Hacienda League predictions … CAST YOUR VOTE!

The pass attack is the only big concern for West Covina in ’11.

NOTE: This is the third in a series of previews that look at local leagues that consist of local teams only.

1. West Covina — The Bulldogs have the best defense in the league and one of the best defenses in the area. The offense will feature another powerful rush attack led by Chris Solomon, Aaron Salgado and Jimmy Frazier. The QB position is a major issue and I would expect many teams to challenge WestCo in that department by loading the box. If you’re a West Covina opponent, you want the game close going into the 4th when you hope they HAVE TO pass. The run game, defense and sick collection of athletes make the Bulldogs the clear favorite to win the league and repeat as Southeast Division champs.
Predicted record: 9-1 overall, 6-0 in league.
Playoffs: Yes, top-four seed.

2. Diamond Bar — As we near the time when pads come on, I get more and more nervous about my confidence in D-Bar. I put this team in my Top 25 back in spring and took a lot of flack for it. So far, so good. The Brahmas had a strong summer and the program has caught fire under new coach Ryan Maine. But some serious questions remain: Can D-Bar stop class teams and can they be physical enough on offense to stay on the field? There aren’t many teams around with such a nice collection of skill talent, so the onus is on the defense. In terms of the Hacienda, it’s hard to split D-Bar, D-Ranch and Bonita right now.
Predicted record: 8-2 overall, 4-2 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

t-3. Diamond Ranch — My concerns about the Panthers were somewhat calmed when I finally saw them at a passing game at Charter Oak. They still have athletes, although not as many as before. More specifically, in year’s past D-Ranch had more than one home-run hitter on offense. That isn’t the case this year. Beside WR Andrew Fischer, I don’t see any other playmakers. And that’s why I think D-Ranch comes back to the pack. The front seven should be very strong and give a better account of itself against WestCo and Bonita. Unless I’m missing something, this is a good, not great D-Ranch team.
Predicted record: 4-6 overall, 3-3 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

t-3. Bonita — I think we’re going to find out just how good last year’s senior class was. This will be a transition year for the Bearcats. There is still some top-shelf talent around, which means Bo-Hi won’t fall too hard. But the offense won’t be able to stretch the field until new QB Tanner Diebold takes his lumps. The running game may take some pressure off because the running backs are a team strength. However, I don’t see this as a smash-mouth team. I’m also not quite sure what to expect from the defense in terms of overall toughness … when compared to last year. Coaching and some savvy veterans will keep Bonita solid, but nothing near last year.
Predicted record: 5-5 overall, 3-3 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

5. Walnut — Yet another Hacienda team that lost a strong senior class. I would like to think that Walnut’s program is still at a place where it can simply reload without missing a beat after losing a good class of players, but I don’t see it. All the skill positions are a big question mark, as is Walnut’s ability to break as many big plays as last year. While spread offenses are nice for schools lacking linemen, you also need to have some serious threats to keep drives moving. If not, the defense is on the field way too much and that’s what I see happening to the Mustangs this year. Walnut may wear out much the same way Rowland did last season.
Predicted record: 3-7 overall, 2-4 in league.
Playoffs: No.

6. Rowland
— The Raiders faltered badly on defense last year. Fortunately, they had QB Michael Ball and a few other nice skill players to stay competitive and trade points. I don’t see how the defense gets much better this season and I’m certain the offense will suffer a serious drop off. The good news for Rowland is that the rest of the league is not nearly as explosive as it was last year. But while everyone else takes a step back, so do the Raiders.
Predicted record: 1-9 overall, 1-5 in league.
Playoffs: No.

7. Los Altos — While I believe that new Los Altos coach Dale Ziola has done a solid job of keeping what’s left of the program intact, I still don’t think there’s enough to produce better bottom-line results than last year. Truth be told, the Conqs could use some league relief. Valle Vista, possibly (not that there’s any room)? Los Altos is hoping that a switch to a 40 defense will slow opposing offenses a bit. The Conquerors’ own offense figures to ride running back Scott Tibbs for all he’s worth. Maybe LA will be slightly better this year, but they have a large gap to close.
Predicted record: 0-10 overall, 0-6 in league.
Playoffs: No.

