UPDATED: QB Matt Simko leaves Claremont … BUT WHERE DID HE GO? …

UPDATE: The two rumors I’ve heard are Colony or Damien. Just rumors, so don’t any of you trip out. And yes, Simko’s part of Matt Bechtel’s Field Generals quarterbacks program.

I knew something wasn’t right this a.m. when I saw Claremont throw against La Salle. QB Matt Simko, who was thought to be the heir apparent to 3,500-yard passer Daniel Kessler, and BELIEVE ME one of the better passers around, was not with the Wolfpack.

Simko has left the program, according to Wolfpack coach Mike Collins. But where Simko’s headed is not known. Do you know? Do you have a friend who knows? Is it Damien? (It’s not Damien, I called and asked) Is it Rancho? Is it an Inland team? Is it Amat? Is it an Orange County team? Somebody find out and tell me …

At 6-foot-3 with a rocket arm and stud receiver De’Andre Manus to throw to, Claremont’s passing game looked like it may remain one of the best around this season.

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  • Dan

    Bummer for the Wolfpack, I was wondering through this offseason if they were going to continue to be a force in the Sierra. This has to hurt a little.

  • WTF!!!


    Is your buddy on vacation or what?

    somebody please inform campa, its football season.

    c,mon mang.

  • The U

    Come on Aram, shouldnt be to hard to find out who his private QB coach is…….(I’m just saying)

  • SGV

    Probably Amat, they have no QB.

  • Yeah, because I know so many QB coaches. Only one I know is Chris Rix, and I’m not sure if Simko is his client.

    The trouble is that we don’t have the readership/following out in Claremont that we have in, say, West Covina or Covina or Glendora. So, the people who know probably don’t even know this blog exists. But maybe we’ll get lucky.

    I’m gonna find out eventually, probably via CIF. I just don’t get why the kid left. That’s what’s baffling to me.

  • The U


  • Hey Da U

    Hey The U stop spreading rumors!!!!Worry about all your tranfers and where they are going to locate aka redding way lol!!!!Funny how upland forgot to say that they were in the process of getting a qb to transfer in from cajon…..

  • The U

    Let me guess you must be from Colony (lol)
    No rumor spreading here, I could care less where Matt or any other transfer ends up. Aram asked a question and I advised him to start with his QB coach for answers….FYI, you might need a few more to keep up!!!!!!!!!

  • no-step

    I watched the Claremont v LaSalle contest yesterday. Claremont may have to consider a different kind of offense.

  • probably not BA SGV

    SGV, don’t think he would go to BA, I heard he just got some really cool hub caps on his car, doesn’t want to risk it

  • SRamirez

    I hear he is transfering to play for coach Eric Taylor of Pemberton High School in Philadelphia. He couldn’t reist to play for a two-time Texas state champion.

  • Joe

    Are we talking about the same Simko from Claremont High who has been rotating for the last two seasons? Couldn’t be, the kid that was described in the write up was said to have a “rocket arm”. Ya, Amat doesn’t have a QB right now, but Simko doesn’t fit the profile of their system. If anyone would transfer to Amat it would be the Upland kid who has long ties to its program.