DENIED: CIF denies Ben Kane eligibility at South Hills after transfer from Amat …

So much for that.

CIF has denied Ben Kane eligibility at South Hills after he transferred recently from Bishop Amat. Kane, a junior defensive end, who transferred to South Hills from Amat under a hardship, stood a good chance to be a starter on defense and possibly offense for the Huskies.

According to CIF’s website, Kane has limited eligibility (meaning he cannot play on a varsity team) in both football and basketball until 4-28-12. The reason for the denial is because Kane opted to go to South Hills rather than his home school, which would be Northview.

Kane very likely would have had his hardship approved if he had chose to attend the school in his home district, which is Northview, a CIF official said. He can still appeal the decision, but given the circumstances it looks like a longshot that he’ll win.

This is all very interesting considering that last season South Hills lost three players to Amat — QB/TE Brock Booth, LB Randall Varela and DB Ajee Montes — and all three played last season despite South Hills protesting their transfers to CIF.

Aram’s take: On the surface, it looks like South Hills cannot win with CIF. When they lose guys like Booth, Varela, Montes, Vaughns and Gilchrist, they end up playing right away at their new schools. When they gain guys like the Canadas or in this case Kane, they end up being denied. I’m sure that’s how they’re feeling today, but Kane can and will appeal (from what I hear) and maybe he’ll get his eligibility restored.