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  • Aaron

    WesCo is the class of the league…but Diamond Ranch should be your fourth…and Diamond Bar is suspect. They have a QB and receiver, but I need to see the big uglies, they got tore new ones all season.

    DRanch on the down turn. You’re not giving Bonita enough credit calling them a 5-5 team. I’m not saying they’ll be amazing, there is a lot of raw talent coming in. However, a majority of this year’s starters are experienced…remember all of those blowouts? Yeah, all the young guys got time, remember the games when Tarez Lemmons was out, or how about when Cody McKenzie and Nick Pichotta were out against Santa Fe? These kids have experience, they just don’t have the big flashy name. Tanner Diebold will have a lot of help with the receivers he has and RBs he has. The question is, will the O-line gell, from what I am told they’ll be just fine.

    I’m not saying they’ll be league champs, I am saying they should be no lower than third and should be vying for second in this league, because this year it definitely appears to be WesCo’s on paper. However, you still have to remember their offensive line has graduated. Yet I don’t see DBar making such huge strides like you do.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    As long as the WC QB’s can just run the offense by limiting mistakes and managing drives, Wesco will do just fine. Hopefully the offense can sprinkle in some screen passes to the RB’s and Wideouts just to keep defenses from loading up the box on every play. I predict that we will see some wildcat and spread-option offense mixed in this year! Plenty of atheletes to get the ball to at all posistions. If the passing game is going to be trouble this year, may as well then run at opponents from every angle and hopefully out-athelete opponents on offense. Loyola will be a great test for us. If we can keep it close, or even possibly manage to win, it would be a great win not only for WC but all of us who pull for SGV teams!

    The defense is going to be straight out sick! The defensive backs are fast and big and they can hit! Justen Meaders will benefit from the secondary keeping the opposing skill players locked up and will pile up coverage sacks as they say. If not, he will just do as he normally will do anyways. That is outhustle, outwork, pulverize and pummel your offense!

    A strong defense and a strong ground game often spell success! Keeping the ball and chewing up the clock with the rush attack. Then the defense shutting down the other teams offenses will more than likely be the strategy this season. Protect the young QB’s as they gain confidence and then turn them loose hopefully by mid season.

    The Southeast and the Hacienda is West Covina’s to lose in my opinion. Hopefully there will be some tougher tests in legue this year. Those thriller games like last year’s Southeast championship is what we all live for! Heart pumping, gut wrenching, nail biting drama! Is it September yet?!!!!!

    Good luck to all teams!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • Coach Slayer

    Aside from the homers that will surely come on the blog, the Hacienda will remain a mystery until after week 1 or even 2. Too many valuable pieces lost to some very good teams especially at the QB position. That being the case I tend to favor cotinuity in coaching. West Covina and Bonita have that in spades. But if Bonita falters it will then be wide open for Diamond Bar or even Walnut to make their moves. With major pieces having to be replaced it will be fun seeing how the league shakes out. It may well be a 6 team dog fight for play-off spots.

  • Joe Torosian Lite

    1. West Covina: 9-1 Overall, 6-0 League- While everyone seems to point at the passing game as a possible achilles heel, it was throwing the ball that caused them to lose to Covina last year. If they keep the ball on the ground, and this year they will have no choice, we are looking at back to back CIF champions, and the another Tribune POY for Chris Solomon.

    2. Diamond Ranch: 7-3 Overall, 5-1 League-Although this team will not be able to handle the physicality of Bulldog Nation, this team plays better when they have that chip, and it is back in a big way. I do not see this team making a huge playoff run, but other than West Co. they are the next best thing.

    3. Bonita: 6-4 Overall, 4-2 League- This team screams “soft”. They are the best of the soft in the Hacienda. Experience and coaching will get them a victory over D-Bar, but the offense that really put so much pressure on the opposition last year is just not there. Great season in 2010, respectable in 2011.

