Post-Passing Circuit All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 10 Wide Receivers … CAST YOUR VOTE! …

Just get Bonita’s Garrett Horine the ball and he’ll take care of the rest

NOTE: Like QB, there is no better position to get a read on a player during summer passing games than receiver. Now, the trouble with this is that some receivers will look much better than what they really are because of the nature of a passing game. There’s no rush on the QB, who can usually get off a pretty nice pass, and it’s probably easier to get open sans pads. Anyway, you could still see who has nice hands, runs good routes and has good speed. Lastly, let me add, WR is a position where there could SEVERAL sleepers this season.

1. Taylor Lagace, Arcadia — Lagace moves into the top spot after an excellent summer that saw him flash the strengths that led him to a scholarship to play in 2012 at Washington. Lagace has become the top beneficiary of QB Myles Carr taking yet another step forward. The Apaches had some great showings this summer and probably tipped their hand about what a great offense awaits fans this fall. Lagace does it all; speed, hands, smart route runner. He deserves the top spot in an area loaded with excellent wideouts.

2. Travis Talianko, St. Francis
— Talianko just picked up an offer from San Jose St. and more figure to come. What I like about Talianko is that he is probably the most physical receiver around. Throw in good speed and very good hands, and you’ve got a nice package. The Knights had some nice showings this summer, so QB Jared Leibowitz is probably a good bet to have a nice year, which means Talianko should as well.

3. Chris Gilchrist, Charter Oak — Consistency is all that’s needed from Gilchrist to move him even further up the list. At 6-foot-5, he simply laughed at defenders, literally laughed, on some plays this summer. Gilchrist probably has the best all-around package of skills in the area and has a QB like Travis Santiago to ensure he gets the ball. If he dominates play in and play out, a monster season is forthcoming.

4. Brett Bartolone, La Habra — Bartolone was No. 1 on the previous list, and the main reasons he got there have not changed. He’s extremely fluid, has excellent speed and is very reliable to catch even the most difficult balls. The reason he drops is because the Highlanders will shift him to running back in a lot of sets because of all the talent they have at WR (could be best group in school history). And the QB situation at La Habra still needs to work itself out. If you put Bartolone out wide with a D-1 kid throwing him the ball, he may be one of the top 10 targets in the Southland. But given that he’ll wear a couple different hats this year, he drops on this list a tad. The offer from Air Force is still there and one from BYU is apparently forthcoming.

5. Vinny Venegas, Covina
— Venegas is a very proven product. He can take over games once the ball gets in his hands. He doesn’t have the size of some of the others on the list, but can do everything they can do. Venegas had a strong summer. Most reports said he was right at home with all the other athletes on the field when Covina visited Charter Oak this summer. Having QB Billy Livingston delivering him the ball ensures another big year from Venegas is coming.

6. Kevon Seymour, Muir — It’s hard to get a firm read on what exactly Seymour will be doing on offense this fall. In the passing games I saw, he was not at QB. But he will surely get into wildcat formations like last year. He was mostly used at WR, but I have to think he’ll see some time at RB. But most of Seymour’s time will be spent at WR when the pads come on and that should mean big things IF Muir’s QB can get him the ball. Seymour is far and away the best DB in the entire area, with offers from Florida and USC. Hopefully, he gets the chance to shine on offense, too.

7. George Katrib, Diamond Bar
— Katrib, like the entire Brahmas offense, had a monster summer. He remains the sure target of QB Henry Omana. The emergence of fellow wideout Dante Harris, at least in passing league, eliminated some of the attention that’s usually focused on Katrib. With Omana looking like a major force this year, Katrib’s numbers will only benefit.

8. Adam Aguirre, Cantwell — I didn’t get a chance to see Cantwell this summer, so there’s not much new to report here. I will just reiterate that last season Aguirre averaged a sparkling 19.6 yards per catch. With Cantwell expected to be even better in the pass game and the focus of the offense shifting more that way a bit, Aguirre is ready for another big year.

9. Garrett Horine, Bonita — Man, if Bonita finds a QB, Horine is set to do something special. His size really stands out and he’s about as savvy as they come when it comes to getting the edge on DBs. Horine is the total package and should take the load off Tanner Diebold in pressure situations.

10. Andrew Fischer, Diamond Ranch — I saw Fischer go against Charter Oak and Muir, and he was right at home with all the athletes on the field. Fischer has some of the best deep speed I saw this summer and hands to match. D-Ranch needs QB Isiah Locke to play this fall how he did this summer. If he does, Fischer is sure to benefit.

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  • Aaron

    Garrett may be just as fast as Casey. If Casey had been healthy these past football seasons we’re talking some serious differences. He will be very physical as he is also the starting safety on the defensive side of the ball…oh yeah and he’s 6’5″.

    He’s a blue collar kid, which is a tribute to his parents. This is senior leader you want on your team. As far as QBs are concerned, pretty sure “Sunshine” is gonna be just fine with the receivers he has to work with.

