Damien: Powerhouse in progress or mired in mediocrity? … Call me crazy, I say powerhouse …

“We have game breakers this year … more guys who can stretch the field,” Gano said.

Just had my preview issue conversation with Damien coach Greg Gano this morning and I hung up feeling even more confident than I was when ranking Sparty No. 8 in the latest All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25.

How good will the Spartans be this year? 10-0? 9-1? 8-2? Anything’s possible …

Before we look at the schedule as the glass half full, let’s look at what happened in the offseason.

— Paraclete transfers Uriah Trailer and Travion Boykins come in and bolster the offensive weaponry as all-purpose guys.

— Defensive linemen Alex Hernandez transfers from Charter Oak, giving the Spartans something they really need — a high-motor player up front.

— Former Los Altos studs Keith and Travis Brown join the coaching staff. And believe me when I tell you, kids really listen to these guys. I think the Browns will be very effective at instilling a nastiness factor that’s often been missing at Damien.

— A.B. Miller corner back Jonathan Lyles transfers in, giving Damien the speedy cover guy it badly needs on the outside.

— Glendora QB Gage Pucci transfers in giving the Spartans a now three-way battle at QB.

— Receiver Josh Savage gets a year better and stronger, and is now 202 pounds

All of those factors will DEFINITELY make the Spartans a much, much better team talent-wise. But let’s look at the schedule … and you will see this team could have one heckuva record.

Sept. 9 DIAMOND RANCH (I’m calling this a W. Spartans better, D-Ranch maybe not as good as last year right away)
Sept. 15 at Chaffey (Win)
Sept. 23 BISHOP AMAT (Here’s where it gets interesting: Amat with no Nine at QB. If the Lancers are one dimensional, that could open the door for an ambush)
Sept. 30 at Temescal Canyon (Should be a decent game, but I’ll call it a W)
Oct. 7 JSerra @Saddleback Coll. (This will be rough. OK, I call it a loss)
Oct. 14 at Claremont (Win)
Oct. 21 SOUTH HILLS (Good game, but again, we’re glass half full. W.)
Oct. 28 CHINO HILLS (Hard to gauge Chino Hills, but I think Damien wins this)
Nov. 4 at Charter Oak (By this point of the year, this may very well be a toss up)
Nov. 10 AYALA (Win)

And lastly, as good as the Spartans look this year, think about next year with Boykins, Trailer, Savage, Alex Hernandez and Pucci all back. And some pretty good lower levels joining them.

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  • eBB

    Let me be the first to call you crazy. The two running backs are too small for the Sierra League. People from Glendora don’t seem to said to see the QB leave either. Good luck though. The pads will be on soon.

  • Jhykron

    Countdown to haterville, 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…

  • Jhykron

    Heh, Damien’s running backs have been “too small for the Sierra League” every year since Gano got there.

  • They are going to catch Amat in its first game without Nine. They’re at home that night. If they stack the line and halt Jalen Moore, it’s possible they can spring the upset. And if they do, the snowball begins.

  • Checking In

    It seems that what others have warned us about, with Gano at the helm, is “blooming” this Summer at Damien.

    Suddenly, transfers are flooding into the La Verne campus like coyotes to a carcass. This is not the Damien way, and I don’t think it will be long before things “unravel” and the stories of what was promised to these kids becomes public.

    Winning at any cost is a high price to win a football game.


    OK….You’re CRAZY!

  • Name withheld to protect the Innocent

    Gano and Transfers are synonymous. Can’t win with the cards you dealt with, so let’s go a shopping/recruting spree!

  • I need prep football!!!!!


    I think Campa retired, so why don’t you write for Whittier Too….

    Where’s Murry ????

  • word on cameron

    Amat does the same thing so i dont see why people complain about damien but not amat

  • Amat Bully

    Aram is that an early excuse for Amat if they were to lose to Damien….im just asking?

  • Amat Bully,

    I think we all know the answer to that question. And you know what? It would be a very legit excuse … but that’s if it happens. Damien wasn’t even in the same area code as Amat last year, so there’s a big gap to make up. But gaps are made and closed from year to year in HS football.

