Post-Passing Circuit All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25

The Summer of Santiago may turn into the Fall of Travis (but that’s not a bad thing)

READ FIRST: All the major tournaments are over and I’ve collected plenty of data … as many of you should have also. I’ve become VERY OPINIONATED because of this. It’s not just about passing games for me. They’re mostly worthless other than to do some athlete checking. It’s more about seeing the weight-room improvements and just overall growth of certain players. It’s also about HEARING most of the developments from the programs in the area. That’s where the key lies … THE DEVELOPMENTS (transfers, back from injury, weight room transformations). Here’s the latest Top 25 post-passing circuit and pre-Hell Week.

1. Charter Oak
— By far the most impressive team of the passing circuit. The Chargers put on display athletes galore and a passing game that looks fantastic. No reason to think any of that goes away when the gear comes on. Oh yeah, I’ve been assured the line play is there. The defense is the kicker with this team. The secondary might be the best around given the way Aaren Vaughns and Khari Garcia are covering people this summer.
2. Bishop Amat — If there’s one thing I don’t like it’s uncertainty. “Who was that who just called you?” “Why didn’t you answer your phone last night?” “Why is Crespi, Alemany and our first-round opponent so much bigger than us?” … Uh anyway, Amat’s got plenty of uncertainty. I’m proud of Nine’s baseball endeavors. But in a football sense, it’s a blow. And the defense … it remains a huge question mark. I didn’t see the types of bodies in the back seven that would make me think anything will different this year when Amat plays its biggest games.
3. Monrovia — I saw the Wildcats plenty this offseason and this is the most talented M-Town team I’ve seen (that dates back to the early 90s). I don’t want to hear anything about the division … blah, blah, blah, look at ‘Cats like Ellis McCarthy, George Frazier and De’Shawn Ramirez and tell me they wouldn’t be starting for and kicking ass for your team. Nuff said.
4. West Covina — The Bulldogs are currently like a burger without cheese. They’ve got the ingredients for another stellar run game and the defense will be the Southeast’s best, but the passing game makes them extremely one dimensional. Can they simply run over everyone on the schedule and then the Southeast? Not Loyola, but probably the rest.
5. La Habra — Through the fence observations here. The Highlanders have reloaded. Aaron Porter is simply a beast and the defense should really carry the team this year. The pass attack needs work, but I trust that will come along in time. Not the best La Habra edition by any stretch, but certainly enough to win league and CIF again.
6. Chino Hills — Best offensive line in the area and that’s why it’s hard for me to fight this urge of getting cold on the Huskies. But what I saw at Claremont wasn’t good. True, the Huskies have injuries right now at key spots. True, I’ve had heard CH was down a bit athlete-wise (how could you not be after losing Ifo, Nate and Calles). Given that we know this team will be very good at the line of scrimmage, there’s no reason to be worried.
7. Arcadia — Yeah, I said it. What the Apaches have done this summer cannot be ignored. Think about the Pacific League and the Southeast Division for a second. Find me a better passing game. You can’t do it. The athletes are there for one of Arcadia’s best season’s in a long, long time. Line play remains an issue, but other than West Covina and Santa Fe, who do you really fear in the Southeast in terms of physicality?
8. Damien — By far the most improved team in the area. By far. The Spartans needed upgrades in the skill spots last year and got them. They’re faster and have a legit target in Josh Savage. I like QB Enrique Zaldivar. He’s got an arm, but you probably didn’t see it last year because Damien’s WRs rarely got separation and the run game didn’t scare anyone. Throw in Charter Oak transfer Alex Hernandez bolstering the d-line and you’ve got what I just said: By far the most improved team in the area.
9. St. Paul — The Swordsmen haven’t done anything wrong. They’re a running team and it’s hard to expect much over the summer from them. My problem is that I look at the gap in some of last year’s losses and it’s hard for me to see it closing by a major margin. But still, teams can make wild strides from one year to the next in HS football and with Telles, Cabral and Ortega all back, the offense will be formidable.
10. Santa Fe — Like Damien, the Chiefs are another team that’s going to be VERY IMPROVED. Hell, they were already pretty good last year. Anyway, remember this name: Justin Retiz. He’s only a soph and will likely be the QB this year. He’s had some nice moments (like yesterday’s Claremont Tournament) and should solidify his spot once the pads come on. Both Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar and SF coach Jack Mahlstede agree that he’s going to be “a good one.” Then you throw in that Christian Mahlstede, who could also see time at QB, is going to be one of the better WR/DBs around. Santa Fe looked good to me skill-wise and back seven-wise when I saw them. And you know they’re always physical with a good defensive approach. This year’s La Serna.
11. St. Francis — I’ve backed off on the Knights a tad. The tactics on offense are still very good and QB Jared Leibowitz can get the ball just about anywhere, but the overall athleticism seems down a bit. Travis Talianko is a fantastic target, but beside him I’m concerned about the rest of the WRs and the run game. With the company St. Francis keeps in the second half of the season, you have to have to speed. This team looks a step slower than last year’s.
12. Covina — We’re gonna find out right away against West Covina whether a year older means a year better for the Colts. All the elements are there for an excellent offense, but the defense has to be better in the biggest games. Not sure that’s going to happen this year, which means a lot of pressure on Livingston and Co.
13. Diamond Bar — It’s kinda funny, the Brahmas think I’m down on them but if you go back to the prior the Top 25, I’m actually the first one on the bandwagon. Anyway, I’m not gonna throw a parade because DB waxed the Mid-Valley Division in the SGV Shootout, but they did look pretty darn good against Monrovia’s athletes and Monrovia isn’t a run-of-the-mill Mid-Valley team. When you factor in the emergence of receiver Donte Harris as one of the fastest players around, the offense gets even scarier. Not sure about the line play at all and that tempers some enthusiasm for now.
14. Muir — Consistency still isn’t the Mustangs’ thing. They looked shaky at Charter Oak last week and then came back over the weekend to win their pool in the Claremont Tournament … only to look shaky again on Saturday. I have a feeling that passing isn’t really Muir’s thing, so I’m not overly worried. The collection of athletes is scary and once again make it so ANYTHING can happen when the ‘Stangs step on the field.
15. Glendora — I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Tartans this summer. Roger Armijo’s defense looks pretty solid in the back seven. The offense made strides from June to July and they aren’t gonnna be a throwing team anyway. I’ve seen Upland, Etiwanda and Rancho, so I’m not about to say “Baseline League here we come …” but what I thought was easy walkover games for Charter Oak, Monrovia and WestCo against these Tartans may not be that at all.
16. Azusa — Can’t argue with the results this summer. The Aztecs remain very formidable for the company they keep. And that company is going to be getting even better with nonleague affairs against San Dimas and Maranatha. Those are two completely different tests (San Dimas funky Wing-Z offense and Maranatha future D-1 QB) and another savvy move by coach Joe Scherf. Azusa has proven viable in both passing and line competitions this summer. I remain impressed.
17. Diamond Ranch — The Panthers were a mystery team until I finally saw them last week. They’re pretty talented and the d-line might be downright nasty. Anyway, allow me to refresh what I’ve seen and heard from/about D-Ranch this offseason:
“Former USC linebacker is their defensive coordinator Chris Claiborne and he brought four legit players with him.”
“They’re way down athletically this season.”
“Top frosh team receiver Sydney Jones transferred to West Covina.”
“They only brought linemen to a passing/line competition at San Dimas.”
“They WON the L.A. Valley Tournament.”
“They won the CONSOLATION BRACKET of the L.A. Valley Tournament.”
“They backed out of the Ayala Tournament late in the week last week.”
18. South Hills — NEW POLICY: I will believe NOTHING I hear about South Hills and who on the roster is or isn’t a next-level player until I see it first. OK, the Huskies look solid. Jamel Hart has gotten bigger and badder and he looks headed for another big year. QB Vince Hernandez has gotten better and throws just as nice of a ball as anyone. And Jamie Canada is progressing toward being a nice weapon. My only knock is that I’ve seen the rest of the Sierra League, sans Ayala, and South Hills looks a little lite talent-wise on defense.
19. Maranatha — I’ve actually heard mixed reviews from several people on QB Andrew Elffers. Can you believe that? But I think most coaches would love to have a talent like him on their team. When I saw Elffers, he was getting the ball out fast and on target. I didn’t see Maranatha last season, but I have a hard time believing that this year’s team is as explosive in the skill spots. But with Elffers slinging it, he can make just about anybody look better. Anyway, the key for Maranatha to take the next step isn’t offense, it’s defense. Have to trust that Coach K will have that side of the ball improved. But by how much?
20. Arroyo — I’m keeping the Knights right where I had them in the last Top 25. So far this summer I’ve seen further proof that Steven Rivera is a machine. And I’m pleased by the rest of the skill guys, even though I never really caught a great look at future-star Brandon Jauregui. All in all, this is still one of the better teams around.
21. Bonita — I’m really resting all my confidence in the coaching staff here. The passing game looks like it may be more of a struggle than previously anticipated. There is still enough talent on hand to be one of the top teams around, but until everything and everyone gets settled in, expectations should be tempered.
22. San Dimas — You just can’t expect much out of the Saints during summer because of their offensive philosophy. But a running play during a passing tournament? Anyway, I liked the talent I saw when I saw it. The Saints look to have the players needed to do what they do well. If the line play is even better this year, then a season equal to last year is possible.
23. Cantwell — This program doesn’t get enough credit for consistently putting out a good product. This year should be no different as the offense figures to put up more big numbers with a passing game that’s going to embarrass some opposing secondaries. Keep an eye on WR Adam Aguirre.
24. La Serna — I just don’t see this program falling flat on its face despite the heavy graduation losses from last season’s 11-win team. Relying on RB O.J. Medina isn’t a bad thing and there’s enough back on defense to think the Lancers will be able to stop people with some success again.
25. Rosemead — The Panthers looked like a typical Rosemead team this summer. They didn’t wow anybody and they didn’t get a chance to go double tight ends and run the ball. But the defense has the usual talent and the run game looks like it will be OK. QB is a concern, but there’s plenty of time to take care of that before the Arroyo game.

