PRACTICE AMBUSH!!! Covina Colts … Who’s next?

Note: This is something I’ve started. It’s called Practice Ambush!!! where I randomly show up at a local practice with video camera and shoot raw footage the entire time. The kicker is the teams don’t know I’m coming. We’ll see who is a gracious host and who throws The Fat Man off the field. So stay tuned because your team might be next!

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  • Cmon

    Go to Arcadia

  • Jefe


    Now this might be your best segment ever.

    I can’t wait to see you drive up on Amat’s practice field.

  • Yeah, this is a great idea. You all just have to keep hitting the blog to see where I end up next.

    Remember, it’s an ambush! But I think I’m gonna really try and get VERY UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL for some awesome footage. Hopefully, nobody throws me out.

  • SaintsFan

    Don’t bother going to San Dimas (you probably were’nt anyway) because the SNACKBARS closed.

    In case you do, we have plans to welcome you,lol.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    that was a really cool video. Nice Caddy man. Didn’t know the trib pays that well hahaha! It’s time you roll out to Pomona and finally see what they’re about! Also, Donahue’s chicken on Garey ave. is some nice fried chicken!

    Great, now I’m hijacking threads and making it all about Pomona! lol

    Not hating P-town peeps, just bringing a little levity to the boards today!

  • wildcats 98

    Dont come to WILSON..Coach Burt doesnt even want parents at practice…but i did spot Malcolm Thomas (coach darryl thomas(covina) brother) at practice on monday…

  • Colt74

    Great idea! Thanks for starting off with us. Agree with bulldog…Pomona should be next. Thanks again big man…pretty cool!

  • Did some one mention Monrovia????

    Is Monrovia worried? Not really, Maybe Covina is worried about West Co lol. You should be calling out San dimas or Pomona. Maybe they are worried. The Wild Cats are greasing up for another stellar Season. Only two weeks away. All I can Say is go…go go…go Monrovia Wildcats!

  • Call out Pomona or San Dimas? Why would I do that? Why would I ask if they’re worried? San Dimas supposedly has better skill guys than they did in either of the past two seasons. That’s right, better guys than Kolbeck, Darlington, Taylor, Watts, Kohler, Evans. Pretty amazing to reload like that. And Pomona has every I.E. transfer known to man.

  • Dan

    Aram, that was entertainnig to say the least, what are they feeding them boys at Covina! Good looking size on that team, was it the camera angle or is just about everybody over 6 ft over there? Covina looks legit, Bulldogs should have a very tough game on their hands come week 0.

  • observations & questions

    1. aram, you need to learn to handle the cammera better or get buy a better cammera with a stabalizer, i started to get a little motion sickness watching the video
    2. is that the entire covina varsity team? looked like only about 30 kids on the team.
    3. covina has a little more size up front then what i was expecting.
    4. that practice field looked in horrible condition. the school might want to turn the sprinklers on every once in a while and water those weeds.

  • observations & questions

    1. aram, you need to learn to handle the cammera better or get buy a better cammera with a stabalizer, i started to get a little motion sickness watching the video
    2. is that the entire covina varsity team? looked like only about 30 kids on the team.
    3. covina has a little more size up front then what i was expecting.
    4. that practice field looked in horrible condition. the school might want to turn the sprinklers on every once in a while and water those weeds.

  • Spartan Dad


    Let me tell you what you’re going to find if you stop by Damien, Coach Fair sitting in the shade, not coaching, not teaching, sitting around wasting our kids time. Gano has to be smart and needs to realize what’s going on, or isn’t going on. We have the horses on D-fense, but our jockey is 150 years old and can’t even move. Time to turn him into glue, GET RID of him. All the parents are talking about the same-thing. I hope it’s just a matter of time.

  • SaintsFan


    Whats that Tat on your BFF Coachs neck? Looks like a “SmudgePot”, lol.

    Covina has good size, hope for them, starters are not playing both ways.

