Lots of gamesmanship going on with this week’s scrimmages …

OK, first things first. My duty is to you, the readers, and not the coaches. But I want to respect the coaches’ wishes as well. Why am I starting with such a heart-felt opening? Well, because I’ve witnessed a lot of gamesmanship this week from several area coaches about not wanting their scrimmage times and places being made available to the public for fear of being scouted.

Valid concern.

Heck, in Glendora’s case, the Tartans won’t scrimmage at all this week for the specific reason that they know that nobody quite knows what they’ll be doing yet under new coach Todd Quinsey and defensive coordinator Roger Armijo. Can you blame them? Leave Charter Oak guessing. That’s a good strategy.

“We have one week to have an advantage on somebody like this without having any film exist,” Glendora coach Todd Quinsey said. “Hopefully, Charter Oak hasn’t found anything from the Northview years.

“(Charter Oak defensive coordinator) Roger Lehigh does a great job and he’s a big proponent of having film, so when he doesn’t have any film, he gets frustrated. After next week, everybody will know what we’re going to do, but they (Charter Oak) don’t need any help.”

Quinsey did say there’s likely to be an onlooker or two from Glendora when Charter Oak scrimmages Chino on Friday. But he’s not surprisingly having trouble nailing down a start time for the Chargers scrimmage in Cowboy country.

Another area coach didn’t want me to post the time of his team’s scrimmage because he didn’t want his team’s first two opponents to get a looksy.

Beyond that, I’ve heard several requests among coaches have gone something like this “let’s keep it very vanilla … no blitzing … QBs can’t be hit.”

These are all valid concerns and requests. But myself and presumably my readers and area fans want to watch. So I ask you readers and area moles, to feel free to post on this thread in the comments section when, where and what time your team is scrimmaging (and against who).

I can already tell you this:

West Covina at Claremont, 7 p.m. — No idea on the script
Damien at Bonita (varsity around 6:30 p.m.) — Will be very scripted.
South Hills vs. Covina (at District Field), 6 p.m. — No idea on the script
Charter Oak at Chino (no idea about what time) — No idea on the script
Baldwin Park hosting Ganesha and Arroyo Valley (maybe one more team) — No idea about the script.
El Monte at Pacific

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  • MVL Insider

    El Monte at Pacific (San Bernardino)

  • Football Fan

    Los Altos at Montebello

  • SD Saint

    SD vs CV at Citrus this Thursday 7pm.

  • Colt74

    Pomona and LA Roosevelt at St. Paul on 8/26 6pm

  • John Madden

    Monrovia at Green Bay (Coliseum) Sun. 10:00 am ESPN

  • Amat Bully

    Dont Amat scrimmage Upland tonight? if so why no one’s talking about that is it because they don’t have “9”

  • Mid-valley fan

    Who’s 9??? Players have names!

  • Amat Bully

    Mid-valley fan
    thats the nickname they gave “Rio Ruiz” i dont know who gave him that name im guessing its the writers of the news paper who loves him so much.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Yes we scrimmage Upland tonight at 5:00. It’s evident you knew about it so there is the proof we do not need to talk about it since the ultimate hater knows . Funny you hate AMAT so much yet you know our every move even down down to the scrimmage schedule.

  • mike lawry

    Colt 74, hope to see you there. Maybe you can hitch a ride with Aram and cry cry cry.

  • mike lawry

    Get your popcorn, soda pop, and enjoy the show. Oh yeah don’t forget your binoculars, you don’t wanna miss the air show.

  • lookout

    CO secret gametime : CO at Chino High Friday @7pm..

  • ??

    Did Sd play CV at citrus? Didn’t see anything…does anyone have an update?

  • mchs

    Diamond Bar Beat us good. Our boys were just not ready. BD looked good well coached. Good luck

  • Colt74

    mike lawry said:

    Colt 74, hope to see you there. Maybe you can hitch a ride with Aram and cry cry cry.

    Seasoned Salt :
    First off, why would I come watch Pomona when I can watch Covina and South Hills?
    And if I did come what would I need the binoculars for? To see your players? Or to see how many inches you gain on offense?
    And if I hitched a ride with Aram why would I “cry cry cry” except maybe for having to listen to his choice of music?
    But ” cry cry cry ” is what you will be doing after the preseason and the Covina game. And then like when you turn on the lights in your kitchen, the king cockroach will vanish back into the darkness and the blog will be absent of any more of your asinine posts.
    Until then keep posting! I DO SO look forward to what dribbles from your mind each week.

  • mike lawry

    Colt 74, I was unaware of your scrimmage, maybe because you didn’t post it. You know, the way you did P-Town’s. Anyhow can’t wait to play you. Actually I can’t wait till you crawl back into your shell .