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  • Amat Bully

    Why is Amat still ranked so high especially after reading about their uncertainty and their lack of good bodies in the back seven but yet you still rank them at #2 i think someone is another Amat junkie that only see blue and gold no matter how bad they really are.

  • Amat Bully

    but most importantly is the fact that them CHARGERS is ranked where they should be. #1 CO Chargers…..

  • realityczech

    Amat is ranked as high as they are because they’d still kick anybodies ass on the list-including the touch football team ranked above them

  • Amat Bully

    that was a cute joke keep them coming….

  • mtown lives

    Amat is #1 or 2 with Rio, Without rio, they could not beat the top teams in sgv. Jalen Moore is a very good back. Without a Rio as a passing threat, teams can bracket him. Monrovia is Ranked High as they should be. But the Glendora game is going to the determining factor. If we can’t beat them, we can not call out teams Like West Co, Charter Oak, and Bishop Amat. However, I think Glendora is in for a big surprise. Moreover Mtown has some horses, they can go. Turnovers will be the key for Mtown. Also run Defense! Lets go Ellis…get her done. This is a very good preseason ranking of teams. It’s very close at the 3,4,5 spot. Mtown appreciates the love Aram, Fred, Miguel because it could go either way with those teams. We Won’t let you down…..

  • Sierra league fan

    Charter yak numere 1..u have to be kissimg me right!? Even if its just prestaron or passing league they are a top ten tema but not numere one! Contrata you can throw a ball in a to hand touch game..all cif passing league! Santiago has folded under the pressure of a rushing line and blitz combo over the past few years at the games ive seen..just saying

  • Learn something

    Obviously this guy can’t get what he’s saying but next time turn your word finisher off!

  • word on cameron


    How is South Hills at 18 and La Habra at 5 when South Hills beat them by 3 touchdowns at Batte at the Beach?How

  • BAdawG

    Calpreps 2011 Predictions:

    La Habra 42, South Hills 14

    Bishop Amat 41, Charter Oak 8

    Anyone that has been following high school football for more than 5 years knows that passing games mean absolutely nothing in regards to the overall strength of a team. Even Aram admits that “They’re mostly worthless other than to do some athlete checking.”

    BA is returning a lot of starting offensive players as well as 7 from defense that started 3 sophomores last season. BA has never been known for size…ever. As a matter of fact, one of the best DB’s to ever play for BA was Darien Johnson. He was All Everything and this kid almost singlehandedly beat St. Bonaventure in 2009…

    Within the course of one season, Darien Johnson went from having no offers to offers from New Mexico, New Mexico St (where he chose and started 11 games), Montana St., Portland State, Sacramento State, and Northern Arizona. Oregon St. and Washington also showed interest. What an amazing feat for an amazing young man.

    Darien Johnson was (and still is) only 5-9, 175

  • Matt

    I believe Maranatha returns most of its skill guys. What could hurt them is the fact they lost most of the line and some key athletes on defense.

  • Dan

    WC at 4 is ok with me Aram, I like low key and there’s still some questions to be answered over here but I think you nailed it with the run game and defense, both should be stellar.
    Hope we can get enough of a passing game to take some of the focus off the run game. Even if its just a short quick passing game or play action, would even like to see some wide reciever screens over here since we have a few kids with run after catch ability. Teams are going to focus on Solomon this year so I think the key will be to find creative ways to spread the ball around, use the wing, use the fullback, use the tight end, use the x and slot positions, go into the spread on occasion, or even some wildcat or some option offese. We have enough offensive weapons over here at West Co to make any defense dizzy, if we use them all it can help take the focus off of Solomon.
    On defense, we will miss Mo Dupleasis and Roger Paez, although I think we have a couple good kids who could fill in at those positions. Deon Stepps was a menace on the defensive line, he too will be missed, but we have 3 or 4 other kids who saw a lot of playing time on the defensive front. We also lose safety Anthony Molina, who despite being part time at the position, had 10 interceptions on the season, I still can’t figure how this kid did not make first team all area and first team all CIF, or did not play in the hall of Fame game when he had ten iterceptions for the season. When is the last time someone from the SGV had ten picks. He had a nose for the ball. Fortunately we have some good DB’s coming back with Barnet, Frazier, Vilches, and I’ve even seen Solomon playing some safety over the summer.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Aram are you kidding us. You have CO at number 1 and “No D” Bar at number 13. This just proves what most of us already know. You know nothing about ranking football teams. Everyone looks pretty amazing during the summer. Some of them look great until some one hits them. “No D” Bar has a fine QB…… But it doesn’t matter when he will be spending most of his senior season running for his life. Plus the fact that they haven’t stopped anyone on defense in a couple of years. I think you even picked them to beat DR. Have you seen the line DR is putting together? I’m no fan of theirs……. but I I know football. To be successful you have to be able to do 2 things. Run the ball and stop the run. DR will be able to run the ball. WC will line up and run the ball. So that puts DBar 3rd from jump. Heck Walnut smash mouthed them last year. Bonita is better than Walnut, so “NoD” Bar is looking at finishing 5th and out of the play-offs….. again.