  • Amat Bully

    I gotta give it to you Aram this list is WAYYYY more accurate then your last top 10 receiver list. i have no objections to this one at all….GOOD JOB CLAP CALP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!…..

  • word on cameron

    All i got to say is your about to be surprised.

  • question??

    Wow so Monrovia is top 3 passing league teams going into hell week, but has no wR on this list…I don’t know aram….how do you explain that…my guess is monrovia has one of the best WR Cores, but one guy does not stick out? I mean honestly Venegas was not as good as Jay Henderson, who ripped the midvalley to shreds in the Playoffs last year…Venegas had better stats over all because covina is pass first, but in the playoffs against Whittier Christian (8 rec 76 yrds 1 td) he did not do to whittier christian what Jay Henderson did(5 rec 176 yrds 3 tds 1 punt ret td). That trend also repeated itself against san Dimas too…Jay out perform him.Disclaimer; I know that that was last year, but this year, did he look Better than all the mtown wrs? I don’t think so. especially said Most Reports??? Well did you see it for yourself??? If you are going to name one Midvalley wr on this list, it should have been a Monrovia wr period…At the end of the year, the same scenario is going to play out…with a Mtown wr scoring 3-4 tds in the championship game. Against athletic DB’s( which there are not too many in the Midvalley) I don’t think he would rank top five. Outside of Qb Position, Monrovia players are the best in the Midvalley, including wide receivers. Now that monrovia has pair of QB’s who can see more of the field and throw(no diss to Bueno) i’d put my money that one of 6’3 Williams, 6’0 Craft, 5’11 Bryant, are better than Venagas head up on either side of the ball. As a 10th grader Craft held the Mid Valley’s top WR Stanley to 2 rec for 12 yrds he 7 rec 70 against covina…especially when Play off time rolls around you must know he would get locked up! ….I am not hating, he is good, but not top 5 in the sgv…bc he is not the best in his Division…

    Lagace Vs Monrovia 3 rec for 12 yrds
    Stanley vs Monrovia 2 rec for 12 yrds
    Venegas vs Monrovia ????

  • Amat Bully

    Not knocking Monrovia at all, but come on dude get serious there is not one receiver on Monrovia that deserves to be in the top 20 when talking about top returners. Craft had an okay year but he’s young and should be great if he’s still at Monrovia. but the other dudes you guys are pumping up has not proven themselves at all.

  • Answer!!!

    Shut up, there are alot of wide receivers missing on this list, but NOT Monrovia receivers!

    Besides, Aram did you type up this post while you were taking a deuce, cuz it STINKS!! and spelling sucks!

  • question??

    I am not hating at all…Aram ranked the team 3rd going to into hell week…. I not pumping up any one… Craft,Williams and Bryant would start at any school in the Valley. Last year Williams did not have a throwing QB and Monrovia was a running team. Our WR had to share the ball because we have 4-5 guys who can get the ball. Craft and Bryant were sophomores. My logic is that 9 of these guys are top 10 returning WRs. But Monrovia should have at least one guy on here…and he could have been in the 10 spot if you like. I am just pointing out that before you can rank any other Midvalley WR, you would have to rank at least one of the Monrovia WR over Venegas, because in the playoffs…the Monrovia wr have been and will be better than any Covina WR or Midvalley WR. Its been that way for 3yrs. You can put venegas or De la Cruz head up against any of the Monrovia guys on either side of the ball, and they would get shut down, or scored on… just like Lagace(650 yrds D1 offer) or Stanley(1256 yrds receive college Scholarship)…I know you are not saying he is better than those two guys, combined were held to 4 catches for 24 yrds. But was torched by Monrovia WR.

  • Bobby Boucher

    My Mama says that the only reason that you did not list a Monrovia player as number 1 in all the categories is that this is the newspaper of the devil!

    My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

  • what

    Did your MOMMY also say, don’t ever BEG!

  • realTALK

    monrovia fans are something else… yes your super talented and yes your gonna have a great team but for anyone to knock the top 5 WR is just plain dumb…. this list is accuarte to the T… good luck guys and have a great season

  • Amat Bully

    Dude Vinny Venegas didnt even play against Monrovia last year and your talking about a receiver that had a thousand yard season with double digit touchdowns. i think you should try to go after a different dude because Venegas has proven he is a top returner.

  • Amat Bully

    I must admit Monrovia does have “D” here’s is a list of receivers that did get off though.
    Only 4 players out of 13 different teams. GREAT DEFENSIVE COVERAGE.

    Cody Deen, south hills 4rec 90yds 1td
    Kolbeck Kevin, San dimas 6rec 95yds 2td’s 2nd game 4rec 53 yds 0td’s
    Matt Nelson, south pasadena 7rec 115yds 0td’s
    Grant Escobar, whittier christian 6rec 83yds 0td’s

    the list of receivers they did shut down is long but its only two thats considered above average and those are the two that Monrovia fans brag about shutting down, Lagace and Stanley. But they do have to face Lagace one more time and i doubt that double teaming him is going to work if they plan on winning the game.

