• Jefe

    Slow news day, Aram?

  • Bonita??


  • Wrong

    im sorry but Dillon Corona from San Dimas is better

  • Coach Slayer

    Hmmmmmm! Verrrrrry Inter-esting!

  • Brahma Pride

    Aram, our kicker Brian drulius is the best kicker in the area.
    I believe he took home first team all league honors, ahead of this kid.
    I’ll give it to him he has ice in his veins…. But come on

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    When was the Hacienda League voting done? Was that before or after the playoffs? Was that before or after Davis DRAINED A 40-YARDER TO BREAK A TIE IN A CIF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME WITH 11,000 FANS MAKING NOISE WITH UNDER 2 MINUTES TO PLAY?

    Don’t know about anybody else, but I hold my breath on extra points in high school football … and even in college. This kid drained the most the clutch kick in recent area history AS A SOPHOMORE.

    Another reason why all-league voting is crap. And once again the sportswriters got it right. We don’t make concessions, i.e. “Your kid gets this, but my kid gets that” when we sit down and make the All-Area team. Those all-league meetings are like a room of politicians making concessions to each other. And that’s straight from NUMEROUS coaches who have told me as such.

    Drulius and Corona are great, too. But Davis is tops in the area.

  • Aram wrong again

    Sorry Aram,

    Corona kicked is a 30 something yard field goal in a driving hurricane in the 2009 CIF championship game (as a Soph). BYW they won it! Corona also made 63 striaght field goals in a row (on 64 shank snap) I believe that a a few off the CIF SS record!!!! Beat that. Bonita can’t even score that many TD’s. Ask Robledo… That was before you left FOX.

  • beach rat

    Corona from San Dimas is the best but give it to the Bonita kid because that is the only accolade that any person on that team is going to receive this year. They are way down from last year! Corona will be 1st team all league as a kicker, rb, and db this year so let Bonit have there only moment of glory.

  • San Dimas Pop

    Corona is going to wear out his leg kicking extra points in the Smudge Pot. Last year was just a fluke for Bonita and San Dimas is going for a title every year and our cheerleaders are cuter too.

  • Aaron

    Aram…if you want to look through the archives on Fred’s blog, when the Hacienda voting went through. Davis was better than every kicker in the league and against every kicker Bonita played the entire season. The numbers were put up. For you Diamond Bar folks…go ahead to maxpreps and you’ll see quite easily.

    As far as Dillon Corona is concerned…he may get all Valle Vista as a kicker…but not at RB or DB. Davis was the sixth best in the State last year, the only person close to him in the area were Maranatha’s Matt Marbach who was 12th, and La Serna’s Travis Guerra who was 20th.

    Rigo Castillo (WesCo) was 29th. Mason Bryant (MTown) was 31st. Jack Schneider (CO) 60th. Brian Drulias came in at 83rd. Gustavo Tlatebchi (Schurr) 95th.

    Now I know why Corona wasn’t in the top 419 kickers…he only had 53 pts kicking…so no he’s not the best, the year before here was something you’d bet on every time.

    Here’s a valid question…why does San Dimas still have a stadium that is game ready and not under construction? If that place doesn’t have a tractors on it in three weeks the Smudgepot should be there and not Citrus.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Listen, I know when the voting was, which makes all-league things that much more shaky. I know it was already done before the championship game because I remember knowing (and writing) that WestCo’s entire offensive line made all-league. So, you have a vote that takes place BEFORE the season is over. So you have voting that is done BEFORE Davis goes out and nails a kick under the most pressure a kicker could be under in this area in the past 10 years? Somebody tell me a more pressure kick than less than 2 minutes to go, 11,000 fans and tie game in CIF championship.

    It’s kinda like MLB, the MVP voting is done before the playoffs are over. The MVP is actually decided BEFORE the biggest games are played.

  • Your right for now

    Aram I belive you got this one right…for now. Keep your eye on Damien’s new sophmore kicker who transfered in from Servite. He has been hitting 60 yards one after another in practice.
    And yes I did say transfer….lol

  • Corona is best

    How are you going to compare points it makes no sense of course he has less points idiot his team OVERALL scored LESS!!!!!!!! DUH! look at Bonita’s Points per game vs. San Dimas points per game less touchdowns less PAT’s LESS POINTS! and he plays running back and DB then kicks? so he intercepts the ball then he runs in the touchdown then he kicks the extra point and then kicks it off….? ummm… yeah i think so!

  • Aaron

    You sure you don’t belong in a comedy club?

  • Corona fer sure

    You should have seen corona at the UCDavis Camp!!! he was kicking 8-10 yards further than his nearest competitor and was dead on!!!

    COuldnt tell you about the other kid- he doesnt have much exposure does he?

  • observer

    Don’t fortet Dillon also punted the ball as a sophmore in the championship game to the 2 yard line which set up the winning safety!! To win the championship!!! Hello!!Punter,kicker,running back, defensive back! He doesn’t get the luxury of just kicking the ball all day at practice, imagine if that’s all he did!!!

  • SaintsR4real


    This is Arams Blog, not ours. We don’t get a vote or say in this. We only could say our peace and move on. If Aram say’s Brandt is the Top Kicker in the area, whether he gets opinions or not, then Brandt is, in Arams Blog. Sure there are better kickers in the AREA, but not in Arams eyes. And that’s how the majority of the blogs are, unlike Robledos where he ASK for opinions before he post top 10’s.

    If you want to change the score, create a blog.

  • AMAT 73

    I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s Aram choice but it is a blog and the people have the right to post their opinion on how in their eyes Aram got it wrong. Good healthy jousting on the subject with little or no bashing which is a rarity here but nowhere near the amount of bashing you see on Fred’s blog. Maybe once a week or every other week Aram can let a blogger put up a thread on the subject of their choice related to football within reason of course. Submit topics and let Aram be the judge of which one gets posted. Let the bloggers become more hands on with the blog .

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I totally agree with you guys. Believe me, I don’t mind ANYBODY disagreeing with me and telling me why. That IS what this blog is about. I have my opinion and you have yours. That’s the beauty of it all.

  • Don’t be dumb

    Alright aram, be smart now. How much do you actually know about kicking? Probably nothing so let’s not go jumping to conclusions who you think is the best kicker in the area he got lucky one year. His kicking motion is not smooth nor repeatable. Kicks off a 2′ field goal block which allows for error to be great and for it still to go in. Kickoffs are ok at best. Other kickers like Brian Drulias(diamond bar) have been going to professional camps where he has kicked off the ground for field goals and a smaller kickoff tee. If you ask me Brian Drulias is who you should be looking at. I’ve had the privilege to meet and watch one of his training days. One of the hardest workers on the team. And if I know him he is going to make you regret posting this article. And because he has been training off the ground and with a smaller tee it is only going to make him perform better when he goes back to his normal equipment. I guarantee Drulias has a much better year.

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