Charter Oak falls to Villa Park in Claremont Tournament semis, West Covina wins Arroyo Linemen Competition

Charter Oak scored the first two touchdowns and added an interception against Villa Park to take a big early lead, but the Chargers lost when a Villa Park stepped in front of a Travis Santiago pass for an interception in the end zone to break a tie with very little time left on the clock.

Etiwanda won the tournament by beating Villa Park in the finals.

Elsewhere, West Covina won BIG at the Arroyo Linemen Competition. Azuza finished second.

Aram’s takes:

West Covina:
Well, they were supposed to beat a cast of mostly Mid-Valley Division teams in the Arroyo line battle. They did that easily. I wasn’t there, but this is a good sign that the Bulldogs will have another good line. I’m still worried about the passing game.

Charter Oak: First, Khari Garcia is going to be one of the top DBs in the area. This kid is fantastic. Second, the Chargers need to develop a consistent No. 2 receiver. With Santiago at QB, Scoby running the rock and Gilchrist impossible for most corners to match up to, it might be getting nit picky to say the Chargers need a consistent No. 2 receiver. But you gotta have it in the Inland. Uh yeah, I know I tweeted that CO was putting it on Villa Park, and they were, but I’m a little disappointed because I watched the VP team all day and they were very, very gritty. That’s what got them past CO. I also think the Chargers may have taken their foot off the gas and then couldn’t get it back. Thinking ahead to a championship against fellow Inland team Etiwanda may have had something to do with it. All in all, a great summer for CO.

St. Francis: The Knights lost to Villa Park and there’s no shame in that. The passing game looks solid with Leibowitz at QB and Talianko a fine target. One that concerns me, though, is the lack of athleticism on the outside.

La Salle: The Lancers definitely got some guys in. The talent is way better than a 0-10 team. However, the defense looks shaky and the QB play needs polish. Also, the way this team carries itself reminds of some guy you see at your class reunion and he’s trying to hard to impress everyone.

Santa Fe: They beat Chino Hills in a conso game and gave Charter Oak a little battle in their first game. This team looks sneaky good. The QB play is solid and the athletes are more than fine. I warned about this team this spring and I stand by it. Yes, it’s only passing league, but I maintain this is the team to beat in the Del Rio.

Chino Hills:
Very, very bad day. They got beat handily by Culver City and then didn’t seem interested against Santa Fe. Thank goodness the line play should be some of the best around.

Claremont: Have no idea where QB Simko was, but the Pack clearly need him. The rest of the talent is very solid. But without Simko, Claremont was done early against La Salle.

Muir: Wasn’t able to see any of Muir.

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  • TheManOnTheSilverMountain

    Of course WC won the lineman competition, they had seven teams competing.

  • Shane o conner

    Aram I dont know if your confused or what that kids out there causing damage on both sides of the ball is aaren vaughns that kids is lights out.somebody better wake up !


    AZUSA, THE LINEMEN COMPETITION is probably the most important thing you can accomplish. Controling the line, controls the game!

    Great job AZUSA!!! Coach Scherf, come playoff TIME that’s were the BIG BOYS come in, so continue working with your linemen and have them work on their SPEED!

    SPEED, SPEED is the key Coach, and have them working out so they continue to get big!

    AZUSA you continue to PROGRESS EVERY YEAR, and there’s one fan who appreciates what you’ve been doing! Scherf you keep quietly keep doing what your doing. Good Job BUBBA!

    SGV, how about giving a little credit to the coach, instead of the usual negativity!

    ARAM , how about some more info on the line competition.

    2nd place not to bad!


  • zombies are eating my brains

    westco did not win BIG! it was a difference of 3 points between 1st and 2nd place

  • Dan

    Aram can you get more details, like which schools finished in the top 5 or 10? Also top three schools in each event.
    Good job West Covina, and I take from Aztec Prides post that Azusa did pretty well too, way to go Aztecs.

  • realTALK

    this just in from my buddy in arcadia!!…. i heard arcadia high school won the surf city passing tournament beating teams like serra, la serna, marina del ray, redondo, pacifica, garden grove and marina HS. good job apaches now thats impressive! i believe that makes two passing tournament trophies for the apaches

  • Colt74

    If Azusa only lost by 3 points and WC had 7 teams…that’s pretty impressive actually.

  • Sierra League Fan

    The Los Osos Linemen Comp had 26 teams. Los Osos Won it, Chino Hills took 2nd and Etiwanda 3rd. There were some BIIIGGGGG boys there! Lots of good schools there a great day of competition.

  • WestCoWonBig

    I am not from WC, but will say that they did win big today. Just because they had three teams has nothing to do with them taking first. Each of their teams were competing against each other. Their points were not combined so, it didn’t matter if they had one or fifty teams from WC. Azusa did have a good showing however and did impress overall.

  • coach

    Chino Hills needs to move Zorilla to QB he is the smartest Qb they have. He wont make mistakes and isnt easily flustered. Chavez is a lil too shaky just look at the Redlands East VAlley game last year he got yanked after throwing a pick that could have cost them the game.