  • question??

    Like I said, come playoff time, you will see who the best WR in the Midvalley are….Like I Said on Either side of the ball this kid is not better than Williams, Craft or Bryant…He could have a 2000 yrd receiving season, come playoff time…he won’t break a 100 yard game…that’s how you measure who’s who! No one is begging…I was just wonder how Aram would rank him higher than Monrovia WR’s…

  • Colt74

    Venegas was ranked 5th last year for the Mid Valley. As a junior. Numbers 1-4 were all seniors. (The number 1 WR had a SOS of .5). Monrovias top WR was Jay Henderson ranked 14th. Also a senior.

  • Observantcat

    I’m not going to come on here and criticize Arams thinking BUT if you put Taylor Legace as your number one receiver this season after his last seasons results then I would try and convince everyone on this blog your rational. Because here are his last seasons results loud and clear.
    09/10 L 27-42 St. Francis (La Canada, CA) 13 154 11.85 35 2
    09/17 L 7-34 Monrovia (CA) 3 12 4.00
    09/24 W 42-14 Temple City (CA) 3 21 7.00 1
    10/01 W 44-7 Pasadena (CA) 3 52 17.33 22 1
    10/08 W 34-13 Muir (Pasadena, CA) 4 106 26.50 58 1
    10/15 L 14-21 Burroughs (Burbank, CA) 7 80 11.43 20 1
    11/05 W 49-14 Glendale (CA) 4 129 32.25 48 2
    11/12 W 35-17 Crescenta Valley (La Crescenta, CA) 5 96 19.20 40 1

    His best game was his first game against St. Francis and he only got 9 TD’s throughout the season.

    I would have put Talianko as my number one proven reciever which his stats dwarf those of Legace.
    Given that Monrovia was not a passing team for the most part last season will allow Frazier to show off what types of receivers that Monrovia will unleash on its opponents this season. Everyone is going to be somewhat be biased about who’s better than who when it comes to their players but I know for fact that by the end of this season and even into next Monrovia could have at least 3 receivers on this list and all three may in fact have better stats than your number 1 guy on this list.
    I have never seen Venegas play so I cannot comment on his abilities to play in big games but his stats do give him credibility to be considered on of the best receivers in the area. My second vote goes to Gilcrest mainly because of Santiago being the one throwing the Rock to this kid that’s a win win situation. This post Bueno era will show how much talent was left in the closet when it comes to our passing threats and I have a good feeling that most will be amazed at how good some of these sophomores and jrs. really are. I believe the Jay Henderson would be a great pick up for any college at wide receiver he was probably the best receiver in the Valley.

  • question??

    Amat Bully those numbers are true, those teams picked on our sophomore dbs early in the season…They broke them in good…but like I said, come playoff time…in the Midvalley, things slowed down considerably.

    Schurr total passing yards Playoffs 4 rec 51 yards
    San Dimas total passing yards Playoffs 9 rec 95yds
    Gladstone total passing yards playoffs 5 rec 24 yards
    Whitter Christ passing yards playoffs 15 rec 152 yards

    Midvalley playoff avg 8.5 rec for 80.5 yards per game….

    I am not saying that the midvalley is loaded with WR’s and DB’s…but the three schools with the top WR/DB’s are Monrovia, Covina, San Dimas(last year). I just saying the kid is not the best in the Division this year…Time will tell…I could be wrong…Naaaah…

  • realTALK

    yo mtown cat whats the title say on this blog? POST PASSING CIRCUIT which means after what has been seen in this summer work outs and passing league circuit NOT WHAT HE DID LAST YR I THINK YOU ARE LIVING OUT YOUR LAST YR SEASON A LIL TOO MUCH. its a brand new season so focus on this yr and what the kids are doing this yr.
    maybe thats why you guys dont have a top WR cuz you dont have a great passing game this year nor did you have one last yr. you guys have a great team and great players at the running back position. nick bueno was your work horse and frazier will be too but please ITS A NEW SEASON SO FOCUS on the title of this blog before you go and diss any kids on this list

    remember the theme of the week: “this is the 2011 season”

  • question??

    My fellow OBservantcat…I think lagace should be on this list…maybe not #1 bc of stats but top 5. I think the low numbers point towards Arcadia’s lack of a running game, no other WR and Carr being extremely overrated…that kid is like a deer in head lights, when the pressure is coming. I saw Lagace this summer, the kid is a stud… D1 prospect..he should be tough on the mtown DBs this year.

  • D-Mo

    If Gilchrist was laughing, it was probably just in amazement of how accurate the throws were.
    Chris has a style that resembles a Randy Moss. Opponents will have there hands full trying to defend him 1 on 1.

  • Progress….

