Former San Dimas QB prospect Emilio Zertuche now at West Covina …

Former San Dimas quarterback Emilio Zertuche, who played on the varsity as a team a freshman in 2009, has transferred to West Covina where he’s expected to join the mix for the open Bulldogs starting quarterback position.

Zertuche, a junior, was not on San Dimas’ varsity roster last season and may have played junior varsity (I’m trying to figure that out still), but I can recall blogging about him last offseason when Saints coach Bill Zernickow told me he was going to be a very good player.

Zertuche was listed on San Dimas’ varsity roster in 2009 as a 6-foot, 135-pound freshman quarterback. He is the nephew of former Bishop Amat quarterback, who played in the early-mid 1990s.

Aram’s take: San Dimas and West Covina run somewhat similar offenses, so this shouldn’t be a huge transition for Zertuche, who reportedly arrived at West Covina at the start of summer. Obviously, something went awry at San Dimas for him to leave. But this could be a potentially huge pickup for the Bulldogs. And for those of you sweating it, Zertuche was lived in West Covina all along.

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  • Check Your Rule Book


    Just maybe you should check the CIF rules on that one, you are just a little off base, like usually. If he moved to West Covina during the 2010 season then he would be eligible, but according to your version that isn’t an acceptable reason to transfer.

    Sorry Try Again!

  • WOW

    Very interesting Aram. The only things you have written about San Dimas this year have negative connotation. First, they ran a “dive” play in passing league, and the other about “something going awry” with Emilio Z. How about being balanced in your reporting? Have they done anything right over there??? I know you and Z have issues, but do your job man!! Get over it, and stop being a little b****!!

  • Check your rule book,

    I think his eligibility would still be fine so long as he didn’t play at the varsity level last year at San Dimas.


    I didn’t make up the dive play during a passing tournament. They actually did that. Just reporting what happened. And Zertuche transferring is news. What balance do you think is missing from either of those two items?

  • rule book has a point

    rule book is correct, unless the kid moved to a new home during the off season, (doesn’t matter if he already lived in w.c.) by rule, he can only get approved for the transfer if he can prove a hardship. now if the kid did not play football at all last year, then the rule will not apply.

  • Check Your Rule Book


    First mistake, you were thinking!

  • Middy

    Rule Book/Aram. He already lived in West Covina. He did not move. It doesn’t matter if he played varsity it just matters if he played the sport. He is played at San Dimas and therefore is inelligible for Varsity. He will be a Junior so good luck on JV.

  • Middy,

    Not sure about that. I know that they will sometimes rule players ineligible for varsity, but they can play JV (like you’re saying). Seems to me the opposite would be true … if he only played JV at his previous school in the previous season, then he would be eligible for varsity. I will call CIF tomorrow for clarification

  • Is it that hard to hand off the ball to Solomon, Salgado, and Frazier? ????

    Who Cares, just hand the Ball of to Solomon, Salgado and Frazier…and don’t throw too many Picks…I say start Noodles at QB…I am sure he won’t mess up this offense….if the kid was 3rd string at San Dimas, what would westco want with him? It’s going to be hard to find another George Johnson. Is the West Co QB that bad? He can’t hand the ball off to Solomon, Salgado and Frazier? Uh Oh.

  • Saints

    OLD, OLD, OLD, OLD, OLD, OLD NEWS!!!!!!!


    Emilio was the froshman QB in 2009, he looked very promising at the time, he was brought up with 5 other players for the playoffs. He DID NOT have any playing time at QB during this playoff period.

    Emilio would have been the starting QB for JV last year bcuz he had a pretty decent frosh year, but got into academic issues at San Dimas.

    I’m guessing he sat last year out for CIF qualification and getting back to par academically.

    IMHO.. He loves the game of football and will be a productive player for West Covina.

    Best of Luck Emilio!!

  • Saints



    Emilio is eligible for Varsity this year, and will be a productive player this year for West Covina. My only concern is, if Emilio is starting than, yeah, W. Covina must be in opportunity mold, cuz I don’t see him as a stand out, YET!

  • Just hand the the ball off to Solomona, Salgado and Frazier

    I did not know that the QB for west covina played JV as a junior….That is never a good sign. No wonder they went to San Dimas to get this kid. Uh OH West Co…Repeat in the South east?????I am not so sure now. I say, let Noodles hand the ball off, and run around….Seriously.

  • Just hand the the ball off to Solomona, Salgado and Frazier

    I did not know that the QB for west covina played JV as a junior….That is never a good sign. No wonder they went to San Dimas to get this kid. Uh OH West Co…Repeat in the South east?????I am not so sure now. I say, let Noodles hand the ball off, and run around….Seriously.

  • Inside Guy

    Emilio is bigger and stronger than any of the QB’s out there (6ft 180lbs) yes he put on about 30 lbs of muscle and hard work during the summer. His uncle was Zach Zertuche who played for Amat during the late 80’s and is an EX SEAL. So he definitely has the DNA. He is a very humble kid and I think he has a good shot at being their number one QB if he’s given the opportunity. Just my take.

  • Check Your Rule Book


    What happen, you were checking on that rule?

    Thats what I thought?

    You were wrong and don’t have the b@lls to come on your own blog and admit it.

    Inside guy, if this kid used his current address as a valid address change, I think Aram just blew a big hole in that one.

    Don’t matter if he used another address to attend San Dimas, all that matters is his real address.

    Good Work ARAM!

  • No need to go further with this. Zertuche moved to San Dimas when he played there and now moved back to West Covina. He may have been in trouble had he changed schools without moving, but that didn’t happen here.

  • bossman

    Sounds a little shady…

  • Patriot 25

    Feel bad for the WC senior quarterback who has been there since his freshman year, and has to deal with competition from transfers. Doesn’t seem fair.

  • Dan

    Our senior qb is a fine young man with a great attitude, I don’t think he would take this competition
    for the starting qb position in the same negative way your thinking. He knows competition is a normal thing in life, he has wresteled and played football since he was a young kid and is familiar with hard work and tough competition in many forms, from what I understand, he has also been accepted to West Point Military Academy and will be headed there after he graduates. Whether he wins or loses this competition for the qb position, it will be a life lesson that will prepare him better for life after highschool.
    To our young men out there competing and trying to make their mark in life, never be satified with where your at, strive to be better, don’t shy away from competition but welcome it, it will sharpen you and make you better.

  • Dan

    My apologies, in my post below I mistakenly said our senior qb had been accepted to West Point, he is actually still trying to get in, my mistake, good luck to the kid and I hope he attains his goals.