Archived segments of PrepXtra Live!!!

Visit our UStream page for archived episodes of PrepXtra Live!!!

NEXT WEEK ON PREPXTRA LIVE: Amat coach Steve Hagerty, Montebello coach Pete Gonzlalez and Monrovia super recruit Ellis McCarthy.

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  • fan

    Wanted to know what Coach Rix had to say about our local QB’s.

  • Jefe

    Thanks Aram.

    It’s a shame Coach Mazzotta wasn’t mic’d separately though.

    Looking forward to next week.

  • SG

    What happened to th Chris Rix Interview?

  • hydro

    Really what did Chris Rix have to say about the QB’s in the valley?
    GET BACK TO US Thanks


    I too are interested in what Qb Coach Rix had to say of the areas top Qb’s

  • Unfortunately, the Rix segment didn’t get recorded/archived. We’re all bummed about it. My apologies.