All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 10 QBs … post-summer passing circuit …

Jake Martinez’s big summer moves him into Top 10.

NOTE: Although the summer passing circuit means little in the big scheme things, one area where you can make a pretty good judgement on talent is at quarterback. If a QB is displaying a big arm, good decision-making skills, ability to read coverages, ability to check down and has command of his team when it’s on the field, then I think you can safely deduce that QB is headed for a nice season. Things will obviously change when the pads come on and time to throw and running game are other important factors, but nonetheless, I would say that if a QB looks good in summer, he typically translates to the fall.

1. Travis Santiago, Charter Oak — Yes, we have a change at the top. Santiago moves to the top of the list after an excellent summer. If you saw him throw, you saw that the arm strength is there, the decision making is there and the field command is there. The guy was reading things beautifully all summer. Basically, he didn’t miss. Throw in being able to workout with NFL guys and even looking good there, and it’s pretty safe to say Santiago is headed for a monster year.

2. Steven Rivera, Arroyo — Like Santiago, Rivera put on display a knack for going to the right place with the ball on nearly every play. That’s what you want to see out of a FOUR-YEAR starter and Rivera’s got it. Rivera has become another member of the coaching staff. He’s got that much of his team. When ratchets up the intensity, the entire team feeds off of it. This guy has it all and looks poised for a very big season.

3. Nine, Bishop Amat — The pre-passing circuit No. 1 has dipped down because while I still think all the tools that made him No. 1 are there, the priority placed on football is not. And THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. I cannot say it enough, Nine is likely headed toward a professional career in baseball, so why not make that the priority in his life? Anyway, part of his time this summer has been diverted toward a resume-building seleciton to Team USA. And while that’s great, Nine is still a QB that showed at times last year that he needed some more polish. Did he get it this summer? Probably not as much as he should.

4. Henry Omana, Diamond Bar — Omana put on display the type of big arm and decision making that you want to see out of next-level hopeful. He led the Brahmas to a win in the SGV Shootout. Like I said going into that tourney, if you’re a Maranatha or D-Bar and you have a potential next-level QB at the helm, YOU’D BETTER MAKE A DAMN GOOD IMPRESSION in a tourney like the SGV Shootout. Omana did just that. His deep balls were on the money. His deep outs were ropes. He’s got it all …

5. Andrew Elffers, Maranatha — Elffers has attracted a ton of buzz following his fantastic sophomore season. Still only a junior, he’s got the tools to become the player everybody expects. I saw him at the SGV Shootout and was impressed with how quick he got the ball out and how accurate it was. It was three-step drop and out. He needed very little time to go to the right place with the ball, which is a great sign.

6. Myles Carr, Arcadia — Carr had a very big summer, leading Arcadia to a very nice showing in several tournaments. It helps when you have a WR like Taylor Lagace, the Apaches’ skill talent evidently runs even deeper than just Lagace. Carr has the arm and the athleticism to do it all and now he’s showing he’s got the decision making, too. Couldn’t ask for a better summer in terms of putting his name on the map. Hence the reason he’s up three spots from the previous list.

7. Billy Livingston, Covina — Sadly, Livingston was missing from the SGV Shootout, which would have let a lot of people see that he’s gotten even better this offseason. But when you’re across the country at a Manning QB camp, that’s a pretty good excuse. Livingston looked impressive against Charter Oak, though. Some people even thought that the Colts won or pushed that matchup. Nothing’s changed here; Livingston is still one of the signal callers to fear most this fall.

8. Jared Leibowitz, St. Francis — Leibowitz and the Knights had some rather solid, under-the-radar showings in some pretty prestigious tournaments. Leibowitz is a big kid with a very nice arm, and he’s obviously being groomed very well by Knights coach Jim Bonds, who knows what he’s doing with QBs. I’m a little concerned with the lack of playmakers outside of WR Travis Talianko, but that’s not reflection on Leibowitz. He’s going to have the ball in the right spot if this summer was any indicator.

9. Vince Hernandez, South Hills — Those expecting Hernandez to simply be a caretaker-type QB may be surprised this season. All the tools are there. I just can’t say enough how much the experienced QBs in the area got better, and Hernandez was clearly one of them. He’s got the arm and the decision making is what it should be for someone with this much experience. If Hernandez gets time and a healthy Jamie Canada, he could shock people with his numbers.

10. Jake Martinez, Azusa — I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed by Martinez this summer. That’s because I thought there was an underlying reason why Jose Nunez got so much time, but clearly it was because Nunez was that good. Anyway, Martinez impressed all summer long, as did the rest of the Aztecs. He’s got the arm, knows the offense well and was making all the throws.

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  • Amat Bully

    its starting to become obvious who the real number 1 team is in the sgv. THE GREAT CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good Job JAKE MARTINEZ! STAY INJURY FREE this coming season. I’m sure the Martinez family will be real proud of you and AZUSA!

    You’ve got some big games heading your way, San Dimas, Maranatha. Keep cool in the pocket and FIRE AWAY!

    Nice Pic, ARAM!


  • Stop it

    Aztec Pride
    Like I have said many times I am not bashing Azusa just do not think they are as good as you make them out to be. They have not beat anybody that was any good the past 3 years.

    Also I do not feel like their coaching staff does anything to get them ready for the playoffs playing the cupcake schedule.

    I see they are making a little noise this summer and you are making a lot of noise for them too. So we will see how they do?

    Hope Azusa figured out what the problem was last year and if they are in the semis this year or finals they have something to brag about. Good Luck to you guys, touch football is over and now the real game begins!


    First of all I like to just say to all you SGV bloggers that Im not going to continue this foolish topic what STOP IT just posted. Im sure you seen the one. Im just would like to say to STOP IT, if he read the article ARAM just placed and if you would have read it right, it had nothing to do about the team in general.

    This was about INDIVIDUALS doing well on the TEAM, so why would you place something like that on here. Can the person have his 15 minutes of fame? Without some body on here placing something (STUPID) on here!
    STOP IT, have some CLASS and TACK!


  • For those of you voting “OTHER”, you better tell me who your “OTHER” is. I want to know who you think I missed out on … and why.

