Diamond Bar beats Azusa to win SGV Shootout …

PHOTOS from SGV Shootout

PHOTOS from Santa Fe Tournament

UPDATE: Sorry about that, D-Ranch did not win the L.A.Valley Tournament. It won the L.A. Valley Tournament CONSOLATION BRACKET. There was some confusion because the Panthers got t-shirts that say champions. Still a nice day.

Diamond Bar beat Azusa in a thrilling championship game to win the SGV Shootout at Arroyo High School.

The Brahmas beat Monrovia in the semifinals while Azusa beat Buena Park. The Aztecs won last year’s SGV Shootout.

Elsewhere, St. Francis lost in the semis of the L.A. Valley Tournament and Arcadia lost in the semis of the Santa Fe Tournament to Narbonne, which went on to win the tournament.

And now … for what you’ve all been waiting for … Aram’s takes …

SGV Shootout: Arroyo coach Jim Singiser puts on one helluva event. It isn’t easy. He has to still coach his team, too. But getting to see all these Valley teams in one spot, man, it’s just a media member’s dream. It’s an enjoyable, well-run day. And kudos to the guys Singiser has refereeing the game or Coach Rios and his crew running the snack bar, they take a lot of crap, but do a GREAT JOB!

Diamond Bar:
What can you say? The Brahmas played with some serious edge. And that edge combined with the skill talent they have means big things. Coach Ryan Maine continues to impress. The guy is pouring his heart into that program and his passion is rubbing off on the kids. Yes, it’s only passing league, but this is a program that badly needed a notch in its belt.

Azusa: So much for me hearing from SEVERAL PEOPLE that Azusa didn’t look. Thanks for that. I stand by my opinion of a few weeks when I saw the Aztecs throw on a Tuesday at Arroyo; they’re reloaded and good.

Monrovia: Passing game is coming along nicely. G5 didn’t look as much like an LB playing QB today. He looked like a QB. I spoke to an M-Town coach who said that the passing game improves every day. Talent-wise, Monrovia is impressive as hell. Also, I got word on Saturday that De’Shawn Ramirez has been cleared by CIF and will be with the team starting Monday.

West Covina:
I think the Valley is smart enough by now to not put any stock in WestCo’s passing tournament shortcomings. Happens every summer and every fall the Bulldogs are one of the best teams around. Am I concerned about the QB situation? Hell yes. The passing game needs A LOT OF WORK. Also, Trib Player of the Year Chris Solomon wasn’t out there. Nor was cornerback Lonzell Barnett, who has been injured for most of summer.

Coach K and Rosemead:
I’m not listening to anyone tell me anymore that Rosemead is no bueno. Like West Covina or Covina, Coach Koffler has won enough to look so-so in passing games and not have everybody call for his program’s demise. Yes, they looked shaky on offense at times today, but this is a running team. And guess what, their players looked like typical Rosemead kids and that means good defense and run game WHEN THE PADS COME ON. And another season of challenging Arroyo for the MVL and making the playoffs. … Biggest thing that concerned me about Rosemead was that Coach K was wearing a SWEATSHIRT on Saturday.

San Dimas: The Saints ran a running play in their game vs. Diamond Bar. They were down 36-12 and CALLED A DIVE! Absolutely baffling. They ran A RUNNING PLAY! I talked to several people who said they had never seen that before in a passing tournament.

Maranatha: Andrew Elffers. Wow. Three-step drop and it’s out … and it’s humming … and it’s on target. This guy is excellent. I also liked what I saw from the skill guys. Solid team.

Arroyo’s Steven Rivera:
This guy is just unreal. Enough can’t be said about him. He threads it as well as anybody and he truly is one of the best safeties around. I just wish he’d stop hitting people. It was funny, against West Covina, Rivera hit Bulldogs RB Aaron Salgado very hard to break up a pass. Salgado is a mini-tank and not somebody you want to hit with or without pads. Anyway, Rivera came up wincing afterward and I looked over at the El Monte coaching staff who was watching the game and they were just shaking their heads. He’s got to stop doing that. Not worth it to get hurt in July, especially when it could be a shoulder. I know the kid is a player and can’t turn it off and on, but man.

That’s Mister Singiser to all of you.

Mister Singiser: Arroyo coach Jim Singiser’s dad, who will be referred to here as Mister Singiser, has always been one of my favorite people to watch at games. He was out there on Saturday and not holding back. He was all over the officials for letting Arroyo’s opponents have too much time to throw. It’s just classic. There’s not a more intense fan in the area. The guy’s a true football man and it’s classic to hear Knights coach Jim Singiser just shake his head sometimes and say “I can’t control him.”

Rough play: It’s funny. You hear coaches complain about it when it happens to them, but you also hear them like to see it out of their teams (sometimes) because it shows they’re not soft. Personally, I like it. These guys are football players. There needs to be some badasses on each team or that team probably isn’t going to be very good. I remember Coach DT of Covina telling me once that “If you have a team of mostly 4.0 students, you’re probably not going to make the playoffs.” IT’S FOOTBALL, you need some tough guys. Now cheap-shot artists, that’s another story.

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  • Huskie Dogg

    South Hills update at the battle at the beach tournament. First game they beat San Clemente, they beat La Habra and then lose by 2 points to Edison to finish 2-1 in their bracket. They play Long Beach Poly and they lose but gave them a very good battle. We are proud of you Huskies!!

  • Aztec Pride

    Great job AZUSA. Good to see AZUSA competing.

  • Mike The Clone


    Where in the hell did the “Ranch” and Azusa come from? Wow.