    Well I think going to Semi’s in the SGV Shootout, and finishing top 4 at the Buena park Shootout with teams like Santa Magarita, Capo Valley, Buena Park, Doresy, I’d Say Monrovia’s passing game is going to be good. I got a chance to see lots of teams over the summer. The young Monrovia WR’s don’t have the stats coming in, but they do have the talent to be on this list…I know our fans attack Midvalley players….but we like to set the tempo and get in opponents heads in our division… Venegas is very good, his numbers are going to be there because covina is a pass heavy team…I like to see him break 100 yards and at least 2 tds in the playoff games….you do have to consider playoff performance when grading Midvalley WRs….They normally don’t face anyone good unless it is Monrovia, San Dimas, or Covina…I didn’t see the kid dominate as a wr in games against BP(Demetrius Jackson) or Whittier Christian(Cameron Stanley). But he can run the ball too on that Fly sweep….If I was Aram, I would come up with top 10 SGV Athletes, for people like Kevon Seymour, Venegas, Holmes, Corona,
    Etc… I think he fits more in that category more than a pure WR.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Holding my tongue for now but I will say this, im sure as hell somebody has been HITTING THE PIPE… YEAH THAT GLASS PIPE or eating that purple haze because some of the receivers you have on your list could catch a cold when I saw them play. Furthermore most ran their routs like they had thorns in their shoes. IM JUST SAYING

  • I don’t know…

    Aram this list is right on with a few misse!, If this is your list…who are the sleepers you mention? I see a few names missing… I hear Ptown has some, horses, The Mtown Core…No Canada, Major, Villalobos ??? Come on Aram is this just the preseason Vanilla list? are you hold back on us or what? I saw a few guys on this list had no more than 500 yards and 5 tds…one even had just 1 td…Idk…

  • Observantcat

    ReelTalk: It dont get any more real than this. These are his real stats prior to gaining a scholarship to Washington. This year is a whole different ballgame. You even go as far as to say that Monrovia doesnt have a good passing game this year and didn’t last year?…. How about the 202 yards against Arcadia in game 2 vs. the 32 yrds you guys put up against us?.. BIG, BIG difference. This year will be even worse, but like you were saying, this isn’t the subject matter for now, it’s passing league that matters. So what Aram is saying is coming off of a great summer of passing league games these are the top receivers in the San Gabriel Valley? That works for now but as I recall Taylor was voted the top reciever last season as well coming in. I’m just pointing out some of the guys that I feel have the credentials to be at the top of this list. I did not include the Monrovia players because I know that they will indeed put up crazy numbers this season when we do become that passing team that you think we’re not.

  • Observantcat

    ReelTalk: It dont get any more real than this. These are his real stats prior to gaining a scholarship to Washington. This year is a whole different ballgame. You even go as far as to say that Monrovia doesnt have a good passing game this year and didn’t last year?…. How about the 202 yards against Arcadia in game 2 vs. the 32 yrds you guys put up against us?.. BIG, BIG difference. This year will be even worse, but like you were saying, this isn’t the subject matter for now, it’s passing league that matters. So what Aram is saying is coming off of a great summer of passing league games these are the top receivers in the San Gabriel Valley? That works for now but as I recall Taylor was voted the top reciever last season as well coming in. I’m just pointing out some of the guys that I feel have the credentials to be at the top of this list. I did not include the Monrovia players because I know that they will indeed put up crazy numbers this season when we do become that passing team that you think we’re not.

  • Aram


    You gottsta chill. Pipe references, really?

    Everyone else,

    I stand by this list. Sure, there are plenty of talented WRs at M-Town. The one who impressed me most was Luke Williams. I saw M-Town throw three times this summer. I saw them at Bonita way back in June when they didn’t really have all their guys there. They were so-so. I saw them at West Covina and they had all their guys that day and the talent is amazing. Some of the best I saw. Same with West Co. Of course, that day nobody could complete a pass. I don’t know if it was because athletes were guarding athletes. Then I saw M-Town at the SGV Shootout and that was the best I’ve seen them. But again, while they have talent, they don’t have the track record these others guys on the list do. The guys on this list not only have all the physical tools, most of them have the numbers as well. I don’t doubt that one or two M-Town wideouts will step forward, but as of right now, you guys are merely pointing fingers at other guys you don’t like and not making great points about why the M-Town WRs should be here. Just simply bragging about the talent isn’t enough.

    And if you’re going to question a guy on this list, it should not be Venegas. Somebody brought up the BP game and Demetrius Jackson. Well, QB Livingston got hurt and VV was switched to RB. Ask anybody at that game who the best player on the field was that night. We’re talking about a kid that rushed for 11 TDs in addition to catching 12 more and going over 1,000 yards.

  • Aram

    Some sleepers I saw this summer … you may have some of your own, so ship it.

    Adam Sanchez, Amat (he was high on my list last year, so not really a sleeper. Needs to stay healthy, though)

    Harris from D-Bar

    Savage from Damien

    Bobo from CO

    DeAndre Manus, Claremont (he may be one of the most talented around but that QB situation is scary)

    Hunter Duran, Arroyo

  • MonroVian

    Hahahahahaha @ Kennedy…
    Aram put that in your pipe and smoke it… Hahahahahaha. Mtown will show everyone who has the best athletes, Glendora Tator Totts are the first Victims of the year! Go get em Wildcats!