  • Dan

    That is a lot of transfers for one season. Now I’m starting to wonder if there is some truth to the Gano and transfer rumors. Seems odd for a school to suddenly get this many older kids transfering into one school. Especially since this isn’t a normal scenario at Damien. You wonder who’s talking to all these kids.

  • QuickFix

    Wow, there’s no hiding over at Damien is there? And the sad part is that they’re not the only school that is doing this either. Why can’t they simply play with the hand that they’ve been dealt, learn to toughen up, and coach up the kids to their highest level of potential.
    I think that high school football is in a sad state when it comes to this recruiting nonsense.

    Although most coaches are ethical and should be able to sleep well at night, the Ganos, Laytons, Farraars, and Bogans of the world make it a lot tougher for the Kofflers, Podleys and Thomases of the world. The former set has no confidence in their own coaching ability so they find it necessary to find the quick fix while the latter set realizes that there will be good years and bad years, but they will continually tough it out and teach their players valuable lessons along the way and even upset a team or two. If they wanted to recruit, they should have coached college level football where recruiting is actually a valid process.

  • New York

    What’s the word on Temescal Canyon? That is a long trip and deep into Riverside.

  • NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was wondering where you’ve been. A Damien thread brings you out … or was it Apple’s stellar earnings?

    I will look into to Temescal Canyon for you, bro. Hope all is well. Good to see you back.

  • chino hills

    Adam: yikes just like that Damien built a powerhouse over night? I just wanted to invite you over to our house and check out our full team before you start listing these predictions. Please… have a nice day!

  • Damien Dad (the real one)

    Pucci and Hernandez both should have been at Damien from the start, they realized it and now both kids and parents are at a better place. The two transfers from Paraclete are a very nice addition, but we also have plenty of home-grown talent :
    Andy and Nick Sherwood at RB and WR (speed and both are play-makers).
    Andrew Aguirre at WR (speed, speed and more speed) and on the defense we have Alex Arevalo and Wesley Manning both are in the 6’2″ to 6’3″ and 220 lbs range, both kids have a great motor and will give offensive coordinators nightmares. The line is looking good on both sides of the ball, and most of this team is young and will be coming back. Go Spartans

  • no-step

    Is Reverend T gone?

    This doesn’t sound like the way Damien does things. I have heard that Bishop HS has been doing that for decades (along with creative financing for tuition for really gifted footballers) but that Rev T wanted to stay honorable and above board with this recruiting thing.

  • This not the Damien way

    Your right this is not the Damien way. The losing and old ways have finally come to an end. Damien’s one dimensional academic only has run the school into the ground. Turning the sports programs around is an important part of that. With father Travers gone hopefully Coach Carroll will follow soon. It’s time for the new Damien to emerg which includes a wining football program. And yes that includes transfers so you alumni who think you kids have something coming to them better replan. Teach your kid to compete against whoever is in front of them even if they did transfer in or they are new to the Damien family. The best will play because Damien has to win and will win no one wants to pat tuition to lose.
    Cheers to the new Damien ways!

  • Damien Dad

    Finally someone else calling for Coach Carroll to go….WE NEED TO SEND HIM HOME IN HIS GOLF-CART, this guys has been holding back the entire sports program for so long it’s ridiculous. Riding around the school with his BIG GULP, he is useless. Do we need donations to get rid of him and send him away with a good severance package ? let me know, I’m in………

  • If Boykins and Trailer are too small for the Sierra League, then so are Scoby and Vaughns at CO. And so was Jacquizz Rodgers for college ball (now NFL) and Dante Hall and Jason David. Who wants to say that?

    That’s a crap argument. They’ve got speed, quicks and will make people miss in space. End of story.