    SGV430 Outttt!

  • david rivera

    what about pomona,did you see them or you just dont like them. come on lets get real here with your top 25

  • David Rivera,

    How is that you’ve gone from posting NONSTOP about Wilson to posting NONSTOP about Pomona? What’s the connection there? There’s only thing Wilson of 2010 and Pomona of 2011 have in common. So I sincerely hope that doesn’t mean that you and your many other screen names are going to hijack every post and make it about Pomona just like how you did with Wilson last year.

  • Jon

    Who won the batte at thebeach?

  • player

    Great job on top 25 and congratulations to all recognized. It will be fun picking up Saturday mornings paper and can’t wait. Good luck TEAMS!!!

  • Sierra League Fan

    That was cute…whoever (Amat Bully) stole my name is a jacka$$. They should know that sounded like a Charter Oak graduate.The sad thing is he was trying to speel the words right….HAHAHA! I do agree with a lot of that though. Charter Oak can be #1 at the start, but where will they be when it is all said and done??? Last year they were in the top 5 I believe and we see where they ended up. Talk is cheap!

    “Sierra league fan said:
    Charter yak numere 1..u have to be kissimg me right!? Even if its just prestaron or passing league they are a top ten tema but not numere one! Contrata you can throw a ball in a to hand touch game..all cif passing league! Santiago has folded under the pressure of a rushing line and blitz combo over the past few years at the games ive seen..just saying”

  • sgv

    Pomona and David Rivera you ask why and how come?

    What I’ve noticed about Aram picks. ( history, respect, and team.)

    Been a fan of high school football for many years. I don’t remember hearing much about Pomona football. I’m guessing WHY Aram has not seen your team? It’s not because he doesn’t like your team?
    #1 #2,#3 thru #25 have history, respect and play as a team. Pomona has lots to prove before making the list. Start the history, earn respect and come together as a team come September . Good luck to your team.

  • SGV West

    Amat is rated too high, “oh wait a minute” is this the San Gabriel Valley Tribune” Yup !!! that’s why, there Qb’s are crap !!!!. Overated, and you have a linemen playing QB for Rosemead, MY MY MY, oh wait “I’m not listening to anyone anymore about what they have to say about Rosemead….They are not a PASSING TEAM HELLO !!!!

  • OK, well say what you want. I’m just warning you now that if that happened with Wilson last year from the same two IP addresses under a few different names starts happening again this year with Pomona, those IP addresses are going to be deleted.

  • sgv


    Have your boys ready to go come September. Start something new there at Pomona. Your passion for your football team is great. Be a gentleman or woman, be positive and show some love to your local paper. Maybe your team will get some print on the blog or paper. Again, Good luck to your football team. Earn It!

  • Just Saying


    Just wondering.

    How can you say this about CO:

    The secondary might be the best around given the way Aaren Vaughns and Khari Garcia are covering people this summer.

    And then this about BA:

    I didn’t see the types of bodies in the back seven that would make me think anything will different this year when Amat plays its biggest games.

    If I’m not mistaken, Vaughs is smaller than anyone in the back 7 at BA.

    Just asking…

  • Amat Bully

    Just Saying
    WHAT just because a he’s smaller doesn’t make him less athletic than BA back 7. he’s smaller faster with better coverage height and size doesn’t determine his ability to cover.

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League Fan
    WTH are you talking about i hope you not saying that you think i stole your screen name.

  • patrick

    Hey Aram,

    I think you need to put the blocks on all people that are venting their personal vendettas against certain teams….More specifically “SGV for 30 yrs” which i doubt….this is about his 3rd post targeting DB amongst others. There is no way he could know what DB has or doesnt have, he is just trying to personally humiliate and degrade a bunch of 16 and 17 yr old boys…..I kinda wonder if he sneaks up on the football fields during practice and stalks…..That is scary!!

    Basically what im saying is “Block and delete him”

    Thanks Big guy!

  • spalding

    Bully – I think that was kind of his point. You’re not the most inflated ball in the bag – are you?

  • Football Fan

    I’m happy FLAG football season is over this all don’t mean squat. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • open blog

    i’m going to have to disagree with patrick. just because someone says some negative things that you happen to disagree with is no reason to cut someone off from the blog. if it where a reason, then the blog would loose about half or more of it’s readers and contributors. the young men out there on the field are more then capable of dealing with a little criticism.

    as far as m.s aka david rivera aka pomona, etc – please don’t cut him off, he’s a source of great entertainment to me during the work day. it’s pretty obvious who he is, going from being a non stop bloger about wilson to all of a sudden being a half a** bloger about bonita (trying to throw the dogs off his trail) to all of a sudden being the biggest fan of pomona and more specifically the pomona qb. can you say daddy? non-the-less the stories of m.s. are legendary from hhll to hhja to hlp to lahs to whs and now at phs – i beg of you aram, let the legend continue to grow.


    Just Saying,

    How can you that when Darien Johnson was your best weapon in years on defense. He was like 5-8 maybe 5-9 with 3/4 spikes on!

  • Open blog,

    That ain’t happening. This guy has been warned and I’m stopping this before it gets rolling out of control like last year. So if it happens again, he’s done. Not EVERY thread is going to become about Pomona in the same fashion every thread became about Wilson last year.

    Top 25 — “Oh Aram, you know nothing. You didn’t rank Pomona.”

    Top 10 QB — “Oh Aram, you know nothing. You didn’t rank Pomona’s QB.”

    Top 10 RB — “Oh Aram, you know nothing. You didn’t rank Pomona’s 15 D-1 running backs.”

    Top 10 WR — “Oh Aram, you know nothing. You didn’t rank Pomona’s 30 D-1 receivers.”

    And then when/if this semi-pro team loses a game, it’s gonna be “Oh Aram, do your job. Investigate what the Pomona coaches are doing around the corner from the school.”

    And then when/if Covina wins the league, it’s gonna be “Oh Aram, do your job. The Pomona coaches have been arrested by the CIA and are being questioned for a gold heist in Dubai.”

    Yeah, not happening. Warning has been issued.

  • reality

    SGV FOOTBALL – you and Bully are fools. That’s what he’s saying! Aram questioned the size of Amat’s secondary – them offered Vaughn, who is also small, as a positive example. You guys are agreeing!



    The only fool is you! Go back and read just sayin’s post! This has nothing to do with Aram…

  • Amat Bully

    reality: and spalding:
    If I’m not mistaken, Vaughs is smaller than anyone in the back 7 at BA.
    this is what just sayin said now you two idiots read it over a few times then tell me what you get out of it.

  • Football

    O I have a train of thought for you guys if Pendleton was back for bonita wouldnt they be ranked in the top 5, and how scray would that be

  • Colt74

    Very rarely do I agree with polls/rankings or top anything. This one I have one disagreement with. Have not had the time to check out all the passing leagues or tournys and the big guy has seen enough to list his opinion.
    Agree with the Covina opinion 100%. Our defense needs to step up this season. We can’t afford any more 49-42 shootouts. Defense wins games.
    I think with the momentum, the talent, and the mindset Monrovia has they are the team in the drivers seat of the SGV so far. West Covina a close second. I hope both get the passing bugs resolved, but only after they play us. West Covina will beat Loyola by at least 14. Monrovia over Glendora by at least the same.
    Now my one “What were you thinking?”. Charter Oak. What have they done thru last season till this moment in time to deserve a number one SGV ranking? Seriously…besides for what ever reason tickling your fancy? Can you say nothing? Not one thing you can say( bla bla bla like you said ) to justify that and anyone OTHER than a Charter Oak fan probably agrees. Hey…your list…..and that’s all it is…a list. Before the fist kickoff there will be more lists. More top 25’s, more Top 10’s and probably a top 10 snack bar rating thrown in too.
    Only lists I’m going to worry about this year are the league standings and the CIF playoff brackets. After all those are the only ones that count…right? But still, good preseason overview and thanks for the time spent and the info!

