Sierra League predictions … CAST YOUR VOTE! …

South Hills coach Steve Bogan isn’t telling anyone whether the glass is half full

NOTE: This is the second in a series of league predictions for leagues that consist of local teams only.

1. Charter Oak — Ask yourself who has the best offense in the league? Right now, we should all agree it’s Charter Oak. The Chargers have the league’s top QB in Travis Santiago and a plethora of offensive weapons to go with him. Defense is the big question mark for CO as the entire defensive line must be replaced. The secondary is fantastic and should be extremely stingy. Big Lou plans to rotate a lot of athletes on defense in hopes of keeping a fast and fresh group on the field. I don’t see anyone in the league that can really stretch the Chargers deep.
Predicted record: 8-2 overall, 5-0 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

2. Damien — As I’ve said before, the Spartans are the most improved team in the area. They addressed their needs in terms of speed and should use all those quicks to put more points up on offense and not give up the big play so much on defense. Damien’s defensive line could be the best around, led by Charter Oak transfer Alex Hernandez and Alex Arevalo. As improved as Damien is, you have to ask yourself whether they’re ready to hang with CO’s speed or handle Chino Hills’ brute strength. I will see yes to one of those.
Predicted record: 8-2 overall, 4-1 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

3. Chino Hills — The Huskies have some very big questions and some very areas of confidence. It’s going to take more than a ball-control offense to win the Sierra. It’s going to take QB Andrew Chavez making plays to a group of skill players that look solid, but lack experience and the explosiveness of last year’s group. I know Chino Hills has always done a great job reloading, but this is a different Sierra League now. Programs don’t just replace guys like Ifo, Auston Johnson, Brad Bergen, Nate Harris and Scott Calles. This team will be a work in progress, but fully capable of beating anyone in league.
Predicted record: 5-5 overall, 3-2 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

4. South Hills — This is probably the toughest team in the area to get a read on. The defense was atrocious last year, but it was underclassmen heavy. Are they better because they’re a year older? The offensive line loses some key players, but there’s talent, albeit inexperienced, to replace it. But you can’t bank on South Hills being at last year’s level. Then there’s Jamie Canada. If he returns to full strength or near it, he’s a legit weapon. But can you bank on that? This is a total mystery team. The parts are there for any kind of season.
Predicted record: 4-6 overall, 2-3 in league
Playoffs: No.

5. Ayala — The Bulldogs had a legit excuse last year with all the injuries they suffered. The dynamic frosh class that is now juniors has remained intact and if they are healthy should help the program give a better account of itself? But is that enough? The Bulldogs are badly outplayed last season and one talented class alone isn’t going to carry a team far in the Sierra. Ayala will be improved, but not enough to threaten the top three.
Predicted record: 3-7 overall, 1-5 in league.
Playoffs: No.

6. Claremont — I really do believe that one QB meant that much to a program. No, I’m not talking about last year’s stud Daniel Kessler. I’m talking about his replacement Matt Simko, who the coaching staff put a lot of time into getting ready. No, the ‘Pack would not have come close to last year’s amazing numbers, but Simko was solid and had some skill guys to work with. Claremont is now scrambling with inexperience and that’s the danger zone when you play this schedule in this league.
Predicted record: 3-7 overall, 0-6 in league.
Playoffs: No.

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  • sierra league

    When Chino hills is completley healthy like they should be when season starts, then they are the best team in the league. CO is flashy and what not during passing league, but every football fan knows that you when the game within the trenches and from what I’ve heard CO doesnt have that

  • Amat Bully

    sierra league
    Man kill it with that noise you aint heard nothing….CO got it in the trenches and has the best athletes to go with them. like i told all you other CH fans CO is here and now its our league. enjoy being 2nd and 3rd place finishers in the sierra league for years to come.

  • Southhills1

    what are the thoughts out there on south hills. Who do they play week 1..and how do they compare to their opponents!!!

  • Aaron

    I don’t see Chino Hills dropping off that much, I understand they lost a ton of talent…but to predict a 5-5 schedule is a little weak.

    Even with their schedule…6-4 or 7-3 would be about correct. I don’t see Bub and staff losing that much of a touch

    And as far as Damien is concerned…I need them to prove it before they can get a good prediction.

    South Hills will be about last year.

  • huskies fan

    I think Chino Hills will surprise some people and I think by the time the roll into league the hogs the have up front will be able to get it done for them. I am very skeptical of chavez, but only because I like Zorilla their back up QB. At Chino Hills they don’t replace guys they reload.. Bub is a great coach and his staff knows how to win.

  • Videoman

    Glendora…..oh wait, I forgot that C.I.F. moved them to the Baseline league where all the games are close to home.

  • Old Spartan Player

    Can’t wait till the season starts. Lets see how Charter Oak and South Hills do year 2 in the Sierra , hopefully they can compete for 5 games straight.LoL…I know league can be unpredictable but I can see Chino Hills being the early favorites and Damien and Charter Oak being right behind them. Hopefully Claremont and South Hills can make a surprise in league play. Why can’t the season start now.LoL

  • Jefe

    sierra league, sorry but Charter Oak has a better overall team this season than CH.

    That’s not just based on passing league either.

    They are better most everywhere.

  • AMAT 73

    First off jefer don’t get twisted nor twist my post as you normally do with a blogger from AMAT. My question is how do any of you feel these teams will fair once playoff time comes.Playing some of the Inland teams is a big step up league and I am not sure how far any of the teams went last season but I believe CH had the deepest run and seeing as Aram now has them at 3 after being the talk of the SGV last season what about the others.

  • CO Bro

    OMG Bully, PLEASE STFU! I’m tired of your big mouth coming on here and embarrassing the Charter Oak faithful, do us all a favor and sit down, watch the game and STFU!