  • Jefe

    As far as the SGV…there’s Santiago & then there’s everyone else.

  • Dan

    Livingston, with his recievers and slot guys alone should be enough to give our West Co “D” coordinator fits, add in the running threat of Ainsworth and you got a nice headache coming. I saw the Charter Oak back 7 at the Bonita tournament and thought they were one of the most impressive defensive cover teams all summer, pretty much shutting down everyone they played that day including Valencia and Hart. If Livingston and crew were able to get the better of that CO defensive unit, then they must have some very good all around speed and must execute a nice passing scheme.
    WC will need a stellar overall effort on defense to slow down Livingston and his offense. The new O line and QB for West Covina could be crucial factors in determining this game. If we can keep drives going it should limit the number of opportunities for the Colt offense. Also our boys at West Covina should remember, just because they feel Covina got away with one last year, and that they “owe” one to the Colts this season, they still got to go out on the field and fight to make it happen, they must realize the Colts will be up for this game big time in order to prove to everyone that last year was no fluke. With the Colts having most of their team back and being even better this year WC will need to play mistake free, disipline, fundamental ball, and most of all we need to take care of the ball.

  • Other


    “Other” is a CIF championship Qb that sat out last season with injury. Shawn Kennedy will have a monster season breaking the backs of teams that commit nine guys to stop the run. We will also beat people with his legs. Also, he has ice in his viens and does not feel pressure. But, we know there is just no repect for Shawn cuz you doint like the offense! Thats fine…….. no pay back needed……

  • Colt74

    “Some people even thought that the Colts won or pushed that matchup.”

    In all fairness, it was only the ones there without the seeing eye dogs that felt that way.

  • Colt 74,

    You saying the Colts didn’t show well that day against CO?

  • Alex_Trebek

    Pretty sure the kids name is not “Nine” so why don’t you be an unbiased journalist and write his name like you to with every other kid.

  • Colt74

    There was no PUSH about it. The ONLY people that thought the Colts did not shine that day were standing there with their seeing eye dogs. Ask Big Lou how Covina performed.

    I promise you Aram…this season we will get you on the bandwagon. Clear your mind of any preconceived notions of us lowly colts and come watch a practice. Forget about talking to the coaches. Talk to the players. Feel the buzz. And you will believe.

  • Colt 74,

    That’s funny. A few years ago I was considered to be the one driving the Colts bandwagon. And this offseason, I’ve taken nothing but heat for saying the Colts have arguably the top three skill players in the Valle Vista at their respective positions.

  • Coach Slayer

    How do you leave off that monster at Monrovia? He is not your prototypical high school qb but what coach of the top qb’s would’nt gladly trade their qb for him?

  • SD MOM

    Other is Shawn Kennedy!!!! 2009 CIF QB thats who!!!!

  • Colt74

    We get the love from you and Fred. You both showed us PLENTY during the MM era, and even stuck up for us last season in the seatings and rankings. We let you guys down after fighting for us.
    We gave you a reason to go over to the dark side. Charter Oak.

    We’ll earn your trust back.

  • Thor


    Covina asked if they could run an open backfield and did dump passes where linemen would be. Outside of that the QB and receiver duo were very impressive, Muir came by two weeks later and asked for the same and we said only if our backers can blitz and tackle. Passing leagues are great but some schools do that dink and dunk crap all day long that won’t work in pads.

    I hope nobody takes amat girley and “not since the last time I hooked up” are CO fans that matter.

  • Colt74

    “…and we said only if our backers can blitz and tackle.”

    Had me in stitches. One of the BEST blog lines ever!
    Man, I needed that…..

  • Living Legend

    @thor I was at the 7-7 and they didn’t hit the RB once the whole time. So I am not sure what exactly you are talking about in saying they through passes where linemen would be. All I really do know is Venegas was the best football player on the field that day.

  • Colt74

    This season what I’m hoping the Colts can improve on is their DB coverages. Too many times they are “reacting” instead of “acting”. Tighter coverage too. Defensive and Offensive lines are coming along. Lets just cut down on the holding and jumping the gun penalties.
    Can the Colts stop Solo? I don’t think any team out there can stop Solo…without a Bazooka. I just hope we can limit the damage and get good solid tackles. Swarm the ball.
    Covina is not concerned weather anyone thinks last year is a fluke. Using the term fluke is a cop out. When the clock read 00:00 we had more points. We won. End of story. Are we smart enough to know that the Bulldogs want our heads on a platter? Mama didn’t raise no fool. We ruined an undefeated season.
    Bragging rights don’t mean squat. It’s all about the banner. We have the defending CIF Champions coming into our house on the same date as last year. We need to stay focused, take care of the ball, and leave it all out on the field. Just like on September 3rd of last year.
    Coach Thomas and his squad will have the Colts ready. I hope we have another chance to “”shock your favorite Trib reporters”….

  • Pomona


    I have seen both Covina and Pomona during the summer, it is clear that Pomona is a much more talented team than Covina. That being said why don’t you give Pomona any love? Do you have something against the Pomona program? Is there something between you and the coaching staff? Based on your comments it is personal, is that fair to the Pomona program?

    I haven’t seen a better receiving core this summer, they go at least 5 to 6 deep. Their quarterback has got a strong and accurate arm, as good if not better than Livingston. Their defense is going to destory the VVL. As good as their offense is their defense is better, this team is going to run away with that league. But the Tribune pretends they don’t exist?

  • Observer

    im sorry that you didnt get to see Livingston at the shootout but thats to low to be putting Livingston and it seems that the people have voted that as well he deserves to be top 3… 4th at the lowest!

  • Pomona,

    The Tribune having something against Pomona? That’s funny as hell considering our reporter Steve Ramirez had to write the Pomona preview without quotes from Coach Rice because he won’t call him back. Why would that be? We have no trouble getting a hold of ANYBODY … but now we can’t get a hold of Rice.

    If Pomona kicks as much butt as you say they will, I will be more than happy for them and I’m sure they’ll get plenty of ink.

    My problem is that I heard the same things at the same time last year about Wilson. And we all know how that turned out.