  • coach

    sorry i thought this was the parent blog.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Coach (of what?),
    Why are you trying to stir the pot. You know as well as I do that Zorilla is a great kid, intelligent, and knows the game. He is just too small and needs another year to grow and get stronger. Chavez may not be the best Qb, but with CH Line, all he has to do is hand off the ball and make some completions. He has also gotten much bigger, stronger & faster….he will run the ball more this year. CH summer was basically a waste 7 on 7 wise. They had so many kids out with injuries. At least it gave them a chance to evaluate their 2’s & 3’s. They will be fine once the season starts.

  • sierra

    Rancho passing tourney: The first passing tourney for CH this summer was at Rancho and they had all their receivers 100 percent and finsihed at 1st beating Etiwanda, thats what they are capable of firing on all cylinders.

  • Linemen Results

    Here were the final results of the Linemen Competition at Arroyo for those interested.

    West Covina did run away with it. #1 West Covina (28pts) #2 Azusa (41pts) #3 Villa Park (43pts) #4 Arroyo (44pts) #5 Baldwin Park (51pts) #6 La Puente (53pts) #7 Bell Gardens (60pts) #8 Temple City (61pts) #9 Covina (67pts) #10 Monrovia (77pts) #11 Los Altos (88pts) #12 West Covina II (92pts) #13 Arroyo II (108pts) #14 Alhambra (114pts) #15 Gladstone (123pts) #16 Los Altos (130pts) #17 West Covina III (131pts) #18 Covina II (35pts) #19 La Salle (142pts) #20 Mountain View (145pts) #21 Arroyo III (146pts) #22 Villa Park II (159pts) #23 La Puente II (161pts) #24 Temple City II (164pts).

    The event winners were: West Covina- Power Clean, 4×100, titan carry & obstacle course. Arroyo- bench press. Azusa- squat, Villa Park- tire toss. Covina- sled drive.

    And before people get on here and start chirping… I totally agree a linemen competition has very little to do with how a group performs in pads. That said it is an opportunity for a lot of guys that have been locked in a weightroom most of the summer to go out and have their day. They get to be center stage, even if it is a meaningless competition, they still get to compete and show off a little of their hardwork in the weight room. From what I saw it seemed like the big guys really enjoyed being able to compete.

  • Dan

    Linemen Results,
    Thanks for the updates, & I agree, these contest have little to do with what happens during the season. Still good to hear the updates, thanks again.

  • coach

    I wasn’t trying to stir the pot but just stating my observations about what I see. I think the kid deserves a shot if he is Chino Hills QB I think they can definitely be a bigger threat. If Chavez is such a good runner maybe he should move to a slot or running back spot. Either way i think the most valuable piece in a offense like CH’s is the QB he is vital to their success. Good Luck Huskies.

  • Weak Competition

    I would hope West Covina would run away with this competiton….. Not very strong competition. They should have went to Los Osos with the big boys to see how they match up.

    “West Covina did run away with it. #1 West Covina (28pts) #2 Azusa (41pts) #3 Villa Park (43pts) #4 Arroyo (44pts) #5 Baldwin Park (51pts) #6 La Puente (53pts) #7 Bell Gardens (60pts) #8 Temple City (61pts) #9 Covina (67pts) #10 Monrovia (77pts) #11 Los Altos (88pts) #12 West Covina II (92pts) #13 Arroyo II (108pts) #14 Alhambra (114pts) #15 Gladstone (123pts) #16 Los Altos (130pts) #17 West Covina III (131pts) #18 Covina II (35pts) #19 La Salle (142pts) #20 Mountain View (145pts) #21 Arroyo III (146pts) #22 Villa Park II (159pts) #23 La Puente II (161pts) #24 Temple City II (164pts).”

    Compare these teams with Los Osos, Santiago, Rancho Verde, Eastvale Roosevelt, Santiago, Chino Hills, Summit, Etiwanda, Chino, ….etc. that were @ Los Osos. Los Osos Won it..Chino Hills was Second and Etiwanda 3rd. I think any of these 3 teams would have walked away with that Arroyo title

  • Dan

    Weak Competition,
    You could be right, feel better now? Have a great season.

  • Weak competition

    I just don’t understand why a quality program like West covina wouldn’t test themselves against some real competition instead of ones they knew they could beat. they only way you get better is by pushing your limits and testing yourself.

  • Dan

    Weak Competition,
    Understood, maybe next summer, the bright side is they did what they were expected to do. Have you had a chance to see Santa Fe or J.W. North linemen this summer? If so how did they look?

  • Weak competition

    Yes, I have seen both. Santa fe had some strong kids…not real big though. They finished in the top 5 (with some hometeam help) in their Tournament of Champions linemen com (31 teams) – Chino hills won it and Lakewood was 2nd. At the Los Osos linemen comp(26 teams), both Santa Fe and North were there. Santa Fe was 12th ans north was 19th. North looked real small….I was not impressed. Santa Fe did pretty good in the lifting events finishing in the top 10 in bench and power clean.

  • FYI


    Santa Fe and North were at West Covina Lineman Competition. WC finished 2nd to Villa Park. I believe North was 4th and SF not in top 5.

  • chino guy

    does anyone know how chino did in the lineman competition?

  • Dan

    Haven’t heard Chino guy, nice turn around last season though, how is the team looking for next season, are there a lot of guy’s returning?

  • chino guy

    thanks, it was a real good season.
    and we have a nice amount i believe 5-7 on offense and defense, but it also hurt us we lost 2 d1 recievers one of them to university of hawaii and the other to the university of utah.