    CO Faithful and Company: Its silly that you kids come on this site putting us down ?? The sierra is ours and last year we had proven it and the last 3 years as well and here you come with your 6-5 season picked to win it all last year as well and got into the playoffs by a lousy coin toss and got CRUSHED yes CRUSHED by Vista. All i have to say is beat us and then talk, us on the other hand whooped you kids last year and dont talk half the smack that will make even better when we do this again…..Dream on pookie! PASSING LEAGUE IS OVER NOW PUT YOUR TROPHY T SHIRT AWAY AND GET READY!

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bro/girl:
    i have never even seen you on any post and i been doing this for some time now and what guy says “OMG” and believe me your not a CO faithful your a fake. And please miss me with the tough internet guy/girl act. i defend CO to the fullest whenever someone bad mouths CO im here where you been. And come on dude or girl watch your mouth sometimes the little kids from CH gets on here and reads comments.

    your name says it all your one of those guys who doesn’t stand on there own two feet why wait until someone else says something why you never said anything yourself. your just another dude that needs backup. look its the internet i dont know you, you dont know me you can voice your opinion dont worry i wont try to hunt you down there just words.

  • Amat Bully

    Yeah last year you beat CO good for you but as you see CO is favored to win the sierra division already in only CO 2nd year. I guess that self proclaimed king of the sierra division is just what it was a self proclaimed king. Not even the writers have once this year favor CH to win league.

    And to the fake CO faithfuls why are you so worried about what i write when these CH cheerleaders continue to bash CO. and you call yourselves FAITHFULS this is a blog where sports talk trash talk and predictions are made if you cant handle it then leave……


    Amat girlie: Whos trash talking?? I speak the truth and cold hard facts, your speaking by hope….why dont you put the shut to the up! just wait your turn and where were you last year?? When your team was chosen to win the sierra as well? I dont need to talk trash and disrespect all i have to do is speak facts: as of right now the CO /CH saga is CH-1 CO-0 do you deny?? You dont own the sierra because you looked pretty throwing the ball with no pads on in that case did you see the detroit lions warm up yesterday ? They looked good i guess that means you can bet on them for the next superbowl but if you want to be smart you can look at their stats last year and say nevermind or i hope… blah blah blah dont hate YOU HAVENT EARNED THE REPSECT YET WE HAVE BEEN HERE AND ARE PROVEN!

  • CO Bully

    amat bull: keep in mind last year the LAKERS were the chosen team to win the championships, and it sure as hell wasnt the packers with thier missing defensive players chosen to win the superbowl. The big shiney wheels always look good until they hit a bump and have a blowout! I wont guarentee any wins like you do but i do guarentee that CH will not lay down and conceed just because the SGV writers say someone else looks better in their pjs…besides we are not even from your SGV so i understand why your hating on us but maybe after the next 2 years they will move you back where you belong and you can dominate once again!

  • Amat Bully

    At least be a man and stand up to when you were talking trash i went back and forth with you before so dont play the innocent i never talk trash role. And i did catch the detroit training camp they do look good and so do my Denver Broncos. the difference is CO looked good in passing league but CH didnt. and you right your up 1-0 over CO and i was here last year when CH beat CO i had nothing to say i was quieted by the lost. And yeah you can say CH is proven and yeah can definitely say or almost guarantee that CO well be sierra league champs and will make its marks on the league, shoot look now if you guys are the champs then CO must be the top contender and a major threat because all you here is CO and CH talk.

  • CO Bully

    amat bull: By the way we earned the rights to sport the name CO Bully unlike some people in this room! haha when is it that you bullied Amat by the way im awful curious? When and if you beat us you can use a name like CH bully but until then its MINE!! Watch what you ask for all you did is wake us up with you arrogance and disrespect! i wont lie and talk crap like saying you guys suck because i see that you have a loaded team and have opotential and we have to ready to ball but the truth is any given friday under the lights any thing is possible just ask Claremont when they beat us and we were up by 21 by the half…we shall see..THIS IS CHINO HILLS AND WE COME TO PLAY!

  • QB Coach

    Take all the smack talkin away and the Sierra favorite is clearly CHS. The are defending champs with a very nice 5 year run under there belt. The staff is top notch and if you don’t believe me you weren’t at the centennial game. All that said defending your crown will not be easy. CO and Damien will both be much improved on the offensive side of the ball. Neither team has a championship defense but hey one of those defensive teams might actually step up. Stepping up is not hyping kids on blogs but being physical and making tackles which won’t be easy for either defense. South Hills is actually in a pretty good spot any time Bogan can fly under the is a good time. Bog an is best when expectation are low. Claremont and Ayala have always been bottom feeders and will always will be. Last year was a fluke for Claremont and so will be any quality wins this year.

  • CO Bully

    amat Bull: Just a friendly reminder when we started passing league this summer we won first at the Rancho tournament beating Etiwanda in the finals (keep in mind) this was us 80% healthy when we competed at Bonita tournament we had 1 starting receiver and the rest were JV players so you can have the passing pretty trophy because we werent there to compete but come september we will be running 100% with our returning wirk horses on the O line and you will see the difference.

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bully:
    like the name real original…..But i always say prediction are like excuses everybody has one. But of course im going to go on record and say CO will beat CH this year last year CH whooped CO feet and was the better team. but now that CO has entered the inland world of sports representing the SGV there is no doubt in my mind that CO would always be the favorite. i mean come on dude we all know real football is played in the SGV not saying that the inland doesn’t play real football but that anytime a school from the sgv enter or go against any inland teams the SGV is always the favorite. call me hypocritical if you want Amat73, Just sayin’, Joe Amat, colt 74, aztec pride and the rest of the Amat nation and SGV fans but its true. And i still stand by what i say Co will take over the sierra league.

