SOURCE: Pomona RB Donald Morris leaves team

Pomona junior running back Donald Morris has left the team, according to a source who spoke to a family member of Morris.

The Red Devils had high expectations for Morris, who many thought would blossom into one of the top backs in the area. If Morris is gone, it would mark the second consecutive year that Pomona’s top running back left before the start of the season.

Standout running back Taj Teague left Pomona last year in August and transferred to Claremont where he suffered through an injury plagued senior season.

According to the source, numbers were scarily low when the Red Devils began fall practice. Some estimates ranged between 15-20 players on the varsity team. Those numbers have reportedly now gone up to about 35 players between the JV and varsity teams. The freshman level has about 25.

A call placed to Pomona coach Anthony Rice went straight to voicemail, which was full and unable to take messages.

Aram’s take: If the source is correct, this is a big blow to Pomona. From what I’ve heard, at least when it comes to Morris, all the chatter hasn’t been hype. He’s supposedly the real deal. If he has left, some people I’ve spoken expect him to wind up either in the Ontario area (Chaffey?) or Victorville.

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  • Watch Your Back!

    Aram you are a piece, really so you open another thread on Pomona and continue to take crap. Is this the same source that told you that Pomona’s LB’s look good in the weight room but not on the field. Then come to find out that three of them are first and second team all league linebackers. My source told me that if Morris is gone, Pomona is now only four deep at the RB position. The top two running backs squat 500 lbs. plus each. One is a little on the slow side, runs a 4.7 40 the other has been clocked at combines at 4.5. Both are yes recent I.E. CIF approved transfers.

    You have made your bias position of Pomona very clear to the SGV, so why don’t you get a life and leave Pomona alone.

  • the cdc

    the disease known as markest schriemanosis has enveloped pomona high school and the villagers are running for their lives.

  • Captain Smith

    We are unstoppable and unsinkable. All those that gaze upon us will do so with awe. We have redefined the industry.

    HMS Titanic

    I wonder if Pomona has enough life boats?

  • Amat Bully

    I thought p-town was on the rise. i was hoping that p-town would prove all the haters wrong this year but if their players are leaving then its gone be tough to prove anyone wrong.

  • football


    You should of never started playing Mr. Schreiman’s game. He will haunt you forever. When thing go wrong everyone else is to blame. Good luck

  • Coach

    Mr. Back. I most certainly hope you do not represent the current Pomona fan base where someone that does not write or say what you want can expect a blindside attack from the back? I’am sure their are many fine athletes and fans for Pomona but your ID is way over the top. Other than the stats you quote of your team, if they are all true then you have nothing to worry about right? Then all of Aram’s post you can use as fodder all year. Anytime someone posts as aggresively as P-town folks have been doing they leave themselves wide open for critisizm. I for one hope you guys have a great team thus giving parity to the league but I think your fervor is out of control. As for Aram,s post what exactly do you disagree with, the numbers or what or is it just that he does not send you guys candy and flowers?

  • Watch my back now, huh? OK.

  • Area Prep fan

    Aram, Poor taste in blog. Looks as if you have it in for Pomona. Very unprofessional if you ask me.

  • mike lawry

    Aram inlet posts threads of negativity when it comes to P-Town. Now he pumps up a running back now that he’s leaving. It’s ok Aram, like I said before, your a hater and everyone has just read why.

  • Two weeks ago our emphatic Pomona blogger is telling me Morris is the next coming of Eric Dickerson. And that our top RB lists (on my blog and Fred’s) are garbage because Morris isn’t ranked No. 1. So when the kid leaves the team , now you’re telling me that isn’t news? I’m just reporting the news. Don’t shoot the messenger. This is like getting pissed at Cronkite for reporting Kennedy died.

  • Bias or Racist?

