Bonita loses to Glendale in one championship of Ayala Tournament … Paloma Valley beats Santa Margarita in the other championship … D-Ranch backs out …

The Ayala Tournament has a strange set up. They don’t do pool play and then a championship bracket like most tourneys. They do pool play and then two championship games.

Anyway, Bonita went 4-0 in pool play then lost to Glendale in one championship game on Saturday. Paloma Valley beat Santa Margarita in the other championship.

Also, Diamond Ranch was originally supposed to be in this tournament but pulled out late in the week. Haven’t heard why …

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  • Jefe

    Wow…would love to know how Santa Margarita lost to Paloma.

  • over-the-line

    It’s passingleague- that’s how! Like picking best baseball teams by watching them play over the line

  • Jefe

    Sorta my point.

    SM has pretty much beaten everyone they were supposed to this summer.

  • Coach Slayer

    Looks like Podley has settled on Tanner Diebold the sophmore as his starter. He will be aided along by a very capable receiving corp led by Horine who is getting to look like a very tough match-up for DB’s ,McCully a fast big target, and sure handed Austin Venegas. If Reggie Turner turns out to be as advertised The bearcats may well be alright. West Covina has QB problems. While many say QB does not matter at WC because they feature primarily the run you still need a field general that last years QB provided in spades. Monrovia has some shockingly fit players that make them look like a college team. People should get a look at their physicality in passing league games if only to see them up close. This will probably be their last year in division IX. They are going to clobber everyone in the division once again and would probably win the Hacienda League as well. For sure they would dominate in the Pacific League.

  • Dan

    Win the Hacienda and the Pacific? Monrovia has nice athletes every summer, lets see how they look with the pads on before crowning them Pacific or Hacienda league champs. With teams like Glendora, Arcadia, and South Hlls on their schedule, we should have a good indication as to how good Monrovia will be by the time they start league play. I didn’t see any thing that would convince me they would dominate the Hacienda the last time they came to throw at WC. Contenders? Most likely, Take the league? Not so sure.

  • SaintsR4real

    Coach Slayer,

    I question when you say Monrovia will dominate their division, when you base it on looks alone. How about performance, which has opportunities this summer. Hard to take you seriously when you say Bonita will be alright. Bonita is HURTING RIGHT NOW, in every aspect. I don’t believe W. Covina is hurting at QB as much as Bonita.

    Good Luck this year.

  • Coach Slayer

    Two Cents. Saw Pomona twice in passing tourneys and came away very unimmpressed. While athletic the players lack football sense. The receivers ran poor patterns, the DBS held on almost every play, and the coaches seemed unable to run disciplined sets. Under game situations this does not translate into a good outcome. Unless you have the coach from Friday Night Lights who can turn a losing program to a state champ in 1 year you guys are not ready. Not taking a cheap shot at Rice only a judgement call. But I like your enthusiasm for your team. Get a tough OC and DC and maybe you compete in 2012. Dan and Sts. 4 Real, if you don’t base it on looks what do you base it on,ESP? I’m not just talking beauty contests but the way they are coached and the way they accept coaching. They did get a ring last year correct? And they dominated some supposedly strong teams in doing so. I also said Bonita was going to be allright not great or even as good as last year, but they are reloading faster than expected for a team that does not recuit.

  • david duvall

    i was at ayala yesterday and i am very impressed with there receiver who just came back from a injury. this kid is by far the best receiver ive seen in the summer so far. the trick is do they have the QB to get him the ball. the young QB is getting better each and everyday but can he handle the pressure at the varsity level as a sophmore. also there running game looks solid too

  • just like gano

    Rice is just like Gano, can’t coach his way out of a paper bag. I heard he has been recruiting like heck that’s the only way he can win.

    Gano, Rice, Bogan, Layton, and Crutchfield.

    These guys are an embarrassment to High School Football Gano and Bogan are DONE they can’t cheat their way in that division.

  • just like gano

    BTW there are quality coaches in the SGV Haggerty, Podley, Morrison, and Koffler.

  • mtown lives

    Monrovia is the top team in the Midvalley until they lose. I mean who is the team team to beat? Does Mtown not have a chance of going back to back? The answer is yes. I am not sure people understand this, but Monrovia is not known for being a great Passing league school! We are much better in Pads. No one is taking into consideration that you have to tackle players in a real game. Right now guys get to two hand touch wr etc…but bring them down, and dealing with the shake and bake and speed is another thing. Monrovia is by far the overall fastest team in the midvalley. I hear Pomona has some speed too. With a great Line coming back, This years Monrovia team is going to be much More balanced than last years team. Nick Bueno was a beast running the ball, but did have problems throwing the ball. This years QB is not as much a running threat, but can scramble for first downs. Frazier is also a big time throwing threat. We also have a experienced back up with good size too. Monrovia’s running game is going to be way better this year with Ramirez back.