  • Stop It

    Aztec Pride
    I was just continuing our conversation from the earlier blog. Did I strike a nerve with my last post or is it that the truth hurts? Azusa plays a soft schedule, even this years schedule is not tough it is a baby step up but all it is going to show you is that you will be 1 and done in the playoffs. I do not think you will stop San Dimas’ running attack and then you will have trouble stopping Maranatha’s passing attack not because it is special but because you will be down from the loss to SD and it is not the playoffs yet. But I will give it to you this is a better schedule then the past 3 years but again it is at the division level nobody above that is worth anything. Don Lugo sucks. I am calling it Azusa will be 8 and 2 maybe 9 and 1 heading into the playoffs with then #1 seed again and another 1st round exit. CIF has no clue that is how they will have the number 1 seed everybody else in that division will have at least 2 losses going into the playoffs.

    I know you fear my last comment you realize now Azusa has to put the pads on now no more touch football for your soft program!

  • Nate

    Just tell Schrimen or whatever his name is to stop all the BS about how great his boy and Pomona are. Wow this guy is unreal! I feel sorry for the kid.
    For my own 2 cents, I would put the Arcadia kid much higher, he has the strongest arm I saw all summer and he makes good decisions back there. Also, I actually think Livingston is too high, there is a little too much hype and not enough substance.

  • Pomona


    Let me get this right, you guys pretend like Pomona doesn’t exist this summer. Then when 7on7 is over you call Rice to get information from him about Pomona, and he doesnt return your call, I WOUNDER WHY?

    Your comment;

    “My problem is that I heard the same things at the same time last year about Wilson. And we all know how that turned out.”

    Real simple answer to that, you could have made your own observation by watching Pomona, but you decided not to. Don’t you think that may also be why Rice didn’t call you back, I wouldn’t.

  • Dan

    Colt 74,
    “I don’t think any team out there can stop Solo…without a Bazooka”
    Thats too funny, lol, Hey Ainsworth is no walk in the park either.

  • A coach not returning phone calls because his team didn’t get covered in passing games? Are you kidding me? And in the first place, how would we know when/where Pomona was playing this summer if Coach Rice didn’t return our calls? And I don’t recall seeing Pomona in the SGV Shootout. Weren’t they in it last year, or was that before you were a fan? Where else locally would I have seen them?

    Don’t try to pin this on me and play your “lazy reporter” crap. I was EVERYWHERE this summer. Find me someone who was more places.

    I was at Arroyo, Muir, Charter Oak multiple times, Bonita, Glendora … SGV Shootout, Bonita Air Assault, Claremont Tournament … you name it.

    Listen man, you’re getting close to getting all your stuff deleted again, so I would suggest you drop it. You’re already starting to embarrass yourself and your team just like last year. Is that what you want?

  • Pomona


    You are so sure that all these comments are coming from one person, you are so wrong.

    Tell you what I’m willing to beat you a lunch winner picks location that the person you got pissed off isn’t who you think it is, and I can prove it. We all know how much you enjoy your food?

  • Colt74

    Nate said,

    “I would put the Arcadia kid much higher, he has the strongest arm I saw all summer and he makes good decisions back there. Also, I actually think Livingston is too high, there is a little too much hype and not enough substance.”

    Myles Carr 2010

    170.2 YPG
    Pass yards 1872
    TD 26
    QB Rating 120
    State Ranking 201

    Billy Livingston 2010

    236.5 YPG
    Pass yards 2838
    TD 25
    QB Rating 111
    State Ranking 132

    If you think that Livingston is too high then Carr should not even be on the list. And if those numbers are not enough substance what does that make Carr….see thru?

  • No thanks, I’m on a diet.

  • Haters

    i dont know why this has to get personal talking about a persons personal appearance this is a football site how about we keep it in football!

  • Progress…

    Monrovia has a very good QB. He should be on list. They went to the semis in the SVG Tourney, and was top four at the Buena Park Tourney. It’s ok, he’ll be a mid valley champ again…Go Wildcats.

  • Oh No!!! Conspiracy Theory!!!!

    How are you going to rank Jake martinez ? You know Azusa gonna choke again and that guy is going to be the chief reason… Especially since you left out Brandon Cox from Pasadena, and George Frazier from Monrovia… I would have even been ok with the QB from Pomona getting on the list…We don’t know one players name from Pomona…Come Aram you are better than that!!

  • Monrovia vs Pomona Midvalley title game.

    Aram you are really sleeping on Pomona…They are big and fast…I am telling need to hope on that train quick. I believe they will win the VVL and be a 2-3 seed in the playoffs.

  • Monrovia vs Pomona Midvalley title game

    Monrovia vs Pomona Midvalley title game. said:

    I edited my last post to read how I intended it. Man, I messed up bad. This is what I MEANT to say

    Aram we are really sleeping in Pomona…We are small and slow…I am telling need to hope we’re on that train out of town quick. I believe they will watch the W.W.L. smack down on pay per view and be eating 2-3 packs of sunflower seeds watching the other teams in the playoffs.

  • Nate

    Colt 74,
    Don’t put too much into those stats, he is a nice little QB in the VVL, but not really that special. I am telling you the the Arcadia kid is the real deal. Way stronger arm, better decision maker, division 1 type body. He will have some college offers when its all said and done. Livingston, is not a D-1 QB.

  • All Business

    Stop it, what you fail to understand sir, is that the teams azusa plays in pre-season this year are in their division. All but don lugo i think. anyways, they also cant help who they play in league they just have to play them. what do you want them to do?? again, who cares who they play? i cant understand why you have this beef with who they play and what they do. did you come to this school and not like it or something?? At any rate, leave the boys alone! let them play who ever they want let Aztec pride be proud of a team his son played for which is more i can say about you sir! Go pump up your team for a change and say more positive comments, reguardless of who plays whom, record, one and done, cupcake schedule, we know your position and where you stand with azusa. I am only writing this because you say the same thing everytime and its old now. move on or say something positive things. that goes to the next team you will prob bash on!!

