Aram catches up with De’Shawn Ramirez and Jamie Canada … and Aram’s takes on Tuesday’s passing games (CO, Muir, D-Ranch, Glendora, South Hills and M-Town) …

I had sworn I was just about done with the whole passing circuit because A. I need to concentrate on writing the football preview and B. I’m just plain sick of it. Too much finesse. But each time I try to get out, they pull me back in. I couldn’t resist seeing South Hills for the first time and D-Ranch for the first time.

South Hills — The Huskies look solid. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s hard for me to really say much more because this is a running team with Jamel Hart the main weapon on offense. But you don’t get to see that aspect in passing games. The defense looked OK. More athletic when Jamie Canada got out there. About Canada, he’s still not 100 percent. He seems to be getting used to his knee brace and will only improve.

Glendora — I last saw the Tartans a month ago at Bonita and they’ve markedly improved. They good numbers out there and the QBs looked a lot better. As did the receivers. But what continues to impress me is the defense, which did very well against two teams with good skill talent.

Monrovia — The return of De’Shawn Ramirez. What can I say? He looks great. He’s in great shape and becomes yet another weapon at HC Ryan Maddox’s disposal. I know it’s getting old, by M-Town is easily one of the top three talented teams I’ve seen this summer.

Diamond Ranch — Finally! I finally got to see D-Ranch. The rumors of the Panthers’ demise is slightly overrated. Are they as talented or polished as past editions? No. But Andrew Fischer is one of the best WRs around. Isiah Locke looked pretty solid at QB. Overall, the D-Ranch still has athletes. I am a little worried, though, about the Panthers on the outside on defense. In terms of athletes, of the Hacienda League teams I’ve seen, D-Ranch is behind West Covina. In terms of passing games, they have the second-best passing game in the league I’ve seen this summer behind D-Bar. But that could be more of a testament to Bonita and WestCo’s struggles in that department.

Muir — Whatchu say Mustangs, whatchu say Mustangs? Oh yeah baby, oh yeah! OK. Muir has excellent talent. Believe it or not, they may be more talented than last year in the skill spots and back seven. But, the passing game needs MAJOR WORK. Is Muir a throwing team? Not really. But they were picked twice in their first possessions against Charter Oak. The defense also looked shaky, but hey, I saw them against CO, which is the best summer throwing team in the Valley.

Charter Oak
— Yes, but do they have linemen? Seriously, I’m to a point where I want to cut to the chase with CO. The offense in passing games is so outstanding that it makes me want to know about the line, because if CO’s line is good, then this team has a chance to be very special. CO has become push-button on offense. They simply score at will. QB Travis Santiago simply doesn’t miss.

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  • SRamirez

    I was there has well, and was really impressed with Glendora’s defense, picking off nine passes. Monrovia and South Hills found very few holes … South Hills looked good. But the one thing I walked away with was that I can’t decide what was more impressive: Jamie Canada as a receiver, or Jamie Canada as defensive back … Monrovia wasn’t that impressive in what I saw, but this is a team that won’t need to pass much when the real games start, especially with a defense that features the best player in the Mid-Valley Division – Ellis McCarthy.

  • Damien Alum

    I was at Glendora and I have to agree with Aram’s take on the three teams. South Hills and Glendora did go deep on Monrovia’s defense a couple of times. I was really impressed with Monrovia’s back up quarterback. He looks to be about the same size as Frazier, has a nice tight spiral and has some zip behind his passes. I don’t know how mobile he is but he throws just about as well if not better than Frazier, from what I saw. What I’m getting at is why not let Frazier play fullback and this guy quarterback. Just a thought.

  • Observantcat

    Keep up the good work DeShawn, it will pay major dividens in the long run. Make the most of this season and try and leave the past behind for good. You have full fan support and your coaching staff is always there if you need them.

  • Passing by watching passing

    I have to agree with SRamirez and Damien Alum. Glendora came out on fire defensively and South Hills was running the show offensively at the start. Monrovia’s other QB was more consistent and aggressive.

    I saw the first half and left when the teams started bringing in their twos and threes.

    From what I saw, best to worst:

    QB: South Hills, Glendora, Monrovia
    Offense: S.Hills (2td),Glendore (1td),Monrovia (0td)
    Defense: Glendora (0td,3interceptions),S.Hills (0td,0interceptions), Monrovia (3td,0interceptions)

    Overall rating: 1.South Hills, 2.Glendora, 3.Monrovia

    All teams will have a pretty decent season.

  • BigCat

    Welcome back DeShawn! You did the right thing, staying in shape. Now you need to translate that work into a championship ring!

  • wow

    Hahahaha both south hills and Glendoras QB where throwing the ball eye level and they are both 5’10. Expect alot of INTs because they will be looking and throwing over lineman. Thats what i saw. Their backups are terrible as well.

  • positive

    Let’s keep this post positive, what do you say?

  • wow

    not being negative at all. Since when does evaluating players and performance mean your negative? I am just saying that the reason why kids looks great in passing league is because there is not line involved. Thats the reason why some kids throw for a lot or little yards doing the season. You know that is true…

  • ???


  • Goldenarm

    how is it m-town already has a sleeper at back up QB?

    when m-town loses a starter, it just means a new face and new threat is going to be entering the game.

    That is except when Bickersfelt went out at center against SD….M-town crumpled up a bit…line depth can mean everything!

  • Observantcat

    GA: Monrovia will be more like a throw back team this season. Kind of like the 80’s style with several guys who can carry the rock and always someone who has something to prove to become a part of the team. This season you will see a significant size difference on the lines both offense and defense. Our Freshman team has produce some of the biggest guys that Monrovia has had in some time. The QB spot is really up for grabs although Frazier has the inside lock on it. My gut at MTown is that the kids have truly bought into the program and even the fat tuba players are looking to get on the field this season. The Defense will still be the hard hitting swarming type of D that should give backfields fits and the special teams should be as exciting to watch as well. I have a good feeling that the Rams are polishing up their horns and ready to do battle with the Cats this season. My thoughts are that the RHL will be much more competitive than last season. Regardless the outcome I will always support the RHL throughout the playoffs.