    Man Aram you are really a piece, you really need to get your facts straight. Your emphatic Pomona blogger made no such comment, since the Pomona bloggers knew that the team was going to feature four running backs. That has been Pomonas plan from the very beginning and maybe the reason why Morris isnt with the team. Pomona has another back that is faster and stronger than Morris. The CIF approved Rancho Verde kid that transferred to Pomona runs a 4.4 to 4.5 40 and squats 505 lbs. By the way I got this information off the internet, something that you could have done Aram.

    Either way Aram hasnt made one single positive comment about Pomona this summer, we can only conclude Aram you are either bias or a racist.

  • Cesar Chavez & MLK

    Racist against what race exactly? One or both.?

  • Cesar Chavez & MLK

    Racist against what race exactly? One or both.?

  • What?

    @ Mike Lawry / Area Prep / and what ever else you blog under

    So let me get this straight, Aram (a sports reporter) is unprofessional for reporting local sporting news? You do understand the concept of being a sports reporter, don’t you? And you do understand that Aram’s not the person that ran the kid off, don’t you? The kid probably got creeped by you and figured it would be a good idea to get out of Dodge before all hell broke loose.


    Come on Pomona bloggers, Aram has nothing against Pomona. You guys get so heated when Pomona is mentioned in the blogs. Then again you put Aram on blast for reporting and then you put the kid who left on blast! Maybe you are the piece of work. If you have so many damn backs why say “Pomona has another back that is faster and stronger than Morris. The CIF approved Rancho Verde kid that transferred to Pomona runs a 4.4 to 4.5 40 and squats 505 lbs.” If this kid is that good let Morris leave in piece and forget about him! Its not like he is going to a school in your own league or division he is going to Chaffey or Victorville!!!!

    Get over your bias towards Aram and let Morris be.

  • mike lawry

    The point was, Aram only reports the negative findings of Pomona,

  • Cry, Cry, Cry

    I seem to remember 1 or 2 weeks ago, Aram writing up some good info about Pomona. I believe he even included this Morris kid in his latest top 10 running back list. Your such a little bitchy drama queen. You must have some kind of “man crush” on Aram, the way your always begging for his attention and approval. Is the lack Arams attention going to effect Pomona’s win/loss record? Are your kids all of a sudden not going to be able to run and jump because it’s not written on a blog somewhere that they’re fantastic athletes? Do written words somehow make your team better then what they are? What the hell does it matter if someone writes great things about your team or not? If you have good players and they are well coached you’ll win games, if not you’ll loose games. Aram has no controll over the scoreboard, he only reports what the scoreboard says.

  • Please don’t try to make sense of or even joust with Mike Lawry/Pomona/Man of a Thousand Aliases. This is very typical of what he does. He goes lower and lower and lower. First, I had to watch my back. Now, I’m a racist. It goes on and on and anybody who knows him already fully understands what I’m saying. I’m well aware of how the Pomona people feel about him. I’ve even heard that Coach Rice tried to censor him because he’s making a mockery of the team/program with all his wild claims. Like I said, please don’t hate Pomona because of one person. Remember, the players didn’t want this and the coaches probably had no clue what they were getting themselves into. What I’m trying to say is don’t hold one clueless blogger against the Pomona players and coaches.

  • When you have very talented transfers in the natural process is you are going to get some kids that are going to transfer out, as is the case with Morris. Now when this happens at Bishop Amat, Damien, and West Covinas all of the tribunes preferred programs, does Aram portray their programs the same way as the Pomona program? It up to Aram to put a positive or negative spin on any situation, Aram has made it clear with Pomona he is going to put the negative spin.

    As far as Rice censoring one parent, Aram has no clue what he is talking about. If Rice has censored this one parent then who is responding to all these comments, that one censored parent? Rices opinion of the Tribune has been made very clear by Rices himself. That phone interview with Fred, interesting how the starting running back ends up not being on the team. Interesting how the starting quarterback hasnt taken a single snap all year. Rice and his staff have major issues with the Tribune and these issues started last season when this parent wasnt even at Pomona.