  • Progress…

    Progress… said:
    Wow the General summed it all up. Honestly Bishop’s real issue is the QB position. Until Amat can land a full time QB, they will not be what they should. The Qb is the heart and soul of a team, and leader.
    Bishop does not play in the lower divisions where you can just come in and be Athletic, and make a deep run. Everything and everyone must be on one accord. Bishop is behind the other pac 5 schools, because Rio has not been there. They will be behind all year since Rio is going to be gone. Amat has a sick running game, but you are not going to win the serra league nor pac 5 just running down people’s throat. You are going to have to keep teams off balance. Jalen is going to be the opposing teams focus this season. He had a break out year last year, but no one will be surprised this year. Expect lots of INts, and miscues from Bishops o. Those WR have absolutely no idea who is going to be throwing to them each week, until league start and rio returns to full time. Rio is messing with his teammates success and careers. Aram and Fred never talk about that. This kid has received a lot of undeserved praise on the football side. They have continued to attempt to separate him from the pack of QB’s and players in the SGV. I guess the tribune is hoping that if they give a nick name like “9” and keep him in the rankings despite him not showing up for anything, that he will stay in football. But chances are he is going to make that all star team. Everyone knows this. He is top five baseball players in the U.S. Bishop, I would get ready for him not to return. If Rio was there full time the WR would have better timing, and better numbers. Jalen would not be facing 10 man fronts all year. People are going to go after him because they know he has been playing baseball, and his first passes are going to come in hell week. So i wonder who is going to be getting the reps… On one hand rio is going to need all the reps he can get to be ready for servite, but then so will the other Qbs who will be starting the next weeks and maybe the season. I just can not see bishop making the playoffs this season…too much stuff going on. Jalen is the only constant there right now. This you can quote me on

  • There is no crying in Football

    All Business, I think you are letting people get under your skin, If some one wants to get on here and say Azusa sucks, then its their right. No one has to like any school, any coach, or any kid. I never heard anyone say the azusa players where bad characters. People are just having a SGV conversation. If you want to be on top of the conversation, then you must win games, titles, and play a decent schedule. Life is about overcoming obstacles. Azusa is not setting any obstacles up to prepare their team. I think Aztec fans are upset bc everyone predicted a implode and it happened. Not the SGV’s fault. Azusa is no longer the helpless little school. That image is dead. Since your league is so weak, you should be playing a better preseason. I talk to to a former AZtec star from last season at the SGV shootout….He said the coaching staff choked it with a fake punt….proving that without big game experience, you are setting yourself up to fail. When Azusa played its first real team they lost. That’s a huge red flag for me. There is really nothing anyone can say about azusa right now except what is being said. Even the kids can’t get a real sense of confidence knowing that they are playing player who can’t even tie their shoes. If Azusa is 10-0 going into the playoffs, they will be a 8 seed…CIF is not falling for that again. Do you think Azusa can beat the likes of Monrovia, Covina, San Dimas, Pomona, Maranatha? You just have to sit back let the players make a statement. This blog is not known for bleeding hearts. Its tough Around here! We all take Shit when our teams choke it. Just take your medicine and relax.

  • All Business

    iam relaxed, set them up to over come obtacles?? thats why they are in football. the coach’s at any level prepare the boys for life and show them how become young men! that is the ultimate challenge in football. and so what azusa choked on a fake punt, oh well they made a choice. and if it went the other way….guess we cant say. and former people students or players who down talk, oh well..iam sure the team he or she played on was not the best and they must of not learned real life skills as you should in any sport! when you look at sports thats what really matters. but thats my philosphy and say what you will and will continue to be positive to any team, and support those school who build great character and show young men life skills to win at life! for football, have fun boys, enjoy the time playing with friends!!!!!

  • studley mcmuffin

    Hey Nate- Is the Carr kid your son? He really isnt that good but with great parents like you he seems more than what he is- a 2 or less star.


    Okay Dr. Phil, (THERE’S NO CRYING IN FOOTBALL). Who’s crying by the way? I just didn’t think it was cool for(STOP IT), to come in here and sling mud around, when we had this debate on the other article. But(STOP IT), felt it necessary to place his little message on how AZUSA sucks and what not. Your right, everbody has a right to say what they want, but when we start using words like SORRY A$$, well be prepared to hear the same insults back. I personally seen Jake Martinez, from when he was a kid in AZUSA, to now being a senior and QB for AZUSA.

    Crying??? Come on i’ve been on here for three seasons, making comments about AZUSA, and if STOP IT thinks he’s the first one to hurdle insults, well go ahead.

    All I try to do is make a point on how a team, that’s program over the years had done nothing, BUT!!! These last three years AZUSA has done a little something, maybe to you it’s insignifigant, but to some folks like AZTEC PRIDE, it means a WHOLE LOT! By the way NO CRYING, yes AZUSA has beaten one of those teams you listed!

    Like I said before, FRED and ARAM put up the articles and i’m just agreeing with them!

    GO AHEAD MY NEW FOUND STALKER HATER,(STOP IT),IT’S YOUR MOVE. Let me guess what your going to say already, oooooH AZUSA SUCKS. LOL…

    COACH SCHERF, your doing just fine!


  • Stop it

    Aztec Pride
    I have said it many times I am not bashing Azusa, I am just saying they are not as good as you make them out to be.

    You talk as if they can compete with the likes of the Top teams in the Valley and they can not not even compete with the likes of the medicore in their division. They have beat maybe 1 school in the past 3 years that had a winning record and that was the fluke called San Marino. And I already talked about their weak schedule Blair, Hoover, etc.

    I never bashed a player, shoot I hope the Qb from Azusa does have a great season, I do not bash players, I will call out the coaching staff that is forsure. I will call out staffs that make calls that lose games for their teams, that is terrible when the players play their butts off only to have a stupid call from a coach cost you the game. Do you coach at Azusa too? Is that why it is so personal to you?

    All Business
    Again I never bashed the players, I have made comments to Aztec Pride that Azusa is over hyped. I have called out the coaching staff on the false sense of hope they bring to the Azusa program by not playing better or tougher competition in the pre-season. I know Azusa can not control their league schedule but they can in the preason, and have yet to challenge themselves.

    No crying in football my friend, you hit the nail on the head Azusa is over hyped and the SGV already knew this. And the big part is Azusa proved the point by going 1 and done.