    4. Diamond Bar:7-3 Overall, 3-3 League- Front Seven? This team gave up over 30 points a game last season. They have a weak preseason so the hype should be at an all-time high come the league opener versus West Co. and then they should be put back in their place. Omana is fantastic, and he has weapons at receiver, but can they run the ball, how will they handle being on the sideline? The problem with 7 on 7 is it does not give you an insight into physicality and this team is not.

    5. Walnut: 3-7 Overall, 2-4 League- This team wasted a freakish talent in Aubrey Coleman and some very good complimentary talent last year. Again, this team has no running game and will be exposed by those who “get after it”. Do possibly see them upsetting Diamond Bar in the Annual Branding Iron game.

    6. Rowland: 3-7 Overall, 1-5 League- This team should get a couple wins early in the preseason (Nogales/Rosemead), but they do not have the talent to compete with the Hacienda League.

    7. Los Altos: 0-10, 0-6 League- How bad is it? Haven’t read one post on LA all summer. Things are so bad that I wonder if they would compete in the Montview. At least LA fans can enjoy the fall by watching their CIF contending Girl’s Volleyball team.

    That’s my principle.

  • Jefe

    Not sold on DB at all from what I’ve seen of them thus far.

    WesCo, qb issues & all, is running away with this thing once again.

  • Football Fan

    Hacienda League Predictions
    1. West Covina- strong defense and strong running game

    2. Bonita- Skilled team with good coaching

    3. Diamond Ranch- Skilled and very quick on defense

    4. Diamond Bar- Excellent QB and good receivers but i think will lack the physical play

    5. Los Altos- improved team and hungry for wins after 0-10

    6. Walnut- lost many players and didnt see much on offense during passin league

    7. Rowland- Skilled level is way down this year and dont see them doing much after preseaon

  • Maybe…

    I expect wesco to repeat as league champs, but I do not see them repeating as South east champs. The reason why is “George Johnson”. I think that his athletic ability and leadership was key in last years run. When wesco did have to throw, or wanted to run a keeper, he was able to move the chains with his legs…I am not sure this years qb will be able to run if needed.I still think they will go to at least the semis, I am just not convinced they will repeat…we will see

  • Colt74

    Agree that the title is WesCo’s to lose. Heavily favored preseason but need to get a couple of games under their belt to see how offense will be. They don’t need to pass to win but O line will be the make or break for them. WesCo has almost twice as many bodies as most schools to pick from and coach M will get them slotted where he needs them. Coach M could only have 10 anorexic Ethiopians who never played football, and Solo, and he’ll get points on the board. Barring any injuries this season looks to be the same as last…ending with a ring.

  • pueblo

    Los Altos will pull off upset over W.Covina. 21-20. And crybaby Colt 74, I found you.

  • Burger


    We realize how much thought you put into this, since Tibbs is the WR this year. Fiola is the starting RB this year. Cry babby Colt74 I found you to.

  • Colt74

    R.I.P “Bubba”


  • Colt74

    To my stalkers…got to LOVE that great education you got over there at Pomona!


    Hey you can’t play football so why would anyone think you could be literate…

    I’ll wait while you look that word up….

  • Fries

    My spelling or how I play football has nothing to do with the a@@ whooping that your going to see Week 4.

    Waah waah

  • Dan

    Lots of good viewpoints on this thread and anyone of them could be right. The poster signed in as “Maybe” has a good point on George Johnson, whith George in there, the offense worked much smoother last year. It was evident because on the few occasions he was not in there against the opposing starters, our offense didn’t run so smooth. On the bright side, if it turns out we don’t have a good running qb like George, it could force us to improve our short passing game this season. I don’t think having a great run game last season was the only reason we passed the ball so little last year, I think it was also because George was such a good running qb. There were times last season where we would run qb keepers instead of a short pass somewhere because George was a good shot at getting a first down with his legs. This year if we don’t have that luxury, we may have to pass the ball a few more times a game, but with some of the recievers we have, and their run after the catch ability, [Franklin, Ojala, Barnett, Vilches] it could be a good thing as long as we can avoid the picks.
    Aram, I didn’t know about the CIF denial on the D-End that transfered in, I’m just thinking if the family has moved into West Co district from Rancho Verde how could it be considered athletically motivated. Any other details?