    Now as far as Monrovia winning Pacific or Hacienda hands down is not a for sure thing. Would they fit in and be competitive? Yes. They would have had a chance to win. Monrovia beat Arcadia really bad last year. That was the pacific’s top team last year. This years game is going to be close with Monrovia still the favorites.

    As Far is Pomona goes, they have to prove themselves. Right now we are dealing with speculation. I will say that Overton last years pomona rb was the real deal. If their athletes are are similar to him, then they are going to have something over there. Right Now You can not rank them In Midvalley top 10. If they blow people out in preseason and Beat either Covina or San Dimas in Valley Vista league play then I would rank them, and take them seriously. However, before you can compare them to the defending champs, they got get over their league.

  • Dan

    Just like Gano,
    You forgot Maggiore in your quality catagory.

    Coach Slayer,
    “I’m not just talking beauty contests but the way they are coached and the way they accept coaching.”
    I like that, it’s important that an athlete is coachable, I still say lets see how they look in pads before we anoint them as would be favorites in the Pacific or Hacienda. Athlete wise West Covina matches up close enough to Monrovia when all our players are there. I think an overall better line [an assumption on my part] should tilt the edge towards West Covina’s favor, then again, quarterbacks are a question mark for the Bulldogs.
    Too many unknown factors involved that can put holes in a claim like yours and they won’t be answered till the pads come on. Those Pacific and Hacienda league’s are a nice step up from the Rio Hondo, no offense meant towards Rio Hondo fans but I think most could agree with me on that. Monrovia with all their athletes struggled with East SGV upper division teams last year, this year they get another chance to prove they can handle that step up. Glendora and and South Hills and what I think will be an improved Arcadia team will give us some answers on Monrovia. I’ve seen impressive looking athletic teams before, Last year Claremont had the athletes that would have matched or even surpassed this summers Monrovia team, we had a game like, full pads scrimmage against them with ref’s and kickoffs just like a real game. Walking in and looking at the size of their line, and combining that with the athletes they had, I thought for sure we would be in for a long night. Our number 1’s went against their number 1’s for two quarters and dominated them, it was 24 to 3 after two quarters.
    Our preseason game with Venice was the same way, big fast athletes and big line, but same result.
    Personally for me, What I’ve seen in the summer means little when it comes to what happens in the fall.

  • Pomona

    How many teams in the SGV have three 1st team all league starting LB’s and a total of five to six first team all league players starting on defense. I know of one “POMONA”.

  • Observantcat

    Two Cents: Pomona has always amazed me with some of the talent available to them. The thing that stands out the most to me is that they do not get coached up as you may say. Coach Rice had one of the best RB’s (Overrton) in the VVL last season and this kids stats were not even close to what I would have expected from him. By seasons end Pomona was sitting near the bottom of the VVL, If you ever had a chance to check out Monrovia play at all you will see a major difference in what you call a dominating Defense and a ordinary Defense. Pomona has always had problems dealing with a team that is more athletic and more physical than themselves. (Mtown Lives) hit it on the nose about proving that you can win your league first before coming on the blog and predicting an upset of the top team in the Div. That wont happen this season or the next from what I see. Saints4Real this team is much more mature and motivated to repeat their position in the Mid-Valley to worried about a team that over the past 4 meeting only won by a total of 6 points. I wont try and predict this seasons scores but I am willing to bet it will be by at least 3 tds. and thats being generous.(: There are several players who we never talk about that will be major contributors on this years Monrovia’s squad who will only solidify our strengths in terms of the depth that we have at practically every position. I like your RB Corona but he literally would not make it as our 4th RB this season. will not be able to dictate any run against a defense like the Cats. Kennedy will be running for his life this season and there will be no Kevin Kolbeck who was about 75% of your total offense last season. I see Covina dominating the VVL this season and the rest will be up for grabs. Sometimes we Monrovia fans come on these blogs sounding a bit over confident, but we know what types of atheletes that we have available and what they are truly capable of so that swagger comes with bullet proof facts to back us up. So far I haven’t heard other fans backing up their claims with facts not fiction.