  • Colt74

    “I was unaware of your scrimmage, maybe because you didn’t post it.”

    Alexandre Dumas ….Or can I just call you Dumas for short?

    Look up.
    See the DARK line toward the bottom of Arams article that says “I can already tell you this:”
    See where it says South Hills vs Covina?

    Start 3 Stooges theme music… now.


    Just got word from the boys they are heading over to Corona Del Mar High School for a scrimmage at 7:00pm. Heading to the OC!

  • Personal Agenda


    I have a question for you?

    Do you really think all these comments about Pomona are from the same blogger. You seem to be a fairly intelligent person, and it is very easy to see the distinct writing patterns.

    As far as Aram he has made it clear its personal, the Pomona football team is collateral damage. What is shocking to me is the Tribune is allowing Aram to use the blog for his personal agenda.

  • football fan

    Colt 45 and all the other bloggers

    The Pomona dad The man of many blogging names has a pattern. He did it at Los Altos, Wilson and now at Pomona. LETS SEE WHAT EXCUSES HE COMES UP WITH AFTER THEY GET THEIR @$$’$ KICKED IN TODAYS SCRIMMAGE.. CAN’T WAIT… he already used “We were using our second string guys in passing league” Why did his kid transfer because Pomona didn’t have ANY Qb’s and was 2nd string at WHS.

  • Colt74

    To whomever,
    Yes. I think they are all one and the same. I find it totally too coincidental that each Pomona blogger says the same things, misspells the same words, and attacks me and or the Covina team in the exact same way.
    I can put up with and respect another persons opinions right up to the point where instead of bragging about themselves or their team they start taking a dump on mine. Not going to happen. Then it becomes personal. Mr. Pomona chose to make it personal so I’m cool with that.
    I have NOTHING against any pomona coach or player. Just a players loudmouth father.
    Thinking that Aram has any personal agenda against Pomona is chicken Shyte. It’s a cowardly claim that has no fact behind it. It’s a claim of desperation.
    This blog is not Arams blog. It’s OUR blog. He states his views and we state ours. Don’t agree with his views? Get over it. Post yours and then let it go. That is what it is all about. Represent your team in a good light = good. Represent your team in a bad light = fool.
    Mr. Pomona chose the fool approach. And now it’s Arams fault?

    Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.

  • mike lawry

    All we did was brag about P-Town. You started talking Shyte so we responded. Stop being a crybaby.

  • What happened to P-Town tonight

    @Mike Lawry….

    So…no comments about your how Pomona did tonight?

    What happened to the air show?

    Unless your team finds a defense it is going to be a very long season.

  • WOW

    Did anyone see the ST.paul scrimmage…I heard ST.Paul smack the shhhttt out of pomona….

  • WOW

    Did anyone see the ST.paul scrimmage…I heard ST.Paul smack the shhhttt out of pomona….

  • Are you ready for some football?

    St. Paul did a beat down on both Pomona and Roosevelt.

    I went expecting to some big things from Pomona based on the hype I’ve been hearing but they got their a** kicked.

  • football fan

    A few days late but worth the wait. You said you missed the first part of the Bonita/Damien scrimmage. You missed everything. Damien came out strong and looked like the better team. As for Bonita they need some work. Then it was well scripted and got boring. Bonita will do just fine. You got there just a little late. Thanks for the detailed words on SH/Covina any word on CO, SD, Amat or Diamond Bar?
    Also, all the hype over at Pomona and there is silence. Could it be the calm before the storm?


    For those of you less knowledgable bloggers St. Paul has been running the same offense and defense for about 40 years, so they are going to show it all. Did Garey know what Pomona is running this year before the scrimmage, no. After that scrimmage does Garey know what Pomona is running, no.

    If you haven’t figured Rice out yet, he didn’t show nothing. I think Rice ran a back that got more cares in the scrimmage than he did all summer. Pomona’s starting defense dominated both teams. Pomona started against St. Paul on defense and had at least three starters on the bench. During the scrimmage they helped two or three players off the field all night, all of them were on offense when Pomona was on defense. Pomona’s defense is going to destory the VVL teams.

  • Are you serious?


    Are you sure you were there as I think we both attended a different scrimmage.

    Even if St. Paul was running the same offense they always do then why couldn’t Pomona stop it? Their all league rb and fb didn’t even suit up.

    The only guys helped off the field were from Roosevelt.

    Take your meds as you are getting delusional again.


    Are you serious?,

    Since you were their tell everyone how many times St. Paul scored against Pomona’s defense don’t count goalline. How many times ST. PAUL march down the field and score on POMONA’s DEFENSE?

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