Sources: Former Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella to become Asst. Principal at Covina …

Former Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella has landed the administrative position he desired, sources say, by becoming an assistant principal at Covina.

Pasquarella resigned his post as Glendora football coach this offseason after eight years at the helm. Todd Quinsey replaced Pasquarella in April.

Aram’s take: Why is this important? Well, timing is everything. Word was that Glendora wanted alumnus and current La Puente coach Brandon Rohrer to take over for Pasquarella, but had no teaching position to offer him. Pasquarella and Rohrer both teach math. With time running out, Rohrer took his name out of the running and the school hired Quinsey.

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  • Mike the Clone


    Does this mean that Quinsey needs to be looking over his shoulder this year to see what “could be” eventually coming down the tracks?

    That’s what will be interesting.


    Mike the Clone

  • I don’t think Quinsey should be looking any way but forward given the brutal schedule that Glendora has. Two defending CIF champs and Charter Oak in the nonleague, then the Baseline. That’s a very daunting schedule.

  • Colt74

    1989 Tribune Coach of the year for Covina High…

    That Mark Pasquarella ?

  • Mike the Clone

    My dear friend Colt74……

    1989 was a loooooooong time ago!



  • Wowzer!

    ell that Glendora coach beat Covina 28-14, because MR. McDonough , Covina, QB Tribune Player of the Year in 06-07, had to sit the first Quarter (1 Quarter, maybe Pasqy can bring some real discipline to that team) because according to Aram, then the tribune preps writer, who went off to do bigger and better things, only to find his way back after Fox Sports didn’t like his Amat butt kissing. “But before a game was played, controversy swirled around McDonough, who competed in off-season passing league tournaments with an electronic monitoring device around his ankle.” I think he robbed a poor push cart ice cream man, tisk tisk


    Man, I love a good memory and websites that are too dumb to close articles from 4 years ago.

    Good luck Mark, maybe you can bring some justice and civility to Covina, maybe he’ll end up at Ayala or Damien too and take Mr. Lawrence with him because at a Glendora game he once led the team “hands-in” with “LETS GET A SPARTANS on 3”

    Whata fool. Guess roots don’t die that quickly.

    Well Like I said the Colts were a dominate team that year, and Glendora beat 4 teams that went on to win or go to the finals in their respected Divisions.

    The past is not a vice, its a hurdle…keep your knees high my friends.

  • Out of place

    Yes, he must look forward to this season but NEXT season? I just would not want to be in coach Q’s position at the end of the season. With coach Rohrer’s close family ties at glendora it makes one wonder.
    Good Luck to both gentlemen.

  • Odyssei Wilridge

    Congrats on your new position. Class of 95 Go Ayala Bulldogs