SCRIMMAGES: Saturday morning quarterback … POST YOUR TAKES FROM WHERE YOU WERE …

Disclaimer: Please remember these were only scrimmages, and like passing games, we should temper our reactions. Having said that, let’s do some overreacting. I’ll go first …

Covina vs. South Hills: I hit this game before heading over to Damien-Bonita. I was VERY impressed by both teams. Robledo had said earlier this week that he was impressed by South Hills, but I didn’t buy it. Well, he was right. I was impressed. Yeah, No. 3, I saw you chirping out there. I like it! Maybe I’m the only one. But I think South Hills needs some anger after what happened last year. Anyway, first play of the actual game when Covina was on offense and South Hills on defense, Billy Livingston found Vinny Vengas for a 30-yard TD. The Colts stayed on offense and from the 10 had little trouble running the ball in. South Hills didn’t look as good on offense, but I liked the way Jamie Canada was moving and the line has some good size. I think the Huskies were keeping it ultra-vanilla on offense. Covina’s defense looked solid. Johnny Padilla is clearly going to be one of the top middle backers in the area. What keeps blowing me away about the Colts is that they have size you typically don’t see from Covina nor very many Mid-Valley teams. They also have athletes in the right spot. This team is headed for big things. Also, it was great to Colt 74 out there. This guy knows his Covina football and he’s got a pretty good grip on the rest of the area, too.
Damien vs. Bonita: I left very concerned about Damien. So much so that I called coach Greg Gano and expressed my worry. He told me he kept things VERY basic tonight because he wasn’t going to show much to anyone. I can live with that. I guess what bothered me is that Damien did next to nothing on offense, but you can tell they have playmakers. Boykins and Castille look like two very nice scat backs who will make people miss often. Savage looked good at receiver. I must say that I was very impressed with QB Gage Pucci. He may play himself into the lineup. The dope on him on this blog and Fred’s is not accurate. It must be haterade, because the kid looks pretty darn good for a sophomore. About Bonita, the Bearcats looked very good on defense. Part of that could be because Damien kept things basic, but I’m not so sure that Bonita’s defense didn’t have something to do with it. They have nice size and move around well as a group. I’m not sure, but I think there some game playing going on with the jersey numbers. Is Garrett Horine wearing a different number this year? Were some guys not in their normal number? Somebody from Bonita get back to me on this. On offense, Bonita looked better running than throwing. The QB battle must be ongoing. I thought it was over, with Tanner Diebold being the man, but I didn’t get the vibe tonight that it was absolutely settled. Damien looked solid on defense. Alex Hernandez appears headed toward a scary season.

  • was there too!

    First off, I did not see Horine on the field. Apparent injury, sprained ankle and did not play. As for Damien, I tend to agree with you. They did not look like very good, keeping the offense vanilla or not.

  • Coach Slayer

    Despite Podleys reputation as a QB and offensive guru it has been Bonita’s defense and special teams that have turned the tide in their favor of late. If Turner mans up at backer and with Horine and McAully at corner and safety they will again have a team that will be hard to score points against. Plus I still say Bonita is linebacker U and I think they will be okay this year. Also glad to see those highly thought of Freshman stepping up and fighting the upper classmen for playing time.Seniors this is your team, Lead.

  • Coach Slayer

    Even though coach Thomas is trying to hide his hand you can’t when you have an army like this Covina team. It is almost nuts the studs he has on this team and they all want to hit. South Hills may be good but when you put starter against atarter no contest. Coach Thomas quit dressing your girl like Ugly Betty because now we know she is Miss America. Congrats. PS W.C. Lotsa Luck this game will not be a fluke. Covina 44 W.C. 17.

  • wilson

    anyone know what time wilson and arroyo are going tomorrow? all levels?

  • Aaron

    Garrett was inactive with an ankle injury…could have played but since you know what you’re getting with him they sat him as a precaution, he will start next week. He was in street clothes standing next to former Bearcat Safety Jason Wells most of the night.

    Diebold showed some solid stuff tonight, but also that he’s still a sophomore. It is effectively over, but he’s still a varsity QB and he needs to be ready to step in as he is the backup. Nice to see Magallanes get some balls…Ramirez had an off night on offense…yet on defense he was monster at defensive end.

    Remember that a lot of this team at positions other than QB got serious playing time throughout the season due to injuries to starters and the many blow out victories they had.