    Oh and Aram man he reps the Sgv and to some of the sgv Aram is truly a bias sports writer so the least he can do is put the sgv on the map against outsiders but when it comes to sgv teams it wouldn’t matter if Amat went 2-8 he still would say Amat is the best team in the Sgv.

  • Amat Bully

    Look CH is the defending champions and can be considered king of the sierra but like every champion in sport history comes a time when that team or person has to pass the crown and go through a down time some recover some dont.

  • We seen your type before

    Amat bully ur just like KH all bark and no bite. Your an embarrassment to your program just like he was. Stating opinion as fact and making statements that are inconsistent and can not be substantiated. Then your next step will will be come on the blogs and play the victim card. Final ending with don’t forget deny deny deny. Hopefully you don’t end up in a 12 step program without your guaranteed ringS.

  • Aaron

    Years where teams like Claremont all of a sudden become world beaters are not flukes. Those are special groups of kids that put in the work and get things done…you know like senior loaded mid-majors when they hit the NCAA tournament.

  • Aram Has No Clue

    It cracks me up that you guys are arguing back and forth about the predictions Aram has made. It is ovious he doesn’t have a clue. Chino Hills 5-5….3-2 in league…3rd place ….LOL any person familiar with the sierra league and Chino Hills knows this is a joke. I agree Charter Oak looks like the favorite based on their summer passing league success, however, I didn’t see their linemen at any competitions. I don’t understand Aram jumping on Damien’s Jock. They did get some transfers but nothing stellar they have struggled the last few years and I don’t see much changing.

    Amat Bully,
    ” i mean come on dude we all know real football is played in the SGV not saying that the inland doesn’t play real football but that anytime a school from the sgv enter or go against any inland teams the SGV is always the favorite.”
    Are you serious dude? Besides Amat & West. Co, SGV football is weak. Name an SGV team that would compete with Centennial,Norco, Vista Murietta,Chino Hills, Upland,REV, Redlands, Roosevelt, Rancho Verde, Colton, Summit, etc. We all saw how well the #3 SGV team, Charter Oak, did against inland teams last year.

  • Joe Torosian Lite

    1. Chino Hill: 7-3 Overall, 5-0 League: In the end what separates Chino Hills from all others in the Sierra are the boys up front. You can talk about 7 on 7 and athlete checking, but Chino Hills can and will dominate the line of scrimmage.

    2. Damien: 7-3 Overall, 4-1 League: They have a frontline that is going to give a lot of teams trouble. I know some have not been impressed by some of the transfers they have recently gotten, but do not minimize the impact adding quality players have on the intensity of practices. Savage is a game breaker.

    3. Charter Oak: 6-4 Overall, 3-2 League: Great quarterback, great skill players, outstanding back seven, but their inability to stop the run will keep them from being able to unleash this offense that has people excited. In the end they are still too soft for the Inland Division.

    4. South Hills: 4-6 Overall, 2-3 League: This team just doesn’t have the depth nor the physicality to be successful in the Inland. Could easily fall to Claremont.

    5. Claremont: 3-7 Overall, 1-4 League: Can a team that relied so heavily on throwing the ball, change their offensive philosophy? The defense is also suspect (Gave up 28+ in 7 games).

    6. Ayala: 2-8 Overall, 0-5 League: With Chino making a resurgence, and the domination of Chino Hills, Ayala just does not have the athletes to compete.

    That’s my principle.

  • Amat Bully

    Aram Has No Clue:
    i can go and do the history on match ups of sgv teams against your teams but thats a waste of time. and dude you should check that list of teams you posted and erase a few. But i want to stay on the topic of the blog and in the topic CO is Favored to win the sierra league. its just a prediction so relax take deep breaths and let your blood pressure get back down to normal before you have a stroke.

    We seen your type before:
    Again another guy who cant stand on his own two feet. it says it all in your screen name. im no KH and i been blogging for a while im not new to this. and i never stated an opinion as a fact. if you read what i type you will see where i say “in my opinion” and i doubt if i ever say “this is a fact”. So crawl back into your little hole and think of a better way to insult a blogger. And you say, i will play the victim card LOL you must haven’t been on here, why would a person that proclaim to be a bully use the victim card? using a screen names that starts with “WE” is a sign of a person who looks for others to back him/her up. yeah something so small and simple as a screen name shows character in a way. i stand alone never looking for back up CHUMP if you cant comprehend what i write then stop reading my post. And i dont remember guaranteeing rings just league winnings you know league champs.

  • PT

    Aram Has No Clue,

    Did you mention Rancho Verde as one of the top teams in the IE. I heard one of their top players (team captain) transferred a couple weeks ago to a SGV school and it wasn’t Damien. Colt74 you want to take a guess which school the kid transferred to? You will find out Week 4.

  • lemme guess

    Let me guess he transfered to either pomona or charter oak

  • PT

    That should really be an easy one. Colt74’s been crying all over the place trying to find out whats going on over at PTown. That is one of many new faces on the team. He’s going to play DB, RB, and WR. He’s spliting the RB/WR duties on the offensive side of the ball with two other NEW PLAYERS. Not going to post his 40 times but it is real fast, one of the fastest in SGV.

  • PT,

    Are all these guys going to be eligible with CIF? I know West Covina got a stud transfer from Rancho Verde, a defensive end who is supposed to be All-Area caliber, but he got denied and is appealing.

    Just wondering if anybody else will have the same problem.

  • Colt74

    PT, Crying all over the place? Where the F do you come up with your crap? I asked one question…and I’ll rephrase it and ask it again.

    Just how good do you have to be to need to recruit 10 or more players in 1 off season? You brag about how good Pomona is but there is nothing Pomona about Pomona. You are loading your team with transfers. Shakin in my boots…really.LOL!