  • M-Town/P-Town


    We starting to see a tread here, you seem to be dogging M-Town and P-Town all summer what’s up with that.

  • Venegas far and away the best

    Wow! what a poll from experts. Surely colleges like Boise St must really take a look at him.

    Oh ghee, that’s right, he was there. I saw him at the Boise St camp. And they ignored him as if he was a fly on the wall, too bad the coaches didnt see what we all know since he is so much better than Taylor and Bartolone. And oh ghee, Lagacy was at Boise State also, Boise st only gave him a scholarship offer.

  • Amat Bully

    M-town fans i was with yall the whole time but now im getting sick of hearing yall talk about receivers that haven’t even gotten their feet wet. DAMN come on and enough with the we locked Lagace down thing ok good job but the kid will probably destroy every corner at M-town in a one on one situation. yeah i know football is played with 22 players but you guys are pumping up dudes that did kind of good in shorts and t-shirts. let them show it on the field before you start knocking other players those players on the list are there for a reason, they proved themselves worthy of being there. everybody feels they have the best athletes on there team thats a part of sports. Hell if you ask a blair fan what they think about their receivers they’ll probably say we got a kid who’s probably the best in the valley. “LOL” but to say that Jay was the best in the valley, his numbers didnt show that and he plays in the RIO HONDO league seriously. let your players prove themselves first before you pump them up and end up with a “our QB isnt really a QB” excuse during the season because hey neither was Bueno last year a real QB.

    But i do still like Monrovia….i know it dont matter if i like yall or not or even my opinion about yall but you guys are coming off a little more ridiculous then i use to when i use to talk trash about Amat…..

  • progress……

    Amat Bully there were one on one situations, its called Cover 1 tough! However last time I check it takes 11 to play…. As for WR getting their Feet Wet, there are two WR on this list who both have 500 yards total, and one has 5 tds and the other has 1 td. We got a soph who put up those numbers….Also regarding Jay, he was not the best WR in the Valley last year, Holmes was from Muir…But he did make the secondary of Whittier Christian look like freshman, and one of those kids got a offer…Venegas went heads against the same dude, and well it was competitive. He was a junior so this year he should be better than last year. But, Athletically…I think Monrovia has a few good ones…this is all done, Aram Made his choices. The one thing he does do is change his tune, if the players play better or worst, so I expect him to say wonderful things about this WR Core this year…We will get a all Encompassing WR on this years Area team. That will be good enough for me. BS all of the talking we do is because…we took 30 years of hell for losing in 9 finals appearances…soooo I think we can have our time this season…lol

  • realTALK

    amen to amat bully’s post and venegas as well. i do like monrovia’s team potential but im sick of hearing them complain about how their kids all deserve to be #1 at everything and how good this and that are. lagacy from what ive seen in games is AWESOME ( mtown doubled him all game watch the film) and he missed 3 games due to an injury and a coach from burbank tackling him on the field. look mtown is gonna run their league but i mean who wouldnt with TC as your biggest threat, (so pas, la canada, san marino… seriously????) they have no real game in league they shouldnt lose.

  • I don’t give a SHSSSSH

    2 rec for 15 yards double team or triple team…is not very good…sorry….I think he is going to play saftey in college…

  • http://Dan Dan

    Aram, Thats exactly why Monrovia had difficulty completing a pass when they came to throw at West Covina the last time. It was good athletes guarding good athletes, specifically Chris Solomon being moved from outside linebacker to free safety that week.
    Thats why I have to see Monrovia prove it on the field against better competition before I by into the hype some of their fans are giving them, you can’t assume anything in football, good looking athletes in summer still have to prove themselves with the pads on, just the simple move of putting a good athlete like Solomon at free safety was enough to shut down the Monrovia athletes that we were hearing about all summer, and that was without our shutdown corner who we have been missing most of the summer. It’s tougher to look so dominant as the division levels get better.
    Speaking of Solomon at free safety, I wonder if it would work out better in pads if they move Chris to free safety from his outside linebacker position. It seems like he could get more big plays on defense roaming center field at free safety. If he was lined up on one side of the field at OLB, other teams could avoid him at critical times by going the other way. That wouldn’t be as easy if he is at safety. Any Opinions?

  • really???

    I think Santa Margarita is better than West Co? Monrovia complete passes against that pac 5 team… what about the D1 Athletes at dorsey…..Sorry West Co your db’s are not shut down corners come on….you guys are going to have a tough time slowing down Covina’s WRs who were wide open in week one last year…Passing league is not your thing..neither is it Monrovia’s…but enough said.

  • Aram


    I don’t like moving Solomon to OLB. First of all, your boys are loaded there. Second of all, although Solomom will be a defensive player in college, WestCo needs him more offensively and I wouldn’t want to run the risk of him tiring if he has to take way more contact play-per-play at OLB. That defense of West Covina’s is out of sight this year.

