Post-Passing Circuit All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 10 running backs … CAST YOUR VOTE!

Moore of Jalen running wild is something to expect this fall

NOTE: It’s hard to do much more than gauge physical appearance, speed, quicks and ability to catch from the running backs during the passing circuit. Running backs are just kinda out there during passing games … and most of them get more action on defense rather than offense. So, there aren’t too many changes, maybe just some shuffling around, to this Top 10.

1. Chris Solomon, West Covina
— After being named Tribune Player of the Year, Solomon vowed he would use the offseason to get even better by working hard in the weight room and other various forms of training. Well, it’s obvious he’s done just that. He’s bulked up, stayed fast and took home MVP honors at Nike Camp up north. During passing games, though, he became the favorite target of West Covina QBs, who loved throwing to him … but only for about 5 yards. See why I’m worried about WestCo’s pass game? Anyway, Solomon looked on great on defense, too. What separates him from the rest, for me, is that he’s the truest home run hitter we have in the Valley at running back.

2. Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat
— Talk about offseason strides in terms of physique. Can’t say it enough, Moore has become a specimen. Good thing, too. Amat is gonna rely on him more than ever with the QB situation in question for a few games. Moore can do it all and looks ready for another huge year. The D-1 offers have to be forthcoming.

3. De’Shawn Ramirez, Monrovia — Disclaimer: I’m not a De’Shawn Ramirez homer. I love all my backs equally. I’ve only met the kid once. This guy may be the surest bet in the ENTIRE Valley to put up a monster season. Any doubts about whether Ramirez will transfer his sophomore year form + his physical maturation in that time to his senior year were somewhat quelled when he dominated at the Ultimate 100 combine this summer and was named MVP of the event. Ramirez scored 10 of his 7-on-7 team’s 11 touchdowns at the event. Scary.

4. Jamel Hart, South Hills — I won’t lie to to you, when Hart came in to the office to take his preview issue shot, our collective jaws dropped. Yet another local back who has made great strides, Robledo wanted to put him on the postseason All-Area team right then and there. Yes, I said postseason. I like what I saw of Hart in passing games. He’s a legit threat to catch balls and can make things happen when he does. Hopefully, South Hills’ rebuilt o-line can be adequate enough to give him holes.

5. Tairen Owens, Muir — It was kind of rough to see the Washington-bound Owens at some passing games this summer, because you don’t really get to see what he can … while the Muir pass attack languishes. Anyway, Muir’s inconsistency in the passing game this summer can actually be looked at as a good thing for Owens, who will surely see even more carries until the pass attack sorts itself out. This kid has exceptional speed and was clearly one of the best athletes on the field the two times I saw him this summer.

6. Michael Ortega, St. Paul
— Ortega was slowed a bit by a hamstring pull this summer, but he’ll be more than ready to go when camp opens for the Swordsmen in a few weeks. St. Paul isn’t much for the passing circuit, because the run is their thing. But coaches say Ortega has gotten even quicker in the offseason and should put on another show (1,100 yards last year) once the games begin.

7. Corey Victoria, Glendora
— I really liked what I saw of Victoria this summer. He’s a firebrand, literally. Glendora needs more kids like that to survive in the Baseline. And if you don’t know what I’m referring to, then ask around … and yes, Aram KNOWS EVERYTHING. Anyway, Victoria showed a propensity to catch the deep ball this summer, which is nice, but means little because he’s not gonna be in many routes 40 yards down field, but it’s nice to know he’s got that kinda range. Physique-wise, he took another step forward as kids will often do. He and Jalen remain the best short-yardage guys in the area.

8. Kurt Scoby, Charter Oak — Well, we now know Scoby can catch the rock out of the backfield, too. But despite that, Scoby’s physique was the talk of summer and has to be the root of Chino Hills coach Derek Bub’s P90X comment. But what do you expect from a kid between his frosh and soph seasons? Anyway, Scoby put on display improved speed compared to last year and looks poised to at least double last year’s numbers.