  • Colt74

    Always great to see Aram at the games/scrimmages/passing circuit. If anyone doesn’t think that he gets around you need to check yourself. Also got to chat with Mr. Livingston ( 4’s dad )and I know why Billy is such a great young man. A lot of props have to go out to the parents for all the support they give the Colts.
    Liked what I saw from BOTH teams. South Hills first…
    Hart and Canada are studs. They looked good. South Hills WILL do some damage in the Sierra. Their placekicker ( the fridge) is HUGE and has a good approach and delivery. He will get them some points when asked to. The lines are your typical BIG South Hills lines. Corn-fed. Who impressed me the most? Canada. He’s for Real. And that’s with a capitol R.

    The Colts looked g-o-o-d. Ainsworth is for real too. You’ll see. Livingston, Venegas, De La Cruz, Carrillo, Padilla, and Hynes ( I know I am forgetting a few names ) reminded me tonight why I am proud to be a Colt. They are ready to play some football. Remember the name Phil Romano come the end of the season and CIF team selections. He’ll be there.
    The Colts looked bigger, faster, stronger and hungry.
    #4 is ready to make believers of those who still doubt.
    If Covina can play up to their potential it’s going to be a great year to be a COLT fan.

    Cee Oooh… Vee Iiii Nnnnn Aaaaaa !!!!!

  • I like it!

    I will tell you I showed up to see my nephew and I was impressed with what I saw this evening with both SH and Covina. I became a fan of the Colts when my sister told me they had a pretty good squad last year. I agree with a few of you..the size?? where did they come from? I expected to see SH with size as they always do..but Covina? both d-line and o-line looked great. Of course Livingston, De La Cruz, Vinegas Carillo and Ainsworth looked good (as expected) but I too was impressed with the entire defense.Can anyone stop Hynes or Murillo? LB’s.. Padilla will be a stud along with Ainsworth and Zappata (spelling?). Padilla is the beast and quick hitters with the outside line backers…very impressed. Also..that really tall WR, seems to be athletic and was able to bring down a couple in the corner. Did he play JV last year?..Coach T, you have done a great job putting these kids together.

  • Qb coach

    If you didn’t see Damien 1s have there way you weren’t looking very close or just don’t know football. At all levels Damiens 1s against Bonita 1s there was no contest. the script was written to limit exposure and injury but there was not doubt by ant coach who was the the better team. It was ant accident that Sherwood took the ball 40 on his first touch and never carried the ball again. With a lot of youngsters on the field the future is very bright for F

  • Marco Polo

    Qb coach. Are you sure your name is not Mr. MaGoo??

  • progress

    I’ve seen Covina, and they do have great Size this year. Upfront they look like a upper division team. Covina’s issue is going to be the run game. Ainsworth is a beast, but he does not get the touches he needs. Will Coach Thomas stick with the run game, which will wear teams down for the 4th quarter? You can pass all night vs weaker teams, but when you run up against a Monrovia in playoffs, you must have balance. Covina needs a 1000 yard rusher, if they are going to talk about going to the finals. South Hills is going to be much improved. Last year, they did not have a big play person outside of Hart. This year Canada is going to contribute on special teams, returning kicks. Who do you kick it to Hart or Canada…pick your poison. This will give the offense better field position to start from. With a talented back like Hart, and depth threat like Canada, even the best Inland teams, can’t get caught slipping. Monrovia “BEWARE” of this game! Last year South hills paid its’ dues moving up in class. What did you expect? They dropped Tesoro, But still have Monrovia, West Covina, Damien, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, Claremont, on their Schedule. That would be a tough run for any team. Jumping to Inland was not easy. However this year, they will settle in and be much improved.

  • @progress

    Dont you worry about Ainsworth’s 1000 yards in rushing this season. If that Oline keeps doing what they’re doing, that 1000 yards will be there!!!!

    I think they ate their wheaties in the off season!!!!

  • Aaron


    “It is effectively over, but he’s still a varsity QB and he needs to be ready to step in as he is the backup.”

    This sentence is in reference to Aaron Burgett.

  • Was there too

    I am questioning whether Aram himself was there or what he was paid for the extra lip service about Pucci. Where is the unbiased reporting? There’s no hating. He is a great kid and could be good in the future. The Damien QB’s looked clear. EZ is the starter. And no mention of him. He is a 6’5, senior starting quarterback and no write up? It wasn’t close. Pucci had a few decent throws and one bad interception and a few off the mark thows. Alfaro was a non-factor. Pucci is 2nd in line no doubt but it is a large gap. There was no mention of Sherwood, he not only had a 40 yard run but also had an amazing catch in the end zone from EZ. Boykins tore it up. Bonita’s QB’s looked like freshmen. Damien defense played handball with them most of the game. Bonita had some decent skilled players but was not impressed. At the end of the day, this is a scrimmage. Many teams have their cards close to their chest.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    West Covina vs. Claremont

    The scrimmage was run like an actual game, I believe it was three 15 minute quarters with kickoffs etc. Then for the last hour each team took turns running their offense and working in some plays.