  • ???

    What the heck is a REAL quarterback? If you mean a straight dropback passer. Then Flutie, Vick, Steve Young and others aren’t real quarterbacks.

  • Solomon needs help

    Solomon should be making special appearances on Defense for west co….to play him both ways all game is really going to hurt the team. They need him to carry the ball 35 times a game this year due to lack of passing game. Without a bj lee to spell him, being the full time guy is going to take its toll…maybe not in preseason, but later in league and playoffs, he is going to need some help. I’d be looking for another safety who can play at least %40 of the time. I’d put him in on assignment(blitz, goaline situation, and run support if they are playing a killer back, not full time. Chasing around WR all night is like running wide sprints before, line up to run the ball. I think the college scouts know he can play safety, But that might not be whats best for West Covina this year.

  • Observantcat

    Ok Reel Talk here’s your proof. Take a good look at #28 and tell me how many guys do you see guarding him

  • realTALK

    1st all its REAL not reel talk

    2nd its a monrovia highlight tape all it shows is arcadias running back fumbles and bueno running around

    3rd look at 3:52 on the tape, corner pressing and safety over the top ( thats called double coverage, safety is over the far sidelines buddy) i know the kids ppl in the program at monrovia and that was their game plan so dont tell me they didnt double shhhshhh.
    4:10 #11 (safety) lines up directly behind the corner # 2 which means another double.
    please dont talk to me about football sounds to me like your a youngster and i think ive seen a lil more football than you have.
    to your account yes that shouldnt matter about his poor game but monrovia did execute their game plan very well

    7:24 at one point they had 3 guys cheating to his side with the saftey again playing over the numbers and everyone knows thats not a NORMAL safety allignment with the LB wided all the way out by the CB

    7:40 #9 #8 and #21 cheaping to his side HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH TOO FUNNY

    hey thanks for proving my case. maybe you should actually watch the film before you open your mouth again

  • Eye in the sky…

    the whole SGV should watch Observantcats link. you will witness #28 was falling down everywhere! I kept mistaking him for #23. I don’t want to hear anything about him dominating anything green and white…the eye in the sky don’t lie! Aram you know How you call Rio #9…We in Monrovia would like to refer to this guy as #28! I don’t want to hear anything about the Rio hondo. If this team won the Pacific, and went to second round in the southeast…then Monrovia would be right in the running for pacific league champs and a 2nd Rd team in the southeast…Oh yeah this was the struggling week 2 Monrovia team …imagine week 13…haha Go Green and White!

  • Ok ok

    Hey what about on Defense when #9 jay henderson and #4 Bueno shook him really bad…We did double lagace, but Arcadia also Double Jay Henderson with Lagace…Match point Monrovia…Arcadia its going to be a battle this year… I can’t wait.. Lagace is good, we all know that, But Monrovia is going to double team him again… Great job Maddox! Everyone on this list is going to get doubled teamed! So what…that should not stop the #1 WR in the valley from getting at least 5 catches in a game right?? But we are still going to trash talk Arcadia. Are we supposed to be nice to a West SGV foe….gimme a break…

    Cal preps prediction

    Monrovia 34 Arcadia 14

  • Amat Bully

    i thought you M-town fans said yall played Lagace head up i dont recall you saying that but i do remember other M-town fans saying that, in the short time of offense that arcadia had on the video he was clearly doubled and even tripled team at one point. but hey M-town came away with the “W” no shame in that at all.

  • Anonymous

    Eye in the sky.
    yeah you guys beat Arcadia but to say you would had won a share of the pacific off of one win is a joke the pacific league is a great fit for Monrovia but winning it will not come that easy. you wouldn’t play any Blair one week then Tc then south pas then La canada, thats 4 easy wins for M-town. where as in the pacific league your only guaranteed 2 victories and thats Glendale and Hoover. But Muir, Burbank, Burroughs, Pasadena, CV, Arcadia, week after week is a head ache. And then go into southeast play where you have Bonita, La mirada, Norwalk, Santa Fe and wc just to name a few. yeah we know that WC lost to mid valley Covina but thats a rival game crazy things happen in them type of games. And if im not mistaking that was Arcadia first league title (shared) since 04-05 season which was also shared. so stop with the comparison junk M-town had an awesome game Arcadia looked like Crap. Good coaching from your coach but down talking the pacific and southeast is crazy…….

  • Ghost Of Football Past

    Yeah buddy! Got to love those Calpreps predictions….

    San Dimas (CA) 35 Monrovia (CA) 34 [projection: Monrovia (CA) 19-14]

    Covina (CA) 27 West Covina (CA) 21 [projection: West Covina (CA) 40-10]

  • Couch Potato

    What about the young man from San Gabriel, Alex Villalobos. He was at the USC rising stars camp which is an invite only camp and did very well. He is getting looked at by plenty of schools. During the summer he ran some of the best routes I have seen. He looked unstoppable at the Bonita tournament and at the SGV shootout he gave db’s fits. Considering SG always has a go-to guy I think he should be on the list as SG is always a pass heavy team.