9. Tony Botello, Pioneer
— From what I hear, Pioneer has passed the eye test this summer. Botello is part of that, although he’s tiny. Nearly 1,200 yards when everybody knows you’re getting the ball is no east feat. I like this team as a mild surprise this year and Botello is a major reason why.

10. O.J. Medina, La Serna — With the show all his and everybody knowing who to focus on, Medina’s got some pressure on himself this year. I still like La Serna to be able to pound the rock and they’ve got the right back to roll up yards. The Del Rio rushing title race between Botello and Medina should be something to see … that’s assuming nobody else joins the fray.

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  • Aaron

    Have not seen a lot of these kids this summer. However, 1, 2, and 4, I’d want on my team. 3, remains to be seen whether DeShawn will succeed, I do believe he will have a chance to contribute and have a year where he can get himself to Mt. Sac. Coach Jastrab and Co will put him to work and get him out in a semester as long as DeShawn takes care in the classroom.

  • X’s and O’s

    Ronnel Lone and Jake Garcia from El Rancho can give Botello and Medina a run for their money.

  • AMAT 73

    You got to love how Soloman is number one but Jalen is the pictured back. Can’t believe Scoby is so low on this list . What gives???? Aram, I think you are dicounting the return of Shay to the running game . While the focus will be on Jalen look for Shay to have some great numbers.

  • Observantcat

    My top 5 and why:

    1. Deshawn Ramirez: Why? His ability to keep defenses on their heels even when he is not carrying the rock. His Balance and cut ability’s are the best in the area and his ability to see the whole field makes him the most dangerous RB on this list.

    2. Jalen Moore: Why? because of his power and precision following his blockers to daylight. He will be the workhorse this season for BA so his line better get in shape to move mountains for him and it will pay off in the long run.

    3. Jamal Hart: Why? He was probably the scariest RB that Monrovia faced all season long. He has good reads on the defenses and if you over pursue him he will make you pay. The downside to his team is going to be his offensive line departure from last season but having a good QB and Jamie Canada added to the roster it could still prove a steady combination for South Hills

    4. Chris Solomon: Why? If I were choosing a Running Back purely on athleticism Chris Solomon would in fact be my number one guy, but I think he is actually a much better defensive guy than a true running back. He kind of reminds me of the kid from De La Salle (Dj Johnson) put him anywhere on the field and he will make an impact.

    5. Tarien Owens: Why? No knock on the Mustangs but they just dont have the guys to help bring kids like this to life week after week. If he were on any team that had a consistent OL he would be off the charts but given Muir hasn’t seemed to find that part of their game its all about carrying a team with 5-6 gifted atheletes season after season. I hope that Muir finds a way to bring together a team with a fighting front and allow these skill players to turn up the noise. Or just continue taking their skills to Alemany and become a dynasty.

    Lets make it six. How could I have left out Kurt Scoby? He maybe the youngest but he is the future of SGV football. I love his dedication to the sport and I wished he had gone to Monrovia and played with the guys he grew up with but I do wish him all of the luck over at Monrovia Oaks. He has the mental and physical capacity to break all kinds of records if he sticks to his goals. I think that Bishop Amat missed an opportunity to go past the second round of the playoffs by not kidnapping this kid from the Duarte Hawks football program.

  • Jefe

    I knew AMAT homer would complain about Jalen not being #1.

  • MonroVian

    Deshawn is going to Tear Ish up………… MTown Football!!!!!

  • Aram

    I’m really sensing that people still aren’t quite giving Solomon his full due. This guy ran for over 2k last year … in the biggest game of the year in the title game vs. Bonita he ran for 150 yards and 3 TDs. He ran for nearly 300 yards and 5 TDs vs. Venice. The guy is going for a triple-double, which is league MVP, CIF MVP and All-Area MVP for two years in a row.