  • Jhykron

    Spartan Dad:

    I’m sure he’ll take it under advisement. šŸ˜›

  • question

    Colt 74 or Covina fans, when is their Scrimmage supposed to happen? When, Where against who and What time…They look good.

  • Colt74

    Covina-South Hills
    7pm Aug 26th
    Covina District Field

  • Sierra League Fan

    In Pads already?? What about the 3 DAYS of conditioning? Did they take their 3 week break at the start of the summer? Even if they did, don’t they have to still have 3 days of conditioning during their 25 practice days before their first game?

    Nice idea but the video is WAAAAAAyyy to shakey….made me sea sick.

  • Anomyn

    Thoughts on covina?

    Covina did a 3 day mini camp before last thurs -sat

  • CIF Violation

    If you had that 3 day mini camp, which you didn’t then you didn’t complete your 3 week dead period. Please don’t forget the thread on Covina openning up with its Combine. All the proof is documented on Arma’s blog. I’m sure the phone call has already been made.

    CIF violation

  • R U sure?

    Are you sure its not 3 practices before contact instead on 3 days

    Seems covina is not the only ones who started back monday that hit today.

  • Covina Colts #2 team in the Midvalley!!!

    I am glad Covina looks good. Monrovia needs a clear cut Challenger…I am glad Covina is stepping up. I hope Ptwon does not knock them off the top. They look like they have some size up Front…I still think the Lb’s and Dbs are the the areas of concern. Once you get pass the first level there are no big hitters…One on ones ummmm….Hynes better get there quick. Id say they are they are ranked third in the division as far as speed, and maybe 3rd as far as size. They have the 2nd best QB, and the best all purpose player(Stat wise ) Little Vinny Venegas who’s a gamer. Covina has a upcoming rb in Ainsworth. They have a great coaching staff. I love the grimmy field, it keeps them tough! I can’t wait to see them play West Covina. That’s going to be a barn burner or a blowout. They are going to have a tough road in league, and then in the playoffs, they are hoping to get 2-3 seed. If they get the 4th seed, they may be playing Monrovia in the Semis,,,and well, I think they would rather wait til the finals for that game.

    Mid Valley Preseason rankings

    1. Monrovia
    2. Covina
    3. Maranatha
    4. San Dimas
    5. Arroyo
    6. Azusa
    7. Pomona
    8. Village Christian
    9. Baldwin Park
    10.Temple City

  • Practice ambush!

    Too Bad Monrovia has more size and speed….Make a great runner up tho’. Good luck Covina!!!

    Aram this is great!!

  • Dan

    Actually, “Little Vinney Venagas” was listed as 5’10”
    170lbs last year I would guess he is probably a little bigger this year, reguardless, 5’10” 170 is decent size for a highschool skill player.

  • MonroVian

    Aram nice Caddy, you are a real Armo, typical blk on blk, I like it! Anyway no worries at all here in the Gem City. All other coaches should be terrified of the Machine that is MONROVIA! Ellis is going to eat every QB that he gets his hands on, DeShawn is going to break more ankles than Kathy Bates on the movie Mysery and G5 is going to lead the team to Victory…. And you all better hope they dont put Ellis at TE, who is going to tackle him, NOBODY thats who! Keep that Caddy Clean Aram…….
    You dont want no green and white!

  • follower

    CIF rule breakers. …its nothing new in covina going back to pop warner they always start early and in high school they are way ahead and hold full practices on weekends…they pad up 2 weeks before everyone else…what rules?