  • realTALK

    noone is trash talkin mtown you just need to respect a gifted player in lagace and yea one game vs mtown aint gonna dictate this guys skill set. no one said you had to be nice its call respect foo! i guess you guys in mtown need to learn a lil more about it and class. all we’re saying is hes a great player but to say hes garbage is plain stupid! get a clue. yeah have a great season in the rio hondo league its sooo tough. you guys caught arcadia on an off week. they keep up with st francis and im almost possitive your not saying you would have blown them out too, RIGHT???
    whateva it doesnt matter cuz the season is right around the corner and i guess we’ll just have to see.

    no direspect on mtown players or coaches you guys worked our asses off to win that title good luck this year.

    tape doesnt lie double even tripled team thanks to those who also saw and agreed the abvious

  • Myopiccat

    2011 Rio Hondo League Ratings

    South Pasadena (CA) -0.1
    Temple City (CA) -7.7
    Blair (Pasadena, CA) -30.6
    Monrovia (CA) 35
    La Canada (CA) -0.9
    San Marino (CA) -9.5

    Replace Monrovia with Los Altos and Los Altos would be league champs……

  • Eye in the sky…

    Real talk you seem a little pissed. No one in Mtown, thinks Lagace is not good. That would taking away from the great Job our DB’s did that night. It was clearly obvious that Monrovia was just a better team than Arcadia last year. We feel the same this year. We are going to double and triple team Lagace again this year. The plan is to have the same out come as last year. Dont bring St Francis into this bc, you are our common opponent and measuring stick to gauge things. Hey Arcadia will have their chance to whip the Mtown Wildcats….If you do then we will gladly take all the trash talk…The rio hondo league is not tough at all…it actually hurts us to be in that league…I wish we were in the Valley Vista or Pacific.

    Ghost..Calpreps is like %97 accurate. Sometimes teams lose…thats why we play the game. We could lose to Glendora, Arcadia, South Hills, and San dimas…but We believe we are going to win…14-0 is the goal. But it’s one game at a time… We truly are not worried about the apaches right now…the season is on the line when we play Glendora. That’s our biggest game…

    Myopiwannabe, everyone knows the Rio Hondo is weak. What’s your point? You betting against the cats come playoff time? nahhh

    Go Green and White.

  • Eye in the sky…

    not down talking the Pacific, just saying we could fit and play and be competitive…do you disagree ? Like I said if Arcadia could do it…we can do it… this year i think we could win the Pacific….i did not say we would win the southeast. I think we could win a first round game though. I truly think if we can win the Midvalley again in the fashion we did last year. I would be time for monrovia to step up in class…would you agree?

  • realTALK

    oh not pissed but your right on that friday night mtown killed arcadia and i believe mtown is loaded again and being on neither side i can also say that arcadia seem pretty loaded this year a lil different team but your right week 2 will be a great game. great rival game and your right about being in the rio hondo league but eh its just the way it goes sometimes good luck mtown and arcadia and the rest of the sgv teams

  • http://Dan Dan

    Aram, actually Chris has started at OLB for the last two seasons, they just started playing him at safety this summer, I like the move, don’t know if it will stay that way, but he looked good back there.

    To Solomon needs help,
    Not sure if you knew this but WC only passed about 5 times a game last year so not much of a passing game even then, I hope they get a few more throws per game this year, 8 to 10 per game would be nice, things got a little tough at the end last season, probably because we were one dimensional, Solomon averaged about 16 to 17 carries a game last season, I don’t think he will need to have 35 touches a game next season in order for WC to be successful.
    They still have a deep backfield and a couple of good recievers, enough guy’s to spread the ball around, I hope they can develope the new QB’s to get enough of a passing game to take some of the pressure off the run game, pretty sure Chris will be full two way starter, but I’m not a coach so we’ll see.

  • Solomon needs help

    Dan, Solomon touched the ball 15 times because BJ was getting 10-15 touches as well. I know Frazier is back, but I am not sure if he will be as productive and dynamic as lee…if the other backs can help, then Solomon will be able to go both ways…but my guess is he will be getting at least 20 or more carries per gamee. With the new line, you could see the ypc go down thus causing for more carries. I just speculating, but I do think he will need some help on d.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Aram:
    Hey listen, you know I have mad respect for you and what you do. Having sad that I did not call you out, there reference to the PIPE was SOMEBODY HAS BEEN. It didnt say ARAM has been. Looks like you neglected to read all the other comments prior to mine. Those are the SOMEBODIES Im referring too. Now from this day forward if you wish for me to you to refer to you as SOMEBODY consider it done. I know you have enough respect for yourself not to be group in with the SOMEBODIES on the blog as most are bias, clueless and wouldnt now @#$% from apple butter..