  • To Quick Fix

    Quick fix, you mentioned Layton and others in recruiting. Caring about your incoming Freshmen class is not looking for a quick fix. Who have been the “quick fixes” at DR? Diamond Ranch is not a transfer school. With the exception of Brandon Sermons, who played Diamond Bar Pop Warner and grew up in Diamond Bar, who are the other recruits? Sermons left Bishop for personal reasons and anyone who knows Rodney knows it was not a recruiting job by Layton. I have been involved in Diamond Bar Pop Warner for many years and it is our players I see lining up for Diamond Ranch. The players come in for four years and graudate. Name some impact players who have done something from Diamond Ranch that did not live, or attend local schools in Diamond Bar.

  • Youth Camp Tomorrow

    Charter Oak youth camp starts on saturday at 8:30

  • QuickFix

    To Quick Fix,

    You’re a pop warner coach right? So that must mean you know Roddy real well since he illegally shows up to pop warner games and practices to recruit on a regular basis. Why do you think he was suspended for a game last season? In the last five years, he has been suspended for a game, ejected from a game and tried to come back on the field, and had practically an entire season forfeited for an illegal player.

  • DBPW

    Like I said, name the players.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on Aram, go out on a limb and pick the winner in the AMAT and the CO game. Anything on the Fr. Travers saga at Damien . There was an article in the Trib today concern him being out . Does the influx of transfers have anything to do with this .

  • Not too bright

    Diamond Ranch guy
    Correct me if I’m wong, but wasn’t Layton and some of his asst. coaches suspended last year for recruiting violations? I don’t remember anyone else getting busted by CIF for recruiting.

  • rodddddy

    promising freshman spots on varsity when they are in pop warner is illegal, no matter where they live. happens every year at dr.

  • Not too bright

    Sounds to me like Layton has hooked up some inside people/coaches at Diamond Bar Pop Warner in addition to the coaches he already has at Walnut J.A. It would seem as if there are some youth coaches out there that are using their status as coaches to put un-due influence upon players.

  • rodddddy

    incoming freshman i should say

  • Amat Bully

    I hope there is no Amat fans complaining about this Amat gets transfers in every year….

    But CO will still beat up Damien this year just like the past 4 to 5 years CO haven’t lost to them since 06-07..and they tied CO once overall 3-1-1 CO since 06.

  • Your Crazy

    Hey Aram, I will call you more than crazy. You have no clue. Gano is not a coach he is just a recruiter. Damien will never be a powerhouse just simply because he never coaches. Damien should be power house but never will

  • Desert Rat

    Keep doubting Trailer and Boykins.

  • DBPW


  • AMAT 73

    Desert Rat,
    The problem is that to many on the blog think if a players is not a D-1 prospect looking player ( passing the look test ) then he cannot possibly be good. D-1 is the next level but there are many undersized players at the high school level that are excellent or great players in high school . Many of them do not go on to college to play ball or go to small schools or JCs and have excellent careers. These 2 probably fall in that catagory or else why would Gano take them .

  • who cares

    Aram’s prediction has more to do with good old buddies club than the team. Aram will always attempt to take care of Gano, some teams are in and some teams are outside looking in. Was at a 7on7 yesterday Ayala, john bosco and a unnamed team. The unnamed team destoryed the other two teams. It got so bad that the unnamed team gave one of the teams six attempts from the five yard line before they scored the only score of the night against this unnamed teams Varsity Defense.

  • Desert Rat

    I hear ya Amat 73…we’re used to that argument. Our kids can play. Both Trailer and Boykins have played against bigger schools with us and did fine…as they will do with Damien. They make things happen.

  • BraveDad

    @ who cares,

    I’m not sure where you get your information, but St. John Bosco was not at a 7 on 7 yesterday. We don’t participate in little 7 on 7 tourneys with unnamed teams; we do participate in a couple of the big ones, but not Ayala and “unnamed teams” dude. I was at practice yesterday and all the skills players were there; after practice I spoke to Medina and gave my son’s friend, a WR, a ride home. So unless there’s someone out there impersonating SJB, we weren’t at the tourney you mentioned getting destroyed by an “unnamed team.” Are you sure it wasn’t Don Bosco – there is a bit of a difference you know. LOL!