  • mtown lives

    to play devils advocate, I am sure monrovia fans remember the blair team in 2005 or 2006 that came in and beat monrovia and won the rio hondo league one year. I think Pomona could be that team in the valley vista. However Covina is going to be the team to beat in that league. Now here is the deal Covina opens up with west co. That will be a tough game and they may lose that one. Then they come back with 3 powder puff games. When they Play pomona that will be there 2nd real game. Its going to be hard for them to prepare for that kind of league opener with Gladstone and El monte. What can you learn from 42-0 wins? On the other hand Pomona will have played bloomington, Chino and chino hills right before the Covina game. If they can come out healthy they will be far more prepared for Covina, than Covina will be for them. They will know exactly what they have to work on for the league opener. They could be in the driver seat of the VVL early leaving only San Dimas in the way of a title. I am pulling for Pomona.

    My personal Midvalley Ranking for preseason

    1. Monrovia
    2. Covina
    3. Maranatha
    4. San Dimas
    5. Villiage Christian
    6. Azusa
    7. Arroyo
    8. San Gabriel
    9. Bell Gardens
    10.Pomona (I change my mind they should be ranked)

  • Observantcat

    Pomona?…..How about a team that had even more ALL CIF players on the same team
    Offensive Player of the Year – Nick Bueno, Monrovia
    Defensive Player of the Year – Derrick Johnson, Monrovia
    Coach of the Year – Ryan Maddox, Monrovia
    To look at the teams click thread

    Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Yr.
    Back Matt Fregoso Rosemead 5-9 170 12
    Back: Giovanni Rivera Sierra Vista 5-8 175 12
    Back: Marquise Thomas Northview 5-8 160 12
    Back: Amjed Aboul-Hosn Village Chrsitian 6-0 210 11
    Back: Christian Blanco Monrovia 5-9 160 12
    WR: Vinny Venegas Covina 5-9 165 11
    WR: Kevin Kolbeck San Dimas 6-4 170 12
    WR: Anthony Miller Arroyo 5-7 140 12
    WR: Cameron Stanley Whittier Christian 6-0 175 12
    WR: Jonathan Henderson Monrovia 6-0 175 12
    OL: Dean Bisterfeldt Monrovia 6-1 215 12
    OL: Edwin Garcia Azusa 5-10 195 12
    OL: Allen Brown San Dimas 6-4 265 12
    OL: Moises Torres Covina 5-11 225 12
    OL: Jay Pyburn Village Christian 6-2 290 12
    OL: Ryan Wallace Whittier Christian 6-3 270 11
    OL: Albert Perez Schurr 6-0 255 12
    QB: Nick Bueno Monrovia 5-10 170 12
    QB: Aaron Cantu Schurr 6-4 195 12
    UT: Steven Rivera Arroyo 5-10 180 11
    PK: Jaime Toscano Baldwin Park 5-9 170 12

    Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Yr.
    DB: Charlie Cimmarusti Monrovia 5-11 180 12
    DB:: Derrin Jenkins Monrovia 6-0 185 12
    DB: Anthony Craft Monrovia 6-0 170 10
    DB: Mike Amaya Arroyo 5-10 165 12
    DB: Demetruis Jackson Baldwin Park 5-9 175 12
    DB: Jordan Taylor San Dimas 5-9 165 12
    DB: Alejandro Castro Schurr 5-11 170 12
    LB: Derrick Johnson Monrovia 6-0 235 12
    LB: Rudy Robles Whittier Christian 6-0 200 12
    LB: Wardell Crutchfield Baldwin Park 5-10 210 12
    LB: Anthony Flores Arroyo 5-10 180 12
    LB: Jose Nunez Azusa 5-10 180 12
    LB: George Frazier Monrovia 6-2 200 10
    DL: Ellis McCarthy Monrovia 6-5 295 11
    DL: Edwin Garcia Azusa 5-10 195 12
    DL: Sam Torres Arroyo 6-1 180 12
    DL: Nick Hynes Covina 6-2 210 11
    DL: Jeff Worthy Whittier Christian 6-4 295 12
    DL: George Flynn Whittier Christian 6-2 215 12
    DL: Albert Perez Schurr 6-0 255 12
    UT: Chris Binford Valley Christian/C 5-9 160 12
    PU: Stephen Anderson Whittier Christian 5-10 175 12

    This list is just a little more significant than all VVL accolade, I dont see any Pomona players listed here.

  • Two Cents


    I have two issues with your comparsion. One, I am talking about returning players only, Bueno isn’t going to help Monrovia this year. Second, who ever said these players played at Pomona last year?