    Now from my perspective I only agree with three receivers on your list Travis, Kevon and Taylor. As for all of the others well everyone looks good in two hand touch but Ive have and never will be a fan of passing league, its never a good barometer of how well a receiver will play. To my eye the other receivers on your list were manhandled and soft as MEDICATED cotton when I saw them play. Now thats just one mans opinion.

    Most of you who know me know that Im a MHS alum and could be considered a MHS HOMMER, but having favor for MHS doesnt cloud my perspective I try to be objective at all times as see other points view.

    Aram Im not here to criticize you for omitted the Mtown receivers from the list as they didnt impress me either and one of them is my own son. My point here its hard to impress me and as a former receiver Im impressed by PLAYMAKERS I could give a flying FIG about stats or what some receiver did last year as last year has nothing to do with NOW., I only see three PLAYMAKERS on your list, and of course the PLAYMAKERS you left off the list from MHS.

    NOW let the retorting begin.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    PLAYMAKERS play all over you but Jerry Rice was a play maker , T.O. was playmaker, Micheal Irvin was a playmaker. Deshawn Jackson is a playmaker. I think you all get it.

  • DR Panther


    I don’t get it…I definitely see more than 3 “Playmakers” on this list. Take of the MHS glasses, they’re clouding your vision!

  • PleaseGodNo

    It’s happening. M-town is turning into the Wilson of the blog for the 2011 season.

    It’s all about us.
    Everyone else sucks.
    All our players are D-1 caliber.
    Everyone else is just a hater.
    We can win the Pac-5.
    We can win the Southeast.
    We can win the Pacific.
    Our stands will be filled with scouts every game.
    Grass is green because it’s our school color.
    Disagree with us and we will make fun of your log-on.
    See #1.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Solomon needs help,

    I thought I might chime in here on a few of your points. There is no way BJ Lee was getting the same amount of touches as Solomon last year. Solomon had 202 carries for 1900+ yards at 9.7 ypc. Beejay had 79 carries for 900+ yards at 11+ ypc. The math just does not add up to substantiate your point about equal touches.

    I think his ypc may dip but not likely. Chris averaged 9.4 ypc as a sophmore(09) when that dominant WC Oline was also considered young and unproven. The Bulldog “rush machine” will be up and running again in 2011 trust me.

    I’m not sure if it was you who said that Solomon will get worn down if he starts both ways. The kid does not get worn down, he actually gets stronger later into games. He started both ways last year and was the primary kick off and punt return man on top of that. By the way, he is bigger, faster and stronger this year. And more than likely hungrier than ever to silence his doubters and win another CIF Title.

    One last thing. Please do not sleep on junior RB Aaron Salgado! He is the definition of being lost in the shuffle with Lee,Solomon, Fraizer and Tucker all getting the rock last year. 5’9″ 200 lbs and runs atleast a 4.6 40 yd. He has that build that gives him a low center of gravity and almost impossible to arm tackle. Look for him to have a break out year in 2011. I predict WC having two 1000+ yard rushers this year.

    Go Bulldogs!

  • Brown

    I know a program that has two 4.4 backs and one 4.6 225 pound 5’10” (tank) back. MAYBE the best running back core in the SGV. I don’t believe they are going to put up the number to reflex that. They are on a very well balanced team.

    By the way all three of these backs didn’t play for this team last year “Colt74”.

  • Football fan

    Hey Aram,

    Where is Joey Davis and Christain Mahlstede of Santa Fe ? Both have good hands and big bodies. Joey is 5’10 175pd and Christain 6’2 200pd. Both very fast and physical. They both run good routes and have the speed to go vertical.

  • Aram

    Yes, Salgado is a stud. He and Solomon are gonna be the 1-2 punch, with Frazier being the home run guy that Lee was last year. Not saying he’ll be like Lee, because nobody can, but you get the point. The run game should be sick and it better be because the 10-man fronts are coming.

  • Dan

    Solomon needs help,
    B.J. had 5.6 carries per game last year, with his speed I had always wished he would have gotten a few more touches per game but having to share the ball with a backfield that consisted of Solomon, Salgado, Tucker, and Frazier, I can see where it would be a bit of a task to get all the different players the amount of touches they wanted.
    Aram, Along with Frazier, I think Solomon and Salgado will have a few homeruns themselves.

  • Solomon needs help

    Like I said if Solomon will need the other guys to be a productive as BJ LEE was…Otherwise he will have to pick up the load.

  • no no no

    Please don’t compare Monrovia to Wilson. Thanx.

  • Goldenarm

    Relieving to know that very soon kids will hit the field and football sounds will overpower some of the bullshit floating around here.

    Looking forward to those undergunned and “outmanned” teams that show up with a shitload of fire and desire and knock off the big guy – and yell with the joy that rips out from such a victory. The win nearly nobody saw coming…the win from relentless preparation and sound scouting and individual efforts of beating the guy across from you when all week long you have heard the hype – kids putting it all together in one victory nobody had etched into their pre -season flight plan.
    The big Friday night. It is gonna happen.

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