    The Maranatha QB is good but needs to bulk up, OK OK he’s only a junior. This kid will fill out, and he has a laser for an arm.

    Spent most of the time on the side show which was a lot better than the main field. Where AT sat on his golf cart all day.

    San Gabriel will you just stop the tribal dance you do, it’s pathetic, it’s passing league SG. The coaching staff is really young and immature. Standing next to them and hearing them talk I was like, come on are you frecking serious. They remind me of a Glendora JAA coaching staff, Keith Jones you need to get your ass back there and back there now. Aram I know your high on the Mat’s but dude come on.

    Saw BP and La Puente running some big time smack. Both clubs dropped some sweet bombs into the endzone against each other for some nice catches. These two should hook up yearly. Not a big fan of running smack but it’s July.

    I’m not seeing all the hype with Mo-Town come on now walk the walk then talk the talk. Monrovia your all talk right now.Come on now.

    Would have loved to have seen my “bagpipers” there but we were out washing cars.

    Azusa and D Ranch are you serious?

    I Am Out!

    Good Night Now!

    Mike The Clone

  • word on cameron

    south hills lost in the quarters of battle of the beach to long beach poly. the score was 14-13

  • Mtown

    @ Mike The Clone ,

    Its passing league your an idiot if you think this is any indication of what Monrovia will do this year. There wasnt a team out there that has more athletes that MHS. Its tackle football not two hand touch

  • L.A. Valley

    LA Times is reporting Alamaney beat St. Bonnie in the finals, with St. Francis and S.O. Notre Dame losing in the finals, nothing about Diamond Ranch.

  • Brahma Pride

    coach ryan maine is the best thing that could happen to diamond bar, go to a db practice one day and youll be amazed at the transition from this yr to last yr.

    mark my words.. db is going to do big things this year.

  • Nice job Buena Park and to Coach Anthony White,

  • L.A. Valley

    Losing in the simi’s my bad. DR must have won the consolation.

  • Pride

    Hey…..How Bout Them Saints? Great job boys. Lost to D Bar…. Smashed Bearcats….Can’t wait till September 1st. Not bad for a running team.

    FYI….D Bar has no line…. too bad then can’t have 7 on 7 year round.

  • I read the L.A. Times report to D-Ranch coach Roddy Layton, who said he was going to investigate further. He’s under the impression they won the whole thing and has t-shirts to prove it. Let’s see what happens.

  • Brahma Pride

    Diamond Bars line will be the surprise of the hacienda.
    mark my words..
    champions are made not born

  • Mike the Clone

    Hey Mtown…..

    It’s a passing league tourney moron your weakness was wide open and by the way it IS TWO HAND TOUCH and you guys sucked!! It maybe different when you strap them on. But if I was a coach and saw you guys, I know where I’m attacking.

    Come on now quit getting so pissy and pounding your chest over a passing league game. It’s two hand touch after all….RIGHT?……RIGHT?

    Try again!

    Good Night NOW!

    Mike The Clone

  • Yikes

    Mtown reminds me of Aztec Pride they both blow hard!

  • Aztec Pride

    Blowhard…. LOL….

  • Mike The Clone

    Come on now AT…..

    “Monrovia is impressive as hell.”


    And your Frank LaCourt….right?

    Can you say heat Stroke?


    Mike The Clone

  • MTC,

    They were in the semis. And if you had seen them throw at West Covina two weeks ago, you’d have seen how improved they looked on Saturday.

    And as I said “Talent-wise, impressive as hell.”

    Find me a more talented team out there Saturday athlete-wise.

    No heat stroke here.

  • Dan

    Huskie Dog,
    That sounds like a pretty nice showing out there at the beach, Long Beach Poly is no slouch this summer, how did Canada do?

  • SaintsR4real

    MTown, if Monrovia has the best atletes around as you say, then they should have taken.that trophy home.

    Real simple stats:

    Monrovia loses to Dbar by: 24
    San Dimas loses.to Dbar by: 24

    Congrats Dbar!!

  • player

    great job.
    Wish I would have stayed for the final it was a good one i was told. Personally thought Arroyo had a chance. Congrats to Diamond Bar. By far DB has one of the top QB’s and receivers in the valley.
    Omana and Katrib connection will probably put up huge numbers along with the rest of the receiving crew.
    Crazy to hear folks bashing the Arroyo shootout championship team.
    yes it’s only 7 on 7 I know. But c’mon. Give them some credit.
    Elfers, Rivers and Omana were impressive.
    Great job to all the teams out there today.
    And good luck to SD not to classy. poor sportsmanship of you.

  • Mike the Clone


    Dude then they should have been in the finals if they were that impressive. Right?

    Ok back to my tropical drinks and my bikini clad entourage poolside!

    See what your missing?


    Mike The Clone

  • Anonymous

    Mtown fan, dont worry about these recess critcs. Servite went o-7 in passing league last year and look at where they were in Dec. Mtown still has the best athelets pound for pound especially when you put on the pads and get to the real business. Defense will win games and state championships not 2 hand touch football with 7 guys. But for some of these teams its there super bowl.

  • Huskie Dogg

    Dan, I had my questions about Canada and all the hype and for one did not believe he would be as good as he was getting hyped but to be honest he is looking very good. Catches everything within his area, very athletic and fast. He is still adjusting to his knee brace but give him another month of practicing on that knee and he will be special without question!! Also the Q.B Hernandez is playing with so much confidence, he will also have a very nice season.