  • reality

    SGV FOOTBALL and Bully – It has EVERYTHING to do with Aram. In fact, Just Saying’s post started with – “Aram, Just wondering….”

    Bully – what I get out of it is he was asking ARAM how he could knock Amat’s secondary for being small yet highlight a small player for doing well.

    He didn’t question Vaughns at all.

    you guys are CO grads aren’t you?

  • DBs should be ok

    I don’t think there’s any size issue with Amat’s returning DB’s. All three of these guys started last season. These measurements are also from last year too so it’s possible they’ve grown a bit. I think they are the ideal DB size.

    Ajee Montes 5-11, 160
    Adam Alcantara 5-11, 170
    Dj Daniels 5-10, 170

  • Tale of the Tape

    I agree with DB’s should be ok-Daniels and Alcantara are both 5’11” and weight wise pushing upwards of 180 lbs as an added bonus, both can move. Plus you got D. Blue and A. Andrews in the secondary who can also cover some ground. Throw in Rio on certain situations and you got a hell of a nickel package too. A. Montes, who is a very capable player and big assest (when healthy), has yet to make an appearance this summer but the secondary only gets stronger with him in it. The boys in Blue will be ready this year. Go Amat! Go Lancers!

  • Should be ok?

    Should be ok;

    Donavon 6’0″ 210 lbs 1st team All-league Alta Loma
    Michael 5’10” 220 lbs. 1st team All-league Colony
    Fabian Abraham, 5’10” 180 lbs. 1st team All-league Pomona

    Sorry that’s Pomona?

  • SGV for 30 Years


    If you would have read my posts more carefully you would realize that my reply was to a Aram’s top 25. You must be one of those DB people who walk into the gym and look at those CIF banners and try to re-live DBs Glory days. Who knows, maybe Mayne can bring back some of those days. I don’t know it’s a tall order for a rookie coach.
    Just so that you know dude. I have been in the SGV for over 30 years. I’ve seen the rise and fall of all the great programs. They aren’t going to block my posts. Here’s why. First despite what you may think I do not target the kids. You need to go back and read my posts from the past 2 years. I have actually been pro kids and anti crazy parents. I have done rankings of top 10 teams and given what others have called fair and accurate evaluations of how I think teams will be. So you see my friend they aren’t going to block me, because I don’t spread hate or bias. I just comment on what I read. By the way I did call it last year when I said DB played a soft schedule in the pre-season and got ranked so high, then league started. I said the same thing about Azusa and got called on it by AZETEC PRIDE. About mid-way through the season I think he started to see where I was coming from. So don’t be so sensitive Sally. All NoDBar has to do, is prove me wrong.

    SGV430 Ouuuuttt!!!!!

  • Eric Davis – BHS’80

    Check out the Calpreps 2011 preview.

  • Just Saying


    You were right.

    I was just asking how Aram could say one small DB was doing great at CO and then say he was worried about BA’s DB’s because they were too small (when they are actually bigger than the kid he called great at CO).

    I wasn’t knocking any kids…just asking a question.

    I think DB’s can be really good even if they are on the smaller side.

    I just didn’t see the logic in those 2 statements.

    I was “Just Saying”.

    Just Saying

  • Bleeding heart

    I think this blog should be wide open. As long as people are not spitting out Racial slurrs, sexual language, and talking about a kids or coaches personal life, they should be able to say what they feel. There is nothing wrong with comparing teams, players and coaches in a football conversation. There is nothing wrong with a person coming on here and pumping up their school. There is nothing wrong with critiquing players performances. If kid is not playing well then it is what it is. If a person whats to come on here and talk about Wilson 24/7 so what. We all know how good they are right now. Personally if you start knocking people of the blog, you start controlling what people say, then your blog won’t be the hot SGV news bed that has been…I love this blog bc you do have some whacky person who thinks their school is going to win…Aram don’t block people unles they are not talking about football, and talking about a persons race or something along those lines.

  • Calprepper

    This just in!

    Calpreps 2011 Preseason California State Rankings

    1. Servite
    2. Concord De La Salle
    3. Mission Veijo
    4. Oaks Christian
    5. Santa Margarita
    6. BISHOP AMAT!!!!!!!
    7. Oceanside
    8. Valley Christian
    9. St. Bonaventure
    10.Palo Alto
    11.St. John Bosco
    12.San Clemente
    14.Village Westlake
    16.Please Grove
    17.Corona Centennial
    19.Arroyo Grande
    20.Vista Murrieta
    24.Compton Dominguez
    27.Clovis West
    28.Long Beach Poly
    29.San Ramon California
    30.CC Canyon
    32.WEST COVINA!!!!!!
    33.LA HABRA!!!!!!!!
    35.Orange Lutheran
    36.San Ramon Valley
    38.Rancho Cucamonga
    40.Washington Union
    41.Redlands East Valley
    42.Bakersfield Centennial
    43.CHINO HILLS!!!!!!!
    45.Del Oro
    46.Mission Hills
    50.Mater Dei

    #76 Monrovia
    #150 Charter Oak

  • Jefe

    CC 11 spots lower than Amat & Poly at #28 tells you what a complete JOKE of a top 25 this really is.


    ARAM my man, I’ll tell you what. You won’t hear no crying from me, and the only time you can cry is when you have played your last game as a senior and lost in the BIG GAME! LOL…

    I find it real hard to believe there’s not another supporter on thess blogs from the BIG A! I know AZUSA fans are pretty laid back on cheering, because i’ve attended a few games in my time, BUT!!! when have you seen any team in the past few years from the MONTVIEW league on ARAMS & Freds blog DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

    These last three years under Coach Scherf and his staff have been outstanding. He’s brought a new attitude to the city of AZUSA,AND IT DON’T MATTER WHAT LEAGUE YOUR FROM.(HARD NOSE FOOTBALL= WINNING).

    SGV FOR 30 YEARS, I see your making more fans!LOL…


  • realTALK

    making moves:
    im lookin for Muir to make moves in the season to top 10 ranking with Sante Fe moving down out of the top 10 and La Habra moving lower in the top 10… also believe it or not i see Arcadia moving a few spots up on the list, but their first two games will be a determining factor (St Francis, Monrovia)
    Monrovia has a few Key games to start as well but i dont see them moving out of the top 10 even losing a game to start. they are still the team to beat! West Co is still the team in the southeast division. they’ll stay top 5

  • Joe Amat

    Jefe – not that out of the question. Long Beach Poly lost to St Bpnnaventure in the regular season and in the first round to Mater Dei last year. The same Bonny team that Amat beat and the Mater Dei that Amat beat in the first round the year before. Why is Amat ranked ahead of them so alarming.

    Centennoal lost a TON with the graduation of Eubank and Collins at QB & RB and their top 3 recievers. Nearly 4000 yds rushing between the two and over 2300yds receiving. Will their 5’5″ RB be as effective without Collins? Can they replace taht air attack? History tells us they might reload – but are you sure?