  • Spartan

    Amat Bully,
    Last season, Charter Oak was only up 14-10 at haltime when they played Damien. Damien completely shut down your run game too. A 2 TD win is good but it is hardly a beating. The season before, Charter Oak only beat Damien by a field goal. Again, hardly a beating.

    Before you start predicting “beatings” I thought you should know that on paper, Damien has the better team this season and will definitely give CO a good, tough game.

    Damien 2011 State Rank: #84
    Charter Oak 2011 State Rank: #150

  • Checking In

    I’ve got to call “This not the Damien way” on his post when he writes:

    It’s time for the new Damien to emerg which includes a wining football program. And yes that includes transfers so you alumni who think you kids have something coming to them better replan.

    Sorry pal, but this “reeks” as though it came from a guy who’s never put on a “girdle” or strapped on a “bonnet”, as my old DHS coach used to say.

    If the quest for winning causes The Big D to “stretch” the rules, then the place has changed—and NOT for the better!!

  • Amat Bully

    im not going to go there with scores and how games were won but the calprep rankings mean nothing they have CO ranked terrible but our local Bias great writer in Aram has finally ranked CO where they truly belong above the rest but the season is right around the corner and this year CO team is a team to watch and fear greatly, i have nothing against Damien besides the fact that they’re the enemy and we’re both after the same thing. But i am definitely rooting for Damien against Amat i hope Damien destroy them but after that we’re back enemies on the field of play but good luck on the season except when you play CO we dont want any lucky scores or caught passes against us.

  • Paraclete is not Division2

    “Desert Rat said:
    I hear ya Amat 73…we’re used to that argument. Our kids can play. Both Trailer and Boykins have played against bigger schools with us and did fine…as they will do with Damien. They make things happen.”

    The East Valley Division is nothing like the Inland Division! For clarification, what “bigger” schools did paraclete play that these 2 boys had success with? The only “bigger” school you played that was decent was Serrano and they smoked you guys and those 2 did not play. Are you talking about 1-9 Barstow? They might be decent kids but this is the Sierra league where athletes are plentiful.

  • DBPW

    Couldn’t do it could you? This converstaion is over.

  • QuickFix


    I wouldn’t know, but you probably would and CIF sure does. Are you just going to pretend as if he didn’t get suspended last year? Are you going to ignore the fact that he had an entire year of games forfeited? The bottom line is that a high school coach is not allowed to go around pop warner programs and bad mouth other programs in order to recruit players. Why is it that Roddy doesn’t keep his staff in tact for consecutive years? You must be one of those pop warner coaches that he promised a coaching job for. Conversation over.

  • CH Husky fan

    What are you smokin’ dude? There is no way that Chino Hills or Charter will “LET” Damien win the sierra league crown. They have goyten a couple of transfers that “might” help them. The CO kid was good, he will help them. The 2 Paraclete kids are dime a dozen Inland division type kids….nothing special and that Pucci kid will not start, as a matter of fact the Glendora coaches are saying he will probably be moving back there.
    Chino Hills has OWNED Damien the last 3 years with huge wins – ’08 45-14, ’09 38-6, and last year 42-7….. We are in Gano’s head. He is not used to getting spanked that bad.
    I know Chino Hills has had an average 7 on 7 summer due to many injuries on both sides of the ball…..when they were at full strength, they won the Rancho Tourney. This year’s O-line will be the best in school history….Damien’s lines will be average. Chino Hills may have lost Ifo and Harris, buth the have QB Chavez returning and have 2 junior running backs that will surprise people ……. so not so fat Aram.



    Show me on paper where Damien is better? We are returning almost everyone on defense and there is only 3 seniors on starting D. That’s bad news for you this year and next.
    On O we return the areas best qb, 3 studs at running back, a great receiving core, with a strong line. Please show me on paper where Damien has a better team than CO. Damien in no way will have the same type of caliber players that CO has!

    PS how is it possible that two kids transfer to a school that is 92 miles away??? Something is just weird about that…

    Ceee Ohhhh

  • SGV Football,

    CO is not returning almost everyone on defense. In fact, the entire front four is gone. Not to mention Rufus. The secondary is fantastic, but the rest is mostly untested.