  • Dan

    I like the passion of Coach Maine at D-Bar, This guy looks excited over there. Ohmana [spelling?] is a stud qb and it was a pleasure to meet his father Henry Sr. today, very nice man. Arroyo’s Steven Rivera as always looks so calm and collected when he is at QB, impressive kid,he hit us for three deep ones today. Had a fun day hanging out with the West Covina boosters and parents. Early exit today for West Covina [bummer], guess we need a little more fine tuning in the passing game, and also on deep coverage on defense, Jimmy Frazier had some nice catches and played good “D” today, Ryan Crosby also made some nice plays for the Bulldogs
    Mike the Clone, it was Diamond Bar that took the tournament, not Diamond Ranch.

  • reality czech

    I love how “Monrovia has the best athletes around” comments – like it’s some SPARQ competition or beauty contest. This is football not track. I don’t want to see athletes – I want to see football players

  • Dan

    Huskie Dogg,
    Sounds like South Hills is getting back to their old selves again, good luck in the Sierra.

  • Coach Slayer

    Was at Arroyo today. I don’t know how fans or even coaches can learn that much from these silly beauty contests. Why they have developed into daily exercises is beyond me. I think they are boring and a total waste of practise time. I think fund raising is a big reason for these shows. I think one of the worst things that can happen is for your team to win one of these things and then you think your team must really be something. No pass rush, no defense, no running, I don’t get it.

  • Pretenders

    Typical DRanch people, walking around pounding their chests like they are some kind of football powerhouse. How embarrassing, buying championship t-shirts for a consolation victory. I guess I should have expected as much from a school thats never even won a league championship. DRanch has to be the most overrated football program in the SGV, EVER.

  • maranatha fan

    the tournament was run well, except for the refereeing was horrible in the maranatha azusa game on the big field. Almost every time maranatha made a big play on offense, the ref called time saying the throw did not get off in time. It was a joke

  • Red Leader

    Saintsr4eal & M clone, are you serious? In last year’s tournament, Monrovia lost to Azusa in the finals. While Azusa players chest bumped and high fived each other, Monrovia players walked off the field knowing what they had to work on. We both know how the season ended for both teams. So no, the best athletes don’t always win these things. Anyways, while your teams are trying to win these passing league games, Monrovia uses them to see what they got for the real season.

  • Mike The Clone


    You are correct. It was Diamond BAR not Diamond Ranch.

    Thanks Dan


    Mike the Clone


    MIKE THE CLONE,”Azusa and D Ranch are you serious? There would be nothing sweeter if AZUSA won Glendora! Clone stay out of our Buritto stands! LOL…

    KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING COACH SCHERF AND CO. It hurts the eyes of certain folks on here, who can’t stand to see the little guy doing something right!


  • SGV

    Coach Slayer… it was a FREE tournament for about half the teams that participated. The other half paid $150 (or about 1/2 the cost of many other tournaments). So your fundraising angle doesn’t apply. Well at least to this situation. As for being a far cry from “real” football? I think every coach would tend to agree with you. When the pads come on and the line gets out there, then you will know what you have. That said… getting your skill players that many “competitive” (as competitive as summer rules allow) reps can’t be a bad thing. Overheard the coach from Washington say they go full gear in Spring… obviously that would be more telling. But this is California and every team competes in passing leagues.

  • WOW


    Saw you at Arroyo yesterday. Dude, mix in a salad from time to time!!! You look like you’re pushing 4 bills, even you’re rolls have rolls! The tournament itself was run very well. Coach S and his staff are all class acts, and worked very hard to make everyone feel welcome. Thought we were going back to back, but Diamond Bar was very well coached, and ran their plays with precision. Good luck to all teams this year!!!

  • 3DPanther

    dear mr. pretenders,

    really dude, where in this thread did it say dranch was pounding their chest, and where did it say they bought consolation shirts for themselves? educate me, because i don’t see it.

    for the record dranch got LA Valley Tournament Champion tshirts PRESENTED to them by the tournament directors…it was a natural mix-up, multiple teams didn’t realize there was a green and gold bracket – dranch won the green bracket which was the lower seeded bracket after pool play – most thought there was going to be 1 bracket for seeding all teams (wish they would have done that with single elimination in tournament play instead of having 2 tournamant brackets and making it double elimination in both brackets).

    don’t get me wrong, dranch isn’t that good, and i prefer folks continue to sleep on them – just hate to see false witnessing.

    roddy and the team are overrated…sleep my child, sleep.

    good luck to all teams in the upcoming season, my favorite time of year!

  • player

    Maybe all parents and football fans should be like you. Giving credit where credit is due. Rather than ripping on Kids and the programs. All this talk about it only being 7 on 7. It’s a competition and you play to win regardless. (spelling)? Diamond Bar QB’s last name is “OMANA” but OHmana sounds good too and yes he is a stud. I was also running around watching many teams and was hooked on watching DB. When OHmana threw the ball I would say OHmana.lol. He moves the ball and moves it good to every receiver on the field. Great local talent and good luck Coach.

  • Cowboys football

    You’re absolutely wright about the father of DBar Qb Henry Omana. A great roll model in our community. The entire family is awesome. Congratulations to rival DBar, Chino Hills and DRanch winning this weekend. Henry is a great kid, a competitor and a winner.

  • Mtown lives

    Mike the clown you are smoking. Monrovia was looking great sat. Monrovia is not interested in winning Passing league. We are playing freshman, Backups, and we were missing several key players. So going to the semis was good. See the thing about the majority of these teams out there was they were throwing 2 yard slants where our Dline would. Unrealistic routes and things of that nature. Besides we run the ball. At the end of the year, you will see Monrovia and West co in the semis or finals of the CIF playoffs unlike you idiots who worship passing league….We are smoking the Midvalley……thats for sure.