    Your Top 10 is on the money and it shows that the majority of your Top 10 are there because they deserve it. Still waiting for your Top 10 parents to jump onto your BLOG and tell you how good their kids are. Unlike Pomona and San Dimas. Pomona and San Dimas Qb’s have way to much to prove. Untill then sit back and stop begging.

  • SD MOM

    WOW WOW WOW: too much to prove: Shawn Kennedy was OUR 09 CIF CHAMPION QB…. he was injured last yr but hes back!!!! you should watch some film……lol SD SAINTS!!!!

  • SD Mom,

    Who you taking off the list so that Kennedy gets on?

  • Monrovia1

    Monrovia would run circles around pomona, why do these pomona guys keep talking about how good they are or no press. Why doesnt pomona tell you how they did in the osos tournament. Or even in the santa fe tournament. And from what I hear, if they are loaded its because they have been on the recruiting trail. They have kids from all over the area, dranch,colony, alta loma, etc…

  • SaintsR4real

    Fact is, I have gone to aproximately 8 passing leagues. Though, I have not seen the likes of Carr and Leibowitz and other WSGV QBs, the ones I have seen are as follows. Strictly based on QB ability to, not just throw, but moving and positioning to throw when needed:

    Rio Ruiz,BA..
    Both he and Santiago were hands down good, but Rio moved and positioned better.

    Travis Santiago, C.O…
    Great composure, well balanced, could strike at will.

    Henry Omana, D.Bar…
    Great size, great arm, very confident, lacks speed.

    Steven Rivera, Arroyo…
    Another kid with a great arm, good composure, good size, but has opportunities with moving around.

    Shawn Kennedy, San Dimas…
    IMHO, he has everything it takes to change S.D. to a passing team if desired. As most QBs have problems running, this kid doesn’t. Decent arm, size, speed, confidence and most of all, a GAMER.

    Billy Livingston, Covina…
    Looked fabulous when he TOOK DOWN C.O. He has stepped up in his moving out of the pocket when he has to. Good size, great arm, needs better speed and yes, he has learned how to slide before getting banged up.

    Vince Hernandez, S.Hills…
    Only saw him at Glendora’s passing league, but was pretty impressed and best QB out there. Very good arm, good composure, knew his team, but now great, yet.

    Andrew Ellfers, Maranatha…
    This kid has alot going for him, and the one thing that stands out is, his development is consistent, great arm, great size height, not weight, he will be scary next year!

    Jake Martinez, Azusa…
    Very impressive kid, was surprised on his composure, athletic ability to move around and was throwing a high percentage of hitting receivers. decent size height, should do very well.

    Kyle Kianpour, Glendora…
    This kid has what it takes, but time will tell. Hope his Coaches have a game plan to step him up a notch. Good height, weight, moves very well, good arm, good strength. Very coachable!

    Teams I haven’t seen but heard about:
    San Gabriel

    Just my thoughts and what I have actually SEEN.


  • SaintsR4real


    This is your blog, but I would consider Kennedy to bump anybody that doesn’t have the STATS, ABILITY, ACCOMPLISHMENTS,or even RESULTS in passing league.

  • just sayin

    SaintsR4Real…Omana doesn’t lack speed. I heard he ran a 4.8 at UCLA’s recruit camp, which definitely is not slow.

  • Pomona


    Just for the record all I am saying is Pomona will give you a run for your money. If I was a betting man I’m taking Monrovia. Talent wise I don’t believe any team in our division is as close to Monrovia as Pomona, that is all I’m saying. I’m not going to go into details, but I will say many of the rumors you hear are very true, more true than people have heard.

    Now as far as you running circles around Pomona, what do you base that comment on. Have you seen our team toward the end of passing league, which is when we were just about at full strength. Have you send our running game, have you send our defense.

    No one out their really knows what Pomona has or doesn’t have, do you? A good example of what we may have is a comment made by Dan from West Covina, “they looked like a Baseline team”. That comments was made early in the summer when four starters on the defensive side of the ball and three on the offensive side of the ball were “MISSING”.

    Lucky for Pomona games are won and lose on the field not these blogs.

  • Nate

    Dudley McCrustin or whatever,
    Son, i have forgotten more football than you will ever know. I am not this kids dad, just know what a good QB looks like…

  • Don’t Think So


    You talk about knowing what a good qb looks like. Then you should also know that this kid has some major issues when it comes to those qualities you look for in a quarterback. I have seen this first hand and have heard many comments on this blog about those same issues. Some of those intangables that makes Taylor Lagace a great teammate are lacking in this kid and make him a cancer on his team.\

    Your not his dad, yea right this wouldn’t be the first time he was on this blog.

  • Nate

    Like I said, I saw him during the summer…I have no idea about his mental toughness, leadership or some of the other qualities of a good QB. So I have no idea what you are talking about “him being a cancer”. I just know he has a big arm and made some good decisions with the football.

  • why no calls


    You won’t get any info from pomona because Rice wants no one around that program.
    He knows what he is doing over there is wrong and he doesn’t want to answer any questions. I don’t know if any starters are actually pomona kids. What a joke.

  • Studley McMuffin

    Gee Nate- u may have forgotten more football than I will ever know but I think you are also suffering from dementia. Comes with those advanced years, I guess.

    You should change that velvet Elvis picture of Bart Starr into something more modern. And no- Carr aint close to Starr or any other Quarterback at the next level.

    I saw him at a college camp and he was bottom third

  • bossman

    Isaiah Locke from DRanch is my “other” pic. Locke aka Ramirez and Fischer will torch defenses this season. He’s an unknown to most, but mark my words, he will be known by the end of the season.

  • why no calls

    Why NO Calls,

    What is he doing that is wrong, one of Aram’s favorite Head Coachs (GANO) got all his CIF titles recruiting talent from all over the SGV. Rice and his staff are actually very good coaches, and Rice doesn’t even recruit the kids come to Pomona because of the quality of education, recruiting would be a CIF Violation.

    My source says there was one call, and it was last week, not calls.