  • Real Huskies

    Chino Hills had a great squad last year… Heard they have a great freshman class but in no way will they win the Sierra League. Bet That! Charter Oaks Overated! Damien or South Hills League Champs. Please dont talk about last year that was last year. South Hills home of the real Huskies!!!

  • Amat Bully

    Dang Aram you sound something like a hater……lets not forget that the last year CO team was in a rebuilding mode and those young guys on this year team has been tested and ready they might not had started but they played plenty of games and are ready to go…

  • thee HUSKIES

    Husky pup: dream on….you can’t win sierra just with a starting qb and a receiver that has not played a football game in 2 years.. Go back to your cave and jeep dreaming. Our freshman team would for sure handle your 2 player varsity squad. Wake up buddy!

  • just sayin’

    bully boy – you mean a hater – like YOU? Apply all those excuses you have to the teams (team) you bag on and you;ll see how two-faced, unreasonable, and blind you are

  • Speak on what you know


    Speak on what you know…Roddy has family roots in DBPW and Walnut JA, sad when a head coach can’t go watch extended family and friends play youth football without being accused of recruiting. I’m not denying the suspension, but if you know the facts, which you obviously don’t from your comments, it was based more on speculation than anything else. In one breath you throw out allegations about him talking bad on other programs, and then in the next breath say you don’t know all the facts surrounding the situation, again, stick to what you know.

    My son plays for Roddy and is a big reason for his success on and off the field. He genuinely cares about the kids he coaches and how they progress in and out of the classroom/on and off the field, if you’re speaking otherwise you don’t sincerely know the man.

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    SMH behind every great Hater as myself comes another great one as in you just sayin’ but there is no secret at all to my hating Aram likes to beat around the bush and throw in his two cents here and there about teams….you know like you Amat fans. yall sit high but when yall lose the hating begins.

  • just sayin’

    Bully boy- no such thing as a” great” hater. Hate clouds your view of the facts. Like the fact only ONE valley coach has beat Amat in at least the last 15 years- over 25 games- – – and it ain’t Farrar

  • Amat Bully

    or the fact that A lot of teams in the valley in the past 10 years has made it past the second round and guess what coach hagerty and his boys isn’t one of those teams…

  • just sayin’

    bully boy – a bit different beating teams like Bell Gardens, Norwalk or praying that Muir misses a two point conversion to advance than facing a Long Beach Poly, Mater Dei, Lakewood, or Tesoro. Once you face someone like Vista Murrietta (who couldn’t even beat the Serra Leagues THIRD place team) ChOak comes back to reality … oops there goes gravity. First round exit for the ChOak-sters. Expect more of the same in the Inland Division

  • Desert Rat

    You girls can whine all you want about the East Valley Division being weak…tell us something we don’t know.

    The fact of the matter is that if some of the Mid-Valley teams can hang with your schools…I know Boykins and Trailer can be successful at that level.

  • TeachDGame

    CH Husky fan…. You are right, CH had gotten the better of Damien the last few years and the game this year should be different. But don’t sit on your laurels too long my friend. Your Freshman lost to Damiens Frosh last year and everyone is looking forward to seeing how the new Frosh class performs on the field as the “bodies” and athleticism down there are even better than last year. CH has built a very fine program, but last years “special” class is gone, this year may still be very good, but what’s behind right now is not “special”…. gonna be a great year in the sierra league for sure.

  • sierra league fan

    watch out for ayala this year. there returning 6 sophmore startes from last year and have alot of speed this year with robinson, camplell, mcneely, and johnson. also wallace there qb this year is going to be a big threat wih his legs and arm . dont take them lightly

  • Checking In

    With the announcement of Fr. Cronin taking over at Damien, the mischief Gano may have been pulling by bringing in transfers can now be deemed “OVER”!!

    Fr. Cronin, another longtime staffer at Damien from the past, knows what the school’s about, and will not tolerate any deviation from it’s true mission.

    For the Damien Community, this was a brilliant move by the Archdiocese.