    Maybe it’s because we have an amazing crop of running backs in the area this year. I don’t know …

  • Observantcat

    Correction on the De La Salle Player DJ. Williams

  • AMAT 73

    Where did you see in my post a complaint on Jalen not being # 1 .I just found it funny that Solomon is # 1 and Jalen is in the picture. No more no less .Don’t you think it would have more sense to put Solomon’s picture up ? I have been on record as saying I don’t care about these Trib rankings . So basically as always you don’t know shiat only hate when you see AMAT . You idiots are all alike.

  • Amat Bully

    by far this is the worst list i’ve seen you make.
    you put a RB that missed an entire season in the top 3 over RB’s that actually played and earned there spot in the top 10. you basically placed him there because of his performance in t-shirt and shorts REALLY. Kurt Scoby earned his spot in the top 5 as a freshmen to do what he did is amazing scoring 10 td’s rushing for 470 yards on 90 carries, averaging 5.5 yards a carry and he was only a freshmen on a team with the other running back getting 60 carries and he had to share the ball with not only him but with mr. Rufus also. come on Aram show the kid some respect. and then you place tairen owens who we all know is probably the most elusive back in the sgv at 5 im thinking maybe 4 LOL, he’s actually rated and expected to play RB on the next level unlike some backs ranked ahead of him. COME ON ARAM I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS. but at least your list isn’t as ridiculous as observantcat his is truly bias.

  • Observantcat

    Alright Amat Bully, I’ll keep it fair.
    1. Kurt Scoby: Why Because he goes to Charter Oaks
    2. Kurt Scoby: Why Because Amat Bully said so.
    3. Kurt Scoby: Why Because he didn’t go to Amat or Monrovia
    4: Kurt Scoby: Why Because I think the guy will be great and will play on Saturdays

    How’s that for you Mr. Bully? LOL

  • Amat Bully

    im just saying you put Ramirez #1 on your list WHY? he haven’t even proven himself yet. you placed him above well proven athletes…….i normally dont agree with anything that has to do with Amat but Jalen does deserve the number 2 spot at number 3 ill put Hart with owens right behind him then Scoby at number 5 Ramirez probably would end up at the 7th or 8th spot only because the hype that surrounds him and because he plays at a school i respect and know that is talented and can throw down with the best of them. but other than that Aram is known for over hyping players. look the kid even has a video up. “LOL”


    J. Moore is going to tear it up this year and like Amat 73 said, this will only open things up for another kid that can hurt you big time, Z.Shay. Let them all sleep on Z. Shay that works out best for the Lancers in the long run. Just get the ball to Moore, Shay, Sanchez or Blue in the open field with a little room and watch the fireworks. Let’s go Lancers Let Go!

  • Observantcat

    Amat Bully, If Scoby was at Monrovia, He would be my number 1 or if Jalen Moore were at MHS he would be My number 1. Truthfully any one of my top 6 could be #1 I just give the edge to my hometown guy. Ramirez has be chosen as MVP as a freshman as well for the same Combine. I’ve had the chance to see a few of these guys come up through the ranks of JAA football and DeShawn was a monster then and he is a monster now, same with Scoby when or if you get a chance to check Ramirez out then you will know exactly what all the hype is about about. His Balance is incredible and his field vision in on that same level. If he had as many touches as most of the top backs in his sophomore year he would have broken 2,500 yards and thats at running back. He was just as dynamic on special teams where he ran back 3 of of the 5 kick offs back with ease. I’m not putting any of these guys down because I think they are all talented in their own way but there has to be a number one guy and for my vote I just give it to DeShawn.

  • local fan

    The feature back of the del rio league this year will be Ronnel Lone of el rancho. He’s got potential botello and oj medina cant touch. Look for him to dominate

  • football fan

    x’s and o’s i agree that lone is a pretty good running back, but what do you think about Michael Ortega St Pauls running back. hes a good one!

  • football fan

    x’s and o’s i agree that lone is a pretty good running back, but what do you think about Michael Ortega St Pauls running back. hes a good one!

  • football fan


    you will see why solomn is not that great. Last year wc had to many threats.