  • SFV Football


    Kennedy’s record as the QB starter at San Dimas is
    (22-2),(9-1) as a Freshman and (13-1) as a Sophomore. Too bad he did not have any starts last season. The kid is a winner. With Kennedy and the “Dirty Dozen”
    back for the the 2011 season, it should be a great year for San Dimas. I know Kennedy is not on your Top QBs list but trust me he will by the end of the season.

  • Pomona

    I actually saw Isaiah Locke at the Chino Hills 7on7 and thought he was good. He hasn’t proven anything with the pads on, but he did look good at 7on7. My best quarterback, whom wouldn’t even be on this list is the kid from Corona Cent. this kid is a stud, fast, strong, accurate, a gun and smart. He is to small to play D1 ball, but is the best by far I saw this summer.

  • SD MOM

    ARAM: Azusa’s QB

  • Colt74

    I agree with SD Mom and SaintsR4Real.While I won’t disrespect any kid on the list and say he should be removed, I agree 100% that Kennedy should be included in any and all conversations about SGV top quarterbacks.

    11 men on a football team so why not make all lists from now Top 11?

    Be original. Start a trend.

    “The LATE SHOW Top 11 ” …see how much nicer that sounds?

  • Aaron

    Not going to hate on Shawn Kennedy…but SD Mom and Colt 74. Shawn played in two games last year. I’m not even sure if both of them were starts, however the stats would dictate that he started against Maranatha. By the updates I was getting the entire game against Monrovia…it seemed that Kennedy and Watts were rotated and neither were truly effective.

    My only point is…he played two games last year. Whether it was his foot or he got beat out…by all I heard Watts was the real deal.

    As far as this list is concerned…the best is Elffers.

  • SaintsR4real

    I believe you will find Kennnedy has performed and shown better results in the past 2 years over Carr, Leibowitz, Hernandez and Martinez, if that’s a factor.
    If passing league is more of a factor, then I’m sure you would agree, same goes, based on QB performance alone

    Thanks Colt74 for plug.

  • SaintsR4real

    1…Look at it this way, if Pendleton had won a CIF ring 2 years ago and had to sit out last year due to injury, he would have been on this list if he was a Senior, correct??

    2…. Kennedy has always been the favorite, as soon as he was released and ready, they threw him right back in the mix. If you were so big on Watts, then you will be impressed with Shawn!

  • SaintsR4real

    1…Look at it this way, if Pendleton had won a CIF ring 2 years ago and had to sit out last year due to injury, he would have been on this list if he was a Senior, correct??

    2…. Kennedy has always been the favorite, as soon as he was released and ready, they threw him right back in the mix. If you were so big on Watts, then you will be impressed with Shawn!

  • midvalley news….

    You can not rank a QB who runs the wing z…he has not proven to be a prolific passer. You can not be on the list for handing the ball off, and catching trick play passes…Monrovia shut him down last year and will do it again….Kennedy is Barely the top 5 in the MidValley.

    1. Elfers
    2. Livingston
    3. Rivera
    4. Frazier
    5. Kennedy
    6. Jake Martinez( Anything Associated with Azusa football can no longer have any high preseaon ranking after last years sham.)


    Midvalley news, let me ask you something. Where you at that game or you just going by whatever everybody else is saying?

    Matter of fact, did anybody on here witness the FAKE PUNT? Because I was their. SHAM! MY AZZ! I could put a number of teams on here who got bounced either in the second round or third. HeLL, Village Christian, got bounce in the third round by Whitter Christian and look what Monrovia did to Whitter Christian, now that was a SHAM!

    YES lets all gang up on little old AZUSA, and pick on the small guy,



  • Aaron

    If this was last year and you were putting this list together he would be on it…kid had a ring, I can’t argue with it. But right now…he’s a guy that played in two games the year before. That’s my only knock, he must be healthy because he received post season accolades for baseball.

  • midvalley news….

    Azusa Pride, I was not at that game but, I was at the Azusa vs Gabrelino Game. What I noticed is that Azusa was not very good…No Speed, No Size, and where going to get bounce in the playoffs. I do not fault you for reppin’ your team. Im just saying that, the Aztecs have proven time and time again, they are not ready to be labeled as elite. The little guy would be Duarte or Blair. You are the defending Montview league champs, and former 1# ranked team in the Midvalley… Decide what you want to be…if its the little guy then you have to except the “Sham” Factor. If you want to be an Elite team, then stop calling yourselves the “little guy”.

  • Why are you wasting our time

    Saint Fans lets put an end to this talk, you state he lead your team to a CIF Championship. I remember that year very clearly. Kennedy after that great sophomore season wasn’t even selected as the first team all-league quarterback, o wait he wasn’t selected as the second team all league questerback, he didn’t make all-league anything that championship year you are talking about. Part of being involved in a Wing-T and Double T team is no respect for the quarterback.

    Now lets check out his numbers;

    4 S. Kennedy 56 102 .549 1225 87.5 12 4 121

    That’s 87.5 yards per game.

    In 14 games he threw 102 passes that is an average of less than 8 passes a game.

    Why are you wasting our time with this?

  • midvalley news….

    Kennedy is Fighting for Second team Valley Vista League QB right now…If the Pomona people are right, he could get snuff out again this year…for him to make all Cif in Midvalley play this year… You have to have over 2500 yards passing or be a 1000 yard Passer and Rusher Like bueno was…But honestly… with Elfers, Rivera, Livingston, and new comer Frazier at Monrovia in the Running…It’s going to be cold for this Kennedy Kid. San Dimas Fans, just let him play…don’t put his name out there to be waddled in the mud. I am sure he is a good kid and a good player…but come on All CIF, Tribune team, or 1st team all league..Come on now…

  • SaintsR4real

    TO: why are you wasting your time,

    First of all, seems like you’re the only one wasting your time right now. I suggest you take a hike, in order to keep your sanity.

    So you like stats 😉 You have shown us Shawn’s stats, now please show us the top ten stats 2 years ago. I dare you to show that half these players were riding the bench for most of the season while Shawn led his team, passing or not to a Mid-Valley Championship! Please respond or take a hike!!

    Aaron, please answer my question regarding Pendleton!

    Mid-Valley, are you placing Frazier on list because of athletic probability or stats and results, because he has shown nothing but mis-passes and alot of “opportinities” and on his way out, last time I saw him.
    BTW, take a look at the Blog Header, I believe it says “QB” not passer! Bueno was rewared because of his QB results, not his passing results. C’mon Mid-valley, pay attention!