  • The Real ISN’T Aram,

    The real issue is Aram. I know for a fact you were asked to stop your blogging and you did for a little while. Now you’re trying to say you’re somebody else and the person who was asked to stop has. We know it’s not true.

    And just to further discredit your rhetoric, here’s what Rice told Robledo (NOT ME) about Morris JUST LAST WEEK.

    When Rice talks of junior running back Donald Morris, he gets excited.

    Hes the real deal, Rice said. Hes going to be one of the top backs in the area. By the end of the year, you all will know about this guy.

    But now that the kid has transferred and now that Cobb is getting time at QB, it’s just a trick by Rice to throw off the Tribune, which you claim he dislikes (also not true). You have an EXCUSE for EVERYTHING … dating all the way back to the LA days.

    You’re truly desperate and grasping now. Telling me to watch my back, suggesting I’m racist and now saying Pomona doesn’t like the Tribune because of something dating back to last year.

    Have you ever figured out that the common denominator in this is YOU? It happened at Wilson, it’s happening now at Pomona. You’re not fooling anyone and only embarrassing YOURSELF.

  • SaintsFan


    You’re just the mesenger??? the only news you put out is what you favor and see from your desk.

    If P-town mentioned their running back when the top RB list came out, why wouldn’t you get your but out there and see for yourself. Now, all of a sudden, you’re reporting this RB as a legit and you still don’t know???


    Just start stating the facts please!!

  • Aram,

    What does your Pomona source say about Cobb at quarterback. If you believe Cobb is the quarterback then you have no source at Pomona. Everyone at Pomona knows Cobb hasn’t taken a single snap, that is common knowledge.

    You know for a fact that Rice told MS not to comment on this blog. You have made it very clear you have never talked to Rice, so how do you know for a fact that Rice told MS that. The only two people that would know for a fact are Rice and MS. What did you get that infor from your Pomona source, the one that doesn’t even know who the quarterback is?

    You are using your position at the Tribune for your personal agenda, a sick man.

  • who cares

    Its Pomona Football – WHO CARES!!! Aram move on….

  • hydro

    Pomona QB stinks They need another transfer

  • Colt74

    This guy is a troll. He could not be more of a troll if he lived under a bridge.
    You can’t win with a troll. They just want the attention. Good or bad, and if they get it they feel they won.
    The Pomona kids do not deserve him. They also don’t deserve the time and attention that we ALL have devoted to his delusional spewing. Time spent on this clown takes away from any time and discussions that could be spent on any Pomona kids that are busting their butts in this heat and deserve to be mentioned.
    Every fan out there no matter what team they support wants the Tribune to cover their team in every issue. We want full page spreads, 300 pictures and it to be all about us. The fact is the Tribune spreads the wealth and IMHO does one hell of a job giving us all love. I’m grateful for the Preps section and the blog. I’ve whined at times just like some here when something said does not agree with what I see with my cardinal colored glasses. But after all is said and done I would not change one printed word or one prediction by the Tribune team.
    The tribune writers/editors are opinionated…but sure as hell not biased or racist.
    Looking forward to the Xtra issue.

  • Saint

    I’ve seen him. He is pretty darn good, but he left Pomona for San Dimas, then back to Pomona, now he is gone again. He has talent, but has yet to do squat. If he is gone, good for us (the Valley Vista teams).

  • Pomona Alumni

    For you Mr. Watch Your Back,

    Stop pumping up these sorry a** kids that have no talent once so ever I’m going to tell you like I told Rice if these transfers had so much talent why did they leave their previous schools? For instance the kid from Rancho Verde why would you leave a school of that caliber if you were oh so good? Or how about that softy Mikey Todd he can’t play no backer for nothing! I seen them practice all you talk about is 40 times that don’t mean anything you still have to strap the pads up and hit somebody. Like I tell everyone this is not Pomona football he brought that soft Colony stuff over here and ruined tradition. I really don’t care too much about this team to be honest they can lose every game if they want too because like I said they are all hype!

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