  • Progress

    Well for all the people in the so called “Fish Bowl” in the SGV, we got the best RB’s in Southern California Right in our Area…Aram did a great job..its really hard to rank these guys. I have a difference of opinion. This was based on passing league, but if we were going to rank them in Pads, I would rank it this way…

    1. Tairen Owens-Muir/Highest Rivals, Espn ranking
    2. Chris Solomon-West Covina/Mvp Nike, 2nd highest ranking
    3. Jalen Moore- Bishop Amat /All CiF Pac 5, 1st team Serra league
    4. Deshawn Ramirez-Monrovia/ MVP of utl 100 combine, really that good…
    5. Jamel Hart- South Hills/Very explosive had great games against Monrovia and West Covina despite losses.
    6. Micheal Ortega- St Paul/Work Horse tough back…
    7. Corey Victoria/Dependable, going to get you positive yards…great games against Monrovia and Charter oak
    8. Kurt Scoby-Charter Oak/played varsity as freshman, and look great, and is bigger and Faster.
    9. OJ Medina-La Serna/ quick tough kid, Look good on Film…very shifty and will lower his shoulder.
    10. Gevontray Ainsworth-Covina/ Great Hands, did not get the ball much…Covina Get him the Ball!!!

    Also keep in Mind that schools have more than one backs…this list should be top 20 backs…My Notables would be…

    Shay- Bishop Amat-gonna be good
    Botello-Pioneer-Aram ranked him…
    Harris- Monrovia-great back up
    Frazier/Salgado-West Covina part of the WC “Running Machine”
    Corona-San Dimas Wing z he is going to get alot of carries
    Holmes-Glendora, also plays WR very quick and strong great athlete.
    Reed- Azusa Will tear up his schedule…playoffs well we will see.
    Arnett-Arcadia with teams focusing on Carr to Lagace…he should have some good lanes.
    Kwame Do-San Marino This kid was hurt. If the knee is good, he will be tough in the Rio hondo.

    I think this is a strong list…holla back!

  • If This, If That..

    Observantcant…. the NEW “IF” guy!!

  • sgv

    Deshawn by far! Imagine a team in Duarte (hawks) with Deshawn (Mtown) as RB, Chavez (CHills)QB, Demetrius Jackson (BP) WR/DB, Canada (SHills) WR/DB, and then some….That was about 6 years ago and look at these guys now all grown up and still working hard!! I have never seen anyone run the ball like Deshawn at his young age and hopefully he can get back into the game this year to prove himself! GOOD LUCK BOYS!

  • AMAT 73

    I was at the 11 o 11 with Upland and other and saw tall young man I believe his name is Cook off JV’s from last year . The kid had good speed and size and just might do some damage at WR this season . If you have seen the team do you know who I am talking about ???


    ARAM I agree with you 100%!
    I dont feel everyone is giving Solomon his full respect either!

    Lets take a look at the numbers!

    HT: 6’0″
    WT: 190 lb.

    40yd dash: 4.53 (laser timed)
    20yd shuttle: 3.97 (nike combine)
    vertical: 33.7″ (nike combine)

    bench max: 295 lb.
    squat max: 455 lb.
    power clean max: 295 lb.

    1,960 yards rushing on only 202 carries
    (9.7 yard average)

    Not to mention the kid looks like adrian peterson without a shirt!

    I don’t think anyone in the valley measures up from a physical standpoint as well as from a statistical standpoint!



    Amat 73 – Yeah, I’m hoping he will have a big impact this year too, probably, use him as a goal line type go up and get it reciever. J. Cook is his name and he is also a Basketball player. I think he needs a little work in traffic but I definately like what I see thus far. We need J.Patton back healthy too. That kid has the potential to make some things happen this year too. The other reciever that has a chance to make an impact is A. Sanchez. Although in passing league he wasn’t getting a whole lot of attention or PT?

  • top 5 RB’s

    The SGV is loaded at RB this year….i just want to share my top 5 in no order bc I believe if they were on the same team, they would have to split carries with each other.