    Aram, this list is based on Passing League alone as you have stated above. That being said, I need to question if you have actually seen Kennedy more than once this summer? If you have, then I respect your judgement.


    Midvalley, why would you go to the AZUSA vs San Gabriel game? With all the BIG GAMES around the SGV, you picked that game to go to. Wow, and by that game you predicted AZUSA would lose in the playoffs. Okay the only thing i’ll say to that is, AZUSA played the preseason and won who was in their schedule! AZUSA, went 10-0 and did what they PRACTICE for and won. Yes I know the Game they should have won, they lost, and here’s were your word comes in (SHAM). Do you honestly think Coach Scherf wanted to lose that game? I seriously doubt it!

    But you know what MID VALLEY, I’LL say this thank goodness they didn’t lose any of those games! Because then you could have properly used the word SHAM!

    By the way Midvalley, I looked up the word SHAM and read the definition. AZUSA didn’t SHAM nobody and you can blame those people from the CIF OFFICE who did the seeding.

    Come on, everybody on here reconizes any team from the Montview League as the little guy, so to speak! And by the way, were ever did you see where I mentioned AZUSA is ELITE??? Now that’s a SHAM!

    Coach Scherf your doing just fine!


  • @Saints4Real

    Livingstons Sophomore stats and he played 6 less games then Kennedy!

    Comp 106
    Att 202
    Yrds 1550
    Percent .525
    Td 12
    Int. 6

  • Saints 4 Real,

    No, this is not based solely on passing league. It’s based on EVERYTHING. Last season, passing games and overall talent. I mean, Leibowitz from St. Francis has only played in Vermont, but he’s on the list because he’s clearly one of the top throwers around and proved that during summer.

    There was a previous list — “The pre-passing circuit Top 10” — that came out a couple months ago. This one has been adjusted to reflect the summer everyone had.

    I think Kennedy’s best attribute is that he’s got a ring and has shown that even at a young age he was good enough to lead a team to the promised land. However, he is a Wing-T QB, which means the stats are not there. They typically throw 5-10 games a game? And unless a QB is an exceptional, like Damian James a few years ago in Northview’s Wing-T, he isn’t going to get much in the way of rush yards either.

    I think Kennedy is more a caretaker of the offense than a playmaker. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Kinda like George Johnson last year at West Covina … in their Wing T. Maybe I’m wrong and he’ll be running himself and throwing a lot more this year. If that happens, then he’ll belong.

    About Jake Martinez, he absolutely deserves this spot. He has experience from last year when he split time and he clearly showed he was one of the better QBs in the area at the SGV Shootout and in other passing games. If you’ve seen this summer, you would have to agree.

  • midvalley news….

    Aram it was nice of you to explain what was evident to everyone outside of San dimas. Kennedy would not start any of the other top schools in the Midvalley, But if any of these QB’s came to San Dimas, they would change the Offense and wing would be come just on of many other Formations.

    Monrovia’s Frazier
    Covina’s Livingston
    Maranatha’s Elfers
    Arroyo’s Rivera
    Azusa’s Martinez
    Pomona’s QB ???? who is this kid… I would love to know.

  • SaintsR4real


    Fair enough, but please state so next time (now I’m waisting my time 🙂

    I have never seen a QB single handlely take his team to a championship and winning it. So, I believe that’s where San Dimas stands with Kennedy, TEAM EFFORT!!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Aaron and Mid-Valley, still waiting for your answer.

  • midvalley news….

    I never seen any team with with one player at any position…There is nothing wrong with a team effort, but San Dimas got to the semis without him, so its evident that you can plug a good player into that position and San Dimas will keep chugging. Thats why you all run that offense. He has sacrificed his status for the better of the team. He is a great character kid, Not top 10 QB’s in SGV.

  • SaintsR4real in 2011

    Mid-Valley Old News,

    You kidding me???? Frazier would be great on the OL at San Dimas.

    Sounds like you haven’t been to any passing leagues also! And, no, Frazier is not on top 10 either!!

  • SD MOM

    AZTEC PRIDE: are you sure about that menudo comment? We can go to Padillas, tolteca or Guadalupes just as you can!!!! lol and who was talking about menudo anyways?? lol

  • midvalley news….

    Saint’s for fake….Frazier, went to semis in the SGV shootout along With Omana, and Martinez…Where was Kennedy? Frazier is a all state LB, all league, All Cif…Kennedy is 1st team “All Nothing”. And has been for 2 years…This year you can expect the same…How can you dare speak of Monrovia…now..who is going to have more passing yds in the Monrovia vs San Dimas game? Who is going to win that game?

  • Observantcat

    Saints4real, quit while you feel as though you’re ahead. To be perfectly honest Monrovia shouldn’t even be playing San Dimas this year for fear that our State rankings may go down a little because of lack of competition. I recall you making comments earlier this year about the loss of Nick Bueno and what this could mean for Monrovia at the QB position. Believe me both of the Monrovia QB’s would have better stats than Kennedy this season, dont believe me show up to Monrovia on game night and see for yourself. Even your own fans got on the Tribunes coveritlive and dogged the play of Kennedy in the Semi’s against Monrovia. He had 2 int’s in that game and got tossed around like a rag doll by our defense and if you think it will get any easier for him this season your just kidding yourself. The only reason that I am not adding George Frazier or Blake Heyworth both Jrs and both are very athletic. With the receiving core at Monrovia San Dimas Mom would be able to make this list LOL but we wouldn’t want to take her out of the stands now would we?.. Being a good QB does take some skill but being a great QB will takes not only good skills but great teammates who are just as skilled. Andrew Elffers is by Far the QB God in the entire San Gabriel valley at this time. Put him on any team and he will produce great numbers next goes Travis Santiago then Steven Rivera and you can put the rest in a very tight group and place them in any order from #4 on down. I feel confident that by the end of the season George Frazier or Blake Heyworth will be somewhere in the top 5 if they decide to go with either or these guys as the starter this season. But the comment about putting Frazier on your O-line is funny, you should hope that your O-line is ready to handle him on our Dline along with Ellis McCarthy and Brett Walsh and Lorenzo Cassas that will be task enough for your guys to try and handle. I think that the VVL will be awaiting the opportunity to dismantle all of the SD dreams for this season. The Azusa game will show everyone what your team is made of in the early season. Both Monrovia & San Dimas have captured a ring in the past two seasons but I think it time for Monrovia to step up its game and work more towards having a dynasty. See you in Sept.