    Amat returns their top passer, top rusher and top receiver – plus get Zach Shay back. Not too unreasonable when you think about it

  • Jefe


    From all accounts & from what I was able to go out & see this summer, these two teams are loaded & looking very, VERY good.

    I only saw Amat once and they looked good but nowhere near what I saw from those other teams.

    We’ll see – September can’t get here soon enough.

  • Jastrab

    IE fans,

    Why is Los Osos (at 4,500 kids) not fielding more competitive teams. They are only 9 years old, but I live right next to the school and see they have huge kids, speed and great facilities, but seem to struggle in the Inland and in general play well, but with their size should be a semi-finalist and playing much better.

    I am not trying to knock them, but they should be able be much more competitive with what they have in terms of nunmbers.

    Is it coaching or what?


  • just sayin

    Now that FLAG football is over we will see who is who! We all now the games are won in the trenches. To much is being said and teams are being over hyped!!!

  • @calprepper

    even covina is ranked higher the CO at #136

  • Calprepper

    California Strength of Schedule Rankings (Calpreps 2011)
    1. Servite
    2. Mater Dei
    3. Mission Viejo
    4. Orange Lutheran
    5. Loyola
    6. St. John Bosco
    7. Santa Margarita
    8. Tesoro
    9. Concord De La Salle
    10. Crespi
    11. San Ramon Valley
    12. BISHOP AMAT*
    13. SO Notre Dame
    14. Trabuco Hills
    15. Agora
    16. Dana Hills
    17. Simi Valley
    18. JSerra
    19. Amador Valley
    20. Chaminade
    21. St. Frances*
    22. Oceanside
    23. Bellarmine
    24. Mitty
    25. Newbury Park
    26. Moorepark
    27. Calabasas
    28. Foothill
    29. Oaks Christian
    30. Royal
    31. St. Bonaventure
    32. Corona Santiago
    33. J.W. North
    34. Serra
    35. Monte Vista
    36. Westlake Village
    37. Granite Bay
    38. Chaparral
    39. Corona Cenennial
    40. St. Ignatius
    41. Paso Robles
    42. Valley Christian
    43. San Diego Lincoln
    44. Los Osos
    45. Norco
    46. Alemany
    47. Merced
    48. Riordan
    49. San Clemente
    50. Valencia

    68. CHINO HILLS*
    82. CHARTER OAK*
    99. SOUTH HILLS*
    99. GLENDORA*
    105. CLAREMONT*
    163. WEST COVINA*
    180. BONITA*
    208. LOS ALTOS*
    268. DIAMOND BAR*
    452. MUIR*
    468. COVINA*
    518. MONROVIA*

  • St.Paul

    Ms…or Miss,

    Block this!!!! Why don’t u shut up and go play with your marbles
    u Dunce.

  • Jefe

    Aram has his own stalker.


  • no-step


    Great kids and wonderful facilities are surely beneficial, but the players can only do what they’re taught, and a coaches organization of the team is a big part of teaching. If a lot of players are standing around and only watching, the team is, a) in need of more coaches or, b) not well organized in their practices. I recall that Chino HS went 0-10 in 2009, and 10-0 last year with a new coach. It is what it is.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    AZTEC: It’s good to see you out there dude. Man it’s gonna be good to get this whole football thing going again. We got the NFL solving their issues, Our Trojans ready to make some noise. Best of all we all get to watch and talk about high school football.
    Yea I made another fan LOL!! I think that guy was just a bit to sensitive. He doesn’t know that I just comment on what I see and give credit where it is due. Hey if he wants ME blocked, he really doesn’t know some of the people on here “DO HE”.
    So do you think you guys can make another run this season. I think it will be tough to duplicate the magic. But I also think there is a 2 year carry over once you’ve had the success you guys had last season.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!

  • It’s Called a Cake Schedule

    I recall that Chino HS went 0-10 in 2009, and 10-0 last year with a new coach. It is what it is.”

    Chino went 10-0 by playing in the 96th toughest league in the state and beating only 2 teams with winning records. Much different in playing in the Sierra league and Inland division. It’s like a high school kid bragging that he is the toughest kid at the local elementary school….can you say OVERATED? They lost in the second round of the playoffs after being seeded.


    Alright SGV FOR 30 YEARS, didn’t know you were a TROJAN FAN, same here also, and that’s alot of bull what’s been happening to SC!

    SGV if you get a chance this coming season, come out and watch the CITRUS OWLS play. My son is playing linebacker and hopefully they have a better season then the last one. Tell you what, Coke & hotdog on me, and it beats mowing the LAWN on Saturday!!!

    Looks like AZUSA is doing exactly what they did last season and hopefully they can get pass the first round of the playoffs. SGV, that game last season was heartbreaking, and they should have won. Good game coming up for AZUSA and the SAN DIMAS game should be a great measuring stick for them.


  • Colt74

    I just took it for granted that everyone was a TROJAN FAN !

    Are there really UCLA fans out there ??????????

    Seriously ?????????

  • Amat Bully

    where are the colorado buffalo fans at you know we’re here to take the pac12 crown. SC UCLA stands no chance.


  • Stop it

    Aztec Pride
    Stop beating your chest about Azusa Football 1 and done means you Suck!

    10 and 1 means you play nobody! It means you played 10 cupcakes and when it counts your coaches and players, from what I heard mostly your great Coach Scherf (I do not know the guy but you always praise him and Bubba, or Beattle, who the hell is coaching at Azusa with names like Bubba and Beattle?) folded under the pressure called PLAYOFFS!

  • All Business

    Stop it, if you are saying that every team that makes the playoffs win the entire thing, you are greatly mistaken! because there is only one WINNER!! so whether you are one and done, means nothing to you i guess, unless your team won the whole thing. If so congrats!! Leave Azusa and the other mountview teams alone! These are some of the best kids around to be around and if you understand there backgrounds you can appriciate all they have done! so back off, because its really all about getting better as young men, and having those boys do the right thing in life and graduate and go on to college, because that is the ultimate victory!! and f.y.i. beatle and bubba seem like pretty cool names to me!!


    Wow!!! Opened up the blog this morning and read this nice little post directed to AZTEC PRIDE and throwing out names out there like they were GARBAGE! First of all my man, those names you listed on your post are some good men there! You know what’s funny though, when I was driving into work this morning and listening to the radio, they were talking about social networking and how it can be hurtful, and that’s what this BLOG is a social network, so we SHOULD TRY to be careful what we say.

    But, when it comes to FOOTBALL, “it is, what it is and you take the insults and try to justify what has been said. Well let me get started and REBUTTAL your comment. First of all I don’t come in here thumping my chest and the only time I come on here is, when ARAM or Fred has some article on AZUSA, like ARAM just wrote. Aram placed the article on here about AZUSA, and so I said a few things about AZUSA.

    You have your opinion and I have mine, so being this is a SOCIAL NETWORK, Im entitled to say WHAT I BELIEVE!!! Is true. Believe me, I know how a FOOTBALL BLOG works and usually there’s NOTHING BUT INSULTS. But like I said before, “IT IS, WHAT IT IS”. Why do I praise those coaches from AZUSA you mentioned, it’s because they thought my son how to play the game and how to play as a team! But most of all what I appreciated most about those coaches was, is that they CARED about my son and tried to teach him Values, and how to play the game correctly.

    Those Coaches are out their almost all year long and putting in long hours after work and Ill say this, I know when I come home from work I definitely don’t want to be out and about, and I just want to RELAX if you know what I mean.