  • reality czech

    Mtown – I notice you lay your hopes on “smoking the MidValley” – but DON’T go quite as far as saying you’ll beat Glendora in game 1. My money is still on the Tartans because I’m not sure they can replace Little Nicky and 2/3 of their offense

  • Mike The Clone

    @ Mtown lives

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You laid out so many excuses in one post you could pocket some for a whole season why you guys didn’t do this or that.


    Mike The Clone

  • hahaha

    Idiots are judging teams from watching touch football games.

  • Observantcat

    Call us what you want, But do Call!…. When the season starts you will be hearing several all CIF names on our roster. Mid- Valley and beyond.

  • reality czech

    Observantcat – you mean All Mid Valley – right? You have ONE player who MIGHT make All-CIFSS

  • Mtown lives

    LOL, haha there are so many Mtown haters. You can’t win a cif title without a good coaching staff… this staff went to semis, and Finals twice..winning one… yea they can’t coach. Ask around the coaches of the SGV and see what they say….OMG you all can sometimes be delusional. We Beat almost every team last year in the playoffs by 3 scores, and only gave up 2 scores at most. I don’t see how you can say that bueno made up 2/3 of the offense in playoffs. I remember a running back by the name of Christian Blanco who tore up the playoffs and was all CIF. I remember a player by the name of Jay Henderson who tore up the playoffs and title game, who was all CIF. I remember a kid by the name of Ellis McCarthy who dominated the line all year. I also remember a few players by the name of Craft, Frazier and Bryant, who tore it up all year two of them being all cif and one being all state(Frazier was all state). And Most of these guys are back for 1 or two more years. I think there is a jr 6’2 WR by the name of luke williams, who tore it up as well. Now we have a big time break away back in Deshawn Ramirez coming back. Outside of Bueno, Johnson, and Bisterfelt, the underclassman started and played big. So as for all those in the Midvalley saying that we are not the best team right now, is delusional. Covina is good as well, but just give Mtown our respect. We are coming #1 in the Midvalley and West SGV…your going to have to deal with it. As for the Glendora game, we are going to win. But the most important aspect of our season is League and Midvalley title. Thats the problem of all you other non contenders, placing your whole season on trying to beat a good team in preseason. We have post season goals….. Basically who is going to beat Mtown this year in the Midvalley? Realistically? Aram, Fred, and Miguel are going to pick Mtown to win the division, so is the LA times…or any other publication. But the haters and scoffers, and plain stupid don’t see mtown in finals at least, or even winning it. Come on, thats like saying…Ellis McCarthy is not the best player in southern Cali..we know thats not true. Hold you water until week one… then when Mtown is cut loose, you all will jump on the train or just continue to be a pathetic hater.

  • Observantcat

    No Reality Czech, I mean all Mid Valley, All State, all everything. Remember we already coming in the door have 3 all CIF players on the team to begin the season and one player of the year type player in DeShawn Ramirez so you think about it and get back with me when you can.

  • motown

    according to the tribune top 3 teams in the mid valley are
    Reason being they have the best Qb’s in the division!!!
    no other team in the sgv or LA Co. will contend.

  • reality czech

    Observantcat – McCarthy is the only player with a chance to make the All-CIFSS team or All-State. Those kids are judged against the best in all divisions.
    Your others will be All Mid-Valley because they are judged against the rest of the Mid-Valley’s best players.
    Write it down.

  • some people don’t research

    @Reality czech, how dum are you? Most teams including top teams like servite and LB Poly etc.. may only have one person make or no one the all CIF SS team. So what is your point regarding Monrovia only having one? Don’t be simple ok. But If you did your research you would know Frazier made the all state 10th grade team, so if he has the kind of season he hand last year he will make the jr team. So Actually monrovia had 2 all state players in their respective classes. Ellis McCarthy DL and George Frazier LB. So guess what Monrovia is going to be solid up the middle. I smell a non researching, no info, can’t google mtown hater. LOL

  • reality czech

    some people – no, it was Observantcat that said “several all CIF names on our roster” and then clarified with “I mean all Mid Valley, All State, all everything” . In any dictionary – “several” is more than two. You don’t need Google to know that!
    I’m sticking w/ what I said. McCarthy will be the only All-CIFSS or All State guy. Write it down – come back in December

  • I do my research

    you can be all cif midvalley division. That is how cif has it documented look it up. All CIF-SS is something different. Here is the break down of Mtown’s returning awarded players…and players who will earn awards…Aram Save this…write this down for DEC.

    These players will repeat these Awards…and get a few more

    Ellis McCarthy (Sr).- All America Army bowl, All State Junior team, Star News/Tribune all Area, All CIF Midvalley, Rio Hondo league Dlineman of the year. Possible, All American, All state 1st team, All-CIF SS and Star News/Tribune player of the year)

    George Frazier(jr) All State soph team, All Cif Midvalley
    Rio Hondo league first team Defense(possible Star news/Tribune all area LB, Rio Hondo league 1st team QB)

    Anthony Craft(Jr) All CIF Midvalley , Rio Hondo league 1st team Defense, 2nd Team Offense(Possible Star News/tribune All area DB, 1st Team Rio Hondo league WR)

    Potential Award Winners for 2011 season

    Deshawn Ramirez (SR)- possible All Area star news/Tribune, All CIF Mid valley, Rio hondo Back of the year, Rio Hondo league 1st team DB

    Luke Williams (SR)-Possible All Area, All CIF Mid Valley. Rio Hondo league 1st team WR

    Mason Bryant (Jr) Possible All Area, All CIF Mid Valley Divison. Rio Hondo 1st team WR or DB

    Brandon Wingenback (SR) Possible all Cif Midvalley,Rio Hondo league 1st WR

    Brett Walsh (JR) Possible all Cif Midvalley, Rio hondo league 1st team LB

    Mtown has a host of other young cats to introduce to the valley. We don’t want to be Amat, we want to Be Monrovia. Amat is great but we are not them. I could do this for just about every team in the valley….I would love to see what others think their schools guys are in the running for, so I know who to watch for. SGV????