  • SaintsR4real

    Okay last post, then I’m done! Hurray!

    Mid-Valley, ready? I will tell you where San Dimas was at the Arroyo shootout. They were the team that had just lost to D. Bar before they beat on you guys as well. San Dimas and Monrovia lost to D. Bar with the same amount of points differential. So, we were in the hunt as well. Hope that answers your question, but you would know that if you knew your shit.

    Aram, (FYI)
    Max-Preps QB ratings for Southern Section:

    2010…Ruiz 26

    2010…Omana 97

    2009…Kennedy 115

    2010… Santiago 131

    2010… Hernandez 211

    2010… Livingston 274

    2010… Carr 323

    2010… Martinez 404 (6 games)

    2010… Rivera 422

    2010… Elfers 429

    No rate for Frazier, only threw 13 passes.


  • SaintsR4real



  • midvalley news

    Saints for fake. but we were in the semis, and you were not. Besides, Frazier was sitting behind a two time All Cif QB in Bueno… The funny thing is when Monrovia is going deep on San dimas this year, It will be Frazier, who will be making those throws. I promise you Kennedy will have his worst game against Monrovia…He will not complete more than 3 passes…haha San Dimas knows was coming…


    Hey OBSERVANTCAT, by the way were you at the Monrovia vs AZUSA playoff game at Monrovia? I believe they played five or six years ago. My son got to play in that game and AZUSA got spanked! Believe the score was around 55-8. AZUSA had no buisness playing Monrovia!

    I can remember AZUSA scored one touchdown and went for the two point conversion, and all AZUSA went wild. LOL… That was the old AZUSA!

    Good Luck to your team this season.



    Forgot to place this on my last post. OBERVANTCAT, is COACH SCHUSTER still coaching at Monrovia? For got to mention that he was the head Coach for AZUSA, when they played in that playoff game! I’m glad to see that Schuster was part of a team that won a CIF Championship game! Schuster is a hard working coach and good people. If anybody deserves a ring HE DOES! I was pulling for Monrovia when they played WC in the Championship game.


  • General Turgidson

    So…. more “polish”? Is that all private Aram?

    To deserve a nickname like “nine,” to deserve all of the mush you have stewed over this AVERAGE QB… he needs more than that.

    Kids going to be a pro baseball player. Great. Lets talk about quarterbacks.

    Next Pat Hayden? (i believe many alluded to that last year, if im not mistaken… which im not!) Sorry soldier… aint happening.

    Thus spake The GENERAL.



    For the record. I’m not a San Dimas fan or parent. I don’t know who is worst, Observantcat or AZTEC PRIDE!!
    I’m sure both of you never put on the jock strap.

    1. Ellis McCarthy should be a Sophomore in college
    (19 yr old senior)He will be 20 yrs old next June.
    2.It only took San Dimas one time to win a CIF Championship and the Billycats (10) times!!
    3. Kennedy only played (1) game before the semi game.
    4. Remember when Kennedy played the complete season in 2009. San Dimas went(13-1) League and CIF Champions!! I know it rain that night.

  • Just get the water and shut up.

    People don’t listen to the water boy! They are normally little Boys…running around… grab azzing…playing catch… we give them old jerseys…and things like that.

    What does anything your saying have to do with 2011?
    So What ellis is 19. So what it took San Dimas one year to get a title. So what San Dimas won in 2009. what you should asking is…Is Ellis legally eligible..yes. Will San Dimas win a title this year…no How long will it be before San Dimas wins it’s next title 20 years? Kennedy is going to play the whole season this year, is San Dimas going to win the VVL..No? Is he going to be all league 1st team…no All Cif…no. Will he play on Will San dimas be 6-4 going into the playoffs. Here this is what Kennedy will do against Monrovia

    2 for 10 passing for 30 yards, 10 yards rushing on 10 attempts…Score Monrovia 42 – San Dimas 7.


    WATERBOY, what did I DO? LOL… You know I find it funny by calling yourself WATERBOY, and then you mentioned that we never put on a JOCK STRAP.Come on WATERBOY, i’ve got to do something well i’m at work. OOOOOOHHH hold up, Waterboy I have to adjust my JOCK STRAP…


    (SD MOM), by the way stay away from my favorite restaurants because all that LARD will go straight to your thighs.LOL…


  • Pomona


    As far as Rice not ruturning your calls, I believe he has been on vacation all summer he had more important things to deal with.



    Get it right you need to adjust your G-string, you never put on a JOCK STRAP!!! Ha! Ha!


    WATERBOY, I only put that on at night for the wife!LOL..
    She likes the kinky stuff. LOL… Thanks for the Laugh!

  • Observantcat

    Water Boy, for the record, Who Cares! I am a Monrovia Fan and if you didn’t know that by now you should read the blogs starting back in 2006 mainly the Pasadena star News sect. Maybe your just a bit embarrassed of being a true SD fan because you know that it’s Game over! Never should have even gotten this far, and will not ever get this close again. The true you will be silenced after the season is over. Good Luck Water Boy….. Remember you were here last year talking the same old BS!

  • football fan

    Last I checked their are over 90 comments on this BLOG.
    To the Top 10 QB’s. Congratulations for making the list and catching the attention of The SGV Tribune prep sports journalist. Congratulations to the QB’s parents and their teams. I’m sure these boys will represent themselves, their team and the SGV since they are the QB’s to look out for in the 2011 football season.

    To the proud parents of the kids on the list. Not one parent w/child on the list has come on here ranting and raving about their child. “MY SON SHOULD BE #1. He doesn’t deserve 2 thru 10. My son is better than yours.

  • Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is in reality how you’re now not really a lot more well-liked than you might be right now. You are so intelligent.

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