    Chokers, I think not and who goes into the playoffs to lose. You give it your best shot and well you know what somebody has to lose. Unfortunately AZUSA lost last year in the first round, and yes that hurt AZUSA’s creditability on here, bu do you think that mater to those coaches, NO, they’re out there now doing it all over again!

    Yes I know AZUSA plays in the MONTVIEW LEAGUE, and that’s Im going to say to that. Do you think I cared about who we played? I think not! And I just wanted to see AZUSA WIN! Cupcake or no Cupcake schedule. Ive read a few coaches on here from the League state, that their goal is to WIN AZUSA, and win the League. That saying something and it beats what youre saying.

    In all sports the goal is first is to win their Division or League and head into the playoffs bottom-line! AZUSA has done that three years in a row and YES won some playoff games and yes lost some! BUT!!! Do we fold up and pack it up because some FOOL comes in here and talks GARBAGE, HELL NO!!!

    The word is called PRACTICE and you continue to do that, until SOME DAY!!! It just might happen! Well I said what I had to say, and will continue to say s few good things about AZUSA, because I believe the program is headed in the right direction and Im not the only one making the comments about AZUSA!



  • Stop it

    All Business
    Yes I agree there is only 1 winner(how many winners do you want cupcake?)! My comments to Aztec Pride had to do with the fact that he comes in here beating his chest about Azusa and they were the #1 ranked team going into the playoffs and lost to an at-large team!

    What I am saying is schedule up to get ready for the playoffs if your league is weak! 10 and 1 means nothing. I guess at Azusa the goals are only to win league? And if that is your goal you accomplished it and congrats but do not come in here and brag about a league championship!

    By the way do you think Azusa is the only school where kids have problems? All schools have kids that come from poor areas or poor house holds! Get out once in a while!

    One last comment you like the names Beattle and Bubba? Are those their real names?

    Aztec Pride

    Like I already stated if your goal at Azusa is to win league congrats! You are the best of the sorry A$$es. And you agree that is what you are and I got news for you can practice all you want it will never happen like you are hoping if you do not prepare your team for the playoffs! So you keep prasing your coaches but they are doing your program an injustice by losing in the 1st round!

    Tells me they are not very good I read the trib and last year I heard how this was the best team at Azusa in some years so please explain to me how you go 10 and 0 and lose in round 1? I have the answer it is because you play nobody and your coaches are not very good, they had a good team compared to their league but not good enough for the playoffs.

    Also, please name for me a big game that Azusa has won in the last few years(what I mean is name a good team Azusa has beat)? League does not count oh wait you wouldn’t pick a league opponent because you know they are cupcakes LOL.


    STOP IT, okay now I see i’m dealing with a arrogant fool! No need to keep on say anything more to you, because it would go on like a scrath CD. LOL… And i’m putting it lightly!


    P.S. Take that pacifier out of your mouth and instead grab a clipboard, whistle and some B*LLS and see what you can do on the FOOTBALL FIELD.”You are the best of the sorry A$$es”.LOL… I’m using your words.

  • D-Mo

    Aztec Pride, it’s been great to see the football program come alive at Azusa these last few years. Don’t pay any attention to the haters. They probably couldn’t earn a starting position on a losing team.
    Regardless of the strength of schedule, it feels good to see them rewarded for their hard work with a winning record, and a larger crowd attending the games.

  • Stop it

    Aztec Pride
    You never answered my question in the past few years or you can go back as far as you want who has Azusa beatin that was any good?

    PS you sound like a scatched cd all the time braging about your team that wins games against teams that are no good! Name for me the last team that was any good that Azusa beat also please include the year?

    You will not answer beacuse you know I am right! They play nobody!

  • Stop It

    Aztec Pride
    You never answered my question in the past few years or you can go back as far as you want who has Azusa beatin that was any good?

    PS you sound like a scatched cd all the time braging about your team that wins games against teams that are no good! Name for me the last team that was any good that Azusa beat also please include the year?

    You will not answer beacuse you know I am right! They play nobody!

  • Damien Alum


    Never mind what this jackass stop it says. Coach Scherf has done an amazing job turning Azusa football from a mediocre program to a winning football program. In his three years there as head coach he has compiled a 31-5 record with 3 league titles and 3 playoff appearances. Quite impressive in any sport at any level. The previous 3 years (prior to Scherf) Azusa was 14-18 so AZTEC PRIDE, you do have a lot to be proud of, especially if your son was a part of Azusa’s winning ways the last three years. Anyone that comes on here and knocks a coach that has had as much success as Scherf in such little time is either a total D-bag or a moron, or both. Playing high school football is one thing, but nothing makes me more proud than seeing my three sons(2 in JAA and 1 in high school) out there on the field playing football, win, lose or draw, something stop it has probably yet to experience. Stop it, stop being a hater because it will only be a matter of time that Azusa will be playing for a championship ring and AZTEC PRIDE, you just keep pounding your chest!

  • Stop it

    Damien Alum

    Can you name a team that Azusa has beat anytime that was any good?

    You can not do it either can you?

    I am waiting!!!!


    LOL… Look who’s still up waiting for a response. Give me a minute, just came in from work and i’ll have some stats for you and were only going three years back from the time Coach Scherf took over the program.

    I know what your response will be, but it don’t matter because your the type of person that will find something negative to say.


    Well here’s what I got for… “You are the best of the sorry A$$es”.

    1. Year 2008, the year Coach Scherf takes over the program from Schuster, another good man I might say.
    AZUSA loses twice that season and it’s to Aquinas, who has a very good football program 31-18. AZUSA wins League and goes undefeated. You might say so what! But let me remind you about something that AZUSA hadn’t won Duarte in a LONG TIME! And that was under Coach Crutchfield and company! AZUSA’S defense stops JAIME CANDA, all night and SPANKS DUARTE 44-6, and that was a very SPECIAL NIGHT! Tell me something STOP IT, WHERE IS DUARTE NOW???

    Plays Covina in the playoffs, WHO FRED and Steve predict AZUSA TO LOSE, but AZUSA wins 27-6, something AZUSA hadn’t done in 25 years. Go on to play Temple City and lose 17-0 and Offensively AZUSA’S offense never gets started. Temple City plays Paraclete and loses 27-6. Paraclete plays FEAR THE MEAD(ROSEMEAD) and wins the Mid Valley Championship!

    2. Year 2009, AZUSA plays BELL GARDENS and loses pretty bad in the preseason, lose their best halfback that game and the kid can’t play his entire season. Go on to play Ontario Christian and AZUSA wins 28-27 at Ontario. OC, goes on to play in the Championship game, but lose a close game to Santa Margarita.

    AZUSA plays Covina in the first round of the playoffs and wins Covina for the second year in a row 44-6! Then plays San Marino in the (second round) and wins 27-24, and by the way was one great game!

    AZUSA goes into the third round of the playoffs and plays San Dimas, well I hope you know who they’re STOP IT. I’ll say this at the end of the half AZUSA and San Dimas are tied up 24-24, but end up losing 50-24. AZUSA’S defense can not stop the run. At the end of the playoffs SAN DIMAS knocks off Monrovia and San Dimas is the CIF Champions! Over all not a bad year for AZUSA, and I believe that was the first time in school history that they made it to the third round!

    3. Year 2010, AZUSA plays BELL GARDENS for the second time and stomps BG 48-0 at their home field! BG, was coming on the blog stating they going to kill us again. This time AZUSA wants a little payback and is ready to play. Plays Onatrio Christian again and wins 31-10. AZUSA for the third year in a row wins the league!