  • It’s ok to have a difference of opinion, but lets not unreasonable here.

    Big Bang,

    Listen what does bringing up the past have to do with right now? Not a D@m thing. What matters is right now…Right now we are on top of Midvalley, and top 5 in SGV… deal with it…Whats going to smack us in the face? I think Monrovia will go 14-0. May not happen, but thats the goal. I will give you a break down, or the worst case scenario….Lets say this….if Monrovia loses to

    Glendora,Arcadia,South Hills, and Paramount. All upper Division Losses. Beat San Dimas really bad, then go 5-0 in Rio Hondo, we will still be 6-4, going in to the playoffs as a top 4 seed. We still blast whom ever we play in 1st round, beat a tough 2nd Round team Like Azusa, then play a harder team in the semis like Covina or Maranatha…Either way, we would still be the favorites to win in that game, win the game, then play either Maranatha or Covina in the Finals, and beat either of those teams. Could we be upset yes, could we have a slip in the preseason possibly, but in the event of any of those things, we will be right there, come playoff time. We understand we have a target on our back in our division. There is not one looney on here who is going to predict Monrovia will not be in the Semis or better…come on now.

  • Goldenarm

    It would be great to see my old adversary O-cat keep a low profile and just lay back and watch the “W”s compile week after week and the Cats keep building as they did last year. Quiet assassins, efficient winners, a well prepared, formidable opponent. A stifling defense.
    But for July and passing league the bullshit level is hovering at blog red line already and with so many M-town supporters now blogging, war is at hand.

    I hope Monrovia and Maddox stay away from fancy this year and build their offense off an elementary power ground game and the explosive speed of Ramirez coming out of the backfield. Combine that with a bumper crop of athletic, deep threat wide outs and you have an offense capable of both ball control and explosive scoring capability.
    Maddox needs to maintain his role as teacher with the youngsters in the defensive secondary and therein is the value in these passing tourneys, becoming comfortable as a defender and understanding rotations and responsibility. The Cats will be solid and represent well for the WSGV.
    O-cat has been a reliable identifier of Monrovia talent for nearly a decade. His Wildcat blood sometimes boils over like a pyroclastic volcano and burns neighboring communities – but in football such things happen. When 1000% wrong, the dude comes back the next day to face the music – a trait many huevo-less bloggers lack and will never acquire.

  • motown


  • Just Observing

    Mtown Fans,

    Ellis Mccarthy should be all everything considering he’s already 19 yrs old. The Man should be playing in his 2nd year of College. Look it up, he’s 19!!!!

  • Joe Amat

    This age argument is one of my pet peeves in HS sports. Bottom line is.. he’s LEGAL! If CIF sets requirements and you fall within those requirements it is all good. All this talk about who’s a “hold back” or older is really a moot point

  • Just Observing

    He is eligible, just pointing out that he should be dominating like he is..

  • observant fool

    Its obvious you may be an opponent of Monrovia and it’s so obvious you keep coming onto the blogs using a different name. Keep your mouth shut and stop embarrASSing yourself, your kid and Coaches. It’s obvious stop!!!

  • Observantcat

    Thank you GA for insight on my thinking process, you are dead on. I do miss the good ol days with Stang Fan, yourself, and the other bloggers on the westside. My favorite is Stang fan, it’s hard to top his intelligence and IQ for the game. He created several followers as well as mini Stang Fans….lol But what is most important is getting the REAL from the guys who know their teams and their future talents. I find more and more bloggers are whinners rather than winners. I have chosen to sit back and let the players speak for themselves because in the long run that becomes the only truth. On the Eastisde Joe Amat and Amat 73 give good insight about BA and all who care to listen. I wish there were more fans that talked more about the potential of their own teams and not what they think of teams that they know nothing about. I praise any kid that goes out on the field and plays to his or her best potential and moves on to the next level and takes the winning attitude with them. Now on to Coach Maddox. I think that his genious comes with having an open mind and allowing the kids to give him a perspective of what they can truly give back to their team. He walked into a gold mine of raw talent and has been patient enough to sort out who fits where in his coaching scheme. He has brought on a great staff of ex-players and even parent coaches to help educate his system to greatness. A lot of people think that Nick Bueno’s absence is going to create a problem for this season, my assesment is that you will see a more productive offense in terms of umpredictability. Even though all eyes my be scoping out Ramirez, he has two really good backs along with him that could easily have 200+ yard games as well as a couple of sophomores that the RHL will see a lot of action this season.

  • WD Cowboys

    west covina football did not make the finals but showed the heart of a cif champ. missing many starters on saturday west covina coach M had his kids ready to play. sophomore Sidney Jones jammed and locked onto receivers. Making big plays and shutting down receivers all day.

  • Joe Amat

    Rules – if you follow this recruiting thing a little bit you know these things. From profiles he turns 19 in a few days. But to say that means a kid “should be dominating” is crazy. There are plenty the same age who aren’t. The kids is a beast and will destroy the MidValley. His frame and strength will get him to whatever college he wants.