    I’d love to be a fly in the room during Gano’s first meeting with Fr. Cronin—the jig is now up.

  • General Turgidson

    Gano’s a winner. He’s due.

    That being said, I say this: Whats the problem with transfers, recruiting, etc.? Besides the fact that its “against the rules” I have NEVER heard a good argument for these rediculous restrictions we place on athletes. Let a kid go where he wants for whatever reason.

    It is inevitable. We always hear this argument: “well, the kids should be students first blah blah i wet my pants.” To this I say: that is your opinion! Those are your values! We don’t impose political beliefs, we dont teach other’s kids our values (ideally), we dont tell families where they should live or what their kids’ goals should be. So why do we feel the need to tell these athletes and their families that they can’t go and do what they want? Frankly, its unamerican and its just plain nonsense. Anyone tells my kid where to go to school and i say shove it.

    the CIF is a self enforcing body… the AD’s make the rules and enforce them. So it makes sense that the loser AD’s who hire their losing flunkie coaches dont want to let kids go where they want. Most kids would go to SUCCESSFUL schools and programs. And thats no good because God forbid these b-star-s be accountable for their performance. God forbid these pukes have to get better.

    I dare anyone to present an argument for transfer restrictions that does not rely on a value judgement. That is, it doesn’t ultimately rely on “the kids should” or “sports shouldnt be about”… Those are your values and you should keep them. Dont impose them upon others. Give me an argument that doesnt rely on that and I’ll listen. You will still be proven wrong, but i’ll listen. You have my word men!

    Thus spake THE GENERAL.

  • I agree

    To the General, I agree 100%. Best post I have read in a long time.

  • where will it end

    @ the general
    how’s this for an argument? with zero transfer rules chaos will ensue. coaches, ad’s, and school administrators will no longer be able to keep helicopter parents in check. no longer will a coach have the abillity to discipline his top players for fear that the parent will simply transfer the kid. coaches will constantly be looking over their shoulders to make sure little johnny’s parents are happy about the focus of the team being on little johnny. in no time at all every team will be run by a few newly empowered parents. also, where do we draw the line with the zero transfer rule? do we allow kids to transfer on a seasonal basis? football at school “a” then transfer to school “b” for the basketball season and then school “c” for the baseball season? maybe we should allow the kids to transfer midseason. they could transfer to the rival school right before the big rivalry game. or better yet, let them transfer on a weekly basis,that way they could play at all of their favorite schools and then transfer after week 10 to a cif contender for the playoffs. all of this without even beginning to scratch surface of the academic instability issues. for now, i think we’re better off letting cif run the institution and not the inmates.

  • Juventus

    “Jhykron said:
    Countdown to haterville, 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…”


    This is wrong and you know it! Why mock those who protest such practices? Look at the damage it has done at LA. Now there is an administration that resides right up the figurative BUTT of the once proud football program, making it virtually impossible for a quality candidate to come in, or WANT to come in. The LA football program is not far from the Raiders, a once proud organization with an overzealous owner impeding progress with his (figurative “his”) autocratic way of running the ship.

    The Gano era came with a price!

  • General Turgidson

    To “Where will it all end”:

    At last! A formidable opponent. However, you shall be vanquished as the rest of my foes.

    First, i never said NO RULES. So of course, in general, no in season transfers, etc. Dont be flippant. No one is in favor of that. So most of your situation specific points are invalid right off of the bat, so to speak. (eg. transferring mid season to rivals, etc.) Have a transfer period, or something similar.

    Just bare with me a moment. You say it will be chaos right? Well first I disagree. I think a smaller amount will transfer than you might think. The number of kids willing to transfer past the freshman year (when they can transfer anyway, and guess what: its not chaos!) is probably small. Actually, my vision in which kids transferring makes coaching better is probably utopian. I dont know that many kids would transfer… not enough to make that kind of difference.

    Therefore, these rules only serve to screw over a couple of kids every year – keep them from playing.