    CIF, picks AZUSA as the number one seed in the Mid Valley because of their undefated record. My opinion, it’s a nice honor but it could also be a curse! AZUSA is paired up with VILLAGE CHRISTAN, from Sun Valley, who is also seated high and read were both Coaches had said it shouldn’t have happened. I know STOP IT, what your going to say, well AZUSA should play the best if their ranked that high. Well here’s an example why the teams that weren’t seated #1 got to play. Monrovia plays Gladstone,(BLOW-OUT).Covina plays La Canada,(BLOW-OUT), get it.

    AZUSA plays in the First round against Village Christian and loses a game that they should have won, BOTTOM LINE! AZUSA had the game won but let it slip through their fingers so to speak. Yeah I know what your thinking STOP IT, COULD OF, WOULD OF ,SHOULD OF. Score board don’t lie 31-24, VILLAGE CHRISTIAN.

    VC, played Whitter Christian in the third round and loses by one point 28-27. WHITTER CHRISTIANS plays Covina, in the second round and wins 27-16. Covina played WEST COVINA in the preseason and shocks West Covina by winning. Hopefully you remeber who won the Mid Valley Championship game right STOP IT, since it seems you can’t remember shit about AZUSA.

    Monrovia wins Whitter Christian in a blow out and are the Mid Valley Champions. Over all, AZUSA’S PROGRESS has been OUTSTANDING if I do say so myself! Now if you can’t get this, then DON’T WASTE MY TIME TALKING BULL about AZUSA.

    Good looking out D-MO and DAMIEN ALUM, I appreciate the support and this fool has me writing at 2:45 in the morning. LOL…

    How’s that for you STOP IT for a break down, and come back with something intelligent to say, or don’t say nothing at all!


  • @Aztec PRIDE

    your comparison about last year Covina losing to Whittier Christian 27 – 16 who then barely beat Village christian 28 – 27 means absolutely nothing its just you trying to say the team Azusa lost to was what? better then Covina? Yeah right!! how about you put some more thought into that like maybe Whittier Christian and Village Cristian are league rivals and have already played each other once that year so hence the scores going to be tight…. and you put Covina Vs. Whittier Christ. score like it was something bad if Covina’s defense held up at the end not letting Whittier Christ score with 1 minute left in the game it would have been 20-16.


    Yeah Right! @Aztec PRIDE, how many times do you see other schools on here comparing the WHAT IF factor and using that as a measuring stick, you see here all the time. IT’S CALLED THE APPLES TO ORANGES THEROY. I’m not going to get to deep into this, but you had your great season last year and so did AZUSA. Hell AZUSA was so good that they were selected the #1 seed in the Mid Valley.

    AZUSA’S team last year was just as good as the previous teams, so DON’T come in here with your ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEROY at me. Put some thought, LOL… good one and you didn’t notice how much thought I put in my last post and i’m sorry if I missed that WC and VC were rivals? COME ON NOW…

    I’ll give you this though, you know what’s nice about writing? Is when the person reading it UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR WRITING ABOUT! Here’s the facts though, see 2008,and 2009 years.

    I’ll ended it with this @Aztec PRIDE, we both lost to PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS! HAVE A NICE DAY…


  • Colt74

    You play who is put in front of you. Neither Azusas league or Covinas league are known for being powerhouses. Both leagues are average. Face it. It is what it is.

    Azusa STILL went undefeated and did not let 30 points be scored on them before the playoffs. FACT. Name me 1 other team that gave up that low of a points total. I’ll wait……………..

    Azusa should have beaten Village Christian and Covina should have beaten Whittier Christian. But we didn’t, we both choked.
    It happened.
    It was last year.
    Move on.

    AZTEC PRIDE and I will CONTINUE to thump our chests for our teams. Don’t like it? Feel free to visit one of our games and smooch our butts.

  • Stop it

    Aztec Pride
    Ok your post makes some good points. And let me say I am not bashing Azusa I am stating facts from what I have observed in the paper and on this blog. 2008 I guess is as far back as you go, previous to that Azusa was horrible and we will not talk about it nor did I even hear about Azusa or see anything on them in this blog or the paper so if you went back further all I can go by would be maxpreps. Shoot I can only go back 2 years seeing all your post about Azusa this and Azusa that I didn’t know you have been on here for 3 years, you must have been quiet year 1! From what I can gather is Schuster was at .500 or below in all 4 seasons but it looked like he made the playoffs 4 out of 4 years but I wonder how with those terrible records? I will agree with you Azusa has won games as I checked Maxpreps under Scherf but they beat sorry a$$ teams. I will agree after looking Scherf has done a good job, but he hasn’t beat anybody.

    2008 you lost to Aquinas and they were 10 and 2 but they are in a lower division.(WHat that means cause you do not see to get it that is like USC coming to play Citrus it is no good for USC) You also brag about beating Duarte they were barley .500 6 and 6, but if you haven’t beat them in a while I guess I will give you props.

    You beat covina in the playoffs they were 4 and 7 which means they were 4 and 6 going into the playoffs how do you even make the playoffs with a losing record? Then you get blanked by Temple City. Not impressed yet and still didn’t beat anybody.

    Year 2 you got smashed by a Bell Gardens a team that did not make the playoffs(and you brag about that LOL) and were a medicore 6 and 4 probably should make the playoffs at 6 and 4 in the Midvalley. You beat Covina again in the playoffs but Covina was again below .500 at 5 and 6 which means that they were 5 and 5 going into the playoffs again how do you make the playoffs with that horrible record? You beat San Marino in the 2nd round who is terrible but has a decent record at 9 and 3 but it is a paper record because they play the likes of Hoover, La Salle, Blair, Gabrielino, San Gabriel and South Pasadena. That is 6 wins easy so not impressed yet

    Then you get smashed 50 to 24 by the CIF Champs but you claim it was a close game 50 to 24 doesn’t seem close to me. Still not impressed yet and you haven’t beat anybody beat a school with a football tradition.

    Third year Azusa beat Bell Gardens in the 1st game of the year which shows me nothing because the 1st game of the year coaches are figuring things out still as are players that theory was proven last year with Covina slipping past West Covina if they played again West Covina would have beat them by 40 points. But I will give it to you Bell Gardens did make the playoffs and advanced as far as you did that year round 1. As for your seeding complaint and having to play an at large team how can you complain if you would have won you would have played Rosemead who was not very good they were shut out 34 to 0 in the 2nd round so if you took care of business you would have been to the Semis Again which then I would give you credit and say maybe Azusa can brag a little with back to back semi final apparences but it didn’t happen. See year 2 seems to me to be a fluke and to complain about seedings is point less it seems to me Azusa has gottten pretty good seedings Year 1 a 4 and 6 Covina team, Year 2 a 5 and 5 Covina team, Year 3 an at Large 6 and 4 Village team that if you won you had a cake walk to the Semis as well as some bragging rights, but to be one and done after going to the semis shows it was a fluke, your program has improved you are no longer sorry a$$es, your program is now the best of the Sorry A$$es!

    Keep up the good work! Someday you will get there! Keep hoping!

  • Stop it

    Colt 74

    “Azusa STILL went undefeated and did not let 30 points be scored on them before the playoffs. FACT. Name me 1 other team that gave up that low of a points total. I’ll wait……………..”