    Solomon is a specimen! No one is disrespecting his game. However, With BJ lee, and Frazier, in the Defense confusing wing T, he was always fresh. When you are getting the Majority of the carries all your you get wore down More throughout the game.Looking at Solomon’s Size and speed Combo, he will be playing defense on the next level. As a Running back, he has great speed, good vision, but footwork needs to improve to create more fluidity on his runs. He powers through people, but doesn’t make them miss. Also his line was really good last year…this years line will be new, so he is going to have to make some people miss. However, he is still a great running back. If you looking for size and speed.. he can give you both.

    Tairen Owens is the smoothest, shiftiest backs, and has the Highest rankings at RB in the SGV. He makes people miss, he has great vision, has great stop and go speed, he sets up defenders, and he really doesn’t get touched. Muir’s line is not been dominate, he makes them look good. The only thing he lacks is size. He will need to lower his shoulder more often. Washington will have to put some weight on the kid in order to take the Pac 12 hits.

    Jalen More, is a “Emmitt Smith” type back. Very patient and allows plays to develop. Low Center of Gravity, really good in the holes, and always has a forward lean. He keeps those legs driving. After going back and watching his tape, he is a d1 back. He has decent speed, runs strong, and has a good feel for where the defenders are. If he improves his speed, he will be better than ever.

    Deshawn Ramirez has the most shakes in the Valley. He is like a Cat on the field. His excellent Balance. Excellent Vision. great speed, and he can line up as a WR and catches the ball very well. He is a dl athletic talent, but has to come back prove himself on the field. Still he is top 5 in SGV even after sitting out a year, and thats the truth.

    Jamel Hart is one of the most slept on backs in the SGV. He is just as good, as any back on this list. he has great Moves, good speed, quick feet, good Size, and can catch..he is a complete back. He has not had much help, but he can play mid major d-1. I hope he gets a good look.

    Right now the SGV is lucky, we are looking at the best in Southern Cali…Not the inland, Not the OC, Not LA, Right here….In the SGV

  • AMAT 73

    I have to agree on Patton. There are some good JV’s coming up that are virtually unknow to many onlookers. The talent is defintely there , they just have to gel and get it done . Looking forward to this season as I know Hags has the fire the way last season ended. From what I saw in the 7o7’s I made they had a purpose as to what they were working on either on O and D and not to concerned about the W’s but they got some anyways. The one thing that stood out was Jalen ,man he has blossomed and I look for another stellar year in fact maybe topping last years numbers.


    73 – Have to admit J. Moore looks really good. Gonna be tough to surpass last yeasr especially with teams now having him on their radar. I believe it will be affected by how much and how soon Z. Shay burst on to the scene. Also how well can we get the ball to our recvr’s to keep the Defenses out of the box? OL needs to just make a crack for JM. he’ll do the rest. Gonna be an interesting year but I think the Boys will come together and make a run of it. Almost time to Pad up and weed out the practice players from the Friday night players! Go Lancers!

  • yeah right

    Solomn running thru people. he couldn’t run threw the team banner w/o help.

  • fbfan

    Anyone who thinks that solomoan is soft is f-ing crazy as he obviously proved himself last year… That or u are a hater

  • lowrider

    jamel hart is is the best because from a pro style offense! over 300 carrie’s no fumbles! I just watched his highlight video on you tube!

  • paul

    @SGV, that was a great Duarte Hawks team , we played them that year and they were great kids, they only had one loss the year they won the JAA Championship, thanks for giving me the names of some of those other kids, now Canada and Hernandez are teammates@ South Hills

  • insider

    solomn is as soft as jello! He asked the coach if he could wear a red jersey during practice this year!

  • CObolt

    CO has prominent skill players – rb’s, qb & dl making the jump to varsity from their outstanding frosh team. Keep an eye on incoming soph rb with blazing speed. Has a personal best of 11.42 – 100 meters & 23.43 – 200 meters on track team.

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