Claremont Passing Tournament … July 15-16 …

At Claremont HS
Friday and Saturday

Pool Play

Pool 1: Perris, Claremont, Gabrielino, Santa Fe, Webb (Friday, 8 a.m.)
Pool 2: Viewpoint, Charter Oak, Northwood, Palmdale, Villa Park (Friday, 8 a.m.)
Pool 3: Summit, Glendora, Crespi, St. Bonaventure, La Salle (Friday, 2 p.m.)
Pool 4: Culver City, Burroughs, St. Francis, Cathedral, Etiwanda (Friday, 2 p.m.)
Pool 5: Esperanza, Silverado, Muir, Chino Hills, Southeast (Friday, 2 p.m.)

Top 16 teams return on Saturday for the championship tournament, which begins at 10 a.m.

Aram’s take: This is a damn nice tourney. You’ve got Charter Oak, which won the Air Assault. Southeast, which was second at Santa Fe. St. Bonnie, which was second at L.A. Valley. And Crespi, which the Guru makes the morning-line favorite everywhere they go.

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  • Observantcat

    Did you mean July?

  • Yikes. Good catch, Observantcat.

  • sgv scouting

    Aram – Just remember the Celts are the defending tournament champs. One questions, in the Crespi pool you have St. Bonnie’s there. In the coaches packet that was sent out to all the schools, it states that Arroyo Valley is in their instead. Can we get confirmation on who is in the pool? Thanks

  • Where are the Spartans

    Damien High School is no where to be found at these passing leagues and no one is reporting this.

    It isn’t from a lack of talent either. The Spartans may have acquired the largest pool of transfers in the area and they are disturbingly quiet. They are doing passing leagues in San Diego and from inside the camp, they are inviting Division I teams to their house to do their own passing league week after week.

    The questions remain, have all the CIF transfers been given clearance? Is this Gano’s final stand to show he can do something at Damien with 20 + transfers?

  • Prep Fan

    How come Webb (Claremont) is not considered a local team?

  • bigdaddy

    Crespi and Muir at Charter Oak tonight at 5:oo P.M.

  • bigdaddy


    Crescenta Valley and Muir at Charter Oak tonight at 5:00 P.M. Crespi and Charter Oak – Thursday, 5:00 P.M.


    This is a great tournament you got the Inland, Pac 5, Southeast and the Mid Valley represented in this tournament should be fun to watch!

  • Rob

    Aram can you post a link or full schedule of the games like a pdf file or something like that?

  • Watch out for Northwood, they have good skill on that team. Just don’t be shocked.