    1 West Covina
    2 Bonita toss up with #3
    2 Diamond Ranch toss up with #2
    4 Diamond Bar – With a good line they could be 2
    but they haven’t had a good line in
    a while.
    5 Walnut
    6 Los Altos saw the line at Los Altos, they
    look like they’ve been hitting the
    weights hard.
    7 Rowland

  • P-Diddy

    Covina vs Pomona

    2010 21-14 Colts
    2009 7-2 Colts
    2008 41-34 Colts
    2007 41-14 Colts
    2006 48-0 Colts
    2005 42-13 Colts
    2004 44-18 Colts

    It’s obvious that you have crying confused with laughing….I’m glad I can help set you straight.

  • pueblo

    I was not at P-Town 04-10, but I’m here now. So weshall wait for ur score post Saturday of wk.4.

  • P-Diddy

    So hopefully between now and then you will learn to read thread headers and see where you should post your Pomona jokes.

    Those ARE jokes right? I mean they have me in stitches…

  • Dan,

    He’s in South Hills’ district, but wants to be a Bulldog.

  • Burger


    You didn’t tell me cry baby came back for more.


    Those scores and a quarter won’t even get you a phone call.

    Think about this 2010 21-14 Colts, Pomona had the lead most of that game. This season same coaching staff (second season) and a stacked team compared to last years team. It doesn’t look very good for Covina does it.

    The joke was when you were talking about taking out our quarterback. You guys gave up almost 17 point a game and that was with Gladstone and El Monte on your schedule. We are the team with five first team all-league players starting on the defensive side of the ball, three of them linebackers.

    Please don’t throw over the middle, trust me on that one.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the info, do you know what grade he is in?

  • Aaron

    Aram…can you delete/move the Valle Vista team comments as we are talking about the Hacienda ’round here.’

  • X’s and O’s

    Has there been any word on the future all-world freshmen running back at West Covina?

  • Xs and Os,

    The plan is for frosh sensation Noodles Hull to play with West Covina’s frosh team this season. Coach Maggiore told me they just have too much depth at RB on varsity to have him up and miss out on valuable playing time. He will probably be up at some point, likely the playoffs.

    I asked WestCo defensive stud Justen Meaders about Noodles and he confirmed the kid is the real deal.

  • Bulldog


    Check your other email, you have mail. I dont have your main email.

  • @Burger

    i dont think you were at that game because pomona never had the lead once!! colts when up 14 – 0 quick! then pomona scored one! making it 14 colts – 7 pomona! then the colts scored once again in the 4th making it 21 colts – 7 pomona then pomona scored on a botched snap setting them on the 20 yard line of the colts! making it 21 colts – 14 pomona!!! so your very wrong!

  • Burger

    Hey its my story and i dont need facts when we have 5 all CIF defensive players and the best d1 qb in the state. i promise you he will have 2500 yard by the end of preseason.youwill see.

  • Dance with the Devil or Gallop with the colts…

    Its going to come down to Pomona’s athleticism vs Covina’s precision passing game. Covina is the favorites, but I really don’t think Covina knows that Pomona is much improved. Livingston is known to be streaky…he reminds me of Farve. When he is on, he is the best in the SGV…when he is off… there tend to be turnovers and sacks and Billy DON”T SCRAMBLE!!!. Pomona will have to score 28 pts to beat the colts…they are going to need to create turnovers and play field position and ball control. The colts can strike from anywhere, so keeping their offense of the field is the best option. No matter how good your lbs are, covina will get some big passes down field. Can Ptown Run the ball? Will Covina Use Ainsworth? Who ever can sustain drives will win this one…This will be a early test for both teams, but honestly…I think Pomona is going win this year…Reason being Covina’s D is going give up some points..

  • annymous

    All u guys do is underestimate bonita just like last year. but just like last year, your in for a rude awakening. you swear like west co is going to be soooo good just because chris solomon is coming back. You have to have a line to run the ball and he goes both ways. remeber your 1-9 predictions for bonita last year????? be ready. Because i am(;

  • Dance with the Devil

    I like that name (and the prediction, Pomona way better D than Covina and way to many offensive threats for Covinas defense to stop 35-14 Pomona).

