Problem solved? Orange Lutheran starting QB Livingston transfers to La Habra …

UPDATE: And if you think our blogs are bad, then you may want to check out the comments on this story. Even Register columnist Steve Fryer is jumping in.

So much for the QB battle to replace Cody Clements at La Habra.

The Highlanders scored a major coup this week when Orange Lutheran starter Clark Livingston transferred to La Habra, according to the Orange County Register.

Livingston, a senior, threw for 1,055 yards last season, according to The Register. He is already practicing with the Highlanders and has joined the battle (wink wink) with Cole Wolterman and Sean Sparling to be the starter.

Strangely, La Habra plays O-Lu on Sept. 23 at Cerritos College.

Aram’s take: Yeah, I had a strange vibe something like this would happen. Only I thought it would happen like in May or June … not late August. But, smoke ’em if you got ’em. Adding Livingston makes LH pretty scary on offense with standout WR Brett Bartolone and what coach Frank Mazzotta has called one of the best WR corps he’s had at the school. Too bad we didn’t know about this BEFORE the preview issue went to press.

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  • Jefe

    There’s a LOT of drama behind this story.

  • Observer

    knowing the kid on a personal level… clark is a trouble maker he had been kicked off the OLU team twice and was asked to rejoin when OLU’s other QB was hurt so i mean if Clark is a real Gamble

  • dynasty

    When is La Habra going to win with homegrown talent? Pretty sad that the boys that have been there for all 4 years and worked for this coach will now be put on the back burner. Win at all costs, I guess La Habra still can’t win with home grown guys. Keep beating up on alll those Pop Warner teams.

  • football follower

    Have CIF blessed this? It seems that they have scrutanized all the legit transfers how about this one.

  • Its an outrage!

    Regardless of the back story and drama associated with this, how in the hell can CIF allow this kid to be eligible? A blind man could see that this move was/is athletically motivated. I don’t give two hoots about La Habra or OLU in football, but if CIF doesn’t whack this kid for the season then they are more messed up than i had thought and that is saying a lot, because their subjective decisions have zero rhyme or reason to them.

  • 03Lancer

    our hands with this kid. From what it sounds like on the OCVarsity blog, there seems to be more than meets the eye with what is going on. From my perspective it would seem that there are disciplinary issues with this kid and he may not have had a choice but to transfer to another school or risk possible disciplinary action possibly resulting in expulsion. I am just speculating here as an outsider and from reading, but if there is any truth to it than this transfer cannot be ruled athletically motivated. He was the senior starting quarterback and leader of the OLU offense. La Habra has been a good football program don’t get me wrong, but why would you transfer for your senior season from OLU to La Habra? Doesn’t make sense. I also recall an one of the young quarterbacks at LBP transferring mid season from LBP to another school a year or two ago (i don’t remember exactly which school maybe lakewood) and being ruled eligible the following week. To me that sounded a lot more academically motived than this does by far. So to me he has every right to play his senior season at La Habra. Case in point, Chris Rix was ruled eligible and played his senior season with Rancho Santa Margarita. Was not an athletically motivated. As we all know he would have preferred to stay at Amat, but things happen and he did what he ad to do to get back on track. As the CIF Commissioner stated it is hard to come up with one universal definition of an “Athletically Motivated Transfer” and should be treated and evaluate every transfer as a case by case basis. I think it would be more satisfying if the explanations of each case were made public after the finalized decision. This would satisfy the curiosity and malcontent of the public.

  • oldguy59

    Right!! Athletically motivated. CL leaves OLu a D1 school as the projected starting QB and then decides its better for him to transfer to La Habra a D6 school and learn a new system two weeks before the season starts. Get a clue outrage. Theres something wrong in Denmark!!

  • Just sayin’

    Old guy- what’s wrong is he was being disciplined at OLu and either suspended or kicked off. So chose to go elsewhere and play to avoid the discipline. If that’s true =athletically motivated

  • john

    Whittier daily news should keep a yearly article that reads like : La Habra receives unexpected outstanding transfer from _________,coach says it is all new to him.
    Of course fill in the blank, with each new player.

  • Colt74

    Olu plays La Habra +
    Olus QB Transfers to La Habra
    = La Habra has Olus playbook

    Nope, nothing wrong with that. CIF should just stamp this one “approved” and move on to lunch.