    WC recieved the opening kickoff, starting deep men was Solomon and Frazier. Bulldog offense opening play was a 30 yard run by Solomon off the left side. About 6 plays later they scored on a pass play from about the 5 yard line. A roll out by QB Najera to unknown reciever from my angle, I think it may have been Lonzell Barnett.

    On defense, wow! Hornsby did start and play, probably a good sign that there will atleast be an appeal from his camp. The Wolfpack starting offense: incomplete pass under heavy pressure, and two stuffed running plays for no gain and a punt. Claremont did not score on West Covina’s first string defense. West Covina later scored on a long pass play from QB Caballero to Reciever Barnett, making an acrobatic catch and avoiding a tackle and tip toe’n the sideline. Both QB’s looked sharp and played mistake free, there will probably not be a starter annouced anytime soon in my opinion, not much seperation from the two wich is a good thing. The majority of West Covina’s pass attempts were completed with the ball being spread around the field, running backs, recievers and tight ends all got the ball in the passing game. Those eight man fronts you expect to see against the Bulldogs would be unwise, the ability to keep defenses honest is there. But of course running the ball is the Bulldog bread and butter, and Solomon had several runs from scrimmage of well over 20 yards or more. Salgado also made a few tough carries and caught a few dump passes and turned them into big gains.

    Special Teams: As stated earlier, the kickoff return men were Frazier and Solomon. They also took turns on punt return duties,with Frazier actually taking a return all the way to the house. Impressive speed and athleticism is all I can say to really sum up the team this year. Also, I was impressed by DT sophmore Bryson Finely. He’s the size of a house at 6’3″ 300 lbs and made running up the middle almost impossible for the wolfpack.

    Nice turn out by the WC crowd for a scrimmage game I would like to add. One more week until the real deal and I can’t wait. Goodluck to the Wolfpack and everybody else this season.

    Go Bulldogs!

  • what time is wilson scrim??

    anyone know what time wilson and arroyo are going and where?

  • Aram

    Like I said, I was at Covina-South Hills first and then flew up to Bonita. I didn’t get there for the start of it. I did not see Sherwood’s big run or Zaldivar’s early big plays. THIS IS WHY I ASK FOR READER PARTICIPATION TO TELL EVERYONE WHAT THEY/YOU SAW.

    I did, however, see the part when Zaldivar, Alfaro and Pucci rotated and Pucci looked very good. And you know something else, it’s getting real old (and stupid) to throw out the “Pucci’s dad paid you off” card when it comes to anything positive about Pucci. I haven’t talked to his dad since the summer of 1993! So keep trying.

  • Colt74

    I like it said: “Also..that really tall WR, seems to be athletic and was able to bring down a couple in the corner.”

    What really tall, athletic WR? ( smirk )
    I did not see any one like that ? ( hint hint )

    Must have been Ainsworth….

    I’ll have to watch Saturday night and see if I missed somebody….


  • Aaron

    Fasana was also inactive last night

  • arroyo and wilson scrimmage

    wilson ‘D’ looked really good, Rivera did score one TD pass but it was against the JV team DB’s, but still he has a good arm but head to head varsity – the wilson secondary was better than the arroyo passing game; JR Nelson made both Wilson TD’s a 28 yard run and a 60 yard reception and run.

    Since Arroyo did not have a JV team, wilson payed their Jv’s on some series, in fact the varsity offense for wilson played only 2 1/2 series on the field

    in the end the wilson players were excited and upbeat and arroyo guys looked a bit concerned and not particluaily in a cheerful mood

  • On a postive note

    Last night varsity Damien-Bonita was a class event. Well scripted, well run and both teams played kids they need to evaluate.
    Bonita looked younger than last years team because they are. The Bonita staff ran some nice but simple blitz packages which will increase in complexity as the year goes on. There defense will be enough to be most of there opponents. There offense is further behind and sucess will clearly depend on the play at QB just as always but I don have to say they have to be further behind at this spot than they would like to be.
    Damien showed flash of offense that looked like they may diverse enough to give many defencive coordinators headaches. Big question is can the OL improve enough for the spartans to really be scary. The Spartan defense was OK but the will need to get more out of the safty spot to soldify things.
    Good night for all.

  • WTF?

    Does anyone know how Diamond bar looked? Who did they scrimmage? How about Walnut?

  • @WTF?

    Diamond Bar scrimmaged against Montclair and scored seven times. Montclair had one field goal.

  • SGV West

    Alhambra scrimmaged out at Salesian High School in Los Angeles, MY, MY, MY-excellent action. QB Mendoza a HUGE THREAT with his FEET as well as his ARM, BROADUS, CARAVEO, QUINONES,RUSSELL,GAYTAN, HOUSTON, and MOOR TOO COME !!!!!