    Now lets talk the Hacienda League,

    I think Diamond Bar is way overrated, Aram has a tuff time with this 7on7 stuff. I see major issues this season again with their line play.

    I also believe Bonita will do much better than predicted, their coaching staff is proven winners.

    Diamond Ranch looked good, better than I thought they would be at 7on7.

    Walnut haven’t heard nothing, lost what little talent they had and a couple transfers to Diamond Bar, I expect this to be a down year.

    Rowland lost just about all their talent, and don’t have much left in the tank. Talent wise this is the weakest team in the Hacienda league. Haven’t seen them play but have been told their qb looked pretty good, so maybe?

    Los Altos they have the talent to beat Walnut and Rowland, but this is the worse coaching staff in LA history. Once again promises were made, this year the coaching staff told the players 4 to 5 wins this year, league title next year and a CIF title the following year. This is the same crap that Felipe did his first year, all these coaches were coaching at LA back then you would have thought then would have learned.

    1) West Covina
    2) Diamond Ranch
    3) Bonita
    4) Diamond Bar
    5) Walnut
    6/7) Rowland/Los Altos (coaching vs. talent)

  • Dance with the Devil

    I forgot West Covina,

    They have ONE of the best running backs and o-lines in the SGV. Not sure what Aram doesn’t see in the qb, this kid looked good when we played them early on. He throws an accurate ball and made good reads. Either way “load the box” on West Covina, thats like playing craps. I guess you could get lucky like Covina?

  • Hacienda

    I have not heard one thing about Diamond bars running game??? I don’t think they are going to just come out pass on everyone. With out a dominating line, they are going to have to keep people off balance. Pass blocking is a lot harder than run blocking. I don’t see them having a dominating line this year. Going to be tough to beat out Wesco and Bonita without a line. 7 on 7 is over…This is when Physicality kicks in. I just don’t think they have the hogs to move people around and protect the QB. They will finish in 3rd or 4th if they can get past Dranch.

    1. West co
    2. Bonita
    3. Dranch
    4. D bar
    5. Walnut
    6. Los Altos
    7. Rowland


    #7 Second String QB dad we thought you left town AND we thought it was over with you. You made yourself your kid and our program look like a joke. Now that you left WHS it’s quiet no drama. POMONA BURGER AND ALL THE OUTHER NAMES YOU’RE USING DOES NOT HIDE WHO YOUR SORRY TUSH IS MARK LOSER. Aram is talking about the Hacienda League not pomona league jerk

  • Hacienda League?


    For a kid that is a second string qb you guys over at Wilson sure like to give him lots of attention. This being about the Hacienda league why are you on here talking about him, your the problem not the solution. Like you said it’s about the Hacienda league.

  • Diamond Bar’s going to put more emphasis on the run, according to Coach Maine. They have a very nice talent at running back in Jamaal Clayton. He would be in my top 20 RBs around with a chance to move into the Top 10.

  • Hacienda League?

    And besides he’s not second string anymore, he’s a starter and going to be getting a lot of looks from D1 schools now that I found a coach that needed the money. For donations to the school I mean. And forget all that has been said earlier of the dozen transfers. We only play local kids because recruiting is wrong. And also there is nothing wrong with me letting 6 of our new players sleep in my garage during football season. Their families don’t have air conditioning in the Inland, err, I mean in Pomona. Hey, but this is about the Hacienda League not us.

  • Huskiefan

    Are you sure that’s not the soccer team in that photo?

  • ChasingWindmills


    It will be come Decembre.

  • football jones


    Enough Already….

    Why not ask your IT guys to run a script that blocks or deletes all entries with word POMONA or P-Town, except for threads specifically dedicated to their own league?

    All these shameless, self-promoting entries are insufferable and never ending.

    I don’t know anything about POMONA nor have a grudge, but I’m hoping they go 0-10 because of this hypocritical beggar!

    Is this by any chance the infamous GRI? That moral, champion crusader against junior & senior transfers a couple years ago?

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