    But lets assume that there is a transfer craze (which there wouldnt be). The best kids, if they wanted to, would go to the best schools (but ellis mccarthy and others prove the best dont always go to the few select schools). Kids who wanted a chance to play, or maybe just play ball for fun at their school, would have no reason to leave to a place they would never play at. If they wanted to seriously compete, they would be at Amat or South Hills etc. to begin with. But for kids at other schools, the draw is the school.

    In fact, it would probably distill the talent to many other schools, as many kids who can’t leave places like Amat, Charter Oak, and South Hills would now be abe to go places where they can get on the field.

    Think about it… you think every kid at Azusa, every kid at Western Christian, every kid at Gladstone… they would all flock to Amat and Charter Oak? No. They would stay.

    Admittedly, we would have more serious differences between the divisions. Theoretically, if Amat could recruit every scholarship worthy athlete in the area (which I wouldnt mind at all!) then the schools that are sort of in the grey area, like monrovia currently, they wouldnt have a chance. But guess what… if EVERYONE RECRUITED, then divisions would remain stable. You wouldnt get an Ellis Mccarthy at Monrovia where he is going to beat up on seriously outmatched kids. Transferring and recruiting would be better for competition. It would even the playing field for lower divisions and it would certainly create a more interesting situation between top division programs. Like the NCAA divisions, it would work. If you think this is too competitive, loses the purpose of high school sports, etc… thats YOUR OPINION. DONT IMPOSE IT UPON OTHERS. If you dont want your kid playing that level of football… well guess what? Under no transfer rules you can send him anywhere!

    Btw… your “keeping in check hellicopter parents” comment… that is just what I was talking about. ITS NOT ANYONES DAMN JOB TO KEEP PARENTS IN CHECK. IS THIS RED CHINA? IF YOU ARE AN IRRESPONSIBLE PARENT THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. The moment you start saying that its the schools job to police parents you’re completely lost. Let the parents do the parenting. (please… dont be flippant and talk about abuse, etc. be reasonable.)

    Lastly, the people would police themselves. How good would a team be if the coach started every transfer he got in? guess what… no one would go there to begin with! They would say “coach x starts everyone who transfers. im going to a place where i know the coach is loyal and fair.” So the coaches would be wary of becoming transfer happy. And have you ever heard of those kids who transfer constantly? I have. I’ve even known the family of one. You know what? They dont have success. So people, for their own sakes, would not transfer like crazy because they know that they will get a reputation, be avoided like the plague and not start. Will this still happen to a few kids? Of course. But its not your job to keep people from the consequences of their actions.

    Thats funny isn’t it? Give people some responsiblity, and what do you know? They dont go crazy! Strange place this America is.

    God damned commie.

    The General says: communism is dead

  • Juventus


    Jhykron! No answer, huh? Well, clearly then, you think a bit too highly of yourself! GET OVER YOURSELF, this is a blog!!

  • The War Begins

    Gano was run out of the Heights with his recruiting tactics. Here was Gano’s downfall, in recruiting at Los Altos. When he recruits a players there are conditions made to complete the transaction. Those conditions usually are grantee starter Varsity. So what happens when you start that recruit and the home grown talent sits on the bench and watches? Then come to find out that the recruit isn’t that good, a matter of fact the home grown talent is better. Well Gano will honor his word and still start the recruit. That is where the wars within the program starts. Be that parent with a kid sitting on the bench, knowing that your son is better than the starter (recruited) his senior year. Gano had many parents wanting a piece of him, his last few years at Los Altos.

    “Glendora QB Gage Pucci transfers in giving the Spartans a now three-way battle at QB.”

    There is no three-way battle at QB, the job is Gage Pucci. It was his before he took a single snap at Damien. The sad part of this is Aram is very aware of the way Gano works but he will continue to cover up for Gano, as we can all see by this thread. Lets look at this from Gage Pucci position, he is the starter at Glendora and is going to transfer to Damien to compete with two other kids for the starter spot, why take the chance? Because there is no chance he is the starter. Word of advice Parents if you son is one of those returning quarterback’s transfer out while you have a change; even if he is the better qb he isnt starting. That goes for all those other transfers; they are taking someones starting spot.

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