    I have a program from last year for Covina. Same names except for the ones that moved up to varsity. How many names from one of last years programs will be on this years for Pomona?

    So Pomonas new motto is the best team that money can buy? You might as well recruit, lord knows you can’t win without doing so.

    See you week 4!

  • Aram Has No Clue

    Amat Bully,
    Out of those inland teams I listed, how many do you think CO could beat????

    Centennial? LOL
    Vista Murietta? We saw what happened last year
    Norco? can you say beat up!
    Chino Hills? Nope
    Upland? Get serious
    Roosevelt? Even with their poor coaching they beat you
    Rev? Too physical for you
    Redlands? see REV
    Summit & Rancho Verde? too many athletes
    Colton? CIF champs

    CO’s days of beating up on little kids is through. SGV football is much weaker than Inland, OC, San Diego, South Bay, and SF Valley football hands down. Amat and West co are good and CO is decent….who else is there that would compete in those other areas?

    I am glad to see that they are stepping up to play Roosevelt and are playing Rancho again.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Amat Bully,
    You say SGV football is better than inland FB….hmmm. I did a little research for you my friend. I think we can all agree that CO is probably the 3rd best team in the SGV behind Amat and West co. Here is how CO has done against inland teams (teams east of the 57 fwy) with winning records since ’04….ready for it?

    1 win – 9 LOSES – 1 tie ……. LOL

    ’10 – lost to Rancho, Claremont, Chino Hills & Vista Mur
    ’09 – Lost to Rancho, beat Etiwanda
    ’08 – Tied Rancho
    ’07 – Lost to Upland
    ’06 – Lost to Damien & Upland
    ’05 – Lost to Damien
    ’04 – no opponent.

    Just goes to show you that CO packs on wins against teams like Pioneer, Aliso Viejo, Diamond Bar, Gardena, Santa Fe, University, and that weak a$$ Marmonte league you came from…when you play(ed) the big boys, you can’t hang. STATS DON”T LIE!!!!

  • PT


    Last I heard all are cleared except one. The one hasn’t be denied, just not completed yet. Only a few (starters) of them needed to be cleared by CIF. Pomona had players for one reason or another that didn’t play last year. Approximately 50% of the starters didn’t play at Pomona last season.

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League Fan:
    see when lies start to flow then ill do a little research myself which isn’t really research CO beat Damien and claremont in 04-05 season beat Damien in 08,09,10 tied them in 07 beat claremont in 04,05,06,07,08 beat etiwanda and damien in 09-10 season. why would you post lies like that and i didnt even get all into the research maybe you should leave the blogging thing alone….and i didnt even add in the wins from 10-11 season which was last season….SMH man dude you suck at this…..

  • Amat Bully

    Aram Has No Clue:
    Dude you should had put your name up there instead of Arams. where do you get your crap from. in that case your saying san bernandino county is better than la county…LOL now we know thats a joke and please dont throw in the valley when your in the 909 thats part of La county which the sgv is in. keep the 818-626-323-213 out of it you focus on San bernandino county dont try to add in the OC because they been beating up on the inland stay with your team in your division and dude if we go back in history the SGV was wayyyyy more dominate then the inland all the inland is knowin for is the eisenhower days and just recently the CC days thats its those other teams are nothing. the SGV has way more history. the inland is now good because the kids are moving from the sgv to there dude shut up and know the facts.

  • no worries

    colt 74,

    You have nothing to worry about. With the Qb pomona has there just not going win. He is going to cause so many mistakes that he will be the best player for the other team. NO WORRIES!

  • Bulldozer

    Amat Bully

    You said…

    “dude if we go back in history the SGV was wayyyyy more dominate then the inland all the inland is knowin for is the eisenhower days and just recently the CC days thats its those other teams are nothing. the SGV has way more history.”

    The SGV has a way more dominant history because of BISHOP AMAT, fool. Bishop Amat has played and/or beat more Inland schools than any other SGV program. Were u just born yesterday, Bully? lol

    Charter Oak can’t even beat Rancho Cucamonga! LMAO!

  • Amat Bully

    Amat is not the only team in the SGV FOOL im speaking on behalf of all the teams in the SGV fool so chill out fool that dude was trying to say that inland football was better than sgv football when most of the kids in the inland come from the sgv. And CO tied Rancho before Rancho a good program can’t take nothing from them. but again Amat fans has nothing to do with this topic but yet an ignorant one like yourself had to put your 2 cents in. Shut up and worry about Alemany the serra league champs in their first year in the serra league.

  • Bulldozer

    Amat Bully

    Congratulations on your tie with Rancho Cucamonga. You do know that RC has been the most difficult school that Charter Oak has scheduled (besides BA) in over 25 years right? Man if RC sucked those years ya’ll played them, then why didn’t ur coach schedule up rather than hiding from tough competition to KEEP HIS JOB?

    You should have seen ur coach Lou Farrar kicking and screaming when it was first announced that the Sierra was being moved to the Inland. LOL! Man, he was squirming! Oh I know….it was all about “traffic” and having to travel large “distances.” hahahahaha!

    Farrar has NEVER in his carrer scheduled at top 25 school in California. Why would the man start now?

  • PT

    Cry baby I mean Colt74,

    I never said we recruited 10 or more players, we don’t recruit, and they transfer for the education.

    No CIF violations, so what are you crying about, I don’t understand. Keep that up and youre going to short out your keyboard.

    So half our D is first team all-league players dont mean we are cheating.

    “Best team that money can buy” were not Damien, is that really the best you can do?

    Man your all talk no bit, kind a like your team.

    Normally I don’t play like this but you are so arrogant, someone needs to put you in check.

    What not as much fun now that you realize there is a team in your league that has way more talent than you guys. Honestly, lately you have been acting like a little wimp, you jump out a make a comment then go run and hide back in your little hole.