    I would like to see him shed a few and get to about 285-290 right now. I know scouts are psyched about his strength and he has decent speed for a kid his size (meaning the athleticism is there) but his ability to change directions indicated by shuttle speeds I’ve seen leaves questions, The extra weight makes it tough to get that bog ole’ body going in a different direction.

    Unless, he’s improved those times and dropped some this summer – he’s got some questions to answer. Of course – if he was able to get it done against guys from Crespi, LB Poly, Servite, Mission Viejo, etc – there would be no questions. Not that he’s going to need any help, like I said above, but players that aren’t 5-star guys have some work to do to convince coaches they can get it done at the next level.

    Observantcat – Thanks. It’s good to read posts form people who are passionate about their school and can disagree without being disagreeable. Thats’ what makes these blogs a fun place to visit

  • Joe Amat Wrong

    Actually that is where your wrong Joe, he is the perfect example why you are wrong. He already is a top recruit not playing against those teams. Which proves that you maybe better off playing down and being a stud.

  • Joe Amat

    If you read what I wrote, you are better off being 6’5″ 300lbs and athletic. Then it doesn’t matter. Ellis is getting recruited on his great size and potential – not because he can throw around kids from San Marino and South Pas. That doesn’t tell a coach anything. But if you aren’t an amazing physical specimen you better PROVE you can do it against great competition. Beating up the MidValley isn;t going to get it done.

  • Monrovian

    Joe amat, bishop has had some big lineman come through the program . Why hasn’t any of those players received the attention McCarthy is getting? Who is better start dropping some names? Ellis is 5 star on Rivals, 4 star on Espn..but there is no other Cali DL Ranked higher. In the past two years, Ellis went up against Jeff Worthy from Whittier Christian and Brown from San Dimas and all those D1 lineman from South hills had a good performance. Jeff signed Boise state. Brown with Fresno State, and those other lineman sign as well. Is Jeff worthy Or Allen Brown Push overs? Hell No. Actually all of the best sgv lineman who signed D1 are from the Southeast, and Midvalley this year. If you want to be technical that is. Ellis has went to all the camps, and events, and shined receiving high marks…I guess the college scouts don’t know what they are looking at. Ellis has size, speed, and can play the game. Midvalley or Pac 5 he would dominant anywhere. I can’t think of one pac school where he does not start. Especially Bishop amat. If he was there would you be saying the same thing… Come on man…don’t say the kid can’t play. That’s a statement that can not be backed up. If that was the case then why is rio Ruiz the top baseball prospect in california? He is playing in Div four? I would not dare say rio is not a all american in Baseball… These scouts seen all the tapes, talk to everyone, worked these kids out…etc etc…you are losing credibility with that kind of thinking.

  • Doh!

    Joe Amat,

    Good luck explaining it, cuz they just don’t get it!!
    Fine example why these post are sometimes redundant.

  • Joe is right!

    Joe you are right there are no good players outside the pac 5…all the lower division players are not as good as pac 5 right…

    You are so right, Jalen Moore is just absolutely better than solomon bc he is at Bishop…get out of here with that junk.

  • Joe Amat

    Monrovian and blowhard,

    Where in any of what I wrote did I “questioned the kids talent” or “the kid can’t play”? Do you actually read anything people write? What I did FIRST was stick up for the kid to someone who was questioning his age and said he was dominating because he ws older. What I actually wrote were things like :

    “The kids is a beast and will destroy the MidValley”
    ” His frame and strength will get him to whatever college he wants.”
    “Not that he’s going to need any help, like I said above, but players that aren’t 5-star guys have some work to do to convince coaches”
    “Ellis is getting recruited on his great size and potential”

    What I DID write was he needed to shed some weight and improve his shuttle time – which I’m sure he’s been told by coaches as well. The shuttle time, which predicts ability to change directions is low because of the extra weight. Not my opinion – just a fact. he’s closer to the worst time for DT’s than he is to the best. Does that mean anything in terms of his recruitment? Probably not now – but when it comes time to play on Sundays, which is a real possibility, he better get that done.

    But I’m glad you brought up Amat linemen , because it helps prove my point. We don;t get the big linemen you see elsewhere in the Pac5. That’s why you hear every preseason, someone questioning our size. We’ve been small for decades. Props to the guys for still getting it done.

    Now, since you asked, about linemen, we presently have Will Robinson, who is a Left Tackle in the NFL who has been with the Seahawks and started some games for the Redksins last season. Is that “enough attention” for you?

    Robinson played on the same offensive line with Cesar Rodriquez, who started for 4 years at Kansas. Around the same time we had Jonathon Soto at San Diego State. Both of them struggled to put ON weight in high school and MAY have been 230-240 dripping wet. Coaches had them put on multiple sweatshirts at school when coaches would visit so they looked bigger.

    That is a linemen tradition at Amat as far back as Troy Auzeene who was 6’7″ 230 when he graduated – but got a scholarship to Cal (that’s good – right?) and played for the Bears and Colts in the NFL. once he got to 290 lbs.

    None of the above would have made it as big had they not competed in the Pac5. They weren’t big enough, didn’t pass the McCarthy “look test” and weren’t combine monsters that would wow the scouts. BUT – they got it done against the best teams in the state. THAT convinced coaches to provide them an education and opened up the NFL doors to a couple.

    Dominique Austin is at University of Arizona and was only in the 230-240 range as an OL/DT in HS. VERY undersized for a Pac10 Dt – BUT he performed in HS against the best… worth a shot.