  • Arroyo v Wilson

    Both teams ran their #1’s for the entire 1st series and most of the 2nd series. Aholoka (Arroyo)scored on a 5 yard run after a 65 yard catch and run by Leon. Nelson (Wilson) had a great run of his own on a counter for a td. Rivera came back on the 3rd play of the 2nd series and threw a 70 yd td pass. The 3rd series was ONLY the JV’s! That was the series when your coach almost drop kicked your DE onto the 60 fwy for blindsiding the JV qb! Hahaha… I thought it was a great hit, personally. The final series was Arroyo’s #1’s and Wilson’s #1’s. I think this was the series where the Arroyo defense got an Int on your sideline and a fumble recovery on a fb dive… and Rivera at SS force a turnover when he blasted a Wilson WR on a bubble (By far the best hit of the day). The scrimmage ended on a bomb to Nelson for a td. I would hope on a 4th and 10 play the Wilson guys would be happy with a TD and I would equally hope Arroyo would be pissed at giving up a TD after shutting Wilson out for the past 35 plays. I was really impressed with the size of the Wilson OL and obviously Nelson. Their qb can manage the game. He threw a pick & had 2 more get batted away, but with their run game… play action is going to be big for them. As for Arroyo Rivera finished 9/15 for 158 and a TD (no int’s). Aholoka ended with 48 yards on 8 carries and a td. As for the Wilson coaching staff… If some of the complaints last year were about the coaching chaos on the sideline? No need to worry. The Wilson coach is a real disciplinarian and has total control of that team. Good job by both teams and good luck on a successful 2011.

  • OK arroyo vs wilson however….

    nice write up but the 70 yarder was against the JV corner – that is nelson’s side and he is 6’1″ number 12 who blew the coverage is only 5’5″ and the JV CB, but still good luck to arroyo and mr rivera at the helm this year

  • Wilson vs. Arroyo

    Arroyo v Wilson,

    Going to be honest and upset a few people, Rivera looked terrible. All the hype I heard about this kid and was flat out shocked how poorly he played. I am assuming he had a bad game. I don’t think the Arroyo fans realize most of his yardage came against the second and third string players. his big hit Rivera did at SS, I didn’t even really notice it. Rivera playing SS is a strong indication that Arroyo is lacking talent. Rivera should have had at least another two interceptions that were dropped. Arroyo’s first score was against Wilson’s first string players.

    Both teams didn’t have any real speed, Nelson isn’t that fast but looked like the fastest kid on the field. Wilson excuted at a much higher level than Arroyo over all.

    Arroyo will do fine during the season due to their weak league, out first or second round of the playoffs. Wilson the better team is in a much more diffcult league has a shot at the playoffs but will need a big win against one of the three teams ahead of them.

  • shootpoolbigo

    I was at the SH vs Covina game they both looked good. But I was mostly impress with the South Hills Huskies.

  • Instant Karma

    Word the street is that POMONA got their butts handed to them BAD by St. Paul. We’re talking EMBARRASSED! I heard that some POMONA fans left after the first 20 minutes and Coach Rice is probably horse from all the screaming he was doing!

    And now for the lies and the excuses…..

  • Pomona Family

    Instant Karma,

    It really doesn’t matter what happen on friday, because there is always going to be people like you that are going to twist the truth, so our position is “No Comment” and you all can wait and see the truth this Friday.

  • SPHS

    Pomona family,
    What truth has been twisted? And why would your Gary game answer questions about our Scrimmage? I see in another column you claimed your defense shut us and Roosevelt down.
    Were you even there?
    You could not have been because your offense and defense had nothing.
    Video does not lie …

  • St. Paul Coaching Staff haha

    Instant Karma, SPHS, or what ever name you want to go by, what ever.

    No Comment

  • Jefe

    Love when people get worked up over scrimmages.

  • AD

    Who did Northview scrimmage this past weekk? how did they look?

  • was there as well

    Bonita fans can think that they are fine, but that first drive Damien had would of happened over & over if the game meant anything! It was just a scrimmage and Horine was on the sideline. Sherwood had 2 touches the whole scrimmage on offense & had a 40 yd run & a TD diving catch in the endzone, & his night was over. He had 2 more touches than Horine did so big deal. The truth is Damien got to your QB all night long with their front four & Bonita blitzed to get to the QB. Sherwood & Savage would of ate your secondary alive if they were allowed to. Hernandez, Logan, & Arevalo, controlled the line of scrimmage on defense. Damien also has some young guys in key positions. The offensive line did not look good for either team.

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