    I would love to sit down and compare talent, but please no crying in football.

  • Amat Bully

    what are you talking about i think your yourself a favor and stop blogging everything you said in your last post was the exact words that Amat73 and Joe Amat said in an argument we had almost 2 months ago. come with something new since 2000 CO has 3 rings 01,08,09 Amat has uhhhhhhh wait for it thats right none. and yes im even tired of typing in the same junk about the rings. Drop it dude your argument is past due.

    Sierra league fan:
    i forgot in 2003 Co destroyed Alta Loma also 35-0 who beat los oso that year and Rancho. Man you really need to do your stats over you really said that Co went 1-9-1 against the inland since 2004 LMAO what an idiot….

  • PT

    no worries,

    Your right he only threw for 243 yards in 2 1/2 quarters against Covina last year. Now he is on a team loaded with talent and real coaching go figure?

  • Colt74

    Every time you post you make me laugh. Thank you. You are like a child throwing temper tantrums.
    “Look at me!”…”Pay attention to me!” etc…
    The reason I don’t CONSTANTLY look for your posts and jump right in is that YOU DON”T COUNT. You have nothing of importance to say. You are a joke. You are CLEARLY delusional. Just like you were last year at Wilson.
    By the time you get to Covina you and your kid will be 0-4 or 1-4 AT BEST. YOU DON’T COUNT. Understand now?
    You could not keep your mouth shut last year when you were running Wilsons program into the dirt and you are doing the same thing now that the seas have parted and you found a coach stupid enough to put up with you. Have I mentioned that YOU DON’T COUNT? You are a leach…trying to relive your life thru your son….and that is probably on a good day.
    What was the final score of last years game again? Think how bad it would have been if your kid played the whole game? How do you like me now slick?
    Crying yet?
    And because you are from what I gather too stupid to understand…this is a Sierra League thread. And your continued postings on Pomona belong here why? Oh that’s right…you have already been laughed out of all the other threads.
    You know the old saying…”Don’t go away mad….Just go away”…..
    Post all the comebacks you want…..I’m done with you. Why? YOU DON’T COUNT……..

    16 of 26 for 243 yards 1td… 1 int -38 yds rushing


    13 of 19 278 yards 3 td 0 int on less minutes ( starters pulled at start of 3rd when it was 36-10 )

    Yeah…your kid is SOOOOOOOO much better than Livingston….


    In closing…teach your kid about star constellations….that way he’ll have something to do while he’s on his back…

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Let me tell you one thing. CO Bro has been on here a lot longer than we have seen you . You are just lucky many of the other CO Faithful have not put you on blast sooner. You are slowly becoming their version of notsince2010 but only you do it to your own school .As far as you telling Bulldozer to come up with something new , don’t you lean on the old championships as your main comeback in every post your back is put up against the wall . This is 2011 and you are now in the Sierra League , remember as you put it to AMAT it goes for you also , WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY and I just don’t mean in the polls of the Trib. 3rd place finish and 1 and out in the playoffs in the Sierra and Inland . What’s funny is you knock the hell out of Aram and Fred on their take of AMAT but once they put CO at the top of one of these polls they are all knowing and powerful much like the Wizard of Oz . Take the polls for what there worth , one man’s opinion , no more no less . Other than that good luck to the Chargers this coming season .

  • OldMan in Chino

    I want to echo what CHINO HILLS HUSKY WROTE. Charter Oak in their first season in the Sierra League did adequate and did make the play-offs by a coin flip and then was quickly disposed of by Vista Murrieta. They are a proud program with a long history of doing well in their league, but once again it is a big jump from playing in the South East Division (VII) to playing in the Inland Division (II). Even when the Sierra League was in the Central Division (V) Chino Hills made it into the Semi-Finals in 2008 and 2009, losing to Los Osos (28-24) and to CIF Champion Upland (13-7). In fact since 2004, they have made the play-offs every season but the 2007 season. In 2004 and 2005 they made it into the 2nd round. In 2006 they made it to the 1st round losing to CIF Champion Norco (34-29) which was the closest game they had in their post-season run. I have no doubt that Charter Oak will be competitive in the Sierra League, but to boast about past Championships in a lower division and expect the same results in a stronger and more competitive division is a true leap into the unknown. Best of luck to all the teams in the Sierra League and hopefully they will be relatively injury free all season.

  • PT

    No one every stated whom was the better quarterback, but if you are going to go their yes WE think he is better. You and I will see come week 4, don’t forget no crying in football. I don’t want you to come crying all over this blog that it wasn’t fair.

    You are wrong on whom this is, close but wrong. Four Wilson bloggers are now Pomona bloggers, so have fun with that one. You talk about seeing stars, trust me with Pomona’s defensive you better teach your whole offensive about star constellations. I suggest Livingston wears track cleats not football cleats he is going to be running a lot than passing.

    You are right about one thing this is a Sierra league thread, so out.

  • Aram has no Clue

    Amat Bully,
    Can’t you read a$$!!!. I said ” Here is how CO has done against inland teams (teams east of the 57 fwy) with WINNING RECORDS since ’04….ready for it?”

    The Damien Teams they beat and the Claremont teams were BAD – losing records like about 75% of CO’s opponents in that time frame. Claremont was 0-10 one year. When they did play decent inland teams, they lost…end of discussion!
    You are correct, the the SGV has history…there WERE many good teams in the SGV. That was before schools on my list were built and before the inland empire population exploded. Now the SGV is stagnent as are most of the schools. The SGV cannot compete with the inland area…plain and simple. the top ten inland teams would DOMINATE the top ten SGV schools.
    You are correct, the SGV has history and WAS good, but then again, so were the Detroit lions back in the day.

  • The U

    FUNNIEST CRAP EVER: PT said kids transfer to Pomona for the education…..