    Brian Bennett who got a ride to UCLA following Brian Polak who started a couple years at Right Guard for the Bruins. Bennett was a transfer from Azusa and NEVER would have been in the Pac10 if not for being in the Pac5. He was a big boy who played at the highest level of competition and was worth the risk for college coaches – and he got a free education out of it as well.

    These guys are the EXACT type of player I’m talking about – NOT the 5-Star physical specimens like McCarthy – but guys who just proved they could compete against the best in a big time game in front of thousands each week. If you’re a player like Ellis (or Brown or Worthy) – you have to prove you CAN’T play to lose out on a scholarship. If you’re NOT that blessed with size – you better prove you CAN play


    First of all, Congratulations to Diamond Bar for winning. I know it’s 7 on 7 touch football, but even their Head Coach said the only thing that matters is when the pads come on. I am not saying DB is amazing but those kids endured a long day and came out on top as competitors and that should be recognized.

    Second, Monrovia and DB played in the semis and it was close the first 20 minutes of the game, it just look like Monrovia got tired and DB didn’t. It doesn’t mean DB is better than Monrovia, it just means its a long day, by that time the kids were on their 6th game of the tournament, in the heat, if anyone looked at the players at the beginning of the tournament to the end, every kid had red faces. It was hot! Diamond Bar hasn’t been to the playoffs in years, Monrovia just won CIF, who do you think the tournament meant most to?

    Finally, Omana looked great throwing to Katrib, but the scary thing is that Katrib wasn’t even making all of DBs plays. They had at least 3 other players come up with big plays consistently. The thing that might give teams in the Hacienda League fits is that Omana doesnt discriminate, he throws the ball to whoever is open. So congrats to Diamond Bar, but game 1 of league is against Defending Champ West Covina, it should be interesting seeing the Bulldogs ground game against Diamond Bar’s Air Raid.

  • logic

    you guys are nuts. must be the school system in monrovia. what I read into what joe is saying is all the best players are not in the pac 5 and if you’re not one of the best you have to prove it against the best.

  • AMAT 73

    Joe is right,
    Don’t think that Joe is really saying that at all . But in your example of RB’s we will have something to gauge and compare Solomon ( who is a very gifted and talented young man ) and Moore. They will both face Loyola’s defense this year although WC will be preleague and AMAT’s will be league play . Still at least a head to head comparison against the same team . Now for Solomon this will be an excellent opportunity to showcase his abilities against Loyola , Pac-5 ( which I believe JA is referring to , not on McCarthy, but non 5-star players ) then say against a Los Altos or Walnut defense. Not knocking either of them but 200 yds against a Loyola goes a lot further than against a Los Altos when thinking of the next level, just being realistic and I think the Guru of WC football, WC Dan would agree.
    Thanks for the words and I hope this one doesn’t get some bloggers twisted or have them twist it either .

  • it’s only 7 on 7

    Opinions can go many ways.
    My opinion is every team or individual joins a competition to win.
    West Covina CIF champs may not have the top passing attack but i’m sure Coach M didn’t open up his speech telling his kids it’s only 7 on 7 and it will be a hot day so I don’t expect you guys to finish. Monrovia also CIF champs and well deserved. I’m sure your coach didn’t tell your boys “It’s ok if we don’t win” No excuses should be made. It’s a competition and you play to finish strong and win. Excuses, ” we were there just for the practice, we were playing all the under class men, we didn’t have all our guys, we’re not a good 7 on 7 team. Those are some good excuses. Remember it’s just my opinion. Arroyo was there to win their own tournament and so were the rest of the 24 teams. Including the team from Washington, traveled so far. Congratulations to all the teams including Monrovia for competing on Saturday. Diamond Bar 2011 SGV SHOOTOUT winners. The win would have meant a lot to every team in the competition regardless of not making the playoffs or being CIF CHAMPS.

  • it’s only 7 on 7

    It’s was only an opinion about competing. It shows that Monrovia was there to win and so was West Covina. Again Congratulations to ALL teams that competed. wow

  • ptown

    You said it not I monrovia see you in the playoffs

  • Doh!

    Mtown gets all the love,

    excuse, after excuse, after excuse, after excuse.
    Where does it end???

    More humility, less humidity!!

  • Observantcat

    Just to bring more light to the 7 on 7 “We must win theory” If Monrovia really wanted to go out just to win a 7 on 7 Arroyo shoot out then they would have bought their major weapons in McCarthy who was attending another combine, Craft who was attending a combine and Ramirez who was at Cathedral running up and down the field and was just simply amazing running 10 of his groups 11 scores. Now you put on the chin straps and put these guys in the lineup and you have a massacre about to take place. These passing league games are merely to work on our depth with skill players that have not had much experience with the first team QB and opposing offensive or defense players.

  • Doh!


    C’mon dude, it must be bad if YOU have to start making excuses. You really think all he other teams had their whole staff with them……STOP IT, YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT. Arroyo didnt have a couple of their top guys, is that why Monrovia won?????

    Save it for September!!

  • Observantcat

    READ CAREFULLY BEFORE OPENING: As I posted, IF Monrovia was soley there to win a 707 tournement, they would have brought a full arsenal to achieve that task, and to answer your question about other teams bringing their full arsenal. MAYBE! No excuses just plain observation.

  • AMAT 73

    Man you guys are really catching the heat this season or should I say this summer as we still have a long way to go before the season starts. I agree with you 7 o 7 outlook. More of see what needs to be worked on , pass routes , footwork , quick drops and so forth . Nice to win but really doesn’t prove a whole lot . Would put more stock in a pads on scrimmage but even there looking at what areas need work . Stay strong because we have a long way to go before that first game and just like this summer it will get a lot hotter as we go along.

