead of a pathetic 2.0 in order to play, that gpa needs to be raised to at the minimum 2.5. Let’s do something constructive and productive for once. We need to worry more about our kids education, and not so much about who is playing where.

    In the end, there will be great talent spread around as the kids tend to follow in their parents footsteps and attend the parents alma mater.

    Here we are writing and judging a school and his parents. All for this kid looking for a place to transfer to, in order to play football. His parents should worry about where he can get the best education first. After getting thrown out of a school for what he did, you would think the parents of this boy would have bigger concerns rather than where he plays football……..Wake up people……..

  • SGV Educator

    Well said SGV Parent. When are parents going to realize that playing football, or any other sport is a privelage. South Hills should be more worried about letting this kid into their school after what he did at Bishop Amat, rather than getting him for their football team.

    HS sports are important, but not at the expense of the kid’s education, and for that matter, their lifes lesson to right and wrong. Aren’t we supposed to be building men and women to lead tomorrow?

    Unless a kid transfers from a public to a private school for a better education, a kid should go to the hs in his own district, unless a real situation says otherwise. All these transfers for sports are ridiculous.

    The CIF got it right in this boys situation.

  • benjamin kane

    hello my name is benjamin kane and i would like to address the accusions people are posting about me and my family on here. no one has the right to sit here and judge my life based off of what their kids told them. this is like highschool these parents need to grow up and mind their own business last time i checked i didnt know i needed to clear my transfer with all these “so called adults”. If you all must know my grandfather has throat cancer(larynex) and he cannot SPEAK AT ALL. i transfered to south hills because i am going to learn sign language, not because i didnt want to go to northview THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT SO PLEASE GET OVER IT! so does knowing that help you sleep better at night? whether i play or not is NONE of your business, you dont know me and where i have came from. Just because your kids run home with gossip everyday with you doesnt make it true! i wonder what all the other kids say about you and your kids? maybe you should stop wasting your time worrying about me and worry about what YOUR KIDS are doing! further more if you have any questions or concernes please dont be afraid to contact me instead of talking about me on a blog…how old are you again!?!? lord only knows!

    this isnt the telephone game, so put down the phone and get over my life and worry about your own, because im sure you have bigger problems to worry about!

    thank you have a blessed day!
    benjamin kane

    oh and here is my number

    im looking forward to hearing from you 😀

  •!/sara.kane2 to whoever is PARENTAL FAIL IS

    Parental Fail said:

    Don’t blame Bishop Amat, blame Ben Kane’s ignorant parents who tried to pull a fast one by sending their kid to South Hills rather than Northview for athletic reasons.

    The rules are so simple…if you are gonna transfer to another school, make sure that school is in your district. The appeal is going to fail and this kid will not be able to play and will miss out thanks to his bonehead parents.

    This ignorant so called “PARENT” needs to learn not to speak about my parents. how dare, you are in no position to speak about my family and where we have come from! both me and my brother are apart of the amat family i grated class of ’07 and my brother class of ’10! my brother chose not to go to northview for athetic reason get your shit straight my brother went to south hills to learn sign language for my grandfather if you MUST know! this is ridiculous it is none of anyone business. just because you perfect kids came home and told you something doesnt make that true! im almost positive you graduated highschool so start acting like an adult. i dont know who you think you are but you need to keep your mouth shut! we have a GREAT relationship with amat and they encouraged benjamin to do whatever was best for him! next off if u werent so ignorant you would know that northview and south hills are both part of the covina unifed school district!!!

  • dkane65

    To Parental Fail,
    I’ll ask you nicely to watch how you speak about my parents. If you would also like to call my grandfather ignorant for losing his ability to speak because of cancer, please go ahead. Do not make judgements on people you do not know and about a situation you have no knowledge of. Do not insult people over the internet – do it to their face if you feel so strongly.

    To SGV Parent,
    I agree with your point but do not question my parents’ intentions for my brother. Education comes first in this family and is of the utmost concern to us.
    Also, to anyone with questions about Amat challenging anything, that is a lie. Amat is close to the heart of my family. I played there for four years and bleed blue and gold as does the rest of my family.

    To the rest of you have a good day,
    Daniel Kane

  • Dan


    RE: “im looking forward to hearing from you :D”

    I didn’t know if the “D” at the end of your post was in reference to me or just a typo, since I’m the only poster in the thread who’s name starts with a “D” I thought it could be to me. If it wasn’t then my apologies and disreguard this post.
    If it was in reference to me then forgive me for the
    confusion in my post. If you read it again carefully, you can see that there was no accusations or judgement coming from my direction, its not my style when posting on a highschool kid.
    Instead, in gathering from what I read in the article, I was commenting that it’s a tough life lesson for you not being able play ball this year. I gathered from the article that you were hoping to still play because of the part that said if you had enrolled at your home school they would have granted your hardship, which is the reason I commented that Northview would have been a better choice [if you wanted to play ball]. I was commenting on what was in the article.
    I think it’s honorable that your risking a year of eligibility and going to SH to learn sign language for the sake of your grandfather. I wish you well in your
    young life and hope you have many good and precious years with your grandfather.

  • AMAT 73

    I think that was a happy face or one with a big wide mouth 😀 . Eitherway I also hope my post wasn’t taken as being towards the Kanes as they are a huge part of the AMAT Family and I was just refering to the large amount of transfers in general related to more playing time for a player who’s parents feel they are being slighted . To the Kanes I wish all the best for your Grandfather and hope all works out in the best manner possible. This could have been a great human interest story about a grandson making a change for the benefit of being able to communicate with his Grandfather and giving up his chance to follow in his brothers footsteps and star for the Lancers. Too bad it was turned into the circus it was by insinuating there is some type of vendetta by CIF against SH . Maybe some better investigative reporting could have brought that story out but you know there is much love for the almighty Bogan in here so it was turned into a poor SH can’t get a break and the false accusations of bloggers of Kane breaking rules at AMAT .

  • just sayin’

    lets not get the two issues confused. one was leaving Amat and the reasons behind that. the other was trying to get to South Hills instead of Northview and the reasons behind that. two separate things – lets not mix them together