  • Sierra League Fan

    Amat Bully,
    List your to 10 SGV teams last year and i will list what I think are the top 10 inland teams…and we’ll compare them. We will look at their maxpreps ranking or calpreps power rating to see which are better….my guess is it won’t even be close. Inland will be better, hands down. Are you man enough to do this? Or do you still want to live in the 60’s and 70’s – the SGV “glory days”?

  • Amat Bully

    AMAT 73:
    Again you Amat fans stay sticking your nose in other folks business and for you to say CO need to get out of the first round, LOL you did not just say that if im not mistaking Amat has made it out of the first round once in years. And yeah so do some of you Amat fans bash Aram when he pumps players up and not have amat players on there so shut up dude and i dont care how long he’s been on here i been on here for a while, and thats my first time seeing him i guess he took a vacation and i still doubt he’s a faithful. and as you should know by now i never look for anybody to help fight my battles, unlike you that was an intelligent way to throw aram and fred in the mix what a wimp this is between CO and CH, Amat has no business here go argue with an Alemany or Crespi fan. and to the so called CO faithfuls that don’t like the way i stand up for CO can jump off a bridge for all i care im always gone ride for CO.

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League fan:
    Claremont was 7-4 4-1 in league in 04-05 lost to CO 33-0
    Etiwanda 8-4 4-1 in league lost to CO 27-26
    thats two wins plus the two ties still shows that your first stat tree is false.
    And dude im not about to name teams im a CO fan you can have your opinions about who’s tougher but if they haven’t played thats all it is, is opinions and besides most of the inland players came from the SGV.

    Live in the now thats what im going to do for now on because even if you go back CO was still dominate. And you only go back as far as 04 oh wait your school isn’t even a decade old. you dont even have history thats why you want to compare.

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League fan:
    Claremont was 7-4 4-1 in league in 04-05 lost to CO 33-0
    Etiwanda 8-4 4-1 in league lost to CO 27-26
    thats two wins plus the two ties still shows that your first stat tree is false.
    And dude im not about to name teams im a CO fan you can have your opinions about who’s tougher but if they haven’t played thats all it is, is opinions and besides most of the inland players came from the SGV.

    Live in the now thats what im going to do for now on because even if you go back CO was still dominate. And you only go back as far as 04 oh wait your school isn’t even a decade old. you dont even have history thats why you want to compare.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Man come up for some air every now and then . Just backing up a long time blogger in CO Bro , that’s it . Just because you haven’t seen him doesn’t mean he is not a long time blogger. Where was your azz before this year. Getting your rocky mountain high on .Also never in my post did I write CO needs to get out of the first round. Only wrote what they did last year so don’t get so charged up( get it charged up ha ha ha ) and that was only because you brought my name into this with Bulldozer. I only point out to you that you always fallball on the past championships in your replies when cornered . On a closing note who really in their right mind help you in any one of your battles that you find yourself in .

  • Amat Bully

    Amat 73:
    Why would you worry about where my a$$ was i think i told you before i like women.
    But seriously all last year Valley guy arguing the fact that Amat plays a weak schedule or when i was on here constantly posting up Amat goes does to Alemany…or how about the year when Amat won the serra league i was here then to, my dislike wasn’t so much then because before than amat was just turning it around bouncing back with a 7-4 record 1-2 in league i was here but like i said my hate wasn’t there yet until all this non-sense about how great Amat is came about. And when i mentioned your name it was telling him about an argument that took place months ago and i know you recall the argument. but like colt74 told the other dude this is a sierra league blog why are you here?

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra league fan:
    one more stat for you “I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST WEST CO” but you keep saying Amat and West CO well here’s a stat, since 04 CO played West CO 6 times. CO is 5-1 against them. So if your saying Amat and West CO is the only two teams in the SGV that can compete in the inland then your delusional. But CO is in the inland division and your going to see what CO can do. first year not so bad could had done better with some close losses but this year is a different year and as you can see CO is the heavy favorite even after somewhat of a down year.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Amat Bully,
    Lets take an honest look at the comparison between inland FB and SGV football. These are the maxpreps and calpreps rankings at the end of last season….in other words THE TRUTH. Here is how the top 10 inland teams ranked compared to the top 10 SGV teams

    1 Centennial rank #5
    2. Vista Murietta #20
    3. Chino Hills #23
    4. Rancho Cucamonga #35
    5. Norco #45
    6. Roosevelt #51
    7. Upland #53
    8. Rancho Verde #62
    9. Colton #63
    10. Elsinore #74
    all of the 10 ten were in the top 100 in the state!
    * The following teams would have made the SGV top 10 :
    REV, Redlands, Summit, Etiwanda,Claremont, Cajon, Corona, Chino, Miller, Santiago,Los Osos, Chaparral,Murietta valley, Yucaipa, San Gorgonio, King, & Arlington. 27 inland teams better than the #10 SGV team!

    Here are the SGV ranking:
    1. Amat #26
    2. West Co #29
    3. Bonita (not really SGV, east of 57 fwy)#56
    4. Monrovia #92
    5. CO #131- LOL, wouldn’t made the top 15 on inland list!
    6. St. Paul (is Santa Fe SGV?) #155
    7. Glendora #163
    8. So. Hills #211
    9. Diamond Ranch #235
    10. San Dimas #243
    Only 4 of the SGV top 10 were even in the top 100 in the state!

    So fool, will you shut up about your SGV football being better…..or can’t you read the facts?

  • are you kidding?

    are you kidding me? did you say that kids are transfering INTO pomona for the education? most parents in pomona unified are doing every thing they can to get their kids out of pomona, not into pomona. pomona unified is one of the worst school districts in the state of california. where are these kids transfering from? chino state prison? a third world country? hell? i guess your right, the league should be conserned with pomona this year.