  • 7 on 7 guy

    You said it and you said I perfect mr. 7 on 7. I don’t see anything wrong with it being only 7 on 7. A competition is a competition you play to win and you practice on the practice field. Listening to Aram’s video of Coach Maine. Maine challenged his boys because of what Aram put on paper. Whats wrong with that. The team from the State of Washington came to play. Why did they come? to practice or compete for the win?
    Yes it’s only 7 on 7 and I hope our coach never tells my kid it’s only 7 on 7 you don’t really have to win. Like they do with a 4 years old playing T-Ball nobody keeps score. I personally thought Arroyo was going to WIN it all. I was wrong. “it’s only 7 on 7” thats crap. It was a competition not practice. That’s a great opinion 7 on 7.

  • ptown

    Motown, So it was a weak tournament with D7 and D11 schools. Man, most of those teams are in our division. Motown should have played in the Santa Fe tournament! WHAT NO SACK. top D1 schools there. WHAT NOW

  • it’s only 7 on 7

    Didn’t meen to upset anybody. I was just sharing my opinion.
    We here at Arroyo compete to win. We to came up short against you, Monrovia.
    Sure we were also missing players and it was hot but our boys were there to win.
    Diamond Bar, Azusa, Monrovia and Buena Park were the final four teams.
    Watching these teams on the main field was great. THEY were ALL there to WIN as a team. I would like to say our QB Rivera did good all day, not as good as Diamond bars though. Diamond Bar deserves the trophy event though it was only 7 on 7.
    My deepest apologies.

  • AMAT 73

    Open question to Monrovia bloggers. We have heard all the hype on McCarthy which is well deserved, but who is the supporting cast for him . Any good OC worth his salt will work the offense around him to avoid going his way or double team , trap and so forth . One man cannot cover the whole field at least I haven’t seen one who can , so who else will step up when the D sees these happening. Not hating just wondering .

  • Passing by watching Passing

    Amat 73,

    In response to your inquiry. There was a Lineman Competition @ Bonita a few weeks ago and the results were:

    1. R.Cucamonga
    2. Glendora
    3. Monrovia
    4. Bonita
    5. Northview

    McCarthy is definately a standout, but rest of team looked okay.

    Glendora @ Monrovia will be one of the top games this year!!

  • mtown lives

    Hey Joe, Ellis receive the 3rd highest sparq rating for dline and is number 7 on tom lemmings top 100. We were trying to explain this to you, but you keep bringing up Pac 5 and things of that nature…Just admit you were wrong…come on. Please don’t let your Amat pride make you look like a hater. Go look at his number 5.11 forty, 4.77 shuttle, 28.1 vertical…6’5 311 lbs….I think he answered all your doubts…give the kid his due. It can’t be hype if it is well deserved right … come on Joseph!

  • Joe Amat

    Well mtown – you really have proved your problems with reading comprehension. After seeing these results
    I said
    “would like to see him shed a few and get to about 285-290 right now. I know scouts are psyched about his strength and he has decent speed for a kid his size (meaning the athleticism is there) but his ability to change directions indicated by shuttle speeds I’ve seen leaves questions, The extra weight makes it tough to get that bog ole’ body going in a different direction.

    Unless, he’s improved those times and dropped some this summer – he’s got some questions to answer”

    So if he’s improved his shuttle time that’s a good thing, as I said. At that time he was closer to the worst time for DT’s than he was to the best. That’s not an opinion – that was a fact. There are guys under 4-flat and the worst was 6.21. I also said “Does that mean anything in terms of his recruitment? Probably not now – but when it comes time to play on Sundays”

    I’ve done nothing but praise the kid, say he will go wherever he wants, and he has a chance to play on Sundays. What about that is “wrong”. Can I heap any more praise on a kid? I stick by absolutely everything I wrote

  • AMAT 73

    I thought we were past all that ,but I guess not . Since you are up on Monrovia football I asked a question on McCarthy’s supporting cast just in case some OC works a game plan to keep him in check .Nobody will keep him completely quiet but maybe neuralize him somewhat. Who else can step up and do the job ? How’s the tackle next to him seeing as EM will probably take on 2 at a time or the bookend to him because I would think you run or roll out opposite his side.Let’s get back to football talk.

  • Observantcat

    To Amat 73: We will not be as stellar on the defensive side of the ball due to the mass exodus of 5-6 great seniors that had to move on out, but we still have the type of skill players on the Defense that can and will compliment Ellis this season. Dline will consist of Clayton Taggert, Lorenzo Cassas who was very much under the radar last season but is a Monster in the middle, Brett Walsh who comes from a very atheletic background George Frazier whom you might just see more on the Defensive side of the ball this season because of a new QB that is as good if not better reading defenses along with Henery Crane who will be All CIF this season and a host of young talent who can step up from last seasons JV and Freshman team. We will certainly be bigger in terms of size accross the board this season especially the new crop of sophomores and Jrs not to mention Issac Miravet who will be a jr this season who stands at 6’4 250 who will be playing on both sides of the line. Then you have probably one of the best secondarys in the Valley starting with All CIF Anthony Craft, Mason Bryant, Luke Williams, Cade Shultz, Michael HarrisJelani Kalfani and a host of other DBs that are just as skilled waiting to have their chance to get some playing action. Plus for the not too distant future watch out for the incoming freshman class who will feature some of the best players to come to MHS to continue to represent a tradition of a winning attitude. Stay tuned!

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