    Again they played a soft schedule and this makes me laugh even harder because you just made my arguement stronger if they were so good then how do you allow 30 points in 10 games and then allow 31 points in one 4 quarter game? You let this happen because you need to play better opponets to get you ready for the playoffs!
    That is my whole argument! Azusa has won games because they do not play anybody that gets them ready for playoff competition.

    Also, if you have such a great defense how do you fake a punt in the playoffs backed up on your end of the field with the score tied giving your opponet a short field and the game. Punt the ball away and rely on your great defense. This shows me the coaches know they are not that great too!

  • Colt74

    Stop it,
    In those games where they didn’t give up over 30 points in a SEASON they pulled their starters out EARLY. That means even there 2nd and 3rd stringers were not scored on. So you are telling me that the ENTIRE league was SO BAD that their first string could not score on Azusas second or third stringers?

    Or…option 2. They really were pretty decent.

    Fake punt? My opinion? One of the stupidest things I have seen in quite a while. But if he would have pulled it off he’d of been elevated to the level of a GOD in the city of Azusa. Punt it and let your defense do what they have done all season.

    Azusas preseason this year is better. I’m not going to rag on another teams preseason when with the exception of West Covina ours looks like a JAA schedule.

    I believe in one thing above all else in football. To be the best you need to play the best. Well that and ALWAYS wear a cup……

  • Colt74

    “if they were so good then how do you allow 30 points in 10 games and then allow 31 points in one 4 quarter game? You let this happen because you need to play better opponets to get you ready for the playoffs!

    It happens! I don’t care who you play in preseason. Doo-Doo happens! Every team out there can look back on last season and pick 1 game they KNOW they screwed up in and wished they could do over. Every single one.

    You also are overlooking one important fact. The new CIF guidelines for playoffs and who goes has changed. Now, more than ever it is forcing your hand to try and schedule easier teams in preseason to keep the win count up. The days of going to the playoffs with a 5-5 record are coming to an end. Same with 3 teams from each league. Now more often than not it will only be the top 2 teams ( as I feel it should be anyway).

    H.S. Football now is ALL about the playoffs. That and getting the best team that money can buy.

  • Goldenarm

    Damien Alum
    liked your post.

    AZTEC PRIDE ridin on a 31-5 record has plenty to be proud of. As a father, knowing your son will be playing under a top notch coaching staff – is an excellent feeling, and knowing the head coach is going to get the best out of all his athletes is what you want to see.

    My son has since graduated but we (Temple City Rams )faced Azusa round 2 in 08, a game which several people have mentioned. The Aztecs were averaging 425 yds a game in offense, 30 ppg and had just beaten Covina. Skill player wise they had talent, a solid QB and a kid named Zaragoza who could find the endzone.
    The game was a 17-0 mismatch only because TC had defensive and offensive lineman that dominated the line of scrimmage and beat down the Azusa line. Azusa crossed the 50 yd line one time in 4 quarters and TC just chewed the clock with 8 minute posession drives.
    The Aztecs offense could never get rolling – what offense can when oppossing linemen are in your backfield all night.
    The Azusa kids gets never quit and the game was a clean, no cheap shot contest.
    Just remember Monrovia lost something like 9 straight championship games – and carried that dark mojo for some time. Once broken, people don’t talk about such streaks anymore. Under Sherf’s system if Azusa get 5 good lineman, their day of reckoning may be coming. Aztec Pride – good luck this season.

  • Joe Pulitzer

    I find it absolutly wild that some of you posters have the time and patience to write such long posts. They are all so boring.

  • Stop it

    Colt 74
    “In those games where they didn’t give up over 30 points in a SEASON they pulled their starters out EARLY. That means even there 2nd and 3rd stringers were not scored on. So you are telling me that the ENTIRE league was SO BAD that their first string could not score on Azusas second or third stringers?”

    The answer to this question is yes that whole league is that bad! Most of those teams in that league from what I know only field 1 team I think Azusa is the only team that fields a Varsity, JV, and Freshmen teams in that league. I know Azusa’s lower levels played the Mission Valleys lower level teams last year to get games and they were not reserve games.

    One last comment on the fake punt how do you figure he would have been a god in the city from what I know they were back up on their own 15 yard line when they called the fake? They still had to score that was terrible nothing good could have came out of that call.


    GOLDENARM, I see your in here with the Temple City, AZUSA run down of the playoff game, and it’s good to see somebody still remembers that game. You know Goldenarm that was my sons last game for AZUSA, and there wasn’t a dry eye on the that team when the game was over. Goldenarm, I got this blogger STOP IT, busting my B@lls,LOL… But he don’t have stats for all those Parents that enjoyed every game that season for AZUSA, and you know what, that season has been like the KICK START for the program!

    STOP IT, you too have some good points and there was some questionable calls in that last playoff game, but that goes in all sports.How often do we love being ARM CHAIR quarterbacks and mentioned he should of called this play better. Coach Scherf, my opinion is a good coach, along with the other several staff he has and is still learning. What I do like about the Scherf, he states he loves the GAME and that’s what we all do on here!

    I’ll say this STOP IT, you said we were the “BEST OF THE SORRY ASSES”, well you know what, I rather be on the top then be any lower then what your saying we are. Wow, I could never thump on my then CHEST!LOL…

    Colt74, and to all you, Enjoy this coming football season!(GOOD LOOKING)!



  • SGV for 30 Years

    AZTEC and Colt,

    You guys are cracking me up with all this love. So are you guys still gonna have all this love when Azusa and Covina meet in the play-offs this year? The funny part is to read all these other people try to jump in your sh………. for expressing your opinion. I think both of you realize exactly where your schools stand as far as being top teams. I don’t know that you guys are chest thumpers though.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!

  • Colt74

    SGV for 30 Years,

    People come to these blogs for 3 reasons.

    1. To support their team
    2. To rag on other teams and let their Narcissistic Personality Disorder run wild.
    3. To keep up with the area sports.

    I like Aztec Pride. How could you not? He helps make the blog fun. He gets on my short hairs every now and then but after COVINA beats AZUSA it will be better. But until that happens, we are 0 for 2 in the last 2 games so I gotta take it. If we get to play each other this year I will LOVE every second of it. Especially the final score. šŸ™‚

    High school football for MOST teams is a roller coaster over the long run. You gotta enjoy being at the top of the crest with your hands up when you get the chance.

  • Goldenarm

    Colt 74,

    If your team of choice makes it to the championship game – you better freeze time and inhale all you can.

    It is a long, long way from grueling weight room hours, agilities, spring ball, hell week and the regular season fight to be playoff eligible. Pray that bumps and bruises is all you have and that your teammates are reasonably healthy goin in. You better have prepped the #2’s on the depth chart to be ready to step in and do battle. If not, tell the bus driver to keep the engine warmed for departure.

    The truth is getting back there again may be a decade or more away. Dumb ass administrative moves, wholesale program changes, talent drop-off, coaching departures, a single missed PAT and old reliable, bad luck – can deter ever feeling that rush of excitement again. Especially with a son or sons in the program, and knowing the players who all grew up together and have been bonded in the experience, win or lose. That is what makes prep football such a gas.


    STOP IT, maybe you should directly send an email to ARAM, about AZUSA being on here to much becaus he’s the one posting the ARTICLES UP! LOL.. Please see the latest one, man being an AZTEC Fan keeps getting better by the YEAR! Good Job JAKE MARTINEZ, and best of luck to you this coming season. Most of all, STAY HEALTHY!

    Goldenarm, the player you mentioned RAULEY ZARAGOZA, has recently been picked up from Citrus College and going to Delware State on a full scholarship!



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