  • Norco

    Football is in the air….love it

  • Amat Bully

    Dude if your going to post the whole San bernandino county rankings then you would have to take the entire La county rankings which the SGV is in i thought i told you that already idiot.

  • Norco

    Whats there to post Norco beat the Crenshaw the City Champion…end of story..

  • Amat Bully

    and crespi destroyed vista inland runner up……

  • Norco

    yes they did…I don`t make excuses for anybody…

  • Amat Bully

    me either but what was your point of bringing that up. or you didnt know that encino was in La county.

  • CO Bully

    amat bully: looks like its a proven fact that the sierra and inland empire are stacked and will be and we are not as bad as you think we are! CHHS remember that! ut oh it looks like you are winning on the pole for whos going to take sierra? you know what that means now! exactly nothing!

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League Fan:
    stop wasting your time looking up rankings lets stay on the topic of the sierra league and how CO is favored….forget about the rest of san bernandino county lets talk sierra this is CO 2nd year in down 1-0 to CH close game 29-22 lost but upsets are expected in league play and in my opinion that was an upset.

  • Norco

    In all honesty I did not know Crespi is located in LA County…

  • Chino Hills Husky

    huskies fan: where are you? Well anyways i just wanted to tell you theres this movie you should rent its called RUDY check it out or maybe you have the movie already? hahahahahahahahaha we play to win not kiss @ss..and may the best kids be on the field!

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League Fan:
    stop wasting your time looking up rankings lets stay on the topic of the sierra league and how CO is favored….forget about the rest of san bernandino county lets talk sierra this is CO 2nd year in down 1-0 to CH close game 29-22 lost but upsets are expected in league play and in my opinion that was an upset.

    I already seen some false stats on your end with that whole 1-9-1 junk. And the whole dino county rankings on this blog CO is the favorite and i truly doubt that you really believe that CH is going to beat CO again.

    i respect that but the big mouth Sierra league fan didnt know that either…

  • CO Bully

    amat bull: did you go to the game last year?? just curious because you were lucky to lose by 1 td, did you not see the wide open TD pass dropped with no defender within 20 yards? what about the ball that bounced off the 3rd string recievers chest and into your hands? Oh i guess that skill…haha you got roasted by a nobody team with no rings!!! we got beat in the semis by a top ranked #3 team in the state go figure one 6’5 receiver isnt going to beat us you better bring more than that…

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bully:
    of course i was at the game but drops happen in every game its a part of football. Look i was once told that using the word “if” when talking sports is irrelevant because its a fantasy it didn’t happen. we can go on for days using “if” to make our team better.

    thats last year you guys won that game. this is a new year we are more prepared and a much better team and im glad you think CO only have a 6’5 receiver you will be surprised when game time come..

  • CO Bro

    AMAT73, thanks for the back up. I don’t think this nut job gets it. I think this guy’s son just made the varsity team or something, all of the sudden he comes on here talking all this trash. I’ve been on this site since day one, may not say much but I’m here very day and I have NEVER heard another CO fan blow as much hot air as this shat stain does. Hey I’m all for backing your team, but when this cork smoker comes on here saying S.G.V football is better then the IE then you know his mommy hung out with Jimmy Beam whilst in her third trimester. I guess I will just sit back and listen to numb nuts sully our name and make it that much harder for CO to get any respect. Thanks for that Bully!!

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bro:
    im glad you showed your true colors. with as many different insulting words you use obviously you talk to your kids that way. i feel sorry for them but hey they can’t help it look at their dad. i can return with a few myself which i have done in the past but it doesn’t get anywhere because as soon as i try to set up a meet up Aram will erase the ip address so its pointless. And like i said before i will back CO up to the fullest unlike you. But your nothing but a tough internet guy with a loud keyboard. and tough guy respect is earned on the field which Co has earned, not through a blog whereas fans from other schools bash CO all the time is that taking away from those school respect “NO” its just a blog where trash talking and sports opinion is made. Now go and apologize to your kids and let them know its not their fault that their daddy is slightly less than a man and to express his anger he has to use the words he uses toward their mommy and them but someday you will grow up and become super dad. And read my other post the ie thing was a misunderstanding and i do still believe that La County which the sgv is apart of is better than san bernandino county football.

  • Amat Bully

    To everyone else that got something to say to me say it i’ll be back later with a response believe me i don’t back down to no one and i don’t look for no one to back me up. but in other words have a nice day.
    CO 2011 sierra league Champs………….believe me

  • Norco

    Amat Bully…

    I *still* have *no idea* what you are saying. I can read the words…they seem to be English, but it’s as if the specific order of words you use scrambles my brain’s ability to extract any meaning from the post. I am sure that if one wants to, one could tumble through your loads of nonsensical posts and try and makes sense of what your talking about.Anyways this isn’t a complaint…I’ll keep trying to decipher the code….

    All the best,

    Your Daddy

  • CO Kan’t Keep their Own Players

    Amat Bully,
    If CO is such a wonderful place, why can’t they keep thier players? Why did Hernandez transfer to Damien and why is Thropay’s little brother going to Chino Hills to play QB? I saw him tear apart Amat’s freshmen in passing league this summer. The kid is legit. Why isn’t playing @ Charter Oak?

  • Norco

    let me welcome you to Norco….the real Norco…

  • Norco

    So, give max a lay of this land. Checkpoints, etc. Anyone walked the yard yet? Good. No limit on cigs then. Norco will be back in a bit. Shower etc.

    Norco likes the gig here. Walls are low.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Why is it that I get this gut feeling that Amat Bully, NotSince1995, and great for the sgv ALL grew up next door to 3 Mile Island ??????