    Like I said Rice is the complete package. I’m not saying that Pomona is going to beat Monrovia, they are the CIF Champs. Now as far as the VVL, I do believe no team in that league is going to compete with Pomona, the talent level isn’t even close. All I am saying is Pomona is loaded and the SGV has no ideal how loaded they really are.

    People that question Rice, don’t forget in five years of coaching he has two CIF titles. Don’t also forget that last years Pomona team lost to Covina by 7 and San Dimas by 14 and I believe lead most of the game in both those games. Rice can coach and with the talent on this team I don’t see any team in the VVL competing with Pomona.

  • Observantcat

    Let me clarify something. This is 2011 and we have a whole new format to this years team that will be just as dynamic or better yet even more dynamic with the addition of DeShawn Ramirez back on the team. Even without Bueno or DeShawn Monrovia has a fully loaded team that could still continue to make its presence felt as the number one team throughout the Mid-Valley Div. My question to you is When talking about Pomona, who and what are you talking about? I put that list up there to show you that even in the Mid-Valley all CIF list Monrovia still has three players on that list 2 of which are sophomores not to mention I believe our whole starting lineup make all league first or second team. I am guessing that you are saying that you are saying that Coach Rice brought in a few good players over from the IE?…. He had a great team last season but I am still not sold on what they have accomplished. I would love to keep this conversation stress free and football friendly so you’re up.

  • honest fan

    Valley Vista breakdown

    1. Covina- Defense Defense Defense. The Colts can score with anyone. But can they get the stops needed to beat the league contenders, Pomona, San Dimas. The Covina DB situation is seriious. They have small db’s who may have issue covering a big fast WR looking back at the Whittier Christian and Walnut game. This why covina matches up with West co. West co doesn’t throw.I Ptown can throw, they will be right there

    2.San Dimas- How is the Passing game. We all know the wing z can eat up clock and keep games close. But If San Dimas gets behind, they have a tough time striking quickly. With no legit passing game, the saints start throwing Trick Plays and some times turn it over, looking at the covina league title game and Monrovia semifinal game. If the Saints can become more balanced, they can make a claim for the league title.

    3. Pomona- the SGV is hearing great things about the skills and speed, etc..The Question is, can Ptown block and get pressure on the QB? If they can not pressure Livingston, its going to be a long night. if they can not hold the line of Scrimmage and be discipline, the wing z is going to be tough to shut down. If their line has a big year, you may see Pomona GO DEEP!

    I am predicting that there will be a possible 3 way tie in Valley Vista. Pomona will sneak covina in the league opener, then Covina will beat San Dimas in week 3, then San dimas will upset Pomona in week 10…

  • SaintsR4real

    Honest but non-informed Fan,

    Have you even seen these 3 teams in passing league???
    My guess is a BIG NO!!!

    Inside info… Wing Z is 50% of offense.

    STOP IT!!!

  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

    Picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skys.

    2011 Schedule: 9/2 vs Garey (Pomona), 9/9 at Chino, 9/16 Bloomington, 9/23 at Chino Hills, 9/30 Covina, 10/7 vs Northview (Covina), 10/14 Baldwin Park, 10/21 Nogales (La Puente), 11/3 at Wilson [Glen A.] (Hacienda Heights), 11/10 vs San Dimas
    Highest-Rated 2011 Regular Season Opponents*: Chino Hills (43.1), Covina (29.4), San Dimas (24.7)
    Lowest-Rated 2011 Regular Season Opponents*: Nogales (La Puente) (-16.5), Northview (Covina) (-7.5), Garey (Pomona) (-2.2)
    2010 Regular Season Schedule Strength: 5.8
    2011 Regular Season Schedule Strength*: 10.7
    2011 vs. 2010 Schedule Strength Comparison*: +4.9
    2011 Regular Season Schedule Strength State Rank*: #360
    2011 Regular Season Schedule Strength National Rank*: #2912
    2011 Projected Regular Season Record*: 4-6
    2011 Projected League Finish*: 5th
    2011 Undefeated Regular Season Probability*: less than 1%

  • bigdaddy

    Suddenly someone is there at the turnstile, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

  • Bulldog Fan

    @ duvall, that receiver was Jordan Robinson, a junior. This player is one to watch. Arman I suggest you take a look at this kid, he is impressive. He would have already been on your radar but he broke his leg in a pre-season game last year. That was a big loss for Ayala. I am told he played a whole other game on a broken leg. I agree the QB situation is a worry.

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