M-Town’s De’Shawn Ramirez dominates at Ultimate 100 combine …

This news may be a tad stale, but impressive nonetheless. Monrovia’s De’Shawn Ramirez was named MVP of the Ultimate 100 scouting combine at Cathedral over this past weekend.

Now here’s the kicker, Ramirez evidently scored 10 of his team’s 11 in the 7-on-7 portion of the event.

Aram’s take: Looking forward to seeing Ramirez today in Monrovia’s passing competition against Glendora and South Hills. Also looking forward to seeing D-Ranch and Muir over at CO. Gotta split my time wisely. More on all this later. Screw the All-Star Game, by the way.

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  • good achievement

    He was the RB MVP which is really good, the camp MVP was actually a lineman from out of state. He and several other local players made the top prospect cut and have been invited to the NUC Top Prospect camp at OU