  • Sierra League Fan

    Do you think you guys can beat CC this year? I have heard they look good but nothing like last year. We hung close with them for a bit in the semis last year but they pulled away. Coach Logan told me that his kids were worried for the first time all season at halftime but they were a machine. good luck to you guys. Hope we can meet in the playoffs, I think it would be a good game. This Amat bully knucklehead has no clue about how teams in the IE play ball.

  • JFR

    Amat Bully,

    You have just officially been invited to show up tomorrow for weight training between 8 & 9 at CO. You mentioned that you played there in the past so can’t wait to see which bench warmer you were. I’m starting to think you played on one of the teams when amat took it to us. Man up and show up tomorrow or shut your pie hole and slink away because CO doesn’t need anymore hate help you TOOL.

  • Amat Bully

    im loving all the response you dudes are jokes norco i responded to you in two sentences if you can’t comprehend what i wrote maybe you should had went to CO to get a better education.

    CO Kan’t Keep their Own Players:
    it gets like that when your team has great players other good players tend to leave and go somewhere where they know they will play immediately. im pretty sure the kid was awesome and is going to be awesome i hope the best for him and who ever else left.

    how about i give you an invite to where i train its a neutral ground i haven’t been inside of CO gym since D.rufus junior year oh by the way i trained him for years. maybe we can have a little lift off. i’ll be in monrovia tomorrow at the park off colorado training hope to see you there or you can meet me at the gym in duarte on friday ill get the address for you and everything.

  • CO Can’t Keep Their Own Player

    Amat Bully,

    “it gets like that when your team has great players other good players tend to leave and go somewhere where they know they will play immediately.”

    Hey ding Bat, He was your STARTING noseguard. Do you even know your own team dude? Why did he transfer? Maybe he wanted a chance to compete for the league championship.

  • Amat Bully

    CO Can’t Keep Their Own Player;
    yes i know who alex hernandez is and like i said when you have great players good players tend to leave. i dont know hernandez situation but what i do know is CO will prevail with or without him…..i wish and hope him the best if he did leave.

  • CO Bully

    Amat bully: were you not hugged as a kid or do you just want and need the attention? What a tool…… Pop quiz for you? How many kids from the great awesome CO will transfer out and be playing against you this season? Its funny how many of your own don’t want to play there…what a tool!

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bully:
    kids transfer to different schools every year everyone we lose we gain two just like every other school but im calling it a night hate me some more tomorrow…
    And to answer your question no i wasn’t hugged that much when i was younger i didnt allow my dad to touch me like that i think you would know about that more than i would. but i was kissed on the cheek and hugged by my mom sometimes.

  • Old Spartan Player

    After reading these comments from Amat Bully it brought back funny memories of the times when I played and beat Charter Oak in 05 and 06. I remember how the parents and fans were something else, just leaving CO field was entertaining. I remember being attack by them and having them accused us of flying in players or of us cheating somehow. I never experienced that at any other field.LoL Then after the games I remember going to In-N-Out on Grand, with my letterman jacket of course, both years with my family(cause I live in Glendora)which is also a CO hangout after games. I remember being approach by not players or students but by parents saying how my team got lucky and that if we are to meet again it will be a different outcome. The funnest part was when a mom try to get support from a CO player and that player just shut her up by saying that “Damien was the better team and people like her make them look bad”. Ahhh memories.LoL Now I know not all of CO parents and fans are like that but of course you got special cases. Hopefully these special cases don’t distract the players or put a target on them, cause they already have enough to worry about on the field.LoL

  • AMAT 73

    Yes Norco, maybe you should had went to CO for a better education . You got to love this guy . At least he talks football and not the same old shiat as our stalker ,notsince2010 or his lap dog great for who knows .

  • Amat Bully

    good morning to all my fans i will be here for a while so let your hate begin.

  • WOW

    Here’s were i’m going wrong and it’s replying to your last post AMAT BULLY, but when you come on here egging everybody to come at you, that’s when everybody on here knows your a FOOL and not to reply to you no longer.

    This is not the BULLY blog, but the last time I checked it was called the HUDDLE with ARAM TOLG. BULLHEAD, cash in your chips and just walk away and don’t walk away mad, just walk away…

  • Amat Bully

    thanks for being a fan but if you haven’t noticed every time i post something even if its positive someone always come back with a negative comment. i can start off with something as a simple praise for CO and someone always gotta come back with there non-sense and me being me will never back down to no one.
    And i know its not my blog but i think you all know out of me and notsince95 is the most hated which i love because i don’t give a damn if any of you Chumps like or agree with me.

  • Pie hole


  • Amat Bully = Attenion Whor3

    That’s all I’m Sayin’

  • JFR

    Amat pu$$y aka little girl,

    Stay on ur side of the 605 and stop trying to
    rep the CHARGERS! You make us sick u DUMBA$$!

  • Concern fan

    Amat bully, I think you have a mental disorder my friend…u need help. Here’s a # to a good Psychiatrist. I mean really who blogs 50 times a day, unless ur ill.

    I picture AMAT Bully in his room in front of his computer w/ his big gulp and comic magazines, AND HIS MOMMY BRING HIM A pj SANDWHICH…waiting for the next post so he can get his next fix like a crack head…

    u my friend need to leave ur room and find a gril and live life…get a job and move out of mommy’s and daddy’s house…Its not to late JR.

  • old sparty

    Damien will surprise some people this year. Remember the names Sherwood & Agguirre. I have heard the name Savage alot at receiver, but I was at Damien this summer & The Sherwood brothers & Agguirre were the most dangerous for damien. Aguirre is fast & a deep threat. Sherwood is fast & tough, catching the ball over the middle is second nature to him. The other Sherwood plays fast & can blow by defenders at will. Savage is the biggest of their receivers, but truthfully, the three smaller receivers have had better springs. The other player that has looked good this summer in 7 on 7 is Boykins. Of the transfers that are skill players, he has looked the best.

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