  • Dick Larson Crew

    Jhykron you can be as smug as you want but I hope you know what’s coming your dad’s way. He is a lazy over the hill DC who is going to get his dear friend is some very hot water if he doesnt change his ways immediately.
    He literally does nothing on the defensive side of the ball at practice. Well I shouldnt say nothing hes does find shade and a place to sit so he can chew his tobacco and spit all over himself. Really those stains are a disgrace.
    Last year he blamed the players, this year we wont tolerate that because we know he has the horses. But for some reason the defense is shaping up to be exactly the same as last year, inadequate. That reason is your dad because he puts in no effort what so ever, he is completely lifeless and soon to be jobless.
    The alumni is holding off at this point because we want to be supportive of Coach Gano because we think he is the right guy for the job. But as soon as the defense has another performance like they did at the CO game last year all bets are off. We will can call for Fairs job and Coach Gano s future at Damien may be determined by whether or not he does whats need to be done and fire him.
    So Jhykron go ahead and be smug act like your dad is above us but take note the Damien Alumni is not a group that should be taken lightly. If you dont think so come on by Dick Larson field or the fifth quarter on game day and introduce yourself.

  • Get A Clue

    NO CIF violations at all. CIF did away with the 6 conditioning practices rule last year, as long as there are 6 practices over the summer. Some teams have been in pads almost 2 weeks. Just a side note, more and more teams are taking dead period at the beginning of summer. I DO NOT know if Covina was one of them.

  • Joe Amat

    Rule 1903.4 Schools will have the option to allow their players to wear full pads on the first day of their fall practice, if their summer dead period is arranged in a way that allows for a minimum of three days of conditioning in helmets, t-shirts and shorts only, immediately prior to their first day of fall practice.

  • jhykron

    Larson Crew:

    Then save your whining for Gano, if he’ll bother to listen to it. I’ve actually been to Damien practices quite often this Summer, so I know for a fact you’re talking out of your rectum.

  • Damien Dad

    Jhykron (Fair-boy) :

    The Dick Larson Crew is right, your day has seen better days, that sound you hear coming out of the rectum is your dad, sitting in the shade barking out instructions, “do it again you sac of poop”
    That’s all you hear from him, it’s to the point that the kids are joking about him. None of them fear him or respect him, how do you think they will play for him ? We can get him a NEW shirt and send him on his way, or just wait till he get’s both himself and Gano fired. It’s that bad buddy…… It’s going to be a hot topic at the reunion, you sac of poop.

  • jhykron

    Damien Dad, DLC:

    Well, I guess if the guy in charge of the O-line, linebackers, calling the defense, punt, punt return, PAT block, and the running game is that worthless, you’re hosed. 0-10 or 1-9 t best. Better let Gano know what he’s overlooking, instead of trolling me on the blog.

  • Amat next??

    Thats pretty cool, you may think about having someone holding the camera for you. While you are walking around. I like the upclose talking but i think a still video and you doing a summary at the end of hwat you saw would be even better.

    I saw the size on the line. I agree that corner looks small but the LB’s have good LB size for this level(for mid Valley).

    FYI.. I will have a Boca burrito waiting for you at AMAT.

  • Damien Dad

    Fair Boy,

    Your old-ass dad is doing all that while sitting in the shade. Wow, he’s good. I’m sure it’s not easy to read or hear things about him, Sorry. That’s life, not concerned about him or his feeling, but I am really concerned about our D-fense or lack of, and I’m not a minority on that. Please believe me when I tell you it’s going to happen, it may take time, but either Gano get’s rid of him, or he can join in. No-one wants to see Gano get fire, but we want him to make the right moves and what’s best for our TEAM. SAC OF POOP……

  • Wondering

    Damien Dad – how are those ex-Amat assistants doing. Are they still stuck atbthe lower levels. I seem to remember some saying they had a defensive background?

  • Jhykron

    Damien Dad:

    Oh yawn. Wilson and LA parents said worse things in the stands over the years. It’s the blogs that really make the cockroaches swarm, though. Fair gets a pretty good chuckle when I mock him with all the things you try to heap on him here. Same with the BS other haters say about Gano. Nice thing about net anonymity is you can pretty much say anything about anyone. Probably pretty childish of me to take the bait every time, but what the hell…

    P.S. Where near the West Side of the Damien field can you find shade anyway? I’ve watched plenty of afternoon practices from the sidelines there, and there isn’t a shady spot to be found.

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